• Horny Bear Men Fuck in Fiveway

    Horny Bear Men Fuck in Fiveway

    When military bears Bearsilien and Bo Francis come on scene, they find three of their buddies fucking. Actually, they've caught the end of this threeway which was featured on Bear Films a few weeks back. Sam Wyze has his boots on Guy English's shoulder and the bald daddy is pumping hole, meanwhile bearded Joe Hardness is stuffing his big meaty cock down Sam's throat. The two late comers start necking with each other, strip out of their military gear, and join their three naked buddies.

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  • Rocco Steele Fucks Billy Santoro

    Rocco Steele Fucks Billy Santoro

    Rocco Steele hasn't even started pushing his monster cock inside Billy Santoro and Billy is whimpering. Shit, Rocco's cock isn't even near Billy's hole and he's already complaining with nervous laughs and protests. Then Rocco finally starts inching it in and Billy pants and lets out a series of loud ahs, ah-has, and ohs. Rocco eases up before he's halfway in. Poor Billy has a way to go yet before he's got all of this monster cock in his ass. I saw Billy's vlog where he talked about how Rocco really fucked him good in this Raging Stallion video -- I guess he wasn't exaggerating. Come inside and see how he does.

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  • Eric Nero & Adam Herst Flip Flop in "Catch 22"

    Eric Nero & Adam Herst Flip Flop in "Catch 22"

    When I opened up the pack of pictures for Titan Men's Catch 22, it was a bit of a good news, bad news, oh really good news affair. I first saw Adam Herst's eyes bulging out of his head when he catches sight of Eric Nero's monster cock, then he sucks it. That's the good news. Then I saw a picture of Adam fucking Nero on the bed. Shit! Bad news. I hate huge cocks that are for display purposes only. But then I saw Herst lying back taking his turn on the bottom. So this is a flip flop scenes. That's really good news.

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  • Bald Men Fucking on a Motorcycle

    Bald Men Fucking on a Motorcycle

    Do you ever watch those reality car shows where they overhaul some old junker? This new Hot Older Male video is sort of like that, at least until the dicks come out. Charlie Harding is bellowing at Scotty Rage (his lover in real life) and Victor West that he wants this motorcycle finished by 5 p.m., then he storms off. Scotty grumbles, then rubs his screwdriver over Victor's bulge suggesting they do something else. "What do you have?" a very cocky Victor asks. I don't know about you, but Scotty Rage could be packing a vagina and I'd still play with him. Well, maybe not, but ... Come inside and see what they get up to on that motorcycle.

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  • 70-Year-Old Daddy Fucks Furry Bottom

    70-Year-Old Daddy Fucks Furry Bottom

    Wait until you see Alvaro go. He's 70 years and still horny as hell. What else is there to do when you're retired? I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to chasing ass all day like Alvaro. Nick Bay is a sexy guy in his late twenties, he's a bottom, and he loves playing with older men. In fact, Alvaro is the fifth man he's serviced on Older 4 Me, his first session saw him helping a pair of lovers in their sixties have their first threeway. Ain't love grand? Come inside and see Alvaro fucking Nick's ass.

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  • Bear Films: Adam Hill & Kam Coburn

    Bear Films: Adam Hill & Kam Coburn

    Adam Hill and Kam Coburn are dating and there's such a connection going on between them. Adam is the handsome dark-haired guy and Kam is his ginger bruiser. These two aren't into wham-bam, thank you ma'am kinds of sex - they're much more into taking their time to explore each other's furry, chubby bodies. On this Sunday afternoon at Bear Films they take turns sucking each other before Kam buries his face in Adam's great big ass. Then Kam makes love to his chunky lover, filling him with his cock.

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  • Raging Stallion: Johnny V & Jaxton Wheeler

    Raging Stallion: Johnny V & Jaxton Wheeler

    Blond muscle hunk Johnny V is waiting for a good pounding at Raging Stallion. Hairy hunk with shaggy hair Jaxton Wheeler has a big, thick cock that could sate Johnny's voracious appetite, and that's exactly what he does. Johnny starts by swallowing Jaxton's throbbing tool. Now bent over a bench, Johnny gets Jaxton's bell-end pressed against his hole that slowly loosens to invite him in. They lock into an intense pounding, with Jaxton thrusting his cock in and out of Johnny's fuck hole.

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  • Drew Kingston & Russ Magnus at Butch Dixon

    Drew Kingston & Russ Magnus at Butch Dixon

    Russ Magnus was given his pick of the Butch Dixon stable and brought in this stunning, HUNG, stud, Drew Kingston, for a sizzling, spunky, bareback fuckathon. Russ shows off his deep throat skills aswell as his very talented ass hole which is is soon reduced to a stretched, sopping spunky mess by Drew's impressive, rock-hard tool.

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  • Jesse Jackman & Donnie Dean Flip Flip in "Pacific Coast"

    Jesse Jackman & Donnie Dean Flip Flip in "Pacific Coast"

    Every time I see Jesse Jackman's big hooked cock, I wonder how any man is able to take that thing up their ass. I once played with an Iranian guy sporting a severely downward-curved dick like Jesse's and I had no idea how to get this unbendable rod in my ass. Maybe a dentist's chair would have come in handy. In Titan Men's last episode of "Pacific Coast," Donnie Dean doesn't have much problem swallowing Jackman's dick from either end, but then he rarely does.

    And like I said, this is the last scene from Titan Men's "Pacific Coast" and all three of them capture men fucking outdoors. Hunter Marx finds Trent Davis wandering along a road in the woods and he throws Trent over the bed of his truck and fucks his ass. Newcomer Eric Nero debuts his giant cock, briefly letting Ricky Decker try to suck it before he lies back and gets a deep screwing from the hairy top.

    In this episode, Jesse Jackman and Donnie Dean fuck each other in the backyard behind the house. They're both superb cocksuckers, but Donnie definitely has the bigger job. And since Jackman fucks Dean first, it's Jackman's hairy torso that gets covered in cream after Donnie fucks him on the table.

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  • Acrobatic Fucking on a Dining Room Table

    Acrobatic Fucking on a Dining Room Table

    I don't know if I'm energetic or flexible enough to be a pornstar. Jalil Jafar rolls and flips Aitor Bravo all over this dining room table and they make it look so easy. But then, if my reward was Jafar's beautiful cock, I'd fetch, roll over, play dead just like Rover, and I'd do anything else the sexy hunk might ask me to do. This scene is called "The Runner" and it's from Kristen Bjorn's "Raw Adventures" series. And it starts off with Jafar and Bravo spying each other while out for their morning run. Come inside and see the antics they get up to.

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