• first summer

    The first summer home after a year away at college and Neal had some catching up to do.

  • Paul's Daddy - Chapter 1

    Paul could hardly believe the strange turn of events that had occurred in his life the day he turned 21. His mind wandered back to October and he remembered the sad and tearful look on his mother's face as she held out an envelope that was postmarked from Dallas, Texas.

  • You Don't Have To (Chapter One)

    "Jake? Is everything ok in there?" I asked. I get no response.

  • The Return

    Quinton had been gone a month and seeing the red pick up by the field knotted his stomach and made him grip the steering wheel hard.

  • Things you do for a job

    A recent prisoner is released into society and tries to land a job, but to his surprise, his interview is anything but normal.

  • My Brother's Keeper-Part II

    Kyle continues reliving a life-changing night with Alex.

  • My Brother's Keeper--Part I

    The love story of a grieving widower and his keeper--a man that would change his life forever.

  • The King and I

    He was what every gay guy dreamed about: smart, athletic, handsome, funny and had an ass that wouldn't quit. There was but one flaw...the ring that he wore on his left hand...or so I thought.

  • The Seduction of Eli

    Tyler was intrigued by the quiet shy boy that shared a room with his friend Joey.

  • Boys will be boys: In college too.

    The boys enter their freshman year.

  • The Temptation of Joshua

    He made Joshua nervous, flustered him for reasons he didn't understand and then he tempted him with that one thing that really got him sexually going.

  • Second chances

    Pierce had his regrets like any of us, but it was that one terrible mistake that still haunted him.

  • Slow Moving Waters

    A paddling trip down a river, just the two of them on an adventure, enjoying the outdoors and their time together.

  • Chocolate Lust

    I had just turned nineteen and started to attend Howard University in Washington, DC. It had only been in fall of the previous year that I realized that I was gay.

  • The Masochist

    Caleb appeared to be the perfect young man, always dressed neatly, his hair cut conservatively and always perfectly combed and he attended church with his parents, even singing in the choir. And it was all a mask.

  • Boys will be boys

    Robbie found them in the barn, doing those things he fantasized about but was afraid to act upon.


    Living in a small town can be both a blessing and yes it can also be a curse. But sometimes a hot fuck can come from a least expected person......

  • Baseball Vs. Football - Stowaways! Pt 2 of 3

    The sexy baseball jock Carl takes Jack on an unexpected adventure... and a new friendship boils in the steam of an old locomotion ride through the deep, forested canyons of Goldrun.

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 15

    Hello again, Gaydemons. An explanation for why I've been gone so long. Tanner and Greg have broken up after Tanner found Greg in bed with Brody and Clint. Now the two aren't speaking to each other and can barely even look at one another, which causes Tanner to revert to his hot-headed ways. And that hot head of his makes it's way back to the ice, and it isn't pretty. The divide between Tanner and Greg is widened after a fight between ...

  • Finding Ford

    I went up to my room and got the video box that I'd found at the adult video store. It was difficult to go back down and face the man. "This isn't exactly my proudest moment, either, admitting that I frequent the adult video stores, but....well, I found this." I handed him the box.

  • Two Black Studs

    Wesley lifted my legs up and Tyson took hold of them. A smaller man's cock would have slipped out in that position but there inches of his cock still inside me. Wesley applied some lube to his cock and set the head of his cock firmly against the upper lips of my hole.


    A younger work mate asks for new type of training exercise.

  • More Than I Could Handle

    About the third night I woke in horror to find Kyle practically on top of me, his arms and legs wrapped around me. And his big, meaty cock pressed hotly against the back of my thigh.

  • Tuck, In The Shower

    Tucker Price was the epitome of young manhood when I was in college. I was a freshman, he was a senior, and a jock with muscles where other guys didn't even know they were supposed to have muscles.

  • First Time Fucked

    I barely recognized who I saw there; a sex-crazed teenager excited over the hope of fulfilling a long held fantasy.