• Big Strapping Bear Cub Jake at Spunkworthy

    Big Strapping Bear Cub Jake at Spunkworthy

    Jason at Spunkworthy met big, cuddly bear cub Jake at a BBQ last summer. Jason gave the good-looking hunk a card, but it took a while for Jake to make the call because he was worried about his girlfriend finding out. Jake was nervous at first, but a couple of minutes in and he was hitting his stride. With his long legs spread out before him, he strokes his bone until he covers that hairy belly and chest with a creamy load of jizz.

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  • Paco Has Sausage For Breakfast

    Paco Has Sausage For Breakfast

    I don't know how men fuck in sneakers. Sure, if you're tromping around the woods at night, you've got to wear shoes, but while fucking in bed? I can't even leave my socks on. But it does look pretty sexy, doesn't it? Jean Franko and newcomer Paco sit down to have some breakfast in this new Fuckermate video. Franko says, "I have something for you," and rises and hauls out his big meaty cock. Paco's in the mood for some sausage for breakfast (sorry I had to go there) so he crawls across the table and starts chowing down.

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  • The Gardener Has an Erection Problem

    The Gardener Has an Erection Problem

    Tommy Defendi's new bushy beard is quite polarizing. Guys either think he looks like hell or they're quite attracted to his new hipster or Amish look, whatever you want to call it. I fall into the latter group. I've been distressed for months with all the bare pubes and sculpted eyebrows that have been taking over not only the gay porn scene, but gay men in general -- I hate that a lot of men have stopped looking like men. So I'm quite happy to see Tommy bucking the trend and bushing out his beard.

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  • "You're a Messy Little Fucker, Aren't You?"

    "You're a Messy Little Fucker, Aren't You?"

    How do you feel about bears? Do you shy away from a little belly? Would you bend over the bathroom vanity and take an ass full of Aiden Storm's cock? I watched Aiden in this new scene for Hairy and Raw and he's definitely a poster boy for "don't judge a bear by his belly." He's worth bending over for.

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  • "I Want Your Cock Inside Me."

    "I Want Your Cock Inside Me."

    Marcus Isaacs is so horny to get Red's big dick in his hole that he doesn't even finish taking off his sweatpants and sneaker. A couple of minutes into this TIM Fuck scene, he rolls over on his back and throws his leg on the back of the sofa, his track pants still dangling around his ankle. Can you blame him? Red has a beautiful 10-inch uncut cock.

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  • "Keep My Fucking Cock in Your Ass, Bitch!"

    "Keep My Fucking Cock in Your Ass, Bitch!"

    Handsome, bearded and sporting a fat uncut cock, Cristo is my idea of the perfect fuck buddy. And he fucks like bull. Arno is the sexy bald and bearded bottom in this scene from Wurst Film Club and he's horny for a hard ass fucking. He calls up his buddy and Cristo is there in a snap.

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  • Ray Nicks Knows How to Work a Cock

    Ray Nicks Knows How to Work a Cock

    Why would Titan Men make us wait ten months for another look at handsome Ray Nicks? Back in January they featured the sexy bearded hunk getting his ass fucked by Shay Michaels in "Worked Over," and now finally he's back in Titan's new DVD "Day Into Night."

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  • Rogan Richards Is Back on Top

    Rogan Richards Is Back on Top

    If you were around last week no doubt you saw Rogan Richards' big debut as a bottom over at Titan Men. And this week he's back and giving Abraham Al Malek a signature Rogan rough fuck in Raging Stallion's "The Tourist." (If you missed my post "Did I Need to See Rogan Richards Bottoming?" you can see previews there.)

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  • A Hard Fuck Goodbye

    A Hard Fuck Goodbye

    I thought my favourite bear was done with porn filming. I haven't seen Marc Angelo for a long while. But then this new scene from Bear Films popped into my mailbox this week. And Marc Angelo is very much back and fucking the ass off beefy cub Rex Blue. Well, sort of back, let me explain.

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  • "Whose Ass Is That?"

    "Whose Ass Is That?"

    Troy Webb is one of those porn hunks who drives me crazy. He's hairy and built like a linebacker, he's bald and bearded -- he's insanely sexy. But I think he's one of those hobbyist performers who comes out a couple of times a year, makes a porno, then disappears. I'd love to see a lot more of him, but two videos a year is all I seem to get. All kvetching aside, I'm ecstatic to see him back in his third video over at Hairy and Raw.

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