• A Trial Of Strength - Part 332

    Young Ben is thrilled to be in bed with Randy and Bob - the gypsy and the superman. But top and bottom are flipped as Bob says to Ben, "Let's show the boss that even a macho stud like him can get worked over and spit-roasted by two guys like us." Then Ben welcomes home his master Jason. The hot, sweaty uniformed fireman stares at the naked gypsy boy still wet from the shower. "Damn, I need you, boy."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 333

    The senior boys of the tribe go on a trip out of town. As the four oversexed, lusty young bucks celebrate their manhood, their youthful energies find their outlet in sexual release. The horny young jocks vent all their pent-up lust on each other in a no-holds-barred orgy, wrestling and fucking in a writhing heap of muscular limbs and handsome, sculpted faces - four hot studs competing for sexual dominance.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 334

    Determined to deflate cocky Pablo's ego, his muscle-jock buddies enjoy the pornographic sight of the swarthy, macho Mestizo bound naked, his stunning, spread-eagled body writhing on humiliating display. The tribe's senior men, all alone, indulge in homoerotic solo mirror jerk-offs - the black leather-master, Zack; the handsome airline crewman Adam; boss Randy and the cop Mark, staring at superman Bob.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 335

    The identical twins prove their powers of seduction and domination to Zack. The other men watch as the rugged black leather-master submits to the beautiful young twins double-teaming him. "We share everything equally, sir - especially an ass." The twins give an erotic display of their love for each other. "They are each other's mirror - they see what the other sees, feel what he feels, love what he loves."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 336

    The tribe's bosses were together - the gypsy construction boss Randy ... his businessman lover and Superman lookalike Bob ... and the blond Greek-God motorcycle cop Mark. The three muscular alpha males were powered by roaring testosterone and overheated libidos - a mix of love, lust and mutual admiration that could have only one outcome. "I call the shots," Randy said. "The cum-shots."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 337

    The hunky Forest Ranger, Pete, makes spectacular love to his boy Brandon. Then he gives him a new leather outfit and they ride out to the desert to visit their old pal Mike. But a near tragedy occurs that changes everything. A paramedic tells Pete, "I would never have believed a kid like him could do the brave thing he did. He deserves a reward." The Ranger grins at his boy. "Oh he'll get his reward alright."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 338

    Ranger Pete gives his boy Brandon a hero's reward. They are joined in the desert by the macho Marine Hassan and his boy Eddie. "Look at that, dude," Eddie says to Brandon. "A pornographic wet dream." The proud, handsome soldier, his muscular body stretched in chains, is stripped naked, fucked, broken and humiliated, at the mercy of the leatherman and his boy. "Don't get any better than that, dude."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 339

    Grady, the heart-throb new movie Tarzan, and his Italian lover Mario, have a bitter separation. Both have had repeated sex with other men, causing a rift that is beyond repair. Bob tongue-lashes Grady; Randy rebukes Grady physically - a brutal gym-workout and a savage fuck. But Mario hurts so deeply he decides to go home to Italy. "As the plane took off Mario shut his eyes tight to hold back the tears."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 340

    It was a bitter separation of the once devoted lovers - Grady the heart-throb movie Tarzan and his handsome Italian lover Mario. Mario departs for his home in Italy - only to find Grady on the plane. The long flight is tense, their anger still hot, even though they secretly jerk off thinking of each other. After the ensuing clamor of celebrity in Rome, then the serenity of a Tuscan farm, the time comes for their final goodbye.

  • Bare Ass Jock Ranch - Part 10

    I started writing a new story this week. I was going to do it as a separate story, but I've decided to weave it into Bare Ass Jock Ranch. Remember Marla, Ryan's and Brad's kinky college gf? She's the star of this story along with co-star Jedd a budding quarterback who falls into her clutches.

  • Bare Ass Jock Ranch - Part 11

    Here's 3 short Chapters and a list of characters at the end. One of my readers suggested it since he was having trouble keeping everyone straight - actually no one's straight so what does it matter? I actually made the list a while back so I could keep track of everyone. It might be helpful to you as well. More gods will be coming soon so this is a good time to BONE UP on the all the hot gods!

  • Bare Ass Jock Ranch - Part 12

    Marla visits the Ranch along with her 2 beaus

  • Bare Ass Jock Ranch - Part 13

    Barn Party at the Ranch - Jedd and Dave get their big jock cocks pierced; Rip n Strip wrestling; Domination bouts much more!

  • Bare Ass Jock Ranch - Part 14

    This is an abbreviated version of QB OWNS THE NEW COACH that I posted in early August

  • Bare Ass Jock Ranch - Part 15

    Bruce got an email from his old priest friend who invited Bruce to join him on vacation in Puerto Rico...

  • Bare Ass Jock Ranch - Part 7

    Ryan entertains clients at a ballgame; Rob gets nailed by a newbie; more new jock gods

  • Bare Ass Jock Ranch - Part 8

    The house lit up with flashing red lights and sirens. The front door burst open and a squad of firefighters rushed in hose and all. The lead fireman said "I feel the heat but where's the fire?" Rob replied that the fire was just about to break out and he had the feeling it would be quite a BLAZE.

  • Bare Ass Jock Ranch - Part 9

    2 black muscle god Marines hit on Bruce at the gym. Rob says bring it. The marines give it up...

  • Coach's Bitch (pt. 1)

    A football player gets broken in by Coach. (WARNING: CONTAINS ELEMENTS OF RAPE, BONDAGE, AND FORCED SEX)

  • Coach's Bitch (pt. 2)

    Coach brings the main protagonist to his second job where he works as a Prison Guard. After being pent up without sex for weeks, what will the Guards do to the main protagonist?

  • Coach's Bitch (pt. 3 (Final))

    The main protagonist spends the rest of his life with El Diablo, his new Master.

  • Collaring Collin

    18-year-old Collin is trained by a stranger to be a puppy.

  • Dominated by Alex's Boyfriend

    Alex and I were tied up in our speedos and dominated by Alex's new boyfriend. I couldn't believe how horny Alex got and the things he was willing to do. I think it is going to be fun playing with these two guys.

  • My first meeting with my Master

    Sub meets up with internet friend to explore their dom/sub needs and becomes his slave.

  • My Inches 1

    Hi, my name is Phil, and I'm in high school, but that's not important. What is important is my cock. And what's important about my cock is it's size, pure and simple. It's long, thick, enormous, size. And, of course, what's also important is what my mind-blowing cock-size can do to other guys.

  • My Inches 2

    Being so small and thin, nobody can think I could ever overpower anyone, or push them around in any way. And physically, I can't. But, of course, I have more power than they ever imagined. And it all comes from my cock. My huge, massive, gargantuan cock.

  • My Inches 3

    If I ever want a teacher to stop lecturing, and give us a reading assignment or something while he or she sits down behind his or her desk, all I have to do is spread my legs, show off a few pounds of male meat, and that's the end of the lecture.

  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished - From the Other Side

    A chance encounter leads to some master/slave play time.

  • Surprise Weekend with Slave's new Master

    Further adventures of a mature slave who finally has met up with a Master of his dreams.

  • Take your clothes off

    A man ventures into a leather bar on a whim and finds his life completely turned around.