• Penis Hugging


    Does you penis need a hug? And mouth hugs and ass hugs aren't doing the trick? Try a penis to penis hug. Just find a dude with a long, stretchy foreskin and ask his penis to give your penis a hug. Because hugs release endorphins. And precum.

    Docking's what guys do after sword play, like to make up. You know sword play, when you fake duel with your hard pricks? Well gotta make up after that. And make up right. Hug it out, fellas!

    So once docked what can you do? And is foreskin docking anything like docking your laptop?

    Well you can pee by surprise. Or slowly stroke each other not by surprise. You're already half stroking just having your cocks touching at all. And holding that foreskin secure, making it balloon out with basically two cock heads at once. What else can you do? Make out hard. Then suck and dock and suck and dock. And maybe watch a Netflix marathon of some crap show.

    You know what I miss on Netflix? They used to have a section of fitness videos. All horrible knock-offs of Buns of Steel and Abs of Steel. Called Buns of Tin and Abs of Balsa. You know balsa, right? That light, weak wood. You totally don't want your abs like that at all. Unless your fitness goal is to float really easily. I'm definitely going to send Netflix a complaint email about balsa wood and foreskin and abs.

    So maybe I have a foreskin and maybe I don't, but if I did, or because I do, would I be into docking? Well, yeah. And it'd go like this. Both start out soft. Wrangle that foreskin around your buddy's fingers then around his penis head, but keep it soft. Until you both get hard and can feel each other getting hard. Your heads pressing into each other. Until docking isn't possible anymore. Then you just leave and go home. I mean then you fuck.

    Two guys having sex sure is complicated!

    Now check out 9" uncut cock in action.

  • Who Is Nick the Gardener!?

    Who Is Nick the Gardener!?

    As Ellen DeGeneres kicks off the 12th season of her hit TV talk show, a new member of her recurring cast has caught our attention. Nick the Gardener keeps popping up--and so do other things! The smooth hunk needs no reason to doff his shirt, and that's exactly what he's been doing in several recent appearances. And Ellen is only too happy to encourage handsome Nick by getting him an audition to be in the upcoming Magic Mike sequel.

    Well, it turns out that Nick isn't even named Nick. He's actually 24-year-old entertainer Billy Reilich, and he's a member of The Cream Pies comedy troupe, who appeared on Ellen earlier this year after making a viral video in praise of the talk-show host. Billy hails from Centerville, Ohio, and previously worked as a basketball coach at Indiana University in South Bend. He recently relocated to Los Angeles, where he quickly nabbed the Ellen gig. We don't know where Nick the Gardener's segments are going, but we do know that for a lesbian, DeGeneres sure knows how to spot a shirtless muscle stud with abs of steel!

    The Ellen DeGeneres Show airs daily on weekdays in syndication; check local listings. And you can find Billy on Twitter @BillyReil1ch. Maybe he'll tweet about the alleged nude pics that are surfacing on Tumblr.

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  • Head Down, Butt Out, Ben Gets His Hole Fingered

    Head Down, Butt Out, Ben Gets His Hole Fingered

    A couple of weeks ago at CMNM young Ben applied to join the military. The recruiting soldiers took him under their wing and started preparing him for what was going to happen to him at basic training. They stripped him naked, played with his big, fat uncut cock and found it got hard really fast!

    Today, in his continuing training, they turn him over and get him to lie down on a table, head down, butt up, and they check out his backside. They sniff at his hole and then finger it slightly - poor Ben - his hole is far too tight to withstand the pounding the recruitment soldiers know he'll be subjected to during initiation week at the barracks - so they decide to help him out and break him in a bit!

    They finger his tight little hole, at first with just a fingertip, gently pushing it in. Naturally Ben's tight sphincter resists, but these soldiers are persistent guys, and gradually his pink opening eases up it's control and allows them in. First one whole finger, then two - and all the while Ben's cock is dribbling pre-cum - this young straight guy seems to enjoy being penetrated!

    Finally, their task is complete - Ben's hole is now totally relaxed, loosened and wide open, ready for the action to come - and Ben can even make it wink on command!

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  • Adam Champ Is Back

    Adam Champ Is Back

    Fans of porn hunk Adam Champ will be excited to learn that Champ's porn comeback will be official on Friday October 3. Champ's first scene in over a year hits British site Men at Play on Friday and features Champ pounding newcomer Bruno Bernal in "Teacher's Pet."

