• 360

    What goes around comes around to complete a circle.

  • And Big Al Makes THREE!!! A Ryan and Tommy Story

    Having been surprised by his dad, watching him fuck Tommy, Ryan deals with the perv dad . . . and gets a great surprise for them both in the process in the form of a hunky cop.

  • B-Plus

    Bryce got down on his knees and started to suck Tom nice 7 inch cut cock. He suck on Tom cock a good 10 minutes as it was his turn now to do the honours to Bryce.

  • Bared

    Robin is a twink hoping to buy some sexy new underwear to get his boyfriend's attention. But instead he gets the attention of the tall, muscular older man behind the counter at the gay clothing store. Robin quickly finds himself coerced into buying underwear that exposes more of himself than he's used to showing off, with the store clerk paying close attention to needs Robin didn't even know he had. Robin finds himself at the receiving end of a very personal, very satisfying shopping experience.

  • Blowjob memories

    I have always enjoyed giving head, probably more than having my own cock sucked!


    This is one of those stories I am sure your going to go oh great a long and tedious event however this is a relationship of two men that spans OMG yes it spans a period of 20 years believe it or not.

  • Business or Pleasure - a Brett and Rob beginning

    Brett, a recent college grad brainiac, gets the opp to meet with a software industry icon, Rob, to pitch his invention . . . with interesting results

  • Chimbo Grande

    We named this male prostitute ¨Chimbo Grande because he had a huge ¨thick uncut cock.

  • El Lechero (The Milkman cometh) Chapter Three

    Continuation of the most memorable of the encounters employing a private gloryhole at our house,

  • El Lechero (The Milkman Cometh) Chapter Four

    The culmination of servicing the entire male side of a family in a small Colombian town and I find the milkman and so does Jhon.

  • El Lechero (The Milkman Cometh) Chapter Two

    The best from the encounters of hung Colombian men and us.

  • Ex Prison Thugs Bitch

    Two ex High school buddies accidental meeting.

  • Game Boy Part 1

    A young man in the shopping mall is willing to go to any lengths to persuade me to help him out...

  • Hijacked

    Earth Day: What some guys will do for a TV set.

  • Jail Bait

    While on a 24 hour shore leave a horny young sailor meet up with a hot older muscle-bound Mexican boxer who gives the young sailor a hard fucking he won't soon forget. Thanks for reading. Comments welcome.

  • Jungle Jim

    James Stoneman needed a break from his hectic life. He quit his job and went to Brazil: a week in Rio and a cruise to the wilds of the Amazon. Things didn't go as planned and met some of the steamy men of the jungle. After enjoying a lusty shipboard adventure, James was soon lost in the jungle, and is caught by a true man of the jungle; or is it James who has caught his own jungle man?

  • Looking through windows

    Justin's apartment had a fantastic view of downtown until a new building went up across the street. He started to look for a new apartment but then he found himself looking through the windows, watching the people go about their daily lives.

  • MacGuffin

    Gus cuts loose and enjoys himself while on a field mission for the Station.

  • MWM Experiences Euphoria

    MWM coming terms with his sexuality and sneaking around on the down low.

  • Neighborly Lust

    Jeremy is new to the city—and, when a power outage hits, bored and horny in the city. He perks up when he bumps into his older, extremely muscular neighbor Mike, returning from a run in just a pair of skimpy running shorts. Mike makes a friendly offer to Jeremy, who can't decide if something more is going on. Even if Mike is flirting with him, Jeremy knows that hooking up with your neighbor could make things awkward. But Jeremy soon discovers he's not in control of the situation... and he learns to like it that way.

  • Office stud fucked me

    After the office party more fun was had!!

  • Pass This On

    More homo-sex hi-jinks as the MacGuffin circulates.

  • Peter stops by 2

    Part two of Peter & Mike

  • Promoting the Pornstar

    When the mostly naked Jack Alpha, came off stage he came right up to me, swept me up in rock hard arms, against his sweaty rock hard body, and kissed me soundly on the lips.

  • Rancher's Son Has Insatiable Lust For Foreman's Grandson

    Damon, a 20-year-old son of the ranch owner, had uncontrollable sexual urges for 23-year-old Troy, the grandson of the rancher's foreman. Troy had an insatiable sex drive as he constantly dreamed of gay sex. This is the story of Damon and Troy's erotic sexual adventures.

  • Return Of A Favor

    Seduction of Jhon´s friend, Camillo

  • Satifying 2 Roughnecks.

    2 Oil workers missing their carnal needs used me to satisfy their needs

  • The cruise

    I was will bend over as I felt his hard cock slowly going up my ass. It was a good about a good minutes until his tool was all the way up there.

  • The House of Birch Ridge

    Charlie needed to find a job, any job, for his money was running low. In a valley he found a small village and there an offer for a job.

  • The House of Birch Ridge 2

    Charlie lies in the dark, waiting.