• A College Visit - Part 1

    I was shocked because I'd never had nor even thought about another man touching me before. But seeing Barbara getting double teamed by those two hunks had my mind spinning. Without thinking I looked at him and nodded.

  • A College Visit - Part 2

    We broke the kiss and when Kent sat back down on the edge the bed I saw his cock sticking through fly of his boxers. A very nice cock too, uncut and every bit of the seven inches. It looked much more impressive when not beside Calvin's monster size cock.

  • A Different Time

    My first time with another man was in college with Travis, a guy who lived down the hall. He was so damn cute with his dark Irish good looks, broad shoulders, hairy chest and legs but I was a freshman and he was a senior so I never even thought about actually living out my desires for men at that point.

  • A University Graduate Student Tutors Five College Jocks and Gets Big Bonuses

    This is a five-part series featuring Derek, a first year 23-year-old graduate student, who is hired by the university athletic department to tutor five athletes that are having problems in their zoology class understanding the anatomy of the male sexual functions. Each jock meets with Derek in separate study sessions and gets hands on demonstrations.

  • after the party

    4 friends catch up and have fun in the early hours after the party

  • College Dive Bar, 1 AM

    Look at this place. I came here to pick up chicks, but it's a fucking sausage fest. No big deal. I'll probably head home after this and pork my roommate.

  • Derek To Tutor Hot Basketball Star Donnie: His 4tth Athlete of the Week

    After Derek had tutored and got his sexy ass pounded by Jerry, Bo and Ryan, three university hot athletes, preparing them for their zoology exam earlier in the week, he arrived at the apartment of basketball star Donnie for his fourth athlete for a tutoring session all in one week. Would Derek finally escape a tutoring session without getting fucked?

  • Derek Tutor's Tommy the 20-Year-Old Sexy Soccer player

    After Derek had tutored and been fucked by hot Jerry, Bo, Ryan and Donnie, it was time to tutor Tommy, the 20-Year-Old sophomore soccer player. Would there be more than the tutoring that day?

  • Derek, Graduate Student, Meets Bo, Hot Wrsetler, for Tutoring Session

    Derek, the 23-year-old graduate student, who was hired to tutor five hot university athletes, in part 2 meets 21-year-old Bo, the Greek god movie star looking stud and one of the university wrestlers, at his apartment for a tutoring session for his zoology class. What will happen?

  • Evan - Chapter 10

    Evan tries to deal with what (almost) happened between him and Jake.

  • Evan - Chapter 11

    Evan turns to his brother for advice and hears something he never thought he would.

  • Evan - Chapter 12

    Evan is shocked by Jake's latest actions but he might not have long to think about it before Tyler comes looking for his kiss.

  • Evan - Chapter 13

    Evan faces another gym class with Tyler and things begin to heat up.

  • Evan - Chapter 14

    Evan's body is still tingling after his encounter with Tyler and he has no idea what's next.

  • Evan - Chapter 15

    Evan is having a hard time dealing with Jake's new relationship but Tyler is there to offer a distraction.

  • Evan - Chapter 16

    Evan is still reluctant to give in so Tyler decides to show him how serious he is.

  • Evan - Chapter 17

    Evan is torn between his love of Jake and his lust for Tyler.

  • Evan - Chapter 18

    Evan is annoyed with how Jake is acting and his frustration could get him into trouble.

  • Evan - Chapter 19

    Evan is surprised when Jake offers him a ride home but that's nothing compared to what happens next.

  • Evan - Chapter 2

    Evan still only has eyes for Jake but someone else begins to demand his attention.

  • Evan - Chapter 20

    Evan can't stop himself. He has to go after Jake. But will he finally get what he wants?

  • Evan - Chapter 21

    Evan has finally done it. He said yes. Tyler is on his way to pick him up.

  • Evan - Chapter 3

    Evan finds himself in the last place he wants to be, tied to Tyler during gym class, but things don't quite go how he expected.

  • Evan - Chapter 4

    Evan's head is all over the place but his feelings aren't the only thing he has to deal with.

  • Evan - Chapter 5

    Evan can't get Tyler off his mind after what was said but then Jake steps back in.

  • Evan - Chapter 6

    Evan slips and lets Jake know how he feels but what will the reaction be?

  • Evan - Chapter 7

    Evan wrestles with his feelings... and Jake.

  • Evan - Chapter 9

    Evan's birthday continues. Is he about to get everything he's ever wanted?

  • Graduate Student Derek Continues Tutoring with Tall Lanky Tennis Star Ryan

    After Derek had tutoring sessions with Jerry, the hot football player, and Bo, the steamy hot wrestler, getting banged raw by both erotic athletes, his third tutoring session was with tall lanky tennis star and theater arts major Ryan. Would Derek manage to avoid sex with Ryan and only tutor the tennis star?

  • Hockey Fight

    Chris became the college league toughest most penalized hockey players of all time. He is now in his finally year of his scholarship and before he graduated on getting his Education Degree