• "Football Hero" Hits DVD


    The NFL hasn't had enough problems in the past couple weeks, what with its thug players beating up their wives and kids. Now we get a bunch of gay porn stars donning helmets and playing ball. Score! Following her gay priest drama, writer-director Nica Noelle is back with Football Hero. Her latest Icon Male release for Montreal-based Mile High Media stars Ty Roderick (above) as a horny athlete who decides to come out to his teammates. Sure, in real life, they might not want to share a locker room with him, but this is gay porn! And who knows? Maybe their nasty jabs hide their own secret homo desires!? Co-stars Brandon Wilde and Alexander Greene get busy in the showers, while team doc Trenton Ducati uses the clandestine hookup to get Wilde himself. Ty deals with the on-field bullying by bedding both Aiden Summers and Jamie Sanders. Mostly straight porn star Christian X (aka Maxx Diesel) is also along for the ride as a tough-talking coach.

    "Obviously, the Michael Sam story partially inspired this movie," Noelle says in a statement. "The idea of a rising football star coming out as a gay man, and risking public scorn and discrimination in order to take pride in his sexuality, is very intriguing to me. I chose Ty Roderick as the lead because he has a vulnerable quality that was perfect for the role."

    And he looks good in and out of his uniform. For more information, visit AEBN.


  • Dato Foland Signs Exclusive Deal with Lucas Entertainment

    Dato Foland Signs Exclusive Deal with Lucas Entertainment

    In an exclusive to GayDemon, Lucas Entertainment announced that they have signed Dato Foland to a new long-term contract. Not only is Foland now an exclusive model for the studio, but he'll premiere in his first-ever gay bareback sex scene on October 6, 2014. The studio is being tight-lipped about his scene partner.

    "We're all very excited to have Dato as our new exclusive model," says Lucas Entertainment CEO Michael Lucas. "He's truly one of the most beautiful men to have ever worked in the adult industry. And we've both immigrated from Russia, so we understand each other well."

    Born in Russia, 28-year-old Dato Foland has been calling Madrid, Spain home for quite some time. And earlier this year, he married fellow gay porn performer Abraham Al Malek.

    And if you're in San Francisco this weekend for Folsom Street Fair, stop by booth E-1000 on Sunday and congratulate Dato at the Lucas Entertainment booth, it's located next to the main stage area on 10th Street at Folsom. And see if you can get Dato to spill the beans on his scene partner, then drop us a line. :)

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  • Interview with Jason Keys

    Interview with Jason Keys

    The second part of our three interviews with Gay Hoopla hotties! This week we speak to Jason Keys.

    Thanks for inviting us along to talk to you on shooting day Jason. How are you doing?

    Very well actually just mixing up my look a little lately as a lot of people have noticed to keep the fans interested from time to time!

    For those who don't know what Gay Hoopla is, can fill us in on the idea behind the site?

    I believe Gay Hoopla is not only a very professional adult entertainment site but a chance for upcoming models like myself to have fun and become comfortable with performing. I also feel like whereas most porn sites are made strictly to benefit the creators and viewers of the site, Gay Hoopla actually concerns themselves specifically with the performers as well.

    What is it like to live in a cam-house?

    When I first moved into a cam-house I imagined there would be a lot of stress that would come with it but as time goes on you realize that there is more fun than stress and the friendships you make with performers and viewers drowns out any stress you came into the house with!

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  • Special Offer: 50% off at Men Over 30

    Men Over 30

    This weeks exclusive special offer for GayDemon readers is 50% off membership at Men Over 30! This is available for a limited time only, so make sure you claim your coupon today. Enter MEN50 at Men Over 30 to take advantage of this special offer!

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  • "I'm in a Little Bit of a Post-Orgasmic Bliss Right Now."

    "I'm in a Little Bit of a Post-Orgasmic Bliss Right Now."

    In his post-session interview, bearded Nathan Martin looks stoned. He's not high on drugs or booze, his head is swimming in a "post-orgasmic bliss" as he calls it, adding, "It was very good." I believe him. Cock teased and brought to the brink of cumming several times, Nathan's got a lot of those feel-good chemicals coursing through his body.

    I don't know who Nathan Martin is, this is his first appearance on Men on Edge, and I can't really find him anywhere else. But he's a sexy guy with a full beard and decent body, and he's swinging a big dick. He admits to being nervous before his session, but he's raring to go, so they tie him to a concrete pillar with bright red rope.

    Nathan gets the full treatment from Sebastian Keys, although not as wickedly nasty as I've seen, but Nathan's a first-timer. Whether he's bound to the pillar or bed, Nathan is helpless to stop it. All he can do is yell, "I'm gonna cum," which only makes Sebastian stop. But this isn't only about Nathan's big cock, Sebastian tugs on his nuts and pulls on his nipples.

    Nathan is tied to the bed and gets his dick serviced some more before Keys brings out the electric dildo and plunges Nathan's hole until he yells his head off. Finally, Sebastian puts Nathan out of his misery and he's got a special way of bringing this session to an end.

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  • Getting 'Hot N' Bothered'

    Underwear designer Andrew Christian releases another sensationally erotic video comprised of 2013 Model Contest Winner Jake Houser, Topher DiMaggio, Murray Swanby, Cheddy Oakafor, Cory Zwierzynski, and three unnamed studs. The 8 ripped hunks turn up at Andrew Christian's place declaring it a construction site and working up a sweat before gathering around the award-winning designer poolside, who is reading DNA Magazine, and launch him into the pool.

    Andrew Christian's 20% off sale is still running until 5th October, so now is the chance to fill up your underwear drawer!

