• After Poker

    Everyone gains and loses from a poker party.

  • Air BNB

    When Dave rents a room from a gay couple to save money on a hotel, he gets a surprise in the morning after he knocks on their bedroom door...

  • Audition

    Leaning over, Ned encased my dick in his fleshy hand and began masturbating me. I followed suit, and soon we were tugging away merrily. Occasional glances at Selwyn were met with his full approval. After a while Ned leant over, and suctioned onto my lips. He was a great kisser, and as he orally explored my mouth with his tongue, I really felt myself relaxing into the scene.

  • Caught at the Gym

    Barry has a major crush on a fellow gym-goer, a man twice his size. He doesn't have the guts to talk to the guy, but Barry does find himself going a little too far in stalking him—and when Barry's caught, he learns just what it means to get punished by a real man.

  • Cum Loving Accountant

    Doing a favor for my boss starts out unbelievably exciting.

  • Cum Loving Accountant

    Doing a favor for the boss proved to be more than expected.

  • Cum Loving Accountant - Part 3

    Events become more interesting.

  • Cum Loving Accountant - Part 4

    The fun continues while doing a favor for the boss.

  • Cum Loving Accountant - Part 5

    Things continue until the unexpected climax.

  • David and Goliath

    Standing 5'6" tall and weighing one hundred and twenty pounds, I looked like a small boy next to Rogan. After we were introduced he seldom left my side. Throughout the night my giant stuck to me like glue.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    David prefers that you be face down on the table if you want to make yourself comfortable. Enjoy your massage.

  • Fifty Wild Gay Sex Positions: John, Eric, Kory & Colby Experiment---Chapter 9

    Eric and John invite their new gay buddies, Kory and Colby, to spend Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights in their lodge room practicing some of the 50 challenging sex positions featured on the XXX gay sex video.

  • Fucked by the Fire Inspector

    A story about a hunky Latin fire inspector who likes to fuck anonymous ass.

  • Fucking His Throat

    A short story about fucking a non descriptive younger man from your point of view.

  • Gay Weird Science

    I was cleaned out and ready for my date...that never showed up. But a ravenous bottom doesn't give up so easily. I hopped online and ended up having the most brutal fuck of my life with a man that was my perfect dream specimen.

  • Glory Hole - Part 1

    My first encounter at a Glory Hole

  • Glory Hole - Part 2

    Getting to know the man behind the glory hole.

  • Hot sex with hot neighbor

    True story. Had an encounter with my neighbor

  • Jail Trustee

    Jail trustee walks away from cutting grass on the court house lawn, and ends up staying with me for a few days.

  • John & Eric Join the "Mile High Club" on a Flight to San Francisco

    John had begged me to help him join the Mile High Club on our flight to Montana but I assured him that would happen later when we flew to my home in San Francisco. This is the story of how I helped my fuck buddy on that San Francisco flight become a member of the exclusive Club.

  • John Feast on Eric's Sexy Body Their Second Night in San Francisco: PT 11

    Upon arriving at Eric's mansion just outside San Francisco, John shows his appreciation to his host by spending the next several days and evenings driving his tongue to the back of Eric's throat, sucking Eric's big cock, rimming his ass and fucking that blond ass in the round sunken jetted bathtub, in the Jacuzzi. in the sauna and in the bed.

  • John Satisfies Eric's Horny Needs in the Sunken Jetted Bathtub: PT 12

    John shows his appreciation for Eric's generosity and his lust for Eric's sexy body by having wild sex with his lover in the jetted bathtub. The sex gets steamy HOT!!

  • Last Moment Before Independence

    The announcement is shocking and sudden. Making them simply stare at the very people that raised them:

  • Lost

    Quietly observing me, the older man eventually spoke. "Cum's up here's purdy boy and innerduce ye'self-proper." Ascending the stairs I introduce myself to Isaiah, the father, as Thomas. "Ar yer the doubtin one?" He replied.

  • Lube Job

    My mechanic and I were both horny and needed to do something about it!

  • Make Me Yours - Part 1

    Inspired to write I jot down my day dreams of an impending vacation to see someone special.

  • Married Young Man Yearns & Lust After his Former Gay College Prof

    Ricky, a now 25-year-old married man, is overcome with a burning lust for his former college gay professor. At age 18 and a community college freshman, Ricky had had the hots for the popular campus professor affectionately known by the students as Professor Felix. Although it was now 7 years later and married, Ricky has recently begun once again to have irresistible animal lust for the Prof.

  • Mr Fix-it

    Straight co-worker spanks and fucks me...

  • Photo Session

    Kinky, wild, ex lovers

  • Public Holiday Release

    a chance encounter that was amazing