• A Trial Of Strength - Part 250

    Mark is dazzled by his boy Jamie's exhibitionist performance as a gym jock showing off his muscular young body for Lloyd who has body-worship fantasies. Then the cop and his boy team up and jackhammer Lloyd and Doctor Steve. But things turn serious when Pablo challenges Jamie to a fight. Randy and Mark join in, ending with one master and his boy pounding the asses of the losers.

  • Awake And Aroused - PCS Kaneohe Marine Part 5

    James has slept and recharged after the night with his three fuck-buds. He awakes aroused as usual. Luckily his ringing phone brings him another opportunity . . .

  • Christmas On Campus

    The excitement caused precum to gush out into his hair. I squeezed my cock to stop the flow. Rich leaned back, lapping his way up the underside of my cock.

  • Cumming in London| FINAL ACT.

    Houston wants to Fuck Dallas so badly that he decides to blackmail him into sleeping with him. As the heat and lust builds, London decides to get in on the action... Find out who Dallas ends up with. Houston or London?

  • Doug Brady, Marine

    It was one of those rare times when the day was over before the sun went down. Doug Brady finished drying off beside his bunk and slipped into a pair of white briefs. Then he dug out the only letter he'd gotten at mail call from his locker. It was only the second letter he'd received from Scott, his best friend from high school, since he'd been in basic.

  • Going Sharking

    Damon and Chump set themselves loose in a rowdy roadhouse.

  • In The Melee (ITM)

    Opportunities present themselves at the most awkward of times such moments cannot be forsaken. They must be grasped, used, when they are presented. A person must express what one feels towards a former love lost. This man attempts to make use of such an opportunity. Or does he waste it? (NON-sexual story)

  • Mr. Maleficent presents... Sexual Deviance S01E07 "Inducted"

    Inducted (Excerpt from Prison Politics Unrated) - The tale of how secondary character, Tiny Zeke was introduced into the prison and how Aarif "Big Reef" Jenkins was introduced into the lifestyle


    A look at our newly refurbished gay sauna.....and wow!!.


    I buddy and I find that we really like each other!


    The continuation of Matthias' and Alejandro's night together.

  • The Boys of White Oaks Chapter 10

    When Scott gets jealous, Brad gets fucked in more ways than one. Marcus is beyond nervous about his date with the dreamy lawyer Anderson.


    After an unusual introduction to gay sex, I realized that it was the life I was meant to live.

  • Birthday Gift

    When I came out of him my dick was still cumming, Peter got down on his knees and started drinking the remaining sperm.

  • Brocker, Baseball Player

    Brocker was a major leaguer who had been in the papers and all over the news for speaking out so bluntly against gays and coloreds. They were sending him back to the minors to get his head on straight and get his shit together; a form of sensitivity training, they said.

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.28 Here there are Lions

    Leo and Rex kick off their date, but Ramsey decides to pop up and ruin shit. He reveals some interesting news to Leo.; Lamb is walking around like a nervous chicken on pins and needles. An unexpected visitor darkens his doorstep which only adds to his worries. Why do people always pop up when you seriously don't want them to?... sigh :-))

  • Gestures, Chapter 6

    Gabriel becomes inspired.

  • Last College Daze part 6

    Find out how I take Lauren's news. Desmond and I had a talk in his room and things led from one thing to a surprising ending. It just keeps getting better.

  • Mr. Maleficent presents... Sexual Deviance S01E06 "The Very First Time"

    Majik Tricks is another series that Mr. Maleficent used to hone his writing skill, and is actually the official series written (due to other series' that were lost in a computer crash). The series has 4 volumes (Vol.1, Vol. 2, Vol. 2.5 and Vol. 3) that were all written from 2006-2008. It chronicles the life of James: a grandson of Bill London, a R&B legend. James attempts to follow in his grandfather's footsteps, but his path is ...

  • Tag Along Boy

    Our protagonist is absolutely wild for his hero, his god, his best friend, Rick. He shows his love in any way he can.


    A very unexpected but happy endings in a public loo

  • The mingled yarns (Part I)

    The journey of a Young middle class Indian guy Kanishka struggling not only with his sexuality but also other odds. A journey in the shadow of spirituality to realise him his own potential. How a stranger gives him all the courage required to face the odds and hands him the biggest GIFT of life : ETERNAL LOVE ! Other parts coming soon , if found desirable ;)

  • Uhh, C'mon! (UH4)

    Ari's eyes light-up, almost bugging-out, when the truck appeared into the driveway, his cock pulsed spastically in my hole from the excitement of its arrival, spurting a delicate gob of pre-cream from its one-eyed snake-like slit into my hole. He does not shoot another load, yet, he just gave me a wee little offering, not the full bang.

  • A Penny For Charon

    A dying soldier seeks the boatman who will take him to hell.

  • defiance

    A Muslim kid's dealing with his ruined religious beliefs after knowing for sure that he is gay.

  • Last College Daze part 5

    Things get heated in the bathroom with me and Desmond. Though things take spin later on.

  • The German

    An American male escort sent to Munich to service a rich German client's wants

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.27 Shooting Stars

    Alright!! Kicking off Habit|3.... :D Fischer and Lambert's family meet & greet dinner has finally arrived. As usual, Fish is surfing on one of his ultra worried waves. Cheers and prayers that all goes well. Rex and Leo are getting ready for their first date. But Ramsey wants to tag along... Stalker omega!....

  • forced shave

    what happens when a freshman stumbles into a sophomore party . . . . . . .

  • Last College Daze part 4

    You thought I was going to leave y'all hanging all weekend long. Naw can't do that. I will leave you with a little somethin something about Desmond and me.