• Is It Possible...? Chapter 13

    Greg's been in a slump for the past few days after learning how close and and Scott really are and seeing Greg like this is worrying Tanner. So he calls on someone to help get Greg back on track. Tanner has finally come to terms on how he feels about Greg, but with an important match coming up, he finds he can't tell Greg how he really feels. Tragedy strikes and it leaves someone's life hanging in the balance. Will he ever recover from it? Will a relationship ever be the same again?

  • "Let Me Fix You Up!"

    My longest story ever. It starts slow but gets hotter as it goes. I hope you like.

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 12

    It's a few weeks after the wedding and Tanner and Greg are still going strong. But Tanner's a little confused about his feelings for Greg. How does he really feel about the man he's been secretly dating? And Tanner comes to the rescue for a young teammate, but does this teammate have something to hide? And can he confide in Tanner? The concert finally arrives and everyone's excited for the night. Tanner feels ready to tell his family about his sexuality and relationship with Greg. But is he really? And Greg gets the shock of a lifetime from someone he's trusted for much of his life. What will come out of it?

  • Me and My Brother

    A winter afternoon leads to an adventure of erotic discovery!

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 11

    The time for Eric and Zane's wedding has come and Tanner and Greg are really looking forward to it. But is everything really going to be okay for the two? Tanner is uncomfortable with hiding his sexuality any longer and wants to let at least some people know. But will Greg let Tanner be open about who he is? Or will he keep the truth hidden away? And is Tanner ready to take one last step in his and Greg's relationship? Or will it all crash and burn?

  • Lube Job

    My mechanic and I were both horny and needed to do something about it!

  • My Exchange Student Saga - Continued

    International relations get only better as things start to heat up!


    My first thought was a large dog was waiting out the storm. I lowered the passenger side window to see what was there. Now I could see that it was a person.

  • Eric and I

    Two best friends get even closer over the years. Hope you enjoy guys! Looking forward to your comments as always!

  • Dirk and Bone

    School jock and long haired music geek make a connection. Hope you enjoy their discovery!

  • The Bathhouse

    I follow the advice in a gay guide and visit a lively bathhouse!

  • The Mechanic

    Bobby takes his grandfather's bush hog to Tom, a local mechanic.

  • Fun On The Ranch

    After spending summers with my grandfather on his ranch, it becomes mine and what happens is unexpected.

  • Athletic Adventures

    A young football player begins an adventure with another...

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 10

    Tanner has come to terms with his sexuality and he and Greg are working together to make their relationship a good one. Tanner gets a big surprise thanks to Greg and the surprise is more than happy to be back with Tanner. But is there more to this surprise than meets the eye? Will Tanner be able to save this surprise from hurting someone else or even himself? Or will he be too far gone?

  • Me and Dan and Dad

    A continuation of the story "My Brother Dan." Follow what happens when they bring their father into their sexual adventure!

  • My New Neighbors

    As I moved into my new house, I casually checked out the neighbors, when I suddenly noticed the young guy right next door.

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 9

    I'm back! A quick message from me and an explanation. Tanner and Gregory are finally together. But after their first night together, will Tanner be willing to stay? And will they be able to take their first steps together? And Tanner and Gregory try to get to the root of Tanner's anger on the ice. Gregory calls in a favor from a close friend to help. Will he be able to find out why Tanner's always angry on the ice? Or will Tanner prove to be too much of a challenge?

  • A glorious day at the army swimming pool

    Pete was skinny and didn't like being kidded about it. I know. I tried joking with him about it once and he got pissed off. But the incident also opened some new doors...

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 8

    Gregory has kissed Tanner and it's left both men very lost and confused. Tanner finally comes to a realization and is willing to give it a try, but Gregory doesn't want to hear it out of fear. The opening game of the Kings' NHL season is finally here, but Gregory seems to be having cold feet. Will the Kings be able to get ready in time for the game and win? Will Tanner and Gregory ever come to an understanding with one another? Or will maybe something more be found between the two?

  • DROP THE SOAP - The Next Day

    This is a follow-up to my story "Drop the Soap"

  • My New Tattoo

    For all you guys who don't want a multi chapter story with gushy romance and just want to get your hands down your pants as fast as possible so you can moan and groan like a bear in heat, I offer you a single story that just drips of sex and lust and skin. Let's see if your comments support a good old pornographic jack off story! Hope you enjoy.

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 7

    A very important message from me regarding my future on this site. The season's a week away and the Kings are feeling the pressure. Tanner spends another day with Gregory. But as the day goes on, the feelings Tanner doesn't know he has get stronger. Gregory is still attracted to Tanner, but knows his player and new found friend is straight. But after a long day with Tanner, Gregory's emotions start to intensify. And with a confession from one of them, will the other take the plunge of a lifetime? And will they land softly? Or will reality hit them hard?

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 6

    The team is hard at work preparing for the upcoming season. What happens when Tanner is called into Gregory's office for an unknown meeting? Unexpected circumstances cause practice to be cancelled for a few days, leaving the team without much to do, except Tanner with freshly assigned homework from Gregory. Tanner invites Gregory over to his apartment. Will these two start to grow closer to one another? Or will they revert back to the animosity they had for one another?

  • MY BULLY, MY BUDDY AND ME Chapter 19: "Questioning the Answers"

    Hey, Gaydemons! So, here's the Nineteenth Chapter for the MY BULLY, MY BUDDY AND ME Series, entitled "Questioning the Answers." Synopsis: There are questions . . . then there are questions. Danny has been baffled by the things that have been happening around him. And he has queries that need answering. Lots of them, in fact. His only problem is how to find the right person to ask. Then a forgotten card sparks an interest in finding out who Jaime's attackers were. Stitches and etchings on objects give him clues. These then makes Danny seek the help of a professional to uncover the people responsible for Jaime's misfortune. Enjoy the chapter, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know what you think! - XOXO NJ