• Blond Twink Bobby Perfroms More Kinky Sex on Alex: Part 2

    One week later Bobby and Alex meet again at Bobby's apartment for round 2 of the hottest wild sex. Bobby was ready for yet more unbelievable sexual games with Alex.

  • Blond Twink Loves to Party and Bareback Hot Gay Guys on Campus

    Bobby, a cute 21-year-old college junior at The University of Louisville at the time of this story, was known around campus as a weekend party goer who loved seducing guys for a night of raw wild steamy gay sex.

  • Boys will be boys: In college too.

    The boys enter their freshman year.

  • Cadet Firefighter

    The excitement and pride of being watched as the only cadet firefighter in school quickly gave way to the excitement of actually going to a fire. His mind was already there, thinking what he would do, remembering the training.

  • Caribbean Cruise 2: Chet Gets Laid

    Frat guy goes on a cruise to lose it his own way

  • College Life: Lunch

    My hands slide down your waist and I slowly remove your shorts, leaving you standing before me in your light blue briefs. I trace the outline of your throbbing cock, stopping at the dime size darker wet spot. I smear the pre cum over the fabric of your briefs. Another gasp escapes from your lips.

  • College Life: The Barn Part 1

    Cody, I say asking you about the light meal I have planned. You straddle me and pull your shirt up and off, later you say and bend down and kiss me.

  • College Life: The Quiet Room

    As Caleb continues to fuck me pushing the second, third and fourth spurts out of my cock. He shifts his position and moves up deeper in me as the fifth and sixth ones spurt. I feel his body tense and his breathing shallows.

  • College Life: The Send Off

    "Oh fuck, fuck, oh fuck!" You moan, as my mouth moves deeper down your hard wet cock. Swallowing harder, I have almost all of your cock in my throat. I look up at you, seeing your head thrashing from side to side.

  • College Life: Your Return, Your Control

    With one last jab and flick of my tongue, pushing it in deep and holding it in your hole. Flicking your insides with my tongue and moving it around.

  • DNA

    Andy asked just how much bigger his genitals would become. The professor told him that he had found growth to be about two-and-a-half times the original size of the organ.

  • Finding My Partner in Life Part 6

    The story continues...

  • Game Boys

    Two fellow co-workers, and gaming enthusiasts, take on a friendly wager.

  • Jason and Will

    Driving to college, I tried not to worry about it but I couldn't get it off my mind. I didn't want to get stuck with some dweeb or pencil-neck, bug-eyed geek but the alternative could be just as bad, or worse. Of course, I wouldn't be rooming with a jock

  • Life with Ashton - Part 3

    Celebrity sex story involving Ashton Kutcher.

  • Living Near the High School

    I looked at him, thinking it was a weird thing for a stranger to be telling me, thinking he was drunk, but then our eyes met, and his eyes were as clear as mine. He wasn't drunk. He smiled and nodded at my cock. "Why don't you hold that with your other hand," he said.

  • Money For College

    Well, I'm one guy, and you're naked in front of me all the time. How many guys were in the locker room when you played football back in high school? How many guys are in the locker room at the gym when you strip down to shower?

  • Off to collage part 1

    We had suck good time and all we did. Was chill fuck and be friends

  • off to collage part 2

    We drank nd danced but when things got kinkey jered shows up and I thought tat was the end for my plan to fuck dan !!

  • Prom Night

    He nodded and I eased back till the head of my cock was being strangled by his tight asshole then I shoved back in and started fucking him.

  • The Boys from BIG BROTHER

    It's the latest update of what's happening on Big Brother, 2014, a reality show that really shows it's feathers this season with cute and needy boys,

  • The Seduction of Eli

    Tyler was intrigued by the quiet shy boy that shared a room with his friend Joey.

  • the sexyest guy dan he was an abselute god of a person

    What I would do to get in dan pants he was so hot nd sexy ...... Part 1

  • Tuck, In The Shower

    Tucker Price was the epitome of young manhood when I was in college. I was a freshman, he was a senior, and a jock with muscles where other guys didn't even know they were supposed to have muscles.

  • 4 Intertwined Paths

    The campus event provided the setting, the atmosphere that allowed events to unfold, paths to cross and mingle, and when the sun rose the next morning some things would never be the same.