• "Spit on my Hole!" says the Bossy Bottom.

    "Spit on my Hole!" says the Bossy Bottom.

    I don't know how Nick Prescott could even sleep with this hairy hunk lying beside him. Tyler Edwards is just too sexy for sleep. That beard, those eyes ... I'm pretty sure if Tyler were in my bed that we'd still be up from the night before doing it for the third or fourth time. Am I right?

    In this new Titan Men scene from Morning Wood, Nick wakes up first and caresses Tyler's arm. He wakes, they smile, then kiss, and Nick pulls down the sheet. "Good morning!" yells Tyler's erection. Nick gives it a kiss, then wets it in his mouth before swallowing it balls deep. I already know that Prescott can suck dick, I've seen him plenty of times, I'm interested in the new guy.

    And indeed, Edwards gives very good head. Nick sure isn't complaining. In fact, he really loves it when Tyler pulls on his nuts at the same time. Nick's eyelids are fluttering and he's moaning, then finally his need to get fucked takes over and he's on all fours barking, "Spit on my hole!" So bitchy first thing in the morning. Tyler does what he's told and after a good munching session, Nick pushes him back on the bed and sits on his cock. But Tyler takes over and puts this bossy bottom back on all fours and screws him good.

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  • How to Let a Cocksucker Know He's Doing a Good Job

    How to Let a Cocksucker Know He's Doing a Good Job

    This TIM Suck video is my idea of the perfect blowjob. Rio Francisco is lying back on the floor when Bruce Jordan swoops in and crawls between his legs and gets to work. There's not much interaction between the two men, which is what makes it a perfect head session. I'm not big on a lot of talk while I'm sucking dick. I don't get off hearing a guy growling a never-ending symphony of "oh yeah ... oh yeah ... oh fuck yeah" and I certainly don't need instruction on how to give head. The consensus is that I give good blowjobs. I'm also pretty good at picking up clues on what a man likes. A little "harder" or "deeper" is fine, but don't read me a fucking instruction manual.

    Rio Franscisco lies back and watches as Bruce swallows, gulps, and deep throat his long bone. So how does Bruce know he's making Rio's dick feel good? Rio breathes deeply and whispers an occasional "oh fuck" and he holds Bruce's forearms while they're along his sides; he rubs Bruce's head and sometimes thrusts it on his cock with both hands; he gently thrust his hips into Bruce's mouth; he reaches across Bruce's back and shows his approval with a bit of hole fingering; and finally, a crack of his hand across this cocksucker's ass signals that he's ready to unload. And boy, does he ever. All over Bruce's beard, lips, and in his mouth.

    So the next time you're getting head, try upping your game a little. Try finding subtle ways to let a blow boy know that he's making your cock feel good. And for heaven's sake, touching the guy sucking your cock is the perfect way to increase the connection, and I'm not talking about just holding his ears or pushing the back of his head.

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  • 6 Bears Sucking Dick on a Crowded Couch

    6 Bears Sucking Dick on a Crowded Couch

    My partner and I used to throw sex parties in our apartment. This was a dozen years ago before we had apps like Grindr, back when Gay.com was the big place to chat and hook up with men. And those parties were a lot of fun because we'd invite a bunch of men over, sometimes as many as 20 or 30 -- there were 40 men at my 40th birthday orgy, which also happened to be our last -- and everyone was there to cram as much sex into a couple of hours as they could.

    Sure, there was the odd picky princess who wouldn't let you near him unless you ticked off nine out of ten boxes on his check list, but most of the time, if you wanted to blow someone, you just dropped to your knees and swallowed his cock. This six-man orgy from Bear Films reminds me of those sex parties. Everyone gulping dick and having a good time.

    This is a two-part video. The first part is all oral with five bear men sucking each other's cocks on the couch. A sixth bear enters about halfway through and joins in. Cooper Hill (the daddy with the tattoo on his left pec) and Rick Wolf (the cute cub with the bear tracks around his left arm) did a hot duo for Bear Films a couple of months ago and they end up side by side on the couch. I can still see the sparks flying between those two. I loved watching them curled up together getting blown at the same time. Man, orgies are fun. The second part of this Orlando bear party comes out tomorrow and I can't wait to see where this orgy goes.

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  • Cum Junkie Servicing Two Huge Cocks

    Cum Junkie Servicing Two Huge Cocks

    I had to plaster a four-day load all over my glass top desk before I could settle down and write this post. That's what happens when a site like TIM Fuck throws three of your favourite studs in bed together. A couple of weeks ago bald daddy Drew Sebastian shoved his niner up Logan Stevens' hole and that was a match made in porn heaven -- I still haven't stopped pounding my bone to that one.

