• Head Down, Butt Out, Ben Gets His Hole Fingered

    Head Down, Butt Out, Ben Gets His Hole Fingered

    A couple of weeks ago at CMNM young Ben applied to join the military. The recruiting soldiers took him under their wing and started preparing him for what was going to happen to him at basic training. They stripped him naked, played with his big, fat uncut cock and found it got hard really fast!

    Today, in his continuing training, they turn him over and get him to lie down on a table, head down, butt up, and they check out his backside. They sniff at his hole and then finger it slightly - poor Ben - his hole is far too tight to withstand the pounding the recruitment soldiers know he'll be subjected to during initiation week at the barracks - so they decide to help him out and break him in a bit!

    They finger his tight little hole, at first with just a fingertip, gently pushing it in. Naturally Ben's tight sphincter resists, but these soldiers are persistent guys, and gradually his pink opening eases up it's control and allows them in. First one whole finger, then two - and all the while Ben's cock is dribbling pre-cum - this young straight guy seems to enjoy being penetrated!

    Finally, their task is complete - Ben's hole is now totally relaxed, loosened and wide open, ready for the action to come - and Ben can even make it wink on command!

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  • Creepy Handyman Jumps Micky in the Locker Room

    Creepy Handyman Jumps Micky in the Locker Room

    The Creepy Handyman is one of my favourite series over at Bound Gods. And over the years there have been a number of different pervy janitors and handymen, Trenton Ducati was the latest and I got so revved up watching him overpower men then have his way with them. But it looks like there's a new Creepy Handyman -- Adam Herst has just filmed his first scene. He's hardly a newcomer to Bound Gods, he's filmed 19 scenes for them now.

    This one starts out easy with hung Micky Mackenzie playing with his cock in the showers. The handyman jumps the lad while he's dressing at his locker. Micky finds himself roped to the bench and Herst nurse on the boy's cock. Micky struggles to break free, but the ropes are too tight. Still, he squirms and protests while this perv sucks his dick.

    The janitor snaps a riding crop on Micky's pecs, then stands Micky up and suspends his hands over his head for a good flogging. Screaming "you're crazy" at a man beating you probably isn't a good idea, in Micky's case it just makes Herst all the more angry. He swirls around Mickey and viciously whacks his naked body with the flogger. Then tied to the bed, Micky feels what it's like to have a big cock up his ass. My favourite sequence? Herst grabbing a fistul of those curls to hold Mickey's head still while he cums all over the lad's face.

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  • The Boss Gets What's Cumming To Him

    The Boss Gets What's Cumming To Him

    Over at the CMNM office's this week, the boss, Stewart, is one nasty bastard. Not only is he an arsehole to work for, but he's also cheating on his wife with the big-titted girl from Accounting - and to top it off, he also treats the male employees like shit!

    Today we catch up with him marching thru the office corridors barking out orders to the left and right, demanding that all his employee's cow-tow to his every command. But two of the guys in Accounting are good friends with the lass Stewart's been fucking, and she's shared all the intimate details of his extra-marital affair, and the lads decide to have a bit of fun at Stewart's expense!

    So today, when he comes into the Accounting Office, they are ready and waiting for him - armed with video evidence of his sexual indiscretions they set out to teach him a lesson in humility. Before Stewart knows what hit him, the Accounting lads have him in their clutches and they threaten to expose his affair to his wife unless he allows them to do whatever they please. They start to strip him - naturally Stewart protests, but they just ignore him and once his shirt is off, one starts to sniff his armpits. They make him pose and show off his muscular arms, and then they remove his trousers and start sniffing his crotch. Poor Steward's cock has a mind of its own and, amazingly, starts to get hard! The lads keep toying with Stewart's crotch, groping his cock and balls until they finally pull down his underwear and expose his hard uncut cock to full view!

    One of the lads, who are both still fully dressed in suit and tie, strokes the cock of the now totally naked Stewart, pulling the foreskin back and forth over the head of the hard penis; meanwhile his buddy sniffs Stewart's smelly underwear. Then the guys take some photographs of their now naked and humiliated Boss for their growing collection - just to ensure Stewart really learns his lesson and gets what's cumming to him!

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  • "I'm in a Little Bit of a Post-Orgasmic Bliss Right Now."

    "I'm in a Little Bit of a Post-Orgasmic Bliss Right Now."

    In his post-session interview, bearded Nathan Martin looks stoned. He's not high on drugs or booze, his head is swimming in a "post-orgasmic bliss" as he calls it, adding, "It was very good." I believe him. Cock teased and brought to the brink of cumming several times, Nathan's got a lot of those feel-good chemicals coursing through his body.

