• Secret Service

    Being the son of a U.S. senator, i was, at times, in the public eye when i was with my parents. After I became interested in cock, i knew i had to be extremely cautious.

  • The Sergeant's Video

    Fireworks result when my Sergeant calls me into his room to view a video.

  • Today is the day

    High school kids moves away, gets his shit together goes to college and finds himself and realizes dick isn't so bad.

  • The Handyman Can

    When the handyman comes over for some repairs, I found myself alone with no roommates at home...

  • Oil Fucked

    Gareth's pilgrimage of anonymous sex ends with an oil fuck...

  • From a virgin to a whore

    £ older guys take a 16 year old virgin and give him a good time.

  • My best friend Mike

    After 6 years of being best friends Mike and I took our friendship to a totally different level.

  • The Hospital

    After falling off a ladder, I had to spend time in the hospital. It was better than i expected.


    I see a naked soldier swinging his hips and wonder if he's found a new jack-off technique. One thing leads to another!

  • Connor & Me -- Jake's Story

    By request, the sequel to Hey Nurse. Come on in for a tale of college football, graduation... and a potent young love that might not survive the rough ride of the real world.

  • Harley Dude

    "Now, I'm going to show you how I fuck your brother's arse," he said, before spitting on my butt-hole. I was totally turned-on as I 'begged' for mercy. Holding my wrists in the air on either side of my body after he moved behind me, Jeth pulled me onto his cock and commenced fucking me in this position for several minutes.

  • Cherry Busting

    Straight guy has his cherry plundered ...

  • Fire Alarm Part 3

    Clay satisfies his curiosity.

  • Me and my dad

    I couldn't take living at mom's house and I called my dad to rescue me

  • The Men's Room

    A tired CEO visits a very special barbershop

  • Fire Alarm Part 2

    Things get interesting when the fireman returns to my condo.

  • Jon visits a horse ranch

    Watching a stallion mount a mare turns Jon on bigtime!

  • My Exhibitionist Little Brother

    James discovers his brother Max is an exhibitionist one morning and decides to blackmail his little brother to get him into even more risky situations.

  • The Night I Satisfied Six Hot Horny Frat Brothers

    This is the story of the night 19-year-old college sophomore Cody attended a wild frat drinking party and became the willing gay bitch for six hot horny beer guzzling fraternity brothers.

  • Fire Alarm

    No one likes to hear a fire alarm in the middle of the night but sometimes it just might be something to be happy about.

  • City Bus

    One never knws who they will meet while using public transportation.

  • My Best Friend and I at the Pool

    A sexual experience between my best friend and I in CA, and part 1 of a series.

  • Bisexual Mature Guys at the Pool

    Two mature bisexual guys meet in the locker room at the local pool and hit it off. They love seeing each in their speedos and one thing leads to another.

  • Coastal Funk

    After extracting his hand he offered it to my nostrils. "Let's get you warmed up, dude. Take a whiff of my foreskin funk." As I sniffed I almost fell off my stool with excitement. "Lick," he ordered, "Taste my funk."

  • Hey Nurse

    I'm straight and on the football team, and Jake -- my roommate, ex-teammate, and good friend -- is secretly gay. It's been cool between us, I'm not homophobic or anything like that. Then I got a bad case of the flu, and Jake took good care of me. He went on a quest to get me better, taking charge of what I needed and what I should do. And I started to like it...

  • Sins of the Father

    Father and son share a moment

  • Eighteen Wheels - Part 4

    A decision is made.

  • GEM: Genetically Enhanced Male

    Twins Jake and Aiden are hired to go to a medical testing center and get infected with a disease and monitored. It does not go the way they expected it to

  • Oil Rig

    Stacy becomes the substitute pussy on an oil rig...

  • Daniel, Lost

    At age 32, I finally admitted to my self that I'm gay, not bi-sexual as I had tried to convince myself since the divorce. Janey was the only woman I have ever had sexual relations with, all other encounters have been with men. To be fair, 'all others' totalled five men in the past six years.