• A BDSM Story: Jason and Paul - Chapter 34-35

    An exciting trip to Jamaica makes for lively sex and great adventures.

  • A BDSM Story: Jason and Paul - Chapter 56

    Two business men meet on the job and embark on one of the most sexual and intimate thrill rides of there life.

  • Back Then - Part 1

    Jeff lay down on the mattress and told me to lie on top of him, with my legs to either side of his body. He placed his arms around me and held me tightly. Dad sat to the side, as Joe took up his position behind me.

  • Back Then - Part 2

    On his knees, Jeff moved between dad and Joe's open legs. I could not believe my eyes as Jeff inserted his cock into dad's hole, right next to Joe's cock, and started double-fucking my father. Dad howled like a wolf.

  • Back Then - Part 3

    Steve started pushing his fingers into dad's arse, one by one, and soon his entire hand followed. I almost shot a load right there and then. Not long after that, his arm, right up to the elbow, was stuck up my father's arse.

  • Back Then - Part 4

    Steve pushed his arm up further and further, before punch-fucking Jeff vigorously. Tank was practically pissing himself with excitement. He begged Steve to let him join in.

  • Becoming their slut Ch.1

    My friends turn me into their slut on a trip to Paris

  • Becoming their slut Ch.2

    I continue my transformation into a slutty cocksucker

  • Becoming their slut Ch.3

    Will (Daddy) returns from his shopping trip after my bukkake initiation with the others

  • Becoming their slut Ch.4

    I come into my own as Daddy's little angel during a day out and about in Paris

  • Blue Dragon 1

    Small town Ohio café waiter Casey dreams of escaping and finding sexual adventure.

  • Blue Dragon 2

    "Call me Angel; your saving angel; an angel who is going to bareback you on my Harley."

  • Blue Dragon 3

    Angel ties and rides Casey on his Harley, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, and then bails.

  • Blue Dragon 4

    Angel offers to grant Casey's wish and to ride him into the sunset.

  • Cage Fighter - Part 1

    I became very nervous as my hands were cuffed to the headboard. Before I could protest a ball-gag was pushed into my mouth. He lifted off me saying; "Now I am going to break you in". He pulled a short strap out of the knapsack, and started whacking me on my backside. The pain was intense.

  • Cage Fighter - Part 2

    The next scene blew our minds completely. Ty again took over from me, and started coaxing a huge prolapse out of Chubby's arse. The dark red protrusion was about four to five inches long. The prolapse was fleshy and moist, and just looked stunning. Both Wray and I got to caress this tube of wonder. I couldn't resist, and got to my knees, before licking and sucking on it.

  • Costa & Son

    Having suckled on both nipples, I nudged his upper left arm with my head. Costa lifted his arm, and my head nestled into his damp armpit. The smell and wetness almost drove me out of mind. I licked like a dog enjoying a plate of gravy. As Costa groaned, his hand cupped my head, encouraging my devotion.

  • Going, Going, Gone

    Michael goes searching for his missing brother on a mysterious island and discovers a perverse slave auction.

  • Roommate Revenge

    A college freshmen decides to teach his straight homophobic roommate a lesson that leaves him begging to cum.

  • Sparky & Co - Part 2

    He drove into me relentlessly as he bit on my neck. His long hair was all over my face as I gasped for air, with an alpha gorilla on my back. He frenziedly pummelled his fat pole in, and out of me, while grunting like a wild animal.

  • Straight and Bound Part 4: Curt - Chapters 1-6 (Slightly Revised)

    Straight college athlete Curt is focus of obsession by his upstairs neighbor - and is later abducted and put through an endless ordeal by a group of guys who prey on young handsome men. Please comment and vote on the story - always appreciated - and thanks to all those who did! New chapters - Chapters 12-18 now posted (as of July 20 2015) - with concluding chapters (Chpaters 19-25 or so) to be posted very soon! Thanks - Eric Lane


    The ordeal, after his abduction of handsome straight boy Curt, continues as the youth is subjected to intense prolonged extreme tickle torture at the "Facility" where other abducted straight youths are subjected to relentless torments including gang rapes, non-stop edging and milking, post-orgasm torture, spanking and whipping and endless tickle torture. The ordeal of Curt continues. Please rate this story and comments are really appreciated! I will be posting the concluding chapters of this story very soon (not the long wait of these chapters - my apologies!!!!) and other stories. Thanks - Eric Lane

  • The Interview: A second audition

    Oliver grows impatient, frustratingly so, and he wonders when they will call him.

  • The Reward

    The narrator posts an online ad looking for straight boys willing to let him worship their feet for a financial reward. When he gets a response from 19 year old Luke, he decides to take things further than planned.

  • $100 to Watch You Pee

    Suddenly it arrived, that overwhelming loss of control. My body was now boss, my brain reduced to a peanut. Now my hips were shooting wildly back and forth. I was gasping as if I had a heart attack.

  • 5 weeks a slave

    I'm doing this for love but it seems that I'm about to perish.

  • A BDSM Story: Jason and Paul - Chapter 1

    Jason starts a job as a financial analyst in NYC. Paul is newly divorced and looking for something different. Jason courts and builds a relationship with Paul with an end goal of his total submission in mind.

  • A BDSM Story: Jason and Paul - Chapter 10

    Jason meets Paul's ex.

  • A BDSM Story: Jason and Paul - Chapter 11

    Paul just can't stay away, even though he knows he will be punished severely.

  • A BDSM Story: Jason and Paul - Chapter 12

    Jason subjects Paul to 3 days of brutal punishment.