• 2 Knights Stretch Brent's Grateful Hole

    2 Knights Stretch Brent's Grateful Hole

    I'm not normally into blonds, but Brent Alex is so damned sexy. He's a handsome stud who loves taking it up the butt and some of my hottest bone-in-hand sessions lately have been watching him getting fucked. He seems to be the go-to bottom right now at Lucas Entertainment. I'm still watching his session with Cam Christou, you couldn't pay me to stop watching this one.

    This week Brent has two huge dicks to take care of. Taye Knight and Lucas Knight sit back side by side and watch this cocksucker slobber over their dicks. He warms up on Taye's eight inches, then moves over to Lucas' niner. I can't wait to see those huge cocks sliding into Brent's beautiful pucker, so I fast forward to the fucking. Taye kneels behind Brent and tries inching his hard-on inside, Brent is really tight and Taye really has to push and fight to get it in.

    Taye pumps Brent's hole for a couple of minutes, it's strenuous, then Brent's ass finally loosens up. Taye sighs deeply, then starts running his dirty mouth. Now that the tough work is done, he's enjoying Brent's ass. Lucas takes his turn, and that extra inch stretches Brent's hole even more.

    But the cumshots are the fucking best. Brent lies back with his legs spread and Lucas and Taye aim their cocks at Brent's hole, which is still gaping a little bit. Lucas lets loose first and blasts his watery load all over Brent's hole, then Taye follows seconds later with a thick gushes of white spunk. And Lucas grabs his cock and shovels Taye's chunky load into Brent's pucker and the three exhausted men fall into a kissing pile.

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  • Redheads Rule in "Hot" New Book and Exhibition

    Redheads Rule in "Hot" New Book and Exhibition

    Stereotypes of male beauty abound in gay porn. Of course, there's the hairy leather daddy and the smooth nubile twink. But what about the ginger!? Redheaded gay porn stars are few and far between. Sure, Blu Kennedy and Tim Kruger have made a splash in recent years. And currently, Seth Fornea models for COLT Studio Group (although he has yet to give up his on-screen cherry).

    Photographer Thomas Knights felt the need to offer a more realistic view of sexy ginger guys. After feeling inadequate himself as a child for his red locks, the British fashion photographer and music video director decided to shoot some pictures portraying redheads in a more "positive and heroic" light. Three years later, following successful exhibitions in London and New York, the results have been turned into a new coffee table book, Red Hot 100, for German publisher Bruno Gmünder.

    "Guys with red hair don't have the positive role models that girls do in our culture," Knights writes. "A male with red hair is not seen as aspirational, culturally speaking, with very few leading men, heroes, action stars or heartthrobs played by men with red hair in Hollywood or on our TV screens."

    In a recent interview with the BBC, Knights names Homeland star Damian Lewis as the only redheaded leading man. Perhaps that's why he hopes to bring his "Red Hot" exhibition to Los Angeles. (Seth Fornea turned up for the opening party in NYC and is featured in the book and trailer below.) Thomas feels that this might help Hollywood reconsider its casting choices and embrace more fiery-haired male leads.

    In light of his experiences as a boy, it's not surprising that Knights has tied his work to anti-bullying causes. Last year, a "Red Hot" calendar benefited these charities, and a 2015 calendar will do the same. Knights has said that his vision is to "rebrand the ginger male stereotype." After one look at the photos in the book and show, we can only say: Mission accomplished! Now maybe gay porn will catch on too. For more info, visit RedHot100.com.

  • Hung Israeli Beef Poses and Flexes His Muscular Body

    Hung Israeli Beef Poses and Flexes His Muscular Body

    Eyal is a big, beefy piece of manhood - straight, muscular, hung - and he's back in Hawaii with Island Studs for this new naked workout and jerk off video.

    Eyal starts off wearing blue jeans and a sexy white singlet. He's one seriously fit and well-built hunk of masculinity, and his smooth muscular chest and strong tattooed arms look great as he lifts his singlet up over his washboard abs to let the camera get a look-see - and he knows how hot he is too - that cheeky smile tells all!

    Eyal is Israeli, straight, in the military, loves working out and isn't the slightest bit shy when showing off his body. He drops his jeans and lets his rock-hard monster cut cock out of his underwear for some air, then moves indoors for a quick shower - and pee! It's wonderful to see such a stud doing what comes naturally, and what's more natural than pissing in the shower? Then he moves back outside for some more flexing, showing off those amazingly big biceps, his broad back, and even bending over and showing off his beefy butt and smooth hairless arsehole too!

    But the moment we've all been waiting for is about to happen - Eyal moves into the bedroom and lays down on the bed, all relaxed and comfortable - he takes his massive hard-on in one hand, gently toys with his tight hairless nut-sack with the other, and slowly jerks his meat until it erupts with a huge load of sticky white cum that dribbles all over his hairless belly and tight abs - this is one stud not to be missed!

