• A Very Confusing Game of Strip Poker

    A Very Confusing Game of Strip Poker

    When eight gay guys get together for a game of strip poker, you know what's going to happen -- the fun is just getting started when the losers start shedding their clothes. A couple of weeks back Peter Fever rolled out the first scene from their new series called "Strip Poker - Texas Hold-Him" and this week they added episode two: "Strip Poker - Poker Bitch."

    Here's how these guys play strip poker: The first guy with a losing hand strips naked, not one piece of clothing at a time, but everything. And Bobby Hart is the first loser and the other seven guys watch as Bobby's clothes hit the floor. After another round of poker, sexy muscle stud Mikoah finishes with the losing hand.

    But the thing with strip poker Peter Fever style, Mikoah isn't really losing. Bobby Hart has to strip his poker buddy, and with the other card players watching, Bobby and Mikoah get into some kissing. But the rules in this game are very confusing. You'd think Hart would be serving up his ass since he was the first man out, but it's actually Mikoah who bends over. Bobby Hart has a huge cock, which he slides into the stud's ass. Wait: Is Mikoah the winner or the loser? It's so confusing, but a lot of fun to watch. Can't wait to see what episode three brings to this dirty game of poker.

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  • COLT Icon Sam Dekker

    COLT Icon Sam Dekker

    Long before Joe Manganiello was getting hairy on HBO's True Blood, COLT Man Sam Dekker was working his tight beard and tighter body. COLT Studio Group has dug deep in its vaults to create a pictorial tribute to this dead ringer for Manganiello that officially makes Sam a subject of the COLT Icon series. The studio tells us that Dekker was a man who liked all things "rough and rugged." His muscled body was built from long days of hard labor, "giving blood, sweat and tears on the job, rather than from the latest gym routines." Of course, back in the 1980s, Sam's shaggy dark hair got a lot of attention, but what about that firm round ass that looks like it's carved from granite? Let's hear it for the original Alcide! For more information, visit COLT Studio Group.

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  • Fucking Downward-Bending Cocks And Finding The Sweet Spot

    Fucking Downward-Bending Cocks And Finding The Sweet Spot

    A downward-bending cock can be a bitch to fuck. I've played with a few that were so severely curved that I just didn't know what position would be best. A nice banana-curved dick follows the natural route inside you hole, but the downward hook is just a pain in the butt.

    Shane is a very cute Quebecois guy and he's just turned 18 years old. And he's just finished his first jack-off video over at Squirtz. Aside from being handsome, he's sporting some sexy face scruff and has a beautiful pair of lips. Forget about the rest of him, a really long kissing session would definitely be in order.

    Shane has tried bottoming, but he says that he doesn't like the feeling. He's got a thick, uncut cock, so it would be a shame to see it go to waste. But it is a bit of a bendy. Not as bad as I've seen, but still a little challenging. But Shane is also a patient top. "If a guy can't quite take it at the start, I try them in different positions until we find the sweet spot."

    For now, we'll have to be content watching him shooting his load of jizz on his smooth belly, but I'm betting that Squirtz's brother site Video Boys will be getting him to demonstrate how he and bottom find that sweet spot.

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  • "You like this? This is a cowboy fuck!"

    "You like this? This is a cowboy fuck!"

    "$100, right?" asks Josh West as he takes money from photogragpher George Ce in this second scene of Titan Men's latest by director Joe Gage, Chain Reaction. "Now what do you want?" George starts filming the bearded stranger, who is dressed in a cutoff flannel and cowboy hat. "Open your shirt," George orders, the first of many that have Josh finally stripped down to his jockstrap - his balls peeking out as his boner throbs. "Wanna see what's inside?" he asks, slowly releasing his monster. George continues to film the action, tension building as Josh repeatedly lifts up his beast and lets it bounce down, the impressive weight of his heavy cock getting George even more hot and bothered. George opens wide and swallow's as much of Josh's cock as he can, and soon feeding his own uncut beauty to Josh - who gags on it. George whips his dick on the sucker's fuzzy face. He offers his ass which Josh greedily eats before shoving his cock inside, working up a hot rhythm: "You like this? This is a cowboy fuck!" The bottom turns over for more - and is soon covered in cum, Josh's hot load running down the middle of the stud's tatted chest.

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  • New York Boylesque Festival Returns

    New York Boylesque Festival

    The sexy boys of boylesque are back in NYC, thanks to Thirsty Girl Productions' Jen Gapay and promoter Daniel Nardicio. (This, despite cries from Daniel's ex, who is now a full-fledged gay porn star for Cocky Boys and says that he was unfairly banned from performing at the event. But that's another drama!) This year, fans from all over will be returning to celebrate the Third Annual New York Boylesque Festival, a showcase for all things burlesque, or boylesque. This two-night event presents a gaggle of hot male performers of all body types delivering some old-time near-naked performance art.

    On Friday, April 25, World Famous Bob (Bob's a she) hosts the Teaser Party at Drom (85 Avenue A) at 8 pm, where scheduled performers include Sir Willy Waterlily, Ron Dez Vous, Jack Nasty, Pussy Noir, Paco Fish, Go Go Gadget, Matt Knife and other dancers with kooky names. Then, on Saturday, April 26, it's The Main Event at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill (237 W. 42nd Street) at 8 pm. Drag diva Sweetie welcomes headliner Jett Adore (pictured), Tigger!, Gilbert de Moccos, Mr. Gorgeous, Manchego, Lewd Alfred Douglas and the Gypsy Layne Cabaret Company, among others. We sure hope Jett will be dropping his feathers! For more information, visit nyboylesquefestival.com.

