• Brocker, Baseball Player

    Brocker was a major leaguer who had been in the papers and all over the news for speaking out so bluntly against gays and coloreds. They were sending him back to the minors to get his head on straight and get his shit together; a form of sensitivity training, they said.

  • THE STEPDAD....Part 2

    Steve and I begin to survive after my mom's death and grow closer.

  • Gestures, Chapter 5

    Final gestures as the end draws near.

  • House Call By Plumber Cleans More Than Leaking Pipes

    My parents were away on vacation, my 24-year-old brother was at work and I was at home alone when I discovered a leaking toilet. As an 18-yer-old high school senior in desperation, I called my brother Dirk at work. He in turn called the plumbing company. Guess what happened to the plumber and my leaking cock?

  • Her old boyfriend

    My best friend at the time had almost been engaged to Mike and years after they broke up, he came out of the closet and after dinner together one night, i had one of the most memorable bb fucks of my life.

  • Gestures, Chapter 2

    the story continues

  • Gestures

    The dorm room would be there home for the next semester and Carson and Brody were figuratively and literally circling one another, getting the feel of the other, who this other person was they would be sharing such small quarters with over the next few months.


    I hung up the phone and thought about getting an unlisted number. I had been listening to my Mother rant and rave yet again about how everything that I do is wrong.

  • Big Bull

    A shy young, gay college student gets invite to a frat party. His fantasy comes true, when he becomes the sex toy of a huge football player.


    Stranded on the highway in a blizzard, things turn interesting.

  • A Wild Night of Hot Sex with Male Go-Go Dancers

    As my three college buddies and I watched four hot male Go-Go dancers at a gay nightclub, we were horny as hell. We would make our moves to suck cock and fuck these hot dancers. I wanted the hot blond dancer and my three buddies could select how they would team up with the other three hot dancers. We were all 22-year-old college seniors and the dancers ranged in age from 20 to 24.

  • Frat Barn - Chapter 2

    An unlikely bond is formed when John and Devon confess their sexual demons while on a run through the forest.

  • Hazing A Straight Boy to Orgasm

    Straight cadet Kevin gets hazed for his birthday. When he is held down and his cock played with, I see my chance to get my hands on his young meat. The casual game takes an unexpected turn and straight jock Kevin suddenly finds himself desperately struggling to hold his load as his cock is unrelentingly jerked off by his friends.

  • Pretty boy and his Soldier

    A short story about complete opposites making a connection.

  • Only a Custodian

    The danger of making assumptions.

  • Another Marine Hookup

    The horny marine finds a willing outlet for his anger toward his petty commanding officer.

  • A College Man Comes To Terms: Part 2

    As Gregg's pursuit of Alec heats up as he moves toward going home to come out to his high-profile uber-conservative parents.

  • Frat Barn - Chapter 1

    A young high school 'nobody' finds himself the object of attention among upperclassmen.


    Ryan finds out his likes his cock serviced but also finds out what it means to service someone else.

  • 2 Marines Hook-Up Part 2

    2 gay marines have hooked up and continue to play, with a little pushing of limits.


    After moving into my new condo on the bay front, I noticed one young man walking along the bay front sidewalk slowly. I knew what he was up to.

  • 2 Marines Hook-Up Part 1

    A young marine (yours truly) on leave looks for some m2m fun . . . and finds in the form of a retired marine horndog.

  • A College Man Comes To Terms: Part 1

    A college stud jock comes to terms with being gay.

  • a yearning - satisfied

    Events unfold to a conclusion.

  • A Christmas Miracle - Jimmy and Jesse

    Jimmy's lived in solitude for a long time, finding anonymous sex when he couldn't stand it any longer and had to have it, keeping himself safe from ever getting hurt again. Not from his family who disowned him when he came out, not from boyfriends, the last of which did an epic number on him. But Jesse doesn't wait any longer, and one Christmas night when they are both volunteering at the shelter, he brings Joy to Jimmy.

  • a yearning

    Robby tried to hide the way he felt, but events unfold, wickedly, with such temptation, that he revealed his desires.


    "So..Dude...did you really drive that old bike off the pier and into the bay? And why for god's sake?

  • A Horny Marine Gets Lucky Poolside

    A horny, hot, young marine gets tempted by a hot fellow military man at a pool . . . and breaks him in, marine-style!

  • Confession

    Russell ostracized Dillon, pushed him away and it wasn't the reason he kept telling himself it had been.

  • Construction Site

    Casey had to do his monthly survey and arrived late in the day.