• A Trial Of Strength - Part 229

    Love comes in odd forms as Brandon learns from black leather-god Zack and his boy Darius. "Zack's boy was naked, spread-eagled at the mercy of his master, his ebony muscles straining in bondage, his horse-dick swinging between his splayed legs." Next, Brandon watches Randy and Bob make love. "The two beautiful men rolled over in a tangle of limbs, flailing, kissing, in an eruption of raw passion."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 230

    Randy and Bob have raunchy morning sex. Later Mario's relationship with Brandon reaches a make-or-break climax. "Brandon laughed at Mario's horseplay but was dazzled too by the fantasy of the naked cowboy riding his cock. A cowboy hat perched on his tousled black hair, Mario raised his arm triumphantly and whooped like a cowpoke riding a bucking bronco, his ass impaled on Brandon's cock."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 231

    Randy is merciless to thugs who attack Brandon. "The savage gypsy who had inflicted such brutal punishment now had tears of affection watching Brandon wheel himself away. 'That's one gutsy kid," he said, 'we gotta take care of him." Three gym jocks, Jason, Hassan and Adam compete. "It was pornographic - the muscle-god fireman submits, double-teamed by an athletic Aussie and a tough Marine."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 232

    Mark and Pete - the cop and the Ranger - have great sex and ignite the rage of Randy who forces the Ranger to watch as he thrashes the cop. "The beautiful, macho young cop, shirtless in uniform pants and boots, slumped in humiliating defeat against the wild-eyed gypsy." Bob and Steve rage at Randy, but young Brandon springs to his defense. "You're wrong! Randy's a great guy - he's my hero!"

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 233

    The rivalry between Randy and Mark is legendary, fueled by their mutual lust for Bob. After Mark gets beaten in a savage fight, he takes brutal revenge on Randy. "The gypsy's rugged, tortured face stared up at the cop - wild-eyed, running with sweat, tears and semen, his jaw sagging open." But Dr. Steve hits on a remarkable truth about Randy that could end what he calls "this toxic triangle".

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 234

    The feud between Randy and Mark worries Bob so his boys console him with incredible sex. He is mesmerized watching the twins make love to each other. In a wild therapy session Dr. Steve asks, "Randy, are you in love with Mark?" Randy yells, "Are you fucking crazy? Me? In love with this asshole cop who just because he looks like a damn Greek God thinks the sun shines out of his fucking ass?"

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 235

    1) Bob dominates his gypsy lover. "Randy's tortured ass was impaled on Bob's shaft and they both knew the truth. Bob ruled." 2) Doctor Steve's bound muscular body writhes in ecstasy as his brother Randy rides his ass. "Welcome to my world, bro. A whole new concept of brotherly love." 3) The soldier Hassan treats Eddie to a greasy Marine fantasy. "I get off working on dirty boys ... you a dirty boy, kid?"

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 236

    Eddie and Brandon are 69-ing in the back of a truck. "Just like old times," Eddie says - until the cop, Mark, shows up. Hassan comes to the four boys' dinner party and shows them how it feels to be captured and worked over by a muscle-god Marine. But the boys take revenge. "The naked Marine Captain, his muscular body stretched in bondage, struggled helplessly as his ass got hammered by his own boy."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 237

    Randy, Bob and Mark put their newfound love to the test and get physical. The three men explore each other's bodies in every combination, every sex act imaginable, before they reach the explosive climax of their sexual journey. "It's called double-teaming, old buddy. You knew it was gonna happen to one of us. After the way you pounded my ass it had to be you." Then an uninvited guest crashes the party.

  • Asleep on the Couch - On the Alabama Job (AS7)

    He pulls his standard white cotton t-shirt over his head and faces us, revealing his muscles in all their entirety. He unbuttons his shorts, unzips them and drops them to the ground while still facing all of us. He is naked. He steps out of them, leaving them bunched up, piled up in the dirt.

  • Blood Crack

    Young men are suddenly vanishing in a small town while a young rebel with a big dick investigates a mysterious man who runs the local hardware store.

  • In The Back Of The Van - chapter 1

    I had met a guy online, looking for sex. We had a deal: he was in charge. He respected my limits, but he was in charge. He was nasty and twisted, and I mean that in the best way.

  • In The Back Of The Van - chapter 2

    The muscular guy was hauling me into the back of the van with one hand clamped tight over my mouth. He'd wrapped his other arm under my armpit across my chest, with that hand pressed against my throat. He pinned me down hard to the floor of the van and threw his weight on top of me.

  • In The Back Of The Van - chapter 3

    Once the muscle guy started playing with my asshole, sucking me off while I was sucking on the older guy's dick, I couldn't help it that my dick responded. I had my face buried in the older guy's furry balls and ass.

  • In The Back Of The Van - chapter 4

    The ugly guy looked like he'd won Hell's Lottery or something, but from what I've learned about him since, I know he's done worse to other guys. He gets off on it, pure and simple. Finally, he started getting close -- he was leaning over me and his face changed.

  • My Job Requires Satisfying My Boss' Sexual Needs

    At age 23, I took a job in the executive offices of a corporation that dealt in trucking supplies across the United States. The owner of the company and my boss, Mr. Smith, called me to his office with an ultimatum regarding his sexual needs. What would I do?

  • My Weekend with Daddy in New York

    A boy meets an older man during a field trip to New York and spends a hot weekend with him.

  • Paul's Daddy - Chapter 1

    Paul could hardly believe the strange turn of events that had occurred in his life the day he turned 21. His mind wandered back to October and he remembered the sad and tearful look on his mother's face as she held out an envelope that was postmarked from Dallas, Texas.

  • Paul's Daddy - Chapter 2

    Paul's father leaned back on the bed with his muscular legs spread wide to allow Paul access to his thick cock and heavy balls. Paul lay prone with his tongue eagerly lapping his father's hairy nut sack. The taste of his father's thick cum lingered in his mouth.

  • Paul's Daddy - Chapter 3

    Paul sat at the computer desk thinking over the past year. He was supposed to be finishing his accounting homework, but his mind kept wandering. He replayed the various scenes in his mind that had led to his complete and total abandonment to his deepest sexual fantasies. His complete submission to his father and stepbrother as their eager cocksucking fuck toy.

  • Paul's Daddy - Chapter 4

    David's workday had been anything but pleasant. He was glad to be home. He strode into the study where Paul sat at the computer finishing the last of his accounting homework. He ruffled the young man's hair and leaned in to kiss him lightly on the lips.

  • Ron's Hardwares (aka- Blood Crack)

    A curious kid sneaks into the bathroom of an old hardware store to jerk off but gets a surprise visitor.

  • Seraglio 2 - Toys

    As he passed an outcropping, a shadowy figure emerged from cover and quietly sneaked up behind him, wrapping a large hairy arm around his chest, holding him tight while a hand pressed a chemical soaked cloth over his face. Alex never saw it coming.

  • Slut Adventures

    He certainly loves cock, he's just a little cock slave, more the merrier. Why don't you give him a try?" He never lost pace or power on his thrust as he spoke, in fact if anything he fucked harder.

  • Sucking Simon

    Dan, a big bear on his way home from work, picks up a cute kid on the side of the road and things get heated.