• Diary of a Teenage Hunk

    Young Brandon has his first gay sexual experience in his pickup at the mall with a guy he meets in the restroom. He likes it. Second experience is with a young clerk who measures him for pants....after that one he decides to write down the experiences in a diary. (Author's Note: Several of these experiences actually happened).

  • A College Roommate with Benefits

    My room-mate wasn't the nicest guy to share rooms with at first, actually he was as homophobic as hell, until that one fateful night, when it all changed, then he couldn't have been nicer and more pleasing to be with.

  • Boarding School

    Benford Boarding School was situated in the rural South in the tiny village of Benford, some twenty miles from the town of Atkins...

  • Aaron my New Roommate

    Aaron, my new roommate, was a real jock, but very introverted and shy, I was gonna bring him out of it or else, and that brought on unexpected pleasures, Oh yea!

  • A Backfiring Bet

    He loses a bet and now he has to pay the price!

  • All in the Family

    My new brother's lips formed a grin around my cock, and Jerry looked up. Jerry made a sound deep in his throat, and Dan nodded without looking at him. They both pulled me off the couch, stood me in the center of the living room floor and had me squat a little.

  • Bareback Virgin

    He was cute, young.. probably 20 at most. He had the preppy look with stylish dark hair, green eyes and a long lean body that was going to look great stretched out naked under me. You could tell he was shy.

  • Brother

    I was 19 and in college, and had been interested in other boys for quite some time. I fantasized constantly about it, but had kept it to myself for fear of what people might think.

  • Stud Twins

    Two incredibly built, gay, 18-year-old twins help Dell Brady unload when he moves in next door. He is unable to resist when they come on to him and is deep involved with the two horny hunks.

  • Bondage Gangbang

    While a few guys worked my cock, I felt hands on my feet. I was helpless as my legs were pulled back. Someone pinned them to my shoulders, making out with me while my newly-exposed ass was up for grabs.

  • A Bully Named Russell

    I had the Hots for him but he treats me like shit. I'd do anything to be his friend or more if he wanted. He makes me drool. That is my "Quest" to make a lover out of a Bully

  • The Wrestling Team

    The sex with Rob was gut shattering, but it didn't satisfy Braden's suddenly insatiable desire for this new kind of sex. He walked around the first floor a couple of times to make sure none of the other guys were out of their rooms; or worse, the coach.

  • Allen, My Older Brothers Best Friend

    My Brothers best friend all thru High School, was now in college, and started coming over and visiting, then things take a turn for the better for Him and Me.

  • Getting Fucked by Big Black Cock

    His thighs were at my ass and were like tree trunks, heavily muscled like the rest of him. The shaft slowly slid in another few inches. God I wanted this cock!

  • My dad and me: the beginning

    How my dad introduced me to the family tradition when I turned 16.

  • A Cute Boy Learns Total Surrender

    A boy gets up the courage to visit a Master and the result is powerful and totally unforgettable!

  • how my big black master put me in my place

    This is about an older big black master (the hero?) who just got out of prison teaching an 18 year old white boy (me) a lesson by fucking me in the ass and making me his little bitch right in my own home!

  • All in the Family

    I opened my eyes and I saw something if front of me that I would never have believed, My cock got hard and I started breathing funny, What the fuck is going on.

  • Alan Tries Cottaging

    Tears filled Alan's eyes. He wasn't ready for this. After a brief pause the biker started to pump. He was going for it. He meant business.

  • A Dark and Stormy Night

    Mark finds out that the weather can be so hot when it's raining.

  • Aaron My Amish Farmboy

    That chance meeting with an Amish boy named Isaiah was next to a Miracle, and then what transpired was even more of an Unbelievable circumstance.

  • A Shocking Discovery

    Having been bisexual since he was sixteen, Clint Davis comes out to his Dad. Now nineteen, he's amazed at what he discovers, both now and later.

  • Like Father Like Son

    Being gang raped as a young man, led me to realize what I really wanted in life, but finding the truth about my Dad, let me know why I liked it.

  • Assistant Coach and the Quarterback

    The new assistant coach was a walking dream, but I was just a quarterback, man for some reason I would get aroused and turned on every time he was near me, I really wanted to get to know him, and that progressed to wanted to really get to know him, if you get my drift.

  • A Camping Trip to Remember

    We all have first time experiences; mine happened with my best friend at the time.