• Comersby Castle

    In nineteenth-century England, an aristocrat and his servant cross boundaries

  • Dear Joanna

    Escaping scandal, Peter leaves fiancee in England in 1890 to redeem self in S. Africa.

  • Escape to Constantinople Ch 1: Kazan to Novorossiysk

    White Russian Pyotr, distant relative of the tsar, is evacuated from St. Petersburg to escape the Bolsheviks; Away from the protection of his family, he is taken by a professor, Orlov, as his fuck toy; scared and looking for solace, the cadets couple with each other.

  • Escape to Constantinople Ch 2: The Docks of Novorossiysk

    The military academy cadets reach the waterfront in Novorossiysk for evacuation by ship to find pandemonium of refugees. Pyotr saves a young woman from being trampled; Orlov uses Pyotr's imperial connections to get them on board a ship. Pyotr meets the woman he saved, Katya, who has gotten on board by prostituting herself to a senior officer-as Pyotr is prostituted to Orlov.

  • Escape to Constantinople Ch 3: Sevastopol

    Marooned in Sevastopol, Orlov uses Pyotr's imperial connections to keep them fed; Pyotr is taken by more than Orlov to survive; he meets up with Katya again, who is selling flowers on the street, and helps her find a governess position. The time comes to evacuate Sevastopol ahead of a Bolshevik attack.

  • Escape to Constantinople Ch 4: Into the Black Sea

    Separated from his controller, Orlov, Pyotr manages to get on a refugee ship bound for Constantinople. The ship is crowded with refugees with little food and water. Pyotr gives himself to a junior Greek ship's officer and then to the ship's captain in exchange for food to survive the journey.

  • Escape to Constantinople Ch 5: Constantinople

    Reaching Constantinople, Pyotr manages to get out of a refugee camp by letting a Turkish officer fuck him and then survives by working the streets as a male prostitute, eventually sleeping with American embassy officer Kenneth O'Dell and being introduced into the diplomatic community and on to men interested in taking care of him.

  • Escape to Constantinople Ch 6: Smyrna

    Pyotr's last protector in Constantinople, a Greek, takes him to Smyrna, where a pogrom against Greeks has Pyotr on the dock not knowing if death will come before evacuation. Once more Katya turns up and saves him when the Turks start killing the men on the docks. Pyotr finds protection in the bed of a Turkish officer; Katya turns out not to be who/what Pyotr thought Katya is, which clears up some confusion he's had of his sexual preferences.

  • Escape to Constantinople Ch 7: Constantinople Redux

    Back in Constantinople, Pyotr returns to the bed of the American diplomat Kenneth O'Dell and, while mooning for Katya, finds a reason to accept O'Dell's offer to take him to the States.

  • Pirate's Tail

    Young man in early 20th-century S. Africa set up and taken by pirates.

  • VOYAGE HOME - 42

    Another cliffhanger, I know...what can I say? I love to tease. Bare with me, it may be some time before the next one, I apologize in advance. I will try, work is getting in the way...yet again.

  • VOYAGE HOME - 43

    The break in to Lord Upton's home leads to many things to Callum...

  • VOYAGE HOME - 44

    I know it has been some time, my friends, my readers. Most of you know why. I am back at it, and will continue.

  • 24 Exeter Place

    Life in a 1890s London gentlemen's club male brothel

  • 3-Shot Jealousy

    The danger of hooking up with a handsome stranger cowboy in the Old West.

  • A Journey

    There was nothing left for him to do except journey north, so he saddled up his horse and rode.

  • A Throbbing Pulsating Propulsion Idea (ATPI)

    Just imagine an idea, the idea, was dangling, right there, in midst of every one, the entire time. Imagine the unlimited potential explosive eruptions from its unveiled unleashing. Read on to see what might have brought about this idea to its fruition. This man, Mr. Burns, was inspired, maybe, you, the reader, will be, too.

  • Adventures of Azizo - The wasp I

    This is the story of Azizo, the Wasp. Well it is just as much my story, the story of Folletto and of our dying master to be franc, but compared to Azizo our stories are nothing to write about. And without him none of us would have a story to tell because for the last three years our destinies have been entangled.

  • Adventures of Azizo - The wasp II

    Second chapter of the adventures of Azizo The Wasp.

  • Adventures of Azizo - The Wasp III

    Yet another chapter in the life and adventures of Azizo The Wasp.

  • Adventures of Azizo - The wasp IV

    Follow the adventures of Azizo The Wasp.

  • Adventures of Azizo - The wasp IX

    Yet another chapter in the tale of Azizo The Wasp.

  • Adventures of Azizo - The wasp V

    Azizo The Wasp...

  • Adventures of Azizo - The wasp VI

    The next chaper in the story of Azizo The Waps.

  • Adventures of Azizo - The wasp VII

    Read what happened to Azizo The Wasp.

  • Adventures of Azizo - The wasp VIII

    Another chapter in the tale of the adventures of the Moor boy Azizo known as The wasp.

  • Adventures of Azizo - The Wasp X

    The adventures of Azizo The Wasp continue here.

  • Adventures of Azizo - The Wasp XI

    Follow the adventures of Azizo The Wasp.

  • Adventures of Azizo - The wasp XII

    My stay in Rome actually started out as a happy one. I enjoyed the beautiful castle and its surroundings - especially the well-kept gardens. I didn't spend much time indoors, this was the first time in my life I experienced spring.

  • Adventures of Azizo - The wasp XIII

    As I started coming around again, in spite of all my efforts not to, I realised that I had an awful headache. Surely a surprise after the blow, which had almost made my skull cave in earlier that same day. Who ever wanted me unconscious had done a really fine job. I felt like dying, well I imagine that dying would feel just like this!