• Osiris Blade Takes Theo Ford in 'Submissive'

    Osiris Blade Takes Theo Ford in 'Submissive'

    Theo Ford adores getting his thick dick serviced and Osiris blade is one of the hungriest cock-suckers there is. A Hot House match made in heaven perhaps? From the get go Theo Ford is rock solid and Osiris is all over it like a... well, on it like a magnet. Osiris worships Theo's masterful tool and takes a good face slapping from the meaty slab. Theo lubes Osiris' hole with spit and slides his pole up to fuck him doggy style.

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  • Elder Titov Gets His Evaluation at Mormon Boyz

    Elder Titov Gets His Evaluation at Mormon Boyz

    Elder Titov is a 19-year-old Mormon who has been hand selected to enter The Order. And in this latest series from Mormon Boyz, he's been called to meet Patriarch Smith for his induction interview. Smith is a sexy bearded man who lives up to the patriarch moniker in both looks and action. Titov has been grappling with joining The Order, but he's been given an ultimatum -- submit to the priesthood leaders or return home in shame.

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  • Will Auditions at Maskurbate

    Will Auditions at Maskurbate

    Maskurbate met Will through a Facebook friend. The owner of the popular masked men site saw a picture of the tall, athletic stud on his wall. Turns out that Will is a very quiet, shy guy and has a girlfriend. Since the work is masked, Maskurbate's owner tries his luck anyway and after some convincing the scene finally gets set up. Will was nervous but he shows off his amazing, muscular body well and finally we get to see his 9 inch dick!

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  • Levi Karter & Jacob Ladder Flip Fuck

    Levi Karter & Jacob Ladder Flip Fuck

    Newest Cocky Boys model Jacob Ladder, who we showed taking Bennett Anthony's cock last week, pairs up with the infamous Levi Karter to make a flip-fuck scene. Levi Karter loves the new dark haired pin-up model that's new to Cocky Boys and wanted to be the first to break him in. After making out for ages they start swapping blowjobs. Whoever said guys can't orgasm twice is lying. Both Levi and Jacob climax on the cock-sucking before they continue to take turns fucking each other and cum a second time!

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  • Trending Video: Dominic Santos & Jordan Levine RAW!

    View full video at Randy Blue

    Dominic Santos and Jordan Levine have soared to the top of GayDemon gallery's trending list this week with their bareback fuck at Randy Blue. Since the studio went bareback the movies have been pulling in new attention as well as seeing previous members flock back to see the just how brilliant the condom-free porn is! Judge for yourself at Randy Blue.

  • Pax & Wren Fuck Raw at Chaos Men

    Pax & Wren Fuck Raw at Chaos Men

    Chaos Men finally got Pax to suck some cock! It was mainly because he was worried about doing it badly, or gagging on it, but as you can see, he does just fine! He's clearly not used to it though. Wren is next to suck and gives Pax a good blow. He's surprised how big Pax's dick actually is. Some hot 69 action ensues and Pax, who loves teasing a hole with his cock, is keen to get his dick inside Wren's hole. First position is missionary, but the guys swap positions regularly, giving some amazing angles and really showing off the action as Pax hammers his load up Wren's butt!

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  • Cum Crazed Bitch at Sketchy Sex

    Cum Crazed Bitch at Sketchy Sex

    The Sketchy Sex pad has become a breeding zone full of cum-crazed anal addicts. Someone is always looking for that extra big dick and load up their hole. Sometimes the boys at Sketchy Sex get so desperate for cock and cum that they have to start load-swapping with each other. Each guy will get loaded and unload in each of the others' asshole in a wild and greedy fuck fest.

    Watch full length Sketchy Sex videos instantly!

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  • Matt Stevens Bareback Debut with Rocco Steele

    Matt Stevens Bareback Debut with Rocco Steele

    Look at the faces Rocco Steele's making, you'd think he was taking a 10x7 cock. This Bareback That Hole scene is Matt Stevens' first bareback video, and I can't think of anyone I'd rather see breaking his bareback porn cherry than Rocco Steele. Come inside the post and see how Stevens does.

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  • Ask GayDemon: Thirsty Ass

    Ask GayDemon: Thirsty Ass

    Do you have any recommendations for lube? I've been using the free sachets handed out in clubs but they don't work very well. I need something that lets me play longer, wider and harder!
    -Dry and Unboned

    You want to play wider? Like how wide? Two dicks? Three? Twelve? I want you to play wider too. I just don't know what the hell it means, so I"ll have to imagine. If you're a top, I'm thinking it means you want to come at it from different angles, move the guy around in different positions, while keeping your dick in. Kind of like if someone offered a bottom 500 bucks to fuck himself with a cucumber at a 45 degree angle. You'd want him to be able to take it.

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