• 2016 Can Go Fuck Itself

    College friends Tyler and Eddie have each had rough times lately. They hate 2016 and just want it to end. They opt out of the New Year's Eve party scene for a quiet, mellow night together at Eddie's house... but the night does not stay mellow. Happy New Year!

  • A Brief History of a Cocksucker

    George is a young, directionless gay guy. Looking for meaning in his life, he discovers his true place in life is on his knees, with a dick in his mouth. This is his story.

  • A Brief History of a Cocksucker, Pt 2

    After making plans to meet with married top, Gary, George makes his way to the fourth floor of his office building to suck his first straight cock.

  • A Brief History of a Cocksucker, Pt 3

    After his first meeting with Gary, our hero has a new found taste for cock and continues his journey to becoming a valuable cocksucker. This time, he meets a stunning straight black hunk in need of some oral relief.

  • Adult Book Store

    A night of anonymous M2M sex

  • Anonymous Sex

    Darkroom Sexploits

  • Big Jim: A Rare Craigslist Find

    A craigslist reply that actually lived up to his promise.

  • Cherry Busting

    Straight guy has his cherry plundered ...

  • City Bus

    One never knws who they will meet while using public transportation.

  • Coastal Funk

    After extracting his hand he offered it to my nostrils. "Let's get you warmed up, dude. Take a whiff of my foreskin funk." As I sniffed I almost fell off my stool with excitement. "Lick," he ordered, "Taste my funk."

  • cursed by a nerd

    two bullies find the tables turned on them when they mess with a nerd who has a gift

  • Daddy Has Arrived

    I'm only 33. Didn't expect it to happen this soon. But there he was, this kid online, begging and pleading for it. Adorable young bottom boy who just wanted to please Daddy and take that Daddy dick. And by Daddy... wow, he meant ME.

  • Daniel, Lost

    At age 32, I finally admitted to my self that I'm gay, not bi-sexual as I had tried to convince myself since the divorce. Janey was the only woman I have ever had sexual relations with, all other encounters have been with men. To be fair, 'all others' totalled five men in the past six years.

  • Danny Comes to Stay Part 1

    A married man's well-hung ex-boyfriend comes for a visit.

  • Danny Comes to Stay Part 2

    Now that Danny has been invited into the marital bedroom, he wastes no time in getting stuck in...

  • Darkroom Surprise

    Dad finds a stud in the darkroom of a bath house

  • Fire Alarm Part 2

    Things get interesting when the fireman returns to my condo.

  • Fire Alarm Part 3

    Clay satisfies his curiosity.

  • Giving Smithy a Bum-Job

    Two straight lads play along when their gay mate tells them how horny he is.

  • Harley Dude

    "Now, I'm going to show you how I fuck your brother's arse," he said, before spitting on my butt-hole. I was totally turned-on as I 'begged' for mercy. Holding my wrists in the air on either side of my body after he moved behind me, Jeth pulled me onto his cock and commenced fucking me in this position for several minutes.

  • John and Eric Perform All Night Wild and Steamy Sex Acts

    Our friend Bill Cate suggested and our friend Bjorn G agreed that John and Eric get a room and share with them every single thing they do. Thus the all-night sex marathon involving John who willingly serves as Eric's bitch for arousing gay sex scenes that involve a sex toy, oral sex and steamy intercourse is dedicated to Billy Cate and Bjorn G.

  • Lourens' Itch

    Lourens scratches his bi-curious itch, in a somewhat skanky way...

  • Oil Fucked

    Gareth's pilgrimage of anonymous sex ends with an oil fuck...

  • Park Encounter (Part 1)

    This is actually a TRUE story about what happened to me a few years ago. It'll be in 2 parts. Enjoy

  • Pleasing my Daddy

    a first time meeting that really wasn't

  • Rankett Park

    December 1979. Timid young Freddy goes on a late night trip to Rankett Park public toilets.

  • Real personal training

    A personal trainer busts me checking him out at the gym which leads to many sexual firsts for me.

  • Secret Service

    Being the son of a U.S. senator, i was, at times, in the public eye when i was with my parents. After I became interested in cock, i knew i had to be extremely cautious.

  • Secret Service Part 2

    Clay and i hook-up with our coach.

  • Sex Addict

    Dad finds a boy at the baths