• Johnny Hazzard and Drake Jaden Have Some Sexy Foot Fun

    Johnny Hazzard and Drake Jaden Have Some Sexy Foot Fun

    The team over at My Friends Feet have once again brought back super sexy gay porn star Drake Jaden for some more, very erotic and toe-a-licious foot fun. This time however, they've put him together with the infamous gay porn stud Johnny Hazzard!

    We meet up with the guys in Johnny's bedroom ... he's on the bed dressed casually and reading a book. He's joined by Drake, who's fully dressed from a day at the office, in business shirt, tie, suit pants and shoes. Before long Drake is caressing Johnny's legs and feet as they discuss the day and that's when things start to heat up. Johnny gets Drake to lie down on the bed and sucks on his sock-covered toes as Drake starts to get undressed. Once Drake is down to his underwear the guys get into a 69 position and caress and suck on each other's socks and feet ... once the socks come off, and Drake is totally naked, Johnny licks and sucks on his pinkies as Drake takes his rock-hard cock into his hands and beats off. Johnny continues his foot-worshiping and toe-licking and sucking and before long it finally gets all too much for Drake and he shoots his cum load as Johnny is biting on his big toe ... two hot masculine guys in a very hot scene!

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  • Two Latino Guys Fucking by the River

    Two Latino Guys Fucking by the River

    Last night my partner was telling me about an episode of Sex Sent Me to the ER where a couple were having sex in the woods and the guy rolled over onto a hornet's nest and the woman had been lying on a bed of poison ivy. Ouch! And ouch! Then this morning when I open my assignment queue, I see Miami Boyz Alan and Martin fucking on a log by a river. Ruh roh.

    Alan and Martin have been two of the most popular guys at Miami Boyz and they've been sucking and fucking their way through several scenes, just not together. Alan is a cute, 19-year-old guy who has bottomed for a few of the guys over there. Martin is a long-dicked, straight guy who only agreed to start doing guy-on-guy sex if he only topped, and he did that.

    So if we believe the back story, this new scene is Martin's first time sucking a cock and getting fucked in the ass. Frankly, none of that matters to me, it's a hot scene with two guys sucking, fucking, and getting off in a secluded spot on a river. That's infinitely more sexy to me than whether this is really Martin's first time. Although seeing how big his cock gets makes me horny to see that thing sliding into a bottom's ass, so I'm off to watch Martin fucking Felix in the woods.

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  • David Benjamin Signs With Falcon and Raging Stallion

    David Benjamin Signs With Falcon and Raging Stallion

    His first scene hasn't even come out yet, but David Benjamin is already an exclusive player in the gay porn industry. Just after last week's signing of Dario Beck, Falcon and Raging Stallion have announced a new deal with the 39-year-old go-go dancer and cam model. Benjamin, who's based in Washington, D.C., first caught our attention with this yet-to-be-released scene for Hot House. Then he started creating a stir with sexy pics on Twitter (@DavidBenjaminX) and on the box cover of Channel 1 Releasing's upcoming #Leather, directed by Chi Chi LaRue. But following a meeting at the Grabby Awards last May, Falcon and RSS have swooped in and now the bearded stud is making his studio debut in Crave, the fourth title in the Falcon Edge line.

    In an exclusive statement to GayDemon, Benjamin says, "The opportunity to join some of the iconic names behind Falcon and Raging Stallion products is an honor. Having the chance to work alongside established stars like Shawn Wolfe and Boomer Banks and director Steve Cruz, to name a few, is a real privilege."

    From what we hear, David has already filmed two new scenes for the Monster Bang imprint, and look for Crave on September 1. For more information, visit Falcon Studios.

  • Private Scotty Jacks His Big Boner

    Private Scotty Jacks His Big Boner

    Private Scotty is a good-looking, testosterone filled and highly sexual lad who is joining the ranks over at All American Heroes today. He is one of those guys who get turned on really easily, by practically any sexy thought, and likes to jack off at least twice per day!

    Scotty is straight, likes older women and has plans to become a male stripper sometime soon! He just adores it when women admire his body and totally gets off on the idea of body-worship ... especially if it is HIS body being worshiped! Scotty also found out recently that he likes the feeling of a finger inside his hole when he is jerking off (tho apparently he hasn't gone past one finger ... at least not yet). His cut cock is quite an eye-full, and when he has a full-on boner, you can almost see the veins along the shaft thru his underwear! Today Scotty is doing a solo jerk off video and the second those undies are off, he is already rock-hard and working on his tool. He's confident in his sexuality and not in the slightest bit shy about rolling over and showing off his hairy butt cheeks and the tight man-hole hidden between them! His cock is fat ... a good six inches around ... and it's noteworthy to mention he's also got a very nice pair of low-hangers for those of us who like balls ... but today's object is the cum shot, and he's not shy about doing that either, and he makes sure every last drop gets stroked out all over his ripped stomach!

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  • The Doctor Will Suck You Now

    The Doctor Will Suck You Now

    Doctors having sex with their patients is one of those taboo lines we're not supposed to cross. But if your doctor were as sexy as Dani Robles, could you resist? Would you even try? Maikel Cash doesn't stop the doctor when his fingers wander into his underwear, in fact he encourages him.