    This week Seth Fisher gets his fantasy rocked when he bottoms for both Stevens and Sebastian. OMG! This one's going to be sitting in my spank bank for a while. Honestly, my editor is lucky this post even happened. I could have watched these two videos back to back all day long until my hand went numb. Fisher spends a great deal of this scene lying across the bed on his belly while one man pumps his hole and the other fucks his throat.

    Finally, Seth gets off his belly and with Drew and Logan sitting back against the headboard, this hungry bottom sits on one huge dick, then the other. Fisher himself is no slouch in the dick department. He's every bit as big as his two scene partners. And whether Seth is using his mouth or ass, he sure knows how to take care of huge cock. Anyway, I've got to get some more "work" done or my editor is going to chew me a new one. But with this scene sitting on my hard drive today, I think that's inevitable.

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  • Jessy Ares Returns to Porn with his Lover Ricky Ares

    Jessy Ares Returns to Porn with his Lover Ricky Ares

    It's getting hard to take porn stars seriously when they announce their retirement and comeback all within the same year. Jessy Ares is the latest in a long long of performers jumping on and off the porn see saw. But it's difficult to fault Ares because he did meet and fall in love with Ricky Ares, a dark-haired and sexy brute. But after filming a scene for Cazzo Club together, Jessy popped the question, and then announced back in October that he was done with porn.

    I get it, new love is grand. But it also makes you do crazy things like walk away from a successful porn career. Why not just say, "I want to take a break for a few months to get to know my new hubby. And fuck like bunnies." It leaves the door open. But for Jessy Ares the door was always pretty much open. He's a sexy man and a well-established performer -- both top and bottom -- so it was a no brainer that Men at Play would gladly have him back in the studio anytime he wanted to return. And totting his handsome and wannabe-pornstar hunk of a lover along with him ... well, they weren't going to say no to that either.

    Jessy is playing an executive who stopped into Ricky's bar to have a drink. The two men lock eyes and the cruise is on. The bar is empty and Jessy could have pretty much jumped on the bar and shoved his ass in Ricky's ass, but he lures the bartender down the hallway leading to the toilets. And this is where Ricky pushes Jessy against the wall and throws a hard fuck into him. Hmmm ... looks like these two hunks are still on their honeymoon, this is one fantastically energetic and sensual fuck.

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  • Jim Almost Couldn't Swallow this Big Puerto Rican Cock

    Jim Almost Couldn't Swallow this Big Puerto Rican Cock

    Calling this video "More than a Mouthful" is an understatement. The pictures don't really do Saul's dick any justice, not when you get a look at the preview video. It's big and thick with foreskin curling behind its pink, fleshy head. And the title comes from the fact that cocksucker Jim tried getting his mouth around Saul's meat and almost couldn't do it. But Jim's the latest resident cocksucker over at New York Straight Men, so he eventually figured it out.

    Saul is Puerto Rican; he's bald with a full, dark beard -- so fucking sexy -- and he's a lawyer. I wouldn't hold that against him, I'd still suck his cock, but maybe I'd bill him in 5-minute increments.

    And Saul doesn't mind giving head too and gets down between Jim's legs before the cocksucker is back kneeling with his mouth open and getting ready for Saul's big dick to start shooting jizz.

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  • The Daddy Mystique


    No, I don't mean Mystique's daddy, as in Mystique from the X-Men universe. That would be some blue mutant guy who can shape shift, assuming he has the same powers as his lovely blue daughter. I mean daddies, as in gay daddies, as in older guys with that certain something, totally in the eye of whomever is looking.

    There are muscle daddies, sugar daddies, bottom daddies, grand daddies, daddy bears, ftm daddies, and daddy long legs. Okay, that last one is a spider, not a gay archetype. Although next time you see a tall daddy with thin legs who walks sideways and/or on walls and hangs out in your garage and/or bathroom sink, call that man a daddy long legs for fuck's sake!

    For me, daddy has power because it calls up intimacy and difference, and on some level, a sexual admiration for men of a certain age, generally a positive thing (as long as, in my opinion, people see beyond the archetype to the individual at least sometimes). Of course, that age which defines a daddy is totally up in the air. Is a 35 year old a potential daddy? He is if he's got the look, demeanor and barely legal arm candy. Or a briefcase, some gray hair (minimum of three), and a pair of golf shoes.

    But what if I say sissy daddy? Is that an archetype for the gays? Not that I've heard of but maybe it can be. Or does that make some of us uncomfortable? I think with daddy, there's a big connection to masculinity. Not a surprise. But so too there are effete daddies. Daddies who will take you to the opera. Daddies who play super butch sports like badminton, bocce ball and knitting. Yes, knitting is a sport (and one some uptight daddies who clench their jaws too hard should take up to relax). There are also white collar daddies who never get scruffy and daddies who don't give a damn about how they come off. They just are.

