• Boy Toy and the Bisexual

    Bisexual Navy man moving into new neighborhood meets the boy next door. Lust at first sight. (revised)

  • Chris and I, our first time

    Just a story of a straight guy and the guy that lusts after him, when one helps the other

  • The Old College Try

    College student fucks his neighbor and his dad joins them

  • Gay Escort Gives Two 18-Year-Old Best Friend Jocks' Volcanic Orgasms

    Anthony, a 27-year-old African American stud and expensive gay male gigolo escort, satisfies 18-year-olds' Theo and Joel their wildest horny fantasy of the ultimate massive cataclysmic multi-orgasms creating powerful stimulating electric charges throughout the young athletes' bodies.

  • My sleeping Dad *Inspired by true events*

    An encounter with my dad that leads to some surprising events.

  • Paint Job

    An unwanted chore becomes an amazing pleasure...

  • Extra Stuffing

    What's Thanksgiving without sneaking away from the family and dragging your knuckle-dragger asshole brother-in-law to the garden shed to hate-fuck his brains out?

  • Backup Plan

    Bisexuality can be a cure...

  • Let Me Lead Chapter 6

    Declan has arrived at Duke University, much to Ash's surprise and enjoyment. It will be good to have someone close to him on campus. When something pops up with Ash's schedule, he finds himself left with a choice, and his decision shocks Declan. Will Ash discover something about himself he didn't know before? And will he enjoy what he finds?

  • Taxi

    After Jeremy tastes black, he ain't ever going back...

  • Redneck Farmer Breeds Young 19-Year-Old Farm Hand

    Farmer Jones, a married man with 3 young children, seduces his young 19-Year-Old male farm hand Felix while Mrs. Jones and her kids are on a one-day shopping trip to the big city.

  • Dropping the Bottle Opener

    A straight lad is surprised when his gay friend admits that he fantasizes about him.


    My 18 year old live-in stud brings a friend to get some of my action

  • Hot 19-Year-Old Caught Masturbating in Restroom Stall

    A young 19-year-old tall gorgeous blond virgin gets caught jacking-off while viewing a gay magazine in a man's restroom stall and soon finds himself seduced for wild sex by older gay college coach who caught him masturbating.

  • A Stiff Neck Leads To Other Stiffness

    A stiff neck. A perpetually horny Marine. A HOT physical therapist. You get the picture!

  • Snow Removal Ends With Hot Gay Sex

    After a very heavy snowfall, a homeowner hires an 18-year-old high school senior to shovel his driveway and sidewalk that leads to sensuous gay sexual gratification.

  • Dorm Twink

    Fucking a hot twink in his dorm

  • My College Buddy's Son - 2

    I get to enjoy more of this 18 year old stud who suddenly dropped into my life.

  • Another First Time Ch. 02

    Going under the horse-hung arms trafficker English and Pakistani horsemen in England

  • Looking Back

    After making a date with a man i met online, I began to look back on some of my previous encounters.

  • Another First Time Ch. 01

    Recruited to use feigned first-time sex in spying, Trent's first assignment is pumping info and being pumped in Bermuda

  • Reunited

    The high-school bully gets his comeuppance and cum up his ass.


    An 18-year-old with a dead battery gets more than he bargained for when he asks a stranger for a jump.

  • Public Warrior Dating

    The thrill of dating firemen and policemen off Craigslist.

  • How I became a booster for the football team

    My ass becomes a reward for the best players after a game.

  • Stretch

    His shirt lifting just enough so that I could see his scant little blond trail of hair that lead from his navel into the top of his navy blue scrub pants.

  • Doctor Love

    "I knew we would be good together in the bedroom, but I never had any idea that you could make me feel like you did. I know that there's a lot to think about but all I want is to be with you, David, if you'll have me."

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapter 43

    The hulking Coach Jackson is talked into getting into cockslut mode after his pictures are posted online in an ad by Brad Williams, offering Coach Jackson's hole to the most worthy candidate. And he's definitely ready to get used. Brad Williams and the team quarterback enjoy a good fuck after practice.

  • Anniversary Ass

    An Marine's Unexpected Gift From His Attorney Husband.

  • Giving a helping hand

    My neighbour asks for a hand with his decorating but we never did get the painting done. He did bring me out o my shell though