On one of my first business trips, I find out that cock and cum are available anywhere!

  • Paying For It

    A rich young high school boy is so hot for gay sex, he solicits other boys, both straight and gay, with the promise of lucrative compensation.

  • The Blue Balls Cure

    My new, young college roommate obviously needs some relief and I'm happy to offer my help!

  • A Father and son story - Part 3

    The continued story of forbidden sexual exploration between father and son

  • Vacation

    Working six to seven days a week makes you appreciate your time off. And it's even better if the company you work for makes up for the long hours.

  • Fucked by a Jamaican

    Vacation that has extras.

  • The School-Bi : My Story

    A story of my gay sexual experience. I might make it into a series. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

  • A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #1

    My new life started that faithful day in May, when my three small sons' and I decided to head down to Atlantic Beach for the weekend.

  • Blue Collar - Part 3

    As construction increases so does the sex.

  • The Three L's... longing, lust and love #1

    I see him every day, walking along the school sidewalk and I want him in every way. He does not know me, to him I am invisible. We have never spoken, never looked at each other in the eyes... I am invisible.

  • A Father and son story - Part 2

    The sexual awakening between father and son becomes sexual

  • Connor

    He stood very close the entire time I was there, so close I could smell him. Not his cologne, but him, his scent was intoxicating, I felt the blood surge into my cock as he stood close. A trip to the Home Improvement Store changed my life

  • A Brothers Bond

    A bond between brothers is reawakened

  • Blue Collar - Part 2

    As work continues on my house, so does the fun.

  • My First Time

    my first homosexual encounter with my roommate

  • Blue Collar

    After deciding to do some remodeling to my home, I never expected what happened.

  • Owned and used by Turks

    Enslaved and worked by Turk owners.

  • Incarcerated For The Weekend - Part 2

    I had never had sex in this fashion before, and the excitement of it was turning me into an animal. Sex had always been very consensual prior to my incarceration, and this dominance over another person was exhilarating me. Aaron and I had coerced this youngster into sex, and the thrill of it was intoxicating.

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 19

    Greg is slowly reaching a breaking point. With the press constantly going after him for answers, he finds safety in two others. Tanner is taking Greg's fake relationship with Jesse very hard and watching it happen hurts him deeply. Unable to take it any longer, he has to get away. With the man he loves gone, Greg realizes his mistake and does whatever it takes to try and get him back. But the damage has already been done. Will he be able to get Tanner back? Will the Kings be able to survive whatever is thrown their way? And can Tanner and Greg keep their secret any longer?

  • Trip to the Keys

    I take a road trip with a straight coworker of mine to the Florida keys. Based on a true story, and what I wish would have happened.

  • Gangbanged in the locker room

    The school rugby team find out I'm gay - and decide to teach me a lesson.

  • Incarcerated For The Weekend - Part 1

    Aaron was on his knees behind Blake, having secured both Blake's wrists in his left hand. Blake had a sock stuffed in his mouth, mumbling and squirming like crazy. Aaron's fist hammered down on the small of Blake's back a few times, before Blake quietened down. Aaron had a salacious look of his face; like a predator about to feed on its quarry. His tongue was fully extended, and hung on his chin.

  • Indian Prince Enslaves Me Ch. 1

    A boy, attached to the Redcoat army, is captured by an Indian Prince

  • Sometimes Gifts Come With A Price

    A man has an accident and is given a gift by a stranger, ....

  • The Contract

    Cowboy love: Extending his right arm, he placed his fingers on my left cheek, running his thumb to and fro across by lips. Nervously, as I finally made eye contact with him he said; "Are you going to give me some man-love tonight baby". I babbled a pathetic; "Yes". Moving his body closer, he gently kissed my mouth.

  • Uncle Ben's Apartment

    A young New York attorney accepts a job offer in Los Angeles, and connects with his long-lost gay uncle, who is just a few years older than he is. Their journey leads to love, with each other, and with others.

  • Under Cover

    My job as an undercover vice cop has it's ups and downs.

  • Presumed Straight Street Thug Falls for Preppy Ivy League College Gay Frat Guy

    Tommy, a 26-year-old shaggy-haired scruffy-looking thug, spots Dirk, a 21-year-old preppy Yale University college senior at a popular pub just off the college campus. This is the unbelievable story of how Tommy, although straight and a lady's man, is overcome with intense curious feelings to see what it would be like to seduce the preppy fashionable fratman, Dirk. What a wild sex game this encounter turned out to be.

  • The Ride

    Once the car was filled, waiting for the credit card transaction to finalize, a big rough man with a backpack approached and asked: "Can you please give me a ride", hoping I was heading in the direction he was travelling. In my usual wimps way, I nervously said; "Sure".

  • Business Frenzy

    Boring business conference at an out-of-the-way private Resort leads to unexpected fun!