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Enzo Rimenez is an adult entertainment performer in his early thirties who is currently based in Toulouse, France. He's a handsome man with a full beard, kissable lips, a ripped and smooth body, and he's sporting a fat, uncut cock. He's filmed with studios including Titan Men, Men at Play and French Dudes, and he's also a regular with many of the studios within the Studio Presse network like Crunch Boy, Citebeur and Menoboy. His eponymous site brings together all of his work with Studio Presse into one place, so join me while I take a look and see what's on offer here.

Some of his profiles on other sites bill Enzo Rimenez as a total top, but this isn't the case as he bottoms in several of his videos on his site. He is around 33 years old and often wears facial hair these days, but this isn't always the case. He's smooth except for a faint treasure trail crawling up to his navel, and his pubes are generally trimmed. The most spectacular thing about him is his cock as it's big, fat and uncut.

The men who appear with Rimenez are a good mix of types from younger European guys in their twenties to older men in their forties. Most of the guys have athletic to muscular bodies, and they're a mix of smooth and hairy. Most of the men are European, so you can expect lots of uncut dicks. Rimenez has filmed with a lot of other porn regulars like Jean Franko, Jordan Fox, Brice Farmer and Aymeric Deville.

All but two of his scenes are duos, and those two are fourways. All the scenes feature lots of sucking and fucking. And as I mentioned earlier, Enzo both tops and bottoms. Most of the action takes place indoors, but there's a handful of outdoor sex, too. And the men get it on in homelike settings as well as in bars, sex clubs, warehouses and abandoned buildings - one takes place in a men's room.

Before we get to the videos let's talk about Studio Presse and how it works. First, there are 27 theaters in the network, and there are two ways to enjoy videos. An unlimited streaming membership allows to you watch any video in the site and the network during your month-long membership, but you can't download any videos. This network also has an à la carte system where you buy packages of credits and then redeem them to download or stream videos one at a time. But the caveat here is that most of the Enzo Rimenez videos aren't available to download - they can only be streamed.

There are 38 videos at Enzo Rimenez, 10 more than there were three months ago. The vids are available to stream in MP4 format; they play at 1024x576 and are available in three speeds. They videos play well and are average to good amateur quality. Enlarged to full screen the videos fare with mixed results, but largely they're okay. If a video is available to download, it'll play at 720x400 and these are average to good quality.

Each video offers a gallery of six screencaps that preview the action. They're a decent size at 480x700 but can't be enlarged, and while there are no slideshows or zip files, you can save them if you'd like.

Studio Presse doesn't date any of its releases, so it's hard to tell exactly when or how often Enzo Rimenez updates, but we can guess there are just over three new videos added per month since there have been 10 vids added in just over three months. The tour says that there are 120 new scenes every month, but this refers to the whole network and not any one site in particular.

Are there any other downsides? The streaming membership is expensive, but is probably a cheaper option than using tickets if you're a heavy user. Enzo Rimenez hasn't updated his Twitter feed since January 2017, although he has appeared in a Men at Play video in October 2017, but I don't know how active he still is and how much more content will be added to his theater. Regardless, you do get access to the entire Studio Presse network. Other tour claims exaggerate the networks total cache of videos at over 12,000, but since videos appear in multiple theaters, this isn't accurate.

Enzo Rimenez is a sexy Frenchman, handsome and well-hung with a fat, uncut cock. He's appeared in 38 streaming, mobile compatible videos, and you'll have access to them all in his theater. He both tops and bottoms in his scenes and plays with a nice variety of guys from some near twinks and jocks to hairy guys and mature men. The biggest draw with this site is that you get access to the entire Studio Presse network with over 10,000 videos and around 120 new videos added every month including lots of scenes featuring hot Frenchmen and more Europeans.

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