• Presumed Straight Street Thug Falls for Preppy Ivy League College Gay Frat Guy

    Tommy, a 26-year-old shaggy-haired scruffy-looking thug, spots Dirk, a 21-year-old preppy Yale University college senior at a popular pub just off the college campus. This is the unbelievable story of how Tommy, although straight and a lady's man, is overcome with intense curious feelings to see what it would be like to seduce the preppy fashionable fratman, Dirk. What a wild sex game this encounter turned out to be.

  • Business Frenzy

    Boring business conference at an out-of-the-way private Resort leads to unexpected fun!

  • Coming Home

    REVISED AND EDITED*** The first person I saw was Ben Barton, my childhood best friend and constant companion. Even as a grown man I have never loved anyone like I love Benny.

  • Straight and Bound Part 4: Curt - Chapters 1-6 (Slightly Revised)

    Straight college athlete Curt is focus of obsession by his upstairs neighbor - and is later abducted and put through an endless ordeal by a group of guys who prey on young handsome men. Please comment and vote on the story - always appreciated - and thanks to all those who did! New chapters - Chapters 12-18 now posted (as of July 20 2015) - with concluding chapters (Chpaters 19-25 or so) to be posted very soon! Thanks - Eric Lane

  • Teaching

    Almost all of us have had a crush on a teacher. Right?

  • Harry and The Boys

    Homeless, but not hopeless: The rough stubble on his face was driving me crazy. He pulled both my arms up on either side of my head, and started caressing my arms with his rough hands. I had never experienced anything as erotic as this in my entire life.

  • Mean Morgan

    At school I was the focus of that scum, known as: "The Bully". His name was Morgan, but he was referred to as "Mean Morgan". My entire high school career was beleaguered by his domination over me.

  • Breaking in a virgin

    Making it good for the first timer.

  • Sarge

    A young homeless guy picked up and taken home by a man with secret in Albuquerque.

  • Beach Balls

    A fellow soldier and I get horny at the beach and find ways to come.

  • Mikey - London 1957

    An early gay initiation way back when.......

  • My Wife's Best Friend is Gay

    My wife's best friend is gay, and one momentous day, we got snowbound together.

  • A Helping Hand - Part 2

    Mark considers Scott's job offer, wondering what he meant about the total secrecy.

  • An intense encounter

    High school guy has his first gay experience with his friends older brother.


    You never know just what might happen when you offer a helping had to another person.

  • John and Cameron

    As we dressed, me in my everyday scrubs and him in his cleaned game clothes, I opened a drawer and picked up a key. I turned and handed it to Cameron, "I expect you back here in this bed tonight". He looked at the key then looked at me and I heard. "Anywhere you are is where I want to be."


    Hot FBI agents (and cocks), Best Buy managers (and cocks) and entitled assholes (but with nice cocks). So much cum, so little time!

  • The Rest Stop

    I wasn't even thinking of getting a blowjob. All I could think about was getting a hot, hard, cock in my mouth. I wanted to know how it felt to be in control of a man's cock. To make him beg me to finish him, to taste his skin, fondle his balls and, most of all, swallow a big mouthful of cum.

  • Apollo

    For the next hour I became the fuck-bunny in the steam room. Seven men fucked my arse, and six abused my mouth. I was in hog-heaven, and having the time of my life. My final butt-fuck was again provided by horny-and-hung.


    My time at the garage gets more interesting due to the fully loaded cocks that needed my service.

  • The Hot Spring

    Two straight blue-collar guys spend the night at a hot spring resort, hoping to meet ladies...

  • Four Days in the Exurbs

    A down-on-his-luck guy crashes with his old college roommate and repays the favor with his ass.


    After losing my job at the Customer Call Center, I find a temp job at a garage filled with lots of cock and loads of cum.

  • Adult Bookstore

    I unsnapped, unzipped my Levis, folded by the fly and showed him my cock. He looked it over and then asked, "Can I touch it?"

  • Peter's Dad

    A nearly forty year old man is reunited with a son he has not seen since birth, when he is the only available kidney donor for the ailing young man.

  • Sandy Bottom

    Marcus is a very experienced, horny top gifted with a large cock. He also has a book he needs to write, so he's exiled himself to a small Caribbean island and vowed celibacy until it's finished. But then he spies Willy on the beach—a young college boy on vacation, with an ass just begging to be filled. Marcus is determined not to be distracted, but he can't help cock-teasing Willy, who shows every sign of being ready to do Marcus's bidding. Still, Willy's only there for a short time, and Marcus's indecision might prevent both of them from getting what they each so desperately need...

  • To have and to hold

    Part 1: HELL NO!

  • Trucking Family - Part 2

    My trucking experience continues.

  • The Dig

    Avery finally made it, after years of college, after letters and references from his Uncle, he finally got on a dig site.

  • Apartment 607 - Part 2

    The fuck-fest, ambled on merrily for the next several minutes, before I heard Gary asking Trevor: "Are you ready to swap places"? After a fairly lengthy pause, I heard Trevor reply: "Yeah, why the fuck not". As the swap took place, I braced myself for an anal assault by his fat dick. Trevor did nothing gently, and his intrusion was brutal. As I reared up in agony, he forcefully pushed my head down shouting: "Eat that cunt faggot, and stop acting like a pussy".