• a realist and his lover

    a pessimist has an ongoing sexual relationship with a closeted young man, both meeting once a week in a secluded forest

  • Boy Chocolate meets Hungry Crack

    My personal encounter with a big dick black boy at a popular drive-in movie theater in Baltimore. My ass is still sore...

  • Boy Chocolate meets Hungry Crack part 2

    This is my story last night while at the drive-in with my lover, and getting black cock in the bathroom while he sleeps in the car.

  • Carnal Knowledge: What Dreams Are Made Of

    The illuminated message read: "Every young man deserves the pleasure of anal penetration at least once in his lifetime."

  • Caught You

    A sudden encounter in the train station in Prague. (Storyline sent to Bel Ami Online for the Storyline contest in April 2014)

  • Coins, booths, and big cocks 1

    A series of mostly fictional gloryhole stories. Got hard writing this one and had to blow my load. Enjoy guys!

  • Dominican Showdown

    Cat and mouse hunting at a Caribbean resort.


    This story is different from others I've written, not my usual fare. It is intended from the start to be more than one chapter long. A serial isn't my favorite format, but this one just came to me out of nowhere. I do hope you enjoy my little tale about Fantastic Mike and David.

  • Forbidden

    Adrian is my whipping boy, a characterization of those I find hypocritical, and so this story is mischievous in its Grimm nature.

  • Had to Have You!

    I need that sweet, tight ass!

  • Hook or Crook

    Father uses son as bait to attract other young men on an Israel beach vacation.

  • Hot For My Best Friend

    Dustin got up and stepped around to clamp his hand on Bo's shoulder to keep him from getting up. "Stick around and get yourself laid, stud."

  • I was the Joke of Eros

    How the greek god of desire and lust over powered my life and ended in a huge surprise That I laugh about to this day. Follow this two part story and enjoy the ride

  • Last Friday Night

    The thoughts of a guy the night after having a really hot sex session.

  • Lube Job

    My mechanic and I were both horny and needed to do something about it!

  • Male in the Mail

    A sad new neighbour, a mail box, a big friendly guy, and a surprise.


    A hairy hitchhiker finds my magazine work fascinating... and shows me why he should be a subject for my stories and artwork.

  • Producer Daddy fucking me and making plans

    We made an agreement for me to come to him in LA and get my throat and ass fucked completely and handed over to friends of his to be gangbanged and then introduced to porn producers to be in a video.

  • Ronny is a Twin!

    I was surprised to learn that I had identicle twins working for me. Soon I was working on both of them.

  • Searching for It

    Corbin and Ethan go looking for it on the New York docks

  • Snaked on Anjajavy Beach

    Rock star seeks MM debauchery at Madagascar beach club.

  • The Personal Attendant

    A dog groomer lusts after a dog owner's personal attendant.

  • The Trap Set by the Greek Gods

    This is part two of my adventure with a curly haired Blonde that was the pivital poit in my life. I blame it all on the gods of sex

  • The Volunteers

    They had come from different parts of the south to help with relief efforts and their work was tiring, physically and emotionally, and when the setting is right, their emotions raw, things can happen.

  • "Y" SHOWER

    Hot sex in the showers at the "Y"