• 3 Calls, 1 Night

    A nonfiction of a very busy night.

  • Naughty Eric Has Hot Phone Sex with Jeff

    This is a story about the evening that Eric called Jeff. Soon the conversation turned to steamy erotic dirty talk that resulted in two big creamy eruptions.

  • One Less Bottle of Beer on the Wall, One Less Bottle of beer.

    Two guys go out for the evening; Party review.

  • 15 Seconds

    He could hear him moan, imagine how he would be a massive pool of sweat, as he would push in, then when he could go no further, how he would twist his hips, making his cock jerk from side to side.

  • 17 Please

    Just the way Jay would hold himself in the elevator gave Donny a raging hard on. Nothing he could think about could erase the image of the guy in a tight t-shirt and faded jeans that seemed his daily attire from his mind.

  • A Complete Shave

    That has been a very nice Sunday for me. I hope yours has been equally good. If not you should try my way.

  • A Headshave and XXL Orgasm

    it's me again with a masturbation and headshave story

  • A Hot Summer Night

    That's what I do in a hot summer night. I hope you like it and that it might inspire you to dscover your body as nice as I did it with mine.

  • A masturbation fetish

    I was very horny after I typed my last story. I type my stories wearing nothing at all and thinking about hot sex. I have a very high sex drive and I can come six times a day. I decided to make a blast. I brought some lubricant. I rubbed my self with lubes and perfumes. Then I lubed my finger and started to play with my asshole. I inserted one finger and slid it in and out. Then I inserted it deeply and moved it around my prostate ...

  • A Masturbation Fetish

    I was very horny after I typed my last story. I type my stories wearing nothing at all and thinking about hot sex. I have a very high sex drive and I can come six times a day.

  • A New Friend

    My first time with another guy, a new friend and the beginning of a life long pastime.

  • A Perfect Day

    That's how I get wonderful orgasms.

  • A Quick One

    As I had a quick orgasm this morning my story is very short but I had fun with myself. Maybe you want to try and share my experience as well. I will upload a video to my profile on this website. Have a look and enjoy.

  • A Winter Shave

    I gave myself a new treat shaving my head and body in the snow. It has been a great experience.

  • almost a daily event

    Ive told my story before about being feminized and used by older gay men, now this is what i do and how i do it on a almost daily basis.

  • An empty House P1

    Part 1 of 2. It was a nice July night, not too hot outside...

  • Army Friends Are The Best

    A friend I hadn't seen for a long time came round to stay and boy was it hot.

  • Balcony Jerk Off

    Shawn felt himself suck in his breath, bit his lower lip as he saw the bulge. There was no doubt, Sam was sporting an erection, and the tell tale tenting of the blue shorts confirmed it to him.

  • Bath in a Sea Of Hair

    It's time again for a really good masturbation story. I hope you'll like it as much as I did when I wrote it down. My penis gets hard when I read this story and your's should do the same.

  • Beat off boy

    A very brief description of a good wank but maybe long enough to get your nuts off?

  • Brad Habits

    Brad Pitt goes to a hypno-therapist to quit smoking. The hypno-therapist has other ideas.

  • Cam 2 Cam

    Tell me what to do and I'll do it for you. Want to see my packet? Here you go mate, like the bulge? I'm already hard for you, already feel my precum starting to damp the insides of these Speedos.

  • Dirty little wanker

    This is a prose, poetry piece about a guy who is being contolled by someone else. Things happen to him which he never dreamed possible.

  • Dream fuck

    My cock twitched and I could feel my sperm dribbling out of my cock-head, flowing like a river down my shaft over my tightening bollocks as his tongue worked itself deeper into me. He moved his tongue in circles and then darted in and out lubricating every inch of my insides.

  • Family Problems

    The first chapter of Family Problems.

  • Footprints in the Snow

    A highly sexed fifty-year-old escapes to an isolated mountain cabin to dream his fantasies and experience them blossoming into reality.

  • Foxhole Jerk Off

    The dungarees were done up, the white gleaming cock put back inside, but now Lorne leaned forward, his hands on Mile's crotch. He felt the press of the hands and just stared. He didn't move, as he felt the fingers tugging at his pants, undoing them, and reaching inside.

  • Fries With That

    The image of a man on his knees, hidden from everyone else while he stood in full view. His pants wrapped at his ankles while his stiff dick was firmly planted into some guy's mouth was definitely a rush.

  • Furry

    Malcolm whimpered and thrashed his body about to shake off his captor, kicking out at the end and the sides of the bed to reach the body of this creature. His feet and knees met no resistance, and he realised that its body must be behind his head.

  • Getting off over the phone

    Mark's seven inches of meat was now in the process of erecting itself big time as Jack asked him the most intimate of questions about his body and sexual likes and dislikes, and without even thinking about it, he pulled out his hot and began jerking it, while replying.