• Making friends part 2

    This is how my first time finished. Things got pretty hot back there.

  • The Submission

    He wanted to find that special scene, one he had experienced in the past, one that stroked his darkest desires, his fetishes, and he went in search for it.

  • Aquata Cove - Chapter 30

    On the humans' day of love, it is gathered that tonight might just be a Lunar Eclipse. How will everyone spend their day with their loved ones?

  • Ethan's Awakening

    Ethan, a somewhat happily-married man, encounters a new neighbor--across his cul-de-sac--and this neighbor is huge, and muscular. He's gorgeous. Follow Ethan as he discovers his inner-self, who he really is, and who this muscleman neighbor really is...

  • Making friends

    The story of how my first time with a guy happened. This is a true story, I only changed the name for the privacy of the persons.

  • 20-Year-old Colleeg Student Pursues Older Man For Sex

    This is the story of a gorgeous blond 20-year-old college student who has the hots for a 43-year-old college professor and tennis coach. The young student, over sexed and horny hormone driven, throws caution to the wind and makes his move to bag the professor.

  • Street View: Chapter Two

    The lusting muscle voyeur musters the nerve to send an e-mail to his muscular object of desire. And the bodybuilder responds!

  • The Egg Boy, Chapter 2

    This is the same story as The Egg Boy, but told this time from the young boy's point of view.

  • The Volunteers

    They had come from different parts of the south to help with relief efforts and their work was tiring, physically and emotionally, and when the setting is right, their emotions raw, things can happen.

  • Marine Corps Farm

    Actually, all of the selected recruits had been kidnapped and were being forced into slavery ...

  • My Uncle's Farm Part 2

    My uncle has a farm, where he allows me to work this summer.But I do more than work that summer. I Fall In Love

  • off to collage part 2

    We drank nd danced but when things got kinkey jered shows up and I thought tat was the end for my plan to fuck dan !!

  • The Customer/Dexter's Saga Chapter 27

    Jesse to go to D.C. He takes Rashid to the Cabin

  • Unlikely Lovers

    What happens when children of the gods and children of the titians meet and fall in love.

  • Voyeurs

    Young, straight London boy Sam takes to the stage in a sleazy sex club, to generate cash for his rent. He ends the evening much richer, and questioning. Kindly note, 'Voyeurs' includes fetish and dirty scenes, and is one for the broad-minded.

  • Best Friend

    Night not to forget.

  • Brothers.....Part 2

    Dustin and I get even closer.

  • College Guy's Wishes for his Genie Ch. 03

    After the secret of his genie is revealed, Dale has an exciting new encounter.


    This story is different from others I've written, not my usual fare. It is intended from the start to be more than one chapter long. A serial isn't my favorite format, but this one just came to me out of nowhere. I do hope you enjoy my little tale about Fantastic Mike and David.

  • Snaked on Anjajavy Beach

    Rock star seeks MM debauchery at Madagascar beach club.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 223

    The fireman in Brandon's calendar was, unbelievably, kneeling over him, shirtless, in the flesh. "How often he had jerked off over the muscle-god's picture, imagining what his cock looked like. And now here it was ... in his mouth! The fireman was fucking his face!" Bob visits. "When he unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off the boy gasped. Clark Kent had just ripped open his shirt and become Superman."

  • Friendly Step Brothers (part two - The Next Morning)

    After a night of heart pounding sex, Damon and Ryder continue their tale (I mean tail). Hope you enjoy!

  • Fun On A Full Moon

    Chance with a friend

  • My Teacher, My Pet - Chapter 10

    JD finally meets his idol, superstar Mr. Teenage Atlanta, when he comes to visit.

  • My Uncle's Farm

    My uncle has a farm, where he allows me to work this summer.But I do more than work that summer. I Fall In Love.