• A Fresh Start - Conffesions and Regrets.

    'I don't even know your name!" All he knew was that I was the mistress of a very wealthy couple. And.....my first name. I was afraid, but if I wanted Walt to trust me, I would have to tell him everything. Before he asked. No matter how sordid or painful. I took a deep breath and took the leap.

  • A Fresh Start - Pt. 1

    Picking up the pieces and staring over after a good thing went bad. A new romance

  • A Very Naughty Night

    Cari goes out dressed as a sexy woman to a night club and becomes a woman in the arms of a very masculine man!

  • Changes

    A cross dressers Journey

  • Changes Chapter 2

    A cross dresses journey

  • Director's Choice

    Hired to Play Romeo to cross-dressed Juliet

  • Ghanges, A cross Dressers Journey Chapter 3 Decision

    Learning the cross dresser life

  • Parent-Teacher Conference

    Mitch goes in to talk to his son's teacher. He doesn't expect what happens next

  • The Affair

    "YOU BITCH!!!!" she screamed. "YOU DAMNED, FILTHY BITCH!!!' Tears were streaming down her face as she softly cried, "I trusted you! How could you?"

  • The Family

    "Why did you have to marry this.......this.....thing?" Marguerite angrily asked. "Why couldn't you marry a real woman?"

  • The Guest

    Miguel lends me to a visiting friend

  • The Home Movies

    A series of home movies changes my life - for the better!

  • The Russians Are Coming

    My world gets turned on its ear when my Mother's family comes to visit

  • Well, I Did Ask For It!

    A transsexual woman who desires to be dominated gets more than she bargained for.

  • 2 Girls Out for a Night on the Town

    Brittany winks over his head at me, as she starts kissing him passionately. His hands quickly found their way into my bra. He was squeezing my tits and fondling them as Brittany sucked on his tongue and felt up and down his chest.

  • A Girl Called Eddie

    My challenge went unfinished as he practically leaped upon me, pinning me to the wall and silencing me with a lip-crushing kiss. While his tongue filled my mouth, his hands clawed frenziedly at my dress, wrenching it up over my hips.

  • A High School Reunion For the History Books Part 1

    A lot had changed at Milford High in the past 10 years, and for 3 alumi members this night will change there lives forever.

  • A High School Reunion for the History Books Part 2

    The Trio recover in the aftermath of there treesome, to find an unexpected surprise.

  • A hot hookup

    My first hotel hookup dressed as a slut.


    Slutty Keyona learns that her mother is a dick ridding whore, "Silently, I questioned, how can mom allow this man to destroy her tight asshole...isn't it painful?" Little cunts have such a hard life.

  • A Night on the Town

    A crossdresser meets his crush on vacation, and it turns out his crush is gay too.

  • A Night with a Craigslist transsexual

    Meeting and spending a night with a very sexy transsexual

  • A Trans-Lesbian Montreal Love Affair

    A Beautiful Boston T-Girl falls for a very beautiful blonde French Montreal "Gal".

  • A Walk In The Luneta Park, (Philippines)

    It was his turn to lick some dick. As I leaned against the tree, I watched as he kneeled before me to begin to open my chaps then my jeans with his teeth.

  • A Wild Adventure

    She pinched one nipple, then the other. I thought, oh, what the hell, and opened my pants all the way so I could stroke my cock while I watched her. I was so hard, it slapped my belly when I pulled it out.

  • Akash Muhammad - Hell Date 2: Big Dick Brenda

    Kash is a lover of all ladies, "My 9" black dick sprung to life as I noticed her brown skin, shoulder length dark hair, and sable eyes." Read how Kash loves for a (trans) woman to be in control of his phat black ass.

  • Ana Le Babe - Becoming A Cross Dresser

    This story is how my alter ego, Ana Le Babe, came into being. This and following stories relate the encounters she has had (both sexual and general), and are all true. In writing this, I hope to help others in a similar situation deal with their feelings and stimulate those that are interested in our way of life.

  • Bait and switched

    Someone found out I like to cross-dress and that I was looking for a tubed preamp. I receive a reply to my ad for a preamp not knowing that I have been invited over for more.

  • Bar Close

    He whispered it to her and she pulled her skirt up and nudged him towards the van. He bent over and braced his hands on the window. She had her rod pushed against his ass and teasing him before he could blink.

  • Bathouse Fun

    I pay my admission get my locker put my clothes in it, shower dry off and lube my ass up just in case, but also love having a finger stuck in me.