• Straight Nerds Spank Butt Cheeks Then Cum

    Straight Nerds Spank Butt Cheeks Then Cum

    This really is a great video from Straight Fraternity. It features two straight nerdy young guys, Tex and Reese, who are both amazingly sexy with their shy, nerdy kind of looks and mannerisms.

    Both guys are return visitors to the site; Tex is the younger of the two and he's got such an innocent look about him, with those glasses and that cute little smile. He's single and has been off chasing the ladies down in Texas lately and talks a bit about that; while Reese is still living with his girlfriend. The guys stand up and strip, Tex is a bit shy and hides his little uncut cock, whereas Reese just lets his big floppy cut dick dangle in full view! The guys have no idea what the cameraman has in store for them today, and both are shocked, and a bit amused, that he wants Reese to paddle Tex's butt until the cheeks glow red! They both laugh about it nervously, then Tex lays himself across Reese's lap and Reese starts paddling his butt, albeit gently. After a few good smacks Tex stands up and his butt is glowing a nice shade of pink and he rub's the warm cheeks with his hands to try and cool them down a bit. Then the cameraman shocks the guys again when he says "Now it's Reese's turn to get spanked!" It is funny to watch as the tables turn - as Tex, unlike Reese, doesn't pull any punches and really smacks Reese's butt cheeks quite hard - in fact Reese can't take many whacks until he jumps up to protect his skinny butt! Now the cameraman gets the guys to stroke their cocks and then tells Tex to blow Reese. It is great to see this straight young nerdy guy going down and sucking cock. He starts off tentatively, with his own cock quite soft, and then seemingly decides he likes it and really gets into the experience, and all the while his own cock gets harder and harder, you can even see bounce up and down with each pulse until it's rock hard! Then Reese reaches the point of no return and Tex watches in awe as he witnesses another guy's cock cumming right in front of him for the first time ... the look on his face is priceless! But that's not the end, the cameraman makes Reese play with Tex's nipples and jiggle his balls while Tex jacks off, and when the time comes for his own cum shot, as Reese couldn't take all his whacks earlier Tex won the prize, which was to squirt his cum over Reese's hairy leg!

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  • Spanked Red


    I can't remember the hankie code color for spanking (and folks aren't as much into the gay semiotics of hankie codes, key chains, and red ties anymore). So to indicate you're a spanking bottom, I would suggest walking around bent over with a guy spanking your bare ass. That should send a signal, however subtle, that you're a spank pig.

    What did you do wrong to deserve a spanking? It's more so what did you do right! Such as admit you want it then go out and get it. Sure, maybe some role play can be involved, like that you were late on the rent so your landlord spanked you, or you were late on your homework so your professor spanked you, or you were late on being spanked, so some guy spanked you. That's about it.

    Well, really, you don't even need role playing. You can just be yourself and dig the feeling, whether it's thuddy spanking or sharper spanking or a spank followed by a massage followed by a spank followed by a jack followed by a fuck followed by a tofu sandwich. And a tofu sandwich is not a sex move. It's literally a tofu sandwich. You might be hungry after. Spanking and getting spanked takes a lot of energy and builds it up too. The endorphin rush (if built up right) can be astounding. That's why it's important for the top to make sure not to injure you because you might not be able to feel pain the same in that heightened state. No spanking the coccyx! Tee hee, I said coccyx.

    Spanking can also be fun over clothes. And it can be gentle or hard. Technically, it can involve implements but there's just something to be said for a bare hand on your bare ass. Maybe a gloved hand if you want it rougher.

    As kinks go, you'll likely be able to find a spanking buddy, or ten, if you put it out there. And if you want to spank folks, put in some time as the bottom too. That will make you a better top. And guess this post makes me a fetish cheerleader. Go team!

    Now what are you and your buddy going to pick for a safe word? How about ouch? No that would be too confusing because you might need to say ouch but not have the guy stop. So just go with the basic: rutabaga. Nobody ever has any reason to say the word rutabaga besides to get someone to slow down or stop spanking them. Everyone knows that. Especially the Rutabaga Council of America. Bunch of anti-spanking creeps.

    Now watch a footballer get spanked and fucked. It's what the internet is for, unless that exact thing is going on outside your window right now. In which case, join in!

  • Holes Are Awesome

    pierced naked men

    Like OMG, you should totally go to the mall and get something pierced. There's that dick piercing parlor named The Shiny Cock right next to Pies Pies Pies (which sells pies). Then there's a nip piercing parlor called Big Sam's Nipple Goodies Emporium. Big Sam, what a great gal! And there's a kinda sleazy place that will pierce absolutely anything. Every fifth piercing, the piercer guy ejaculates on you. That place is called Macy's.

