• Another Wild Christmas in Reno

    A stale odor pervaded the air in my bedroom; a pungent mix of booze, sweat and body fluids. Dead soldiers littered the floor.

  • Another Wild Christmas in Reno Chapter 2

    Wild Turkey and a Blowjob if You Please Bartender

  • Another Wild Christmas in Reno Chapter 3

    With bourbon and blowjobs on my mind I entered the Devil's Lounge

  • Another Wild Christmas in Reno Chapter 4

    Rumor had it that Buzz's hard cock measured at least a foot long and big around as the business end of a softball bat. Other stories told how his limp cock had to be strapped to his leg to keep it from swinging between his knees when he walked banging and bruising the glans. All that not true. I knew the real truth of the matter.

  • Another Wild Christmas in Reno Chapter 5

    To my surprise I gotta a twofer Christmas morning. Not only did I grab Nick's buttock but another rump. Another body snuggled tight into his back. Almost as if our bodies had blended.

  • Another Wild Christmas in Reno Chapter 6

    Then it was his turn to eat me before getting out of the shower. We finished each other off and moved to the bed where we fell into each other's arms.

  • Another Wild Christmas in Reno Chapter 7

    Nick grabbed my hand pulling me on top him in the bed where he began playing with my erect nipples. I recognized his hard cock between our bodies.

  • Return To Saigon

    Sometimes he thought he must be a spectacle to these smaller Vietnamese people with his massive, 230-pounds of muscle moving among them. But he was used to it, and he had only one thing on his mind; Brady, who was waiting on him in room eighteen of the Tyler Hotel. The tingling in his loins at the mere thought of the guy quickened his step. What the hell ever gave him the idea that he could take on a big stud marine like Brady anyway?

  • The Devil Made Me Do It: Tempted and Tested

    My body trembled eying the hunky stud, but I knew the young man to be forbidden fruit.

  • The Sergeant's Video

    Fireworks result when my Sergeant calls me into his room to view a video.

  • The Stag, Part 1

    A early Richard Finch adventure. Richard gets his man and fucks him.

  • The Stag, Part 2

    Richard accepts to be Mike's Best Man. He takes Mike for a final fling before the wedding. They get caught in flagrante delicto. An unexpected sequel.

  • The Stag, Part 3

    Richard meets up again with Jeremy for an angling weekend. In the event they devote a lot of time to a different and more strenuous sport.

  • The Stag, Part 4

    Richard's final Scottish adventure. A tale of the unexplained.

  • The Stag, Part 5

    Further unexpected consequences of Richard's visit to Sutherland for shooting. Some loose ends tied up. The last part of this story.


    I see a naked soldier swinging his hips and wonder if he's found a new jack-off technique. One thing leads to another!

  • 2 Marines Hook-Up Part 1

    A young marine (yours truly) on leave looks for some m2m fun . . . and finds in the form of a retired marine horndog.

  • 2 Marines Hook-Up Part 2

    2 gay marines have hooked up and continue to play, with a little pushing of limits.

  • 2 Marines Plus 2 Civilians - PCS Kaneohe Marine - Part 4

    My marine brother and my college professor and I had drained each other's nuts and were relaxing. The three of us had a good time . . . Then our horny pizza delivery man arrives and makes it a GREAT time.

  • A Fine Navy Day - Part 1

    It's a fine Navy day as HTFA Cramer, a conspicuous under-achiever lacking military temperament, receives an instructional ass beating and greasing.

  • A Fine Navy Day - Part 2

    It's another fine navy day as HTFA Cramer deserts his ship, confronts the illusion of choice, and embraces his destiny.

  • A glorious day at the army swimming pool

    Pete was skinny and didn't like being kidded about it. I know. I tried joking with him about it once and he got pissed off. But the incident also opened some new doors...

  • A Homecoming - PCS Kaneohe Marine Part 3

    The marine returns from a mission and needs to drain his nuts. Fortunately another marine and a friend are there to support him on that next mission.

  • A Horny Marine Gets Lucky Poolside

    A horny, hot, young marine gets tempted by a hot fellow military man at a pool . . . and breaks him in, marine-style!

  • A Long Overdue Tryst - The Marine Plays With Royalty

    Another story from my past . . . of six years between wanting a hot German Count and having him.

  • A Marine's Confesson

    The story of a young man's Marine friend,finally coming to grips with his being gay and then acting upon it.

  • A Neighborly Welcome - PCS Kaneohe Marine Part 6

    Another stud is glad to see our marine back from a mission . . . and shows it.

  • A Question Gets Answered

    Joining the Marines was my way out. I wasn't really running from anything, Mostly myself it guess, But that night in that motel I got some of my questions answered.

  • A Real American Hero

    They could care less that I was gay. I always had everything they needed to make life easier... like it was back at home, with our real moms. "Taylor, do you have any laundry detergent?" The guys who lived downstairs asked on a routine basis.

  • A Return To Duty - PCS Kaneohe Marine Part 12

    Our marine returns to duty and gets in a workout . . . or two.