• Costa & Son

    Marius has a hyperhidrosis fetish.

  • Garden Boys #3

    "Peter are you still alive?" he laughed. "Barely baby... Damn baby that was the best mind blowing sex I have ever had." They both laughed hard. Sex at last !!!!

  • My Dad Best Friend

    Sam as he was very good looking for someone over Fiffty as he stood well over 6 feet tall. My oldest sister always thought that Sam was either Gay or Bi Sexual because he could never keep a relationship together and always love hanging out with much younger men.

  • My Twin Brother and I - Part 52

    The second day in London: early morning shenanigans in the hotel, then off to Windsor. Afterwards to Kew Gardens where Anton meets Diego, a Latino boy. From there on to Boss UK where they meet Alexander and his son Clive. The boys all have a night of debauchery par excellence in the hotel. [This is a very long chapter and involves a hell of a lot of sex. If it's not your scene, move on please. You don't have to read this - this is for the enlightened ones amongst us who love sex and lots of it. For those who do want to read it: IT'S HOT AND NICE! JUICY! Enjoy!]

  • Pandemic of men chapter 3

    To me it was just anouther day in my new life. Entering the loby of the apartments i found Ben waiting by the doorway. I gestured towards him in a greating manner, but he didn't say hello or anything. His face was stiff, as though it was plastered on.

  • Romance: Michael and Kenny Chapter 12

    A straight young professor doing research on Nooksack tribal customs meets the man of his dreams.

  • The Captain's Boy

    Thomas found himself on a Spanish Carrack sailing off to places unknown.

  • A BDSM Story: Jason and Paul - Chapter 42

    Another day in the Caribbean, and another nasty blowjob.

  • Breaking in a virgin

    Making it good for the first timer.

  • DOVER - Chapter 26

    Burial at sea, Dover attacked and boarded fights to survive, and Dustin near deaths door, is rescued...

  • Most Beautiful Man in the World #3

    Both men made their purchases and went home very happy about the chance encounter in the store but ecstatic about the developing connection between them and of course that toe curling kiss.

  • Renting Tyler

    Finally succumbing to an itch, I spend a blissful hour in the company of Tyler.

  • Sarge

    A young homeless guy picked up and taken home by a man with secret in Albuquerque.


    Prisoners have their way with me but I finally have my way with Agent Taylor. An interesting combination of crook and cop cum and fun.

  • Two Young Supermarket Checkers Seduce 50 Year Old Customer--PART 2

    In Part 2, the big hot body builder Ryan takes his turn drilling Sam and Jay's hot assholes. Then a surprise featuring an orgy when three of Jay's college buddies show up from the rugby team and join the hot sex scene.

  • A BDSM Story: Jason and Paul - Chapter 39-41

    As Jason's and Paul's relationship deepens, they become property owners together. Jason, always pressing Paul's boundaries leads Paul into an exploration of his sexuality and sensuality. Paul pitches a fit to get Jason's attention. Paul get's punished in a spectacular way.

  • Aquata Cove - Chapter 53

    Merrick is pushed to talk about is deepest hurt feelings, despite his own desire to keep it locked up inside.

  • Beach Balls

    A fellow soldier and I get horny at the beach and find ways to come.

  • My wolf Part two

    Now that Conrad has found his mate, he has to figure a way to get to know him. He has too.

  • Pandemic of men - chapter 2

    The mirror in my hospital room showed the horrors of what happened to me. My sixpack gone, my body no loner toned, but pale. My hair was practicaly yellow with white not dirty blonde. I also was nothing, but skin and bones.


    Prison cock and cum....need I say more!

  • A BDSM Story: Jason and Paul - Chapter 36-38

    More about Jason and Paul's exciting trip to Jamaica!

  • Freshman Engineering Program: Rick and Mark, Chapter 7

    Rick and Mark start getting their priorities in order on several different levels.

  • Pandemic of men - chapter 1

    Amu is a teen with a nice body but lives in an infected world, in a quorintined zone living a happy life until something un expected happens

  • Starting Over- Chapter 10

    Matt is a popular jock who has everything going for him until he loses his memory and now he has to try to live a life that doesn't feel like his own anymore.

  • A BDSM Story: Jason and Paul - Chapter 34-35

    An exciting trip to Jamaica makes for lively sex and great adventures.

  • Aquata Cove - Chapter 52

    As both lovers are still separated, Merrick shows no signs of his grudge and anger slowing down in his heart, leaving Adam to wonder how he will get through to him.

  • Bobby

    Teaching a young twink the joys of getting his pretty cock sucked . . . and sucked . . .

  • Mikey - London 1957

    An early gay initiation way back when.......

  • More Sand Sex & Suntan Lotion (P3)

    I imagine by now your thinking I am all TOP but wasn't always the way...........