• Piss, Fuck and Fist in Sling

    Piss, Fuck and Fist in Sling

    On his knees, shaved-headed Christopher Wells worships big-dicked Mack Manus in Titan Rough's Daddy Fist. The tall and tan daddy face fucks the hungry sucker with his uncut tool, his balls banging Christopher's hairy chin. Christopher strokes his own bullet as he sucks, Mack gripping his own balls and making the sub feast on them. Mack let's loose a gush of piss on Christopher's hairy chest before face fucking him some more, the two sharing a kiss before Mack sucks him back. Mack takes the sub's balls in his mouth, spitting on Christopher's boner before deep-throating it. Mack buries his goateed chin deep in Christopher's hole, finger fucking him before shoving his rock hard cock in. Christopher gets on his back, his hole soon filled with Mack's lubed-up fist that twists slowly. Mack pisses on the bottom's hole, then fists the wide-eyed sub some more - going slowly in and out until Christopher can't take it anymore, the two shooting their loads.

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  • Nathan Green Plays With Cock

    Nathan Green Plays With Cock

    I absolutely love ass. Tight little assholes are my favourite, they're just begging for some TLC, desperate to get. opened up. Nathan Green's hole is one such fine example at You Love Jack. But allow me to back up a little. Before we get a glimpse of Nathan's ass, he exposes his adequately sized 6.5 inch uncut dick.

    Nathan's pretty proud of his cock, and he deserves to be. Whilst it isn't the biggest cock on You Love Jack (by far), it is a nice shape. He holds it up for the camera, whilst sat wearing his t-shirt and white ankle socks, so all we can see is his boner, hairy legs and the occasional sultry look down the camera lens. After polishing the head of his cock with precum, Nathan pulls one out.

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  • Kody Knight Debuts As Helix Exclusive

    Kody Knight Debuts As Helix Exclusive

    An adorable teenager made a splash at the Phoenix Pride Festival this year. His name is Kody Knight, and now the 18-year-old cutie from Ohio has moved to California to be the latest Helix Studios exclusive. Kody has just shot a slightly self-conscious solo for the online studio, and his first full-on sex scene is due out later this week. And to make things even more interesting, the recent high school jock (soccer, wrestling and track) and self-proclaimed "outdoorsman" (camping and hiking) says in his interview that he's a virgin! (Knight is also listed as bisexual in his bio.) He adds that he's from a "religious family" and he's using gay porn as a way to try sex with guys. We wonder if anyone told scene partner Andy Taylor that! For more information, visit Helix Studios.

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  • 5 Guys Fuck Broke Straight Boys Through Scene #1,000!

    5 Guys Fuck Broke Straight Boys Through Scene #1,000!

    When the owner of Broke Straight Boys started handing out Benjamins to straight guys in 2006, he probably didn't think he'd film 1,000 scenes. But here we are, and he did. Awesome. A thousand videos is quite an achievement in this business, most sites don't even make 100. Broke Straight Boys has definitely proved that they have staying power -- who does like a top that can just keep on fucking?

    Broke Straight Boys brought together four of their guys Paul Canon, Damien Kyle, Kaden Alexander, and Dakota Ford, and they thought it would be fun to throw newcomer and bad boy Tyler White onto the bed. This Boston guy had already filmed his first jack-off and blowjob videos, but Tyler's star is shining bright because he's also taking it up the ass for the first time in this milestone episode.

    Okay, so 1,000 episodes, five guys, a first-timer getting initiated, that's enough right? No. It's not enough. While the other guys are sucking and fucking on the bed all around him, Tyler White has Kaden Alexander between his legs. Kaden has a big, eight-inch cock. Kaden has already fucked one of the other guys, but he's been dying to pick some cherries since they started rolling the cameras. Does he get it in? Oh yeah, he does. And after Tyler blows his first dick-in-ass cumshot, the rest of the guys give a very well-fucked Damien Kyle a cum shower. And that's how you celebrate your 1,000th episode.

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  • Will Helm And Dario Beck Reunite For Finale

    Will Helm And Dario Beck Reunite For Finale

    It's hard to keep two hairy studs apart. Thankfully, Lucas Kazan didn't try too hard, and we get the sequel to this scene we told you about last month. Yes, Will Helm, from Paris, and Dario Beck, from Barcelona, are bringing the international flavor once again. Their explosive reunion (and Part 2 of 2) finds Dario riding Will's sweet cock. And then Helm pops "a load for the ages," according to the studio's press release. They also add, "If only the relationships between Spain and France were this good!" Politics and gay porn, we love it! For more information, visit Lucas Kazan.

