• 15 Months Later Plumber Returns to Clean 19-Year-Old Coy's Pipes

    Fifteen months ago 48-year-old Rafael, a plumber, was called to a home to repair a leaking pipe. Eighteen year-old Coy was home alone and after Rafael repaired the leaking pipe Coy got his ass banged by the hot Latino. This story is about a return visit 15 months later for more sex.

  • A Chance Encounter turns into a Week of Hot Fun

    As a business traveler spending weeks out on the road can get long and lonely. I met this great guy and spent a week of fun as he found new experiences.

  • A Package Arrives

    A delivery guy sees me naked as he bends down to placed a package at me door.

  • a realist and his lover

    a pessimist has an ongoing sexual relationship with a closeted young man, both meeting once a week in a secluded forest

  • A Weekend Filled with New Experiences visiting Robert

    I had met Robert while visiting a gay couple in California who entertain men wanting to explore their submissive side. We finally met alone for a weekend of new experiences and hot sex as he brings "Tammy" back. This story is mostly a true recount of the events of my meeting with Robert. However, I have taken some creative liberty in my writing of this encounter for literary purpose.

  • Antonio's Garden

    My gardener makes me his woman...

  • Campsite shower room

    It was something about being alone and naked in a public place that started to turn him on. The fact that someone could walk in at any time and take a shower in the next cubicle without realising that he was standing next to them, wanking.

  • Caribbean King

    I was on my vacation for a month in Jamaica, sitting in the hotel bar sipping on a Red Stripe Sorrel, a Jamaican brewed beer and relaxing. I'd worked 6 months straight without a break and I was so ready to relax. Then he walked into the bar. Damn he was so handsome and sexy in those painted on Levi jeans. His eyes were an electric blue against his dark brown tanned skin and I couldn't ignore them. They burned into my very soul.

  • Casual fridays

    The boss is always right and my boss is also fucking hot... Man on Man , adult male bonding and sex.


    During my junior year of high school, I played center for the high school football team and my best friend, Brad Thomas was the quarterback. During practice and our games, as he got ready for the ball snap, he would aways brush against my cock and i began to enjoy it.


    More shocking events emerge.


    A revelation begins!

  • Fantasy

    First Story, based on one my boyfriend texted to me

  • From bad to worse to oh so good

    Younger guy gets overly aggressive with mature gym stud.

  • Furlong Four Play Part 2

    The lads test Uncle Rob's sense of smell by blindfolding him and giving him a few things to sniff...

  • Gay Customer Lays Plan to Bed Hot Asian Restaurant Waiter

    Turk, a 49-year-old commercial building construction worker and hard body builder, has the hots for 21-year-old Joel, a waiter at a popular Asian restaurant where Turk has lunch several times a week. Will Turk succeed in seducing the young waiter?

  • Gay Customer Lays Plan to Bed Hot Asian Restaurant Waiter: PT 2

    After a wild sex scene of fingering ass and sensuous blowjobs ending in volcanic cum eruptions in Turk's private home gym followed by an elaborate dinner provided by Turk. After dinner, 21-year-old Joel and 49-year-old Turk resumed hot sex in Turk's bed as they flip floped fucking each other's man pussy.

  • Gay Sculptor Attempts to Seduce His Hot Young Male Model

    Troy, a 50-year-old professional award-winning sculptor of male stone statutes, became mesmerized by his latest male model, 19-year-old Caleb. Troy uses his charming personality and fame to try to seduce the young gorgeous and innocent Caleb. What will happen?

  • Gay Sculptor Troy Makes His Move on Young Model Caleb - PT 2

    Although professional sculptor Troy has resisted his lust and burning desire to breed his young hot model Caleb for well over a month, his horny condition finally overtakes him and he risk all by making his move to seduce Caleb.

  • Last Moment Before Independence

    The announcement is shocking and sudden. Making them simply stare at the very people that raised them:

  • Meeting a friend for coffee gets me a spanking I will not forget from Daddy

    I meet up with a long time vanilla email contact and our meeting turns into a nude photography session where I end up getting spanked by daddy.

  • Men of Mykonos

    Grieving young American sub comforted by hunky Greek island tops

  • My first online hookup at lunchtime experience

    A friend urges me to try an online meetup site and within moments I am meeting a guy for the first time and sucking his cock in a coffee shop bathroom.

  • Salad Dressing

    Salad dressing saved my sex life...

  • Saving himself for marriage.. or so he thought.

    Jack, a strict Christian young man was saving himself for marriage with his beautiful fiance, until Kevin had other plans.

  • Sex shop Lu (1)

    Emperor sex shop is where you can find your gay fantasies and enjoy them. Your soul maybe quite dark when you enter but you will exit as heaven. Lu, Chris and K are three best fuck boys. And these stories are about their little fuck holes. And something more.... hope you enjoy

  • Speedo Pool Party Orgy

    A month or more ago I posted on here that I was invited to a 'Speedo Pool Party' that a guy down in Sydney organizes. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it and I really wish I could have. The guy who organized the party seems like a really cool guy and he was respectful about my own privacy and discretion. Since I couldn't make it, I asked him if he would like to share what happened at the Speedo Pool Party.

  • Surprising Night of Sex

    An unexpected night of real sex not the usual masturbating and going to sleep

  • The Bet

    Straight guy loses a bet at the gym...

  • The bus station

    When I was eighteen, I asked a few drunken men to show me their cock and mostly got told to fuck off. Then I started hanging around the men's restrooms in the bus station downtown. I used to go into stalls and read messages written on the walls. I saw one where a man had written to wait outside the restroom around one o'clock on weekdays and he would be there wearing brown slacks and a shirt and tie.