• Putting Out for the Frat Guy Next Door: End

    The final, explosive chapter: After a shocking revelation, our married man (and father-to-be) finds himself pulled into 3 separate directions, disrupting his vow of duty and responsibility with chaos... and lots and lots of really great sex.

  • Unintentional Recipient, Chapter 1

    An unintentional sext sent to the son of the CEO leads to an interesting turn of events.

  • Five-Year Reunion

    Uncloseted movie heartthrob returns to 5-year high school reunion, revenge in mind.

  • Tyler 8

    Things between Joe and Tyler finally come to a head.

  • Intersections

    Bryan and Steven couldn't have come from more different backgrounds, yet they were headed for an intersection with life-changing consequences.

  • Bougainvillea Boy

    In pursuit of a white bougainvillea, a remote nursery yields a double delight...

  • How it all started for me

    From seeing my first big cock to taking them up my ass

  • The Fishing Trip

    I go fishing with my cousin and things turn out for the best

  • Awoken Sins

    Desire to keep closeted comes hard when Lust takes over. How can you keep control of yourself when your new Health teacher is so sexy?

  • Home Alone

    Aaron invites bodybuilder hunk Chuck home from gym for a private exercise session.

  • The Night I Can't Remember

    I know my girlfriend's son and his cousin are up to something but I can't quite figure out what.

  • Putting Out for the Frat Guy Next Door: Chapters 4 and 5

    The seduction intensifies as our married man falls even harder under Luke's spell. But now that summer's over he must fall back to the role of the perfect husband... but it doesn't last long...

  • Out With a Bang

    An actor wants out of his contract, His request is granted, but at a price.

  • Sizzling Hot Bus Boy Flirts with Lone Dinning Dude

    Devin, a handsome 40-year-old college coach, is dinning alone having a late 1:30 PM lunch when a very sizzling hot 18-year-old bus boy deliberately continues to make trip after trip by the Coaches' table with a dustpan and broom flashing a big smile at the Coach as the young guy keeps sweeping the floor over and over. The flirt leads to a night of awesome breeding of the young twink bus boy's virgin ass.

  • Delivery Guy - Part 1

    My encounter with the hottest delivery guy.

  • Jock Boy

    A twenty four hour gym and a a perfect encounter between two men

  • Caretaker

    A boy gets ensnared by a dirty caretaker...

  • Never Mentioned Again

    Two sailors on shore leave get surprised.

  • Best Man

    Meeting the best man at my sister's wedding becomes a blissful experience...

  • Specialising in Straight 2

    Brody, 18 and straight, hoped to play for one of the big leagues when he attended the AFL draft, but his abductor already had another plan in mind. Whether Brody wants it or not he will become a gay porn star.

  • The First Time

    Feeling like he is losing his will, Troy takes a ride that changes his life.

  • Break In Blunder

    I made a thug who broke into my house my bitch

  • My Twin Brother and I - Part 10

    The sex weekend away with Juan continues into the night

  • My Twin Brother and I - Part 9

    Some brotherly love and a weekend away with Juan

  • The Virgin Servant

    Desperation can make a straight college do just about anything in this erotica story. First story in my Servant mini-series. Enjoy

  • My Twin Brother and I - Part 8

    The twins start university and coach visits on the farm

  • Chicky

    True episode how big things sometimes come in small packages

  • Putting Out for the Frat Guy Next Door: Chapter 3

    What we've all been waiting for... Our seemingly straight married man finally gets fucked by the frat guy next door.

  • Specialising in Straight

    A gay man makes a living by abducting straight boys and sell them to the special clients around the world. Kyle is a 20 year old handsome young man who caught the attention of his abductor.

  • Flooring guy

    Some unexpected action on a construction site when a subcontractor shows up ready to do some work. Group, w/s, piss drinking