• 360

    What goes around comes around to complete a circle.


    My adventures with Ben, the package delivery guy (and others) continue.

  • And Big Al Makes THREE!!! A Ryan and Tommy Story

    Having been surprised by his dad, watching him fuck Tommy, Ryan deals with the perv dad . . . and gets a great surprise for them both in the process in the form of a hunky cop.

  • Blowjob memories

    I have always enjoyed giving head, probably more than having my own cock sucked!

  • Business or Pleasure - a Brett and Rob beginning

    Brett, a recent college grad brainiac, gets the opp to meet with a software industry icon, Rob, to pitch his invention . . . with interesting results


    Chad has to service some of the baseball team and then he and Patrick have an experience that includes cop cum


    Two hulks take advantage of Chad and Patrick's mouths while Chad and Jake come to a realization.

  • Dinner at Restaurant Leads to Unexpected Sexual Encounter

    I'm a middle ages 45-year-old wealthy businessman who decided to have a quiet dinner three weeks ago on a Friday evening after work at my favorite restaurant. Although not expecting any man action, I was surprised when I encountered the hottest and most gorgeous young stud of my life.

  • Dinner at Restaurant Leads to Unexpected Sexual Encounter - Part 2

    After Tommy and I had sucked each other's dick to powerful climaxes in the restroom stall in Part One, Tommy opened the stall door allowing hot busboys Bo and Dylan to join us for a steamy four-way in Part 2.


    After a stint in the Marines, I began searching for a job with as little stress as possible. I soon found it and much more.

  • DISPATCH.....Part 2

    The job as dispatcher for the repair company begins to be more interesting.


    My new position is revealed and I quickly learn that it is the best ever.


    My job as compliance officer continues to have benefits.

  • Ex Prison Thugs Bitch

    Two ex High school buddies accidental meeting.

  • Hijacked

    Earth Day: What some guys will do for a TV set.

  • Jail Bait

    While on a 24 hour shore leave a horny young sailor meet up with a hot older muscle-bound Mexican boxer who gives the young sailor a hard fucking he won't soon forget. Thanks for reading. Comments welcome.

  • JAKE 2.08

    Jake is used and abused but also does some heavy thinking about Chad.

  • Jungle Jim

    James Stoneman needed a break from his hectic life. He quit his job and went to Brazil: a week in Rio and a cruise to the wilds of the Amazon. Things didn't go as planned and met some of the steamy men of the jungle. After enjoying a lusty shipboard adventure, James was soon lost in the jungle, and is caught by a true man of the jungle; or is it James who has caught his own jungle man?

  • Looking through windows

    Justin's apartment had a fantastic view of downtown until a new building went up across the street. He started to look for a new apartment but then he found himself looking through the windows, watching the people go about their daily lives.


    After just over year of working with Greg in the same office, I begin to find out things about him that I never expected.

  • OFFICE FUN....Part 2

    Sex in the office becomes more than just jerking off.

  • Office stud fucked me

    After the office party more fun was had!!

  • Peter stops by 2

    Part two of Peter & Mike

  • Promoting the Pornstar

    When the mostly naked Jack Alpha, came off stage he came right up to me, swept me up in rock hard arms, against his sweaty rock hard body, and kissed me soundly on the lips.

  • Rancher's Son Has Insatiable Lust For Foreman's Grandson

    Damon, a 20-year-old son of the ranch owner, had uncontrollable sexual urges for 23-year-old Troy, the grandson of the rancher's foreman. Troy had an insatiable sex drive as he constantly dreamed of gay sex. This is the story of Damon and Troy's erotic sexual adventures.

  • Texting

    It was anonymous, the text messages, and they lured Ryan to a motel outside the city.

  • THE AD

    Bobby gets more cock and cum than he could have hoped for.


    Greg's ass is assaulted by a former porn star.


    While shopping Greg meets a contractor with a load of cum and then runs into the doorman's son that ends up fucking for the first time.


    Greg puts a show on for a neighbor and also visits a nearby pub and gets more to drink than just a beer.