• THE HANDYMAN.........Part 3

    Construction slows as Mark ad Hank discover facts about each other .

  • An Admirer

    It was a new school, one that seemed intolerable. Then the notes started.

  • Encounter In The Park

    The first cut is the deepest...

  • Freeballing

    The thought of that forced an imaginary picture of him rubbing body oil onto his tanned, naked body into my mind. His black hair was cut short but I could clearly see that it was wet with sweat which dripped down his face over his dark blue eyes.


    The first story in a series I am writing about my "Military Fuck Buddies".

  • The Handyman Part 2

    Hankand i get better aquainted as he begins working on my house.

  • Hunter's Cabin: Horny Heterosexual Hunter Experiences His First Gay Sex

    Diesel, an active lady's man and 100 percent red-blooded macho heterosexual stud as well as a rugged logger and elk hunter, becomes horny as hell on a two-week hunting trip with his best friend, Dante, a gay man. Dante tricks his friend Diesel to experience his first gay sex.

  • The Jogger

    A sports doctor finds an opportunity to meet a jogger who passed by his home for years.

  • The Odd Boy

    Joey's escalating sexual journey with his godfather...

  • A Weekend Camping Trip Turns Erotic

    I reluctantly spend a weekend camping in a friends motorhome when the trip turns erotic.

  • Family Ties Chapter 1

    Jackson "Jax" Coleman is a trauma surgeon with a lot of excess baggage on his back, namely his family. Coming from a mob family has made things challenging for him throughout the years, especially with him being forced to be the mob doctor. But after being fed up with his family's ignorance, he comes out of the closet to them and is quickly disowned. But through his funk, he meets across Cashel "Cash" Davis, and the attraction is instantaneous. But Cashel has some baggage of his own, and that makes his and Jackson's newfound relationship difficult. When a bigger enemy to all of them threatens their well-being, it's time to set aside differences to face it head on. No matter the bonds you create and lose, your family ties can never be severed.

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapter 36

    Mile high club, anyone? The four horny guys are off for a weekend trip and seem to want to fuck in every possible place they can. Getting down to business, Coach Jackson's got a bull-dicked old pal he wants his cocky athlete to impress. Someone's definitely going to be feeling sore in the morning...

  • Moving In with my son 5

    no description available for this story.

  • Moving in with my son 4

    Kevin was on his knees at the head of their king size bed, facing toward the doorway (and me). Jake was on all fours on the bed facing away from me. Both were nude and it was clear that Jake had Kevin's cock in his mouth. His head was pressed into Kevin's crotch and one of Kevin's hands was on the back of his head.

  • Submissive Top For Sir's Pleasure

    A detailed account of what goes into molding the perfect submissive top that understands his massive cock is for my pleasure and not his own. Let the mindfuck begin.

  • The Handyman

    (Hello readers,,I'm back!) After getting tired of city life, I bought a place in the country and with a contractor, I started renovations, only to be left high and dry half way through.

  • Thugs

    I like butch men, what else can I say...

  • Dancer

    Being duped by a straight guy has it's advantages...

  • Moving In with my son 2

    How things changed when I moved in with my son and his boy friend

  • Moving in with my Son 3

    Jake had been picking up my clothes from the floor and was tossing them in my closet. He turned around and looked at me and I saw his eyes get big.

  • Boys of Summer

    Home from their first year away at college, they gathered at the old pond as the long days of summer were upon them.

  • Moving in with my Son 1

    I was a single guy in my late 40's living on my own in LA, working for a semi-hip technology and media company and pretty much loving life. My son moved out a few years ago for college and is living on his own now up in the Bay Area. I missed him terribly sometimes but he was happy and doing well and we talk often.

  • Benjamin's Neighbour

    Benjamin was never very sexual.... until he saw Keith, his older, married neighbour.

  • Choices II

    Events continue to unfold.

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapters 34 and 35

    As our horny athletes enjoy making up for lost time spit-roasting their pretty boy jock teammate, the burly Coach Jackson finally loses his patience in playing second fiddle. He's going to get fucked and he's not taking no for an answer.

  • Let Me Lead Chapter 3

    Having finally been reunited after years of not seeing or hearing from each other, Ash and Declan catch up on lost time. The more time Ash spends with Declan, the more he wants to spend time with him. And that causes a lot of confusion on Ash's part. Adding that to the constant pressure from his father, Ash is slowly becoming a mess. But with a little advice from some close friends, he decides to take a risk for Declan, because deep down he knows he's worth it.

  • A Pool Party with my hot Neighbor

    A hot August day proves to get even hotter when I am invited to a neighbor's house to enjoy his pool for the day. He ends up making love to me and taking me to new levels of ecstasy in his first time.

  • A brothers love Ch.6

    My brother and I have fun outdoors.

  • The Train

    Train journeys are not always boring...

  • A brothers love Ch.5

    My brother and I get kinky.