• Charles' Aparment

    Continuation of the story Getting to know RobinRobin P.S. EDITED

  • College Adventures of Alex Kerring - Part 04

    Alex tries to forget about what transpired with Rob with beer. [[Sorry for not updating this for months, just didnt feel like it, now I kinda want to finish what I started]]

  • College Adventures of Alex Kerring - Part 05

    Tyler is onto Alex and Rob and Alex gets the surprise of his life. [[No sex scenes]]

  • College Adventures of Alex Kerring - Part 06

    Alex reunites with Dan. Rob's acting weird all of a sudden though. [[No sex scenes]]

  • From bullies to buddies part 1

    Teenage fun with a school bully and friend

  • Getting to Know My Floor: Jason, at the Bike Ride

    I get to know another horny jock on my dorm floor better, at a charity bike ride.

  • Getting to know Robin

    Gay went on a camping with his cousin and his crush Robin

  • Gym Buddy

    My first week back at a campus gym after over a year... and I'm committed to cumming everyday now.

  • My Brother Visits - Part 3

    My brother spends a week at my dorm to take care of me after my concussion. Barely two days have passed, and he's up to some exhibitionist shenanigans!

  • My Buttslut Chapter 3

    This story is about a college guy named Keith that meets another student named Maximillion, who has a big juicy bubble butt. Keith falls for Max and makes him his buttslut. Chapter 3.

  • Our system failed

    Fresh faced college student looking to explore his sexuality

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 15

    Pledge Dan is taught a lesson in self-control, while pledge Mike serves Tyler at PAS for the first time in order to keep him quiet.

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 16

    Pledge Ben has a decision to make, but neither choice will end well for him. Meanwhile, Mike is over at PAS still trying to avoid the humiliation of revealing the vibrating plug in his ass to Tyler.

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 17

    Ben is forced to suck miles of cock in his predicament. Meanwhile, Mike's humiliation increases at PAS.

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 18

    The post-cum torture continues for Ben, and Mike takes a very humiliating walk back to his frat house.

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 19

    Ben gets spit roasted, and Mike returns back to the frat house VERY late, and is punished accordingly.

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 20

    Pledge Jared is in control of pledge Ben. But when he doesn't win the challenge, the tables are turned.

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 21

    The tables are turned on pledge Jared, and now pledge Ben gets his revenge. Meanwhile, pledge Mike delivers service that he's rated on, and he REALLY doesn't want to have to face the consequences of getting a bad rating.

  • Putting Out for the Frat Guy Next Door: Chapter 2

    Our seemingly straight married man adjusts to his new role as his jock neighbor's personal cocksucker. And he likes it... he likes it a lot.

  • Sex Ed: First Day

    A college freshman lucks into a sex ed class with many studly seniors, and an even hotter professor, and they all discover that the professor's practical methods will be entertaining them all year long...

  • Sex Ed: Second Lesson

    Bobby, Thomas, and Henry study for their next class with Mike, but the syllabus is derailed when one of the guys asks about physical therapy.

  • Shenanigans At Halloween - part 1

    My dorm mates have something specia planned for Halloween. Through a hallucinogenic orgy, I explored the dark, twisted side of sexual desires.

  • Shenanigans At Halloween - part 2

    My dorm mates planned something special for me on Halloween. Through a hallucinogen-fueled orgy, I explored the dark, twisted side of my sexual desires.

  • Shenanigans at Halloween - part 3

    My dorm mates planned something special for me. Through a wild hallucinogen-fueled orgy, I explored the darker, twisted side of sexual desire.

  • The Construction Worker's Boy

    I watched from my bedroom window as his big, dark arms picked up a stacked pile of lumber and threw it atop his shoulder with ease. I found myself envious, wanting to be the lumber, my body, strewn over his shoulder in complete submission.

  • The Weight Room

    I use a weight room near my dorm, and one night I met someone who could satisfy my needy bitch ass.

  • Tyler 4

    Tyler and Joe get ready to party but things might not go quite to plan.

  • Tyler 5

    Tyler confronts Jackson, takes someone back to his motel room and may be one step closer to getting what he really wants.

  • Tyler 6

    After their lips meet in a kiss, how do Joe and Tyler react?

  • Tyler 7

    Joe has just run out the door and now Tyler has to deal with the consequences.