• James Franco In BDSM Documentary "Kink": Watch Trailer

    James Franco in Kink documentary

    BDSM porn site Kink.com's filmakers take part in a new documentary giving audiences a behind-the-scenes look at the world of fetish and the BDSM empire, presented by James Franco.

    Kink.com is the largest producer of BDSM and fetish content on the internet and encompasses sites such as Bound Gods, Men In Pain, Naked Kombat, and Bound In Public. The purpose of the documentary is to demonstrate that BDSM can be an entirely safe, sane and consensual act, and it sure looks fun!

  • Why Does that Dildo in my Ass Keep Getting Bigger?

    Why Does that Dildo in my Ass Keep Getting Bigger?

    Have you ever had a cock up your ass and wished there were more? In this scene from Enlist Your Fist, Sean Duran shows Armond Rizzo how good an inflatable dildo feels. I've played with these and they're a lot of fun. Each pump of the bulb sends more air into the inflatable cock shoved it your ass, and it feels so good. I like these things a whole lot better than your regular big-as-your-fist dildos.

    In this Club Inferno video, private Armond Rizzo is alone in his tent and he's horny, so he grabs a butt plug and starts having some fun. Sean Duran hears Armond's moaning and takes a peek inside the tent. He sneaks in and pulls out his stiff dick and watches. Then he scares Armond when he touches the soldier's ass. But when Armond sees Sean stroking his dick, he assumes the position back on all fours and lets his new fuck buddy play with his ass.

    And that's where the inflatable dildo comes in and Rizzo loves it. I was dying for Duran to shove his big dick in Rizzo's ass, but it's not that kind of scene. Duran continues shoving various toys up Armond's hole until both guys are ready to spunk and they let it fly.

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  • Fweeeeeeeeeh

    gaping male assholes

    Fweeeeeeeeeh is the onomatopoeia for the asshole gape. Or in Latin, assholius gapius. To make the sound, either gape your actual asshole or say "fweeeeeeeeeh" out loud while inhaling. Since "throw shade" and "side boob" just made the Oxford English Dictionary, can one of the numerous sounds of the sphincter be far behind?

    Which make me think, Sounds of the Sphincter is a great name for an ambient music album. Not of as much historical value as Sounds of the Sphinx but the asshole gape is equally ancient, and dare I say it, classic.

    So if an asshole gaped in the woods and nobody was there to fuck it, would it still gape? And what's the sound of one asshole gaping? And is it appropriate to try to toss acorns into a gaped hole? If, as indicated by the classic book A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, why can't a tree grow in an asshole?

    Curious? Just don't attempt the instagape. It's tempting but more mythical than anything. Ease into the gape, because once you're there (or he's there), he can gape all night long, or at least until his annoying roommate gets home.

    And if you unveil your gape and for some reason that special guy finds it shocking and déclassé and breaks up with you because he just can't stomach going to J. Crew with you anymore, remember these words: "Tis better to have gaped and lost than never to have gaped at all." Alfred Lord Tennyson like totally said that.

    Or maybe it was Tim Kruger. I can't remember. My asshole is super wide right now and it's kind of distracting.

  • Working 9 by 5

    office men

    These are, perhaps, more glamorized images of workplace sex. But it seems the workers at Pizza Hut and Olive Garden tend not to be shutterbugs. Plus not too many desks for them to fuck upon. Mainly just tables. And patrons tend to complain when there's a dick in their soup.

    Office sex is more about being behind closed doors, unless you have a home office, then hell, invite the hunky neighbor to join in. And the mailman. And the Amazon Fresh driver. He'll have plenty of time to deliver all that overpriced food after.

    Have you ever had sex at your workplace? And I'm not talking jacking out a load in the toi-toi. But I will give you office sex credit if you squirt solo into a potted plant, say when you're the last one there one night and you feel it would be wrong to browse porn at work but you feel it would be oh so right to drop a load on a fern.

