• Big Brother gets a surprise

    An urban boy I took under my wing at 10 years old shows up on my doorstep at 18, bruised and battered and looking for comfort

  • Fucking a Policeman, Richard Finch Rides Again

    A second extract from Max Markham's latest novel "Thirteen Clicks to danger." Richard Finch, as handsome, oversexed and outrageous as ever, is now a Member of Parliament. He falls foul of a homophobic but hypocritical traffic cop. It is never a good idea to annoy Richard, as the cop discovers too late. MP or not, Richard is determined to inflict an exemplary punishment on the policeman, whom he takes on a traumatic journey of discovery.

  • Trying to be Sneaky

    My roommate and I get closer!

  • Jons welcome wagon

    Jon loves a man (or 2) in uniform

  • Confused Cowboy

    In which Jake finds himself

  • Riding the stable boy

    Hispanics use white boy for their sexual satisfaction.


    A young married man is soaked in a rain storm. A friendly neighbor offers to dry his clothes and give him a ride to work - for a price.

  • Alex's First Time

    Alex is a str8 (straight) mate of mine who discovered my identity as Aussie Speedo Guy. Alex loves speedos and was interested in exploring his 'gay' side. This is my account of Alex's first gay experience.... since then he has had many more which you can read about on my blog www.AussieSpeedoGuy.org

  • Off Road Dramas

    Justin gets a hand from an unlikely helper

  • Public Holiday Release

    a chance encounter that was amazing

  • Let Me Lead Chapter 2

    It's been years since Ash last saw Declan. Now the starting quarterback for Duke University, he feels like something is lacking from his life while he's constantly under his father's thumb. Declan is now a very accomplished dancer, but finds himself missing the man who saved his life. A chance encounter reunites these two men who have been apart for years. What is going to come out of it?

  • Senior Year: The Masculine Type (Chapter 1)

    Max constantly fantasizes about the hottest jock in his school, Nick. Always admiring Nick from a far, follow Max on his journey as he realizes that Nick's masculine exterior may be covering hidden desires. In this part, Max reflects on Nick in the locker room and takes a quiz with someone special.

  • Blowing Heath

    A friend didn't have a blowjob for a long time, until 1 night at my place.

  • Coming Out in Insane Mode

    After hurting myself at the gym, I went to see a massage therapist who ended up being more of a therapist than a masseur. The appointment was both a literal and figurative shock to my system, but turned out to be just what I needed to break out of my pent-up past.

  • Deliver a Virgin

    Crusader Lord's youngest son taken and used in inventive ways by Turkish lord

  • Talking in His Sleep

    Two high-school loners become best friends and go on a trip that will change their lives forever.....

  • Afternoon Pleasure

    Twink bareback

  • Caught at the Gym

    Barry has a major crush on a fellow gym-goer, a man twice his size. He doesn't have the guts to talk to the guy, but Barry does find himself going a little too far in stalking him—and when Barry's caught, he learns just what it means to get punished by a real man.

  • David and Goliath

    Standing 5'6" tall and weighing one hundred and twenty pounds, I looked like a small boy next to Rogan. After we were introduced he seldom left my side. Throughout the night my giant stuck to me like glue.

  • Landscaped / Manscaped Pt 1

    One should never mix business with pleasure, but rules are made to be broken when the right man calls for it. And Mr Rackman demanded it, and got it.

  • Max's Gym Buddy

    Max went to the gym to workout, but one thing lead to another and it turned out to be much more interesting. From a brief encounter in the showers to an introduction in the locker room. He makes a friend that brings much more fun than he thought!

  • The Russian Way

    On a business trip I am introduced to rough Russian sex...

  • First Time - A True Story

    First Gay Sexual Experience

  • My first cock

    My first sexual encounter with another man.

  • Depression

    Starving young man begs for food from a farmer during, 'The Great Depression.'

  • Horny Exchange Student Chapter 26

    After a mishap with the police our horny athletes make a date with our favorite hunky cops Officer Davis and Officer Jones with the insatiable Coach Jackson in tow. Keeping a clean record should always be this fun!

  • Railroad Crossing

    Two Guys meet and decide to look to satisfy their desires unknowing the outcome of the route they go on

  • Servicing the Serviceman

    An older man notices a young Air Force hottie has just moved in to his townhouse complex. One day the servicemen leaves a basket of laundry by the front door. Can the older man make off with a pair of dirty boxers without being caught by their owner?

  • Ass Pounder

    As I entered the bathroom a black man was walking out. He was built like a Mack truck and smiled at me. I smiled back and darted to the urinal.

  • Love (and other four letter words)

    I stopped speaking as soon as I looked up at him. He was about 5'8, jet black hair, wearing a black jeans and a white t-shirt, which allowed me to see the multitude of tattoos he was covered it. He was cute, but menacing looking, like the kind of guy who might help an old lady cross the street right before stealing her purse.