• The Brother-in-law

    My wife's sudden death in a car accident threw me into a tailspin of depression and an inability to take care of my own basic needs. My Brother-in- Law came to help me. He saved my life in more ways that one.

  • For Jack

    Jack Sofelot an excellent writer, put me in a story, so i returned the favor. Read as a teen who thought he was straight, may not be so much when hunky sub teacher walks into class!

  • DISPATCH.....Part 2

    The job as dispatcher for the repair company begins to be more interesting.

  • My Best Friend is a Pool Boy

    My best friend just got a job as pool boy. He's always been a great friend but I can't help but fall deeper into my affections for him. In this story, he finds out...and it works out better than I could have ever imagined.

  • Dinner at Restaurant Leads to Unexpected Sexual Encounter

    I'm a middle ages 45-year-old wealthy businessman who decided to have a quiet dinner three weeks ago on a Friday evening after work at my favorite restaurant. Although not expecting any man action, I was surprised when I encountered the hottest and most gorgeous young stud of my life.

  • Love Will Find You #1

    Love starts for two collage guys ?

  • Awareness 3

    the story continues... He scanned the parking lot as he drove in fearful of seeing Eli or Hunter waiting for him and relieved when the complex was its normal Saturday night.

  • Marcus

    Marcus meets a cocky young guy at the swimming pool. After beating him in the water, he teaches the kid what it's liked to be well fucked.


    After a stint in the Marines, I began searching for a job with as little stress as possible. I soon found it and much more.

  • Young Wrestler From Alaska Bangs His College Coach PT 2

    (Based on a request from GD readers Bruce Hill, Jeff and Starchild66, here is part 2). After that first night of unbelievably hot sex and powerful orgasms, wrestler Zack and Coach Toby continued their nightly sex until Zack introduced a new surprisingly and amazing wild sexual twist of a four guy orgy that Coach Toby could not believe.

  • My friend Jason

    Based off a guy who lived down the hall in my dorm last year. Couldn't keep my eyes off of him - this is my fantasy.

  • Young Wrestler From Alaska Bangs His College Coach

    Zack, a 19-year-old young stud from Alaska, transferred as a sophomore to our college in Washington state to be our number one wrestler at the 157 weight category. Within the third week of the academic year, he seduced me, Toby, his 38-year-old coach.

  • THE SHIP - DAY 1

    Craig finds out that cruising on a cruise ship leads to lots of cocks and loads of cum.

  • Marine Called Jason - Part 7

    Back by popular demand, chapter 64-75 of the series: a Marine Called Jason.

  • Confessions of a Sugar Boy

    Marko is a young gay man in the closet. James is a wealthy man looking for a Sugar Boy.

  • The Unlikely College Experience

    Wishing it was a true story. Sam and Mark lived with me, but I'd never thought they'd be interested

  • Awareness 2

    For two old friends there is a new path but for one it is confusion and fear.


    After just over year of working with Greg in the same office, I begin to find out things about him that I never expected.

  • Finding the path

    Henry found himself on the run, hiding from everyone, trusting no one.

  • The Russian: Chapter 1 - Con Gone Wrong

    Max and Daniel decide to run a con in a wealthy gated community.

  • THE AD

    Bobby gets more cock and cum than he could have hoped for.

  • Awareness

    Three guys who were friends since their youth find they do not know everything about each other.


    Little did Greg know that providing good customer service included getting cock and cum.

  • Venture Capital - Chapter 1

    An 18yo kid finds and explores his bisexuality and changes his life and those of others in the process.


    My adventures with Ben, the package delivery guy (and others) continue.

  • My Hot Night in Bed with my Best Friend

    My best friend since 6th grade invited me to visit him for the weekend in the city where he was a first year medical student. It was during my first night visiting Gerald that something really hot happened that night in bed that I never though possible. SEX, SEX and more SEX


    My job as compliance officer continues to have benefits.

  • Possibilities with a frat boy Part Two

    After having a steamy night with the hottest and popular guy on campus Alex feels so happy and filled with joy.


    While shopping Greg meets a contractor with a load of cum and then runs into the doorman's son that ends up fucking for the first time.

  • Possibilities with a frat boy Part one

    Young cute freshmen who was outed at his high school and was treated poorly came to college finally free of his horrible years. A few months into college him and his best friend Harper go to a Frat house throwing a victory party for winning the Rose bowl. Reluctent to go he went for his friend but thinking that he was going to bored he finds something he never expected to happen,