• A brothers love Ch.4

    I get to fuck my brother for the first time...

  • Gay Sculptor Attempts to Seduce His Hot Young Male Model

    Troy, a 50-year-old professional award-winning sculptor of male stone statutes, became mesmerized by his latest male model, 19-year-old Caleb. Troy uses his charming personality and fame to try to seduce the young gorgeous and innocent Caleb. What will happen?

  • Petrie

    My first visit to an adult book store...

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapters 32 and 33

    With our two horny athletes occupied with a certain CEO bottom slut, isn't it time Coach Jackson and Mr. Williams had their own fun with each other?

  • Naked, Not Nude

    Older man seduces young college-age neighbor with a '67 cherry-red Impala SS convertible and a story on the difference between naked and nude

  • Remember When

    Jason tells a story.

  • Caribbean King

    I was on my vacation for a month in Jamaica, sitting in the hotel bar sipping on a Red Stripe Sorrel, a Jamaican brewed beer and relaxing. I'd worked 6 months straight without a break and I was so ready to relax. Then he walked into the bar. Damn he was so handsome and sexy in those painted on Levi jeans. His eyes were an electric blue against his dark brown tanned skin and I couldn't ignore them. They burned into my very soul.

  • A brothers love Ch3

    John goes down on me for the first time.

  • Start of summer holiday

    Seb just finished his last exam. He wants to celebrate and does this whit his best friends. After a fun night out the tension builds and he gets to know one of his straight friends a little better.

  • Men of Mykonos

    Grieving young American sub comforted by hunky Greek island tops

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapter 31

    Greg and Jason Foster are the father/son pair every family aspires to be. Handsome. Wealthy. Elite. But no one can truly know everything that goes on behind closed doors... Sometimes even within our own closed doors. Like the fact that the Fosters are undeniable cocksluts, unbeknownst to one another. Which is where our horny athletes come in... Making sure this handsome patriarch and his football playing son are provided with all the jock cock they need.

  • A brothers love Ch2

    Taking my brothers cock

  • Casual fridays

    The boss is always right and my boss is also fucking hot... Man on Man , adult male bonding and sex.

  • Cousins reunion

    Reuniting with my cousin after a number of years brings back memories and flashbacks as our close friendship is reignited

  • Gay Customer Lays Plan to Bed Hot Asian Restaurant Waiter

    Turk, a 49-year-old commercial building construction worker and hard body builder, has the hots for 21-year-old Joel, a waiter at a popular Asian restaurant where Turk has lunch several times a week. Will Turk succeed in seducing the young waiter?

  • More Than I Bargained For

    I just wanted to give my first blowjob. Scott had other plans.

  • Choices

    The decisions we make have consequences...sometime bad ones but sometimes very good ones.


    A young man working on a car gets more "help" than he expected when a passing neigbhor descends on his cock.

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapters 29 and 30

    What are two horny jocks to do when they've got the locker room showers to themselves and unfinished business between them?

  • Prison Trash - Chapter Two

    A surprising knock at the door around midnight transforms a boring, lonely night into a wild, unexpected night of adventure, passion and romance.

  • The Stable Groom - Part 2

    A shadow darkened the doorway and Dancer shied against me, looking up I saw Hoss (Albert) standing in the doorway, he grinned lewdly as he fondled himself boldly.

  • A brothers love

    How the relationship with my brother started

  • The Stable Groom - Part 1

    I had just celebrated my 20th birthday and had recently come out of the closet about my sexuality. I had decided I was gay at an early age, 10 years old to be exact and I had had my fair share of sexual experiences. Starting with boys my own age and moving up to men as I found out the pleasure of big thick cocks that produce precum and cum.

  • From bad to worse to oh so good

    Younger guy gets overly aggressive with mature gym stud.

  • Prison Trash | Chapter 1

    Dirty, sexy prison trash who knows his way around a cock, an asshole...and maybe just my heart.

  • My buddy Elliot

    I was rescued from two drunks then fell in love with my rescuer.

  • The Job

    My skanky superior at work teaches me restraint...

  • Jons American Indian Part 1

    Jon has a trippy encounter with an Indian boy.

  • No Need to Imagine

    Johnny imagined this man pulling off his clothes while staring at Johnny's hard cock. Johnny would gasp when the trucker's 7-inch cock, jutting out, would flop as he released it from his boxers. The trucker moved forward and knelt on the bed in front of Johnny. Reaching out Johnny slipped his young fingers around the first penis other than his own. Johnny slid his hand up and down the hard cock squeezing the trucker's pre-cum out the slit.

  • My Rest Stop Experience

    It was then I decided to go for broke, I reached down in the darkness and was rewarded by a stiff hot cock. I quickly wrapped my fingers around it and stroked up and down. He let out a little groan and moved with my hand making it obvious that he enjoyed it. He was big too. I was guessing bigger than 8 inches and very thick. His cock was my first, the first to touch, first black cock, and first uncut cock.