• An Evolving Relationship

    On the rebound from a first gay relationship, a young guy settles down with a horny girlfriend and eventually gets his chance to explore his gay tendencies once again.

  • Horse

    Everybody knows somebody nicknamed horse.

  • Murder in Wichita Chapter 2

    Can two dudes prove they are innocent of killing a woman they both fucked?

  • Murder in Wichita Chapter 3

    Can two dudes prove they are innocent of killing a woman they both fucked? (Sorry about all the pussy, guys. It was part of the story and I had to get it out of the way.)

  • Murder in Wichita - Chapter 1

    Can two dudes prove they are innocent of killing a women they both fucked?

  • My experiences exploring gay sex

    He explores his desires until his girlfriend finds out.

  • My Married Friend Invites Me to the Movies: Sex at the Theater

    Twenty-two-year-old Lance, my best friend, invited me Dane (his gay friend) to dinner and a movie while his wife was out of town for two weeks visiting her mother. The unexpected happened when raging hormones overtook my straight friend and me, his gay buddy.

  • Picked Up At the Dance Club - Part 1

    The night Cole picked me up at the club in front of my girlfriend

  • Shawn gets in the middle

    A bubble butt jock shares his girl and his ass with her ex.

  • Wife works I play

    Been tough lately newly married my third time. She tells me that we are grown up and I should be Robert but I think I like Rocky. My boyfriend I have calls me Rocky so that is who I am. Kissed wife and away she went and ten minutes later Billy swings by and we go fishing. As the morning wears on the summer heat we take our shirts off. I take my shoes off and step out into the shallows of the river bank. Flipping my line out further ...

  • A Lesson In Revenge

    A young guy in a mundane relationship seeks out secret fun, but it comes at a price. A price he is going to have to pay.

  • A Shocking Discovery

    Having been bisexual since he was sixteen, Clint Davis comes out to his Dad. Now nineteen, he's amazed at what he discovers, both now and later.

  • A Surprising Nephew - Part I

    Having unexpectedly discovered his nephew's secret passion, David is forced to confront his own sexuality and his deep-rooted feelings about family and morality.

  • A Surprising Nephew - Part II

    Dave and his nephew have spent a totally unexpected and sex-filled night together. Come morning, they contemplate what passed between them and deal with their feelings about it. Do they continue or should they put this behind them as an aberration?

  • A Surprising Nephew - Part III (Final)

    In just a 24-hour span, I'd kissed my own nephew, sucked him and fucked him. I'd let him rim me and found myself enjoying it. "What next?" I wondered.

  • Addicted to Passionate Sex at University

    This is a true story about a bisexual guy who I turned me on like no-one else. We were 18 years old and in our first year at university. Once we fucked, we couldn't stop it.

  • Akash Muhammad - Hell Date 1: The Deacon and his Wife

    Kash explains his love of men/women, "You have to understand that I am not a ho-I just enjoy having sex." This honey complexion brotha loves all people-as long as they pay.

  • Am I gay ? Chapter 4

    With Sean gone I thought going back to my normal sex live would be the right thing to do. But not satisfied with girls anymore, I had to admit I felt for a guy. How far would it go? But to find out I had to find him first.

  • Am I gay ? Chapter 5

    So I found Sean but what could I do not knowing if he has the same feelings. I was about to find out soon.

  • Am I gay Chapter 3

    I'm not sure about the feeling inside of me but it seems that Sean means more to me than I wanted.

  • Am I gay?

    Finding out who and what I am.

  • Am i Gay? Chapter 6

    For the very first time I loved a man. I was about to make love to a guy and to learn how good that could be.

  • Am I gay? Chapter 2

    Is there more I ever wanted? Is Sean more to me? Lets find out.

  • An Entertaining Body

    Kyle's Seduction by his Best Friend Monte Because He Just Can't Resist His Best Friend's Entertaining Body.

  • Anniversary at Big Dick's

    When I couldn't take it anymore, I rose up, took her up in my arms and dumped her on the bed and began furiously fucking her, alternating between her cunt and her ass until she exploded in a third orgasm that met my own ejaculation and flow.