• What's a Thief Doing with a Knapsack Full of Dildos?

    What's a Thief Doing with a Knapsack Full of Dildos?

    It used to be that fisting and huge dildo scenes came at the end of a porn star's career -- when a performer started taking giant things up his butt, retirement was just around the corner. But Brian Bonds established himself as an extreme ass pig long before Falcon Studio Group finally around to signing him to an exclusive contract. And in their new release called "Guard Patrol," Raging Stallion gets Mitch Vaughn to show us just how much Bonds can take up his ass.

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  • Connor Maguire: "I Am the Law."

    Connor Maguire: "I Am the Law."

    Officer Abel Archer is doing his rounds in the police station's lock-up when he comes across a fellow cop having some bum fun with one of the inmates. Office Maguire has this blond skank pushed against the fence and he's drilling his ass. Archer intervenes and the inmate makes his getaway. Archer pushes Maguire against the wall and attempts to cuff this dirty cop. "It's disgusting, it's wrong, and you're breaking the law," Archer says. Ah, it's the old good-cop-bad-cop routine. But this is Bound Gods and good never triumphs over bad, or not for long anyway.

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  • Kayden Gray: "I've Never Done This Before."

    Kayden Gray: "I've Never Done This Before."

    I had to wash my sneakers last week. I had gotten lazy and in the habit of slipping them onto my bare feet to do my morning coffee run. Mistake. Bare feet make your sneakers stink. Now, some foot pigs might find the smell enticing, but I can't imagine snorting on my stinky sneakers and getting a hard-on. But I do love men's feet, in fact, all the other bloggers here seem to shun them, so I guess I'm GayDemon's unofficial foot guy.

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  • Cristo and Arno Have Some Seriously Hot Piss Sex

    Cristo and Arno Have Some Seriously Hot Piss Sex

    Cristo and Arno have met up in a Berlin hotel for a sex session together, and it is all captured on film by the Wurst Film Club crew. Arno shows off his amazing butt by doing a little butt dance and strip-tease on a couch. Cristo is majorly turned on by it and moves in to get a feel and taste of what is hidden beneath those tight shorts.

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  • Noisy Top and Greedy Bottom

    Noisy Top and Greedy Bottom

    If you follow me, you know that I'm not a huge fan of noisy bottoms. I don't mind a guy enjoying a good dicking, and there's certainly a time to yell your head off -- is that Rocco Steele stuffing my hole? -- but I don't enjoy guys who are making a lot of noise just for the sake of it, you know, to put on a show. In Club Inferno's "Greedy Hole" Alessandro Del Toro hollers his head off, but the funny thing is that he's the top.

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  • Paddle Whacks and Cock Sucking

    Paddle Whacks and Cock Sucking

    Straight Fraternity get together straight guys for, often-times, their first ever forays into the world of gay sex. Today the flamboyantly gay-acting (but actually straight) go-go dancer Enrique is put together with the 20yo Liam. Liam is also straight, and after trading some paddle whacks with Enrique, he gets to suck an uncut cock for the very first time!

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  • Creepy Handyman Works Over His Boss

    Creepy Handyman Works Over His Boss

    It seems that the creepy handyman has been a little too enthusiastic with his nasty play sessions. People have been complaining about weird noises coming from the basement, so the boss, Mr. Smith, is here to investigate. He finds the janitor, Adam Herst, doing some repair work in the toilets and talks about what he's heard -- now he wants a tour of the basement.

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  • Pissing and Jerking

    Pissing and Jerking

    You can't tell by these pictures from Eddy's scene from Piss Twinks, but the boy's got a big dick. He's made a couple of videos over there. I just watched one where he did a handstand on his bed -- he was naked except for his wife beater -- and he pissed down on his shirt and soaked it. Then he sits back and strokes his bone and shows us how big it get -- he's definitely a grower.

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  • "Yeah, Suck that Big Toe."

    "Yeah, Suck that Big Toe."

    I like men's feet, but I have to admit that I don't understand the attraction. What happened way back in my formative years that turned me into a kinky foot guy. I have no idea. I'm not even aware of when I first noticed that a man's bare foot got me charged up, unlike foreskin, which I can trace back to my 16-year-old self sucking my first uncut cock, which was attached to a man named Cory.

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  • Master Wayne Degrades His Pathetic Naked Sub

    Master Wayne Degrades His Pathetic Naked Sub

    Master Wayne returns to Brutal Tops this week, suitably Suited and Booted, to find a pathetic sub named elliott naked, snivelling and quivering on his knees on the floor, waiting for his new Master to dominate and abuse him - to treat him like shit - just like he deserves!

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