• A Trial Of Strength - Part 308

    On the anniversary of the day they first met Bob and Randy go back to the same seedy motel and re-enact the wild events that once took place there. "The swarthy gypsy lay on the bed gazing up at the bound young executive. 'I know just what you need, man'." Later, a cop overpowers them both. "That's good," the cop growls, "both of you fuckers tied up at my mercy. Question is, what to do with you."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 309

    The young gymnast Tommy gets serially spit-roasted in a raunchy boy orgy that leaves him on all fours soaked in their juice. Then Tommy gets therapy from Dr. Steve and his lover Lloyd that turns his life upside down. "His mind whirled in confusion as he played top and bottom to the two alpha muscle-gods, pounding one while getting reamed by the other. He was master - boy - both - neither. He was in heaven."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 310

    Mark and Jason confront each other over the young surfer Jamie. The cop snarls at the stud fireman, "You son-of-a-bitch ... you seduced him and stole him from me." Their fight creates a dilemma for Jamie and Mark, who says, "I see now how well you two go together, the same energy, same laughter. I can't give you what he does, Jamie. I felt that one day you would leave me for a younger guy like him."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 311

    Part 1: Mark pays the price for his anger. "The muscular blond cop was naked like a classical Greek statue of a hero in chains." Then he makes exquisite love with his surfer lover, Jamie. "The language of the eyes was eloquent as they lay together, falling deeper and deeper in love." Part 2: The hot new houseboy Tommy is double teamed by two brothers - the rugged gypsy Randy and handsome Doctor Steve.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 312

    Tommy re-lives his extraordinary day in his dreams. He dreams of the doctor and the gypsy spit-roasting him. Of Lloyd and the gym-jocks taking turns at his ass in the basement gym. Of his peril, and his hero Randy busting the door down and demolishing the thug hurting him. Of working with the beautiful twins, of getting double-teamed by them. A day filled with "Such stuff as dreams are made on."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 313

    Zack and Pete take their boys on a bike run to the desert, where rookie Brandon get 'initiated' into the 'gang' by his master Pete. Leatherboys Darius and Brandon put on a wild sexual show in the desert leather bar. And macho muscle-stud Zack admits his secret desire to be dominated by Pete. "In the end the shirtless leather-master was on his knees, a bound, broken alpha-male sobbing in abject humiliation.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 314

    Pete feeds Zack's masochistic urges. "The black leather-master stared at himself in the mirror - naked, spread-eagled, at the mercy of the menacing Ranger." Brandon meets Brian, a lonely young man living a reclusive life in the desert. He brings Brian to L.A. to meet his idol Grady, the New Tarzan. The boy ends up naked on Grady's bed, gazing up his muscle-god hero as Tarzan rips off his loincloth.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 315

    Bob and Randy exert their dominance. 1) Grady, the new movie Tarzan, scared by his growing celebrity, seeks refuge with Bob, who says to the naked muscle-jock, "What you need right now Grady is a strong man to take charge of you." 2) Boss Randy initiates the new boy Brian. "OK, boy, I'm gonna do something to you now that other guys will want to do to you in future, so better I teach you first."

  • Hanging off the Appalachian Trail

    Reader-requested muscle guy-on-college guy rough BDSM gay dungeon and off-trail sex in a Virginia mountains college town

  • My first experience turned rough

    A true story of the first time I gave a blowjob, and how it forever changed my sexual desires.

  • Sailorboy

    Diplomat dominated by young sailor in Okinawa.

  • The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner - Chapter 10

    Charlie and Tanner on the outs again. Something going on between Charlie's Mom and Tanner's Dad? Then there's Tommy: The Incredible Hulk - getting his come-uppance.

  • The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner - Chapter 11

    Tanner has another session with big muscle hunk, Tommy. And finally Charlie gets some action of his own.

  • The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner - Chapter 12

    Tanner and me, and Tommy and Jim and Jerod and Rasheed and Mr. Carson. Tanner's life goes on.

  • The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner - Chapter 8

    More adventures of Daryl Tanner, the Bully.

  • The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner - Chapter 9

    Tanner continues to use and appreciate the members of his 'haram'


    The jock gets a new temporary coach

  • Trapped

    Besides discovering the joys of sucking dicks I've reconnected with Linda and old girlfriend and briefly moved in with her in her mobile home in Kennedale. This had a double pay off. Besides living with Linda, it put me less than fifteen minutes from the adult bookstores with the viewing booths.

  • "Key," part 3

    Who was the large black man, and what did he want with Dominic? Was Kye behind this?

  • 437353: All in a Day's Work

    How the Men at my office figured out that i am a slave, and started to use me for Their enjoyment.

  • 437353: My First Master - Chapter Three: The Warehouse

    My Master takes me to be used by a group of Men, and explains what my life will be like from then on.

  • 437353: My First Master - Chapter Two: Rent boy

    My new Master teaches me that I have value to him by being used at parties

  • 437353: My First Master: Sold

    My Master sells me to another Man

  • 437353: The branding of a slave

    The true description of the day when my Master brandied HIS mark on my body. Detailed and not designed as an erotic story, but a factual retelling of an incredible, life changing experience.

  • 437353: The Worst Day

    in which i learn that my MASTER is, indeed, a true Master, and that i am truly HIS property

  • A Backfiring Bet

    He loses a bet and now he has to pay the price!

  • A Boy's Fantasy 1

    A regimented man, economic in thought, common sense reared, a rebel with little patience for whiners, and now a leather daddy with a cause, Sergeant Major Robert Gilmore, Retired, a crusty 26-year veteran, my daddy of eight months.

  • A Boy's Fantasy 2

    Big Daddy pulled his Harley (he thought newer cars and SUVs were for, in his words, "Milquetoast panty waste") onto a gravel road and wound around to one of the faded houses with an adjacent red and rusting barn.

  • A Boy's Fantasy 3

    "I told you not to speak," Big Daddy said but not in his usual daddy's-warning-you sort of way. The words squeaked between his clenched teeth, "Do you understand?"

  • A Day of Humiliation

    A day of humiliation created by one of Master's fans