• Dorm Room Spank

    Dorm Room Spank

    Elijah West has borrowed Max Carter's clothes and makes the terrible mistake of returning them without dry cleaning them first. Max is bemused and has to punish Elijah so he pulls down his pants and spanks his pert bottom in underwear. Once he's sure it'll have a nice tan, he peeks underneath those light blue briefs. They come off and Max continues to spank cute stud Elijah over his knee, but it seems Elijah kinda likes his treatment at Helix Studios' Spank This.

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  • PC Roger Displayed, Paddled & Groped

    PC Roger Displayed, Paddled & Groped

    Let's explore the phenomenon of CFNM - clothed female naked male - the humiliating exposure of a male in front of a fully clothed woman. It's PC Roger's turn at Adventures in CFNM. This wasn't quite what he had in mind when he was seduced by 'fun with Lucinda'. She wants his body but not in the way he had presumed. His hands are securely bound above his head, he's entirely naked and can do nothing as she takes a paddle and tans his masculine butt cheeks.

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  • Osiris Blade Takes Theo Ford in 'Submissive'

    Osiris Blade Takes Theo Ford in 'Submissive'

    Theo Ford adores getting his thick dick serviced and Osiris blade is one of the hungriest cock-suckers there is. A Hot House match made in heaven perhaps? From the get go Theo Ford is rock solid and Osiris is all over it like a... well, on it like a magnet. Osiris worships Theo's masterful tool and takes a good face slapping from the meaty slab. Theo lubes Osiris' hole with spit and slides his pole up to fuck him doggy style.

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  • "You've Gotta Arrest Me Or Let Me Go."

    "You've Gotta Arrest Me Or Let Me Go."

    Office Maguire is back and he's got sexy Patrick Isley locked up in his cage in this latest session over at Bound Gods. I love how these prisoners always bark and spit at their captors. "You've gotta arrest me or let me go," Isley yells. Yeah, or what? What are you going to do with your hands tied behind your back? "I have something else in mind," Maguire says.

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  • Footballer Masters Abuse "Fag"

    Footballer Masters Abuse "Fag"

    Footballer Derek and his team mate Josh are having evil fun with their submissive bitch boy in the lockers. Derek attaches an electro ball-shocker to Elliot's balls and uses it to shock their sub into obedience. Brutal Tops' Master Josh takes a pen and writes "FAG" on the sub's forehead then, with his hard dick, Derek fills his mouth and forces it into his throat. Josh is turned on by his fellow master's cruelty and it gets his cock excited. With both masters now rock solid, they spit-roast the worthless cunt who has no option but to take his anal punishment.

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  • Rocco Steele Stretches Greedy Ginger Ass

    Rocco Steele Stretches Greedy Ginger Ass

    Rocco Steele's massive 10 inch cock is not the biggest thing that this ginger kid is taking up his arse in this Bulldog Pit scene. Meet Dylan Ryder, a pale redhead British lad with a voracious appetite for all things huge. Dylan begins by slurping on Rocco's meat and taking a hard throat fucking. Rocco is only too pleased to help this greedy bottom stretch his arse further than it's been before and chooses a monstrous Crackstuffers toy to do it with.

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  • Wurst Film: Bitch Britney & Jim Ferro

    Wurst Film: Bitch Britney & Jim Ferro

    Jim Ferro arrives at Wurst Film Club for a solo leather shoot, but what happens is the young photographer, "Bitch Britney" gets hot and horny over the daddy before him. Ferro pisses through his uncut cock with a Prince Albert piercing all over Bitch Britney's face and gets deep-throated by the eager pup.

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  • Breeder Fuckers: Josh Violated & Abused

    Breeder Fuckers: Josh Violated & Abused

    The dom top sadists at Breeder Fuckers teach Josh a lesson for hurling insults at their innocent-seeming proposition. They capture him and take him down to their lair. He comes round to find his mouth spread open with a gag and pinned down with his arms bound behind his back. The cruel tops rub their dicks around the straight guys lips and pull down his underwear exposing his tight untouched sphincter. Dave rams his fingers up his arsehole to break his anal virginity before his cock goes up there, being spanked as he's penetrated from both ends.

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  • Uncut Twink Casper Ellis Gets Cock Sounding

    Uncut Twink Casper Ellis Gets Cock Sounding

    Master Sebastian introduces uncut twink Casper Ellis to the extreme sensation of cock sounding at Boynapped. The nervous, smooth twink lies with his pants down to his ankles and his t-shirt pulled up. His cock is worked to a full erection and Sebastian Kane slowly inserts a steel sound into his urethra.

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  • Twink's Awkward Office CMNM

    Twink's Awkward Office CMNM

    Alex is looking to become a citizen and in the office of his assessment the CMNM staff have perverted rituals to decide who earns the right to stay. The twink is ordered to walk stark naked across to another officer. They stand and fondle the boy's cock and balls before putting him on all fours on the desk to penetrate his asshole with a dildo. His sphincter is violated and he stroked penis becomes hard.

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