You never know just what might happen when you offer a helping had to another person.

  • A Helping Hand - Part 2

    Mark considers Scott's job offer, wondering what he meant about the total secrecy.

  • A HELPING HAND.....Part 3

    Our relationship goes further.

  • Apollo

    For the next hour I became the fuck-bunny in the steam room. Seven men fucked my arse, and six abused my mouth. I was in hog-heaven, and having the time of my life. My final butt-fuck was again provided by horny-and-hung.

  • Blue Collar

    After deciding to do some remodeling to my home, I never expected what happened.

  • Blue Collar - Part 2

    As work continues on my house, so does the fun.

  • Blue Collar - Part 3

    As construction increases so does the sex.

  • Business Frenzy

    Boring business conference at an out-of-the-way private Resort leads to unexpected fun!


    On one of my first business trips, I find out that cock and cum are available anywhere!

  • Coins, Booths, and Everything Changes

    So our main character is back and experiences another amazing orgasm, but in this chapter he forced to face the events of the last month and what could sexy farm boy best friend John Boy have to take about? Cum find out.

  • Drive-By

    After being stood up, Chad walks down the road and encounters a mysterious lamborghini driver.

  • Four Days in the Exurbs

    A down-on-his-luck guy crashes with his old college roommate and repays the favor with his ass.

  • Garden Boys #1

    Then the twins showed up. My, O my, they were absolutely drop dead gorgeous. ..... TWINS yes all us us want that...Be real.......

  • Harry and The Boys

    Homeless, but not hopeless: The rough stubble on his face was driving me crazy. He pulled both my arms up on either side of my head, and started caressing my arms with his rough hands. I had never experienced anything as erotic as this in my entire life.

  • Hobo Henry

    "The Shop Across The Road" - Part 5. As it started its patient descent, it felt like his cock was never-ending. The more he pushed, the fuller I felt. When he eventually bottomed-out, three-quarters of my abdomen was bloated with cock.

  • Horny College Jock Pursues Classmate for Cream Meal: Parts 3 & 4

    Following the hot sex at the Athletic Club dinner, Cal and Johan returned to Cal's condo waiting for hot waiter Bo to arrive around 1 AM for a steamy three-way. Later they hooked up with the big strong 6-foot and 3-inch African American stud that they had given a blowjob to earlier in the evening in the restaurant restroom for even more gay sex.

  • I Met Gorgeous Heart Throb Sean While Shopping for Bananas--PART 2

    After a wild round of hot sex with 21-year-old heart throb Sean fucking the hell out of Jess's bubble pink ass in Round One, they went to dinner and later returned to the hot bedroom for round 2 of kinky wild sex with Jess as the willing submissive dude. Round 2 was filled with primordial raunchy spasm-like orgasms with loads of ejaculate that should cause the reader to shoot a large wad of his own seed.

  • I Met this Gorgeous Heart Throb While Shopping for Bananas

    After a work out at the gym and a shower, I went to a local supermarket to purchase some produce including bananas. As I was gathering up a bunch of bananas, the most gorgeous young guy I'd ever seen approached to purchase bananas. This is the story of how I discovered the hottest, most erotic, sensuous, gratifying and cataclysmic xxx man sex of my life with this heart throb.

  • Incarcerated For The Weekend - Part 1

    Aaron was on his knees behind Blake, having secured both Blake's wrists in his left hand. Blake had a sock stuffed in his mouth, mumbling and squirming like crazy. Aaron's fist hammered down on the small of Blake's back a few times, before Blake quietened down. Aaron had a salacious look of his face; like a predator about to feed on its quarry. His tongue was fully extended, and hung on his chin.

  • Incarcerated For The Weekend - Part 2

    I had never had sex in this fashion before, and the excitement of it was turning me into an animal. Sex had always been very consensual prior to my incarceration, and this dominance over another person was exhilarating me. Aaron and I had coerced this youngster into sex, and the thrill of it was intoxicating.

  • Incredible Dante

    Danté was without doubt the most sensual guy I would ever meet. He wasn't the best looking, although attractive, but had a fragile quality that simply drove men crazy.

  • Just Like My Dad - Part 1

    Wandering around dealerships looking to buy a new car, I stumbled across Ivan, a salesman who seemed to know exactly what I was after...

  • Just Like My Dad Part 2

    On the drive back to the dealership, Ivan tells me how he became interested in hooking up with other guys for sex...

  • Mad Max

    Tom also shared a room with Max during the racing season were they both enjoy each other company. As for Tom he had the same looks and body type as the movie star Brad Pitt in many ways.

  • Morgan

    At school I was the focus of that scum known as: "The Bully". His name was Morgan, but he was referred to as "Mean Morgan". My entire high school career was beleaguered by his domination over me.

  • My Dad Best Friend

    Sam as he was very good looking for someone over Fiffty as he stood well over 6 feet tall. My oldest sister always thought that Sam was either Gay or Bi Sexual because he could never keep a relationship together and always love hanging out with much younger men.

  • My Daddy Done Told Me

    A young man grows tired of the callous narcissism of his contemporaries when he has sex with them. He begins to search for an older, more experienced man, who knows how to give a partner pleasure.

  • My Final Year - Part 1

    My uncut cock looked positively boyish in comparison to Seth's package. Ten minutes after the light was turned off, Seth lowered his duvet and started wanking furiously. In the faint moonlight that filtered into the room, I could see him milking his impressive monster. Not long after, he shot a waterfall of cum all over his stomach. He mopped up the mess with a facecloth before throwing it on the floor between us.

  • My Final Year - Part 2

    I was totally at his mercy given his weight and strength. He pushed my legs apart with his knees before pushing his huge cock into me. He fucked me forcefully for a solid fifteen minutes, groaning, grunting, and slobbering all over my head.

  • Noah Flip Flop

    American college student traveling South Seas on winter holiday hooks up with Australian street musician in Sydney