    With folks spending so much of their time at work, it can be a reasonable place to make new anal/oral friends, though one has to tread carefully or run afoul of workplace legalities. Probably don't fuck around with your boss or underling. Though that power dynamic is kind of the whole point. Oh well, do whatever you want, including role playing the whole thing at home instead.

    But if your hot boss invites you to play racquetball or whatever would bring you to a gym together, take him up on it. And make sure to get a locker right by his. Keep up the conversation while sneaking looks at as much nudity as he gives you. And make sure to have a full erection the whole time. And drip too. He'll be flattered. But whatever you do, let him win at racquetball, otherwise he'll fire you the next day. Or maybe he'll fire you for the erection. Or maybe he'll give you a promotion for the erection. Sex at work is risk no matter what. And that's kind of the point.

    Or just skip all that drama and get an intern. Or be one. Pro tip: swallow!

  • Boots are the World's Most Convenient Fetish

    men in boots

    If you get hard for boot-clad dudes, you're in major luck because boots are everywhere. Hell, go to the mall and watch guys try them on. Or get your binoculars going on that temptingly obscene construction site (fetishes are always better with binoculars). Or just look down when you're walking along the street. No worries about being caught as you're not making eye contact.

    Special cues are when a guy's rocking boots with shorts, or guy's pants are tucked into the boots, or (jackpot) he's wearing boots and no pants.

    And it's not only about leather boots. Rubber boots are strong fetish contenders too, and easy on the tongue if you're licking them. Which is of course morally wrong to do, because boots are to be worn not to be sexually admired. Yes, it's completely wrong to masturbate while worshiping a guy and his boots.

    So ultimately, they are the perfect combination of form and function. Or if you're just into the look of them, then play construction worker with your fella. Even though he's not an actual construction worker! I won't tell anyone. Though his well-manicured nails may give him away.

    Boots have a bonus purpose too. They're perfect for protests, whatever the cause. Things can get a bit hectic when you're on the front lines of social justice issues. So a pair of sturdy boots (preferably ones you can run in if necessary), are a great accessory. And if your social justice issue is legalizing public nudity in San Francisco, nobody will get mad at you if you wear boots to complement your nudity. Nudists don't just have to wear sneakers anymore.

    Okay, I guess sneakers are technically a more convenient fetish than boots, just because they're more common. Hopefully you're into both boots and sneakers. And (because you'll lose control of yourself from all that stimuli), it'd be good if you also have a fetish for spontaneously ejaculating in public, while in light-colored pants. And no underwear. While those boot wearing constructions workers laugh and point. Because that's going to happen.

    Scandal Alert: certain muscle men fuck with their boots on.

  • Jockstrapped


    Jockstraps: On-ramps to the Hershey Highway.

    Yeah, they're practical too but their practical nature is not what good-natured jockstrap fetishists perv out on. Ooooh, testicle support! Aaaaah, penis protection! Nope, it's because they feel pervy to wear and look even pervier.

    And there are so many kinds. Harder cup ones for baseballers. Swimmer jockstraps. Moody male singer-songwriter skinny jean jockstraps (ok, not really). Even ballet dudes wear dance jocks though (like really high-waisted nude thongs). Balls are a contact sport and they need to be held. If not by you, then by a jockstrap. And then by you when you take the guy's jockstrap off. Or by your mouth if you leave the jockstrap on him and suck his balls through that fabric. My upstairs neighbors are doing that right now. I just know it.

    Do you have a jockstrap in your dresser? Yes or no, go to the highest end department store you can find immediately. Then go to its restroom closest to its underwear department. Pull your pants and underwear down and sit in a stall but keep the stall door open. Hang your premade JOCKSTRAP SLUT sign around your neck and wait for magic to happen. Because jockstraps are fucking magic.

  • Do You Think You Can Handle It?

    Do You Think You Can Handle It?

