• My What a Big Bush You Have

    big bush

    Pubes. Bush. Cock hair. Secondary sexual characteristic. Forest. Tumbleweeds. Penis wig. Um, XXX thesaurus please! I've run out of terms already but that's okay because when you're into it, you want to do lots of things in which talking isn't required.

    Preferences vary (even OK Cupid has it as a compatibility question) with some folks exclusively liking it natural. Could be how it looks. How it feels. Tickles. Smells. What it seems to say about someone. But no need to analyze why. It's a hardwired preference I'm sure.

    Still, there's nothing unnatural about manscaping as it's a man choosing to do it out of a natural desire. And then there's one guy having a full bush and the other guy not. Fuck, it's already two guys. Why not create and enjoy differences between each other?

    Oh wait, I just thought of one more: carpet. As in the carpet matches the drapes. Extremely masculine drapes of course. Burlap even.

    So what's your preference down there? Is it the same for you and who you're with? And what if you're into big bush and at an orgy where everyone has the desired big bush except for one big-dicked guy with zero bush? Do you run screaming from the airport Marriott or deal with it and orgy on?

    P.S. Check out Brad Kalvo's bush in action!

  • Nick Capra Selfies All Over Himself

    Nick Capra Selfies

    What does a porn star do when not being photographed or sexually videotaped? Why take nude and seminude selfies and post them on ye olde Twitter, that's what! Thank you, Mr. Studly Gay Porn Guy Nick Capra, aka @nickcapra, for being you.

    And I just had to pass along more than one of his recent shots. This fella with the amazing jawline, grin and eyes (and, oh yeah, body body body) is a serious nudity and camera addict. Whatever we can do to support his dual addictions (like gaze at his flirty selfies) let's do it.

    So after Nick selfies all over himself, what does he wipe up with, a selfie rag? Selfie: it's a noun, adjective and verb now. But not an adverb. Noah Webster, though long dead, just couldn't take it as an adverb.

    P.S. You may recall that our man Vincent recently interviewed Nick about his comeback and teased his yummy comeback scene where Nick (of course) fucks hole, insertively, with his daddy penis. Check those out for more on the man behind and in front of the camera.

  • Edu Boxer Returns to Men at Play After 9 Years

    Edu Boxer Returns to Men at Play After 9 Years

    I didn't even know that Edu Boxer had retired from porn until he made his comeback a few weeks ago. He was a very sexy man and I used to enjoy watching him. But then his films stopped coming and I didn't even notice. It's not like I had a regular spot to go every week or month to look for his scenes, he filmed with a lot of different studios. So without a big retirement announcement, it's easy to lose track of a performer, even if he's a fave. The porn business is very "out of sight, out of mind."

    So when Edu Boxer popped back up in his first scene in nine years, I took notice. Edu Boxer fucks Martin Mazza on a Spanish site called HardKinks. And this week, he's returning to one of his old haunts, Men at Play. Boxer helps introduce newcomer Dani Robles, who is doing his first scene with the site.

    I see that after nine years away Edu Boxer still hasn't learned English, or maybe it's Dani Robles who doesn't speak English. Dani comes into the gym in his suit and tie and chats up Boxer, and then the hunk gives Robles some workout tips in Italian. I always find it sexy listening to porn hunks speaking another language, especially the dirty talk. And these two Italian hunks are on fire.

    Boxer doesn't care that Robles is really fussy about getting his suit dirty. He bends the executive over a workout bench, grabs a hold of his suit's coat tails like a saddle horn and rides Robles' ass roughly. And when it's time to unload his nuts, again, Boxer isn't careful about where he lets it fly. This poor businessman's shirt and tie are completely covered in jizz. But Robles is too exhausted to care.

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  • Ginger Bottom Loves This Screwing

    Ginger Bottom Loves This Screwing

    You literally cannot open your browser these days without bumping into Brad Kalvo. This hairy hunk is everywhere, which happens to be a good thing since he really turns my crank. But new meat is a welcome sight too. Ginger bottom Devan Bryant is rolling around Cocksure Men's bed and he thoroughly enjoys Kalvo's hard-on.

