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  • French Sex Club Threesome

    French Sex Club Threesome

    Alex Kniffeur is cruising in a Lyon sex club this week at Jalif Studio. Tony and Kevin have their sights set on the cute lad, who will be sucking both cocks at the same time in moments' time. They each have their wicked way with the slutty bottom, who welcomes their cocks into his smooth ass and then takes a spraying of cum from the tag-team duo.

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  • Firefighter Mark Franks Grinds Out Some Hot Ass

    Firefighter Mark Franks Grinds Out Some Hot Ass

    Ripped firefighter Mark Franks thinks he's alone in the fire station. He's still kitten up in his fireman's uniform and he is indulging in a post-work relaxing wank. Colleague David Norris spots him playing with his cock and approaches to join in the Raw Fuck action. He's feeling submissive, so drops down to his knees to give a good blowjob. Mark is soon shafting his fellow firefighter bareback in his tight hole.

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  • Nick Rider On The Casting Couch

    Nick Rider On The Casting Couch

    Straight guy Nick Rider is the latest on Dirty Tony's casting couch. He strips off showing why he doesn't have any trouble hooking up with the ladies. His cum-filled swinging sack swings about as he's undressing. As his jeans and shoes come off he begins stroking his cock. Turning over, he shows his muscular butt and irresistible thighs. He edges himself closer to splurting, and when he can't take any more of his self-pleasure, he tightens up and erupts a stream of hot white cum.

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  • John Henry's First Ride to Poundtown

    John Henry's First Ride to Poundtown

    Cage Kafig is a good top for a newbie because his cock is big enough, but it's not going to leave a guy limping away from his first ass fucking. John Henry is a geeky southern boy appearing in his first bottoming scene for Broke Straight Boys, and in fact, he has only just finished his first oral scene. He's still getting used to having a dick in his mouth, so a nice average-sized cock like Cage's is very manageable.

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  • Sporty Josh Violated & Abused

    Sporty Josh Violated & Abused

    Straight lad Josh is wearing tight white sports gear. His bulge is so obvious that tormentative Breeder Fuckers tops Adrian and David can't help but taunt and tease him. His arms are bound behind his back so that they can freely grope and antagonise him. He's gagged with a ball gag, and lay with his stomach flat on a table top, the vicious tops vigorously abuse his previously untouched arsehole turning him into a pathetic anal bitch.

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  • The Gardeners: Kayden Gray & Dolan Wolf

    The Gardeners: Kayden Gray & Dolan Wolf

    It's a hard day of work for gardeners Kayden Gray and Dolan Wolf at Alpha Males. They have been working under the sun for hours and the masculine scent of hard-working men fills the air. Dolan is a hairy chested daddy type, while Kayden is an athletic, younger stud. They draw closer and Kayden's swollen cock bursts out of his work gear provoking Dolan to go for a taste of his cock. They move into the garage to continue their man-on-man sex, where Kayden fucks Dolan's arse until he's close enough to spray his load over the stretched and exhausted daddy.

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  • Interview with Levi Karter

    Levi Karter interview

    We haven't had a chance to speak to you since you won Best New Pornstar 2014. Congratulations! What have you been up to recently? I see you were at the Prowler Porn Awards in London...

    I can't believe it's been that long - Thanks! I was just at the Prowler Porn Awards presenting with my studio and then in Berlin shooting for one of our feature projects, 'Another Roadstrip' as well as launching our second photo book, 'SIXTYNINE' haha it sounds like I'm pushing all this, but really we're working non stop-it feels like.

    You're a Cocky Boys exclusive; have you ever filmed for another studio and who was it with?

    I have proudly only shot with Cocky Boys and am very happy to stick with their studio exclusively throughout my career.

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  • Mr Man's Top 10 Fair Haired Hunks


    Here's some of the hottest golden boys on the big screen. Mr Man has compiled another playlist of hunks, this time it's the top fair haired hunks and we're bringing you the top 10! From the gorgeous blond Matthew McConaughey to the light-haired Brad Pitt, there's someone for everyone in this week's top 10 playlist. Choose your favourites and let us know!

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  • Weekly Price Check: Staxus


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