    If it can be pierced, someone's done it. Lots of metal in the pics above, but of course there are so many options for shapes and materials, depending on what you're getting pierced. Glass plugs for earrings. Wood, amber, different colored metals, silicone, discarded giraffe tonsils, whatever.

    So here's the thing. Piercings are jewelry, but they can be functional jewelry. Gagging, tugging, calling attention to where and what you want, asserting preferences. Piercing is communication.

    Are you pierced anywhere? Do you dig it on a guy? I actually think less guys are getting pierced ears even. In my non-scientific study, it seems it's been a majorly long time since a single earring (or pair) were a way to flag sexual identity. Less guys with pink/blue/green/orange hair too. Or I'm not going where they are.

    Damien Wolfe has a sweet eyebrow piercing. Those are an emo twink porn thing now. He paid for it himself out of his velcro wallet.

    My favorite? A businessman in a perfectly fitting suit, tight dress shirt, and punky earrings like black plugs or stainless steel eyelets. Makes you wonder about his proclivities. Besides his obvious proclivity toward capitalism.

  • "Please Let Me Cum ... Please!"

    "Please Let Me Cum ... Please!"

    I think Men on Edge is a good place for a newcomer to have his first BDSM experience. Abel Archer is a bearded bi guy who had never done a bondage before. And while these Men on Edge sessions can get pretty intense with flogging and forced hole play, I think getting edged to point of busting your nuts isn't a bad experience. Except Van Darkholme and Sebastian Keys always have a trick or two up their sleeves.

    Archer is a sexy guy. I like his slender body, which is moderately furry, but I can't take my eyes off his dark, hairy armpits. Archer starts off bound and watches as Sebastian sucks his dick and teases his sensitive tip with his fingers. Then they blindfold him and get him to the edge of cumming.

    They bend him over and fuck his ass with a dildo until long, sticky threads of jizz ooze out of his cock and slide to the floor. They know he's getting close again and stop. By the end of the session, Archer is pleading, "Please, let me cum ... please." The first arc of spunk flies out of Archer's dick, then another and another, until his belly is covered in spunk. Now he's begging Sebastian to stop jacking his sensitive cock. So Van Darkholme tickles Archer's bare feet instead and ruins that post cumshot euphoria he was hoping to settle into.

    So how about you? Does this look like something you'd like to try out? Or is it a no way?

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  • Girls Bully Cute Boy In School Lockerroom

    Girls Bully Cute Boy In School Lockerroom

    Sam is trapped naked in the locker room by bitchy CFNM school bullies Chloe and Lisa. He knows they have an agenda, being the snide conniving bitches they are in class. Sam is petrified of what will happen, being naked and exposed.

    The girls take full control of the situation, holding their hand over his mouth and stroking his big cock, which brings about a hugely embarrassing erection. He leaks his cum out into the hand of one of the girls.

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  • 100% Pure Smooth Cock Love

    shaved cocks

    I love house/dance music superstar Crystal Waters and her megahit 100% Pure Smooth Cock Love. "Back to the middle and around again. I'm gonna be there 'til the end. 100& pure smoooth cock love..." Disclaimer: I may have added the "smooth cock" part. But are you ever going to be offended by someone adding smooth cock? Uh, yes, some of you are. And you have the Scruff profiles to prove it in all their "ungroomed pubes only" or "natural pubes only" or "no shaved cocks" glory.

    So I get it. Smooth cocks aren't everyone's cup of balls. Or cup of tea. Or cup of tea balls. Though tea balls are awesome for making loose tea. And loose balls are awesome in your mouth.

    The way I see it, smooth cock and balls mean more cock and balls to love (more visual and skin-to-skin access). And the bonus of no nose tickling. Of course, pubes have an evolutionary purpose. But so do trimmers and razors and yes, manzilians. I think razors evolved from dinosaurs or something. Being freshly shaved makes the skin come alive. And lets a guy go all the way to the base without having to floss after.

    This really shouldn't be a controversial topic, but I think it is for some people because of the association of gender and body hair. And if you haven't noticed, masculine (or at least acting masculine) appears to be very in right now. Just remember lots of masculine body builders and swimmers and probably even constructions workers are smooth there. And so are lots of feminine body builders and swimmers and construction workers. Ha! Really it's all about aesthetic and tactile preferences, and one hopes the preferences of the two (or more) folks match up.

    And by matching up, that could mean a couple where one is smooth and the other hairy if each is into the other. And some folks are pube neutral. So if someone expresses a preference they'll do it, but maybe stop shy of shaving and instead go with a really close trim. Just be careful down there, fellas!

    Where do you stand in the smooth vs. hairy cock battles? Maybe right in the middle with smooth and hairy cocks all around you? Now that sounds like an epically fun battle.

    P.S. Get some deets on manscaping if you want 'em. Maybe there's some guys out there who are totally into smooth guys and you can lure them in. With your smooth personality. And junk.

