• A Trial Of Strength - Part 351

    Despite his shyness Larry gets physical with his buddy Jamie. The blond surfer grins, "How's that feel, stud, you like it rough, eh? You like your jock buddy pounding your ass." Then the cop Mark and the fireman Jason, hot and horny, vent their lust on each other. Jason stares at the humbled cop, kneeling with jizz running down his face, dripping on his bare chest. "Un-fucking-believable, man ... classic porn."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 352

    Hassan's boy Eddie is insecure about the handsome Marine's love for him. Hassan reassures him: "When I see you there to meet me - my sweet boy - godammit I feel like a million bucks." He thrills Eddie with an erotic fantasy in the remote desert. Eddie feels he is in a porn movie as the soldier says, "You're here to service me, boy. As a Marine captain I'm obeyed by all my troops ... and that applies to you."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 353

    Randy's boy Pablo has matured from a feisty kid to a macho young stud, the company's chief mechanic. The young colt Randy has raised rears up as a stallion, flexing his sexual muscles by dominating his master, then Randy's superman lover Bob. The muscle-jock mechanic strides away, leaving behind him the gypsy construction boss sprawled naked on the floor smothered in jizz, moaning, "Holy fucking shit."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 354

    It's payback time for the macho young mechanic Pablo. He topped Randy and Bob but now gets spit-roasted by the two bosses. "Not such a hotshot mechanic now, are you, stud?" At the Grady House rivalry simmers between the blond gymnast Tommy and the young chef Danny. "Face it, man, I don't like you much and you don't like me. I don't like sharing a bed with you any more than you do."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 355

    The two hostile rival jocks, Tommy and Danny, share a bed with stunning results: "What the fuck you doing, asshole? You coming on to me?" Best buddies Brandon and Brian also share a bed with predictable results: "OK, dude - sixty-nine it is." Grady, the hot new movie star and his lover Mario spring a surprise on their nervous young houseboy Brian who stares in shock. "Do you really mean it, sir?"

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 356

    1) Grady, the hot new movie Tarzan, and his Italian lover Mario, initiate their new boy Brian in the joys of sex with them. He waits nervously as the two beautiful lovers smile down at him on the bed. 2) The two jocks Danny and Tommy, lying in bed, are visited by the rugged gypsy Randy. "Get ready, boy," he tells the young gymnast. "You're gonna get ploughed by the boss while your boyfriend watches."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 357

    1) Grady's Tarzan movie revives Mario's insecurity of loving a movie star. So Grady acts out a movie fantasy where Tarzan rescues a captive, then falls in love. "Yes I have come to rescue you but I cannot release such a beautiful man - not until I ..." 2) Construction worker Zack nurses a grudge against boss Randy that erupts in a fight. The winner gloats, "I am the best. You're nothing, man, beaten into the dirt."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 358

    The rugged Zack has offended the tribe and, in a haze of guilt, seeks help from Dr. Steve, then finds solace in the bed of Steve's houseboy Tommy. The stunning blond gymnast gazes at the naked black construction boss, at his chiseled features, shaved head, piercing gray eyes, and a physique carved in ebony. "Sir," the young jock tells the troubled man, "I want to make you feel better - anything you want, sir."

  • Apartment 27: Chapter 4

    Afraid, I take some distance from my master. All it takes is for him to call, and I put on a webcam show from the toilet. But there's a twist...

  • Apartment 27: Chapter 5

    I move in with my masters, and get teased, pinned, chained and fucked...from both ends.

  • Calvin - The interview

    Let see how Calvin makes his way to get a job he wanted, and be the most valuable asset as a slave.

  • Cooked

    When the sweet, straight back-of-the-house cook turns out to be only somewhat sweet and definitely not straight, he gives waiter Jimmy more than he bargained for one drunken night after their restaurant shift.

  • Soccer team's slut 1

    Young locked boy works for soccer team in small house distant from other people. He takes care of all their needs, like good meals, good blowjobs and good fun.

  • The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner, Chapter 25

    Tanner has decided to reduce the number of lackeys in his 'harem'.

  • The Men's Room

    A tired CEO visits a very special barbershop

  • "Key," part 3

    Who was the large black man, and what did he want with Dominic? Was Kye behind this?

  • 437353: All in a Day's Work

    How the Men at my office figured out that i am a slave, and started to use me for Their enjoyment.

  • 437353: My First Master - Chapter Three: The Warehouse

    My Master takes me to be used by a group of Men, and explains what my life will be like from then on.

  • 437353: My First Master - Chapter Two: Rent boy

    My new Master teaches me that I have value to him by being used at parties

  • 437353: My First Master: Sold

    My Master sells me to another Man

  • 437353: The branding of a slave

    The true description of the day when my Master brandied HIS mark on my body. Detailed and not designed as an erotic story, but a factual retelling of an incredible, life changing experience.

  • 437353: The Worst Day

    in which i learn that my MASTER is, indeed, a true Master, and that i am truly HIS property

  • A Backfiring Bet

    He loses a bet and now he has to pay the price!

  • A Boy's Fantasy 1

    A regimented man, economic in thought, common sense reared, a rebel with little patience for whiners, and now a leather daddy with a cause, Sergeant Major Robert Gilmore, Retired, a crusty 26-year veteran, my daddy of eight months.

  • A Boy's Fantasy 2

    Big Daddy pulled his Harley (he thought newer cars and SUVs were for, in his words, "Milquetoast panty waste") onto a gravel road and wound around to one of the faded houses with an adjacent red and rusting barn.

  • A Boy's Fantasy 3

    "I told you not to speak," Big Daddy said but not in his usual daddy's-warning-you sort of way. The words squeaked between his clenched teeth, "Do you understand?"

  • A Day of Humiliation

    A day of humiliation created by one of Master's fans

  • A Meditative Technique

    In a place near San Diego's harbor, among a graveyard of rusted and paint-blotched warehouses, a hold-up appears in progress. Buckles flicker under opaque sun; leather murmurs in cool, marine air; and heavy boots positions and reposition their grips on the asphalt. A leather arm grips a neck. Another holds two smaller, flannelled arms. Keys jangle, chains protest: it is the taking of a valuable commodity.

  • A Piercing Aquaintance

    Insincere and troubled submissive learns that a promise matters

  • A Stormy Hotel Room

    A blackout, a motel, a stranger - This was my fantasy... or was it?