• Epidemic! The Frat House Survivalists of Devil's Peak. Chapter 2

    Outside the gates of Devil's Peak Frat house, the epidemic rages on. But if you're lucky enough to be on the inside, a raging of another kind is taking shape.

  • A College Man Comes To Terms Part 2

    As Gregg's pursuit of Alec heats up as he moves toward going home to come out to his high-profile uber-conservative parents.

  • A College Man-Boy Comes To Terms Part 1

    A college stud jock comes to terms with being gay.

  • a yearning

    Robby tried to hide the way he felt, but events unfold, wickedly, with such temptation, that he revealed his desires.

  • a yearning - satisfied

    Events unfold to a conclusion.

  • Big Bull

    A shy young, gay college student gets invite to a frat party. His fantasy comes true, when he becomes the sex toy of a huge football player.

  • Caleb Pt 2

    The morning after with my roommate Caleb

  • Caleb Pt 4 (Donnie's Dorm Pt 2)

    Things are getting interesting, and I'm not sure what's going on...Was I going to be able to save myself for Caleb? Chris and I mess around, and Donnie's getting jealous. I think I've officially been outed.

  • Caleb Pt 5

    I give it up to him. It's the most intense experience. Would this mean the end of Donnie and me?

  • Caleb Pt 6 (Donnie Pt 3)

    Things are getting mixed up, and my feelings are growing for each guy. What the fuck is wrong with me? Oh...

  • Caleb Pt 7

    Caleb expresses his feelings for me. What would this mean for Donnie and me? And poor Chris. I want it all...

  • Caleb Pt 8

    Trying to prioritize and figure shit out, is really hard with Caleb as my roommate, and my lover. Seeing him on the daily, just makes me more horny for him.

  • Caleb Pt 8 (Donnie and Me Pt 3)

    The guys come to some sort of agreement, and I'm ok with it. Chris steps up his game, and makes me wonder what will happen next.

  • Caleb Pt. 3

    One step closer to consummating this....relationship? Chris is a slight distraction tho

  • Can it be Part 4

    Patrick and Bryan go out on their date. Bryan is about to find out a secret that will shock him and his buddies to the core. What will that secret be?

  • CDC (Caleb, Donnie, Chris)

    Caleb turns up the romance, Donnie turns up the dominance, and Chris is...angelic. What the fuck am I doing?

  • CDC 2

    Caleb and Chris fight, Donnie makes a move, and I feel like shit...

  • Coins, Booths, and Best friends

    A story of two best friends discovering there carnal desires. -As you all know I've been away for the better part of a year, I've made some great life changes and I am finally very happy and able to write again. I'll be continuing on with my novellas, but I wanted to also continue with some great cock hardening short stories as well. As this is my first one its not 100% greatness when pertaining to grammar and punctuation, but I'm ...

  • Coins, Booths, and Forest Trails

    Part three to the saga of Coins, Booths, and... I wrote this story while extremely horny and hard, so forgive me my brain did not have full command over the blood supply for this one. The next chapter is going to be a great one though, so stay tuned and happy wanking gents!

  • College Dorm Slut - Part 01

    I had been give the chance to live in the house with all of the 12 students and the coach while I worked as a housekeeper. I was nervous but extremely excited about living with all these hunky men.

  • Donnie and Me

    He takes me to a motel, and we fuck for the first time.

  • Donnie and Me (Pt 3) Chris and Me Pt 1

    Donnie and I meet for lunch, and spend the afternoon, and I meet up with Chris that night. He expresses his feelings, and I have to clear the air, and let him in ;)

  • Donnie and Me Pt 2

    Our motel stay comes to an end, and it's back to the reality of dorm life...

  • Donnie's dorm

    Sexy Puerto Rican Donnie invites me over to study...

  • Gestures

    The dorm room would be there home for the next semester and Carson and Brody were figuratively and literally circling one another, getting the feel of the other, who this other person was they would be sharing such small quarters with over the next few months.

  • Gestures, Chapter 2

    the story continues

  • Gestures, Chapter 3

    The art of painting.

  • Gestures, Chapter 4


  • Gestures, Chapter 5

    Final gestures as the end draws near.

  • Gestures, Chapter 6

    Gabriel becomes inspired.