  • Topping a Hungry Bottom

    Topping a Hungry Bottom

    This action-packed session from French Dudes features Carlos Celano topping cock-hungry bottom boy Brian Next. Brian shows off his sucking skills as he goes down on Carlos' raging hard manmeat. Then it's down on his knees for Brian as Carlos bends him over, takes control and drives his rigid dick deep inside the horny bottom's hole, filling him up and giving him the ass-pounding he craves!

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  • White Party Palm Springs Turns 25

    Circuit queens, get out your white jumpsuits. This weekend kicks off White Party Palm Springs, and it happens to be the 25th anniversary of the annual gay event. The four-day gala has grown over the years and now brings close to 30,000 devotees to this desert town each spring. Creator Jeffrey Sanker says to expect bigger and better this year in honor of the silver anniversary. They've even announced that Carmen Electra has been dubbed "Queen of the White Party." It sounds like she won't be "singing" this year, but according to an interview with Palm Springs Life magazine, the Baywatch star will be changing costumes a lot!

    Some of this year's events include the Addicted to White Underwear Party, where Chi Chi LaRue will be spinning in the Boudoir Lounge of the Renaissance host hotel, on Friday, April 25. Then, on Saturday, April 26, teen queen Ariana Grande headlines the White Party at the Palm Springs Convention Center, which will be transformed into a "unique dance environment" especially for the occasion. (Music superstars Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga and Mary J. Blige have performed in previous years.) Providing the beats, Bent Collective featuring DJ/producers Danny Verde and Steven Redant will be making their U.S. debut. Of course, with gays being gays, there's also the Climax Afterhours party at the Renaissance Hotel following the main event.

    The weekend of fun culminates on Sunday, April 27, with the Circus Icon T-Dance at White Party Park, where you can ride two Ferris wheels and enjoy 15 minutes of synchronized fireworks. Sanker is also promising a "special surprise performer." If you haven't passed out by now, there's a closing party at the Renaissance that goes till 8 am! For more information, visit JeffreySanker.com.

    And be sure to check out the video above in which a bunch of go-go boys dance around in white to a remix of a Cyndi Lauper classic. Can you spot the gay porn star!? We're also hearing that superstars Trenton Ducati and Adam Killian will pop up at various events throughout the weekend.

    White Party Palm Springs

  • A Tiny Butt Makes Even a Huge Cock Look Bigger

    View full video at Guys In Sweatpants

    You probably know blond cutie Ian Levine best from Helix Studios. That's where I fell in love with him. He's a hot little guy with a beautiful ass and he's devilishly playful. So I was pretty stoked when I saw this new scene from Guys In Sweatpants. It's an optical illusion, I know, but Austin Wilde's huge cock looks so much bigger sliding into Ian's tiny butt. And what makes this scene even more fun is that Austin ties Ian to his bed with neck ties and then hammers away on the lad's pretty butt.

  • Hung Bad Boy David Johnson Fucks One Way...Hard!

    Hung Bad Boy David Johnson Fucks One Way...Hard!

    David Johnson isn't one of those huge names in gay porn, but he's on my bucket list. The blond, 20-something has appeared most on British porn sites (this is his eighth time on Blake Mason) and if you've seen him, no doubt he's left an impression. He's a bad boy, a rough fuck who stuffs his fat dick inside a bottom and grunts on his hole until he's thorough satisfied and ready to unload.

    The first thing I love about Johnson is that he's packing a big dick. His stats say that it's eight inches long, which is a bit surprising because it looks huge. But I guess it's the girth that makes such an impact. And being a hound for uncut dick, I'm never one to pass by a big penis with a loose hood. In this new Blake Mason video, Josh Jared kneels and tries his best to swallow, but he mostly just wraps his lips around Johnson's bulbous head and slides his foreskin in his fist.

    But bent over the table and kneeling on a bench, Jared doesn't have much choice on how he gets Johnson's dick up his ass. The blond top fucks one way -- hard. But as with most bottoms, Jared's ass is much more capable of handling a deep fucking than his throat. The standout moment here is watching Jared sliding across the slippery table top and plunging Johnson's humongous hard-on in and out of his hole.

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  • Workplace Fantasy Becomes Reality

    Workplace Fantasy Becomes Reality

    In any workplace we all have crushes on certain co-workers. The worst is when the colleague is straight. Which is akin to forbidden fruit. You can only fantasize what your crush is like in bed. It is torture watching him everyday. That bulge in his trousers, which you would give anything to service.

    Denis Vega was able to make his fantasy a reality. For a long time he has lusted after his very straight co-worker Caleb Roca. One day Caleb waltzed into Denis office all hot and bothered. He had just come from a meeting with a very sexy female co-worker. He was sporting an erection that was on the verge of bursting through his pants. How will he ever get any relief?

    Denis offers to give Caleb a hand, wasting no time in unzipping Caleb's pants. Then devouring Caleb's huge uncut cock. At first Caleb was a bit leery accepting oral from a gay guy. He got over it quickly as the wonderful sensation of being sucked off begins to overpower him.

    Coming up for air, Denis asks for something in return. He wants to feel Caleb straight cock up his gay ass. It takes Caleb a second before he says what the hell? I've gone this far, why not all the way. Pretty soon Denis is getting pounded by Caleb straight man cock. Fucking him deep and hard. Eventually both men explode in a wet and heavy load of cum. Getting fucked by a straight co-worker, that is one thing off Denis bucket list.

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