• Sauna Fun

    My first gay experience.

  • Simon 1

    Simon is a hot 17yr old guy who knows what he likes. His early experiences depicted here are all true, his relationship with Lea a work in progress!

  • Solitary Seduction

    The warm goo spread on his hands as he then gently applied the thick lubricant to his erect cock that dangled impatiently in front of his toned body.

  • The Audition

    Martin needed the money and the ad had been pretty specific as to what they were looking for. Sex and someone who had a decent piece of equipment, which he thought he met. Though looking at some of the guys around, he wondered if it would be enough.

  • The Deck Chair

    You can lie on a deck chair and relax or you can do other nice things on it. Read my story and you will know more about it.

  • The Dressing Room

    Eddie, a bike messenger, is out to buy a suit. Unsurprisingly he finds himself a little turned on by the transformed man staring back at him in the mirror.

  • The Headblade Headshave

    Another wonderful masturbation session I had last week.

  • The men from the temple of Ebenville

    This is a continuation of the story "The temple of Ebenville," where Eben meets some of the men in the town who love to piss and masturbate.

  • The Proffessor

    27 year old james is a teacher at a college. Teaching snot-nosed 21 year olds. Why? For what comes after class.

  • The Shampoo Headshave

    I always try to find new ways to shave my head and get satisfaction through masturbation.

  • The Thunderstorm Shave

    Getting rid of all my hair and spam.

  • Too hot to handle

    The weather app said it was 105 degrees outside, but in the small studio apartment, it felt like hell...

  • Train Station Wank

    This is a true story about a time I masturbated in London's busy Liverpool Street Station on my way home from work one night. I hope you get off on it as much as I did!

  • Wankin Across Eastern Europe 1

    Chuck merely lay his hand on his cock, but I'm sure he felt the bed moving as Bob stroked. Then Bob really began to get into it and emitted a long sigh...

  • Wankin Across Eastern Europe 2

    He got hard immediately. He didn't look at magazines we provided or the porno tapes, he stared at the money on the table. He was pretty elemental in his approach. He spat on his hand and shagged his prick, breathing hard.

  • When I'm alone...

    I wake up to the sun shining down on my naked body. I see goosebumps along my chest and stomach...

  • Yianni

    I use my imagination again and again the shorts are gone. His cock hangs out, limp and smooth. Dark skin, darker where it wrinkles around his luscious pink head, only a little of it shows from the heavy cape of his hood.