• Sporty Josh Violated & Abused

    Sporty Josh Violated & Abused

    Straight lad Josh is wearing tight white sports gear. His bulge is so obvious that tormentative Breeder Fuckers tops Adrian and David can't help but taunt and tease him. His arms are bound behind his back so that they can freely grope and antagonise him. He's gagged with a ball gag, and lay with his stomach flat on a table top, the vicious tops vigorously abuse his previously untouched arsehole turning him into a pathetic anal bitch.

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  • Chav Lads Sneaker Worship

    Chav Lads Sneaker Worship

    Andy Chou has a big bulge in his tracksuit trousers. He's cruising outdoors and finds Juan Perez parked up looking for a fuck at French Lads. Andy worships the hung lad's trainers, which then comes off and he sniffs and sucks on his sweaty socks. Now outside the car, Andy gets bent over the bonnet and fucked in his arse while sniffing the stench from Juan's filthy sneaks.

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  • Spank This: Greco Spanked By Boss

    Spank This: Greco Spanked By Boss

    Newcomer to Spank This / Helix Studios, Greco Rai, makes a typing error and sends off his article to the printers before his mistake can be rectified. Hot-tempered boss, Blake Mitchell is angered by his new employee's sloppy work and has just the kind of punishment in mind. Bent over his boss's desk, Greco gets his ass spanked through his underwear. Blake pulls them up to show his tiny bubble-butt and continues to tan his rear. Greco then gets his underwear pulled down completely. His ass is so smooth and red.

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  • Toe Sucking Guys: Furby and Tobi

    Toe Sucking Guys: Furby and Tobi

    Tobi and Furby are feeling horny and they begin their Toe Sucking Guys with some smooching. The twinks both have a thing for feet. Tobi kisses all down Furby's legs and his lips head to his socked feet. Off come Furby's socks and his cute boy feet get sucked and played with sensually.

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  • Brutal Tops: Black Master Joseph

    Brutal Tops: Black Master Joseph

    This week at Brutal Tops there's a new master arriving to humiliate the pathetic sub bitch, Elliot. Master Joseph has a riding crop in hand and has almost psycho tendencies towards his naked slave boy. Master Joseph orders Elliot to lick his trainers before he takes them off and gets his sweaty feet worshiped with Elliots tongue. The hung black master then throat-fucks Elliot with a dildo - pumping his throat viciously. Excited by his own capabilities, Master Joseph flops out his big black dick and pisses in Elliot's mouth, ordering him to swallow. The sadistic pleasure urges him to face fuck Elliot. There's more harsh punishment to come!

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  • Jamie Gets Wanked at CMNM

    Jamie Gets Wanked at CMNM

    Model Jamie has a hard well-trained body but he needs a special kind of convincing at CMNM to allow these suited men to enjoy intimate contact with his masculine physique. They tie his hands and pin him down to fondle his cock. One of the men presses his lips against his as he's being groped. Jamie is unable to do anything about his growing cock and with enough stimulation he blows his load; sperm dipping down onto the office floor. Humiliated about his treatment, Jamie makes a run for it.

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  • Next Door Twink: Doctor's Double Dose

    Next Door Twink: Doctor's Double Dose

    Kevin Summers seeks help about his increasingly looser sphincter. He's been taking lots of cock and approaches Dr Jaxton Wheeler for professional help. Dr Wheeler is the most revered proctologist around and he specializes in examining, diagnosing, and treating twink holes. His assistant, Johnny Torque is on side to assist the examination, which begins with Kevin on all fours with his shorts and underwear pulled down to his knees on the examination table. Nurse Torque is very well equipped to deal with Kevin's type of problem and Dr Wheeler prescribes a pounding for 'hungry asshole syndrome', a very common condition in bottom boys. Watch the trailer at Next Door Twink...

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  • Dorm Room Spank

    Dorm Room Spank

    Elijah West has borrowed Max Carter's clothes and makes the terrible mistake of returning them without dry cleaning them first. Max is bemused and has to punish Elijah so he pulls down his pants and spanks his pert bottom in underwear. Once he's sure it'll have a nice tan, he peeks underneath those light blue briefs. They come off and Max continues to spank cute stud Elijah over his knee, but it seems Elijah kinda likes his treatment at Helix Studios' Spank This.

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  • PC Roger Displayed, Paddled & Groped

    PC Roger Displayed, Paddled & Groped

    Let's explore the phenomenon of CFNM - clothed female naked male - the humiliating exposure of a male in front of a fully clothed woman. It's PC Roger's turn at Adventures in CFNM. This wasn't quite what he had in mind when he was seduced by 'fun with Lucinda'. She wants his body but not in the way he had presumed. His hands are securely bound above his head, he's entirely naked and can do nothing as she takes a paddle and tans his masculine butt cheeks.

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  • Osiris Blade Takes Theo Ford in 'Submissive'

    Osiris Blade Takes Theo Ford in 'Submissive'

    Theo Ford adores getting his thick dick serviced and Osiris blade is one of the hungriest cock-suckers there is. A Hot House match made in heaven perhaps? From the get go Theo Ford is rock solid and Osiris is all over it like a... well, on it like a magnet. Osiris worships Theo's masterful tool and takes a good face slapping from the meaty slab. Theo lubes Osiris' hole with spit and slides his pole up to fuck him doggy style.

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