• Big Brother gets a surprise

    An urban boy I took under my wing at 10 years old shows up on my doorstep at 18, bruised and battered and looking for comfort

  • Big Brother Gets A Surprise, Part 2

    I was floored. In the eight years since I took Antwan under my wing, I never expected to find myself with a rock-hard cock, looking at him all grown up -- naked with a towel at his feet.

  • Big Brother Gets A Surprise, Part 3

    After I took at 10 year old urban kid under my wing, he developed into an 18-year old stud. After our first experience - Antwan blowing me - we go to dinner. What happens later is totally unexpected.

  • Big Brother Gets A Surprise, Part 4

    While waiting for Antwan to come over to fuck him, Nick gets a call from Kent, his best fuck ever. He is in town for the weekend.


    Antwan comes to my house after he fucks his redhead Chemistry teacher. He asks whether I am ready for "my turn," when he gets an emergency text from Aunt that his mother is hurt. While Antwan tends to problems at home, I get a text from my friend, Danny, from Manchester UK, which leads me to recall our first night together


    After recalling his sexual adventure with Danny in Manchester, Nick gets abruptly interrupted by a call that Antwan is in trouble. Nick rushes to the Bronx, is surprised at what he sees, and the moment he has been waiting for unfolds

  • Math + English is Actually fun

    Two teachers help me get off

  • Max's Gym Buddy

    Max went to the gym to workout, but one thing lead to another and it turned out to be much more interesting. From a brief encounter in the showers to an introduction in the locker room. He makes a friend that brings much more fun than he thought!

  • Sam's Story part 4

    Tension's are high between Sam and Jacob as a is forced upon Sam. Same feelings are all over the place with Sam kissing Joel and now Jacob showing his true feelings it causes Sam to spiral into an emotional wreck. Running back to the Safety of his dorm Sam encounter's Joel where Sam no longer can bear the burden of his home wrecking and spills everything to Joel, however, despite the truth being told a spark is ignited between Joel and Sam could Joel and Sam finally be together?

  • Sam's Story part 5

    Things are finally starting to settle in the right place (And I mean literally;)) After an amazing night finally making love to one another Sam guilt about what he did with Jacob is easing away. However, Joel will finally admit a truth to Sam's conclusion that Jacob and Joel we a thing.

  • Sam's Story Part 5.5: Joel's revelation

    In the last chapter Joel finally explained the best he could why he was so hurt and upset when Sam told him about what Jacob and Sam have done. In this new chapter we will go in depth on what really happened that night in detail. Just what did Jacob do to hurt Joel so long ago?

  • Simple Occurrences

    Three guys who will come together, not by some criminal act, or some catastrophic event, or some dramatic occurrence. They'll come together by a series of small events, minor occurrences hardly noticeable to anyone else.

  • The College Guy

    an cock sucking encounter with a college guy

  • The Frat House Survivalists

    An apocalyptic threat brings an isolated frat house to terms with a new reality.

  • Trying to be Sneaky

    My roommate and I get closer!

  • Will Conservative Religious College Roommates Succumb to Gay Sex After Drinking? PT 1

    Tommy & Peter, 18-year-old college freshmen, are roommates at a conservative religious college. They are from very conservative families that condemn homosexuality as a horrendous immoral plague on America. This is the story of Peter and Tommy being hit on by two hot football stars. Will they succumb to gay sex after drinking?

  • Will Tommy & Peter Forsake Their Anti-Gay Stand For Sex with Leo & Todd: PT 2

    Gay studs Leo and Todd determined to seduce conservative anti-gay Tommy and Peter make their move to break down their buddies' resistance with a clever strategy in the dorm room.

  • 4 Intertwined Paths

    The campus event provided the setting, the atmosphere that allowed events to unfold, paths to cross and mingle, and when the sun rose the next morning some things would never be the same.

  • 4 Intertwined Paths; Down to two.

    Brandon tried to understand Eli, and in the process himself.


    Two Marine officers met on a island..... "Blain, like Colt, was also sleeping in the nude and like Colt when the marine waked him, was spotting a nice wood. Just as Colt reached Blain's bed, his attention was caught by a changing screensaver on Blain's laptop. It was a pick of a good looking muscle guy. As Colt looked at the screensaver it changed again. It was a nude muscle guy with a raging hard on. Then... the next screen saver, two muscle guys fucking...


    The temptation was just too much for me and I walked up to Marc and took his nip rings in my hands and turn it to torture him. Without hesitation Marc put his hands behind his head and spread his legs, offering me free and unrestricted access to his muscled body. This guy must have had some serious training, not only in the gym, but also as a sub, as a submissive butty boy to please a dom. A strange feeling of power came over me, that feeling of control over another muscle stud. I dropped my one hand to his encaged cock and with my thumb I worked his sensitive dickhead till his whole body was quivering. The whole time Jason was watching me.


    JC was my new definition of eye candy. He was ripped like I have never seen before. Every muscle in his body was hard, perfectly defined and in proportion with the other muscles in his body – he was the ultimate walking wet dream if there was ever one. His rock hard cock and low hangers were in perfect balance with the rest of his body. Like someone who has nothing to hide.........


    Colt, the hot marine continue his story about what he and his boyfriend did while on the island. Jacques and his boyfriend attend a party at Rudi’s place and there the boys decided to start a group to rent themselves out for the pleasure of other guys.

  • a bed of a different sort

    Quinton thought college was the place where everything was possible, but it was a trip back home for the holidays that really opened things up.

  • A Bully Named Russell

    I had the Hots for him but he treats me like shit. I'd do anything to be his friend or more if he wanted. He makes me drool. That is my "Quest" to make a lover out of a Bully

  • A College Man Comes To Terms Part 4

    Gregg and Alec hit a rough patch in their burgeoning relationship. Gregg, new to being gay, thinks he has it all planned out. Alec prefers to be part of the discussion, not given the decisions. Will they fuck it out - er, I mean, will they work it out?

  • A College Roommate with Benefits

    My room-mate wasn't the nicest guy to share rooms with at first, actually he was as homophobic as hell, until that one fateful night, when it all changed, then he couldn't have been nicer and more pleasing to be with.

  • A College Visit - Part 1

    I was shocked because I'd never had nor even thought about another man touching me before. But seeing Barbara getting double teamed by those two hunks had my mind spinning. Without thinking I looked at him and nodded.

  • A College Visit - Part 2

    We broke the kiss and when Kent sat back down on the edge the bed I saw his cock sticking through fly of his boxers. A very nice cock too, uncut and every bit of the seven inches. It looked much more impressive when not beside Calvin's monster size cock.

  • A Different Time

    My first time with another man was in college with Travis, a guy who lived down the hall. He was so damn cute with his dark Irish good looks, broad shoulders, hairy chest and legs but I was a freshman and he was a senior so I never even thought about actually living out my desires for men at that point.