• Truckers boy

    I paid for my lifts with my body.

  • High School Quarterback Has The Hots For the Team's Big Center

    Luke, an 18-year-old high school senior and the two time state championship football team's quarterback, had the hots for Sonny, the 18-year-old senior and the team's big strong center. Luke began to make sexual advances toward Sonny during one of the team's practices. Did he succeed?

  • Office stud fucked me

    After the office party more fun was had!!

  • Ex Prison Thugs Bitch

    Two ex High school buddies accidental meeting.

  • THE SHIP - DAY 6

    Craig visits the cruise line's private island and experiences the largest he has ever had.

  • Rancher's Son Has Insatiable Lust For Foreman's Grandson

    Damon, a 20-year-old son of the ranch owner, had uncontrollable sexual urges for 23-year-old Troy, the grandson of the rancher's foreman. Troy had an insatiable sex drive as he constantly dreamed of gay sex. This is the story of Damon and Troy's erotic sexual adventures.

  • Steve the roofer

    An unexpected pleasure!!!

  • THE SHIP - DAY 5

    The cruise continues as does Craig's search for more cock and cum.

  • Unexpected Exploration

    What happened with my next door neighbor was totally unexpected, but what developed later was even more unexpected.

  • Best Buddies

    Married guys experimenting.

  • Helping out my Uncle

    Brothers Matt and Cody agree to help their Uncle after his divorce but end up helping him out in an unexpected way.

  • My Navy GUY

    About a guy that I had and still have a very intense feeling for

  • Stuart's First time

    First time gay fuck in gym, blowjob, bareback


    I was mesmerized by his eyes, so blue it was startling seeing them for the first time. Dr. Gorgeous made me feel weak in the knees,

  • Jail Bait

    While on a 24 hour shore leave a horny young sailor meet up with a hot older muscle-bound Mexican boxer who gives the young sailor a hard fucking he won't soon forget. Thanks for reading. Comments welcome.

  • The House of Birch Ridge

    Charlie needed to find a job, any job, for his money was running low. In a valley he found a small village and there an offer for a job.

  • No girl so my roomie fucked me.

    2 guys and a girl, 2 guys no girl...........

  • Returning Home

    David had been away for four years but his return seemed to be as it was when he left.

  • Fucked by a Marine

    A brief encounter.

  • My Marine Hunk

    The compilation of stories from My Marine Hunk, chapter 1 to 7, the tales of what happened to me when I met my Marine.

  • Case of Mis-Texted Identity

    A misdirected text annoys and distracts a forty-something man at the gym . . . and then a young hunk dickstracts and delights him.

  • Looking through windows

    Justin's apartment had a fantastic view of downtown until a new building went up across the street. He started to look for a new apartment but then he found himself looking through the windows, watching the people go about their daily lives.

  • Military Hookup - Part 1

    When you help others, the rewards can be much greater than expected.

  • My Hometown Miracle

    Jeez, who is he, I know that face, not nearly as well as I would like but I'm certain he's local and near my age.

  • Business or Pleasure - a Brett and Rob beginning

    Brett, a recent college grad brainiac, gets the opp to meet with a software industry icon, Rob, to pitch his invention . . . with interesting results

  • Mad about the boy

    Mad about the boy - I know it's stupid to be mad about the boy - I'm so ashamed of it but must admit the sleepless nights I've had - About the boy


    Two former college room mates reunite 10 years later.

  • The Brother-in-law

    My wife's sudden death in a car accident threw me into a tailspin of depression and an inability to take care of my own basic needs. My Brother-in- Law came to help me. He saved my life in more ways that one.

  • THE SHIP - DAY 2

    Craig continues to explore the cruise ship for cock.

  • THE TAIT CHRONICLES - Episode 1 - Fellow Traveller 1

    A gay guy messes with a hitherto straight guy's head - and other body parts