• 21-Year-Old Blonde Twink Visits Gay Bar Seeking a Mature Man for Sex

    Mickey, a young horny 21-year-old blonde twink, and Kade, a 36-year-old active gay big muscled dude, happened to wind up at the same gay bar where they both were looking for a night of wild raunchy man sex. This is the story of how this cute twink hooked up with this big rough dude for a night of hot sex.

  • Abernethy

    After his relationship ends, a guy meets a hot fireman.

  • An Attorney Takes A Break With A Construction Worker

    An overworked attorney - my husband now, but he was single at the time this occurred in his life - has an opportunity to enjoy a hot construction worker despite not having the time to do it . . . and he seizes the moment and DOES IT!

  • B-Plus

    Bryce got down on his knees and started to suck Tom nice 7 inch cut cock. He suck on Tom cock a good 10 minutes as it was his turn now to do the honours to Bryce.

  • Bike Cop 3

    Ken scream out as the cum started to come up through his balls and the penis hole of his cock, His whole body jilted back and forth as he started to shoot his white load off all over Cam hairy chest.

  • Brandy Bottle Bennie

    The fourth character in: "The Shop Across the Road" saga


    This is one of those stories I am sure your going to go oh great a long and tedious event however this is a relationship of two men that spans OMG yes it spans a period of 20 years believe it or not.

  • Chimbo Grande

    We named this male prostitute ¨Chimbo Grande because he had a huge ¨thick uncut cock.


    I start my first full-time job but cock and cum don't mix well with work.

  • Daddy Firefighter Introduces Man Sex to Young Fireman

    Butch, a rugged, muscled and handsome 47-year-old seasoned city fireman, showed Billie, a cute 21-year-old new fireman and youngest member of the city fire department, what it meant to be initiated into the city fireman's gay fraternity and man hosed for the first time.

  • Foreskin triangle

    Get a foreskin out of nowhere. It's just a quicky story, but let me know how you like it.

  • Foreskin triangle II

    More erotic & adventures in the FT

  • foreskin triangle III

    another story from the triangle

  • Game Boy Part 1

    A young man in the shopping mall is willing to go to any lengths to persuade me to help him out...

  • Good time with 2 married guys

    When away from home men will play.


    The continuing adventures of Chad's never ending need for cock and cum.

  • Harry, Willie, Alf and Tommy

    A man has sex with homeless guys

  • Jose

    My personal sexual encounter with Jose´s infamous huge black cock. The problem it was my best friend´s father.

  • Just a dream

    I think this was a dream or was it....mike gets lucky with his doctor

  • MacGuffin

    Gus cuts loose and enjoys himself while on a field mission for the Station.

  • Married Guy

    story with glory holes, sucking dicks and swallowing cum

  • Meeting Dad - Part 1

    Matt did not know he had a son named Rhys, and Rhys did not know he had an older brother

  • Meeting Dad - Part 2

    Rhys meets the other inmates of the trailer park

  • Meeting Dad - Part 3

    In a play-pit, Rhys meets the magnificent Austin, and the incredible Snake......

  • Neighborly Lust

    Jeremy is new to the city—and, when a power outage hits, bored and horny in the city. He perks up when he bumps into his older, extremely muscular neighbor Mike, returning from a run in just a pair of skimpy running shorts. Mike makes a friendly offer to Jeremy, who can't decide if something more is going on. Even if Mike is flirting with him, Jeremy knows that hooking up with your neighbor could make things awkward. But Jeremy soon discovers he's not in control of the situation... and he learns to like it that way.

  • Pass This On

    More homo-sex hi-jinks as the MacGuffin circulates.

  • Position Interview

    Something fishy going on in a job interview?

  • Return Of A Favor

    Seduction of Jhon´s friend, Camillo

  • Riding It

    All Tyler wants is to get into his trainer's pants, but Hank just doesn't want to know.

  • Salvation

    Dana felt trapped, felt the forbidden nature of his desires and he sought an outlet for his longings.