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    Johnny Torque Returns to Pornland

    Johnny Torque Returns to Pornland

    Johnny Torque filmed over 60 scenes with Next Door Entertainment, but he hasn't had a new one released since July 2015, apparently he wanted a wee break from Pornland. This week marks Torque's return to the studio. Along with three others -- Markie Moore, Arad, and Mark Long -- Torque has been signed to a year-long contract and his first new scene debuted yesterday on Next Door Buddies. In the locker room, Johnny finds a dildo in Drake Tyler's duffle bag, so he forces Tyler to suck his dick, then bends him over the bench for a good screw. Good move. Who wants to get fucked by a dildo when Johnny Torque's dick is in the room?

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  • Chaturbate with GayDemon: Dick Mall

    Chaturbate with GayDemon: Dick Mall

    Mall of America, currently the biggest mall in the U.S., is going to build an even bigger one in Florida. Because that needs to happen. I'm kind of over the mall myself. It just doesn't have the charm it used to. Plus the penalties for shoplifting are much greater when you can be tried as an adult. Hey, was I supposed to buy that Playgirl magazine and let everyone know my homogaysexualness?

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  • Kylian Dall Pleases The Audience

    Kylian Dall Pleases The Audience

    Men of Montreal serves up a great treat with bartender Kylian Dall. He is into giving a bit of a show so its really horny to watch him show off for the camera. He showers, dries off, and then kicks back on a sofa to jerk off his dick.

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  • Vince Flexes Muscle & Plays With Cock

    Vince Flexes Muscle & Plays With Cock

    Vince is back at Peter Fever for a solo shoot. He poses in Peter Le's bedroom in his sweatpants. Vince lifts his arms to show his impressive biceps and his abs look so tight. Off come the sweatpants and colourful jock and Vince plays with his Asian cock.

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  • Jesse Jackman & Donnie Dean Flip Flip in "Pacific Coast"

    Jesse Jackman & Donnie Dean Flip Flip in "Pacific Coast"

    Every time I see Jesse Jackman's big hooked cock, I wonder how any man is able to take that thing up their ass. I once played with an Iranian guy sporting a severely downward-curved dick like Jesse's and I had no idea how to get this unbendable rod in my ass. Maybe a dentist's chair would have come in handy. In Titan Men's last episode of "Pacific Coast," Donnie Dean doesn't have much problem swallowing Jackman's dick from either end, but then he rarely does.

    And like I said, this is the last scene from Titan Men's "Pacific Coast" and all three of them capture men fucking outdoors. Hunter Marx finds Trent Davis wandering along a road in the woods and he throws Trent over the bed of his truck and fucks his ass. Newcomer Eric Nero debuts his giant cock, briefly letting Ricky Decker try to suck it before he lies back and gets a deep screwing from the hairy top.

    In this episode, Jesse Jackman and Donnie Dean fuck each other in the backyard behind the house. They're both superb cocksuckers, but Donnie definitely has the bigger job. And since Jackman fucks Dean first, it's Jackman's hairy torso that gets covered in cream after Donnie fucks him on the table.

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  • Guy Watching: Want It Need It Get It

    Guy Watching: Want It Need It Get It

    Want dick. Need dick. Get dick. Repeat. The same suggested method applies to ass. Damn, there are so many hot men to sneak peeks at. Is that what the third eye is for? Sure, the third eye is probably this mystical concept for non-literal perception, but when it's not busy non-literally perceiving, can it spare some visual data processing power to spy on more hot guys? Who do I ask to make that happen?

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  • Tory Gets Surprise Handjob on Spunkworthy

    Tory Gets Surprise Handjob on Spunkworthy

    When arranging his solo shoot for Spunk Worthy Tory was a bit of a flirt. He mentioned he'd recently been experimenting with guys. Tory is a 21 year old military recruit and is looking to make some cash. He didn't mind when the director reached in to touch his cock and that led to Tory sitting back enjoying being groped, showing off his ass hole and then getting an unexpected handjob.

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  • Bel Ami: Claude Sorel and Marc Ruffalo

    Bel Ami: Claude Sorel and Marc Ruffalo

    Two of Bel Ami Online's experienced stars, Claude Sorel and Marc Ruffalo get together for this passionate love-making scene. Although they haven't done a scene together for Bel Ami before, it seemed like an ideal pairing. Marc rims Claude's gorgeous hole which has him begging for Marc's bare uncut cock.

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  • Tim Gives Randy his First Fuck

    Tim Gives Randy his First Fuck

    Seeing a big, beefy dude fucking a slimmer one is sort of the way it goes in nature, you know, the strong dominating the weak, or the not as strong. Active Duty's Randy looks like he could easily pick Tim up and bench press him over his head. But in this scene it's Tim who climbs on top of Randy and dominates his meaty ass. And that turns me on. Come inside and see what makes this fuck even hotter.

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  • Randy Fucks Rusty at Sean Cody

    Randy Fucks Rusty at Sean Cody

    This is Randy's fifteenth scene over at Sean Cody. He both bottoms and tops, but I love watching him fucking guys. Who wouldn't prefer seeing his big uncut cock stretching out a bottom's hole? Blond muscle stud Rusty is pretty new, this is only his third hardcore scene, but he's been fucked in all of them. And just a bit of trivia: Randy's first anal scene was fucking Colt Rivers back when the porn stud was just Ryan. Did you know that Colt Rivers filmed 13 scene for Sean Cody? And 10 of them were bareback?

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