• Colter The Cub Part 5

    It was real steaming and hot as the 2 of them are sitting there getting all sweaty from the steam. Colt was amazed by the size of Clint uncut 8 inch cock as he just sat there wishing that his mouth was on it.

  • Genectics At Play

    How male endowments have changed with the help of genetics

  • I Don't Cry NO More...

    "What is love but 4 simple letters encapsulated by the tides of time? So, I don't cry no more.

  • Paying For It

    A rich young high school boy is so hot for gay sex, he solicits other boys, both straight and gay, with the promise of lucrative compensation.

  • Summer's End at Spirit Lake

    Crossing the line in Georgia, summer's end, 1956

  • The Blue Balls Cure

    My new, young college roommate obviously needs some relief and I'm happy to offer my help!

  • The Magic of Presence

    A hot college guy tries to figure what is going on with his body, with a little help from his friends....

  • Vacation - Part 2

    My curiosity about sex with another man continues.

  • A Father and son story - Part 3

    The continued story of forbidden sexual exploration between father and son

  • Caucasian Crap

    I still jolted upon the contact of his talented tongue/lips trio. He could bring me to a climax in less than a minute if need be but preferred to prove evidence of his steel-trap control by slow, deep, throatful mouth strokes. The muthafucka..

  • Colter The Bear Part 3

    He stood around 6'2 weigh a solid 230 along with huge biceps and muscles from head to toe. He also new how to turn anyone on with those very tight Wrangles jeans that show off his pouch very well.

  • The Three L's... longing, lust and love.... #2

    "I've been watching you too and I know everything about you." Zack whispered. I was surprised to say the least, him watching me?

  • Vacation

    Working six to seven days a week makes you appreciate your time off. And it's even better if the company you work for makes up for the long hours.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 280

    After their sexual contest of strength the two horny muscle-jocks turn their attention to the three boys. "Jason and Grady, naked with huge boners, paced round the eager boys on display, making their choice like masters at a boy auction." Up the coast Hassan lures Bob into an erotic fantasy where the handsome young business executive is captured and bound, at the mercy of the rugged, muscular Marine.

  • Balls deep thieves ch.2

    The words crossed my mind and I slowly felt releaved. Leting out a sigh I exited the shower and found the bed. It was only moments before I drifted to sleep dreaming up ways to tease my loyal cop Jess.

  • Becoming Ryan: Part 1 - The birth of Ryan

    Samuel feeling trapped by social conformity awakens his less discerning alter ego

  • Fucked by a Jamaican

    Vacation that has extras.


    I become part of the family that is the Phoenix and all the cock and cum that comes along with it.

  • The School-Bi : My Story

    A story of my gay sexual experience. I might make it into a series. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

  • The Victoria's Secret Male Model #7

    Lance immediately set the bottle down and removed his ponytail band. He slowly shook out his mane and unbuttoned his shirt so Frankie could see his chest hair as well.

  • A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #1

    My new life started that faithful day in May, when my three small sons' and I decided to head down to Atlantic Beach for the weekend.

  • A River' Bluff

    Summer Camping Trip - After gathering his wits, How shed his drenched clothing, exposing a leanly dark swimmer's body, spreading it next to his lonesome hiking boot on the small beach-like upper curve where the river cascaded down.

  • Blue Collar - Part 3

    As construction increases so does the sex.

  • Colter The Cub - Part 2

    Colt also had a little crush on Coach Bill who was a short fucker like himself and had lot's of feature of a Daddy Bear.

  • Curiosity Skins The Cat

    My best friendĀ“s nephew puts himself and his sexuality in question.

  • Hondondo Rendezvous

    midnight anonymous interracial hookup

  • My Wolf - Part 3

    As Conrad took a short cut through the woods to get to the Pack's camp grounds, his mind couldn't stop reeling back to watch just happened. As Conrad enter's a clearing he can't help but look up at the nearly full moon shinning bright in the sky.

  • A Brothers Bond part 3

    The continued story between two brothers and their Uncle

  • DOVER - Chapter 30

    Callum destroys the fortress as Dustin waits aboard seeing the destruction in horror. Two of the young officers come closer together, and Arvin is left wondering his own fate and future, mutilated and frustrated with the loss of his leg. Dover is home and the long healing process begins for her and her Captain.

  • Nurse Rudy - Part 1

    As the intensity of our oral wrestling intensified he moved his left hand upwards, clamping my head in his vicelike grip. His oral assault now became manic, and it felt like he was about to eat my face. I was finally thrown onto his bed on my back; his huge body hovering over me seconds later. Looking down at me he asked; "Does my little piggy want to be smother-fucked"? I nodded my head in approval.