• A Slave Cop Part I

    A handsome cop catches the eyes of a gentleman who decides he need a new toy.

  • Bought And Paid For

    A man signs a contract for a very special service.

  • Bought with a Tux

    One Christmas in Tokyo long, long ago.

  • Boy Meets Dad

    Michael, a gay male escort in Manhattan, recounts his session with a client who had a very specific request that "Daddy" meet his new "boy" wearing a particular style of jeans.

  • By Request

    A man gives his body to another man for sex, sex and genitalia that defy a urologist to define.

  • Down on All Fours: Pup Play at the Bondage Club (Dogboys Book 1)

    Richard's accustomed to being in charge at the bondage club, ordering men into humiliating, revealing situations. One night, he starts a scene that he thinks is going to be a little embarrassing pup-play. But soon it becomes clear that the submissive man in front of him is more of a dog than he should be. With the help of a domineering wrestler friend, Richard stumbles upon a new way to exert control over men, to humiliate them, and to ...

  • Experiencing GM-Partnered Sounding

    Experiential research into the extreme GM fetish of sounding.

  • First and Only

    Hung Aussie artist fetish is one-time male model debauching.

  • forced shave

    what happens when a freshman stumbles into a sophomore party . . . . . . .

  • Friday Nights with Lenny

    Taken to destruction's edge at Christmas by a jaded saxophonist

  • Honest ED Part 2

    Warsaw Poland

  • Marlee's Christmas Gift

    A very special Christmas Eve anniversary gift

  • Opening Up

    Wesley struggled with his desires, didn't understand what he truly wanted, but he began to understand himself when decided to take a chance.

  • Pete's Balls

    Two best friends face a dilemma, a shrew of a wife and Mr. Clean

  • Satin Circus

    Young circus aerialist performs outside the ring.

  • The German

    An American male escort sent to Munich to service a rich German client's wants

  • The Price of Everything

    An idle bar conversation about what a person would do for money turns into a challenge for a half-drunk bisexual guy, who finds out exactly how far he's willing to go.

  • The Price of Everything Ch. 2

    After making a hasty deal in the bar, he gets his first assigned task and his first chance to show he's worth Simon's money. He finds a familiar face waiting for him.

  • The Price of Everything Ch. 3

    When Dad comes to visit, Jordan thinks he'll get a break from his responsibilities as Simon's rental property. Simon has other ideas.

  • The Price of Everything Ch. 4

    Running late for work, Jordan takes on a boss with more than an ax to grind.

  • Turned Into a Pup: The Master Finds the Tables Have Turned (Dogboys Book 2)

    Big strong Richard and his puny assistant Josh arrive at a mysterious house, looking for a drug that's supposed to make men obedient and dog-like. Richard, accustomed to being in control at all times, may have met his match when a guard doses him and Josh with the drug. Soon, the dominant man is submissive, and the submissive man dominant. But a punishment awaits the guard for using the drug in ways it was never intended.

  • White Stripes

    Prisoner on public garage work detail gets snatched.

  • $100 to Watch You Pee

    Suddenly it arrived, that overwhelming loss of control. My body was now boss, my brain reduced to a peanut. Now my hips were shooting wildly back and forth. I was gasping as if I had a heart attack.

  • 5 weeks a slave

    I'm doing this for love but it seems that I'm about to perish.

  • A Biker's Tale - Part 1 (The Initiation Of Danny Challetts)

    This is a cautionary tale about wishing that your life could be more exciting, for Danny Challetts this is exactly what happened to him.

  • A Biker's Tale - Part 2 (Running With The Pack)

    The story of Danny Challetts's adventures continue as a fully fledged member of the Honaw Clan. Follow him as he has his clan tattoos inked on his back, takes part in a video shoot and comes to the rescue of his two best friends from homophobic thugs. The thugs are taught the error of their ways and brought into the clan. Danny discovers that there is more to the clan than meets the eye......

  • A brief encounter continues...

    This was supposed to be just a fun night to see some guys hooking up. How did I become the focus of an entire sex club? Now if only they would take the gag off me so I can tell them they have the wrong guy!

  • A Cute Boy Learns Total Surrender

    A boy gets up the courage to visit a Master and the result is powerful and totally unforgettable!

  • A Few Good Masters

    The house was packed with men in various clothing. There were men in leather, army, and police uniforms and there were some men already naked. The place was heavy with the smell of dope.

  • A Good Boy's Charm

    A Cute willing boy accepts and trusts all that his Master expects of him.