• Alaska Wrestler Zack & Coach Toby In A Six Man Orgy--Part 3

    In the 3rd and last chapter of the sexual exploits of wrestling Coach Toby and his 19-year-old Alaska wrestler and fuck buddy Zack, they experience a wild sex orgy with a rugby coach, two of the rugby players as well as 190 pound wrestler Tyson who had already been the sex partner of Zack and Toby.

  • College Exploration

    I was walking toward the door to get the rest of Nick’s stuff to start his room, but before I could reach it, he grabbed my hand and pulled me into a kiss that made the earth shatter. At first, I was surprised, but when his tongue hit my lips, I knew to open up. He traced my lips with his tongue before entering.

  • College Prof's Dancing Makes Male College Student Horny

    The college's young dance and theater department head, popularly known as Professor Beau, often performs erotic dances during campus wide student dances on Friday evenings, creating horny conditions among the male gay students. This is the story about a provocative raunchy sex scene one Friday night following an erotic dance by the Prof.


    Acquainted but not really friends Cullen and Campbell are accidently thrown together in an embarrassing incident that begins a friendship.

  • Holiday Break Pt 1

    The guys and I head to our Aspen bungalow. The journey begins calmly, and I can't wait to see how the week goes with my loves.

  • Holiday Break Pt. 2

    Sorry for the delay. I'm all done with finals, and finally able to catch up on the past year :D Enjoy the next chapter. The guys and I stopped in St Louis before we headed out to Colorado.

  • Holiday Break Pt. 3

    We settle in and head right for the hot tub. Things get heated but they simmer down after a slight brawl...

  • Holiday Break Pt. 4

    The vaca continues with some fun, and the kind of loving I enjoy the most

  • Mr Lewin

    Matt was really enjoying working on Carl nice 7 plus semi cut cock as his lips and mouth were getting full of Carl Pre cum that he was spurting out of his hard cock. " FUCK YOU GOOD DUDE " Carl shouted as he was real close in shooting his load off, Matt just took his hot pre cum mouth off the soaking wet dick when he then told Carl that it was his turn now to suck.

  • My Sexy Professor #1

    Young teacher of law trying to be above board with a horny student.

  • No girl so my roomie fucked me.

    2 guys and a girl, 2 guys no girl...........

  • Party till the end

    Matthew found himself staggering the hall, first looking for the bathroom then for his friend, Ian.

  • Tenth Reunion

    Reconnecting with an old flame at a college reunion

  • The Soccer Star, My First Boyfriend

    One college student discovers he has a not-so-secret admirer in the least likely person on campus. The chemistry between these college guys builds until one seduces the other in a flaming fit of passion.

  • 4 Intertwined Paths

    The campus event provided the setting, the atmosphere that allowed events to unfold, paths to cross and mingle, and when the sun rose the next morning some things would never be the same.

  • 4 Intertwined Paths; Down to two.

    Brandon tried to understand Eli, and in the process himself.


    Two Marine officers met on a island..... "Blain, like Colt, was also sleeping in the nude and like Colt when the marine waked him, was spotting a nice wood. Just as Colt reached Blain's bed, his attention was caught by a changing screensaver on Blain's laptop. It was a pick of a good looking muscle guy. As Colt looked at the screensaver it changed again. It was a nude muscle guy with a raging hard on. Then... the next screen saver, two muscle guys fucking...


    The temptation was just too much for me and I walked up to Marc and took his nip rings in my hands and turn it to torture him. Without hesitation Marc put his hands behind his head and spread his legs, offering me free and unrestricted access to his muscled body. This guy must have had some serious training, not only in the gym, but also as a sub, as a submissive butty boy to please a dom. A strange feeling of power came over me, that feeling of control over another muscle stud. I dropped my one hand to his encaged cock and with my thumb I worked his sensitive dickhead till his whole body was quivering. The whole time Jason was watching me.


    JC was my new definition of eye candy. He was ripped like I have never seen before. Every muscle in his body was hard, perfectly defined and in proportion with the other muscles in his body – he was the ultimate walking wet dream if there was ever one. His rock hard cock and low hangers were in perfect balance with the rest of his body. Like someone who has nothing to hide.........


    Colt, the hot marine continue his story about what he and his boyfriend did while on the island. Jacques and his boyfriend attend a party at Rudi’s place and there the boys decided to start a group to rent themselves out for the pleasure of other guys.

  • a bed of a different sort

    Quinton thought college was the place where everything was possible, but it was a trip back home for the holidays that really opened things up.

  • A Bully Named Russell

    I had the Hots for him but he treats me like shit. I'd do anything to be his friend or more if he wanted. He makes me drool. That is my "Quest" to make a lover out of a Bully

  • A College Man Comes To Terms Part 4

    Gregg and Alec hit a rough patch in their burgeoning relationship. Gregg, new to being gay, thinks he has it all planned out. Alec prefers to be part of the discussion, not given the decisions. Will they fuck it out - er, I mean, will they work it out?

  • A College Roommate with Benefits

    My room-mate wasn't the nicest guy to share rooms with at first, actually he was as homophobic as hell, until that one fateful night, when it all changed, then he couldn't have been nicer and more pleasing to be with.

  • A First: A Foursome (segmented)

    This is a true story from my journal about a foursome that happened. That being said, real names have been changed to protect peoples identities.

  • A Fun Time With My Curious Buddy

    Preston was a god. he was the hottest guy I had ever seen. He also became my best friend and maybe more. This story is completely true. I haven't even changed the names.

  • A Fun Time With My Curious Buddy 2

    The second part to my story.

  • A Gift?

    Finding that not all of an accident victims muscles were damaged.

  • a hot fantasy

    A very hot and detailed description of what i want to happen right now.

  • A moment of my life

    People have grown up. I guess I was too until I realise it just started for me. That was when I realise I was bi.