    And that's what I'm drawn to, daddies that just are. They don't even need the word daddy to surround them. They don't need to take over your life. They want you to be your own person. They're confident in themselves right back. So when I think of the fascination with daddies, to me it's not the opposite of twink love as it's about more than age. At first it's a way to draw up a mystique around someone, a way for that man to draw you in, whether purely sexually or also emotionally, spiritually, or as a friend.

    But if/when you get to know him, he can become more than that daddy in your mind, more than a symbol or fantasy. He may wear that label with pride, play with it, and with you, get kinky with it, but you both know, he's him. He has a name besides daddy. And that name is, drum roll, "Daddy Mike" with a capital D and capital M dammit and don't you forget it! Now do the dishes, take out the trash, vacuum the living room, and suck his cock like a vacuum. He's your daddy after all. And you're a daddy's boy or whatever you want to call yourself. Daddy's boy is fucking cute though. Or maybe you're a daddy reading this. In your spectacles and boxers, lounging in bed, on the hunt. Call me!

    Now can someone explain to me the "Daddies Need Daddies Too" button I saw many years ago? Because all I can think it means is that's a good name for a sitcom. A naked sitcom.

  • So Far This Houseboy Does More Sucking Than Housework

    So Far This Houseboy Does More Sucking Than Housework

    I never understood the appeal of Johnny Rapid. But then I watched him screwing Dirk Caber in MEN.com's Stepfather's Secret. No, Johnny didn't top Dirk. But that's the point. That's the appeal. While Dirk's cock was definitely in Johnny's ass, it was Johnny who did most of the fucking, swirling his tiny ass back and forth on Dirk's hard-on. Then he sat on Dirk's hard-on and rode the older man until he saw stars. By the end of that first scene I was thinking: Okay. I get it. Johnny Rapid is a top's dream come true. He knows how to make a man's dick feel good.

    Dirk Caber and Johnny Rapid are back in a new series called Houseboy. In the first episode, hairy hunk Paul Wagner hires Rapid to be his houseboy. And in this second episode, Wagner's friends, Dirk Caber and Billy Santoro, stop by for a visit and the houseboy is supposed to see to their every need. That's an invitation, isn't it?

    As you'd expect, Dirk and Billy take turns fucking the houseboy's ass. Billy goes first, then Dirk. And finally, the three men end up pile fucking. And this is the scene stealer. Johnny kneels on the couch, Billy kneels and fucks him doggy style, and daddy Dirk brings up the rear plugging Billy's ass. Watching Santoro grunting back and forth between his two buddies was pretty horny to watch.

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  • Foreskin Slide - The Hottest Thing I've Seen All Week

    Foreskin Slide - The Hottest Thing I've Seen All Week

    Have you ever watched a porno so hot that you start dirty talking to your screen? Or maybe you intended to stroke and edge for a long time, but you were so turned on that your nuts lets you down after 49 seconds? Top man Sebastian Rios hasn't been filming a lot, but this week he returns to Raw Fuck Club and watching him screwing Christian Matthews got me so revved up. I'm not going to be able to get on with my day until I make a mess all over my glass-top desk. If I can last 49 seconds, it'll be a miracle.

    So what got me so worked up? It isn't that Sebastian has a big cock, that he's handsome or Latin. And it's not that Christian has been panting so hard while getting boned that his face is flushed. It's one simple thing -- seeing Sebastian's foreskin sliding up and down his shaft as he slowly pumps Christian's hole.

    Rios pulls his bone out and Christian's hole hangs onto his hood for a second before letting go, then Rios pushes back in and his skin slowly smooths down the length of his hard-on. Without a word of a lie, seeing this got me rocking in my chair saying "Oh yeah baby, fuck me." It was as if I were there down on all fours. Hottest thing I've seen all week.

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  • My What a Big Bush You Have

    big bush

    Pubes. Bush. Cock hair. Secondary sexual characteristic. Forest. Tumbleweeds. Penis wig. Um, XXX thesaurus please! I've run out of terms already but that's okay because when you're into it, you want to do lots of things in which talking isn't required.

    Preferences vary (even OK Cupid has it as a compatibility question) with some folks exclusively liking it natural. Could be how it looks. How it feels. Tickles. Smells. What it seems to say about someone. But no need to analyze why. It's a hardwired preference I'm sure.

    Still, there's nothing unnatural about manscaping as it's a man choosing to do it out of a natural desire. And then there's one guy having a full bush and the other guy not. Fuck, it's already two guys. Why not create and enjoy differences between each other?

    Oh wait, I just thought of one more: carpet. As in the carpet matches the drapes. Extremely masculine drapes of course. Burlap even.

    So what's your preference down there? Is it the same for you and who you're with? And what if you're into big bush and at an orgy where everyone has the desired big bush except for one big-dicked guy with zero bush? Do you run screaming from the airport Marriott or deal with it and orgy on?

    P.S. Check out Brad Kalvo's bush in action!