• Big Jim: A Rare Craigslist Find

    A craigslist reply that actually lived up to his promise.

  • Adult Book Store

    A night of anonymous M2M sex

  • Snowbound

    Ridley gets coerced into lumberjack love...

  • Among The Jocks

    The first time I ever had cum in my mouth it wasn't my cum; I wasn't even jacking off. I was being held down on a bench in the locker room by a bunch of burly jocks-eight of them--all standing around jacking off and shooting their loads on me.

  • Eighteen Wheels - Part 2

    The Marine hitchhiker i picked up mademe realize my curiosity about sex with another male.

  • My Son Home On Leave

    Yeah, and how was I going to get through it, I wondered, eyeing his mostly naked, muscular frame. "It's no big deal. I'm glad you're home, we're not going to waste that precious time with me going off to play cards and drink beer with a bunch of guys."

  • Red Speedo

    My sister's boyfriend fucks his first butt...

  • Male Night Nurse Uses His Lips to Empty Hot Patients Creamy Nuts

    Jared, a 29-year-old handsome male nurse, uses his lips and tongue to assist Caleb, a hot 18-year-old high school cross-country star and hospital patient, empty his cum filled creamy balls of all that white semen.

  • Adult World

    Phillip encounters a very large black snake in an adult store...

  • Eighteen Wheels

    Unexpected events in one's life can lead to drastic changes in his lifestyle.

  • Pleasure Island

    Pleasure Island - an island of boys and men

  • Homeless for a Night

    I realize a long-time fantasy, and what a surprise I got!

  • The Fishing Trip With My Nephew

    I have a nephew on my wife's side who I thought might be gay. Thought so for a while. He was just 18, graduated, a gifted athlete, hell of a baseball player....in fact he has a baseball scholarship; he was a great looking kid, great personality, and BUILT. And he had a very refreshing, straightforward way about him.

  • The Gymnast

    He was cute as hell, young, and built like a tank. The way he filled out his long-sleeved shirt and jeans was almost criminal. He had a thick neck and a round, tight looking butt, chest pushing his shirt out in front, and his sleeves were filled up real snug with his arms. I hung around of course, while he checked in.

  • My High School God

    I wasn't very athletic in high school and I was envious of the well-built jocks that dominated the locker room; and secretly hot for them. I didn't get harassed or picked on though, probably because I was bigger than any of them in the cock department.

  • 2016 Can Go Fuck Itself

    College friends Tyler and Eddie have each had rough times lately. They hate 2016 and just want it to end. They opt out of the New Year's Eve party scene for a quiet, mellow night together at Eddie's house... but the night does not stay mellow. Happy New Year!

  • A College Man Comes To Terms Part 4

    Gregg and Alec hit a rough patch in their burgeoning relationship. Gregg, new to being gay, thinks he has it all planned out. Alec prefers to be part of the discussion, not given the decisions. Will they fuck it out - er, I mean, will they work it out?

  • My Punk Nephew

    Turning my punk nephew into a punk bitch

  • A College Man Comes To Terms: Part 3

    Our college boys have a reunion after Gregg returns from coming out to his parents. Gregg has a surprise for Alec . . .

  • Two Jocks Lovin

    Brad Clarkson, a senior football player, stood back from the bed, his big, sexy hands unbuckling his belt. "I love watching you undress," Chip said. "You see me undressing all the time in the locker room," the older boy said in his deeper, resonant voice as he pulled the buckle apart and unbuttoned his jeans.

  • Best friend sleeps over, things escalate...

    Two teen boys have a sleepover. My best friend Ethan is horny and starts wanking...is my fantasy about to come true?

  • A College Man Comes To Terms Part 2

    As Gregg's pursuit of Alec heats up as he moves toward going home to come out to his high-profile uber-conservative parents.

  • A College Man Comes To Terms Part 1

    A college stud jock comes to terms with being gay.

  • Der Arbeiter-Sauna

    Tommy gets the fucking of his life in a German workmen's sauna... Authors note to the readers: This place does not exist (as far as I know). It is merely a figment of my horny imagination. Der Arbeiter-Sauna (The Working Man's Sauna).

  • A Marine, A Judge, A Pool Boy . . . Loosening-up in Paradise

    Relaxing in paradise to avoid the Mid-Atlantic winter, my husband and I managed to spread some holiday cheer . . . by spreading the legs of a local college jock.

  • Trying it out

    Straight guy goes to a sex shop to get sucked off and things go wrong

  • Two Semi-Pro Hockey Players Service 21-Year-Old Ricky's Horny Needs

    Ricky, a 21-year-old country club waiter and ice hockey fan meets two hockey stud players who satisfy his wishes for a rugged three-way gay fuck feast.

  • Turkish Delight

    Fucked comprehensively at a Turkish sauna...

  • My First Black Bull

    Becoming addicted to black bulls

  • Hot Gay Sex in Chicago O'Hare Airport Bathroom

    Two hot airline passengers met on a flight from San Francisco to New York City. During a stop over in Chicago O'Hare Airport, they wind up in one of the airport restrooms having wild raunchy gay sex.