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Clair Productions is a French gay porn production studio founded by Jean-Noël René Clair and Stéphane Moussu around 1994. Two years ago their site, Clairprod, joined the Studio Presse network with its own theater, and as far as I can tell, they produced around 100 DVDs, but there may be more. Clair also produced videos under the JNRC label, which is already a standalone theater in the network. Regardless, there's lots of sexy European men in some hardcore action. We haven't been back since we reviewed the site shortly after its launch, so let's head back and take a look at what's been happening.

A lot of the Clairprod performers are Czech, but there are other Europeans, too; Clairprod also has a fondness for Brazilian men. The guys range from their early to mid-twenties with firm, athletic physiques. There are lots of smooth bodies, but Clair doesn't shun hairy guys, either. And some of the men are well-built, beefy hunks with nice muscled bodies. A few of the models here are boyishly cute, almost twinks, but not quite - I'd likely call them twenty-somethings or young jocks. The Brazilians are bronzed brown and definitely stand out in the collection of European guys. And since most of the guys are European, you can expect lots of uncut cocks.

Prison sex is a common theme here. In "Fucked Over a Card Game," two huge, bald prisoners are playing cards in their jail cell when one accuses the other of cheating; the accused shoves his fat dick down the other's throat then fucks him. "Arrested, Locked Up and Fucked" shows two prisoner guards who use a delinquent for their pleasure.

Military themes are also popular, and you'll find titles like "Temptation for Straight Soldiers" that features two military men missing their girlfriends and tired of using their hands, so they help each other out with some mutual head. "Two New Recruits First Lesson" sees a couple of new soldiers finding their place in the barracks, which is on their knees sucking soldier cock. Sometimes these scenes have the players start off in uniform, other times not. And with the guys mostly fucking in apartments and not army barracks, you have to stretch sometimes to call them real military sex videos. Still, the men are hot.

While military and prison sex are the two big themes here and account for most of productions, there are some other themes like a straight guy fucking his first guy, a boss boning a new hire, college mates doing it on the classroom desks, farm boys fucking outside by a giant hay bale, and a couple of studs screwing by a pool. I also saw a number of videos with guys using dildos on one another. There are also a fair number of performers in solo jack-off sessions, stroking their uncut cocks and spewing their creamy loads.

As a Studio Presse theater, Clairprod offers you two ways to watch its movies. An unlimited streaming membership allows you to watch as many movies as you want for 30 days, but with this membership downloading will cost you extra. You can also purchase a package of tickets and redeem them to watch or download movies one at a time. Streaming usually costs around four tickets while downloading costs around six or eight tickets, but solos can cost as little as three or four tickets. Most of the videos can be downloaded with tickets, but a few don't offer the option.

Clairprod has grown quite a bit since we reviewed it in January 2016; there are now 427 videos. The videos are offered in MP4 format. The streaming videos played at 778x578, but there may be some additional sizes. I also downloaded two of them (we only had limited credits), and one played at 720x540 and the other at 854x480. There may be other sizes, as well; I've reviewed most of the Studio Presse sites and the other theaters offer videos that are both smaller and larger. The videos are average to good amateur quality depending on their production date, and they played fine on my mobiles.

Each video comes with a gallery of six medium-sized screencaps. These are sized at 480x360 and do a good job of previewing the action. Quality varies; the average quality videos have average quality screencaps, better quality videos have better quality screencaps. You can't enlarge these pics, but you can save them individually if you want.

The videos here are not dated, but the site has added 335 videos in the 22 months since our last review, so they've added an average of 15 videos per month. I'm not sure if Clairprod is still producing videos, but judging by the size and quality of the scenes they're adding, most don't look brand new. On the other hand, I saw another video featuring blond Euro boy Chris Hollander who has only been filming porn for the past couple of years. This is further confused by the fact that the Clairprod theater also includes videos filmed by Clair under the JNRC brand, so who knows. 

Let's talk issues. The monthly membership price is a better value if you want to check out all the videos, but it's pretty pricey. As mentioned, some of the videos are average quality, and some recent updates are probably older productions. The tour claims 120 updates every month, but this schedule refers to the all 26 theaters in the Studio Presse network. And they claim to have 12,000 videos on the network, but many videos appear in multiple theaters, so it's hard to say if this number includes every listing rather than every unique video. Nevertheless, there are a lot of videos in this network and your unlimited streaming membership or purchased tickets can be used on any of the theaters.

If you love hot Euro men in prison and military action, Clairprod definitely delivers. The site has grown, now offering 427 streaming videos for members to watch on their desktops or mobiles, and most of the vids can be downloaded using tickets. Most of the theaters in the Studio Presse network feature European guys, so Clairprod fits right in. A lot of the action in this network falls in the fetish realm, videos from Clair Production (many of them offering prison and military sex) are a welcome addition. The 26 theater network does add new videos every month, so you'll have plenty to watch. Clairprod offers a nice mix of European and Brazilian men with uncut cocks, which will make foreskin lovers happy.

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