• Hail Caesar! Fuck His Ass Hard!

    Hail Caesar! Fuck His Ass Hard!

    Gay porn is hysterical sometimes. Put a bunch of men in Roman togas and instead of grunting "suck my dick" they're hollering "Hail Caesar!" This latest scene from Bound in Public has gladiators Trenton Ducati and Connor Maguire punishing a criminal (Kip Johnson) with Roman-style justice -- an orgy.

    The long-haired stud is hooded so they don't have to look at his ugly face, then they bend him over and the gladiators and their gang of horny men shove their big dicks down his throat. Stripped competely naked, the criminal is held down while the men pour hot dripping wax all over his body. You can barely seen any skin on his chest and belly.

    And finally, the two gladiators each take an end. Connor rams his thick dick down the thief's throat while onlookers watch in amazement. And Trenton squats behind the slave and rams his banana-curved dick inside Johnson's beautiful ass. But this criminal's punishment isn't over until the hoard unloads their nuts all over his face, which turns out not to be ugly after all.

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  • Mystery Bulge

    huge bulge

    What is this bulge made of? Do you know? I have no clue so I'll have to guess. Several times. Wish me luck! Maybe it's:

    • The fist and wig of wannabe heartthrob Jude Law
    • 400 tiddlywinks
    • Subtlety incarnate
    • Magic 8-Ball that always answers "Yes"
    • Gluten-free nachos
    • Complete Season 3 DVD set of How I Met Your Mother
    • Recalled cat toys
    • Knock-off "Rolex" watches
    • The world's largest sapphire wrapped in yarn for no reason
    • $150/hour
    • Not penis and balls

    Definitely it's that last one. Totally not penis and balls. I mean it totally is. I'm confused. Penis and balls do that to me.

  • Piss, Fuck and Fist in Sling

    Piss, Fuck and Fist in Sling

    On his knees, shaved-headed Christopher Wells worships big-dicked Mack Manus in Titan Rough's Daddy Fist. The tall and tan daddy face fucks the hungry sucker with his uncut tool, his balls banging Christopher's hairy chin. Christopher strokes his own bullet as he sucks, Mack gripping his own balls and making the sub feast on them. Mack let's loose a gush of piss on Christopher's hairy chest before face fucking him some more, the two sharing a kiss before Mack sucks him back. Mack takes the sub's balls in his mouth, spitting on Christopher's boner before deep-throating it. Mack buries his goateed chin deep in Christopher's hole, finger fucking him before shoving his rock hard cock in. Christopher gets on his back, his hole soon filled with Mack's lubed-up fist that twists slowly. Mack pisses on the bottom's hole, then fists the wide-eyed sub some more - going slowly in and out until Christopher can't take it anymore, the two shooting their loads.

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  • Rough, Piggy Fetish Session

    Rough, Piggy Fetish Session

    Titan Rough presents Ethan Ayers, who knows just what pig bottom Blake Oscar wants. Ethan makes Blake get down on all fours to worship his boots and then that jumbo-sized cock. Then he pisses in bottom boy Blake's ass before stretching it wide with huge dildos and finally giving him a serious fisting session.

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  • Crowd of Men Use a Handsome Porn Hunk

    Crowd of Men Use a Handsome Porn Hunk

    There's nothing quite like seeing a handsome man dragged around a store on his knees. It's been well over a year since blond porn hunk Christopher Daniels filmed any scenes over at KINK. He did a scene for Men on Edge in 2012 and one for Bound Gods in January 2013. This week he showed up at Bound in Public and did he ever get used.

    Christopher Daniels is bound with rope and blindfolded and muscle hunk Trenton Ducati pushes him down the street and into a clothing store in San Francisco's Castro. Trenton whores out his buddy to the gang of surprised, but happy-to-oblige gang of customers. He bends Daniels over and a number of the men grab a taste of his butt, a few get some whacks in.

    The men line up and Trenton makes his blond buddy blow them all -- he sucks their cocks and balls -- and he's dragged around the store where he licks a few boots too. They bend over Daniels and take turns fucking his ass and mouth at the same time. (One dude is wearing a hat and sunglasses; if you don't want to be seen in a porn video, then fuck off and don't make one.) The crowd's pretty churned up by now and they start coating Daniels face with their sticky loads. Like I said up top, it's always hot seeing a pretty guy used.

