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Since 2004, Men at Play has been bringing us the hottest European hunks wearing expensive suits, executive attire and tuxedos. And they suck and fuck in a variety of settings like offices, hotel suites and condos, restrooms, bars, and even the odd gloryhole club or public toilet. Many other sites have tried imitating this niche, but Men at Play is second to none sparing no expense on the best suits and the sexiest men. We just reviewed the site about this time last year, but they have recently undergone a management change and a redesign, and there have been some significant changes that we need to talk about.

The site consistently brings us very good-looking men with rock hard bodies, and these days the site has a penchant for men with beards and face scruff, but there have been plenty of clean shaven men over the years. While the site has introduced us to many unknowns who have become popular pornstars, many of the men are already well-established performers, men like Dani Robles, Jean Franko, Francois Sagat, Kayden Gray, Logan Moore, Denis Vega, Teddy Torres and lots more. Most of the men are European, but you'll find American men, as well, including JJ Knight, Dallas Steele, Hugh Hunter and Billy Santoro. The men range throughout their twenties and into their forties with nicely muscled bodies. Some are smooth, others are hairy, and most are sporting uncut cocks.

Men at Play used to film in England, but I believe they do most of their shooting in Spain now, so you can expect lots of Spanish hunks alongside other Europeans. The men suck and fuck in a variety of executive settings like offices and boardrooms or in well-appointed condos, estates or hotel suites. A series called "Cine-X" took place in a porno theater, another called "Wet Hot" has hunks Hector de Silva and Jay Roberts fucking outside beside and in a pool, while "Campaign Erection" has Dato Foland fucking Rex Cameron outside against his car. But there have been videos filmed in sex clubs with gloryholes, garages, warehouses and public toilets - anywhere a horny male executive might go hunting for sex.

The sex is fiery with passionate make-out sessions with lots of kissing and groping before they men suck dick. Asses are usually licked before they're fucked, and the action here always uses condoms. There are lots of interesting scenarios - job interviews, board meetings, guys masturbating at their desks, meetings with the boss, and guys fucking in the executive rest room. And the hottest part is that the men aren't in a hurry to shed their suits; in fact, tops often stay clothed while fucking their nude bottoms, but sometimes it's the other way around. Either way, you'll be treated to lots of knee-high dress socks and shoes or men getting fucked while still wearing their dress shirts and maybe their ties.

Men at Play offers 724 exclusive videos and updates once a week, usually on Fridays. The biggest change at the site is that memberships no longer include downloads. If you joined before April 2019 and are still a member, then hold onto that membership because you still get downloads, but any new members get streaming only. Downloads of the newest videos range from $2.99 to $4.99 each and the older ones run from $2.50 to $3.50 each, but not all of the older videos are available to purchase.

Full memberships give you unlimited streaming, and the videos are offered in MP4 format. The newer videos are available in three speeds that play in two sizes at 856x440 to 1260x670; the very oldest videos stream in one size at 890x670. The newest videos are good quality with clear pictures and vibrant color; the oldest ones are still decent, but lack crispness. The videos are available in full-screen mode, and the newest and best quality versions fare best. Previously only the newest videos were available to watch on your mobile device, but now all episodes have a mobile version.

Only 197 of the 724 movies have picture sets. The pics are good quality digital stills offered between 600x900 and 682x1024, depending on the age of the episode. Almost every episode has a set of screencaps that range from 654x522 to 1920x1080 that are mostly good quality. However not every video has a corresponding gallery of screencaps. The pics can be saved individually, but the site no longer offers downloadable zip files, which is too bad because they used to. New to the site is a hands-free slideshow option to view the pictures.

On each performer's page you'll find pictures and a bio with his stats, and of course, all of his movies are listed there, too. I did find that some of the newest men just starting with Men at Play don't have completed profile pages, however. There's a Category page that you can access from the navbar that contains themes like medical, leather, police, outdoor sex, threesomes, group scenes and flip-fucking. There are also some categories featuring types of men like daddies, hairy, straight and muscle.

You can search the site using the free-form search at the top of the page, however its usefulness varies. For instance, there were seven pages of movies for "uncut" but no results showed for "foreskin". The site has added the ability to favorite scenes, and you get a private message mailbox, although it's unclear what this is used for as you can't email other members on the site, and I didn't see anyway to contact the performers. Maybe it's a way to contact support or a new feature still pending.

Are there any pitfalls with the site? Well, there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that will sign you up for a second site membership when you join Men at Play, but it's easy to uncheck if you're not interested. Trial members get limited access to an unspecified limited amount of videos. Movies are mobile compatible, but browsing them on your device can only be done a page at a time, there's no way to jump to specific page numbers; picture galleries don't have a downloadable zip file; and new members can only stream the videos, although you can purchase downloads for most movies (but not all) at an extra price.

And last, there's a notification pop-up on the tour. If you agree to receive notifications, you'll be getting porn notifications popping up at any time. If you use a shared computer with a spouse, roommate or co-worker, you may not want to receive notifications, in which case you can block them when the pop-up first appears.

Men at Play is still the best when it comes to hunky businessmen and executives having high-powered sex in their suits and ties. Early videos feature more solo jack-off scenes, but these days the action is mostly in duos with the odd threeway. There are 724 exclusive streaming videos and these will play best on your desktop or laptop computer, as well as your mobiles. The site updates weekly with another large, high-quality streaming video. If you like European men and uncut cocks as well as executive attire and office sex, you'll think you've died and gone to the boardroom in the sky.

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