• A Fresh Start - Confeesions and Regrets.

    'I don't even know your name!" All he knew was that I was the mistress of a very wealthy couple. And.....my first name. I was afraid, but if I wanted Walt to trust me, I would have to tell him everything. Before he asked. No matter how sordid or painful. I took a deep breath and took the leap.

  • A Fresh Start - Pt. 1

    Picking up the pieces and staring over after a good thing went bad. A new romance

  • Becoming Daddy's Girl

    A cute young cross dresser submits to the wants of a "Daddy".

  • Halfway

    Stuck in GM land between nowhere and nowhere else

  • Miguel and Silve - The beginning of the End, Pt. 2

    What I saw, what frightened me, was the look of anger and determination I saw. Her look was cold and calculating, declaring revenge!

  • Miguel and Silve - the Beginning of the End.

    My relationship with my lovers takes a nasty turn.

  • My Neighbor

    "I don't want to offend you, but I'm Gay, "he said. "How do you feel about Trannies?" I asked as I turned around. He smiled as he saw my now erect cock. "I think I'm going to find out!"

  • Satisfying my Curiosity

    I got the ticket through a friend's boss. It seems he was planning to go without his wife, until she found out. My friend Kent was already booked into a ski bum bash at Vail, so I scooped up what turned out to be the experience of my life. Even the food tastes different to me now, somehow. But all that is jumping the gun a little bit. Let's slow down and take it all from the beginning.

  • The Ballad of Barry - Ch. 1

    Barry explores new avenues after hi wife passes away.

  • The Ballad of Barry - Ch. 3

    Barry falls head over heels for Caramae. -What can I say? I'm a romantic at heart!

  • The Ballad of Barry - Ch.2

    Todd works at drawing Barry further into his world. But Barry is drawn to a young chocolate skinned tranny.

  • The Blowjob

    An older story fro the time I was Miguel's mistress

  • The Dark Lover

    A mysterious man returns to Jackie's life

  • The Gift

    I didn't even have time to catch my breath as he hit the end of my chute. I didn't have enough breath to scream in agony.

  • The Honeymoon - ch. 4

    "Wives don't fuck their husbands! Their husbands are supposed to fuck them!" (If that didn't sound sexist......)

  • The Lawyer

    The lawyer was smooth and sophisticated. His flattery soon went to my head. As he escorted me out after the first meeting, his hand lingered on my lower back, a little to close to my bottom. I felt a delicious little thrill.

  • The Outlands - Ch 1

    A story of lust, sex, power, and betrayal set in Earth's distant future.

  • The Outlands - Ch 2

    Asmeira plots to bend Ezzad to her will. Burr takes his pleasure of a young male pillow slave.

  • The Outlands - Ch 3

    Ezzad and Asmeira do their best to fuck each other into submission.

  • The Outlands - Ch 4

    Asmeira still has one trick left.

  • The Outlands - Tsato's Quest

    Tsato and her team are sent to bring back, Asmeira, a renegade for punishment. Instead, they find the Thallari.

  • The Play Date - Pt. 1

    Two transsexuals engage in a "Play Date"

  • The Play Date - Pt. 2

    The Play Date takes an unexpected turn.

  • The Special Customer

    Making sure the customer(s) was satisfied.

  • Walt's Little Bitch

    No use. He just laughed as he rolled us over, him on top. He pinned my arms and I resigned myself to a nice, long morning fuck. This little bitch wasn't feeling so much in heat at the moment, but he still felt nice in my ass.

  • 2 Girls Out for a Night on the Town

    Brittany winks over his head at me, as she starts kissing him passionately. His hands quickly found their way into my bra. He was squeezing my tits and fondling them as Brittany sucked on his tongue and felt up and down his chest.

  • A Girl Called Eddie

    My challenge went unfinished as he practically leaped upon me, pinning me to the wall and silencing me with a lip-crushing kiss. While his tongue filled my mouth, his hands clawed frenziedly at my dress, wrenching it up over my hips.

  • A High School Reunion For the History Books Part 1

    A lot had changed at Milford High in the past 10 years, and for 3 alumi members this night will change there lives forever.

  • A High School Reunion for the History Books Part 2

    The Trio recover in the aftermath of there treesome, to find an unexpected surprise.

  • A hot hookup

    My first hotel hookup dressed as a slut.