• Daddy's Boy

    Michael meets Simon for the first time. The older Daddy is quite the gentleman, as the budding relationship has an exciting beginning.

  • How I met my boyfriend!!

    I have wrote this to be like the reader is writing it themselves. I made this story up none of the names are real people. Any questions feel free to message me at [email protected]

  • Kris & Mick continued

    The thought of getting caught only added to the excitement while Kris fucked Mick. They got in another round before their parents got back.

  • My Best Friend is a Pool Boy

    My best friend just got a job as pool boy. He's always been a great friend but I can't help but fall deeper into my affections for him. In this story, he finds out...and it works out better than I could have ever imagined.

  • My Two Uncles Part 1

    Matthew gets a surprise when he sees what his two uncles are doing in the spare room...

  • My Two Uncles Part 2

    What happened after my dad interrupted me watching my two uncles make love in our spare room...

  • Sin For Your Supper

    A Father And Son Capitalize On A Talent

  • 18yo High School Senior Makes My Night

    Story about my encounter with an 18yo twink bareback bottom. Starts off as NSA but leads to more....

  • A boy named Beau

    I fall in love with my "straight" friend

  • A Change Of Heart

    He was a looker, so I looked back.

  • A Family Affair part 2

    My night with my cousin gets even hotter!!

  • A holiday in Prague...

    My holiday in Prague is going to be one to remember...

  • A Memory Worth Remembering

    A special moment between young lovers.

  • A Nephew and An Uncle

    This story is my first of many. It's about my uncle his friend Steve and I having sex together.

  • A Night With Ben

    A man spends the night with the twink of his dreams

  • A Night With My Cousin

    A man gets a visit from his cousin who he's had the hot's for and they have a hot night.

  • A Public Lesson in Class

    When Tony lets his teenage sexual desires drive him to a brief public display, it forces him onto a "situation" with his straight and married teacher.


    Monorails here in Bangkok are always crammed full, so often you can have a crafty feel. This guy did more than just feel me, I shot my load

  • Aarons Dad 1

    Aarons dad was very outgoing and playful

  • About Brotherly Love

    The automated doors opened and Paul Jacobs escorted Nick Murphy inside...

  • Adam 1 - Cock Tease

    A horny exhibitionistic teen puts on a show for his older neighbor.

  • Adam 2 - Washing The Car

    Eighteen year old Adam teases his older nighbor with his body as he washes his father's car.

  • Adam 3 - The Gymnast

    Eighteen year old Adam takes gymnastics and shows his instructor a thing or two about flexibility.

  • Adam 4 - Work Out Tease

    Hot bubble butt 18 year old teases his 50 year old neighbor while working out in his garage.

  • Alan Tries Cottaging

    Tears filled Alan's eyes. He wasn't ready for this. After a brief pause the biker started to pump. He was going for it. He meant business.

  • All in the Family

    My new brother's lips formed a grin around my cock, and Jerry looked up. Jerry made a sound deep in his throat, and Dan nodded without looking at him. They both pulled me off the couch, stood me in the center of the living room floor and had me squat a little.

  • Almost Brothers

    Matthew finally finds a lover.

  • Alone for 2 weeks.

    Dan goes away for two weeks and I meet up with an old teacher that always had a crush on me.

  • Alone for two Weeks pt.2

    Day-after sex with dick.


    A simple evening's drink on holiday ended with me being drained of all my sperm by 2 beautiful Thai twinks