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  • Elder Foster & Elder Miller at Mormon Boyz

    Elder Foster & Elder Miller at Mormon Boyz

    Under the Law of Chastity, with no alone time or intimacy with the opposite sex, Mormon Boyz missionaries are left to alleviate sexual frustration with other young missionaries and priests alike. Elder Miller is training Elder Foster following his ordainment in an earlier scene. The touch each other through their white cotton underwear before Foster sucks Miller, who then fucks his tanned ass bareback.

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  • Bentley Race & Hung Twink Jakub Novek

    Bentley Race & Hung Twink Jakub Novek

    It's quite clear from the last few scenes Bentley Race has produced that the lure of a cute butt hole is too much to resist as he buries his face in an ass and rims. 18 year old Jakub Novek is the latest boy to meet Bentley's tongue. Bentley Race has a thing for skinny guys with big cocks, so Jakub fits right in on the site, beginning his shoot jockstrapped up and wearing his team's kit.

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  • Early Hours Cum Dumpster

    Early Hours Cum Dumpster

    The morning approaches but at Sketchy Sex the cum is just starting to flow. Two guys show up to the apartment needing an ass to fuck their load into. Bareback cum dumpster and slut bottom will take it all and when the guys pull out, he's gagging to lick whatever else is left off their cocks.

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  • Eric Nero's Giant Cock Debuts at Titan Men

    Eric Nero's Giant Cock Debuts at Titan Men

    Seeing Eric Nero's huge cock flapping between his legs is one of those "Holy Shit!" moments in porn. It's also the first time we're getting to see Nero's deliciously big and beautiful penis, Titan Men's "Pacific Coast" is his porn debut. Eric rides Ricky Decker's hard-on, which isn't small by any means, and Eric's monster swings up and down like an off-kilter pendulum.

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  • Russ Plays Dirty & Rough at Corbin Fisher

    Russ Plays Dirty & Rough at Corbin Fisher

    Russ looks sweet and innocent but he's got a dirty rough side, which he unleashes on Dawson in his Corbin Fisher scene. Russ starts giving orders, making Dawson eat his ass, bend over and even declare he's Russ's bitch. There's some ass slapping and Russ pulls Dawson's arms behind his back as he fucks him rough!

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  • Chad Porter & Travis Stevens Bareback in Wichita

    Chad Porter & Travis Stevens Bareback in Wichita

    This could quite possibly the very first time you'll see porn newcomer Chad Porter as he's revealed in this Jason Sparks Live scene with Travis Stevens. The sex-mad twink jock gets his ass barebacked in Wichita on Jason Sparks' nationwide model search. Travis Stevens seems to be quite the popular guy lately too. He's grown a huge following,

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  • Interview with Remi Mint

    Interview with Remi Mint

    So, I'm digging Jacob Ladder a lot lately. I don't know what it is, but he just gets me hard. He topped for the first time with you at Cock Virgins where you say that you're a virgin... Bullshit!! Haha.. Obviously not your first time right? How was working with Jacob?

    Haha at this point I've kinda lost count, so no not my first rodeo. Jacob was really fun to work with actually. Before our shoot we had some time to relax and get to know each other and he totally helped me with my twitter account, cause I'm such a blonde when it comes to technology haha. And, even the night before our shoot we got to hangout while I was in the hot tub. He was kinda shy when I first met him, but he warmed up to me when my dick was in his mouth.

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  • Mr. Man's First Annual Manatomy Awards

    Mr Man welcomes you to their first Annual Manatomy Awards, a celebration of the finest onscreen male celebrity nudity from the previous year. All scenes have been catalogued and naked celebrities are awarded titles such as Best Picture, Best Full Frontal, Best Butt, Best Gay Scene, plus much more! A Hollywood hunk also takes home the Lifetime Skinchievement Award for having the best nudity throughout his film career.

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  • Weekly Price Check: Helix Studios

    Helix Studios $9.95 per month

    This week we visit Helix Studios for a price update. The site has been offering 30 day memberships with unlimited streaming at an incredible price of $9.95. Members benefit from instant access to the entire Helix Studios library and selected Boy Crush scenes.

    GayDemon Review Score: 90/100

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