• 1000 zippers

    If I lowered 1000 zippers there would always be the expectation and anticipation. I know though that no matter what I find behind the door, I won't be disappointed.

  • A new Bookstore

    For years I'd frequented adult bookstores. I would look around the shop a little pretending to be interested in buying something from the store. After what I felt was a sufficient amount of time browsing I would get tokens from the clerk, always hesitating to look directly at him so as not acknowledge what I was about to do.

  • A True story


  • Bisex Booty Call

    I didn't remember anything. I stood up. I was wearing boxers but I wasn't wearing a shirt. I looked on either side of myself and didn't see anything resembling one of my shirts. I reached under thigh, pillow, smelly vagina, head and yanked out a white t-shirt. She stirred, but didn't wake up. I put the shirt on. It seemed masculine enough. I felt too ill to go looking for my pants.

  • Bruce

    As I'm sure was the case with most everyone, the first time giving head I was very nervous but excited that it was finally going to happen. I hadn't had any contact with a dick. Although I thought about it through nearly every masturbation fantasy.

  • Chris

    A little bit of history about myself, I'm bi and was sucking cock long before I could vote. However until that moment I'd never let any guy to cum in my mouth. I'm really not sure why all those years I never allowed guys to cum in my mouth. Maybe it was because on some level I thought that it smelled and would most likely taste disgusting but I guess the biggest things was probably accepting where it came from ... another guy's balls.

  • Dark parking lot

    I connected with a guy named Trevor on craigslist and we met one evening at a nearby parking lot at a nearby strip mall. I got there first and park in a dark area away from the stores. When Trevor pulled up beside me, I got out and joined him and settled into the passenger's seat of his car.

  • First time bisex for a friend while on the road

    A friend of 20 years and I share a hotel room and each other for the first male male sexual experience of this life.

  • Gay

    Because I'd never touched another man's cock I consider myself straight and the blowjob was just something I received. As long as I was receiving the blowjob and not giving or touching the other man I was still straight.

  • Glory Hole Adventure

    sucking multiple cocks through a glory hole

  • Grocery Store Pick-up

    a man's adventure in a grocery store

  • How I became a cocksucker

    Sexless marriage to loving a cock in my mouth.

  • My Dream

    A bisexual couple advances their sexual experimentation and finally experience ecstasy.

  • Pulling a Train

    Over the years I've visited many adult bookstores so I could enjoy the glory holes. Some were great, some were really horrid, but all satisfied my need for cock. For the most part, I would just give a blowjob or two and then leave, but on rare occasions I would get my cock sucked.

  • The Cruise

    To this day I don't know why I did but I followed him. Wordlessly Calvin led me down two decks and down a long hallway. As we walked I size him up. He was average looking...about five-foot seven to my six-foot three.

  • The Dice Game

    mfmf-fmf-ff eating pussy-dog style-missionary-mm

  • When the Wife's Away

    Years ago, I was poking around on Squirt, a gay chartroom for Dallas area guys. It was late and I was horny. I'd been out drinking and my then wife, Barbara was out of town for the weekend. It was a perfect night for some quick dirty chat, a nice jerk off session and then off to bed.

  • A Bets a Bet

    As Paige watched, that was the moment that she knew, could see Calvin's attitude start to melt when Andy lightly danced his fingertips over Calvin's nipples. And when Andy started licking Calvin's nipples Calvin's head rolled back and he let out a sigh.

  • A Glory Hole Adventure

    I was 22, married and in the army stationed in Washington State when I decided to stop at an adult bookstore after work. I knew my wife Barbara had to work late so there was no rush getting home. I browsed the magazine and video racks working my way to the back of the store where I noticed the beaded curtained entrance to the video booths.

  • A Good Day at the Boat Show

    As soon as I turned from latching the door I spotted the gloryhole. I hesitated, not sure what to do. The place was busy and I didn't want to be too blatant or anything. Then I decided to just sit down and see what happened.

  • A Lesson In Revenge

    A young guy in a mundane relationship seeks out secret fun, but it comes at a price. A price he is going to have to pay.

  • A New Life - 1. Laura

    A married bisexual man with a family finally gets a chance to fulfil his desires with an older man.

  • A New Life - 10. An Unwanted Visitor

    A shock visitor forces the need for legal help which leads to a romantic encounter with a newly found friend.

  • A New Life - 11. A Week in Manchester

    On the journey up to Manchester Ewan recounts some of his past experiences to Don.

  • A New Life - 2. Frederick Stein

    A training course in Norway offers an opportunity for fulfilment .

  • A New Life - 3. The Club

    Frederick introduces me to the Association and Laura gets the first inkling of what might be an alternative life style for us.

  • A New Life - 4 Coming Home

    On his return from the training trip Ewan notices that there have been changes in his household but Laura refuses to give anything away.

  • A New Life - 5. Christina and David

    Laura and Christina get Frederick's help to arrange a dinner party to bring David into the fold.

  • A New Life - 6. Kindred Spirits

    The party continues well into the night as the excitement grows.

  • A New Life - 7. A Curious Incident

    Ewan discovers his sexuality.