• Interval

    A rancher waits for his city buddy to move to the country.

  • Meeting Dave

    A chance meeting of two lonely men turns into an exciting venture into dominance and submission. Part 1

  • Michael's Ghost - Chapter 1

    It was one of those days that you get in the deep south in early June. The only thing higher than the temperature that morning was the humidity. I had gone to the convenience store around the corner from my parents' house both to get something cool to drink and to get a break from the chores they had lined up for me.

  • Michael's Ghost - Chapter 2

    I panicked when I saw him. David was naked! He was walking up the sidewalk toward my house completely naked!. His thickening cock swung gently back and forth with each step. His muscles moved effortlessly under his satin skin. He came up on the porch, picked me up out of my chair, and wrapped me up in his strong arms. His lips met mine, and we kissed. I heard my mother inside the house crying softly over the man who was stealing my ...

  • Michael's Ghost - Chapter 3

    David shoved his cock deep in my throat. He was cumming. I pushed him back in time to get the last eruptions of his boiling cum. It felt like molten lead inside me, burning its way to my belly. I kept sucking, trying to pull more of the juice out of him.

  • Michael's Ghost - Chapter 4

    David was desperate for love. In me he had found more that he had hoped for in that he meant as much to me as I did to him. Once again I knew I would do any thing he asked. I'd go anywhere to be with him, and I'd face any danger to please him.

  • Michael's Ghost - Chapter 5

    David was desperate for love. In me he had found more that he had hoped for in that he meant as much to me as I did to him. Once again I knew I would do any thing he asked. I'd go anywhere to be with him, and I'd face any danger to please him.

  • Next Day!!!

    Dave breaks the rules and submits to a bamboo stick!!!

  • Taking a stand

    Peyton knew the right path, took it often, but there was one path he hesitated to take, even avoided.

  • The Farm Boy

    The first time Graham saw him, he knew Chase was his fantasy man, the farm boy, slightly rough around the edges, but he hadn't considered how cocky his fantasy could be toward him.

  • The Hunter

    A good hunting story

  • The Hunting Lodge - By the Fireplace (HL1)

    The Story Continues from...The House for Men, Part 1 (Chapters 1-21), Asleep On the Couch, Part 2 (Chapters 1-10), now, The Hunting Lodge, Part 3. New Characters. Recurring Characters.

  • The Hunting Lodge - I Watch Them (HL3)

    ...spurts erupt from his cock, as he shoots gobs of white man-juice onto his hairy-furred chest, as he has leaned back onto the bed of his truck, with his legs propped up, exposing his gloriously hairy hole, when he commenced shooting his load. He covers his muscle-defined furred chest and even shot his goateed face with his cum. Some cum makes it into his wavy hair, as his cap, lies behind him in the truck bed, and onto the folds of ...

  • The Hunting Lodge - Out in the Woods (HL2)

    I fondle my cock as it is freed from my clothing. The slight morning coolness hardens both of my nipples. I reach and tweak them with my strong hairy fingers, feeling them grow even harder in the air. My cock reacts to the stimulation too and begins to stiffen up because of the nipple play. "You gonna get naked, brother," I say to Jesse, not my real brother, but my comrade in southern maleness.

  • The Hunting Lodge - Preacher Man (HL4)

    Poulan spreads his legs, leaning back, propped up in a makeshift 'V' on the bending of his arms. The sweat is doing the same across his furry body too. He raises his hips, pushing his shaft, more and more into my mouth, forcing me to swallow him, deeper. "Swallow it, Travis," he says, "Swallow that hard cock."

  • The Hunting Lodge - Travis & Sean (HL5) CONCLUSION

    "Ahh, that feel so good," I moan as his tongue laps at my hairy hole, "get me wet, lover, get my hairy hole ready for that cock of yours."He slurps me up with wild abandonment, like a prisoner locked up in sustained confinement, deprived of food, readying himself for his last meal, which is my hole, presently.

  • The Introvert: A second story

    Julian discovered him far from the road, down on the creek that cut through the pines, at a small pool deep enough to swim, and he hid in behind the trees and watched him.

  • The Yard Boy: 3

    The story continues.

  • the Yard Boy: 4

    We follow Sam as he heads off for a weekend with Mike.

  • The Yard Boy: Vacation

    Ellis and Brodie take that vacation.

  • Water's Edge

    An afternoon on the bank of the creek, just the two of them, alone, away from prying eyes.

  • Water's Edge: a new place

    one more chapter unfolds

  • Water's Edge: metaphor

    The story continues.

  • 2 Farm Boys

    They lived next to each other, one older than the other, with the younger pining for the older one, watching him, fantasizing about him.

  • A Country Boy Grows Up

    Living on a big farm in the country presents many opportunities to see life thru a different perspective. Seeing the animals breeding, at an early age I knew why I was getting boners, and what they were for, and finding out first hand what all this sex thing was, Oh fuck Yeah Man!

  • A Country Boy Grows Up Pt. 2

    Finally getting into a routine Work pattern on the farm was awesome but the time I was getting to be with Uncle Cal made it all worth it. Uncle Cal Introduces me into the greater world of Pleasure and sex. Damn He's Good.

  • A Cowboy's Saga

    When I first saw Pete I thought he so very sexy and hot, Little did I know what was coming down the road for us both.

  • A Cowboy's Saga - 2

    Life was just wonderful with Pete, and I had fallen totally in love with him. There was something that was bothering Pete tho and I couldn't get him to open up and let me in on it.

  • A Cowboy's Saga - 3 - Pete's Birthday Party

    Pete's Birthday was just a day away and boy was he in for a Big suprise, Something he never expected.

  • A Cowboy's Saga - 4

    I looked at Petes ass, that beautiful shape, that just perfect hairyness, and that kissable little pink eyelet winking at me, God I was Hot for him.