• We are Charmed Ch 10

    This chapter focus on Ben and Brennan with the time jump of 10 years. Ben and Brennan hardly been using their powers since that day until Brennan saw something happen which leads him to use it.

  • We are Charmed Ch. 12

    Brennan goes to work and there he go face to face with something. Kyle and Ben battle against all odds in order to save someone that they love. Also there is a great character dies in this chapter.

  • We are Charmed Ch. 14

    Brennan and Kyle's day heat up with passion ;) Hope you guys enjoy

  • We are Charmed Ch. 15 Part 1

    After a hot night of sex, Brennan and Kyle go about their day. However a blast from the past threaten their relationship.

  • We are Charmed Ch. 15 Part 2

    Continuation of part 1

  • We are Charmed Ch. 16

    The twins battle against time and a darklighter as the try to save Kyle

  • We are Charmed ch. 17

    We meet a new badass in this chaper

  • We are Charmed Ch. 18

    The twins get ready for the double date. However, after the date the twins have to deal with something that they already taken care of.

  • We are Charmed Ch. 19

    Some unfortunate events happen when Brian gets drop off at the parent's house.

  • We are Charmed Ch. 20

    The twins and Brian go about their normal day but they also have to go head to head with one of the powerful demons that their aunts and mom faced before.

  • We are Charmed ch. 21 Part 2

    Continuation of part 1

  • We are Charmed Ch. 21 Part 2

    continuation of Part 1

  • We are Charmed Ch. 21 Part1

    The twins and Brian battle agains the greatest evil they have ever realized. But first they must protect their powers from Brennan who is under the influence of someone.

  • We are Charmed Ch. 22 Epilogue

    Epilogue. Hope you guys enjoy

  • We are Charmed Ch. 5

    Brennan and Ben go demon hunting. after that Brennan and Aaron discussed what happened last night. Will that either ruin the friendship or help it grow to be more than friends?

  • We are Charmed Ch. 6

    Brennan and Ben go to school after hot night with Aaron. Ben and Brennan stop a person bullying a freshmen. Not only that, they also see someone that shock them to the core.

  • We are Charmed Ch. 7

    Brennan and Ben discussed about vanquishing Nick with their mom after seeing him at the school.

  • We are Charmed Ch. 8

    Ben and Brennan go look and vanquish a demon. Aaron made dinner plans with Brennan

  • We are Charmed Ch. 9

    During this chapter there will be some unforeseen events will turn the story thus far upside down. What will happen? Tune in.

  • A Demon For Christmas

    A sad brother misses his brother who was killed.

  • A Night in Notre Dame

    The story is that Cameron and Alistar meet again at Notre Dame for the first time in a LONG time. It is set in modern day times.

  • A Night in Notre Dame - Part 2

    The continuation, in Cameron's perspective!

  • Bay Cove: Encounter

    Okay so Bay cove doesn't actually exist but neither do vampires, so forgive me for those of you who live in Maine for any inconsistencies I just take inspiration from my favourite author Stephen King :), all critiques are welcome friends :) Enjoy!

  • Bay Cove: Furor

    I would like to thank everyone that read Encounter thanks guys its fills me with joy it really odes :D !! I hope I don't bore you guys, but this story is going to be slightly gradual I want to develop the characters as you read along if that makes any sense?. This chapter continues where Encounter left off and you get a little bit more info on Penn mostly and kind of a surprise at the end ;) !

  • Bay Cove: The Walls are Talking

    What will they say?

  • Bay Cove: Vice

    A history lesson is important.

  • Bay Cove: Wicked Games

    The date!!!!!!!!!

  • Black Heart: 1

    A story about a half-demon guy who is gay and what happens when he is accepted to a well known school. I haven't written in a while and this story I wrote on my phone so sorry about mistakes. And the title well I didnt know what to name it but I think it fits well. Enjoy and please comment

  • Black Heart: 2

    Grayson will be teamed up with 3 others. Who will it be? There is this guy that catches his eye. Hopefully he's plays for gis team if you know what I mean.

  • Blood Lust

    This is not a sex story yet. If you want me to i can change it. The story is about a 200 year old vampire finds the one he wants is not a woman but an 18 year old called Ben and the lust for Ben's blood but also for his body. This story is in diary format from the vampire's perspective. Please comment as you see fit.