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According to various party posters I found on the web, Macho Factory has been around for ten years, but I've never heard of them. And the brief description on their website isn't much help either saying, "After several years of involvement in one of the most known websites of the past years, Macho Serge our exclusive director is bringing a fresh touch to porn". Macho Factory is the latest addition to Studio Presse's line-up of raunchy theaters, so let's take a look and see if we can figure this out.

So far, the men on Macho Factory are a mix of black and Spanish. I saw a few well-known performers like mega-hung fisting top Cutler X, power top Vikto Rom, Troy Moreno and newcomer Koldo Goran and his giant cock. The rest of the men on the site were either one-name performers or guys I wasn't familiar with, a mix of well-hung guys with lean and chiseled bodies. A few of the guys are bald or bearded daddies and a third of the videos feature strong and masculine black men. And with European men comes foreskin, so you can expect mostly uncut cocks.

The action is pretty raunchy and dirty. "Wide Open" features Cutler X elbow deep in a guy's hole in a bar. "Hard S Club" shows two tops (one black and one white) fucking a bottom wearing a singlet and it all happens at a Barcelona club called Hard Sports. "Boys for Raw Blacks" sees two Spanish "twinks" (they're really just lean twenty-something-year-old guys) getting their butts fucked by two big dicked black men. "Bare Bromance" has buddies Koldo Goran and Adam Risso spit roasting a horny slender bottom who has a penchant for huge cocks. "Coffee BB Break" offers us a bearded executive taking a humongous cock at the office. And "Straight Suck" has two cocksuckers blowing a straight guy and swapping his cum back and forth in their mouths.

Macho Factory is a theater within the Studio Presse network, so this means that you can either buy an unlimited streaming membership and watch both Macho Factory videos and movies offered in any of the 21 other theaters. If you prefer to test the waters, you can buy packages of coupons and redeem a few at a time to watch movies; these usually cost between four and six tickets. Also, if you want to download any videos you'll need to purchase coupons as well, and the downloads cost around eight tickets each.

Macho Factory recently opened their doors with 18 videos, but there over 10,000 videos in the entire network. The streaming videos play at 1024x580 and they're pretty good amateur quality and fare well at full-screen. These are Spanish productions, and I didn't see any subtitles in the videos I watched. "Bare Bromance" was pretty crisp, whereas "Wide Open," which was filmed in a bar, was less sharp and clear, so expect a variety of picture qualities depending on the production and shooting location. If you download the videos you can expect MP4s sized at 960x540. I downloaded "Coffee BB Break" which was filmed in an office with lots of bright sun streaming through the windows that affected the quality at times, but another one called "Vicious XX" was pretty good quality with no lighting issues.

There are no galleries here, but each episode has six medium-sized thumbs sized at 480x300 that let you preview the action. These can't be enlarged, but you can saved them individually if you want.

There aren't any real problems at Macho Factory, although I do wish their updates were dated, but they've been adding a video every week and since there are 21 other theaters in the network, you won't be stranded - there's lot to watch. However, not every video in the network is available for download, although all can be streamed. Incidentally, all the Macho Factory videos can be downloaded. The tour says there are 10,000 videos and 80 updates monthly, and obviously this pertains to the whole network of 22 theaters and not just this particular site. There's no indication how often Macho Factory will add new content, but the network is constantly updating.

The great thing about Macho Factory is that it's found a home in a network of dirty and nasty content. Most of the Studio Presse theaters offer filthy sessions with gangbangs, fisting, barebacking, cum eating, forced sex, foot play, piss and lots of BDSM and fetish sex, so Macho Factory's heavy ass play and big-dick barebacking is in good company. And since your membership or tickets are valid on the entire network, you'll have heaps of dirty action to enjoy.

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