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  • Fairy Godmother or Prince Charming?

    Fairy Godmother or Prince Charming?

    Can you imagine if your fairy godmother looked like Logan Moore? In this new release from Men at Play called Cinderfella, Danny Star is moping around because he's got nothing to wear to his graduation. In walks Logan Moore wearing a tuxedo and carrying another for Star. And he helps Star get dressed.

    And since this version of Cinderella is x-rated, Moore can't help getting turned on by how sexy Star looks in his expensive duds. He leans in and gives Star a passionate kiss. Moore has a full beard and seductive blue eyes and he's a good kisser. And it's not more than a few seconds and these two hunks are peeling out of their tuxedos and Star kneel and swallows Moore's cock.

    Moore feels guilty that Star is going to miss his graduation, but the Star is enjoying Moore's dick so much. How could he deprive Star? And Moore's not going to deny that his hole has an itch that could use a scratch. No, Star is quite content staying home and boning his lover's ass. Who needs to go to fancy party when you're already living with Prince Charming? So he bends Moore over and gives him the business, then sits back on the couch and enjoys feeling Moore's hungry hole bouncing on his hard-on some more.

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  • The Boss Gets What's Cumming To Him

    The Boss Gets What's Cumming To Him

    Over at the CMNM office's this week, the boss, Stewart, is one nasty bastard. Not only is he an arsehole to work for, but he's also cheating on his wife with the big-titted girl from Accounting - and to top it off, he also treats the male employees like shit!

    Today we catch up with him marching thru the office corridors barking out orders to the left and right, demanding that all his employee's cow-tow to his every command. But two of the guys in Accounting are good friends with the lass Stewart's been fucking, and she's shared all the intimate details of his extra-marital affair, and the lads decide to have a bit of fun at Stewart's expense!

    So today, when he comes into the Accounting Office, they are ready and waiting for him - armed with video evidence of his sexual indiscretions they set out to teach him a lesson in humility. Before Stewart knows what hit him, the Accounting lads have him in their clutches and they threaten to expose his affair to his wife unless he allows them to do whatever they please. They start to strip him - naturally Stewart protests, but they just ignore him and once his shirt is off, one starts to sniff his armpits. They make him pose and show off his muscular arms, and then they remove his trousers and start sniffing his crotch. Poor Steward's cock has a mind of its own and, amazingly, starts to get hard! The lads keep toying with Stewart's crotch, groping his cock and balls until they finally pull down his underwear and expose his hard uncut cock to full view!

    One of the lads, who are both still fully dressed in suit and tie, strokes the cock of the now totally naked Stewart, pulling the foreskin back and forth over the head of the hard penis; meanwhile his buddy sniffs Stewart's smelly underwear. Then the guys take some photographs of their now naked and humiliated Boss for their growing collection - just to ensure Stewart really learns his lesson and gets what's cumming to him!

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  • Pump It Up

    penis pumping

    Dyson just came out with an insanely expensive robot vaccum cleaner. When wlll break into the dick pumping business? Dick pumps that never lose suction and do double duty by picking up everything you may have spilled on your groin, such as dirt, coffee grounds and raw macaroni. You can't afford not to buy!

    For every one who grew up wondering what is would be like to stick their dick in the vacuum cleaner, scientific surveys have shown that 1 out of 347 of those people grew up to be dick pumpers. Surprisingly the folks performing the surveys door to door did not get doors slammed in their faces. As you may have noticed, people love to talk about dick.

    Now there are gradations of dick pumping. From the quick pump before that special date with alleged size queen Zachary Quinto to the years-long pumps that turn a cock into a Popeet. Some folks are more about the visual and give exactly zero fucks that their cock doesn't precisely feel like a cock anymore (more like a cock wrapped in sponges). And some want to feel the suction but not really alter their dick much if at all.

    If you're going to try it, do it as safely as possible. Avoid overpumping and be aware of any risks. Definitely talk to your doctor about it. If he's a guy. And you think talking to him about dick pumping will make him want to come over your house and dick pump with you. Otherwise, just ask folks at sex toy shops. The older the better so they know what they're talking about.

    Am I personally into it? Nah. Have I felt and sucked a pumped cock? Well yeah, duh, I mean how the hell could I have sucked it without feeling it? Hello! Ahhh, the '90s.

    Ball pumping and rosebud pumping are things too. I'll reserve my opinion on those because #1 nobody is asking and #2 I'm sure those will be main topics in the 2016 Presidential Debates.

    By the way, not every big cock has been pumped. But they sure as fuck can do some pumping.

  • Sexy Lad Gives his Daddy a Passionate Screw

    Sexy Lad Gives his Daddy a Passionate Screw

    Role Play is one of the sexiest things MEN.com has produced in a long while. I didn't even think I was watching a porn video, it felt like cinema, a gay movie where the director decided to include actual sex instead of just getting the guys rolling around a bed and using tricky camera work to make us think they're having sex.