    This is a sexy pairing largely because they're opposites in so many ways. Kalvo is beefier and covered in fur, Bryant is lean and smooth. They're both sporting beards, Kalvo's dark and Bryant's is bright orange. Both men are hung, although Devan's cock is longer and meatier. And even their skin tones are different. Devan is a typical ginger with pale skin and freckles and Brad is a slightly bronzed by the sun.

    Devan kisses his way down Brad's hairy chest and belly before finally deep throating the hunk's dick. He doesn't even ask if Brad wants to fuck him, he just climbs on top and sits on his cock. (But we knew that was going to happen anyway.) Kalvo enjoys all the attention, but he likes being in control too, so he pushes the ginger stud over on his belly and pounds the hell out of his ass. Devan's a vocal bottom and lets us know he's really enjoying this screwing.

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  • Rogan Richards Pounds Hugo Vergari

    Rogan Richards Pounds Hugo Vergari

    Rogan Richards is a big name top in the gay porn industry. His style of topping is quite intense and powerful. So when it comes to finding a bottom to match Rogan with, Hugo Vergari comes to mind. It is actually a perfect match because Hugo likes to get it rough, especially from a big bodybuilder like Rogan.

    Getting right to business Hugo gets into position. He is promptly pounded in Rogan's signature style. Which is hard and rough. Hugo is so turned on he cannot help himself. His load gets shot all over his abs. Undeterred Rogan just keeps on pounding away until he is ready to cum. We don't have to wait long as his load sprays all over Hugo, who is now one wet and sticky guy.

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  • This Daddy's Looks Are Deceiving

    This Daddy's Looks Are Deceiving

    Mickey Collins is a prime example of how you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, or in this case, don't think you're going to get your ass pounded off just because Collins is a big, muscular daddy. When this Butch Dixon video opens, Collins walks into the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist and showing off his strong shoulders and chest.

    But time and again, my fantasies have been dashed when this sexy daddy bends over and gets his ass pumped. I have seen him top, but more often than not, he's offering his beefy ass to some horny top man.

    But in this new video from Butch Dixon, we don't have to share Mickey Collins. He's soaping up in the shower and working up a lather on his stiff cock. And watch out because he's a noisy fucker when he cums.

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  • Man, I Hope Victor West Is Fixin' to Make a Lot of Porn

    Man, I Hope Victor West Is Fixin' to Make a Lot of Porn

    If you work in a men's underwear store, you've probably had this fantasy about one of your customers. Hairy hunk Brad Kalvo is checking out the underwear and bathing suits while the store clerk is checking him out. Kalvo knows he's being watched. He's a head turner, he's used to it. And he works it with shy glances, nods, and smirks. Oh my. I'd be locking that store door and throwing up the "Gone for Lunch" sign.

    But it's not all about Brad. Victor West is a sexy hunk of man and I can see why Brad wants to get something happening here. This bearded and furry daddy popped up in a Hot Older Male picture gallery in 2012 and then headed back to Oklahoma. I watched and waited, but no video ever came. Until now. But when I first saw West in the promo pics for this scene I thought, "Who is that? I know him." And when I heading inside HOM and saw his 2012 gallery -- OH HIM! FINALLY!

    Was he worth the wait? Most assuredly. Not only is Victor a handsome man, but he sure can suck dick. He gets down on his knees and swallows Kalvo's dick. He doesn't need any help or instruction, no back-of-the-head nudges to go faster or deeper, Victor knows how to take care of a man's cock. Brad just stands there in awe of what's happening to his dick. And watching that black beard bobbing on Kalvo's meat, well, my glass-top desk quickly became very messy and I haven't even gotten to the fucking yet. So with my last assignment of the week done, I'm off to watch these two hairy hunks fuck.

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  • Mixing Business with Pleasure - Bentley Race Gets His Face Creamed

    Mixing Business with Pleasure - Bentley Race Gets His Face Creamed

    I guess Ben from Bentley Race is too busy gallivanting around the world because when he saw Aybars on a profile site, he had no idea the hairy hunk was a porn star. Ben was recently in Munich and he hit up Aybars and wondered if he'd be interested in modelling for Bentley Race. And of course Aybars agreed.

