• A Saturday Morning Gym Tease

    We can never keep our hands off each other, but last Saturday my husband and I came close to missing our usual early CrossFit. Instead, I was, for once, the responsible one, insisting we get on with our day . . . and my usually-judicious attorney husband tormented me for denying him . . . with some unexpected results.

  • Action Scene

    Bathhouse gang bang at Club Houston. I swear it hadn't been 3 minutes when I glanced back and noticed a crowd outside the door watching me get pounded. I smiled and laughed to myself as I asked him if he had found any dick yet to join him. Not yet he replied, but it's looking good.

  • Adult Bookstore

    Touching another man's cock for the first time made me so horny that without thinking I opened my mouth, leaned forward and took his thick cock in as far I could. Stopping only when its big head hit the back of my throat and my nose was buried in his thick clump of curly pubic hair.

  • Bangkok Summer Seduction Ch. 1: Mile High Club

    College student Julien en route to Bangkok for a summer job is fucked by a black bull on the plane

  • Bangkok Summer Seduction Ch. 2: Mommy Dearest--and Friend

    Julien arrives in Bangkok to work in his mother's bookstore; his mother's rich Thai bisexual boyfriend offers to hook him up.

  • Bangkok Summer Seduction Ch. 3: Déjà Vu

    Blackl bull from the airplane finds Julien, takes him to a party in a military compound, and shares him with a black bull major

  • Bangkok Summer Seduction Ch. 4: Paying the Piper

    Julien's mother's boyfriend takes Julien to a massage parlor for a full-body male massage and then takes him home and fucks him to top off his summer experiences.

  • Biker Gang Part 3

    The ship has many single men and girls on that where there for a week of heavy drinking and partying and to meet new people, During the first couple of day's Scruff didn't drink to much and got turn off from all the twenty years old plus girls trying to hit on him, There were all looking for a some type of a older sugar daddy man to put their hooks into them.

  • Bill Collector

    A Bill I Loved Paying.

  • Bugs Bunny

    Sex in the army...

  • Charlie Bucket Finds the Last Golden Ticket

    After flying cross country for a business trip, I book Ken to come to my hotel to massage away my coach-seat-induced aches and pains. And while the massage is a cum-filled fantasy of unprecedented proportions, the real prize is at a private gang bang in a dungeon in rural Virginia.

  • Commuters

    On a crowded train in a crowded city, Paul was bound to make a connection.

  • Cops

    I'd been sucking cocks for a couple of years, but the first time a guy cummed in my mouth was about three months ago. A guy that I'd been friends with for about six months and I were riding around talking. We had given each blowjobs several times since meeting. The second or third time Randy gave me a blowjob he swallowed and has been swallowing ever since.

  • Dancer

    Being duped by a straight guy has it's advantages...

  • Encounter In The Park

    The first cut is the deepest...

  • Eric Visits His Lover John in New York: An Erotic Reunion

    It had been over two weeks since John returned to New York from San Francisco and he and Eric are desperate for each other. They are filled with lust to make passionate love and fuck for hours when Eric visits New York.

  • Extra Marital Bliss

    He's bi. With his wedding only weeks away, I was his last chance for oral, EVER. When I wrote this my throat still hurt.

  • French Connection

    A tale of two guys hooking up in a bathhouse and having a great fucking connection.

  • Fun is on the menu

    My anonymous hookup invites me to his restaurant where he's working, in the middle of the day. But his blurry face pic mean's I'm in for a surprise.

  • Grindr'ing Mr. Aussie Visitor

    I found an Aussie Guy visiting San Francisco, 15 minutes after connecting on Grindr I opened my front door (wearing a pair of white speedos) and lets just say there wasn't much foreplay.

  • Hook-Up at a Local Bar

    The bar was busy...and I spotted HIM......Will I get Lucky?

  • Hot College Student Uses Pool Game to Breed College Prof

    Travis, a sexy 19-year-old college sophomore, convinces 49-year-old college professor to meet him at a local bar/pool hall late at night. The Professor becomes Travis bitch that night.

  • Hot Guys Get Off Watching Each Other Masturbate on Skype

    Nineteen year olds' Trey and Colby get their nuts off while watching each other stroke their big cocks and talking dirty over Skype. The hot scene causes them to shoot geysers of sticky cum all over their hot young bodies.

  • Hunter's Cabin: Horny Heterosexual Hunter Experiences His First Gay Sex

    Diesel, an active lady's man and 100 percent red-blooded macho heterosexual stud as well as a rugged logger and elk hunter, becomes horny as hell on a two-week hunting trip with his best friend, Dante, a gay man. Dante tricks his friend Diesel to experience his first gay sex.

  • Hunter's Cabin: Horny Hetrosexual Hunter Experiences His First Gay Sex: PART 2

    After that hot night in bed at the hunting cabin when the big logger and devout active heterosexual , Diesel, gave into his horny condition and let his gay buddy Dante suck his cock and in turn Diesel gave into his animal lust and fucked Dante's ass. Part 2 is a follow up of what happened for the next 11 days on the hunting trip.

  • It all started with a bet

    My straight friend visits for the weekend. It turned out to be a lot of fun.

  • John & Eric Have Sex on New York Subway Train

    Horny John and Eric in their cat and mouse game of risky sex in public decided to up the ante by attempting to have sex without getting caught on a busy subway train.

  • John and Eric Have Sex in New York's Central Park

    John takes Eric on a tour of New York City on Sunday. They wind up in Central Park and get caught having wild sex in public.

  • John and Eric's Night at The Met: Sex in Public

    John hosted Eric at dinner along with a night at The Metropolitan Museum of Art of a famous Opera Performance in New York City that results in the horny couple succumbing to their lust and taking the exciting chance of getting caught performing blowjobs and ass banging in public.

  • Kevin

    My first time sucking a cock was when I was twenty. I'd been talking to this older man on line for a while and eventually he asked, "Would it be ok if I come to your location to meet you in person?"