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  • If Scally Means "Has A Thick Uncut Cock" Then I Like Them

    If Scally Means "Has A Thick Uncut Cock" Then I Like Them

    I never did fully understand the difference between chavs and scallies, I always have to ask my British friends if a guy is one or the other. It's complicated by the fact that both dress similarly except each group prefers different clothing and shoe brands (I think) like scallies apparently wear Burberry caps. I don't even know what Burberry is. I imagine it's some over-priced piece of clothing or something or other and probably ugly just like those hideous Louis Vuitton bags.

    So I don't really care that Joe is apparently a scally lad. What I do care about is that as he's putting on his knee-high sports socks that his thick uncut cock has fallen out of his shorts and is flopping around. Scally, chav, townie, or ratboy ... who knows? All I can think about doing is falling to my knees and chowing down on his foreskin. I might even buy him one of those Burberry caps for the pleasure of doing so, although I expect I'd better check the price of them before making the commitment.

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  • Blasting Off With a Dude Licking His Feet

    Blasting Off With a Dude Licking His Feet

    I don't think I've ever seen someone get off on a man's feet as much Cameron Kincade does. This dude is into total foot worship; not just a little foot rubbing, but he gets right between a guy's toes with his tongue.

    Nick Cross is a sexy bearded hunk and this is his second appearance on My Friends Feet. For his first session he had his bare feet secured in a stockade, then two men worked him over in an intense tickling session. Not only using their fingers, but hair brushes and other tools as well. And they gave his furry armpits some tickling too. Poor Nick squirmed and laughed his head off.

    But Nick's session with Kincade is completely different -- much more sensuous and horny. He lies back naked on the bed, watching Cameron worship his sensitive feet with his hands, lips, and tongue. Nick gets so turned on that he wraps his fist around his hard-on and strokes. He gets himself so worked up that he blasts a generous cum load all over himself while Cameron sucks on his toes.

  • What's With All the Underwater Sex?

    Falcon Dreaming

    I don't know if there's been a fire sale somewhere on waterproof camera equipment, but there sure has been a lot of underwater sex in porn lately. Falcon's California Dreamin' series is shot almost exclusively in and around pools and we've been seeing both blowjob and fucking action from underneath the pool's surface -- there was even an underwater cumshot with Ray Han blowing great clouds of milk in pool.

    Last week, Marc Angelo and Carlo Cox got started in the pool over at Bear Films and they got into submerged blowjob action, then Angelo sits on Cox's hard-on. This week this two-part scene continues and bring Brad Kalvo in the pool for a threeway. Marc Angelo told me that he blows his load under water too.

    30 Mins of Torment

    But 30 Minutes of Torment takes things to an all-new extreme by plunging Derek Pain into a water tank. Bound with rope and suspended over the tank, he's released and falls helpless into the water. His master Van Darkholme jumps in to play with the muscle stud some more. He supports Pain so he doesn't sink, all the while ripping metal clips off the hunk's bare skin. Then master pulls his sub under water for some kissing. Van Darkholme pulls the plug on the tank and lets Derek sink to the bottom. The bound muscle hunk struggles and wonders if the tank is going to empty before he needs his next breath. It's intense.

  • Toe Teasing Twink

    Toe Teasing Twink

    Unlike some of the admittedly sexy twinks who have appeared on Foot Woody, Dominic Couture really gets it. This sexy amateur loves showing off his feet for the camera, getting turned on while sticking his soles out after he gets naked, and curling up his toes as he strokes his cock. Before he's done, Dominic not only penetrates his ass with a dildo but shoots a huge load of cum!

    Dominic Couture

  • Athlete Caught on Hidden Cam

    Athlete Caught on Hidden Cam

    Sneaky Peek's hidden cam has caught this hot black athlete changing in the locker room. With no idea he's on camera, he strips to reveal his muscular physique, hard abs and buns of steel, not to mention unshaved pubic hair and a very tempting cock!