• A Brief Encounter

    The situation afforded the moment, this encounter between men.

  • Caught You

    A sudden encounter in the train station in Prague. (Storyline sent to Bel Ami Online for the Storyline contest in April 2014)

  • Dominican Showdown

    Cat and mouse hunting at a Caribbean resort.


    As I massage his glutes, he moans slowly. When I spread his glutes and blow a breath across his hole, goose-flesh runs up his body from his wrinkled opening. I licked and nipped at his hard cheeks, eliciting more moans from him. Without warning, my tongue stabbed at his hole, a sound almost like a shriek came from him as he turned to see my face buried in his perfect butt.

  • Forbidden

    Adrian is my whipping boy, a characterization of those I find hypocritical, and so this story is mischievous in its Grimm nature.

  • Hot For My Best Friend

    Dustin got up and stepped around to clamp his hand on Bo's shoulder to keep him from getting up. "Stick around and get yourself laid, stud."

  • Last Friday Night

    The thoughts of a guy the night after having a really hot sex session.


    Finding out my lover had a guy on the side and jealousy turns into taking my lovers fuck buddy for myself.

  • nexus

    Brice saw him pass by his apartment, then their paths crossed, intersected, each time Brice more frustrated.

  • On a String in Bangkok

    Looking back to "doing it all" GM youth hedonism in Bangkok

  • Searching for It

    Corbin and Ethan go looking for it on the New York docks

  • Snaked on Anjajavy Beach

    Rock star seeks MM debauchery at Madagascar beach club.

  • The horniest afternoon ever in Bangkok Cinema

    I am an Englishman living in Tbhailand where the Thai boys are 100% sex all the time. Whatever you want - wan k, suck, fuck....they are always ready. SZo I took advantage on Tuesday of last week, yet again

  • The Paralegal

    A young man comes home from college to find his father's paralegal staying with them. When the two find themselves alone together in the middle of the night, what will happen?

  • The Volunteers

    They had come from different parts of the south to help with relief efforts and their work was tiring, physically and emotionally, and when the setting is right, their emotions raw, things can happen.

  • The Volunteers: Paul

    There is only one angle to pursue in this story, one that defies the norm, refuses the usual categorizing.

  • Two Man Tent

    Cody hadn't seen Logan in years and the camping trip would be a reunion of sorts.

  • "Y" SHOWER

    Hot sex in the showers at the "Y"

  • $500 Blow Job

    The rolling waves were still running up and down his body as he slowly pulled his cock out of Aaron's mouth. The young man leaned back on his haunches, resting against the base of the chair.

  • 18-Year-Old Makes Move on Family's Gardener

    My name is Chance, the 18-year-old son of a wealthy family. I spent several weeks attempting to seduce Butch, our family's handsome and rugged gardener. Butch looked like a Greek God statute. I hope your readers get your rocks off like I did with Butch.

  • 18th Birthday Lapdance

    Kelly decides to give his best friend Maxine a lapdance for her 18th birthday but it soon turns out that the lapdance garnered more than just attention from Maxine's handsome uncle.

  • 21-Year-Old Bartender has Steamy Sex Aboard Luxury Yacht with 45-Year-Old Owner Toby

    Anthony, a 21-year-old gorgeous bartender at a lake resort restaurant and bar, meets Toby, a wealthy middle-aged man and owner of a luxury yacht. Anthony joins Toby on his yacht for a weekend of steamy sex.

  • 38 Year-Old Stud Seduces Supermarket Bagboy

    After six months of scouting and making small talk with a 19-year-old supermarket bag boy and college student, I successfully got into the pants of this gorgeous tanned hot college student and supermarket bag boy. The first night of steamy sex was a marathon of wild positions and many climaxes.

  • 9:30 Bus to Abilene

    Past meeting present on the road from Abilene to Denver for a young man trying for a new life.

  • A Bottom's Nightmare

    As the liquid went down, he realized that he was really a catch, even if he did sell his body for money, but the truth was, business wasn't all that good these days. He wasn't old, wasn't a sleaze as some might assume.