• Horny French Lad on Glory Hole Duty

    Horny French Lad on Glory Hole Duty

    Glory holes are a lot of fun if you're looking for some no-fuss blowjob action. Sometimes I just want to get on my knees and suck a mess of dick; I don't want your hands on my head, I don't want you pushing down my throat -- just stand there and let me suck your cock. Julien Wellman is watching and waiting for a nice cock to slide through his glory hole in this French Dudes video.

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  • Fantasy Blow Job Cums True

    Fantasy Blow Job Cums True

    Falcon Studios model Nikko Russo is sitting outside on the porch of a quaint Country Inn, it is a lazy afternoon and he thinks he is alone, so has his hard uncut cock out of his pants and is slowly jacking it as he leans back, eyes closed - fantasizing about having a blow job from the amazingly masculine and sexy Chris Bines, who he knows is also staying at the Inn.

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  • Guy Watching: Ass Ass Ass

    Guy Watching: Ass Ass Ass

    Second only to watching a guy who's sleeping or passed out drunk in the "lowest risk of retribution for peeping" activities, it's ass watching. Because the guy can't see you looking. Just be wary of reflective surfaces and you should be just fine.

    The risks you do face are if someone else sees you looking too hard. But then that someone would have to be looking hard at you and tracking what you're looking at and then that's practically looking at the guy's ass anyhow, so at that point you're both guilty.

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  • Dirk Caber Gets TRIPLE Penetrated...By His "Sons"

    Dirk Caber Gets TRIPLE Penetrated...By His "Sons"

    Triple penetration!? Is that even a thing!? It is now, and Dirk Caber is the guy flexible enough to bring it to wide-eyed gay porn fans. In the latest scene from Men.com, the hirsute superstar, who has been waging a war with Facebook over his fan page with fellow porn star hubby Jesse Jackman, plays the lascivious daddy to three sons, or actually the sons of his new wife. Relax, they're all of age and played by unrelated models Johnny Rapid, Trevor Spade and Asher Hawk.

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  • More Romance: Sean Zevran Is Dating Jimmy Boyer

    Sean Zevran Falcon Edge

    Pornstars usually date pornstars. That's just the way things go. But Falcon Edge exclusive Sean Zevran's Instagram feed shows he's breaking the trend with new boyfriend Jimmy Boyer. The news broke as Zevran posted several cute photos starting this week; one announcing they're going on a date.

    Jimmy Boyer isn't a pornstar, although with those looks it might not be long before he is.

    Sean Zevran on Instagram showing Jimmy Boyer

    See more of Jimmy Boyer on Instagram, too.

  • Skippy Having Bum Fun with Giant Dildo

    Skippy Having Bum Fun with Giant Dildo

    Skippy Baxter really is a true-life buddy of Bentley Race site owner Ben. And it's taken Ben years to convince Skippy to take off his clothes for the camera. I don't know why he'd be shy, Skippy is a sexy guy with a beautifully athletic body, and a bid-nobbed cock. But I get it, not everyone wants to share the full monty with the world.

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  • Breeder Fuckers: Straight Backpacker Force Fucked

    Breeder Fuckers: Straight Backpacker Force Fucked

    Ladies man Wayne is backpacking. He approaches a stranger to ask for directions. The shady character is Breeder Fuckers' Dave, who leads the straight guy down into his basement. Everything goes black. He awakes tied to an exam chair, legs spread with his sphincter exposed. Wayne hurls abuse at his captor who silences him with tape, wrapped tightly over his mouth.

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  • Ex-Porn Star Kyle King Resurfaces as Blue Bailey's Boyfriend

    Ex-Porn Star Kyle King Resurfaces as Blue Bailey's Boyfriend

    Blue Bailey confirms that he's in a relationship with ex-Hot House dreamboat Kyle King. According to Bailey on his ask.fm page, the two started going out Folsom weekend (September 20), something he neglected to tell GayDemon when we interviewed him two weeks ago. But then we didn't know to ask.

    Pictures have been popping up on Bailey's Twitter with one set featuring Bailey and King going to the Barrister's Ball at University of California's Hastings College on October 10, and then another series of pictures of the pair taking in the Blue Angels (a United States Navy's flight demonstration squadron) as a part of San Francisco's Fleet Week.

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  • Fucking Kris Evans: Kevin On Top

    Fucking Kris Evans: Kevin On Top

    In the sexy new Series from Bel Ami Online the impossibly handsome and, until now, total top, Kris Evans is getting to feel what it's like on the bottom for a change. And in this third part, Kevin Warhol takes control and gives Kris an amazing bottoming experience - from having his cock sucked, his arsehole rimmed, and finally getting his virginal arsehole fucked - and all bareback too!

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  • Rogan Works for James' 4-Day Load

    Rogan Works for James' 4-Day Load

    I complain a lot about lousy cocksuckers in porn. Who wants to watch a guy giving a just-the-tip blowjob? Rogan Hardy is a full-service blow boy who loves sucking giving head and he's fantastic at it. Rogan brought along buddy James Chance -- a prop if you will -- to show off for the cameras over at TIM Suck.

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