• Best Friend

    Night not to forget.

  • Brothers.....Part 2

    Dustin and I get even closer.

  • College Guy's Wishes for his Genie Ch. 03

    After the secret of his genie is revealed, Dale has an exciting new encounter.


    This story is different from others I've written, not my usual fare. It is intended from the start to be more than one chapter long. A serial isn't my favorite format, but this one just came to me out of nowhere. I do hope you enjoy my little tale about Fantastic Mike and David.

  • Snaked on Anjajavy Beach

    Rock star seeks MM debauchery at Madagascar beach club.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 223

    The fireman in Brandon's calendar was, unbelievably, kneeling over him, shirtless, in the flesh. "How often he had jerked off over the muscle-god's picture, imagining what his cock looked like. And now here it was ... in his mouth! The fireman was fucking his face!" Bob visits. "When he unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off the boy gasped. Clark Kent had just ripped open his shirt and become Superman."

  • Friendly Step Brothers (part two - The Next Morning)

    After a night of heart pounding sex, Damon and Ryder continue their tale (I mean tail). Hope you enjoy!

  • Fun On A Full Moon

    Chance with a friend

  • My Teacher, My Pet - Chapter 10

    JD finally meets his idol, superstar Mr. Teenage Atlanta, when he comes to visit.

  • My Uncle's Farm

    My uncle has a farm, where he allows me to work this summer.But I do more than work that summer. I Fall In Love.

  • Off to collage part 1

    We had suck good time and all we did. Was chill fuck and be friends

  • Street View: Chapter One

    A young man with a penchant for musclemen stalks a bodybuilder from his apartment window, hoping to meet the hunk somehow.

  • The Protester's Son

    Mitch's life with his father began to disturb him, make him have nightmares with the conflicted emotions that swirled inside him.

  • Mountain Men - Chapter 4

    The further adventures with Cal, Jr.

  • The Alien

    A bodybuilder has consensual sex with a tentacled alien.

  • the new guy in my life

    We meet in the rugby locker rooms, then I knew who he was the guy from school..

  • the sexyest guy dan he was an abselute god of a person

    What I would do to get in dan pants he was so hot nd sexy ...... Part 1

  • young and the restless

    We got hold of 2 lads trying to jerk of while my cussen sucked me of in the buches. Part 2

  • Caught You

    A sudden encounter in the train station in Prague. (Storyline sent to Bel Ami Online for the Storyline contest in April 2014)

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 14

    RichardAdams needs to disappear for a little while. Tanner is still in a coma and it's been eating away at Greg for the past few days. How much more can Greg take. And we dive into the mind of an unconscious Tanner to see what's going on in his head. Will everything be okay in there? Greg finds himself waking up to something he never expected, and it comes with drastic results. Will everything be okay again? Will Tanner and Greg ever recover from this?

  • love makes you feel gulty

    Well you would love thos one sorry for and spelling mistakes

  • Mike and Wade: Part 2

    Wade had settled in at home and we are having a good time making a home for ourselves. I was swamped with work and Wade was always busy at the shop and loving it. Summer was coming to an end, but we were enjoying the last hot days of summer and planning their future.

  • The day I finally get my cussen to be my fuck buddy

    Summer hade come and my cussen had visid from the state me erick live on a farm 80miles from town and man did we have a nice week

  • The Final Inning

    Brad Green is a highly respected and skilled thirty-nine year old ball player on his major league baseball team. For fifteen years this ruggedly handsome chestnut haired 6'3" 223 muscle bound ball player owned left field on his team with distinction and power. That is until the young Gabe Wilson showed up and took Brad's place at left field. At 6'2" Gabe is a twenty-two year old, dark-haired fun loving stud with gorgeous moviestar looks. At a ripped 210 pounds Gabe possessed the body Michelangelo himself would have chiseled from smooth marble. What happens between these two ball playing studs would change their lives forever. This stand alone story has plenty of raunchy sex but more importantly it's very character-driven. At least I hope so. Tell me what you think. Thanks for reading.

  • The Trouble with Dirk

    Stressing the need to pick spy assets well.