• "Yeah, Suck that Big Toe."

    "Yeah, Suck that Big Toe."

    I like men's feet, but I have to admit that I don't understand the attraction. What happened way back in my formative years that turned me into a kinky foot guy. I have no idea. I'm not even aware of when I first noticed that a man's bare foot got me charged up, unlike foreskin, which I can trace back to my 16-year-old self sucking my first uncut cock, which was attached to a man named Cory.

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  • Master Wayne Degrades His Pathetic Naked Sub

    Master Wayne Degrades His Pathetic Naked Sub

    Master Wayne returns to Brutal Tops this week, suitably Suited and Booted, to find a pathetic sub named elliott naked, snivelling and quivering on his knees on the floor, waiting for his new Master to dominate and abuse him - to treat him like shit - just like he deserves!

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  • Kinky Ben Plays with his Bare Feet and 8 Inches

    Kinky Ben Plays with his Bare Feet and 8 Inches

    I sure hope that Ben Taylor takes his porn money and buys himself a new pair of socks. But maybe you like guys wearing dirty, smelly socks, and holey ones at that. Ben Taylor doesn't really mind giving you what you want. In his Foot Woody video, he takes his time rubbing his sweaty socked feet together, teasing us before he finally pulls them off.

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  • What's a Little Pee Between Buds?

    What's a Little Pee Between Buds?

    Would you let a man piss on you? Have you? If you're waffling, how about a man with a 10-inch cock? You desperate want to suck it, but the only way he's letting you near it is if he can pee on you, how about it? Nigel Banks is kneeling in this over-sized shower and Lucas Entertainment and his mega-hung playmate is streaming pee all over his chest. Then Nigel opens his mouth and gulps back some golden juice and stands to give this daddy a piss kiss. So how about it? Come inside and see who is swapping piss with Nigel.

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  • Do Not Try This at Home

    Do Not Try This at Home

    What did we shove up our butts before the iPhone came along? And now that the new "Bigger than Bigger" iPhone 6 is out, there's even more bum fun to be had as these dirty boys demonstrate in this Wurst Film Club video. I'm not sure, but I think sticking an iPhone up your butt nullifies the warranty, even with a condom. It might also get you a trip to the emergency ward where you'll try to explain to the doctor why your butt hole is ringing.

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  • "It's a Good Thing I Wore My Hip Waders to this Warehouse."

    "It's a Good Thing I Wore My Hip Waders to this Warehouse."

    I don't know where these skanky pigs live, but when this Cazzo Club scene opens, Carioca is showering in a dilapidated building, an abandoned warehouse off some kind. And this ripped hunk is rinsing off under a hole in the roof where water pours through. Wearing hip waders, Josh Rubens is standing knee deep in a large trough of dirty water. He watches the water from the make-shift shower dripping off Carioca's heavy-hanging cock, then when the hunk gives Josh an approving nod, he sloshes his way towards him.

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  • Breeder Fuckers: Straight Backpacker Force Fucked

    Breeder Fuckers: Straight Backpacker Force Fucked

    Ladies man Wayne is backpacking. He approaches a stranger to ask for directions. The shady character is Breeder Fuckers' Dave, who leads the straight guy down into his basement. Everything goes black. He awakes tied to an exam chair, legs spread with his sphincter exposed. Wayne hurls abuse at his captor who silences him with tape, wrapped tightly over his mouth.

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  • "Yeah, I've Got Another One for You"

    "Yeah, I've Got Another One for You"

    A 10-inch dick isn't easy to suck. I can do it, but I prefer to be in control. I'm sure there are many of you out there who have no problem with a man slamming his bone deep in your gullet, I'm not one of them. So seeing this Men on Edge video with Doug Acre bound and at these cocksuckers' mercy is a thrill.

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  • Head Down, Butt Out, Ben Gets His Hole Fingered

    Head Down, Butt Out, Ben Gets His Hole Fingered

    A couple of weeks ago at CMNM young Ben applied to join the military. The recruiting soldiers took him under their wing and started preparing him for what was going to happen to him at basic training. They stripped him naked, played with his big, fat uncut cock and found it got hard really fast!

    Today, in his continuing training, they turn him over and get him to lie down on a table, head down, butt up, and they check out his backside. They sniff at his hole and then finger it slightly - poor Ben - his hole is far too tight to withstand the pounding the recruitment soldiers know he'll be subjected to during initiation week at the barracks - so they decide to help him out and break him in a bit!

    They finger his tight little hole, at first with just a fingertip, gently pushing it in. Naturally Ben's tight sphincter resists, but these soldiers are persistent guys, and gradually his pink opening eases up it's control and allows them in. First one whole finger, then two - and all the while Ben's cock is dribbling pre-cum - this young straight guy seems to enjoy being penetrated!

    Finally, their task is complete - Ben's hole is now totally relaxed, loosened and wide open, ready for the action to come - and Ben can even make it wink on command!

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  • Creepy Handyman Jumps Micky in the Locker Room

    Creepy Handyman Jumps Micky in the Locker Room

    The Creepy Handyman is one of my favourite series over at Bound Gods. And over the years there have been a number of different pervy janitors and handymen, Trenton Ducati was the latest and I got so revved up watching him overpower men then have his way with them. But it looks like there's a new Creepy Handyman -- Adam Herst has just filmed his first scene. He's hardly a newcomer to Bound Gods, he's filmed 19 scenes for them now.

    This one starts out easy with hung Micky Mackenzie playing with his cock in the showers. The handyman jumps the lad while he's dressing at his locker. Micky finds himself roped to the bench and Herst nurse on the boy's cock. Micky struggles to break free, but the ropes are too tight. Still, he squirms and protests while this perv sucks his dick.

    The janitor snaps a riding crop on Micky's pecs, then stands Micky up and suspends his hands over his head for a good flogging. Screaming "you're crazy" at a man beating you probably isn't a good idea, in Micky's case it just makes Herst all the more angry. He swirls around Mickey and viciously whacks his naked body with the flogger. Then tied to the bed, Micky feels what it's like to have a big cock up his ass. My favourite sequence? Herst grabbing a fistul of those curls to hold Mickey's head still while he cums all over the lad's face.

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