• Bosses son

    Just me & the bosses 16 year old son.

  • Death in Hollywood 4: Tackling Miss Magda

    Clint pulls information on the day his parents died out of his mother's old girlfriend and returns to the ranch from round two with the horse trainer.

  • My Two Uncles Part 2

    What happened after my dad interrupted me watching my two uncles make love in our spare room...

  • Rancher's Son Has Insatiable Lust For Foreman's Grandson

    Damon, a 20-year-old son of the ranch owner, had uncontrollable sexual urges for 23-year-old Troy, the grandson of the rancher's foreman. Troy had an insatiable sex drive as he constantly dreamed of gay sex. This is the story of Damon and Troy's erotic sexual adventures.

  • The Gamble p2

    Steven poorly attempts to forget what happened whilst Barry plots the next encounter

  • Death in Hollywood 3: Where Is Gene?

    Clint ruminates on his promiscuous life of being laid by four men in 48 hours and then spreads his thighs for a flogging horse trainer.

  • Jungle Jim

    James Stoneman needed a break from his hectic life. He quit his job and went to Brazil: a week in Rio and a cruise to the wilds of the Amazon. Things didn't go as planned and met some of the steamy men of the jungle. After enjoying a lusty shipboard adventure, James was soon lost in the jungle, and is caught by a true man of the jungle; or is it James who has caught his own jungle man?

  • My Sexy Professor #2

    Let the games begin !

  • Unexpected Exploration Part 2

    Things get interesting with Clay.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 261

    Zack, the handsome, dominant leather master has a stunning secret he's never shared with anyone ... until he reveals it to young Brandon. They go on a bike run and, in an old motel, Brandon stares in disbelief. "The black muscle-god stood under a spotlight in leather pants and boots, a studded leather harness crossed over his chest." What follows is something the boy will never forget.

  • Death in Hollywood 2: Back in Tinseltown

    Clint's memories do overtime as he arrives in L.A. for the investigation of the decades-old murder of his parents, and he gets nailed in a motel room by his former black lover

  • My Dark Angel Ch.10 (Continued)

    *Accidentally submitted only the first half before, this is to rectify that mistake*

  • Steve the roofer

    An unexpected pleasure!!!

  • The Masturbation Headshave

    It was time to get my head shaved again and get a real good orgasm.

  • THE SHIP - DAY 5

    The cruise continues as does Craig's search for more cock and cum.

  • THE TAIT CHRONICLES - EPISODE 8 - A Night on the Town

    Andrew and Matt enjoy their fill of food, dancing and fabulous sex.

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.42 High for This

    Fish and Lamb make packing look sexy; Leo and Rex fill Fish and Lamb into what they discovered~

  • Death in Hollywood 1: New York Rut

    Despite being tight with Hank, a bad case sends Clint to a leather bar looking for what he gets; he also gets a call from an old lover who has the best reason for Clint to go to L.A

  • My Dark Angel Ch.10

    James receives some unwanted attention at school..............

  • My Sexy Professor #1

    Young teacher of law trying to be above board with a horny student.

  • Unexpected Exploration

    What happened with my next door neighbor was totally unexpected, but what developed later was even more unexpected.

  • A New Life - 3. The Club

    Frederick introduces me to the Association and Laura gets the first inkling of what might be an alternative life style for us.

  • Aquata Cove - Chapter 47

    Merrick and Adam go to a quaint shopping center in the cruise.

  • Best Buddies

    Married guys experimenting.

  • Gym Sexcapade With Field

    This is my fantasy of having sex for the first time with a high school bully in an almost abandoned gym. Mild D/s alert(Lots of verbal humiliation). Enjoy!

  • Helping out my Uncle

    Brothers Matt and Cody agree to help their Uncle after his divorce but end up helping him out in an unexpected way.

  • My Dark Angel Ch. 09

    James recovers after his ordeal with Iōannēs..............

  • My Navy GUY

    About a guy that I had and still have a very intense feeling for

  • Stuart's First time

    First time gay fuck in gym, blowjob, bareback

  • Team spirit

    Cristiano Ronaldo has never understood what they call "team spirit". To him, the only thing that matters is his personal achievement and glory. --- Hope you will like it, although it's a little rough. Let me know if you like it by leaving your comments and let me know any mistake or misspelling. English is not my native tongue! Of course, this is a work of sheer fiction, I don't know any of the involved characters.