• Birthday Gang-Bang

    A few years ago when I was still married my ex-wife Barbara and I decided to add a little spice to our already hot sex life. We'd been swingers now for about a year. In that year we hadn't done much other than full swap. Barbara had been wanting to have an mfm three some for some time now. I knew her birthday was coming up, so I decided to search and find a guy that would fit the description of what she wanted.

  • Byron Bay Foursome

    Alex (I've written about his first gay experience) was dumped by his girlfriend so we went on a bit of a surfing/sex road trip up to Byron Bay. We ended up hooking up with 2 English guys who were on holidays and the four of us had some speedo fun.

  • Cream Filling Sandwich

    He welcomed me and told me to strip down, so I did. He was laying back on the bed stroking his fabulous cock. I climbed on to the bed and started to suck him when I heard someone come in behind me. It was a short, well dressed white guy who was a bit older. He was hot I thought. I kept sucking and he wasted no time stripping down. What a way to start the morning I thought as I looked at the white guys 8" cock and slurped on the black guys 9.5" thick cock.

  • Fivesome

    Kip arranged an amazing fivesome for me a couple of days after arriving in Breckenridge. One of my most amazing sexual experiences and I'm happy to share it with you guys.

  • I lost a bet but gained a new outlook

    I lost a bet and had to get naked and be fucked in front of a group of my best friends.

  • Night Pump

    He had enjoyed fucking the load out of my hole. I smiled and we both laughed.

  • Riding the stable boy

    Hispanics use white boy for their sexual satisfaction.

  • Speedo Gangbang Fantasy

    I always fantasied about being gang fucked by the group of guys wearing nothing but speedos, and that fantasy recently came true when I was invited to this party by a guy I met online

  • Topped Again, Part 1

    The fictional adventures of a real life Alpha Top

  • Topped Again, Part 2

    The fictional adventures of a real life Alpha Top

  • 21 Years Old

    When I was twenty one and wanted to publish my story they let me. It involves 21 year old guys pulling their 21 year old cocks out and fucking my mouth. My 21 year old mouth.

  • 3

    There is the legend, a myth really, that things happen in threes. Well, for Brody, it did seem to be the case.

  • 4

    The author being a bit mischievous is all.

  • A buddy

    Carl, a buddy, that I blow everyweek or so gave me a call Sunday morning telling me to get over there and blow him... and that he might have a buddy for me towork on.


    This is a fictional story on how I met an old friend by accident and how over the period of two weekends my life was changed forever.

  • A Dream Come True

    I had always dreamed of what it would be like to have a group of hot hard men use me for what they wanted. and after I got used to the trails at the rest stop near my house I got what I dreamed about and more.

  • a fuck party

    Ian agreed to come with Brian, even though it was usually not his scene.

  • A Headshaving Orgy - Part 1

    I was having a fantastic session with five other people.

  • A Headshaving Orgy - Part 2

    The shaving orgy continues with the second guy being shaved and fucked.

  • A Headshaving Orgy - Part 3

    Now it's the third head that is shaved and we all had fun with each other again.

  • A Headshaving Orgy - Part 4

    This is the final of my story. I'll go and shave my head now and and get some nice juice out of me.

  • A Jamaican Fuck Fest

    A story about some ordinary Jamaicans.

  • A little college fun

    Shawn is gone for the semester, what could possibly happen in that time?

  • A Love of Cum

    Jeff loves his cum. Not group sex yet but it has only just started.

  • A Night in the Cells

    Charlie Desmond learns a lesson from three big coppers and a scally lad.

  • A Special Christmas Party

    Isn't that a good way to celebrate Christmas Day? I hope you enjoy that very special Christmas Party.

  • A Surprise at the Lake

    Unexpected things happen when he goes for an evening swim in the Lake, then accidentally falls asleep on the shore.

  • A Trucker Drives It Home

    Doug was a challenge. Physically he looked terrific but appeared to be straight. I was determined to seduce him with my sexy body but I never thought we would have an audience!

  • A warm start living

    My life or the pain and emotion and fear.

  • A wild night with Old Friends

    This is what happened when me and my friends got together for a night that was really unexpected. We had a wild ride