• Bareback by Midnight

    Rogan Hardy finds a big-dicked dude prowling around his neighbourhood in the middle of the night. This white boy has a huge cock and Hardy invites him in for feasting session. Then Jsin slides his bone inside the cocksucker's ass and fucks him sloppy. 

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  • Six Guys in Cock-Sucking Orgy

    Six Guys in Cock-Sucking Orgy

    After some horseplay outdoors, Adam Archuleta, Hoyt Kogan, Joel Birkin, Rocco Alfieri, Yuri Alpatow, and Scott Reeves head indoors where Birkin's huge dick becomes the center of attention. But soon the guys pair up for a frenzy of cock sucking and there's plenty of cum to go around. After unloading their nuts in round one, the bottoms line up for a some hole filling in the second episode.

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  • "I Like A Good Solid Mixture of Both."

    "I Like A Good Solid Mixture of Both."

    Timmy's a 25-year-old Texan who's making his first video at Chaos Men. When site owner Bryan Ockert asks him whether he likes boys or girls, Timmy says, "I like a good solid mixture of both." And he adds that his favourite thing at the moment is getting sucked off. And with a beautiful eight-inch dick, I'm betting he gets lots of head. He says he's a top in bed, but while jacking his long dick, Timmy couldn't keep his fingers away from his butt hole, so we'll see.

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  • Christian Bay Fucks a Twitter Fan

    Christian Bay Fucks a Twitter Fan

    Porn virgin Caleb Connors fell in lust with Christian Bay and looked him up on Twitter. After some back and forth, Christian suggested they get together and fuck on video for Guys in Sweatpants. "What made you want to do a video with Christian?" Austin Wilde asks. "He's got a very nice dick," Caleb says. Wait until you see the look on Bay's face when his long dick slides all the way down Caleb's throat. After getting a superb blowjob, Christian inches into Caleb's ass balls deep and using nothing but spit.

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  • Plowed Hole

    Plowed Hole

    The guys find Gauge passed out on the dorm floor, one of them pulls off his shorts and another mounts him. He rams his dick inside and Gauge wakes up with a yelp. A second guy plows him on the floor, then they pull Gauge onto the mattress and line up. Each guy takes a turn in fucking Gauge's ass, some take more than one, then one by one they start unloading their nuts.

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  • Ask Gay Demon: "Straight Guy" Wants More

    Ask Gay Demon: "Straight Guy" Wants More

    I'm  straight, well, I thought I was. A few months ago, I caught myself  checking guys out on the street. I was too afraid to try anything, wasn't sure if I even wanted to at first. So I found GayDemon and I've been checking things out. I like a lot of what I see here, so does my cock, and I'm curious to try something with another guy. But I have no idea how to find a patient and caring guy who will take it slow and let me experiment. I think I want more than a quick blowjob in a park. Any ideas?

    -Semi Straight

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  • Demon Deals: Japan Boyz 50% Special

    Demon Deals: Japan Boyz 50% Special

    Japan Boyz is helping you blast into a hot summer. Over the first long weekend of the summer, you can grab a 50% discount off a membership. Enjoy over 450 videos featuring Japanese guys and the men who love to play with them.

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  • French Twink's Horny Shower

    French Twink's Horny Shower

    Jonathan Garnier is a horny 18-year-old lad and he lives with a couple of other guys so the shower is about the only place he can find any privacy. His soapy fingers find their way to his tight pucker and Jonathan works in one digit, then two. He grabs his dildo and sits on the shower floor fucking himself until he empties his nuts on his smooth belly. And if you like foreskin overhang, Jonathan has a long hood. 

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  • Daddy Bangs a Bearded Cub

    Daddy Bangs a Bearded Cub

    Bearded cub Scott Matthew hasn't had heaps of sexual experience, but he knows what he likes -- sitting on daddy dick. Scott has had a handful of horny sessions with older men and he's learned that nothing beats their experience. Guy English is only too happy to show this younger guy a few tricks he's learned over the years, like how a daddy isn't in a hurry to cum and when he finally does, it's a whopper.

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  • Joel Birkin Brings His Big Dick to a Threeway

    Joel Birkin Brings His Big Dick to a Threeway

    Yesterday, Joaquin Arrenas and Jarrod Lanvin flip fucked in a scene that almost never made it to Freshmen. Producer George Duroy thought these lads weren't hung enough. So he instructed the director to film a second part with Joel Birkin and his big dick. In this scene, Jarrod Lanvin has his boyfriend Joaquin Arrenas blindfolded and gets him kneeling at the foot of the bed. When the blindfold is removed Lanvin is staring at Birkin's humongous dick. Birkin takes turns fucking both guys, but who gets his load? 

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