• "Just Slop All Over That Dick."

    "Just Slop All Over That Dick."

    I like my job as a porn blogger. Who wouldn't like watching porn all day and writing about it? But if I were rethinking my career, I'd love to run a site like Straight Boyz where a parade of white, Latino, and black guys parade through my apartment, sit on my couch, and get their dicks sucked by moi. I doubt I'd be complaining about having to go to work.

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  • Top #Selfies of the Week: Mirror Studs

    Top #Selfies of the Week: Mirror Studs

    Damn that whole thing where mirrors are two-dimensional because I so want to reach in and touch these studs. Like in one of the rare breaks when they're not touching themselves. Touching their own pecs and cocks and assholes. Rubbing their own balls and thighs. Licking their own biceps. All while snapping photo after photo. Yeah, they need a break, need someone else to take care of the photo snapping and body worship. I'm so goodhearted I'm happy to volunteer.

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  • Damien Gunn and Lukas Grande Interracial Flip Fuck

    Damien Gunn and Lukas Grande Interracial Flip Fuck

    Cocky Boys does it again - they just do flip flop fucks so well - and to top it off today, it's also a raunchy interracial flip fuck too! Super-hot twinks Damien Gunn and Lukas Grande are both relative new-cummers to the site and were both equally thrilled to be partnered with each other, as both enjoy a big cock - either in their mouths or up their butts - just as much as the other!

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  • Therapy Worth Paying For

    Therapy Worth Paying For

    I have never been to a sex therapist, so I don't know if they actually have sex with their clients. I suppose it makes sense: why just talk about it when you can be shown what to do? In Helix Studios "Sex Therapy," lovers Ian Levine and Tyler Hill have hit a little bump in the road. They've been together for two years and Tyler gets the feeling the Ian isn't interested in having sex anymore -- maybe that's because they're both giant bottoms -- so they enlist the help of sex therapist Tommy Defendi to get them back on track.

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  • Jonathan West Is Now a Firefighter AND Front Page News

    Jonathan West Is Now a Firefighter AND Front Page News

    Gay porn stars change careers all the time, but in the case of Jonathan West, The New York Daily News felt the retired screen stud's latest job switch was important enough to put on its front page! With a headline that blares "Towering in Porno!," the newspaper refers to the "hoseman's gay-smut past." In an exclusive story, it reveals that West is now working as an FDNY firefighter. The 33-year-old former Marine first made a splash in 2004 with numerous films, including Paramedics, Raw, Jar Head 2 and Semper Bi. He was also the subject of a best-of collection from Channel 1 Releasing's All Worlds Video.

    West, whose real name is Jonathan Jesensky, became a rookie fireman last week after joining the FDNY as an EMT in 2012. An FDNY official told the newspaper that West "came clean about his adult film past before he was hired by the city--and there's no plan to end his budding civil service career." The Daily News also notes that West was strictly gay for pay and told friends that doing porn was "just a job." Sadly, the newbie smoke eater (and former cock eater) couldn't be reached for comment.

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  • Big Cock Lovers... Enjoy Watching Sam Bridle Edge

    Big Cock Lovers... Enjoy Watching Sam Bridle Edge

    22 year old Sam Bridle has a big cock. He's a cute blond that loves to get edged and milked forcibly. Max Sohl directs this TIM Jack scene with the serial masturbator edging himself for 53 minutes!

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  • Cock Hungry Bottom Sucks His Top then Gets Fucked

    Cock Hungry Bottom Sucks His Top then Gets Fucked

    Josh Charters is a seriously good-looking top with a big fat uncut cock and he absolutely loves to fuck. Darius Ferdynand is a cock-hungry bottom who not only loves to suck big fat cocks, but he also loves to get fucked by well-hung guys. Alpha Males brings these two guys together for a hot and horny session of oral and anal pleasures!

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  • "I'm Not Gay But ..."

    "I'm Not Gay But ..."

    Rogan Hardy seems to have a knack for picking up straight guys and doing them on his site Harlem Hookups. I don't know about you, but I have a hard time believing that a guy can unload three times in Rogan's ass, then come back a week later for some head and still call himself straight. But then if you've ever seen Rogan sucking dick, you'd be a damned fool not to sit back and enjoy this cocksucker bobbing on your dick -- he gives some of the best deep-throat head I've see. And maybe that's the secret.

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  • Devin Totter Makes Sex Tape With Cocky Fucker

    Devin Totter Makes Sex Tape With Cocky Fucker

    Devin Totter, the dude behind Deviant Otter (see what he's done there?), eye fucks a straight guy from across the bar. His mate tells Devin that he won't be interested because he's only into girls, but Devin tries his luck anyway.

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  • Sketchy Sex: Roomie Gets Passed Around

    Sketchy Sex: Roomie Gets Passed Around

    This week the Sketchy Sex roomie spent one of his entire nights sucking dick. His cock-sucking face got passed around and he took every random dick that came through the door, bent over the couch getting pounded doggy style.

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