• Adventure - Chapter 1

    The story about a young gay male coming out in New Orleans.

  • Athletic Adventures VI

    After a summer of spending time alone, Brant begins to wonder if Jamie is really serious about their relationship...

  • Baseball vs Football - me and Carl Pt 1 of 3

    This story is about the unlikely friendship between a straight baseball jock, and a 'coming out' football sensation who can't understand why fate brought them together.

  • Baseball Vs. Football - Swinging on a Good Pitch Pt 3 Of 3

    When Carl and Jack go on a hike in the wilderness, they stumble upon two dudes fucking in an abandoned picnic area. They recognize one of the guys as a senior at their high school. And with that, the chase is on!

  • Baseball Vs. Football - Stowaways! Pt 2 of 3

    The sexy baseball jock Carl takes Jack on an unexpected adventure... and a new friendship boils in the steam of an old locomotion ride through the deep, forested canyons of Goldrun.

  • Carnal Knowledge: What Dreams Are Made Of Chapter 17

    The rest of the story: Sammy and Bobby

  • College Heavyweight Wrestler Caught Masturbating By Roommate

    My name is Ken, a cross country runner and Cody, a heavyweight wrestler, is my roommate. We became roommates at the beginning of our junior year in college. When I caught him masturbating the first week of school, the result was wild sex with volcanic orgasms for both of us.

  • College Rugby Player Ignites and Consumes My Lust For Him

    Upon meeting this gorgeous and sumptuous young 19-year-old college rugby player, I instantly craved his whole being. I wanted to become his bitch and let him devour me in any way he desired. I had to have him.

  • Crazy for Cock

    Like the other day, when I was coming home from the construction site I work at...

  • Going Pro

    The story of my best bud and I through the years.

  • Life's Expectations - Chapter 13 - Good Times Gone

    Zach came up with the idea of having one of Gage and Nick's famous sleepovers. The people invited by Gage are Sam, Zach and Shane. While Nick is gonna invite Lucas Issac and Tanis. Lucas is the only one not fully informed on the guest list.

  • Life's Expectations - Chapter 8 - The Date

    So This chapter didn't have much of a description... So I'll just throw out all my contact info in this one. Email: kuragari129hotmail.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/LifesExpectations Ask.fm: ask.fm/kuragari

  • Life's Expectations Chapter 4 - On the Techical Side

    This will be the last chapter of just the 3 boys' points of views, as I will be giving some other characters points of views. Rest assured though, every chapter from now on will have at least 3 POVs probably more. There may be some chapters with less, but I'll inform you if that happens. WARNING! The next paragraph has a bit of spoilers on how I plan on having the stories go about. If you don't wanna know skip it. The story ...

  • Lost in New England, ch. 11

    Officer Brian Ruggazion is the New Haven Police officer in charge of the Danny Leeman investigation. Today he is meeting with TJ and also with David Leeman in the hope they can find Danny soon. But, first things first.

  • Lost in New England, ch. 7

    Before TJ can get back down to New England to help look for Danny, he's got an English test to take at Boston University. One particular teaching assistant makes a pretty significant impact on TJ. But does he even know that TJ exists?Will they hook up?

  • Lost in New England, ch.10

    Sex, sex, sex. In New Haven to help find Danny, TJ wakes up in the hotel room with Max staring at him. At the police station, the boys meet up with David, who seems to want to talk about a weekend back in high school. And Max scouts for some way to pass the time.

  • Lost in New England, ch.8

    TJ and Max decide to head down to New Haven for the weekend. TJ needs to help find Danny. Max has other needs.

  • Lost in New England, ch.9

    TJ and Max are in New Haven to meet up with David Leeman, Danny's twin brother. Despite TJ's requests, Max has booked them into a hotel room with only one bed.

  • Lost Parts 3 - Jock Box

    The adventures of modified varsity athletes.

  • Mr. Popular

    In High School, Sean had been the jock, the most popular, the guy all the others wanted to be but it was all an act and in college it was hard to keep playing the role.

  • Not Your Typical Day At The Gym

    Tom is this guy at the gym that decided to befriend me. Today is my day to give him everything he has been wanting and more

  • Over The Line

    They were both ready. They couldn't have held off if they wanted to. Jordan went first; Bryce followed by three or four seconds, and both of their cocks began exploding. Jordan happily accepted Bryce's warm, spurting cum, swirling it all around the swollen head, while his own boy-juice shot deep in his teammate's ass.

  • Play On

    A sacrificed-based sexual decision in the realm of developing tennis stars leads to continuing need.

  • Shadows of Romance

    This story flooded my brain late one night and I wrote it in one sitting. So it's not too long. A bit mysterious but hopefully fun. If you get hard, giggle and shed a single tear then I know it was a success.

  • Started with a jock then moved to a cop

    A young high school cross country runner has a different outlook on life. A hole is a hole and it continues to be like that to this day. But I think I prefer one hole over the other.