• A relxing gay sauna turned into orgy

    I wanted to relax at local gay sauna here in Thailand. Unfortunately there were too many beautiful gay buys who wanted to explore my foreign body.

  • Andy and Eric Spend a Marathon Night of Primordial Raunchy Sex

    In an all-night wild and raunchy man sex, Andy became driven by his animal instincts to satisfy both his physical lust and emotional romantic attraction to his new found friend Eric. Eric spent the evening as a willing bitch for handsome Andy, the big gorgeous hunk. The erotic sex that evening included use of sex toys, steamy kissing, blowjobs, rimming ass, foot pleasures, numerous hot sexual fucking positions and cum eating.

  • Audition

    Leaning over, Ned encased my dick in his fleshy hand and began masturbating me. I followed suit, and soon we were tugging away merrily. Occasional glances at Selwyn were met with his full approval. After a while Ned leant over, and suctioned onto my lips. He was a great kisser, and as he orally explored my mouth with his tongue, I really felt myself relaxing into the scene.

  • Blue Collar

    After deciding to do some remodeling to my home, I never expected what happened.

  • Blue Collar - Part 2

    As work continues on my house, so does the fun.

  • Blue Collar - Part 3

    As construction increases so does the sex.

  • Bret Spots & Lust After Young Worker in Store's Produce Department

    Bret a 32-year-old gay handsome and successful attorney over a year ago was shopping for produce at his local supermarket when he spotted this sexy hot young employee re-filling several produce items on display. As Bret became overwhelmed with testosterone and hormone rising levels, he almost lost all control lusting after this young hot guy who looked to be about 20 or 21 years of age. This is the story of Bret's pursuing this hot sexy guy.


    On one of my first business trips, I find out that cock and cum are available anywhere!

  • Choco Chapter Two

    My trip to Choco convinced me ¨ Why size does matter .¨

  • Compliance

    Asking me if I could cope with his shlong? I answered, "Put it in deep baby, I've got a long body."

  • Cousin Ryan Discovers Cousin Drew as the Dominant Sex Partner in Wild Sex: PT 2

    After Cousin Ryan, the 29-year-old promiscuous gay slut, had succeeded in seducing his 21-year-old virgin Cousin Drew in part one, Drew becomes a gay sex addict and turns the tables on Cousin Ryan as the hot wild dominant sex partner in part two.

  • Family Bonding

    Doubts plague a young man's mind before the weekly family bonding session, society's morals conflicting with what he feels inside. Is it right? Is it wrong? Maybe it doesn't matter.

  • Gay Cousin Hatches Plan to Seduce His 21-Year-Old Cousin

    Ryan, a 29-year-old promiscuous gay man (slut), was wild with lust to get into the pants of Drew, his 21-year-old cousin. Ryan came up with a plan and plot to make his move when he invited Cousin Drew to his lake place for a Sunday dinner and to watch the Sunday evening NFL football game and hopefully later a relaxing time in his Jacuzzi. Would Ryan's plan succeed in seducing his Cousin Drew for wild sex?

  • Grizzly - Part 1

    With his balls slapping my throat, his first emissions began to spray. I swallowed like crazy, as more and more lava cascaded down my throat. He was almost convulsing with pleasure, as the final drops were force-fed into me. As his cock exited my mouth, I savoured his tasty cream. Moving his body downwards again, he returned to my lips; his tongue scouring the last morsels of seed from my mouth.

  • Hand Me Down

    Jhon.my best friend liked to get fucked by young hung studs. As he quickly got bored with them he would give them to me as a hand me down.

  • Hand Me down Chapter Two

    I knew it wouldn´t be long til Jhon ´s new friend Camillo would be giving me his hot load.

  • I Met Gorgeous Heart Throb Sean While Shopping for Bananas--PART 2

    After a wild round of hot sex with 21-year-old heart throb Sean fucking the hell out of Jess's bubble pink ass in Round One, they went to dinner and later returned to the hot bedroom for round 2 of kinky wild sex with Jess as the willing submissive dude. Round 2 was filled with primordial raunchy spasm-like orgasms with loads of ejaculate that should cause the reader to shoot a large wad of his own seed.

  • I Met this Gorgeous Heart Throb While Shopping for Bananas

    After a work out at the gym and a shower, I went to a local supermarket to purchase some produce including bananas. As I was gathering up a bunch of bananas, the most gorgeous young guy I'd ever seen approached to purchase bananas. This is the story of how I discovered the hottest, most erotic, sensuous, gratifying and cataclysmic xxx man sex of my life with this heart throb.

  • Imagination

    Repositioning his body in the middle of the bed, I begin to inhale the smell I have so yearned for. His body exudes the animalistic, earthy, woody, smell of musk. As I sniff and begin to lick his satin torso, he mews like a kitten.

  • Just Like My Dad Part 2

    On the drive back to the dealership, Ivan tells me how he became interested in hooking up with other guys for sex...

  • Luke The Exhibitionist

    A short story from my youth about a straight identified exhibitionist lad Luke who liked to be watched while he shared his experiences

  • Mad Max

    Tom also shared a room with Max during the racing season were they both enjoy each other company. As for Tom he had the same looks and body type as the movie star Brad Pitt in many ways.

  • On The Road Blowjobs - Part 5

    Half asleep I forgot to put on a robe before I stumbled to the door. There stood my neighbor from next door. The one that always seemed to be walking by and seeing guys coming and going. He was even walking by when the father was leaving and I had cum on my face.

  • Painting Donovan

    I had trouble writing the ending of this because I'd get too turned on to write. Enough said. ;)

  • Regular Cocksucker

    I became a regular cocksucker today. I placed an ad on Craig's List about a month ago and had the regular responses, some weird and the blow and go's but one response stood out. The guy was married, a few years older than me and not getting his cock sucked at home. He said, "I'm lucky to get some pussy once a week" As we chatted through emails we started to make plans to meet. Neither of us was in a rush.

  • Shunga Silence

    Bergman meets Orient in gay Shunga art film

  • Substitute for his girl

    His girl was away he needed to satisfy is sexual needs. When his buddy found out he fucked me too.

  • Sucking Richie in the Back of the Stockroom

    You never know what life will throw at you sometimes. A barely contained lust for the super-hot dude at work can just simmer quietly for weeks... or it can spring into action, as sure as a big dick can spring out of a pair of jeans.


    I find out how car buying includes more than just a mpg and cost but also enjoying some cocks.


    Where better than a professional conference to find cocks that need to be serviced?