• Life changing

    As soon as I got to my room I called the front desk and ask for a massage to help me sleep. In less than an hour there was a knock at the door. When I opened it there was a guy standing there. He said, "You asked for a massage sir,

  • Trainer Steve

    I open my eyes, and look directly in to his amazingly blue eyes. As soon as our eyes connect I feel the deep, shaking beginning of an anal orgasm. Staring in to his eyes the first of at least a dozen shots of cum shoots between us. Neither of us had touched my cock throughout our session. Seconds after I shoot, the pulsing of his cock begins inside me before I am flooded with a warm sensation as he came inside me.

  • The Crew

    After the Army, i apply for work on a construction crew, and am told i have to be interviewed by the other crew members.

  • College Adventures of Alex Kerring - Part 03

    Rob makes his move which confuses (and delights) Alex. Tyler is also acting weird in which Alex doesn't know the reason why.

  • Beware the Coach

    Competition in the men's figure skating world is tough,

  • Foster Brother Kyle

    I'd pulled out the olive oil for the meal, he grabbed the bottle and drizzled some on his cock. Without saying a word, he lined up and began to push. I felt the tight pucker of my ass give way and his head invaded me with the most pleasurable pain. I gasped and screamed out. One of his hands moved up to my shoulder and the other grabbed my hip, and he slammed the rest of his cock in to my ass.

  • Burglary Gone Right

    House burglary turns into hot sex

  • The Boss

    He is so young and handsome, I can't keep my eyes off him. Damn, I'm his boss......

  • A Post-Debate Fuck

    As all Americans know, there was a hot mess of a presidential debate on Sunday night between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I went to a debate-watching party with 20 people and a lot of opinions flying around. For some reason I got all amped up over it, and needing some way to relieve the stress. And the cute gay hipster dude on the sofa next to me started looking pretty good.

  • College Adventures of Alex Kerring - Part 02

    After unpacking, they head out to eat and then on Alex's camous tour. Things get weird between Alex and Rob by the end and Alex meets another hunk.

  • College Adventures of Alex Kerring - Part 01

    Alex Kerring is a freshman in his new college. There he meets his hunky roommate Robert Adams who is, unfortunately straight, but there will be a lot of events that will occur so who knows? Maybe Alex will find true love.

  • Finding love (Part 1)

    I'm ready for a "real" relationship and I may of found the man of my dreams.......our first meet leads to sex in public.

  • Don't Fuck with a Hypnotist

    This what happens when you are rude to a hypnotist.

  • How to seduce your Straight Brother

    *1st person story* My name is Paul Boggs and this is my term paper on how I fucked my straight brother. i hope you enjoy...he sure did.

  • 18-Year-Old High School Jock Gets His First Blowjob at Gay Bookstore

    Dirk, an 18-year-old high school senior, is shy but sexy as hell as the number one athlete on his high school golf team. Dirk, a typical horny teenager, becomes very curious of what it would be like to have a guy suck his cock. He visits an adult gay bookstore in search of an answer.

  • Business Travel Has Never Been So Good

    Due to a cardiologist convention, our hotel was overbooked and my business associated and I ended up sleeping in the same bed rather than in separate rooms. Between the alcohol, a hot cocktail waitress, and an errant remote control, the night ended in a manner neither of us expected.

  • Fitting In

    Priests at Georgetown University resort to frotting and docking for release.

  • My fellow wrestler

    Practicing with partners in wrestling got me closer to a guy that I didn't know had a secret.

  • Keep Dreaming, Cocksucker

    Jacob, on our school swim team, kept saying stuff like "blow me" and "suck it, bitch". I was a star swimmer and was closeted, and I worried he was homophobic. But things got a lot more interesting, right after high school graduation.

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapter 42

    Revenge has never been so sweet. Brad Williams enjoys a good hate-fuck with the college quarterback, while Coach Jackson and Mike Williams show a hot-shot CEO his place.

  • My exhibitionist father

    Son goes to spend the summer with his father and gets quite a surprise from the man.

  • Unexpected

    You never know when unexpected sex will occur.

  • August Heat

    I turned eighteen in the summer of 1999. That was the summer my entire life changed.

  • Maxed Out

    Max's argument with his girlfriend causes him to become sexually frustrated. Fortunately, his friend Jace is there to help.

  • Next Door Neighbor: 18-Year-Old High School Student Voyeur & Mature Male Exhibitionist

    Jaxon, a thirty-three year-old bachelor and college instructor, is lying naked on his upstairs bed wildly masturbating when he notices his young hot teenage neighbor Chris using binoculars to spy on him from his second floor bedroom of his home next door. Jaxon, overcome with lust, decides to give the young 18-year-old Chris a real live sex show.

  • Sucking off Kevin

    My heart started pounding. I was finally going to blow someone I've been fantasizing about since my early teen years.

  • The Long Haul Parrt 3

    Events continue to arouse my curiosity.

  • Surprise Anal in the Gym Sauna

    I'd heard stories about sexual activity in the sauna. But I never saw or did anything except stroke off with other guys, every once in a while... until today. OMG you guys, I still can't believe what happened. But it did!

  • To Have

    He matured, found his empathy and in doing so tried to make right so many wrongs of the past.

  • Work on the Farm

    Back in the late 70's I took a summer job on a Farm.