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  • Dirty Latin Boys In The Garden

    Dirty Latin Boys In The Garden

    19 year old Alan is in the garden fooling around with his hot bisexual Miami Boyz scene partner, Omar, who is just 18 years old. Omar uses his camera to capture their horny outdoor session, which has turned to cock-sucking in no time at all.

    The naked tanned boys waste no time at all in moving things on, with Alan mounting Omar's uncut latin cock, getting his hole slid into without any condoms. Omar gets a hot cum facial from Alan as he's still fucking his ass!

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  • Tom Of Finland Postage Stamps

    Tom of Finland Stamp

    The mail carriers of Finland are in for a treat! It was just announced that the Nordic country has approved a new set of postage stamps featuring the work of Tom of Finland. The renowned artist (real name: Touko Laaksonen), who passed away in 1991, produced more than 3,500 images during his long career. This premier set of three first-class adhesive (no licking involved!) stamps was designed by Finnish graphic artist Timo Berry. The explicit and, of course, homoerotic images that appear on the stamps date from 1978 and '79.

    Tom of Finland Stamp

    Tom of Finland Stamp

    The stamp set will be released on September 8 to coincide with the Sealed With a Secret: Correspondence of Tom of Finland exhibition, which opens at the Postal Museum in Tampere, Finland, on the same day. The show will feature some of Tom's lesser-known works. "These are very exciting times in Finland as the country rediscovers one of its national heroes," says Durk Dehner, president and cofounder of the Tom of Finland Foundation. "The stamp, the exhibition, new books and the film on Tom of Finland...will reveal all the layers of the artist and his amazing contributions to the world." Collect all three! For more information, visit Tom of Finland Foundation.

  • "Time to put your ass to work," says Jessy

    "Time to put your ass to work," says Jessy

    Sexy Officer Hunter Marx races to the rescue in Jessy Ares' studio in Titan Men's latest release by legendary director Joe Gage, Chain Reaction - but it's a false alarm. Left with no model, Jessy needs a fine ass to pose for his pictures. Hesitant, Hunter relents, his hairy hole soon exposed. "Nice piece of ass," says Jessy as he munches on it, his hard cock released. "Turn around. I want that cock in my mouth," he commands, devouring Hunter's big shaft. The two stare into each other's eyes, Hunter spitting down on his rod as a spit strand clings from his dick to Jessy's mouth before falling to the floor: ìYeah, spit on that cock motherfucker!î Jessy feeds the cop his uncut meat. "Time to put your ass to work," says Jessy, fucking Hunter from behind before turning him over. Hunter strokes his own dick as he gets plowed, rubbing Jessy's chest and exhaling a heavy breath. The two then share a double-headed dildo - their asses meeting and legs overlapped - before they stroke out their loads.

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  • Huge Southern Cock

    Huge Southern Cock

    Bobby's a sexy southerner with a really big dick - I like that in a man. He's got a ripped body, unshaved pubes and hairy pits, and as already mentioned, a huge cock. And he isn't shy, either. This was his first shoot in front of the Southern Strokes cameras, but he had no problem getting his rod hard as hell and stroking it; he even fingered his asshole before shooting his load.

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  • "It's Called A Sling And It's For Massage."

    "It's Called A Sling And It's For Massage."

    Fucking in a sling is one of the most luxurious things a couple of horny men can do. Lots of guys associate slings with BDSM play or fisting, but they're great for plain ole fucking. For the bottom, it's comfortable and the supporting chains are perfect resting places for legs; for the top, he doesn't have to hold the bottom's legs and do all the aiming and thrusting. Bottom and top can just get down to the business of fucking, and enjoy it.

    There's a new executive moving into Men at Play headquarters and mover Darius Ferdynand is helping the new guy settle. However, he's delivered this large box to wrong office. Dato Foland has been expecting some new samples for a project, so he tells Darius to set them up "over there" and carries on with his phone call. When Foland finally turns around, he's shocked to see a full sling set up in his office.

    "What's it for?" the mover asks. "It's called a sling and it's used for massage," Foland says. When Darius presses Dato to show him what the sling is for, the executive happily lies the blond back in the sling and fucks his ass. And while this sexy mover will be on his way after getting showered with cum, executive Dato Foland might just be keeping this sling for future demonstrations.

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