• Bound Up Boys
    • 63 score
    • 16 Aug 2014

    Bound Up Boys

    Guys in their twenties playing Master and slave in theme series with bondage, BDSM, and full-on suck and fuck action. Guys are restrained and endure long punishment and training sessions with domination and humiliation, corporal punishment, cock edging, abduction and so much more kink and nastiness.


  • Shotgun Video Editor Pick
    • 66 score
    • 8 Aug 2014

    Shotgun Video

    Roger from Shotgun Video is a masculine and demanding top with a penchant for ball-crushing sessions with his willing slaves who are mostly mature and muscular men. They submit to dungeon master Roger for intense bondage sessions with corporal punishment, cock edging, ass play, and gruelling CBT. These are real BDSM play sessions, not ...


  • Dream Boy Bondage
    • 61 score
    • 2 Aug 2014

    Dream Boy Bondage

    Jocks and studs in their twenties are restrained in a nasty 20-something dom's playroom. Sometimes blindfolded and gagged too, the guys receive brutal beatings, severe nipple tormenting and CBT, some ass play with dildos, forced cock sucking and lots of verbal abuse, cock edging and orgasm denial. Two weekly updates, but each update is ...


  • Roped Studs
    • 57 score
    • 2 Aug 2014

    Roped Studs

    Guys in their twenties are tied up with rope, then teased and tormented by their dominant master. These multi-part bondage sessions include a variety of action including cock bondage and CBT, corporal punishment, ass play, edging, orgasm denial and more. 35 exclusive full scenes broken into 200+ updates.


  • Bound Muscle
    • 66 score
    • 26 Jul 2014

    Bound Muscle

    Bound Muscle offers muscular men in extreme dungeon and scene play sessions with every conceivable kind of bondage, domination and humiliation, corporal punishment, and plenty of sucking and fucking too. Some unique scenes involving medical exams, military interrogation and frat hazing.


  • As Victims
    • 71 score
    • 22 Jul 2014

    As Victims

    Eastern European guys are restrained and roughed up in any number of ways: spankings and beatings, trampling and kicking, forced exercise, doggy play, tickling, and foot worship with bare feet or not, and lots of verbal humiliation. There's very little full nudity or sex, but lots of bondage and bullying.


  • My White Slave Editor Pick
    • 57 score
    • 21 Jul 2014

    My White Slave

    Submissive white men are abused and used by agrressive and dominant black tops at My White Slave. While the site has only 44 videos, and doesn't seem to update, it features hot interracial gay BDSM and rough sex as the white subs serve and service their black doms and take their fists, huge dildos and hard cocks.


  • Bad Boy Bondage
    • 49 score
    • 18 Jul 2014

    Bad Boy Bondage

    Experienced twink dominants and submissive bottoms in real BDSM sessions with some gay sex, as well. There are 16 video updates, each a clip from one of 5 full scenes, so while the site adds an update weekly, it takes weeks to complete a scene. Still, the videos are downloadable (streaming and mobile available) and the action is intense.


  • Brutal Tops
    • 63 score
    • 29 May 2014

    Brutal Tops

    Submissives endure humiliating sessions with nasty British top guys in their twenties. The bottoms are not only used to pleasure their masters' cocks, but for their sadistic enjoyment as they are tied up, whipped, spit and pissed on, and force-fucked.


  • Straight Men In Trouble
    • 67 score
    • 21 Apr 2014

    Straight Men In Trouble

    Straight Men In Trouble focuses on well-built hunks bound, their clothes cut off of them as they are humiliated, punished and often forced to cum. The site updates weekly, usually with part of a full scene. The men are hot, videos are downloadable and theme is unique and kinky.


  • Serious Male Bondage Editor Pick
    • 87 score
    • 20 Mar 2014

    Serious Male Bondage

    Extreme male bondage, suspension, mummification - very unique confinement and captivity scenarios featuring heavy bondage gear, gas masks, latex and rubber body suits, leather, chains and restraints. Serious Bondage delivers male bondage for the serious fetishist and the curious.


  • Steve Dungeon Editor Pick
    • 79 score
    • 14 Mar 2014

    Steve Dungeon

    Master Steve trains adult male slave boys in his San Francisco dungeon, both experienced and curious newcomers to the BDSM scene. A huge range of nastiness in bondage, domination, discipline and punishment and humiliation. 675 video clips, with 2 new ones added every week.


  • Bound Gods Editor Pick
    • 79 score
    • 2 Mar 2014

    Bound Gods

    Submissive male slaves tied up, punished, and fucked by dominant muscle hunks and stern Masters in dungeon playrooms with some medical scenes. Extreme bondage, S&M, flogging, humiliation, anal toys, TT and CBT. Lots of very kinky equipment.


  • 30 Minutes of Torment
    • 70 score
    • 28 Feb 2014

    30 Minutes of Torment

    Willing participants in this reality-style BDSM show go through a 30-minute session in this dungeon experiencing a host of kinky activities that test their endurance and tolerance for pain. When the half hour is over, they have one final challenge: Can they cum?


  • Iron Lockup Editor Pick
    • 72 score
    • 2 Jan 2014

    Iron Lockup

    Sir Pan is a dom with 13 years experience in kink and he's got a fully-equipped dungeon including a prison cell and wet room where he plays with his subs and takes them on a depraved journey they'll never forget.


  • Bound in Public
    • 75 score
    • 28 Oct 2013

    Bound in Public

    Bound in Public takes hot men, has them stripped and bound in public, then proceeds to humiliate them, fuck them hard and cover them with cum. Each episode is 40 mintes to over an hour long, and the site updates weekly. Good solid gay BDSM and kink, hot porn stars and helpless hunks.


  • Men on Edge
    • 76 score
    • 20 Oct 2013

    Men on Edge

    Men On Edge features hunks, straight guys and porn stars who are bound, cocks stroked till they beg to cum - they're spanked, fingered and more. Offering 65 long, high quality videos, this site updates once a week. Membership is a bit pricy but includes access to Butt Machine Boys.


  • Bound Jocks Trial $2.95
    • 76 score
    • 11 Oct 2013

    Bound Jocks

    Bound Jocks offers athletic, sexy hunks, jocks and porn stars tied up in ropes plus plenty of cock and ball bondage. The men here are hot and well-built, the bondage is well done. They offer exclusive content, weekly updates and training videos.


  • All Star Bondage Editor Pick
    • 64 score
    • 6 Sep 2013

    All Star Bondage

    All Star Bondages offers cute average guys wrestling with their hands tied behind their backs or competing in other ways - the loser has to endure the punishment round. Offering 33 vids broken into 91 updates, the site is fresh and interesting with real amateur guys in bondage.


  • Breeder Fuckers Editor Pick
    • 71 score
    • 24 May 2013

    Breeder Fuckers

    This gay BDSM site features straight guys captured and tied up in hardcore punishment and training sessions at the hands of nasty doms. Spanked, fucked, fed dick and lots more, these str8 guys are made into gay sex slaves!