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Michael Lucas started producing gay porn videos in 1998, and his site, Lucas Entertainment, features videos and pictures from his over 20 years of filming. Lucas is well-known for his lavish and big-budget videos filmed in exotic locations bringing together the sexiest men from around the world. We last reviewed Lucas Entertainment over a year and a half ago; the site has redesigned and made some changes, so it's time to head back for another look.

The men of Lucas Entertainment are among some of the hottest in gay porn. While Lucas does film lots of American performers, he's constantly bringing us fresh faces from Europe and South America and is responsible for turning virtual unknowns into industry superstars. Lucas has a stable of exclusive performers who you won't find anywhere else like heavily inked Dylan James and Sergeant Miles, handsome Ukranian hunk Stas Landon, hung Brit Josh Rider, and Latin hunks Drae Axtell and Ibrahim Moreno. But almost everyone in Pornland makes his way to Lucas Entertainment eventually if he's hot enough.

The performers are quite often handsome with toned, athletic or rock-hard muscular bodies. There's a mix of clean-shaven and bearded men, as well as both smooth and hairy hunks. You'll find quite a few tattooed men, but also lots with no ink at all. And Lucas Entertainment features men from all over the world so you'll find European hunks, South American men, black men, Israeli men, and many American favorites. There are lots of big dicks here, many of which are uncut.

Sex is sex, isn't it? Well, sort of. And Lucas Entertainment has all the standards: kissing, dick sucking, rimming, fucking, plus lots of facial cumshots. But where this site stands out is in the truly passionate sex where these men are sucking and fucking. Back in September 2013, Michael Lucas shocked the industry when he released his first bareback video. Lucas had always been staunchly opposed to condomless sex, but since then he's been filming nothing but bareback action. In fact, a number of his stable of condom regulars performers left when the studio went raw including Sean Xavier who eventually returned after a two-year break his bareback debut.

Most of the videos are filmed indoors in hotel suites and homes, but a few take the action outside with men fucking in backyards, on patio decks, by the pool or on the beach. And usually once every week to 11 days there's a threesome or a gangbang of five, six, or seven men fucking raw. Lucas Entertainment does still occasionally fly cast and crew to exotic locations like their recent trip to Greece, and last year they filmed in Berlin, but most of the filming happens in the United States. The sex is often passionate with long, lingering kissing scenes, but just as likely to be rough and nasty with lots of throat-fucking and hard ass pounding, and where the bareback action is concerned, you can expect lots of cock-in-hole close-ups and dirty cum eating or guys shooting their loads on butt holes and fucking their loads back inside. 

Lucas Entertainment offers 1,392 exclusive videos in MP4 format, and the site updates twice a week (on Mondays and Fridays) with their own exclusive scenes. Good news is that members now get unlimited downloads, the newer sized at 1280x720 and the older at 655x480. Each video is offered in one size but in two quality levels. The newer high-quality videos are sharp and clear and enlarge well; the older are good amateur quality and only losing a little quality when enlarged to full screen.

The streaming videos play as big as 1292x726 in the player, although older ones do play smaller. The newest videos are good quality offered in standard, mobile and HD versions, and even at full screen they didn't lose too much sharpness. The older videos are okay, but lacked crispness and clarity. The videos play well on a true streaming server, so I had no buffering issues; the sound is good and there's no DRM. The vids I watched worked fine on my phone.

By the way, it's very important to note the way that downloads work. You must click the "Download Scene FREE" button under the player and the scene is added to your library for seven days and gives you the option to download the standard or HD version, when available. After seven days, the video disappears from your library.

Lucas Entertainment also offers picture sets. Each new scene features a gallery of good quality digital stills sized at 733x1100, and these are sharp, clear and show off the men to perfection. Older scenes have pics that are around 600x900 and aren't as good as the newer ones. Some DVDs have only a handful of production stills, others have over forty, and in some cases the gallery will have a few pics from each scene but in a single gallery. Most of the 1,000+ Lucas models also have a gallery, although the oldest are just a couple pics.

Lucas Entertainment is pretty well organized. The Movies section shows all of the DVDs and clicking inside will give you all available scenes, the description, a gallery and member comments. You'll also find performer pictures linked to more of their work. The Lucas Men section details the 1,000+ men on the site and most have stats and a bio with a write-up, then a listing of all their scenes on the site.

In the Scenes section Lucas Entertainment has started doing something new that I didn't care for. They load up all the published scenes as well as future coming-soon scenes. So you'll get excited by the preview video only to be told "Please come back on September 12 to download or unlock this scene." And these aren't always new scenes as in the case of the four best-of scenes on the upcoming "Tomas Brand Collection" DVD. Unfortunately there's no way to filter out these soon-to-be-released scenes. But when a scene has been released everything is right there on the page - a description, the stars, a photo gallery, and other related scenes from the same DVD.

Lucas Entertainment offers a couple of their other sites as bonuses - Lucas Raunch and Sex in Suits - as well as a blog that updates frequently. Lucas Raunch offers pig sex, pissing and more filthy fun and Sex in Suits focuses on hot hunks in suits and office sex fantasies. Sex in Suits doesn't update, but there's still lots to see here. There's also a members forum where you can post comments on your favorite scenes. The blog updates more or less every three days; there were 10 blog posts in February of 2019 and 10 in January. Some blog posts are basically update info but there's other stuff to read, as well. There's also free wallpaper, but the site hasn't added anything new there since 2014.

The main problem that I have is that pages load slowly, as long as five seconds, which is an eternity when your dick is throbbing. I had no problems watching or downloading videos, but navigating from page to page on the site could be faster. I'm happy downloads are now unlimited; but just remember you only have a week to download your video choices. And the non-recurring monthly membership costs $10 more per month than the recurring version. Last, when joining the site you are automatically signed up to receive emails, and there's now way to opt out at the time you sign up.

Lucas Entertainment is a great site with some of the hottest hunks working in gay porn, many truly gorgeous men with sexy bodies and big dicks. The site doesn't film as many huge-budget blockbusters in exotic locations, but there are some and the site does update twice a week with fresh bareback scenes. There are now 1,392 exclusive videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles as well as a trial membership that gives access to everything plus you get bonus access to Sex in Suits and Lucas Raunch. If you're new to the site you'll get lost in their huge library of content, but their navigation, search and sorting abilities make it easy to find more of your favorite performers and type of sex. And with their international line-up of performers, there really something for everyone here.

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