• Family Ties Chapter 2

    You all liked the first chapter, so I thought I would continue this series to help fill the gap between chapters of my other stories. Hope you enjoy.

  • In love with my wife's brother... part 1

    The beginning of a discreetly erotic romance with my wife's brother...

  • A Journey

    There was nothing left for him to do except journey north, so he saddled up his horse and rode.

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapter 40

    Brad and Coach Jackson, and Ollie and Mr. Williams share their last night together before moving off to college. Coach Jackson gives his athlete an unconventional going away present.

  • My mom dates a new guy

    Guys that make out they love a woman so they can fuck their son.

  • My new neighbor

    Southern summer with a new neighbor in town.

  • Your Dick Isn't Ten Inches...Wanna Bet?

    As Bryce and I head down to the beach to get set up for spring break, he bets me a blow job that he has a ten inch dick. Dismissing the bet, we start talking about sex, dick size, virginity, embarrassing sexual encounters, swallowing, the nature of relationships, porn, and eventually coming to terms with being gay. By the end of the night, somebody wins the bet.


    The young captain who lives next door needs help. His wife is out of town and he's got to fix a porch light. Can the next-door neighbor hold the ladder ... even if that means the captain's ass is in his face?

  • The guy next door. Part 1

    I have new neighbours. I get a live show from one of them.

  • My Wrestling Coach

    My irrational nervousness about school subsides when coach isn't the only one who likes what he sees.

  • Tough - Part One

    In which Ross meets Chase

  • Nocturnal

    A vampire tale...

  • Stranded Stray

    Wet and wild weather and an unforgettable delivery.

  • Field Fun

    Jake paid me for the pheasants - rough rural fuck

  • The Pool Boy

    The bastard was a fucking tease. That was all there was to it, the way he would strip down to a skimpy bikini to clean the pool, slowly working his way around it giving Rick an eye full from every angle.

  • Horny Exchange Student: Chapter 39

    After Brad Williams brags about having a millionaire CEO putting out for him whenever he wants it one too many times in front of Coach Jackson, the menacing giant decides it's time to defend his territory and show this guy his rightful place.

  • Let Me Lead Chapter 4

    Heading back to Virginia, Ash and Declan get some time to talk and reconnect even more. Declan hears some about Ash's home life and learns that all glitters really isn't gold. The two run into a bit of car trouble along the way and Declan calls in some personal reinforcements from his family. Ash is given the opportunity to spend some time at the Roth household and it's surely an interesting time for him, learning about what a family is supposed to be like in the process.

  • Overtime with Steve

    Collapsing on to my back, sated from the exertion of our encounter, I feel Steve's lips on my neck. He is gently kissing the back of my neck, the gentleness in stark contrast to the fucking I just took from this man.

  • Bugs Bunny

    Sex in the army...

  • Phelps vs Lochte: Fight For Fuck

    The clash of the titans. What better way to cement a huge win at the Olympics than slipping off to the locker room for a good hate-fuck for old rivalry's sake?

  • In the Mountains

    A secluded place, deep in the mountains, a place away from prying eyes.

  • The New Cowboy

    Tom is a farm boy who meets his new neighbor. Would could happen?

  • Curious Part 2

    My curiosity gets stronger as Duke and I share a bed.


    A young Air Force officer asks his neighbor for help with a household chore. He receives more than just a helping hand; try a helping mouth!

  • Bill Collector

    A Bill I Loved Paying.

  • Commuters

    On a crowded train in a crowded city, Paul was bound to make a connection.

  • It all started with a bet

    My straight friend visits for the weekend. It turned out to be a lot of fun.

  • Becoming Owen -- Chapter 3

    Owen's adventures in BDSM and the men he meets there. Owen gets fucked.

  • Curious

    Certain events in my life made me curious about having sex with another male.

  • Hitchhiker

    Two men, one older and one younger, pair up for a ride west; a ride that will work for the benefit of both.