    So where has Champ been? He told porn blogger QueerPig that in November 2013 he was in a serious car accident that left him unable to breathe properly and he was bed ridden for four months. Champ's recuperation was slow, then after four months of intense rehabilitation, he tells QueerPig, "I am back with my 215 pounds ripped at one of my best physical shapes ever."

    Details of Champ's Men at Play contract weren't released, but they promise several scenes in the months ahead. "Working with Men at Play was an easy decision for me. I've always been a fan of suit and tie fetish, but I've never been able to live out this fantasy," Champ says. And he adds, "Watch out! A bigger and better stallion is landing at Men at Play!"


    Adam Champ is best known for his work with COLT Studio Group where he filmed 18 scenes. Champ joined COLT in 2009 where his real-life lover, Carlo Masi, was already installed as an exclusive performer. His most memorable performance was in "New Breed" where he fucked Masi on a motorcycle (pictured above). After his COLT contract ended, Champ signed on with Raging Stallion for a year where he filmed nine scenes. Last we heard, Carlo Masi and Adam Champ were still married and living in their apartment in Rome, Italy.

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  • Tom of Finland Art Fair This Weekend in L.A.


    With a new series of postage stamps in Finland and a film bio in production, Tom of Finland is hotter than ever. Now, the annual art fair named for the legendary artist, who died in 1991 at age 71, is set to unspool this weekend in Los Angeles. This year, the fair returns to TOM House (1421 Laveta Terrace in Echo Park), the iconic property where it has been held previously. And visitors will have the opportunity to tour the historic home, including the attic space that served as Tom of Finland's own bedroom and art studio.

    Presented by the Tom of Finland Foundation, the art fair will showcase more than 30 emerging and established artists from the United States and around the world, including the work of Rick Castro (above), Dusti Cunningham (below), Stuart Sandford, Jeremy Lucido and Gio Black Peter. There will also be workshops and panel discussions, plus various artwork, such as sculpture, photography, paintings, sketches and digital renderings, available for sale. The event runs this Saturday, October 4, from noon to 6 pm, and Sunday, October 5, from noon to 5 pm. There will be drawing workshops both days from 1 to 5 pm. Admission is a $10 suggested donation (for general public) and $8 (for Foundation members and non-fair artists). For more information, click here.

    PS. And yes, that's Scandal star Guillermo Diaz in a leather hood in top pic!


  • English Lads Make Free 2015 Calendar

    English Lads Make Free 2015 Calendar

    Six English straight hunks have gone completely naked on the beach to make a 16 month (September 2014 - December 2015) calendar. The stunning athletes pose in various positions, alone and with each other, with nothing but frisbees, sandcastles and buckets to cover their cocks 'flapping in the wind'. The calendar is free to download from English Lads.

    Fellow blogger, Joe Spunk, also spotted this promo video on Ripped N Stripped, where the calendar is actually being sold with 20% of the proceeds being divided between charities; Albert Kennedy Trust, Ballboys Testicular Cancer and Macmillan Cancer Support. Check out the video below and head over to buy your professionally printed calendar with accompanying DVD.

  • Peepers and Show-offs


    In honor of this post about exhibitionism, I'm writing this naked with the blinds open. With a naked string quartet playing the theme to Naked Lunch. But if nobody is looking in my window, am I even showing off? Exhibitionists totally depend on peeper, or at minimum, watchers. Still nobody is a greater enemy to a peeper than an exhibitionist. Why?

    Because if you're a peeper you want to check out a guy without him knowing. You want to sneak a peek. You want to intrude. You want X-ray vision (like the classic X-ray Specs sold in backs of comic books). You want to see everything.

    That's the minority though. It's mostly a dance. Looker and looked. Seer and seen. Eyes and penis. The guy who goes into the locker room wearing a towel, then pulls it off and sits on flat, his cock exposed. Then he doesn't make eye contact with anyone as he spreads his legs and closes his eyes. Look at me. I don't mind. But don't say a word. You'll break the spell.

    Or the guy jacking off in his window in the gayborhood as fellas stream home after the bars close. He's bait. And he'll invite someone up.

    Or Skype sluts. Or subway strokers. Or urinal jackers. Or college streakers. Or Australian Rules Football players who don't fight too hard when their shorts get tugged down.

    There's a line though when it goes from wonderfully sleazy to mundane nudity. Can someone be an exhibitionist on a nude beach? Or does that carry more weight in a shopping mall food court? How about halfway opening the door to your hotel room while you're masturbating? If you could be caught but aren't, is that being an exhibitionist? If you're scanning apartment windows for nude guys are you a voyeur even if you don't find any? And if you look at a hot, yet fully clothed, guy on the street through your blinds and he can't see you back, what are you then? How about if you're masturbating when you do it?