    I don't know who Nathan Martin is, this is his first appearance on Men on Edge, and I can't really find him anywhere else. But he's a sexy guy with a full beard and decent body, and he's swinging a big dick. He admits to being nervous before his session, but he's raring to go, so they tie him to a concrete pillar with bright red rope.

    Nathan gets the full treatment from Sebastian Keys, although not as wickedly nasty as I've seen, but Nathan's a first-timer. Whether he's bound to the pillar or bed, Nathan is helpless to stop it. All he can do is yell, "I'm gonna cum," which only makes Sebastian stop. But this isn't only about Nathan's big cock, Sebastian tugs on his nuts and pulls on his nipples.

    Nathan is tied to the bed and gets his dick serviced some more before Keys brings out the electric dildo and plunges Nathan's hole until he yells his head off. Finally, Sebastian puts Nathan out of his misery and he's got a special way of bringing this session to an end.

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  • "I'm Here for the Boot Camp Class."

    "I'm Here for the Boot Camp Class."

    I love the Creepy Handyman series at Bound Gods. I look forward to these scenes and Trenton Ducati plays the role perfectly, he's such a nasty prick. Bondage Boot Camp Workout just aired and it features muscle hunk Tatum showing up at the gym looking for the boot camp class. Ducati pretends like he's the instructor, and before Tatum knows it, he's doing push-ups with the help of a cattle prod.

    I found this scene wildly amusing because I actually just started seeing a trainer this week. Seeing Ducati giving this muscle hunk some electrical zaps or slaps as added incentive makes me smile. Perfect timing considering the pain I'm in after three sessions this week. How fast could I run the treadmill with a cattle prod poking my ass? Sure does add an interesting level to a guy's workout. And hey, my trainer is hot, so let's go.

    Ducati ties Tatum to the the bench and makes him do presses, all the while Ducati is stiffening his own cock for Tatum's ass. After a few zaps on the chest and abs, Trenton rams his dick into hunk's ass. They follow up with a cardio workout and chained to the treadmill, Tatum tries running with weights chains to his nuts. And Tatum is bound with rope and strung from the ceiling for some exercises to improve his flexibility.

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  • This Soldier Doesn't Like Sharing his Toys

    This Soldier Doesn't Like Sharing his Toys

    Sometimes all I can do is shake my head and laugh. So here's the set-up in the latest Enlist Your Fist from Club Inferno Dungeon. Sean Duran has already shoved a few dildos up soldier Armond Rizzo's ass in scene two and I guess Rizzo has been blabbing because Rogue Status shows up at Duran's tent looking for a dildo, or a hand, or whatever Duran is in the mood for.

    After some deep dick sucking, Rogue assumes the position fours and Duran works a giant dildo into his hole. All of a sudden Rizzo busts in with his squeaky little voice yelling, "What the fuck is this?" Not only is Rizzo going all Glenn Close because Rogue is playing with his man, but this bottom has Rizzo's favourite dildo buried in his ass. "Take the toy and get the fuck out," Rizzo yaps.

    Rogue Status gets up and leaves. Are you fucking kidding me? Rogue could have swatted Rizzo like a fly. I don't know what kind of power this soldier has over these guys, maybe he's sucking the sergeant's cock. And I was really more interested in see Duran finish off Rogue's furry butt -- we've already seen Duran and Rizzo play -- but Rogue pulls up his pants and scurries off with the greased dildo in hand. Then Rizzo starts giving Duran a heap of grief. And he's got him shaking in his boots! Duran spends the next several minutes making it up to his butt buddy by shoving big dildos up his ass.

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  • Holy Shit! It's the Fuzz!

    Holy Shit! It's the Fuzz!

    Security officer Jimmy Bullet is patrolling the forest because, I guess, someone's been robbing the Forest People, or harassing Bambi or something. Bullet stumbles across Sebastian Keys and Van Darkholme tying some guy tied to a tree like they do from time to time at Men on Edge. Bullet calls in for back-up: "I have a 72369 in progress." I'm pretty sure he's rambling off random numbers because when I google 72369, all I find are weather reports and foreclosed houses for sale in Oneida, Arkansas, zip code 72369.

    Like any good security officer, Bullet doesn't wait for back-up -- I'm pretty sure it'll take them a while to tromp through the forest anyway -- and he rushes in with: "Hey! Stop that perversion! This is the law." Sebastian spots Bullet with his gun aiming right at them. "Holy shit! It's the fuzz! Let's get out of here." He and Darkholme take off leaving their prisoner tied to the tree. (Make sure you watch Van Darkholme, he's not the best runner and almost knocks himself out on another tree.)

