• Fucked BY My High School Jock

    Brad was a High School Jock. Him and his buddies verbally abused anyone they thought could be gay. A chance meeting where I worked eventually led to him fucking me.

  • The Setup

    Two lifelong straight friends are constantly playing practical jokes on each other. One sets the other up with a blind date, who just happens to be a man. The results are funny and happy for all of them.

  • Baskets

    Every gym member had a Basket into which used gym clothes were placed, which would then be cleaned overnight. An incident with a basket next to me led to exciting times!

  • College Lacrosse Jocks' Steamy Sex in the Locker Room

    After a late afternoon of the college Lacrosse team's first practice of the new school year, two of team's most sexy, most sensuous and most gorgeous hunks succumbed to their carnal lust in the locker room.

  • The Coach

    The coach of the high school math team begins an affair with a student, but soon after that he falls in love with the boy's stepfather, creating a complex web.

  • The Foreign Exchange Student

    A high school student from Argentina comes to America to spend his senior year with an American family. The boy is addicted to gay sex. The son of the family is gay also, and they share a bed room.. It promises to be a sex filled year.

  • Bareback cowboy

    Cowboy having fun with a dirty boy whore.......

  • Party till the end

    Matthew found himself staggering the hall, first looking for the bathroom then for his friend, Ian.

  • Country Club Golf Pro Seduces His Young Caddy

    Hayden, a 33-year-old golf pro at an exclusive country club, had the hots for young Ty, a 19-year-old caddy at the country club. Three months ago Hayden put his plan into action to seduce the young stud.

  • Stallion Station 1: Final Inspection

    Dino, a carpenter helping to install a male brothel/sex club/film studio, gets the full, inaugural treatment

  • When The Transformer Blew

    A blown transformer leaves a hot father, and an even hotter son, alone and stranded in their house without power, for several days. The results were never what,they expected.


    How I came to be writing porn while stationed at an Army outpost overseas..

  • My Favorite Cocksucker

    An Army jack-off buddy took me to a bar and introduced me to a great cocksucker.


    This is one of those stories I am sure your going to go oh great a long and tedious event however this is a relationship of two men that spans OMG yes it spans a period of 20 years believe it or not.

  • Brotherly love

    Stormy night and breakfast in bed!!!!


    Acquainted but not really friends Cullen and Campbell are accidently thrown together in an embarrassing incident that begins a friendship.

  • The Stalker

    A young gay man obsessed with the beauty of a straight man stalks him with surprising results.

  • I Got To Like Fucking Guys

    Guys in a male environment no female sex, their gay shades of grey are let loose..........

  • Male hooker

    first time sucking a dick & swallowing

  • The wind blew hard here...

    Finding love on a groin.

  • In Due Time

    Shane went through high school with all the anxieties of a closeted gay male who was looking for a way out, eager for the time to pass and get to a place he could be himself.

  • Bared

    Robin is a twink hoping to buy some sexy new underwear to get his boyfriend's attention. But instead he gets the attention of the tall, muscular older man behind the counter at the gay clothing store. Robin quickly finds himself coerced into buying underwear that exposes more of himself than he's used to showing off, with the store clerk paying close attention to needs Robin didn't even know he had. Robin finds himself at the receiving end of a very personal, very satisfying shopping experience.

  • Gangbang In The Park.

    I was new to the area and feeling bored. Just a short walk changed all that.


    Chad gets offered an all-inclusive week of cock and cum at a Mexican resort but first he has to get there.

  • Satifying 2 Roughnecks.

    2 Oil workers missing their carnal needs used me to satisfy their needs

  • The Soccer Star, My First Boyfriend

    One college student discovers he has a not-so-secret admirer in the least likely person on campus. The chemistry between these college guys builds until one seduces the other in a flaming fit of passion.

  • THE SHIP - DAY 8

    The cruise comes to an end but not before Craig makes sure to get a few more loads of cum.

  • Truckers boy

    I paid for my lifts with my body.

  • Office stud fucked me

    After the office party more fun was had!!

  • Ex Prison Thugs Bitch

    Two ex High school buddies accidental meeting.