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Lucas Kazan has been online since 2000, and he brings us the sexiest Italian studs and hunks - some are GQ quality, handsome and well-built men - in solo, hardcore and group sex scenes. Set in exotic locations, Lucas Kazan's productions are well-known for their high quality with good story lines and oozing with passionate sex. It's been a while since we reviewed this site, so it's time to take another look and see what's been going on.

Lucas Kazan bills itself as offering "The Hottest Italian Men Online" and there are definitely heaps of Italian hunks on the site, but they also bring us a wide variety of amateurs, European men and quite a few Latin studs from South America. Most of these men are masculine and charismatic, and many are simply gorgeous with hard-muscled and well-defined bodies. Even the not-so-beautiful men are still pretty hot, and I doubt you'd throw any of them out of bed. The men are in their twenties and thirties, mostly clean-shaven or with a bit of face scruff, smooth bodies and lots of uncut cocks; they are a mix of gay, straight, or gay for pay. There are 124 men on the site and you can sort them by name, member rating, or cock size, and each hunk comes with a description and sometimes a solo picture set so you can get to know him better before watching him in action.

The site grown to over 450 videos, but it's hard to get an exact count, and there's there's a lot of inconsistencies with the videos. Some are offered as streaming only while others can be downloaded, and there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to which episodes have downloadable versions and which don't. When downloads are available you can choose WMV and QuickTime, the newer vids sized at 960x540 and older in smaller sizes around 624x480. The streaming videos are offered in small, medium, and large (620x470) versions, and some feature an HD version at 960x540, but again, not all episodes have the high-def versions. Sound quality is very good and image quality is pretty good - a little higher for the QuickTimes than the WMVs - although there is a slight loss of quality if you go full screen. And when the models aren't speaking English, which is most of the scenes, there are subtitles available.

Lucas Kazn also offers at least 255 photo sets; there could be more, but the site organization makes it hard to say. The pics are digital stills ranging from 400x600 to 530x800. You can view these online in galleries; neither of our reviewers could download individual pictures nor are the pics offered in slideshows. Many are model glamour photos or duos shot before the guys get into the action. And as with the videos, there's a lack of consistency; not all the picture sets are listed in the Photos section. There are other sets to be found with some - but not all - of the the downloadable videos listed under Films as Short Films. And some - but again, not all - of the XXX Castings videos come with small and sexy picture sets.

You'll find the content offered in several different sections: Updates, films, men, photos, and reality series. But there's crossover between the different sections, so while the reality series area features the casting videos, you'll also find these in the updates area. And likewise, the films section contains a number of Lucas Kazan DVDs, but the individual scenes are also available in the updates area.

The episodes aren't dated, so you can't tell by looking how often the site updates. The site says "New Updates Regularly", which isn't very specific, so we wrote to the owner. He tells us that the site updates once a week on Thursdays. Two of the updates are new productions, one is a previously listed video that is now offered for downloads and last is an update from Kristen Bjorn, another website with similar men and quality. These aren't downloadable, but they're hot.

The drawbacks with with this site have been discussed; not all videos have downloadable versions or offer the HD version, there are no update dates or schedule and content organization can leave one confused. And while I understand that gay porn sites want to protect their content, I found the inability to download any of the photos for PC users a pain. Apparently Mac users may be able to save the pics. But there is no DRM protection on the site, so any videos you do decide to save are yours to keep.

Lucas Kazan offers incredibly hunky Italian men in beautifully-produced, professional movies filmed in exotic locations and in the studio. The site gives us so many handsome and well-built men to watch in about 450 exclusive videos, and uncut cock fans will love the abundance of foreskin. You'll find well-known gay porn stars like Damien Crosse, Ettore Tosi, and Jean Franko, but also lots of never-before-seen models and one-timers and many of the men are exclusive to Lucas Kazan, so you won't find them anywhere else. If you like hunky, muscled guys, it doesn't get much hotter than Lucas Kazan and this site is well worth your time.

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