• Beach Wrecked

    Hunky gay lifeguard plays the beach field.

  • Horny College Jock Pursues Classmate for Creamy Cum Meal

    Cal, a 24-year-old first year graduate student, an active gay man and former college football quarterback, cruises campus in his red corvette looking for his classmate, 24-yar-old Johan. Cal is wild with lust and on a mission to bag Johan, an active straight homosexual dude. Can Cal seduce this hot straight playboy?

  • An Attorney Takes A Break With A Construction Worker

    An overworked attorney - my husband now, but he was single at the time this occurred in his life - has an opportunity to enjoy a hot construction worker despite not having the time to do it . . . and he seizes the moment and DOES IT!

  • Swapping Sons

    Two gay, single dads bring their sons to college as entering freshman. When they meet their sons' roommates, they both get the hots for the young students.

  • Football teams bitch

    I had what they wanted a warm wet hole.......

  • The Wedding

    Colin flies from New York City to Phoenix to attend his sister's wedding. Within the first hour of his arrival, he meets the groom's brother, and loses his heart.

  • R and R

    A chance meeting with a sexy soldier in a bar - ends up in bed.


    The continuing adventures of Chad's never ending need for cock and cum.

  • 21-Year-Old Blonde Twink Visits Gay Bar Seeking a Mature Man for Sex

    Mickey, a young horny 21-year-old blonde twink, and Kade, a 36-year-old active gay big muscled dude, happened to wind up at the same gay bar where they both were looking for a night of wild raunchy man sex. This is the story of how this cute twink hooked up with this big rough dude for a night of hot sex.

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 18

    With the press constantly going after Greg in order to find out who he's dating, Greg is beginning to lose it. Tanner is there to support him, but will that be enough? And Tanner becomes known as the next face of pro athletes supporting LGBT rights after a few situations. How will he handle the pressure? And Greg has a plan in order to get the media's attention away from Tanner after his public outbursts. Will Tanner agree to it? Or will it drive a wedge in their a relationship?

  • Good time with 2 married guys

    When away from home men will play.

  • The Shop Across The Road

    Man has a surprise encounter, in his new home

  • Wolf-Pack

    I thought travel by slow troopship across the Pacific would be boring - it wasn't!

  • Darian

    After many years, an old friendship comes full circle


    You never know just what life will present to you or how you will react.

  • Roommate Revenge

    A college freshmen decides to teach his straight homophobic roommate a lesson that leaves him begging to cum.

  • Second Honeymoon

    Eighteen year old is initiated into sex on the farm, by his uncle and twin cousins.

  • Daddy Firefighter Introduces Man Sex to Young Fireman

    Butch, a rugged, muscled and handsome 47-year-old seasoned city fireman, showed Billie, a cute 21-year-old new fireman and youngest member of the city fire department, what it meant to be initiated into the city fireman's gay fraternity and man hosed for the first time.

  • Abernethy

    After his relationship ends, a guy meets a hot fireman.

  • Again and Again

    Zach finds himself irresistibly attracted to a new intern at the firm he works for.

  • My New Job and Sexy CEO #3

    The walls come down...

  • House For Sale

    When Bert's partner of fifteen years, dumps him. he decides to put his ocean side house on the market, and move back to the city. The first person to view the house is Tim, whose partner was recently run over and killed. For that reason he is seeking to move out of the city and raise his two adopted daughters in the suburbs. When they meet, the sea breezes are filled with love.

  • My New Job and Sexy CEO #2

    Did Jess get the job???

  • Shower Seduction

    I planned a seduction. The handsome target was a friendly fellow Army buddy.

  • An Awkward Seduction

    Scheming with different scenarios he let the fantasy of seducing Dewayne play out in his mind over and over.

  • Back Then - Part 1

    Young 18 year old guy is initiated into Sex. Rough, dirty sex.

  • Me and the rugby player ch.1

    After rugby practice, I have an enjoyable experience with Drew, my muscular team-mate

  • Rob and Larry...and Steven

    8 days later

  • Bored Househusbands

    Two househusbands move into adjacent homes, and become good friends. Their high-powered wives are rarely around, and soon the husbands become more than friends.

  • My Moms Boyfriends Cock

    The boyfriend needed both the mom and son to satisfy his sexual needs.