• A Trial Of Strength - Part 223

    The fireman in Brandon's calendar was, unbelievably, kneeling over him, shirtless, in the flesh. "How often he had jerked off over the muscle-god's picture, imagining what his cock looked like. And now here it was ... in his mouth! The fireman was fucking his face!" Bob visits. "When he unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off the boy gasped. Clark Kent had just ripped open his shirt and become Superman."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 224

    At last Brandon meets the whole tribe. First he watches Eddie get “punished” by the muscle-god soldier Hassan, followed by a wild master-on-boy orgy. Then Brandon has to choose which of them will take his virgin ass - the gypsy boss, the Superman, the cop, the leather-master, the fireman – or one of the boys. He makes his choice. “Sir, I would be honored for you to be the first man ever to fuck me.”

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 225

    At the lake Randy and Bob meet up with Pete, the macho Forest Ranger who Randy previously initiated in man-on-man sex. Pete's first sighting of Bob is stunning. "Pete gazed at the naked superman leaning against the tree, muscles gleaming in the dappled sunlight, his cock swinging between his legs still dripping cum." But Randy growls, "He's mine, Ranger. You want him, you have to go through me."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 226

    A bragging, drunken Randy points at Bob's ass and slurs, "You see that ass, Pete? Belongs to me ... and I can loan it out if I want." Pete says, "I've never fucked a guy before, but I'd make an exception for that ass, it's so damn perfect." Bob erupts. "Randy, I thought that caveman crap was over, but you're still the same crude, arrogant, shit-for-brains motherfucker who first crawled out from under a rock."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 227

    Brandon gets closer to the guys. Eddie & Ben are fun: "Brandon felt the thrill of being at the mercy of two muscular young studs, the houseboy and the gypsy." Mario is romantic: "Brandon woke up to the blurred image of the handsome Italian face with curly black hair and limpid green eyes." Pablo is fierce: "I'm the boss's boy, kid, so don't think I'm gonna go easy on your ass just because you can't walk."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 228

    Brandon watches Mark and Jamie make love. "It beat any porn video - the muscle-god cop, stripped to the waist, paced round the athletic young surfer naked on hands and knees offering his ass to his master." Afraid he is addicted to sex, Brandon consults Dr. Steve and his lover, Lloyd. "The doctor and the architect, elegant, handsome with gym-honed bodies, faced each other shirtless, ready for action."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 229

    Love comes in odd forms as Brandon learns from black leather-god Zack and his boy Darius. "Zack's boy was naked, spread-eagled at the mercy of his master, his ebony muscles straining in bondage, his horse-dick swinging between his splayed legs." Next, Brandon watches Randy and Bob make love. "The two beautiful men rolled over in a tangle of limbs, flailing, kissing, in an eruption of raw passion."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 230

    Randy and Bob have raunchy morning sex. Later Mario's relationship with Brandon reaches a make-or-break climax. "Brandon laughed at Mario's horseplay but was dazzled too by the fantasy of the naked cowboy riding his cock. A cowboy hat perched on his tousled black hair, Mario raised his arm triumphantly and whooped like a cowpoke riding a bucking bronco, his ass impaled on Brandon's cock."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 231

    Randy is merciless to thugs who attack Brandon. "The savage gypsy who had inflicted such brutal punishment now had tears of affection watching Brandon wheel himself away. 'That's one gutsy kid," he said, 'we gotta take care of him." Three gym jocks, Jason, Hassan and Adam compete. "It was pornographic - the muscle-god fireman submits, double-teamed by an athletic Aussie and a tough Marine."

  • dungeon boy

    Entering the dungeon for the first time

  • In The Back Of The Van - chapter 1

    I had met a guy online, looking for sex. We had a deal: he was in charge. He respected my limits, but he was in charge. He was nasty and twisted, and I mean that in the best way.

  • In The Back Of The Van - chapter 2

    The muscular guy was hauling me into the back of the van with one hand clamped tight over my mouth. He'd wrapped his other arm under my armpit across my chest, with that hand pressed against my throat. He pinned me down hard to the floor of the van and threw his weight on top of me.

  • My Teacher, My Pet Chapter 11

    Carl (Mr. Jameson) practices and starts to become a master cocksucker. JD and Carl come to a momentous agreement.

  • My Teacher, My Pet - Chapter 10

    JD finally meets his idol, superstar Mr. Teenage Atlanta, when he comes to visit.

  • Slut Adventures

    He certainly loves cock, he's just a little cock slave, more the merrier. Why don't you give him a try?" He never lost pace or power on his thrust as he spoke, in fact if anything he fucked harder.

  • Sucking Simon

    Dan, a big bear on his way home from work, picks up a cute kid on the side of the road and things get heated.

  • The Charismatic - Chapter 1 & 2

    My story begins about two years ago, when I was still very uncertain about my own inclinations in my sex life. I had known I was gay for some time, but my relationships had always been short and often I longed for more. Vanilla sex was all right, but there was always that feeling that I should be able to gain more pleasure and fulfilment than I did.

  • The Charismatic - Chapter 3 & 4

    He knew my answer before I gave it to him. He had spotted me in the office and known what I needed. He had worked his charm and drawn me to himself. And now I was his.

  • The Charismatic - Chapter 5 & 6

    He next checked out my navel and abdomen and eventually moved towards my chest. I dreaded what might happen next. "Please sir, no more weights sir. They hurt so much."

  • The Charismatic - Chapter 7 & 8

    As I sucked his toes he began to moan and relax. I continued to work on his other foot, before moving back up his body. Those legs were so long. Each one was covered with fine blond hair. Gary was getting a good tongue bath, but I was getting so much pleasure at the same time.

  • The Charismatic - Chapter 9 & 10

    I was invited by my Master to replace the blindfold on Dave. When he could no longer see, I took off the hood, and Martin took Dave down. He had no resistance left in him. He was led back to Martin's car, and we were off to take him back to the city. Who knows what would become of him. All I was certain about was that this had to be one of the best birthday presents any slave had ever been given by his Master.

  • The Darling

    A trip to a Bangkok massage parlor in the late 1970s.

  • The Slut Continues

    Dazedly I obeyed the instructions, then resumed the position. Then I felt Pete's hands on my arms as he began to pat me down, under my arms, down my torso back and front.

  • The Submission

    He wanted to find that special scene, one he had experienced in the past, one that stroked his darkest desires, his fetishes, and he went in search for it.

  • The Voyeur - Part 1

    I submit and accept you as my Master", he murmured, drawing me into even closer contact with him, from head to foot.