    In this new video from Men at Play, Maikel Cash comes to his doctor complaining about an ankle injury. Okay, the hottest thing about this scene is that both Robles and Cash speak Italian. So, so sexy. (There are subtitles so we can follow along with the initial set-up.) And the funny thing is that Cash is supposed to have hurt his ankle, but sitting on the examination table, he keeps telling the doctor that the pain is higher up his leg. Eventually Robles fingers are perilously close to the leg hole in Cash's underwear briefs and the stud again says, "A bit higher."

    Robles finally pulls out Maikel's cock. OMG! This hunk is packing one giant cock head. It's massive. And it's not just the camera angle, Robles worships it -- licking it with his tongue and rubbing his lips around it -- that's one seriously bulging head. But the doctor does swallow it staring up at his patient with his sexy brown eyes. It's even more fun watching Maikel giving the doctor his prostate exam. Man, I can only imagine how good that fatty must have felt pushing deep inside Robles' hole.

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  • Hugh Shoots Huge Load of Cum

    Hugh Shoots Huge Load of Cum

    Hugh is a sexually curious straight guy in need of some dough. Why not get massaged on film for cash? After all it is not like he is doing anything that risque. He is just getting his body oiled up and massaged for the world to see. What harm would it be?

    Though Hugh has gotten his share of 'happy endings' from women, he has never gotten one from a guy. But what difference does it make? Hugh is comfortable with his own sexuality. Hand is a hand.

    Lying face down, one is has immediately struck by Hugh's round bubble butt. It is a beauty! The masseuse has noticed Hugh's rear end as well. During the massage he keeps coming back to Hugh's ass. Sensing that this massage is turning Hugh on, the masseuse decides to go for it. He begins to finger and rim Hugh's hole. It becomes noticeable that Hugh is enjoying this as his cock stiffens.

    Switching sides, Hugh displays a dick that is hard as a rock. Taking this as a sign, the masseuse began to suck that cock for all its worth. Between slurping and jacking off Hugh's piece of meat, it doesn't take long for him to shoot his load. And wait until you see that cumshot. It travels clear across to the other side of the table! Don't believe it? Go to the video and see for yourself!

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  • My What a Big Bush You Have

    big bush

    Pubes. Bush. Cock hair. Secondary sexual characteristic. Forest. Tumbleweeds. Penis wig. Um, XXX thesaurus please! I've run out of terms already but that's okay because when you're into it, you want to do lots of things in which talking isn't required.

    Preferences vary (even OK Cupid has it as a compatibility question) with some folks exclusively liking it natural. Could be how it looks. How it feels. Tickles. Smells. What it seems to say about someone. But no need to analyze why. It's a hardwired preference I'm sure.

    Still, there's nothing unnatural about manscaping as it's a man choosing to do it out of a natural desire. And then there's one guy having a full bush and the other guy not. Fuck, it's already two guys. Why not create and enjoy differences between each other?

    Oh wait, I just thought of one more: carpet. As in the carpet matches the drapes. Extremely masculine drapes of course. Burlap even.

    So what's your preference down there? Is it the same for you and who you're with? And what if you're into big bush and at an orgy where everyone has the desired big bush except for one big-dicked guy with zero bush? Do you run screaming from the airport Marriott or deal with it and orgy on?

    P.S. Check out Brad Kalvo's bush in action!

  • Picking Up a Stranger At The BeKool Lounge

    Picking Up a Stranger At The BeKool Lounge

    Kevin Sportswear and Tony Rekins from French Dudes are at the local gay lounge 'Be Kool' enjoying a drink together and, as everyone who knows Tony, whenever he is involved, things are going to get a bit rough!

    The guys are definitely in a playful mood ... in the mood for some anonymous sex with a stranger! Enter Alex Kiffeur, some stranger Tony picks up from off the street ... the resulting action is certainly hard, fast and furious as hottie Alex sucks on Kevin's cock while Tony feels him up ... all over! Then Alex moves his oral attentions to Tony's cock and Kevin moves around behind and starts fucking Alex up the butt. From the sounds of things, Tony is certainly enjoying the blowjob he is getting! Then Tony and Kevin swap ends and the two guys continue to take turns with Alex's mouth and arse ... but they aren't finished with their new-found bottom-boy yet ... they introduce their Nike's into their sexual games and make Alex sniff them while he's getting fucked .... and stay tuned for more, as things get even hotter in next week's update!

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  • "You Must Have Won the Biggest Nuts Contest!"

    "You Must Have Won the Biggest Nuts Contest!"

    Bradan is a cute blond guy who is sitting in the Like Em Straight chair this week. He's been in the studio before, so he's no stranger to getting his dick serviced by a man. And probably one of the first things you'll notice about him is that he's got a pretty good-sized dick, but he's packing a very impressive pair of nuts.

    Braden plays with a Fleshjack and fucks his cock hard with it, but site owner Brendon takes the toy away from him because he doesn't want the lad emptying his nuts before having a chance to lick them. Braden talks about having a jack-off contest with a couple of buddies, then Brendan asks him to lean over the back of the chair so we can see those big balls hanging between his legs. "You must have won the biggest nuts contest," Brendon says.

    They don't really hang, they're not low hangers, but they're more like a big orange just sitting between his legs. And Brendan does eventually get to lick Braden's nuts, then ends the scene stroking the lad's cock and watching those huge balls spewing their contents.

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  • Landon and Logan Trend

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    This week Landon Conrad and Logan Vaughn trend in the 7 day most watched gallery. MEN.com's scene shows the couple fucking in great detail. Not divorced yet!

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