• A Trial Of Strength - Part 339

    Grady, the heart-throb new movie Tarzan, and his Italian lover Mario, have a bitter separation. Both have had repeated sex with other men, causing a rift that is beyond repair. Bob tongue-lashes Grady; Randy rebukes Grady physically - a brutal gym-workout and a savage fuck. But Mario hurts so deeply he decides to go home to Italy. "As the plane took off Mario shut his eyes tight to hold back the tears."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 340

    It was a bitter separation of the once devoted lovers - Grady the heart-throb movie Tarzan and his handsome Italian lover Mario. Mario departs for his home in Italy - only to find Grady on the plane. The long flight is tense, their anger still hot, even though they secretly jerk off thinking of each other. After the ensuing clamor of celebrity in Rome, then the serenity of a Tuscan farm, the time comes for their final goodbye.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 341

    In Italy, Grady and Mario celebrate their restored love, ranging from a priest's benediction in a Tuscan church to acting out a pornographic fantasy in a train station. There, the local stud, a sexy, dark-haired Italian peasant, butt-fucks the young American muscle-jock in the public toilet. Back home the bosses, Randy and Bob, give Tarzan and his mate punishment and forgiveness. Randy grins, "Great fuck, jungle man."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 342

    Doctor Steve and his gym-jock lover Lloyd are in trouble - and Randy steps in. "Dammit, Steve, you're my brother, being two-timed by your lover with the fucking houseboy Tommy." Fortified by a marathon fuck with his lover Bob, Randy confronts Lloyd. Helplessly bound Lloyd is forced to watch the rugged, shirtless gypsy dominate Tommy, the handsome blond gymnast with the sculpted physique kneeling at his feet.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 343

    The tough gypsy Randy, and his buddy, the black leatherman Zack, unite to discipline the muscular Lloyd and the young gymnast Tommy. But Tommy's boss, Doctor Steve, reaffirms his affection for him. "The excited jock gazed in awe at the handsome doctor wearing only a thin tank top stretched over his sculpted chest, a sexy near-naked look that made the young athlete tremble with anticipation."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 344

    Mark (the muscle-god cop) and Jamie (his young blond surfer) have wild sex where master/boy roles are reversed. Then a man from Jamie's past, Brigg, surfaces and attacks Brandon. The senior boys unite to exact revenge, first from Pablo's fist and then in a test of Brigg's manhood by the muscular black leatherboy Darius. But Jamie's kindness prompts Brigg to reveal a heart-breaking story of his past.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 345

    Bad boy Larry is defiant and confused, denying his own sexual urges. Randy and Bob help him find the truth. "He stared at them in awe, both equally beautiful, equally macho - Randy the muscular wild-eyed gypsy and Bob the sculpted superman. Were they gonna fuck? Who would be on top?" In the final test, the gypsy towers over Larry. "What do want from me, kid? What do you want me to do to you?"

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 346

    New boy Larry is attracted to the older man Uncle Mike and shocks him with an impulsive sex act on his knees. Seduced at first, Mike recoils. "We shouldn't be doing this. Hell, I feel like an old man getting sucked off by a young hustler." Dr. Steve intercedes with an unorthodox, erotic therapy session for Larry. "It was one of the sexiest things Larry had ever seen - the handsome doctor slowly removing his shirt."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 347

    New boy Larry continues his sex education in the tribe. It's the twins' turn. "Larry watched as the naked identical twins kissed each other, then turned their beautiful faces and sexy bodies toward him and beckoned him into their world." Next come Pablo and Darius. "On his knees Larry stared up at the black muscleboy and handsome Mestizo, two young shirtless mechanics streaked with oil and grease."

  • Abducted and used

    Ex-cons use gringo for sex pleasure

  • Apartment 27: Chapter 1

    The Gym. I, a 19 year old student, am taken the master of my dreams.

  • Apartment 27: Chapter 2

    After becoming enslaved at the gym, after having serviced his new master for the first time, and after having his cock locked in a cage, it's time to return to Apartment 27...

  • Bare Ass Jock Ranch - Part 14

    This is an abbreviated version of QB OWNS THE NEW COACH that I posted in early August

  • Bare Ass Jock Ranch - Part 15

    Bruce got an email from his old priest friend who invited Bruce to join him on vacation in Puerto Rico...

  • Bare Ass Jock Ranch - Part 16

    The party moves from Puerto Rico to the Ranch and a neighbor pays a visit. Finally - at long last - you will learn how this story got its name!

  • Bare Ass Jock Ranch - Part 17

    Morgan brings his cowboys to meet the neighbors, but one of Rob's guests gets out of line and the offenders manhood is on the line. Justice is done - the cowboy way!

  • Bare Ass Jock Ranch - Part 18

    Juan and Miguel meet the coach and get "interviewed."

  • Bare Ass Jock Ranch - Part 19

    Last installment for now...

  • Reunited

    The high-school bully gets his comeuppance and cum up his ass.

  • "Key," part 3

    Who was the large black man, and what did he want with Dominic? Was Kye behind this?

  • 437353: All in a Day's Work

    How the Men at my office figured out that i am a slave, and started to use me for Their enjoyment.

  • 437353: My First Master - Chapter Three: The Warehouse

    My Master takes me to be used by a group of Men, and explains what my life will be like from then on.

  • 437353: My First Master - Chapter Two: Rent boy

    My new Master teaches me that I have value to him by being used at parties

  • 437353: My First Master: Sold

    My Master sells me to another Man

  • 437353: The branding of a slave

    The true description of the day when my Master brandied HIS mark on my body. Detailed and not designed as an erotic story, but a factual retelling of an incredible, life changing experience.

  • 437353: The Worst Day

    in which i learn that my MASTER is, indeed, a true Master, and that i am truly HIS property

  • A Backfiring Bet

    He loses a bet and now he has to pay the price!

  • A Boy's Fantasy 1

    A regimented man, economic in thought, common sense reared, a rebel with little patience for whiners, and now a leather daddy with a cause, Sergeant Major Robert Gilmore, Retired, a crusty 26-year veteran, my daddy of eight months.

  • A Boy's Fantasy 2

    Big Daddy pulled his Harley (he thought newer cars and SUVs were for, in his words, "Milquetoast panty waste") onto a gravel road and wound around to one of the faded houses with an adjacent red and rusting barn.

  • A Boy's Fantasy 3

    "I told you not to speak," Big Daddy said but not in his usual daddy's-warning-you sort of way. The words squeaked between his clenched teeth, "Do you understand?"