• My Best Friends Homeless Father

    My name's Peter but my friends call me Pete. I am 18 years old but I failed two grades so I'm only a junior in high school. I've known for awhile that I was bi leaning toward men. Dug, my best friends father, isn't good looking but in this story I discover "features" that say otherwise.

  • My Birthday Headshave

    That's the perfect way to celebrate a birthday with many orgasms and having a nice cock-tail at the end.

  • My Dream

    It all started when I saw him in the locker room.

  • My Easter Shave

    I'm getting more and more inventive getting orgasms and my head shaved.

  • My First Bondage and Edging Experience

    A recollection of my first bondage experience.

  • Nailed by Obsession

    Some guys just gotta have what some guys gotta have.

  • Naughty Eric Has Hot Phone Sex with Jeff

    This is a story about the evening that Eric called Jeff. Soon the conversation turned to steamy erotic dirty talk that resulted in two big creamy eruptions.

  • Night Shift

    For this story I don't need any fantasy as I'm practising that whenever I shave my head myself. I just had to write down what I'm doing then to have fun with myself. It's the best shift work I can imagine.

  • No Words Needed

    The Touch That Binds Two Friends

  • One Hand on the Receiver

    Tony and I make out, as he's talking dirty on the phone to a friend, probably Aussiebart.

  • One Less Bottle of Beer on the Wall, One Less Bottle of beer.

    Two guys go out for the evening; Party review.

  • One lonely night

    This is my first story abu a guy named austin and this is in his point of view of what happened please comment and tell me what u think .

  • Phone Calls

    When we can't get together, we use the phone!

  • Phone Sex

    He's been active duty for a few months, and I've been failing at keeping happy without him. Work is going well, and I'm getting more assignments, so my days went from 8 to almost 20 hours sometimes...

  • Relaxing On The Beach

    Having a good time on the beach.

  • Roman's Dad (Continued)

    Roman peered in at his hardon. He wished he had more hair around his dick, like his Dad...

  • Sauna Fun

    My first gay experience.

  • Simon 1

    Simon is a hot 17yr old guy who knows what he likes. His early experiences depicted here are all true, his relationship with Lea a work in progress!

  • Solitary Seduction

    The warm goo spread on his hands as he then gently applied the thick lubricant to his erect cock that dangled impatiently in front of his toned body.

  • The Audition

    Martin needed the money and the ad had been pretty specific as to what they were looking for. Sex and someone who had a decent piece of equipment, which he thought he met. Though looking at some of the guys around, he wondered if it would be enough.

  • The Campsite Headshave

    Another goo way to get rid of my hair

  • The Deck Chair

    You can lie on a deck chair and relax or you can do other nice things on it. Read my story and you will know more about it.

  • The Dressing Room

    Eddie, a bike messenger, is out to buy a suit. Unsurprisingly he finds himself a little turned on by the transformed man staring back at him in the mirror.

  • The guy next door. Part 1

    I have new neighbours. I get a live show from one of them.

  • The Headblade Headshave

    Another wonderful masturbation session I had last week.

  • The Masturbation Headshave

    It was time to get my head shaved again and get a real good orgasm.

  • The men from the temple of Ebenville

    This is a continuation of the story "The temple of Ebenville," where Eben meets some of the men in the town who love to piss and masturbate.

  • The Proffessor

    27 year old james is a teacher at a college. Teaching snot-nosed 21 year olds. Why? For what comes after class.

  • The Shampoo Headshave

    I always try to find new ways to shave my head and get satisfaction through masturbation.

  • The Thunderstorm Shave

    Getting rid of all my hair and spam.