• A Trial Of Strength - Part 227

    Brandon gets closer to the guys. Eddie & Ben are fun: "Brandon felt the thrill of being at the mercy of two muscular young studs, the houseboy and the gypsy." Mario is romantic: "Brandon woke up to the blurred image of the handsome Italian face with curly black hair and limpid green eyes." Pablo is fierce: "I'm the boss's boy, kid, so don't think I'm gonna go easy on your ass just because you can't walk."

  • Afternoon run

    This is my first story so, go easy. I am just trying to get a fantasy out that i have been dreaming of recently

  • Dan and Me

    A brief story, describing my experience with Dan. He's my best friend, and actually, the only man I would ever consider being with in a relationship. Until this story, I had never even thought about being gay.

  • In the Beginning

    A flash trip through ancient history of man sexually dominating man.

  • Lost in New England, ch. 1

    After the first big invitational track meet of TJ's college career, something really bad has happened. And TJ finds himself right in the middle of it.

  • Murder in Wichita Chapter 2

    Can two dudes prove they are innocent of killing a woman they both fucked?

  • The Back Forty....Part 2

    Bear and I go to check on the wolves and instead check out each other.

  • The tool shed

    Inside it was so dark that only shafts of light slipping between the loose siding, around the warped doors or through the lone window gave any visibility. But it was the sense of touch and the sound of man pleasuring man that made seeing unnecessary; that allowed the anonymous to move away into darkness once they had their pleasure.

  • Aching Bones - Part 7

    Instalment 7 of the series - I hope you enjoyed the previous parts, and continue to enjoy them. As always, all criticisms and positive comments appreciated. Thank you.

  • Carnal Knowledge: What Dreams Are Made Of Chapter 14

    Sunday morning after the big Independence Day party ended Logan awoke in Bobby's bed to the band leader singer's fingers titillating his hard nipples, "I just love playin with these."

  • Cock Worshipper Part 3

    In this journal entry, I describe the very first blowjob I got to give and what happened as a result of it.

  • Doubling Up Part 1

    My friend stays over with us while my son's mate from university is still in town and late at night sees the two lads in Jake's bedroom doing something he didn't expect...

  • My Married Friend Invites Me to the Movies: Sex at the Theater

    Twenty-two-year-old Lance, my best friend, invited me Dane (his gay friend) to dinner and a movie while his wife was out of town for two weeks visiting her mother. The unexpected happened when raging hormones overtook my straight friend and me, his gay buddy.

  • Shawn gets in the middle

    A bubble butt jock shares his girl and his ass with her ex.

  • The Back Forty

    Working on my grandfather's ranch changed my life.

  • Aching Bones - Part 6

    Instalment six of the stories. The pace of each chapter is going to slow down from here on in, as the story deepens. Future chapters will therefore be longer than before. Again, all criticisms and comments wanted, thank you all for continuing to read the series.

  • Forced in the Locker room

    In high school, I began my journey with being with a guy...but my first true gay experience was not what I had thought it would be like...

  • Lost Parts 1 - Interview with a Modifier

    Future genital modification techniques.

  • Lost Parts 2 - Modified Pickup

    Sexual encounter with a modified bodybuilder.

  • Murder in Wichita - Chapter 1

    Can two dudes prove they are innocent of killing a women they both fucked?

  • Raven's Valley Prison - Part 3 (Final)

    Finally, the last part of this series Darius is taken down to the basement and brutalized by "the doctor."

  • Satisfaction Ashram

    Locked away as a sex slave in a Sri Lankan gay male tantric center.

  • Staying Retired

    It's so hard for a spy to retire or to pick sides.

  • Wife works I play

    Been tough lately newly married my third time. She tells me that we are grown up and I should be Robert but I think I like Rocky. My boyfriend I have calls me Rocky so that is who I am. Kissed wife and away she went and ten minutes later Billy swings by and we go fishing. As the morning wears on the summer heat we take our shirts off. I take my shoes off and step out into the shallows of the river bank. Flipping my line out further ...

  • Aching Bones - Part 5

    The fifth instalment of the series - Things become more tense for Ashley, and Jennifer becomes entwined in the boys' friendship.