Hot sex in the showers at the "Y"

  • A Quickie At The Theater

    A boring Autumn day is made exciting by a trip to the local theater and some good oral sex.

  • Anonymous Adventure In A Bread Truck

    This is what may happen if you get into a bread truck very early in the morning.

  • Biker

    I meet a biker with a powerful tongue...

  • Bret Breeds Rob, the Young Supermarket Produce Worker: PT 2

    After the wild hot 69 blowjobs and ejaculations by 32-year-old blonde Bret and 21-year-old dark and handsome Rob, the produce worker from the supermarket, they took a break. Later that night they had a steamy session with Bret breeding the virgin ass of testosterone driven sexy Rob.

  • Bret Spots & Lust After Young Worker in Store's Produce Department

    Bret a 32-year-old gay handsome and successful attorney over a year ago was shopping for produce at his local supermarket when he spotted this sexy hot young employee re-filling several produce items on display. As Bret became overwhelmed with testosterone and hormone rising levels, he almost lost all control lusting after this young hot guy who looked to be about 20 or 21 years of age. This is the story of Bret's pursuing this hot sexy guy.

  • Compliance

    Attending to the second fitting, he glanced down at me, and while casually running his left hand over the snake, mentioned that he also offered 'other services.' Observing the surprised look on my face, he added, that those services would set me back an extra three hundred bucks. Somewhat aghast, I inquired what those services might encompass. "Everything," was his reply, still rubbing the snake.

  • Dear Journal 2: A Fantasy Series

    Part 2 of my sex journal series with my best friend.

  • Family Bonding

    Doubts plague a young man's mind before the weekly family bonding session, society's morals conflicting with what he feels inside. Is it right? Is it wrong? Maybe it doesn't matter.

  • Friends and Family

    My best friend and suck bud tells me something I never expected to hear after I reveal something to him.

  • Friends and Family 2

    Things take a very unexpected turn.

  • Friends and Family 3

    More discoveries are made.

  • Grocery Store Pick-up

    There was no doubt the second guy had seen my panties too because as he acted like he was looking at stuff on the shelf, he kept looking down at them. As I stood up I noticing the guy's bulge.

  • Hand Me Down

    Jhon.my best friend liked to get fucked by young hung studs. As he quickly got bored with them he would give them to me as a hand me down.

  • Hand Me down Chapter Two

    I knew it wouldn´t be long til Jhon ´s new friend Camillo would be giving me his hot load.

  • Ho's Bath (Complete Story)

    Khom a 19 year old prostitute falls for an older man , Myron who may or may not be the man of his dreams.

  • Homeless

    I try and help out a homeless ex-military guy but what will be the outcome?

  • Homeless Part 2

    After taking Jon into my home, I find myself more and more attracted to him even thought I know he is straight.

  • Hot Waiter Sean Trys to Seduce Bret and Rob, the Supermarket Produce Worker: PT 3

    About a week after Bret and Rob met Sean, the hot waiter at the restaurant, Bret and Rob were home watching TV after dinner on a Saturday night when the doorbell rang. When Bret opened the door, there stood Sean with gifts in hand. Would a hot three way happen that evening?

  • Keeping it fresh part 2. Time to hire an escort

    Dialing the number, I had to see what was so special about this young man. ans what lays beneath that massive packed jock

  • Keeping it fresh part 3. I am Carson

    Lucky me. I love my job, and this total stud is just my type.

  • Lost

    His hand then moved past my dick, before stroking my pussy with his middle finger. When he lifted his head, and lovingly stared at me, I nervously said, "I've never been fucked before." Smiling he told me that there was a first time for everything.

  • My Bad

    It was all an accident

  • My First Grinder Hook Up

    Back to the states for some training where I learn about the magic of Grindr

  • Neighbor

    The hot fireman from down the block just doesn't want to leave Jake alone.

  • Regular Cocksucker

    I became a regular cocksucker today. I placed an ad on Craig's List about a month ago and had the regular responses, some weird and the blow and go's but one response stood out. The guy was married, a few years older than me and not getting his cock sucked at home. He said, "I'm lucky to get some pussy once a week" As we chatted through emails we started to make plans to meet. Neither of us was in a rush.

  • Rob, Bret and Sean Have a Sizzling Hot Threeway

    After a dinner of pizza, the three hot studs go to Bret's bedroom and Rob becomes the hot bitch taking a DP from horny Sean and Bret.

  • Saturday Night Threesome

    A chance encounter on my way to a cruising spot.

  • Sucking Richie in the Back of the Stockroom

    You never know what life will throw at you sometimes. A barely contained lust for the super-hot dude at work can just simmer quietly for weeks... or it can spring into action, as sure as a big dick can spring out of a pair of jeans.

  • The Bus Driver

    Like often happens I was sitting near the front and the driver and I were talking. Then out of nowhere the driver told me, "One of the other bus drives told him that you sucked his cock for him."