    Spanish lad Allen King is standing in his underwear and looking out the window when his lover, Axel Brooks, enters. They embrace and kiss, then slip onto the bed for a long, tender love-making session. More kissing leads to dick sucking. The oral is sensual like someone has told these two that this will be their last taste of cock, so they want to savour every minute of it.

    I'm guessing by the title of the scene that Axel is usually the top in this relationship, but today he's letting Allen screw daddy's ass. And like the sucking, Allen isn't in a hurry. It's one of those fuck sessions we all long for where every stroke and pump of his cock is purposeful. Even when he ramps up his thrusting at the end, he's still not fucking like an inexperienced 18-year-old who thinks fast is always better.

    Daddy lets his boy has his fun for 21 minutes, then Axel pushes Allen off him and slips between his legs. Axel drills Allen hard for a couple of minutes until they're both ready to unload on Allen's smooth belly.

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  • How To Film Your Own Amateur Videos Properly

    View full video at Men POV

    I'm a fan of X-Tube, cause I love homemade porn. I like to see real emotions, real passion and real love between two men. That being said, the majority of homemade sex videos have always frustrated me. Now I realize that not everyone is a trained cinematographer. But some of these videos are so poorly shot that you wonder why the video was uploaded for all to see.

    Which is why the new porn site Men POV is quite an interesting find. Instead of just seeing extreme close-up shots of a cocks being sucked or butts being fucked, the action it is filmed in real POV (point of view) style. In that YOU the viewer are actually the one sucking or fucking this hot dude in front of you. That this smoking sexy guys is all yours. To do what you please. Most importantly in these videos is that you see the face of the person. To many times in these amateur videos you only see body shots, from the neck down. Like most guys I need to attach a face with the body. Men POV offers that so you get a complete picture of the dude in front of you. The action offered make you the viewer feel as if you are the one sucking of fucking. So if you make amateur porn for all to see, you should check out Men POV. You will pick up film techniques on how to do it right.

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  • Fetish Explosion

    First up in our fetish video triple play is what happens when an advertising agency goes full kink attack when shilling for headphones. By the way, I love my Sennheisers but I had no idea they loved me so creepily much right back. Like really creepy. Like weird creepy. Like half of me wants someone this devoted in my life and half wants a restraining order. But mainly, none of me wants ear sex. Not even my ears.

    This one's called Joe and Footsiedude wrestle in nylon socks - this one's a masterpiece . And I'm thinking everyone new Hollywood movie should adopt that as a subtitle. No need for reviews, just Transformers 3: Thie One's a Masterpiece, now at a theater near you. Or opening soon, Lindsay Lohan vs. Mothra vs. Godzilla vs. Arianna Grande vs. Alaska Thunderfuck vs. Tommy Tune vs. Melissa Rivers vs. Joe and Footsiedude: This One's a Masterpiece. Now enjoy this very specific video where two guys struggle to not show their faces on camera while fake wrestling in socks from Nordstrom.

    And here's the Village People singing the praises of Sex Over the Phone(inexplicably with women!) in 1985. See it's this kink where people spent $3.99/minute to talk to the slightly altered 1985 lineup of the Village People and ejaculate. Or something like that. On a side note, when having sex with a phone, use an old rotary style so you can use the cord to pull it out if it gets stuck. This video is kinky in a desperately seeking relevance yet still not coming out of the closet kind of way. At least they were keeping dance music going back then. That's more than I can say for that bitch Axl Rose.

  • "Football Hero" Hits DVD


    The NFL hasn't had enough problems in the past couple weeks, what with its thug players beating up their wives and kids. Now we get a bunch of gay porn stars donning helmets and playing ball. Score! Following her gay priest drama, writer-director Nica Noelle is back with Football Hero. Her latest Icon Male release for Montreal-based Mile High Media stars Ty Roderick (above) as a horny athlete who decides to come out to his teammates. Sure, in real life, they might not want to share a locker room with him, but this is gay porn! And who knows? Maybe their nasty jabs hide their own secret homo desires!? Co-stars Brandon Wilde and Alexander Greene get busy in the showers, while team doc Trenton Ducati uses the clandestine hookup to get Wilde himself. Ty deals with the on-field bullying by bedding both Aiden Summers and Jamie Sanders. Mostly straight porn star Christian X (aka Maxx Diesel) is also along for the ride as a tough-talking coach.

    "Obviously, the Michael Sam story partially inspired this movie," Noelle says in a statement. "The idea of a rising football star coming out as a gay man, and risking public scorn and discrimination in order to take pride in his sexuality, is very intriguing to me. I chose Ty Roderick as the lead because he has a vulnerable quality that was perfect for the role."

    And he looks good in and out of his uniform. For more information, visit AEBN.