• A Good Day at the Boat Show

    As soon as I turned from latching the door I spotted the gloryhole. I hesitated, not sure what to do. The place was busy and I didn't want to be too blatant or anything. Then I decided to just sit down and see what happened.

  • And Eat It Too

    Andy and wife get into it in all ways on Richmond trip

  • Because I wanted to - Part 1

    I've read all kinds of stories on line about guys who were coerced into sucking dicks by a boyhood friend-an older relative-trusted family friend or what have...a myriad of reason too numerous to list. I can't use any of those excuses. The truth is I started sucking dicks because I wanted too. That's right, no one tricked me into it or anything like that I did with my eyes wide open with no illusions about the consequences. I did it because I wanted to.

  • Billy Bob gets his dick sucked 1

    The atmosphere in the car was different now. It wasn't the feeling of being on a date but it was charged with sexual tension and a little awkwardness, though differently so for each of us. Billy Bob had made an effort to cover his exposed, erection with his shirt. I made no attempt to cover my own erection.

  • My husband was gay

    I married my husband, Curtis when I was 19 and he was 22. Curtis had been blessed with a large cock that was 8-inches long and 5-inches around, the perfect size for sucking. He loved his cock which he felt wasn't too big but bigger than most. One look at it and I wanted to suck it.

  • Pool Party

    I made my public debut as a cocksucker infront of seven of my best friends and this is how it happened. My girlfriend, Lindaand I were at a pool party with three other couples. Tony and Sandra owned theplace. They'd been friends for years with Linda and me, Bruce and Paige, and Geneand Barbara.

  • The Reunion

    I used to see Tyler very regularly. We are both married and both very bi. But I haven’t seen him in a number of years thanks to a job transfer. Yesterday, out of the blue, I got an email from him telling me that he was in town and that he wanted to see me.

  • Widows of the Prince

    Travails of a secret same-sex life partner to a prince

  • Word Gets Around Part 1

    used by half the town

  • Word Gets Around Part 2

    At first I didn't know what he was talking about, but when he unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock I knew what he wanted. I was both shocked and relieved at the same time. As he stood up and removed his pants, I moved over and knelt in front of him.

  • Word Gets Around Part 3

    "On your knees, faggot," he ordered. When I hesitated, he put a hand on the top of my head and lightly pushed me down to my knees in front of him. Then with a booming laugh, he unzipped his pants and let his rock-hard cock out. It had felt big under the table, but it was ever bigger than I had thought it was.

  • Word Gets Around Part 4

    I'm not exactly sure why, but nothing makes me any hornier for pussy than sucking dicks. When I got home Linda was relaxing on the couch after a busy day of doing laundry. With a smile, I joined her. It wasn't long my arm resting along the back of the couch just behind her shoulders.

  • Word Gets Around Part 5

    Whenever I suck a guy off, I always clean him off with my mouth and tongue before I stop. As I was cleaning him off and realized that the chubby little dude's dick was still hard, so I went back to sucking. I could tell by the way that he wiggled his hips that he didn't mind if I kept sucking. It wasn't long until I got another mouth full of slimy hot cum. Surprisingly enough, his second load of hot cum was as big as the first.

  • A Bets a Bet

    As Paige watched, that was the moment that she knew, could see Calvin's attitude start to melt when Andy lightly danced his fingertips over Calvin's nipples. And when Andy started licking Calvin's nipples Calvin's head rolled back and he let out a sigh.

  • A Glory Hole Adventure

    I was 22, married and in the army stationed in Washington State when I decided to stop at an adult bookstore after work. I knew my wife Barbara had to work late so there was no rush getting home. I browsed the magazine and video racks working my way to the back of the store where I noticed the beaded curtained entrance to the video booths.

  • A Lesson In Revenge

    A young guy in a mundane relationship seeks out secret fun, but it comes at a price. A price he is going to have to pay.

  • A New Life - 1. Laura

    A married bisexual man with a family finally gets a chance to fulfil his desires with an older man.

  • A New Life - 10. An Unwanted Visitor

    A shock visitor forces the need for legal help which leads to a romantic encounter with a newly found friend.

  • A New Life - 11. A Week in Manchester

    On the journey up to Manchester Ewan recounts some of his past experiences to Don.

  • A New Life - 2. Frederick Stein

    A training course in Norway offers an opportunity for fulfilment .

  • A New Life - 3. The Club

    Frederick introduces me to the Association and Laura gets the first inkling of what might be an alternative life style for us.

  • A New Life - 4 Coming Home

    On his return from the training trip Ewan notices that there have been changes in his household but Laura refuses to give anything away.

  • A New Life - 5. Christina and David

    Laura and Christina get Frederick's help to arrange a dinner party to bring David into the fold.

  • A New Life - 6. Kindred Spirits

    The party continues well into the night as the excitement grows.

  • A New Life - 7. A Curious Incident

    Ewan discovers his sexuality.

  • A New Life - 8. Another Time Another Town

    A first visit to a Private Members Gay Club leads to an invitation to a party.

  • A New Life - 9. The Suffolk's

    A Dinner party with Don and Sandra Suffolk

  • A Scary Biker

    I rubbed my hands up and down his legs from his ankles to his thighs and stuck my tongue between his ball sack and thigh and I could feel him immediately growing. I greedily suck it into my throat as some blonde bitch moaned, "Ooooh yessssss!" in the background. I kept drawing him in, loving the feeling of him growing in my mouth.

  • A Shocking Discovery

    Having been bisexual since he was sixteen, Clint Davis comes out to his Dad. Now nineteen, he's amazed at what he discovers, both now and later.

  • A straight man

    straight who likes to get his dick sucked...