    Keep looking. Keep showing. Keep stroking. Keep fucking.

  • Treasure Island Media Launches TIMGear

    Treasure Island Media Launches TIMGear

    Treasure Island Media has just made it a whole lot easier to pick up some of their gear. Last week TIMGlobal (the parent company of Treasure Island Media) launched a full line of clothing and gear on their brand new site called TIMGear. The line features a full compliment rugged street, skate and urban clothing including underwear, tshirts, hats, shorts, hoodies, and more, and it's available exclusively on TIMGear.

    The clothing features Treasure Island Media logos and movie titles along with other fun designs. One artistic shirt features legendary Dawson, the power bottom who put TIM on the map, and it's already sold out. But you won't just find clothing at TIMGear. How about a set of shot glasses, a TIM cock ring, an overnight bag to carry all your hook-up gear, or sunglasses. There's lots more and some great opening special discounts.

    TIMGear is the first step in expanding the Treasure Island Media brand and opening brick-and-mortar stores offering a variety of lifestyle products for gay men. "We're very excited about this foray into gay male apparel and look forward to working with a range of partners to ensure that we're bringing you the hottest new gear around," says TIM general manager Matt Mason.

    The TIMGear store features simple and sporty apparel, but also brings fans a collection of kink gear, sex toys, lube and more. And there's more coming. Yuppie Boy & Company hits TIMGear on October 15 and the web store is also looking for creative partners to showcase their artistic apparel.

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  • New Bad Boy Stone In His Cocky Boys Debut

    New Bad Boy Stone In His Cocky Boys Debut

    Cocky Boys don't often release solo shoots, but this week they think (and rightly so, in my opinion) that their new model and all-round bad-boy, a guy named Stone - no last name, no prior experience - is worthy of us checking him out all on his lonesome!

    This hottie is a pierced and tattooed lad from Oklahoma - he's charismatic, laid back and edgy - and he's got an amazing body, and a nice fat cock too! He recently travelled to New York to complete in the latest "So You Wanna Be a CockyBoy?" series (remember the last one? - it was won by the talented Tayte Hanson).

    Stone's never travelled much away from home, so the crew got him to document his travels on his way to the contest - the guy is a horn-dog, he had all manner of sexy experiences en-route, from outdoor public sex, to getting his rocks off in a movie theatre, to an impromptu group sleepover - all of which he filmed and has shared with the site members. This guy has just what it takes to be a CockyBoy!

    And today, in his first solo professional video experience Stone's bright green eyes really light up when he's being filmed in the great outdoors - and they get even bigger when he see that he's going to stuffing his fat cock into a Fleshjack. And you gotta say, this guy must have some psychic control over nature as, at the end of this scene, at the second he climaxed, the heaven's opened up and a loud clap of thunder was heard in the distance!

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  • Unairable Gregg Homme Underwear Commercials

    This isn't an endorsement of Gregg Homme underwear. They're probably overpriced tiny pieces of spandex into hugging cock and ass just right. Wait, I like hugging cock and ass just right, too. Guess I better change my name to Gregg Homme.

    These are mini-movies which basically look like UK Naked Men videos minus the ejaculations but plus some cleverness. And they are unairable except on late night TV in Amsterdam.

    Why can't CBS air a Gregg Homme Fashion Show in prime time like they do the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? I mean doesn't society objectify men just as much as it does women? Aren't male underthings marketed to men just as much as women underthings? And what the hell is an underthing?

    Well, nah, I guess to even out the objectification, either people will have to objectify women less or men more. Since the former is impossible, I'm going to go with objectifying men more. I suggest you do your part.

    And that extends to ogling dudes in the locker room to the point they notice. I totally get that their are all these apps that supposedly do the work for us. Tap "woof" or "oink" or swipe right or whatever the app calls it and you've flirted, right? Well hell no you haven't. Flirting is about being vulnerable, obvious and direct. You have to break through all that clutter, and nowadays have to get the attention of people who are just not as into real time flirting as they used to be.

    So dress (and undress) to see and be seen. Apps are a good addition to connecting with guys but not a replacement for eye contact, not a replacement for a well-timed hungry gaze. Now that I think about it sexy underwear will never go out of style, especially the wonderfully super gay kind. But if you don't dig these kind of undies, just pull the waistband below your balls and slip your jeans or shorts or sweat on over. It's pretty much an instant cock and balls lift. Your crotch will do the flirting for you, especially if you forget to zip up.

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