• Just horsing around

    Seth and Brandon shared a dorm room and over time they began to horse around, wrestle on the floor, poke and prod each other.


    I didn't give him time to even think of what I was going to do, I bent and sucked about three quarters of his cock into my mouth. Eddie moaned loudly and hunched his hips to fuck my mouth.

  • The Farm Boy

    The first time Graham saw him, he knew Chase was his fantasy man, the farm boy, slightly rough around the edges, but he hadn't considered how cocky his fantasy could be toward him.

  • Breaking the Walls

    Seventeen-year-old boy, Andrew, and his father figure, the thirty-six-year-old muscle hunk Mark, break down barriers that can never be replaced.

  • The Yard Boy: 3

    The story continues.

  • The Yard Boy: 2

    The story continues.

  • The Yard Boy

    Brodie was too busy getting settled in the town and getting his vet clinic running smoothly to be bothered with yard work. So he sought someone to do it for him.

  • A transition

    What began as a friendship grew, changed, one following his own path, the other waiting.


    Michael's awakening to sucking and fucking.


    A young man's visit to one of the most famous sex clubs in Chicago.

  • neighbors

    Neil moved into a new home and over time met his neighbors, and it was the guy next door, the last one he met, the one who traveled all the time, that was a temptation.

  • Epidemic! The Frat House Survivalists Of Devil's Peak

    After a few minutes of waiting, one of the shirtless guys came walking up to the gate. He gave a friendly wave, and I tried not to gawk at his buzzed blond hair, crazy blue eyes, and the sexy muscles that chisled his entire body into a casual looking masterpiece.

  • 19-Year-Old Red Headed Waiter Seduced Me

    About a week ago, I went to my favorite restaurant for lunch and there was a new gorgeous red-headed male waiter that served me. This is the story of how, as a 38-year-old attorney, I was seduced by this young stud, the waiter. The story quickly turns to the most erotic hot steamy man sex.

  • Missionary's Position

    Two cute Mormon missionaries ring the wrong doorbell.

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 16

    Things haven't been going well for either Tanner or Greg. Tanner is in a deep depression with the breakup with Greg, adding a suspension from the NHL on top of it and he turns to the bottle to help ease the pain. But some close friends help to pull him out. Greg finally decides to start turning his life back around, starting with his Scott. Greg finds out about his mother's and Scott's history together, learning how he came to be. ...

  • Caleb

    Sexy Caleb and I jack off together

  • Never been blown

    A story about a married straight guy with a pregnant wife that's never been blown and still a virgin

  • The Tease

    In college David had been so sexually driven it drove Paul crazy, made his own desires frustratingly real.

  • Bachelor Party

    The bachelor party's over. I wind up next to the bride's to be gorgeous husband who's drunk and put into the same bed that I've crashed into. The fun begins!

  • The Jungle Boy of Fairmont Forest

    Have you ever been camping when everyone is sitting around the fire and you all hear a strange noise coming from the creepy darkness of the woods? It's fun and scary all at the same time, right? Well, that happened when I was camping with some of my straight buddies this summer, and I guess that's what gave me the idea for this story. I hope you like it.

  • Caught... But confused.

    Derrick and Ethan lose their virginity... But get caught.

  • Finding Out I Like It (CHAPTER 1)

    I find out that I like cum when stopping at a rest stop on the way home from work.

  • Southern Boys' Mickey and Hank Accept Billie's Sex Proposal (PT2)

    When Mickey's older brother caught Mickey and cousin Hank fucking in the barn, here in part 2 they accept Billie's demands to avoid being outed to their parents. What would they have to do for Billie?

  • The Unintended Rape That Wasn't

    A college student gets revenge on his sister's ex-boyfriend.

  • Asleep on the Couch - 'the Room' (AS6)

    "We have more for you, boy," Reynolds says as he traces his five fingers of his right hand over the creases and folds of Sean's hanging flesh, "I want to tap that ass; I want my tool in there."

  • Southern Farm Boy Cousins' Caught Having Sex

    First cousins' Mickey and Hank were virgins when they experienced their first gay sex on the farm of Mickey's parents. They let their curiosity about gay sex take charge one Saturday afternoon while playing in the barn's hayloft. Things turned ugly when Mickey's brother caught them having hot sex.

  • one on one

    They were just shooting hoops, the two of them, but they got aggressive with each other, bumping and pushing till they crossed a line.

  • An Animal: I Need a Hood Nigga

    Troy Evans Jr. is a young black man seeking love and only finds pain when his sister's boyfriend turns his tight ass into a dripping cunt, "This pussy feels so good when you fight back!" When a Nigga comes calling, you betta be ready to give up the booty!

  • Meeting Jenna: A Transsexual Erotic Romance.

    Eighteen year old Jenna has a secret, but when James meets her at a party he has no idea what it is. As the two get to know each other, the attraction becomes intense: they tease each other, they flirt about spanking, and their lips brush-but when it's time to take things to the next level, Jenna goes inexplicably cold. It's not until she reveals her past and James proves he can accept her for who she is, that Jenna allows ...

  • A Work of Art: The Marine

    Once again I started to scan the patrons but was brought up short by the first guy I saw. Stranger, at least to me. Big muscular blonde. His clothes looked tight on him, kinda like he'd outgrown them. The sun streamed in from the upper part of the window, haloing him in a golden glow.