• Gyotaku

    Skanky old neighbour dominates me...

  • Bull

    This is not the continuation of a former story, 'Salad Dressing.' Although the setting is the same, this is a story about a different sexual partner, named Bull.

  • First time bisex for a friend while on the road

    A friend of 20 years and I share a hotel room and each other for the first male male sexual experience of this life.

  • The Fence

    It divided the farms of two families but it couldn't keep them separated.

  • Post Game Encounter

    Alone in the locker room with a randy black bull after a game win

  • Salad Dressing

    Salad dressing saved my sex life...

  • Saving himself for marriage.. or so he thought.

    Jack, a strict Christian young man was saving himself for marriage with his beautiful fiance, until Kevin had other plans.

  • Locked Out

    Two guys are forced to share a bed after a night out clubbing.

  • Apollo and Hyacinth

    Hyacinth, the young son of the King of Sparta, was beautiful like the very gods of Mount Olympus themselves. His youthful attractiveness caught the eye of Apollo, the shooter of arrows and the God of the sun. Apollo, in mortal form, had a powerful chest, firm muscles and a keen eye for love.

  • The Bayou

    The story starts in the low country, where the river cuts through a wild landscape of swamps and bayous. Where Curtis is out in his john boat.

  • Robin the boy wonder kidnapped and deflowered

    The young superhero walks into a trap set by an enemy of Batman

  • Campsite shower room

    It was something about being alone and naked in a public place that started to turn him on. The fact that someone could walk in at any time and take a shower in the next cubicle without realising that he was standing next to them, wanking.

  • The Fisherman

    I could tell from his excited breathing that his entry was going to be urgent. Lodged at my backdoor, his hands clamped my upper arms before the beast began surging forward.

  • What a gay Christmas it was (my first time)

    A straight guy finds his first gay love at an office Christmas party

  • 15 Months Later Plumber Returns to Clean 19-Year-Old Coy's Pipes

    Fifteen months ago 48-year-old Rafael, a plumber, was called to a home to repair a leaking pipe. Eighteen year-old Coy was home alone and after Rafael repaired the leaking pipe Coy got his ass banged by the hot Latino. This story is about a return visit 15 months later for more sex.

  • Topped Again, Part 2

    The fictional adventures of a real life Alpha Top


    After recalling his sexual adventure with Danny in Manchester, Nick gets abruptly interrupted by a call that Antwan is in trouble. Nick rushes to the Bronx, is surprised at what he sees, and the moment he has been waiting for unfolds

  • Topped Again, Part 1

    The fictional adventures of a real life Alpha Top

  • Antonio's Garden

    My gardener makes me his woman...

  • Sneaky session in my office

    Justin's work pressure and hiring of a new staff member leads to many loads of cum.


    A revelation begins!

  • The Bet

    Straight guy loses a bet at the gym...

  • Big Brother Gets A Surprise, Part 4

    While waiting for Antwan to come over to fuck him, Nick gets a call from Kent, his best fuck ever. He is in town for the weekend.

  • A Package Arrives

    A delivery guy sees me naked as he bends down to placed a package at me door.

  • Big Brother Gets A Surprise, Part 3

    After I took at 10 year old urban kid under my wing, he developed into an 18-year old stud. After our first experience - Antwan blowing me - we go to dinner. What happens later is totally unexpected.


    During my junior year of high school, I played center for the high school football team and my best friend, Brad Thomas was the quarterback. During practice and our games, as he got ready for the ball snap, he would aways brush against my cock and i began to enjoy it.

  • Big Brother Gets A Surprise, Part 2

    I was floored. In the eight years since I took Antwan under my wing, I never expected to find myself with a rock-hard cock, looking at him all grown up -- naked with a towel at his feet.

  • Climax! (The Ballad of Jason and Elijah #3.2)

    The moment you've all been waiting for!

  • Simple Occurrences

    Three guys who will come together, not by some criminal act, or some catastrophic event, or some dramatic occurrence. They'll come together by a series of small events, minor occurrences hardly noticeable to anyone else.

  • A Dinner With Friends Turns Into Dirty Story Time

    Sitting around with friends the other night at dinner, we got on the subject of "first times". At my husband's urging I told a rarely-told truth of my sexual reawakening at a very young age. It turned into a rowdy, inappropriate funtime . . . as so many with a bunch of bromos do.