• DOVER - Chapter 44

    Life begins to come together for Callum at Callum's Cross. Holt puts the last piece together of his mother's murder and decides to leave to protect everyone from his father's possible coming for him.

  • Hands

    Slipping his hands down later Jarne pulled me into him. His kissing was tender and sensual, totally unhurried. I felt his ever increasing hardness as we languidly rubbed our bodies together. When we broke apart he smiled and said, "Thank you for staying."

  • Harvey's Training 3

    Harvey gets his cock stuffed and unwillingly enjoys every minute of it until he begs for orgasm.

  • Is It Possible...? The FInal Chapter

    Here's the final chapter of this story and the final chapter of the trilogy. I hope you all enjoy.

  • My first black cock - Pt 2

    It was then that I remember reading that these holes were called 'Glory Holes' and they were there so a guy could stick his cock through it and the guy in the other booth could suck. I even remembered the signal if you wanted to do the sucking. You laid your index finger in the 'hole' then, if the guy was interested in being sucked off, he would stick his cock through.

  • Possibilities with a Frat boy part Three

    All seems wonderful and dreamy but with Scott being still in the closet what will happen when he is tested comes another party when his brother's wants him to fuck the school whore

  • Who's Afraid of Stan Snodgrass?

    Running of the faculty college promotion gauntlet.

  • Check-Up

    Fido's owner takes him for a thorough examination, including nipple, cock and prostate sensitivity as well as having his virgin asshole checked for tightness.

  • Coach Teddy Catches Derek Fucking Hot Soccer Player Tommy

    Upon arriving home, Coach Teddy catches graduate student and tutor Derek fucking hot soccer player Tommy. Tommy begs the Coach: "Can we do anything to keep you from telling what you saw?" What will Coach Teddy decide?

  • My first black cock - Pt 1

    no description available for this story.

  • Deer Camp 3

    I wrapped my hand around his hairy ballsac, and pulled his dangles up and away from his taint. The other hand now free, I slippped a two fingers beneath his taint, unto his pulsing ass lips, and began to massage.Ray's whole body tensed up at that. His stomach muscles stood out in stark ridges, visible despite the heavy coating of hair.

  • Evan - Chapter 22

    Evan is confused by Tyler's reaction and wants to know what is wrong with him.

  • JP

    What JP didn't know as he was transported to jail, was that he would be spending his time with a cellmate named Gullah. Gullah's real name was Gareth, and Gullah was a shortening of his nickname which was Gulliver.

  • My Wolf - Part 5

    After spending months running from the very person that torn his family apart and took everything from him. His old pack Alpha has finally found him, in this conclusion what will Sam do? Will he fight the most powerful Alpha in existence to save his mate and pack or will he run and leave them to his mercy?

  • Random Moments part #1

    "If I wanted you dead I would have my Beretta in my hand, you Bastard,"Breaking-up is hard to do....Miles and Greg split up.....but Miles finds his next door neighbor has a shoulder to cry on....

  • The Prince and the Pleasurehouse

    Prince Viro Proteus Primus is next in line for the throne. But when his father, the king, gives him an unpleasant task, he and his friend Galen must come up with a plan to get him out of it.

  • Deer Camp 2

    With a whimper, Ray dove back onto my dick, capturing my cum in his mouth.My hips bucked into his face, as I emptied my load, into him.I felt him go stiff, than I could feel globs hitting my legs and feet to be washed away by the shower.

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 3

    Eric and Kayla celebrate Thanksgiving with the Chandler family. Michael makes surprising announcement.

  • How it Started

    At first, we agreed to do it to each other in order to have it done to ourselves, but I quickly realized that I loved the erotic sensation of being down on my knees with his hard cock sliding between my lips and filling my mouth.

  • Aquata Cove - Chapter 60

    A few moons pass after Merrick's joining the Kenovani Pod. He tries to teach Arnaav to hunt, and Syrinx tries to reach out to him.

  • Deer Camp 1

    Inside I was greeted by an assortment of men of varying ages.The oldest. Ray's Dad, to the youngest, Cole, his nephew.Not everyone was here yet, so it looked to be quite a crowd.End count, 12 men.

  • Evan - Chapter 21

    Evan has finally done it. He said yes. Tyler is on his way to pick him up.

  • Jhonny And His Brother Part 2

    Jhonny was intent on getting a real blowjob and he had brought along his brother also.

  • The Bus Driver

    Like often happens I was sitting near the front and the driver and I were talking. Then out of nowhere the driver told me, "One of the other bus drives told him that you sucked his cock for him."

  • TJ - Chapter 3

    After waking up together, Billy and Tommy eat at Tommy's place before heading to Billy's house where things get 'heated'.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 293

    The twins offer new boy Danny a job - and their bodies. "Danny was mesmerized by the sight of two brothers making love to him, endlessly reflected in the parallel mirrors, surrounding him with an infinity of identically beautiful boys." Thomas, the egotistic young gymnast, is humiliated by leather-master Zack who uses him as "a captive specimen in teaching his boy Darius how to train a new recruit."

  • Barracks Buddies

    A discussion of blowjobs turns into the real thing!

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 2

    Eric gives up his ass for the first time, Kayla defends Michael's honour and ends up in detention. Charlotte makes a promise that will have devastating effects on both Michael and Eric....

  • Incarcerated For The Weekend

    Changing positions a while later I entered Blake from behind. Pulling the sock from Blake's mouth, Aaron told him that he was going to face-fuck him. Slapping Blake's face he threatened to tear his head off if he felt teeth.

  • Who Knew?

    It was such an exciting scene that I couldn't resist getting my dick out and stroking it. I never thought I could be so 'turned on' just by watching.