• Apartment 607 - Part 1

    Gary and Jill live apartment 607.....

  • Building Things - Chapter 38

    Happy 4th to everyone! And this year should be a better 4th for everyone with the ruling that was passed. God bless intelligent decisions!


    CHAPTER - 2&3, Made some changes as i have said in chapter 1. Tony and Scott is now in for the first two strangest weeks of their lifes or maybe it is just the begining. Scott wants to find real feelings, and Tony is trying to figure a lot of things out not just his emotions.

  • Edgy Partners

    Son connects with his father's spy past and murder.

  • Fallen Into Hogwarts

    This is a fanfiction of the Harry Potter universe and i hope you like it. i will only continue if it gets a good response. A guy is given a choice, a new place and a new world and a story will unfold. Would love to get someone to help me in my writing not just this one, in profreading etc... please contact me on my email if your intrested. Hope you enjoy reading this :)

  • Fallen Into Hogwarts CHAPTER 2

    A mysterious guy with lost memory, a trip to Gringotts and a wierd made wand. Two kisses and alot of feelings, this are starting to take a turn...

  • Horny College Jock Pursues Classmate for Cum Meal: PT 2

    Cal, a former college quarterback after graduate from his college, moves to Tennessee and becomes a graduate student at The University of Tennessee. He meets fellow graduate student Johan and continues his successfully seduction of the hot Swede. In part 2 there is a wild surprise when a hot male waiter joins in an orgy with Cal and Johan.

  • Into The Water

    Meeting new friends and much more...

  • Into The Water

    Micah meets new friends and much more...

  • Last College Daze

    Hold up wait a minute y'all thought I was finish. I'm back!!!! It's about that time to get back to my life in college. You ready?

  • The Boxer

    Home on leave from the Army, I discover that pleasures can include family members.

  • The Handy Man

    When I need a few jobs done around the house I got more than I was bargaining for...

  • To Desire

    To desire someone, to want them to the point of obsession and yet, feel it is futile, a situation that torments and it is probably best to move on.

  • Meeting Dad - Part 3

    In a play-pit, Rhys meets the magnificent Austin, and the incredible Snake......

  • The Park Man Chapter 1

    Tim wanted something different . . . he wanted man sex

  • Too Young to Know Better

    This is the true story of my first time. I tried to be as accurate as I could and although it might not be the 'steamiest' story, its real.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 272

    The cop Mark and his surfer boy Jamie make love - watched in awe by the newcomer Grady, the handsome young movie actor. "Dude, this is so fucking hot ... what's the cop gonna do to him?" "Duh! What do you think he's gonna do, dipshit? The boy's ass is grass." Then Mark invites Grady to join them. Later, Eddie, playing pool-boy like a scene from a movie, rescues Grady from the paparazzi.

  • Aquata Cove - Chapter 51

    After the drunken night, Adam wakes to remember his terrible mistakes, and rushes to try and make amends.

  • Dragon Fly and Sabastian #1

    Sabastian is homophobic....."What the fuck! I will not live with a gay guy!" What will happen between him and Dragon Fly ?????

  • Fucked by a killing machine

    A marine always gets what he wants.

  • Just a dream

    I think this was a dream or was it....mike gets lucky with his doctor

  • Meeting Dad - Part 2

    Rhys meets the other inmates of the trailer park

  • Marine Called Jason - Part 12

    The Epilogue Chapters 18 to 30 from the series: a Marine Called Jason.

  • Becoming their slut Ch.3

    Will (Daddy) returns from his shopping trip after my bukkake initiation with the others

  • Cigarette Break

    I am not advocating that smokers quit, or that non-smokers start smoking. It just so happens that a cigarette break might be just the place to meet the love of your life.

  • Meeting Dad - Part 1

    Matt did not know he had a son named Rhys, and Rhys did not know he had an older brother

  • Salvation

    Dana felt trapped, felt the forbidden nature of his desires and he sought an outlet for his longings.

  • Sandwich chapter 4

    2 bi men 1 female

  • THE RETURN Chapter 5

    Gerry pushed the other's trunks down beyond his thighs, ducked down and took the exposed massive cock in his mouth licking the mushroom head and tasting the sweet saltiness that leaked from it. Anton lifted him and laid him on the bed, then took his cock deep in his throat.

  • You Don't Have To (Chapter Seven)

    "Alvin." I managed to say. "Hi Jake." He says, handing me a bouquet of flowers.