• Backup Plan

    Bisexuality can be a cure...

  • Boy Toy and the Bisexual

    Bisexual Navy man moving into new neighborhood meets the boy next door. Lust at first sight. (revised)

  • Cody The Hunter

    Cody has just turn 25 and had a good job working for his Uncle Welding shop, He stood just over 5'10 like Rex with a solid 170 frame tone body. He alway kept his blonde hair short and always trim his beard.

  • Controlling my parents - 1 SLEEPWALKING AND PISS

    Greg is a sleepwalker. He is bisexual and one day he is surprised when his parents told him one day he mistook them with the toilet and pissed on them. Their parents tell him now they have the fetish of piss, mainly their son's piss. Greg understands and begins talking about sex with his parents and unconsciously begins controlling them.

  • Controlling my parents - 2 Fucking on the kitchen floor.

    It son starts to be natural for all the family to be naked together. Greg can see his parents fucking and he bathes them with his piss. But they continue with the show in the shower later.

  • Cruising for Dick

    We moved recently and I had to take my wife Barbara shopping today in the mall of our new town. I'd scouted out all the local parks beforehand and then went cruising after I dropped her off. When I went to the nearest park there were a bunch of cars there, mostly pickup trucks. There seemed to be a lot of guys but most didn't seem interested in playing or at least not with me. I wandered around trying to get the lay of the land

  • Daddy Bear 5

    You can see that Frank was very happy with this Daddy Bear figure moving in right beside his place. Frank was Bi sexual put never had sex with any men before and loves to jerking off himself thinking about a Mature hard nose Bear Daddy types, Especially Arnie the new man who %100 his type in so many ways.

  • Daddy Bear 6

    The time was just after 10 pm when Earl ask Arnie to show him a couple of wrestling moves from his hay day in wrestling. Ernie then went and excuse himself and got change into a pair of wrestling trucks. It was a few minutes later that Arnie put Earl head into some for of a leg headlock which started to give Earl a massive hard on.

  • More Lido Tales

    Here's a tale that I've always thought was funny. It happened one Saturday afternoon in an adult bookstore called Lidos in Dallas. When you go in the door, on the left is the bookstore where you pay your admission, on the right is a gay movie theater and upstairs is the straight theater. The hallway leading back to the adult theater is line with private viewing rooms. They are fairly large room with paid TV, a full size couch and a lock on the door.

  • Musing # 647 - Angus found me a date at a cocktail party

    Angus has never seen his husband fuck a woman and wonders what it looks like. And in the mix, their relationship gets more than they bargained for.

  • Next Door Neighbour Part 2

    He was a brute of man see someone 6'2 weigh close to 240 and solid like a rock. He likes to keep his Blonde balding hair nicely trim along with his bushy goatee. His cock was massive my guess around 8 and half plus, thick and had a beautiful cut head to it. I was breathing real hard watching this all go down as my own cock was going to exploded.

  • The Lumberjack

    Sam was Jacque roommate the last few days of the competition since his so called girlfriend had to go work for the weekend. Jacque had just celebrate his 45 birthday prior to the North America contest. Jacque had a terrific body and look fucking hot in his Wrangler blue jeans,cowboy shirt and his special Kodiak boots that he likes to wear.

  • The Van

    But instead Kyle reached out and wrapped his fingers around my almost flaccid cock. He started to slowly stroking it. He stroked it a few times until it showed signs of renewed life and then leaned over to guide it into her mouth. I watched as the head of my cock disappeared between his lips and then as those lips tightened around my shaft and he started sucking my softening cock.

  • Waggoner Park II

    While I was trying to decide whether to act indignant and deny it or not, Dwayne pulled down the front of his sweats and showed me his goodies. Even in the dim light in the car, I could see that his cock was much bigger than mine. Mine is about the average six inches or a tiny bit more. His may have been eight inches and significantly thicker than mine. That was all it took. One look at his stiff cock and my protests die on my lips. Seeing my face and knowing that he'd won Dwayne hike his bottom off the seat as he pulled down his sweats. Once naked from the waist down, he spread his legs as he turned towards me. His mother's Mercury Marquis had so much floor space with the seat all the way back, it wasn't necessary for me to kneel on the seat. Slipping to the floorboard, I knelt and dipped my head between his legs. As I brought my lips to the tip of his cock, I could see it glistening with a drop of pre-cum. I touched it with the tip of my tongue. The taste tolerable and the texture kind of nice. It was very slippery on my tongue.