    If you're like Ben and aren't familiar with Aybars, he's a German / Turkish hunk who lives in Europe, but he's done quite a bit of filming for Raging Stallion Studios in their Arabian Nights series of DVDs. And now Bentley Race is having his turn with the sexy Turk ... all alone in a hotel room -- what a lucky bastard!

    And one of the perks of running your own porn site is that if the models are into it, you can mix business with pleasure. And Aybars is into it, so after getting some of the shooting out of the way, Ben hands off the camera to his assistant and wraps his fist around the Turk's thick hard-on. Then Ben swallows and gulps and gets Aybars excited enough that he shoots a big wad of jizz all over Ben's face. Again ... Ben is one lucky guy.

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  • Maverick Men Finally Fuck a Real Man. Can I Get an Amen?

    Maverick Men Finally Fuck a Real Man. Can I Get an Amen?

    I've been pissed off with the Maverick Men for a long time. In case you don't know them, they're a real-life couple who film their sexcapades for their site. They're a couple of hot daddies, but all they ever do is fuck twinkies and 20-something-year-old boys. I've been waiting and waiting for them to fuck anything resembling a man. Oh well, it's not all about me right? A couple of men are allowed to fuck whomever they want.

    Recently a big bearded man named Grumpy Bear hit them up with a selfie video where he said, "Hey Maverick Men, I think it's about time you guys fucked a real man." See, I'm not the only one. So Cole and Hunter invited Grumpy Bear to their hotel room to film a fuck video. Thank God. And I have to say that this scene is well worth the wait.

    I'm guessing Grumpy Bear didn't fully realize how big Cole's dick is. Down on his knees and getting ready to swallow it, GB looks at Cole's monster and huffs, "Holy fuck!" It's almost as if he was thinking, "What have I gotten myself into?" But GB has been sucking dick for a lot of years -- not like those 19-year-old guys Cole has between his legs -- and Cole can't stop talking about how good GB's mouth feels while Hunter runs the camera.

    When Cole is getting ready to fuck GB he hands him the bottle of lube. "Here, you do it. That way you can't say there's not enough lube. It's your responsibility." When Cole slides in, GB lets out a holler and I'm not sure if there isn't enough lube or Cole's dick is too big, or a little of both. It doesn't matter. Cole gives this bear a minute to get used to his bone and then he fucks his "real man" ass just like he asked for. Like I said, well worth the wait.

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  • Two Men in Plaid Shirts and Jockstraps, a Dildo, and a Surprise

    Two Men in Plaid Shirts and Jockstraps, a Dildo, and a Surprise

    Imagine that you arrive home from work to find your lover down on all fours with a dildo shoved up his ass. A nice after-work surprise, especially since you're lover's ass is always so fucking tight and it takes so much work getting in there. But today there will be no fighting because with a dildo shoved up his ass, all you need to do is pull it out and replace it with your own hard dick.

    That's sort of how this new scene from Alpha Males goes. Dolan Wolf has been having a couch wank and playing with a dildo. He's wearing a red, plaid shirt and jockstrap and he's on all fours fucking his hole with the dildo when Bruno Fox enters the room. Bruno, who is also wearing plaid and a jockstraps, takes over and slides the dildo in and out of Dolan's hairy hole, getting the bottom even hornier than he was before.

    But a real dick always feels better, so Dolan gets his mouth on Bruno's big-nobbed cock. He gulps and swallows until it's hard and ready for his ass. Then Bruno mounts Dolan and with the bottom's legs on his shoulders, Bruno drills him and they fuck like this for a while. I notice the timer's getting down and I'm thinking that somebody ought to start cumming. Just when I'm thinking this is going to end with a quick cumshot, a pair of legs appear beside Dolan's head.

    This new man slides his underwear down his legs and Dolan opens his mouth. And fade to black. Fuck! I didn't see that coming. But I can't say I'm disappointed because I was enjoying watching Bruno drilling Dolan, so now I have something to look forward to in the week ahead. I'll keep you posted.

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