• 18-Year-Old Makes Move on Family's Gardener

    My name is Chance, the 18-year-old son of a wealthy family. I spent several weeks attempting to seduce Butch, our family's handsome and rugged gardener. Butch looked like a Greek God statute. I hope your readers get your rocks off like I did with Butch.

  • A hard days night

    An assistant of a local company sees his boss have hot sex with another man, and this is what he saw . Might make a part 2?

  • After a Hard days work

    You get home after a hard days work and I have everything you need to relieve the tension and stress.

  • After a Hard days work 2

    The roles are reversed and I get taught a lesson.

  • After a Hard days work 3

    I come home late...

  • After a Hard days work 4

    What takes place when we wake up.

  • Another Collection of Recollections

    Here is a second series of stories I am not going to complete but thought you'd like to read.

  • Being Taken Advantage Of...

    Wanting to experience more men but too chicken to do it, a young man opens himself up to be led.

  • Fond Memories - Jon 1

    One afternoon with my buddy Jon

  • Him

    He is gentle, taking his time, letting all of himself enter me. The inches of his manhood enter me slowly as my inner muscles enclose him in a tight vice.

  • Maintenance Call

    Ben doesn't realize what is about to walk through his door.

  • My Best Friend's Father Comes on to Me for Sex

    This is a story about my being surprised or shocked when confronted by Abe for sex, the father of my best friend and fuck buddy Drew.

  • My New Neighbors

    As I moved into my new house, I casually checked out the neighbors, when I suddenly noticed the young guy right next door.

  • My Night of Wild Sex with Two Hot Lumberjacks

    As I was driving through a forest in northern California to meet my three buddies for a weekend of camping, my old car broke down in the late afternoon. Two gorgeous lumberjacks from a nearby logging camp stopped to assist me. Well, I spent the night being drilled raw by these two hunks.

  • Professional Heavy Weight Boxer Pounds 19-Year-Old Towel Boy

    Heavyweight Boxer Hugo fucks 19-year-old Billie, the towel boy for the "Mens' Gym". Billie is the son of Sonny, the owner and trainer for the club's boxers.

  • Springbreak with Uncle Darek Part 1

    Seventeen year old John Landly has the best Springbreak of his life.

  • The New Neighbors.....Part 2

    I soon find out more about my neighbors.

  • The Bride's Brother Part 1

    After the evening disco at a wedding, we invite the bride's brother up to our room with us...

  • The Workout Revised

    Sometimes I read my fantasy stories and I just go BORING. So i like to revise them and add more and make them better. So here is the Workkout again but much better and hotter. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it and dang I just wish so much that it really was happening to me. I really need a Good F*** LOL

  • Tunnel of Love

    After being promoted to the home office of the company I worked for, I soon discovered the tunnel of love.

  • Twins

    My brother, Mike, and I are identical twins. We were close but for some reason we lost that closeness, at least for a while.

  • Twins..........Part 2

    Mike, my identical twin, and I open up to each other.

  • "Y" SHOWER

    Hot sex in the showers at the "Y"

  • $500 Blow Job

    The rolling waves were still running up and down his body as he slowly pulled his cock out of Aaron's mouth. The young man leaned back on his haunches, resting against the base of the chair.

  • 18th Birthday Lapdance

    Kelly decides to give his best friend Maxine a lapdance for her 18th birthday but it soon turns out that the lapdance garnered more than just attention from Maxine's handsome uncle.