• College Dorm Slut - Part 02

    I was nervous about talking to Robin, even though he seemed friendly enough, I still wanted to make a good first impression on him. Not only because he was my new boss, but because he was a very hot and good looking man. I wanted to get on his good side.

  • Evan - Chapter 1

    Evan has the most common of gay problems; he's in love with his straight best friend.

  • Evan - Chapter 2

    Evan still only has eyes for Jake but someone else begins to demand his attention.

  • Evan - Chapter 3

    Evan finds himself in the last place he wants to be, tied to Tyler during gym class, but things don't quite go how he expected.

  • Evan - Chapter 4

    Evan's head is all over the place but his feelings aren't the only thing he has to deal with.

  • Evan - Chapter 5

    Evan can't get Tyler off his mind after what was said but then Jake steps back in.

  • Hockey Fight

    Chris became the college league toughest most penalized hockey players of all time. He is now in his finally year of his scholarship and before he graduated on getting his Education Degree

  • I Just Fucked My Roommate

    Corey's new roommate, Trevor, seems adrift and addicted to weed and porn. Corey is full of goals, high on life, clean as a whistle, and works out six days a week. Roommate living can lead to surprising twists and turns... maybe into somebody's heart and soul. Maybe up somebody's butt. Or maybe even both.

  • The Blue Balls Cure

    My new, young college roommate obviously needs some relief and I'm happy to offer my help!


    A few of my experiences when I transferred to State plus making a friend for life.

  • The Magic of Prescence - 4 - Tricia and Cory

    A hot college guy is trying to figure out what's going on with his body, with a little help from his friends.

  • The Magic of Presecne - 6 - Destiny

    A hot college guy is trying to figure out what's going with his body, with a little from his friends...the conclusion to this short little novel, I truly hope you have enjoyed it.

  • The Magic of Presence

    A hot college guy tries to figure what is going on with his body, with a little help from his friends....

  • The Magic of Presence - 2 - Seth

    A hot college guy is trying to figure out what's going with his body with a little help from his friends...

  • The Magic of Presence - 3 - The Date

    A hot college guy is trying to figure out what's going on with his body, with a little help from his friends

  • The Magic of Presence - 5 - Hiding

    A hot college guy is trying to figure out what's going with his body, with a little help from his friends...

  • 4 Intertwined Paths

    The campus event provided the setting, the atmosphere that allowed events to unfold, paths to cross and mingle, and when the sun rose the next morning some things would never be the same.

  • 4 Intertwined Paths; Down to two.

    Brandon tried to understand Eli, and in the process himself.


    Two Marine officers met on a island..... "Blain, like Colt, was also sleeping in the nude and like Colt when the marine waked him, was spotting a nice wood. Just as Colt reached Blain's bed, his attention was caught by a changing screensaver on Blain's laptop. It was a pick of a good looking muscle guy. As Colt looked at the screensaver it changed again. It was a nude muscle guy with a raging hard on. Then... the next screen saver, two muscle guys fucking...


    The temptation was just too much for me and I walked up to Marc and took his nip rings in my hands and turn it to torture him. Without hesitation Marc put his hands behind his head and spread his legs, offering me free and unrestricted access to his muscled body. This guy must have had some serious training, not only in the gym, but also as a sub, as a submissive butty boy to please a dom. A strange feeling of power came over me, that feeling of control over another muscle stud. I dropped my one hand to his encaged cock and with my thumb I worked his sensitive dickhead till his whole body was quivering. The whole time Jason was watching me.


    JC was my new definition of eye candy. He was ripped like I have never seen before. Every muscle in his body was hard, perfectly defined and in proportion with the other muscles in his body – he was the ultimate walking wet dream if there was ever one. His rock hard cock and low hangers were in perfect balance with the rest of his body. Like someone who has nothing to hide.........


    Colt, the hot marine continue his story about what he and his boyfriend did while on the island. Jacques and his boyfriend attend a party at Rudi’s place and there the boys decided to start a group to rent themselves out for the pleasure of other guys.

  • a bed of a different sort

    Quinton thought college was the place where everything was possible, but it was a trip back home for the holidays that really opened things up.

  • A Bully Named Russell

    I had the Hots for him but he treats me like shit. I'd do anything to be his friend or more if he wanted. He makes me drool. That is my "Quest" to make a lover out of a Bully

  • A College Man Comes To Terms Part 4

    Gregg and Alec hit a rough patch in their burgeoning relationship. Gregg, new to being gay, thinks he has it all planned out. Alec prefers to be part of the discussion, not given the decisions. Will they fuck it out - er, I mean, will they work it out?

  • A College Roommate with Benefits

    My room-mate wasn't the nicest guy to share rooms with at first, actually he was as homophobic as hell, until that one fateful night, when it all changed, then he couldn't have been nicer and more pleasing to be with.

  • A First: A Foursome (segmented)

    This is a true story from my journal about a foursome that happened. That being said, real names have been changed to protect peoples identities.

  • A Fun Time With My Curious Buddy

    Preston was a god. he was the hottest guy I had ever seen. He also became my best friend and maybe more. This story is completely true. I haven't even changed the names.

  • A Fun Time With My Curious Buddy 2

    The second part to my story.

  • A Gift?

    Finding that not all of an accident victims muscles were damaged.