• Sucking off Kevin

    My heart started pounding. I was finally going to blow someone I've been fantasizing about since my early teen years.

  • Surprise Anal in the Gym Sauna

    I'd heard stories about sexual activity in the sauna. But I never saw or did anything except stroke off with other guys, every once in a while... until today. OMG you guys, I still can't believe what happened. But it did!

  • To Have

    He matured, found his empathy and in doing so tried to make right so many wrongs of the past.

  • Work on the Farm

    Back in the late 70's I took a summer job on a Farm.

  • Grinding on the Uptown 5

    Fuck, I just had the HOTTEST experience ever on the New York City subway. Usually my commute is dull and uneventful. Not this morning!

  • The guy in the shower

    Two mates are forced to share a communal shower at university, then another student turns up and gets an erection...

  • The Long Haul Part 2

    After offering Chad a ride, I get to know him better.

  • The Suburbs: Caught By My Neighbor One

    Forced day off due to flooding, and stroking my dick on the back porch when I get busted by the neighbor

  • Coaching Me Part 1

    When Woods stays late after practice, he discovers a whole other side of his coach, one he doesn't expect...and it doesn't turn out the way he thought it would.

  • Doubled Date

    Gay college student goes double in blind date.

  • Let Me Lead Chapter 5

    Having already gone through the ringer, Ash's turmoil at home continues as he accompanies his mother to one of her high society events. And things don't end up well for him. Declan is given a major opportunity that could give him and his family a bit of extra help, but he has second thoughts until Emmett steps in. Just as these two think they'll be separated once again, it seems fate is on their side for the time being.

  • Coach's Bitch (pt. 1)

    A football player gets broken in by Coach. (WARNING: CONTAINS ELEMENTS OF RAPE, BONDAGE, AND FORCED SEX)

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapter 41

    Our horny exchange student and our cocky former quarterback adjust to their new life at college. Ollie reconnects with the handsome librarian and finds that he has a kink that's definitely worth exploring. Brad finds a way to keep things hot with Coach Jackson and is loving life until a rivalry with the new team quarterback takes center stage.

  • Sons best friend

    When an openly gay Dad finds his sons best friends nudity and advances too much to turn away


    You never know what is around the corner when you are a long haul trucker.

  • Dragon Fly and Sabastian

    One straight roommate...one gay .....What will happen.....a revisitof this story in full

  • Slave to Two Hung Masters

    Covered by two rough, hung military masters in Bangkok in the '70s

  • A Sea Cruise for the Marine and the Attorney

    My husband and I go on a cruise with some friends, and catch our hot stateroom butler in the act. A good time is had by all as a result.

  • Twins Are So Close

    Twins who share EVERYTHING........enjoy.

  • PART 2: The Night I woke Up Discovering My Sexy College Roommate in My Bed

    After Ronnie, a 20-year-old college junior and straight dude, allows Dee , his 18-year-old freshman roommate to suck his cock, will Ronnie consent to Dee's request to be fucked by Ronnie's 8-inch cock?

  • The Encounter

    After a chance encounter, things get interesting!

  • The Night I woke Up and Discovered My Sexy College Roommate in My Bed

    Ronnie, a 20-year-old college junior, wakes up at around mid-night and discovers Dee, his 18-year-old college freshman roommate, not only in bed with him but cuddled up next to him with his naked body pressing hard into Ronnie's backside. How would straight jock Ronnie react to his roommate's compromising sexual position?

  • The Coach

    David's parents think it'd be a great idea for their reclusive son to start seeing his old school coach for private workout sessions. As they've already been paid for, David reluctantly obliges and meets up with his old school coach. He soon perks up when he discovers the only workout they'll be taking part in doesn't require any equipment.

  • Uncle Greg

    After the death of his parents, James moves in with his Uncle Greg, who he has a crush on. Will their relationship develop into something more than just Uncle and Nephew? (sorry it's kind of long and I didn't feel like making it into sections. It works better when it flows as one story)

  • Chris College Experience! Part 1

    Chris has a hard time finding friends in college. Hopefully the frat house will help him!

  • Daddy's Home

    When Jason comes home early, nothing prepares him for what he's about to discover. (This is my first attempt at writing anything like this. If you guys like it I'll try and write more soon. Thanks!!)

  • Family Ties Chapter 2

    You all liked the first chapter, so I thought I would continue this series to help fill the gap between chapters of my other stories. Hope you enjoy.

  • In love with my wife's brother... part 1

    The beginning of a discreetly erotic romance with my wife's brother...

  • The guy next door. Part 3

    Kyle comes round to my house for a little fun.

  • A Journey

    There was nothing left for him to do except journey north, so he saddled up his horse and rode.