    The great thing about hanging your slave from the rafters is that you can twirl him around and around. A bit like a BDSM lazy Susan. Adam Ramzi had his first bound cock edging session over at Men on Edge a couple of weeks ago, and he's back in Bound Gods' dungeon requesting his first training session from Mr. Christian Wilde.

    When the scene opens, the men are standing face to face and nuzzling. "So you're ready for you first training session?" Wilde asks. "Do you think you can handle it?" Ramzi says that he can. Then gentle time is over and Wilde ties his slave to the wall. Nipple pulling, flogging, and cock and ball yanking, Wilde dives right in and shows Ramzi how things go in this dungeon.

    Then suspended from the ceiling in a rope harness, Ramzi gets flogged some more. And when Wilde wants to change directions, he grabs Adam's foot like a rudder and steers him around. He lowers the harness and force feeds his stiff cock into Ramzi's mouth and makes him choke. Wilde fucks his sub in the rope sling as well, but lying on his back and tied to the bed is how Ramzi will ultimately serve his master's dick and make him unload his nuts.

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  • Big Balls Peep Show

    big balls

    A big balls peep show is totally what I want. Put your quarter in the slot. Curtain goes up. And. It's. Balls.

    They do so much. Push out the dick to make a true bulge. Hang down a tight jean leg oh so obviously. Stretch and flex and bounce and tease and look so good. Balls should not be ignored.

    Ever seen a guy showering at the gym and see his balls even in rear view. His legs spread just right and that beautiful pair hanging. Or ever suck a guy's balls while he presses his cock against your face? Yeah, that's a thing.

    Plus big balls can mean a dick spews big. Not all that ejaculate comes from the balls of course. I took pornographic male anatomy in college. Cowper's gland, y'all! Thank you for the knowledge West Hollywood Community College. Or was it that West Hollywood Community College men's room? My diploma's somewhere though it got kinda messy. Balls can do that.

    And what would a post about balls be without this gem from John Waters' Pecker that brought us an oh-so-special term you may recognize (and hopefully experience)?

  • With This Cock Ring I Thee Wed

    cock rings

    There's still a wider variety of cocks than cock rings, but crafty cock ring manufacturers are catching up! And they're experimenting with various shapes and functions (like the combo cock sheath cock ring).

    Cock rings (and whatever you call all those other shapes) are also available in a wide array of materials, including silicone, leather, pleather, rubber, metal, and, of course, kryptonite. Okay maybe not kryptonite. I mean who would want that? Superman is already hard as steel whenever he wants plus the kryptonite would kill him. Oh wait, Lex Luthor would wear a kryptonite cock ring! So he could keep Superman at bay and masturbate in peace while hatching evil plans to take over Earth (you know, exactly like we all do when we masturbate).

    The basic function is to keep the blood flow in the dick (or in the head in the case of a head ring). And ball straps can keep a nice wrapping pressure there too, intensifying ejaculation. You don't have to go chokingly tight for it to feel good. In fact numbness is not really a good thing for any part of your body. Think how you wrap your own hand around the base of your cock or stretch your own balls out. You like to vary the pressure. So as with any accessory, fit is key.

    All of these are about function and some are also about form. If you're playing solo, the overall look may be less important than how it feels. While if you're showing off at a naked pool party or in the Costco men's room, you'll want something that really screams style, as in "Suck my big stylish dick now!"

    You know what also can make a good cock ring? Rope!

  • Lean Guy Bentley At Straight Fraternity Gloryhole

    Lean Guy Bentley At Straight Fraternity Gloryhole

    I love porn where there's no total nudity, just flop it out and get serviced! There's movement in my pants as I write about this guy, Bentley, at Straight Fraternity's gloryhole. I love a lad like Bentley, he's lean, has floppy hair, a nice big dick and a sense of adventure.

    Bentley hasn't cum in days and he stands before the gloryhole and whips out his semi boner, pushing it through the hole and waits to be pleasured. Straight Fraternity's resident cocksucker gets on his knees and dutifully works on Bentley's manhood with his lips and tongue. Bentley blows his load in his face!

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