• A Wild Night of Hot Sex with Male Go-Go Dancers

    As my three college buddies and I watched four hot male Go-Go dancers at a gay nightclub, we were horny as hell. We would make our moves to suck cock and fuck these hot dancers. I wanted the hot blond dancer and my three buddies could select how they would team up with the other three hot dancers. We were all 22-year-old college seniors and the dancers ranged in age from 20 to 24.

  • As Seen By Me Ch. 2

    Mark's story continues as Scott and his friends hangout.

  • Brocker, Baseball Player

    Brocker was a major leaguer who had been in the papers and all over the news for speaking out so bluntly against gays and coloreds. They were sending him back to the minors to get his head on straight and get his shit together; a form of sensitivity training, they said.

  • California Beach Volleyball Stud & Coach Have Steamy Sex

    This is the story of a beach volleyball coach's determination to get into the hot pants of his top-scoring player. The challenge is made more difficult in that the volleyball stud has a steady girlfriend. The excitement of a gay man getting into the pants of a straight guy---man that is hot.

  • Client #2 (out of 4 that evening)

    Michael, NYC's favorite male escort, has an especially busy Tuesday evening. Read what Client #2 that night has to say about his session with Michael.


    Chad uses his mouth and ass in church.

  • House Call By Plumber Cleans More Than Leaking Pipes

    My parents were away on vacation, my 24-year-old brother was at work and I was at home alone when I discovered a leaking toilet. As an 18-yer-old high school senior in desperation, I called my brother Dirk at work. He in turn called the plumbing company. Guess what happened to the plumber and my leaking cock?

  • Lost in New England, ch. 18

    Despite a few complications, Danny finally gets released.

  • Mr. Maleficent presents... Sexual Deviance S01E05 "Daddy's Home"

    ThugHarmony is a series of 4 volumes (so far) that Mr. Maleficent wrote while honing his writing skills from the years of 2008-2010. It's about a controversial relationship between a webmaster and a thug that met on a website called Thugharmony.com. Our two lovebirds, Calvin and Jerome, are still going strong in their loving relationship after the twists and turns that they've left in the past. Calvin takes the opportunity to show his ...

  • My Twin Brother and I - Part 34

    Sunday morning sex, some morning tea sex, a photo shoot, some more sex and the end of a spectacular weekend.

  • My Twin Brother and I - Part 35

    Friday and lots of sex as the weekend on the farm starts. Dad ... oh Dad!

  • My Twin Brother and I - Part 37

    The week after the weekend on the farm. Juan gets good news. We buy clothes for Herman and then I meet Luigi ... a perfect Italian Stallion!

  • My Twin Brother and I - Part 38

    An early-morning encounter with Luigi, couch sex and then an all-nighter with Luigi!

  • My Twin Brother and I - Part 39

    Morning with Luigi, the day at Mario and then sex at home with the boys

  • new guy chapter 1: the lesson for the teacher

    I was looking more and more like my dad every day. I was almost six feet tall with ripped muscles from all my football practice and had long dark hair falling into my blue eyes.

  • New Year's Eve

    A few nights before he had fucked me raw and full of is cum, and I was in love with this man…..now it was New Year's Eve and we had one last chance to connect before he left town.


    Growing up in Perth, Western Australia, sure was a great life style and certainly was an eye opening experience for me. When we first moved back from Canada my parents bought a house in City Beach and for me was my education in Gay Sex.

  • Separate Worlds: Chapter 1

    The story begins...

  • Skinny Dipping--Part 2 (High School Studs' Orgy)

    As Sean and Jon drive away from skinny dipping at the lake and a session of hot sex, five of their hot high school football buddies take to the lake skinny dipping and lots of sex. Sean and Jon return to the lake to spy on their football buddies.

  • Triple Play

    I had lusted after both brothers - was this my chance?

  • Yurik

    Yura and his adventures.

  • 18-Year-Olds' First Time While Skinny Dipping

    Two 18-year-old high school seniors who are hot jocks and best friends since the 6th grade go to the lake after class on a Friday afternoon in September. On a dare from Sean, his best friend Jon accepts his dare to get naked and go skinny dipping that leads to lust taking charge as they loose their virginity that afternoon.

  • 2 Jocks and a Locker Room

    Two boys find their true calling after a football practice.

  • 20-Year-old Colleeg Student Pursues Older Man For Sex

    This is the story of a gorgeous blond 20-year-old college student who has the hots for a 43-year-old college professor and tennis coach. The young student, over sexed and horny hormone driven, throws caution to the wind and makes his move to bag the professor.

  • 22 Hours 14 Minutes

    Still, he couldn't help but dream, of wonder too. His brothers would be stunned to find out how he had even rated them, on his scale of attractiveness, or how he rated his friends.

  • 3 for 1 Trade

    He began to moan a little, and then he sucked in his breath, as Kyle suddenly shoved the whole cock into his mouth. He felt the lips wrap around the head, then he felt the wet warm mouth cover his whole cock.

  • A Boy Named Chris - Part 17

    Chris sat in the living room of his home. He was baffled at everything that was happening; the hate crimes that were taking place...

  • A Day At The Gym

    This story is a narrative. It is from a third person. Te main character is Daniel. He is an emo boy going to the gym for te first time to lift weights. He then meets two men who are expierenced body builders. Daniel truss the men but then they close down the gym leaving the men and Daniel alone.

  • A Fallen Guardian Angel - Part 2

    Saga continues when James was reduced to muscle play meat and forced into hot session of workout.

  • A Good Day for Business

    A private business meetig in my hotel suite goes far better than ever expected!