    Sebastian and Van hear Officer Bullet bellowing and return to find him hanging from their net trap. Why do people in these predicaments always scream orders at their captors? The boys rip open Bullet's trousers, and while one works his dick, the other gags him with his cock. "Shut the fuck up!" Sebastian grunts. After Bullet settles down, he gets a little break, but seeing Darkholme coming at him with a dildo on a stick, he starts yelling again. Sebastian shuts him up again. This one's going on for a while and I'm betting Bullet's back-up is going to be mighty surprised to find him tied to a tree naked and sporting a cummy cock.

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  • Straight Nerds Spank Butt Cheeks Then Cum

    Straight Nerds Spank Butt Cheeks Then Cum

    This really is a great video from Straight Fraternity. It features two straight nerdy young guys, Tex and Reese, who are both amazingly sexy with their shy, nerdy kind of looks and mannerisms.

    Both guys are return visitors to the site; Tex is the younger of the two and he's got such an innocent look about him, with those glasses and that cute little smile. He's single and has been off chasing the ladies down in Texas lately and talks a bit about that; while Reese is still living with his girlfriend. The guys stand up and strip, Tex is a bit shy and hides his little uncut cock, whereas Reese just lets his big floppy cut dick dangle in full view! The guys have no idea what the cameraman has in store for them today, and both are shocked, and a bit amused, that he wants Reese to paddle Tex's butt until the cheeks glow red! They both laugh about it nervously, then Tex lays himself across Reese's lap and Reese starts paddling his butt, albeit gently. After a few good smacks Tex stands up and his butt is glowing a nice shade of pink and he rub's the warm cheeks with his hands to try and cool them down a bit. Then the cameraman shocks the guys again when he says "Now it's Reese's turn to get spanked!" It is funny to watch as the tables turn - as Tex, unlike Reese, doesn't pull any punches and really smacks Reese's butt cheeks quite hard - in fact Reese can't take many whacks until he jumps up to protect his skinny butt! Now the cameraman gets the guys to stroke their cocks and then tells Tex to blow Reese. It is great to see this straight young nerdy guy going down and sucking cock. He starts off tentatively, with his own cock quite soft, and then seemingly decides he likes it and really gets into the experience, and all the while his own cock gets harder and harder, you can even see bounce up and down with each pulse until it's rock hard! Then Reese reaches the point of no return and Tex watches in awe as he witnesses another guy's cock cumming right in front of him for the first time ... the look on his face is priceless! But that's not the end, the cameraman makes Reese play with Tex's nipples and jiggle his balls while Tex jacks off, and when the time comes for his own cum shot, as Reese couldn't take all his whacks earlier Tex won the prize, which was to squirt his cum over Reese's hairy leg!

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  • "Please Let Me Cum ... Please!"

    "Please Let Me Cum ... Please!"

    I think Men on Edge is a good place for a newcomer to have his first BDSM experience. Abel Archer is a bearded bi guy who had never done a bondage before. And while these Men on Edge sessions can get pretty intense with flogging and forced hole play, I think getting edged to point of busting your nuts isn't a bad experience. Except Van Darkholme and Sebastian Keys always have a trick or two up their sleeves.

    Archer is a sexy guy. I like his slender body, which is moderately furry, but I can't take my eyes off his dark, hairy armpits. Archer starts off bound and watches as Sebastian sucks his dick and teases his sensitive tip with his fingers. Then they blindfold him and get him to the edge of cumming.

    They bend him over and fuck his ass with a dildo until long, sticky threads of jizz ooze out of his cock and slide to the floor. They know he's getting close again and stop. By the end of the session, Archer is pleading, "Please, let me cum ... please." The first arc of spunk flies out of Archer's dick, then another and another, until his belly is covered in spunk. Now he's begging Sebastian to stop jacking his sensitive cock. So Van Darkholme tickles Archer's bare feet instead and ruins that post cumshot euphoria he was hoping to settle into.

    So how about you? Does this look like something you'd like to try out? Or is it a no way?

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  • Girls Bully Cute Boy In School Lockerroom

    Girls Bully Cute Boy In School Lockerroom

    Sam is trapped naked in the locker room by bitchy CFNM school bullies Chloe and Lisa. He knows they have an agenda, being the snide conniving bitches they are in class. Sam is petrified of what will happen, being naked and exposed.

    The girls take full control of the situation, holding their hand over his mouth and stroking his big cock, which brings about a hugely embarrassing erection. He leaks his cum out into the hand of one of the girls.

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