• Casting Couch: Michael Stabler Joins Dirty Tony

    Casting Couch: Michael Stabler Joins Dirty Tony

    He's a typical Southern Californian beach boy; bleached hair, little goatee, slight tan. The sexually inquisitive Michael Stabler is the latest on Dirty Tony's casting couch and he's getting his cock measured. Anything to get to touch!

    Michael tells Dirty Tony that a massage by 3-4 girls would be his idea of a good time, but he's happy to take most offers, which figures as he's currently on the couch getting groped.

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  • Masked Straight Hunk Strips and Cums

    Masked Straight Hunk Strips and Cums

    Its moving day for the Maskurbate offices, and three well-muscled friends came round to give Pascal a hand moving some of the larger pieces of furniture. They also brought another guy with them - his name was Campo and he was a friendly and super-hot straight guy who Pascal had never met before, but he instantly knew he just had to film him, no matter what - and believe me, you're just gonna love him!

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  • Cum and Get It

    Cum and Get It

    We've been writing about cum for ages, including things like the face of cum and even funky spunk. But now, the UK's FS Magazine is tackling the sticky subject with a new article by writer Liam Murphy. The health and lifestyle magazine from the Gay Men's Health Charity, which has previously explored the hot-button topics of anal sex and gay bathhouses, asks in the latest issue, "Do you spurn the sperm or have a soft spot for semen?"

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  • If You Go Down to the Woods Today ...

    If You Go Down to the Woods Today ...

    Boy scout Jack Radley sneaks down to the creek for an early morning bath. He's caught up playing with his soapy cock and didn't see the troop leader meandering through the woods. Zeb Atlas hides between a tree and pulls on his cock while watching the naked scout. In MEN.com "Scouts," Zeb is the leader of this 4-man scout troop and they're off in the Georgia woods for some camping, and as it turns out, fucking.

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  • 18 Year Old Elders and Mormon Angel Threeway

    18 Year Old Elders and Mormon Angel Threeway

    Elder Berry and Elder Stewart at Mormon Boyz are happy to take orders when Angel tells the pair of enthusiastic cocksuckers to rewind a bit and make out. Angel wants to see more passion, so the elders kiss and stroke each other's dicks.

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  • Halloween - Trick or Treat

    Halloween - Trick or Treat

    In the continuing saga of "The Asiancy" from Peter Fever, the second Episode of the eighth Season is out and it's a doozy! It stars the amazingly well-hung Latino Santiago Figueroa and the sexy Puerto Rican hottie Rick Maverick.

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  • Giant Butt Plug Terrorizes Paris

    Giant Butt Plug Terrorizes Paris

    Wackadoodle artistic genius Paul McCarthy (no relation to Jenny McCarthy as I said "genius") created an 80 foot tall inflatable green sculpture and plopped it down in the heart of Paris. Despite being called Tree, it was somehow mistaken for a butt plug, raising the ire of anti-art wingnuts who vandalized it. And the way you vandalize a giant inflatable green butt plug is to deflate it. Poor giant butt plug, we hardly knew you!

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  • Tim Kruger Opens Christo Banderas' Tight Butthole

    Tim Kruger Opens Christo Banderas' Tight Butthole

    Christo Banderas is a smooth looking fella, such that I thought this was a Tim Kruger-ruins-a-tight-twink scene like with Phoenix. But even though Christo isn't actually a twink, the Venezuelan latino looks every bit as overpowered by Kruger's massive dick as the younger lads do on Tim Tales.

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  • "Dude, You Fucking Pounded the Shit Out of Me."

    "Dude, You Fucking Pounded the Shit Out of Me."

    This TIM Fuck scene with Peto Coast and John Dahl is one piece of horny perfection except for one thing: John Dahl's stupid hipster hat. Since when did guys start wearing hats to bed? I wanted Peto to rip it off John's head and wipe it through his ass crack to clean up the excess lube ... maybe shove it in his mouth. But I forgive Dahl because he's got a beautiful, chunky ass and he can take a hard pounding.

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  • Pleasing The Office Alpha

    Pleasing The Office Alpha

    Caleb Roca is the boss - the Alpha Male - in his corner of corporate world. The Men At Play office is always full of handsome, masculine men, all required to wear a suit and tie all day long - they must always be neat and presentable to clients whenever one turns up for high level meetings. They must also be ready, willing and able to service the Boss - at any time too!

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