• Broken Armor Ch.5 Gloom & Doom

    "Shh... I don't mind. You need someone to talk too and I'm a good listener. So please." He said, putting a finger to my pale peach colored lips. He grabbed my backpack from the ground and walked me to the passenger side of the car.

  • Building Things - Chapter 13

    Conner sat back on the couch. Alec looked at him sitting next to him, and smiled to himself. His eyes traced Conner and his lower frame and all of the extra goodies. Alec picked up the glass again and took another sip.

  • Butcher, Baker, Twink Taker

    a masculine man who works at a supermarket deli, writes to a Dear Abby like column about his obsession with the bakery boy.

  • Vanilla no more

    I meet a tranny who rocks my world

  • Aquata Cove - Chapter 15

    On the next morning, Adam and Merrick wake up to a beautiful day. In all of the 5 years they have been together, they realize that they have never went on a real date. Merrick takes the bold step into the totally unfamiliar world of humans.

  • Broken Armor Ch.4 Memories

    As we mused quietly about our lives the bell rang for the last class of the day followed by the sound of students who's voices and footfalls were echoing into the faintly lit room.

  • Earning Danny Ch. 07

    Love at last!

  • For Richer or For Poorer Ch 2

    When an unexpected encounter sends Davis into a tailspin, will Bryce stand by him or move on? Is there someone out there trying to destroy Davis' life?

  • Les Is More

    Les is more than just a classmate, he's one hot package of pulsating masculinity.

  • My Best Friend's Father Comes on to Me for Sex

    This is a story about my being surprised or shocked when confronted by Abe for sex, the father of my best friend and fuck buddy Drew.

  • My Marine Brother

    When my brother, Mike, came home on leave from the Marines, our relationship grew stronger.

  • My Teacher, My Pet Chapter 2

    JD shows his math teacher who's boss.

  • Pillar To Post

    Three mini short stories that I hope you enjoy.

  • A Night with Jim (Part 2)

    Continuation of the same night

  • An Assortion Of Events - A Rick In The Woods - Part One

    These stories will follow a collection of central characters or just revolve around the one, Jack. I hope you enjoy and please comment (any suggestions will be appreciated). In this These stories will follow a collection of central characters or just revolve around the one, Jack. I hope you enjoy and please comment (any suggestions will be appreciated). In this Jack gets a taste of how overwhelming a sex drive can be.

  • Bad Neighbors

    Old West male hooker shows he cares.

  • Broken Armor Ch.3 Locks & Songs

    "Hey!!" I said closing my locker. "Thanks again for your help earlier." I said thinking about the favor Song said we might owe him.

  • Building Things - Chapter 12

    They all sat around the table on the deck on the deck. Phoebe had come back with more tea and had served them...

  • Catch In The Act

    This is about a thief that gets caught and punished.

  • For Richer or For Poorer Ch 1

    Davis and Bryce, best friends since childhood, deal with their rapidly growing feelings for each other. Will they survive when one comes out or will it tear them apart. And what happens when murder and homophobia gets mixed in? Tune in to find out.

  • The Blue Moon - Chapter 2

    Jake and David renew their High School friendship three years after David's Graduation.

  • The Boy Nextdoor part 2

    I couldn't believe it! Here I was in my early 30's. I had always dreamed of having sex with a hot, young stud and here one was seated on my couch stroking his fat, meaty pecker.

  • The Football Game

    Story of Corey and his adventures as a young man.

  • A Night with Jim

    A true story of an older guy finally discovering his true sexuality after years of marriage.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 209

    The trip heightens the boys' sexual appetites. The Marine gazes down at the urchin face of the boy at his feet. "Eat it, boy," Hassan growls. "Eat that soldier's hunk of meat." In the other room Jason lies writhing on his back as the young gypsy rides him, "whooping in triumph, his arm raised like a cowboy on a bucking stallion." And the twins meet two breathtaking new boys. "It was like looking in a mirror."