• Gone Fishin

    I find the man of my dreams at the local fishing hole.

  • Hypothetical Hitch-Hiker Part 1

    I pick up a hitch-hiker on my way back from a meeting...

  • Hypothetical Hitch-Hiker Part 2

    The hitch-hiker I picked up proves to be more inquisitive than I could have dared to hope...

  • John & Bruce

    John knew, sooner or later, Bruce would show up.

  • John & Bruce: The evening hour.

    John and Bruce have dinner at John's house.

  • Long overdue fantasy comes true

    Living very remotely, did not assume to meet such a straight, handsome hunk. But what he did later on just blew me away.

  • The House for Men: The Gathering

    You are invited. Get naked, get your cock hard and be prepared for anything.

  • The House for Men: The Gathering Part 3: Someone has a Secret

    Who is hiding something? Is it more than one person?

  • The House for Men: The Gathering Part 4: All Eyes Upon Him

    The water dances and sparkles off his fine blonde hair, in the soft light, that covers his body. His back is still toward us as we are all in the pool. He bends over, slowly; his ass naturally spreads from this movement. As he does, his balls drop and are visible from the crack of his ass. They are full orbs of man-juice, hairy, like the rest of him; he does not shave them. He chooses to remain a natural unspoiled unshaven man.

  • The Survey Crew Day 2: Back at the Hotel

    Knock Knock Knock "Hey Nate, it me, Paul."

  • The Survey Crew Day 3

    Is that a wet cum spot?

  • The Survey Crew Day 2

    Sometimes the heat does not come from the sun.

  • The Survey Crew Day 3: A Frolic in the Field

    The waning hours of the hot Florida day brings about some granted wishes and long held desires.

  • A Country Boy Grows Up

    Living on a big farm in the country presents many opportunities to see life thru a different perspective. Seeing the animals breeding, at an early age I knew why I was getting boners, and what they were for, and finding out first hand what all this sex thing was, Oh fuck Yeah Man!

  • A Country Boy Grows Up Pt. 2

    Finally getting into a routine Work pattern on the farm was awesome but the time I was getting to be with Uncle Cal made it all worth it. Uncle Cal Introduces me into the greater world of Pleasure and sex. Damn He's Good.

  • A Cowboy's Saga

    When I first saw Pete I thought he so very sexy and hot, Little did I know what was coming down the road for us both.

  • A Cowboy's Saga - 2

    Life was just wonderful with Pete, and I had fallen totally in love with him. There was something that was bothering Pete tho and I couldn't get him to open up and let me in on it.

  • A Cowboy's Saga - 3 - Pete's Birthday Party

    Pete's Birthday was just a day away and boy was he in for a Big suprise, Something he never expected.

  • A Cowboy's Saga - 4

    I looked at Petes ass, that beautiful shape, that just perfect hairyness, and that kissable little pink eyelet winking at me, God I was Hot for him.

  • A Cowboy's Saga - 5 - Kevins Shocking News

    The Ranch was doing great and Life with Pete was wonderful, But I was about to get some news that would blow me away, I think I can handle it?

  • A Cowboy's Saga - 6 - My Hero Pete

    Pete was not only my Lover but I was soon to learn more things about him, He was not just a good cowboy, but an awesome cowboy as well.

  • A Farmer's Lust

    Justin struggles with his fears and his desires as his hired hand tempts him in ways he doesn't understand.

  • A Farmer's Lust, Act II: Neal

    Neal struggling with his own identity sees Justin, the neighboring farmer apparently living with his hired hand.

  • a festive afternoon

    The small towns were going to put on a music festival in a field and got Jacob to organize a crew to get it ready.


    Living in the remote desert, the thought of a handsome 25 yr old married man who would be interested in me was very remote, until...