  • James Franco In BDSM Documentary "Kink": Watch Trailer

    James Franco in Kink documentary

    BDSM porn site Kink.com's filmakers take part in a new documentary giving audiences a behind-the-scenes look at the world of fetish and the BDSM empire, presented by James Franco.

    Kink.com is the largest producer of BDSM and fetish content on the internet and encompasses sites such as Bound Gods, Men In Pain, Naked Kombat, and Bound In Public. The purpose of the documentary is to demonstrate that BDSM can be an entirely safe, sane and consensual act, and it sure looks fun!

  • Why Does that Dildo in my Ass Keep Getting Bigger?

    Why Does that Dildo in my Ass Keep Getting Bigger?

    Have you ever had a cock up your ass and wished there were more? In this scene from Enlist Your Fist, Sean Duran shows Armond Rizzo how good an inflatable dildo feels. I've played with these and they're a lot of fun. Each pump of the bulb sends more air into the inflatable cock shoved it your ass, and it feels so good. I like these things a whole lot better than your regular big-as-your-fist dildos.

    In this Club Inferno video, private Armond Rizzo is alone in his tent and he's horny, so he grabs a butt plug and starts having some fun. Sean Duran hears Armond's moaning and takes a peek inside the tent. He sneaks in and pulls out his stiff dick and watches. Then he scares Armond when he touches the soldier's ass. But when Armond sees Sean stroking his dick, he assumes the position back on all fours and lets his new fuck buddy play with his ass.

    And that's where the inflatable dildo comes in and Rizzo loves it. I was dying for Duran to shove his big dick in Rizzo's ass, but it's not that kind of scene. Duran continues shoving various toys up Armond's hole until both guys are ready to spunk and they let it fly.

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  • Fweeeeeeeeeh

    gaping male assholes

    Fweeeeeeeeeh is the onomatopoeia for the asshole gape. Or in Latin, assholius gapius. To make the sound, either gape your actual asshole or say "fweeeeeeeeeh" out loud while inhaling. Since "throw shade" and "side boob" just made the Oxford English Dictionary, can one of the numerous sounds of the sphincter be far behind?

    Which make me think, Sounds of the Sphincter is a great name for an ambient music album. Not of as much historical value as Sounds of the Sphinx but the asshole gape is equally ancient, and dare I say it, classic.

    So if an asshole gaped in the woods and nobody was there to fuck it, would it still gape? And what's the sound of one asshole gaping? And is it appropriate to try to toss acorns into a gaped hole? If, as indicated by the classic book A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, why can't a tree grow in an asshole?

    Curious? Just don't attempt the instagape. It's tempting but more mythical than anything. Ease into the gape, because once you're there (or he's there), he can gape all night long, or at least until his annoying roommate gets home.

    And if you unveil your gape and for some reason that special guy finds it shocking and déclassé and breaks up with you because he just can't stomach going to J. Crew with you anymore, remember these words: "Tis better to have gaped and lost than never to have gaped at all." Alfred Lord Tennyson like totally said that.

    Or maybe it was Tim Kruger. I can't remember. My asshole is super wide right now and it's kind of distracting.

  • Working 9 by 5

    office men

    These are, perhaps, more glamorized images of workplace sex. But it seems the workers at Pizza Hut and Olive Garden tend not to be shutterbugs. Plus not too many desks for them to fuck upon. Mainly just tables. And patrons tend to complain when there's a dick in their soup.

    Office sex is more about being behind closed doors, unless you have a home office, then hell, invite the hunky neighbor to join in. And the mailman. And the Amazon Fresh driver. He'll have plenty of time to deliver all that overpriced food after.

    Have you ever had sex at your workplace? And I'm not talking jacking out a load in the toi-toi. But I will give you office sex credit if you squirt solo into a potted plant, say when you're the last one there one night and you feel it would be wrong to browse porn at work but you feel it would be oh so right to drop a load on a fern.

    With folks spending so much of their time at work, it can be a reasonable place to make new anal/oral friends, though one has to tread carefully or run afoul of workplace legalities. Probably don't fuck around with your boss or underling. Though that power dynamic is kind of the whole point. Oh well, do whatever you want, including role playing the whole thing at home instead.

    But if your hot boss invites you to play racquetball or whatever would bring you to a gym together, take him up on it. And make sure to get a locker right by his. Keep up the conversation while sneaking looks at as much nudity as he gives you. And make sure to have a full erection the whole time. And drip too. He'll be flattered. But whatever you do, let him win at racquetball, otherwise he'll fire you the next day. Or maybe he'll fire you for the erection. Or maybe he'll give you a promotion for the erection. Sex at work is risk no matter what. And that's kind of the point.

    Or just skip all that drama and get an intern. Or be one. Pro tip: swallow!