  • Waggoner Park III - the van

    Sunday night after church because it always proved to be such a good night for me, I hopped on my bike and zoomed the few blocks to the park. Instead of coming in the entrance I came in on a side street, hide my bike in the bushes and came in through the woods. I'd scouted the trail out during the day so had no trouble approaching the cursing area from the back. This time there was a guy already sitting on my bench. I sat down beside him and struck up a conversation. He was about 20 or so and a goofy looking bastard. He looked like Urkle, high water pants, white socks with dress shoes and a pocket protector full of pens. Couple that with big ears, a cowlick that stuck up like Alfalfa's and coke bottle lensed glassed.

  • What I did during my summer vacation - Part 1

    Greg asked the hot girl in his class to the prom. She might enslave him and let him suck on her toes, but her Cypriot brothers must approve of him first. Events don't go as he expected.

  • What I did during my summer vacation - Part 2

    Greg completes his first month of trials at The Domicile of Waiting. He wants to be Madison's consort, but her brothers don't approve. They turn him into a birdbath.

  • What I did during my summer vacation - Part 3

    It is the big Cypriot wrestling tournament. Ali and the pehlivans are summoned to manly valor in the name of Allah fighting in a grassy field. Greg struggles to ring the starting bell with his tits.

  • What I did during my summer vacation - Part 4

    The Cypriot wrestling tournament comes to a close. Ali becomes a champion. Greg discovers that his best friend is dating his girl and he might have made a big mistake.

  • When the Wife's Away

    Some more beer, some more really good chat and the horny meter went up to eleven. We finally agreed to meet at a nearby business complex that had a lightly wooded area adjacent to its back parking lot. Cock so hard that I almost couldn't walk, I quickly drove there. The area that we chose was secluded and dark enough that I couldn't see that Kevin was already there until I was right on top of his car.

  • 1000 zippers

    If I lowered 1000 zippers there would always be the expectation and anticipation. I know though that no matter what I find behind the door, I won't be disappointed.

  • A Bets a Bet

    As Paige watched, that was the moment that she knew, could see Calvin's attitude start to melt when Andy lightly danced his fingertips over Calvin's nipples. And when Andy started licking Calvin's nipples Calvin's head rolled back and he let out a sigh.

  • A Glory Hole Adventure

    glory-hole sexLike a lot of men I’d always been curious about what it would be like to suck a cock. What a cock would feel like in my mouth, shooting a hot load of cum down my throat.

  • A Glory Hole Adventure

    I was 22, married and in the army stationed in Washington State when I decided to stop at an adult bookstore after work. I knew my wife Barbara had to work late so there was no rush getting home. I browsed the magazine and video racks working my way to the back of the store where I noticed the beaded curtained entrance to the video booths.

  • A Good Day at the Boat Show

    As soon as I turned from latching the door I spotted the gloryhole. I hesitated, not sure what to do. The place was busy and I didn't want to be too blatant or anything. Then I decided to just sit down and see what happened.

  • A hot muggy Saturday

    I can vividly remember the first time that I sucked a dick and let a guy cum in my mouth. It was exactly ten days before my nineteenth birthday. We were about two-weeks into our summer vacation and the town that I live in was very small. And when I say small I mean small.

  • A Lesson In Revenge

    A young guy in a mundane relationship seeks out secret fun, but it comes at a price. A price he is going to have to pay.

  • A Mistake

    evils of swinging with your wife

  • A new Bookstore

    For years I'd frequented adult bookstores. I would look around the shop a little pretending to be interested in buying something from the store. After what I felt was a sufficient amount of time browsing I would get tokens from the clerk, always hesitating to look directly at him so as not acknowledge what I was about to do.

  • A New Life - 1. Laura

    A married bisexual man with a family finally gets a chance to fulfil his desires with an older man.