  • The Tim & Roma Show Is Back

    The Tim & Roma Show Is Back

    San Francisco is going to be jumping this weekend with the start of Folsom Street Fair. And The Tim & Roma Show is kicking things off. It's been a while, but they're baaaack! And not only are irreverent hosts Tim Valenti and Sister Roma reviving their show, but they're doing it LIVE from the new NakedSword offices.

    Tim & Roma are throwing a huge house party broadcast and they've got a sexy line-up of guests. Falcon exclusives Ryan Rose, David Benjamin, Johnny V, and latest exclusive to join the team, Brent Corrigan. Raging Stallion exclusive Boomer Banks is stopping by, along with Ducati Models' Trenton Ducati. And no porn party would be complete without award-winning director mr. Pam.

    And if you can't be there in person, you can still join the party on Twitter. Tweet your comments and questions to @Naked_Sword. It happens LIVE on Friday, September 19th at 7 p.m. PST exclusively on NakedSword.com or TheSword.com.

    For more about what's going on at Folsom weekend, check out Folsom Street Fair To Feature Falcon's A-Team here at GayDemon.

  • Twink Buddies Go Gay For Pay

    Twink Buddies Go Gay For Pay

    This week the Czech Hunter cameraman has out-done himself! He was at the local train station with his POV camera at the ready and spied a hot young twink walking towards him. He approached the guy and gave him some story about being a film producer and how "photogenic" the young man was and offered to film him in his next movie if he was prepared to do a short audition today.

    Well this twink was wise for his age and knew "exactly" what was going on and said he'd be up for whatever - if the money was right - and he could bring his best buddy along - and that they'd both get paid! Well, our cameraman just adores threesomes, and the idea of this hottie and his buddy both going down on his already rock-hard cock was almost too much to handle, and he instantly agreed! So the twink uses his mobile phone and calls his mate and they all agree where to meet up.

    Cut to 20 minutes later outside a hotel where rooms can be rented by the hour and the twink's mate is there and up for it too, so they go in and rent a room. Not long later there are two hot twinks playing with each other's hard uncut cocks, and soon one is sucking his buddy who in turn is sucking the cameraman! Then the second twink sits his arsehole down on our cameraman's fat uncut hard-on and sucks on his buddy's cock and all the while is jiggling his tight little butt up and down.

    These two twinks may say they are straight, but it seems to me that they sure know how to suck cock, lick arse and fuck butt pretty well - so one wonders if they are more than just "good friends" - not that it matters, we get to watch as they suck and rim and cum on each other, and all the while our cameraman gets to fuck a tight hole before getting his own rocks off by spurting his cum load all over the second twinks cute face!

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  • Rocco's 10 Inches Slide Right In and Igor Doesn't Even Burp

    Rocco's 10 Inches Slide Right In and Igor Doesn't Even Burp

    Rocco Steele is lying back with his legs spread wide and he's holding his meat straight up in the air so we can appreciate it. Igor Lucas is lying beside Rocco, kissing him and eventually wrapping his fist around that monstrosity. Two fists around Steele's bone and there's still plenty more sticking in the air. That's how this new scene from Bareback That Hole opens.

    I'm impressed with Igor's cock-sucking skills. I mean, he never really does swallow much more that half of Steele's dick, but could any of us? Igor tongues every inch of Rocco's thick shaft, sliding up and down the underside, then he swirls his lips around Rocco's sensitive head. He sticks it in his mouth and bobs on it and spits in his palms and gives Rocco a two-handed jerk. Rocco's dick is rock hard through it all and daddy is moaning his pleasure.

    I'm even more impressed that Igor didn't struggle to take Rocco's hard-on. Steele spent a lot of time eating and fingering Igor's hole, so the bottom was dying to feel it. Igor is lying on his stomach, Rocco slaps his wet hole a couple of times with his dick, it looks so huge lined up on Igor's small butt, and I think, "No way." Rocco pushes his way in. Igor heaves his chest and head off the bed, grabs two fists full of mattress, and that's it, Rocco is balls deep. The rest of this fuck is an eye-rolling piece of cake. Not only impressive, but a lot of fun to watch.

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  • Zack Randall Makes "Naughty" Return

    Zack Randall Makes "Naughty" Return

    The big fall blockbuster from Falcon Studios boasts an impressive cast, but one name especially caught our eye. Naughty Pines is the movie (no, not Shady Pines as we keep calling it!), and the all-star cast of the two-part epic includes Johnny V, Brian Bonds, Sean Zevran, Connor Maguire, Chris Bines, Topher DiMaggio and Luke Adams. But it was Zack Randall in his comeback scene with Ryan Rose in Part 1 that really got our attention. Yes, it's another run at gay porn for the onetime twink superstar who went on to make some extreme pissing videos in 2009 after dumping his fellow gay porn star boyfriend Derek Rivero (who dat!?). Zack's last comeback was for COLT Studio Group two years ago. More recently, he's done some cam shows, but his new glamour photo shoot (above) finds him looking glossier than ever (or maybe that's just the expert Falcon retouching!?).

    Anyway, Naughty Pines takes place at a private men's retreat in Northern California. There, hung studs hook up among the gorgeous mountain scenery. "There's something liberating about sex outdoors," says award-winning director Tony Dimarco. "Setting this pack of horny guys loose on each other in the woods resulted in primal, uninhibited man-on-man sex, just as nature intended." In his duo, Zack accepts an invitation from proprietor Ryan Rose into his cabin. Once inside, there's mutual oral and then anal (with Zack on bottom, natch). Randall also displays some of his renowned self-sucking skills. Kid's still got it! Part 1 is out now, and Part 2 will be available on October 20. For more information, visit Falcon Studios.

    And to check out Zack's personal site, go to ZackRandall.net.

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