• An Assortment of Events - Repeat - Part Six

    These stories will follow a group of characters or just revolve around the one, Jack. I hope you enjoy and please comment (any suggestions will be appreciated). This is the build up to something big.

  • Arabists' Literary Weekend

    Arabic literature student in England seduced by a gay BDSM sex cult

  • Can't you change it?

    When the potential buyers arrive at a bad time a property viewing disaster may not be a disaster for the sellers after all.

  • Mountain Men

    Jerry Stone meets Mark at the Triangle, a gay bar in his small mountain town, and takes him as his new sex slave.

  • Mountain Men - Chapter 2

    Jerry takes Mark back to the Triangle. A neighbor is there and invites Jerry for sex in the back of his van.

  • Mountain Men - Chapter 3

    Jerry takes his sex slave Mark into the woods, ties him to a tree, and fucks him. A neighboring teen comes along and Jerry offers Mark to the younger man.

  • Mountain Men - Chapter 4

    The further adventures with Cal, Jr.

  • $100 to Watch You Pee

    Suddenly it arrived, that overwhelming loss of control. My body was now boss, my brain reduced to a peanut. Now my hips were shooting wildly back and forth. I was gasping as if I had a heart attack.

  • 5 weeks a slave

    I'm doing this for love but it seems that I'm about to perish.

  • A Biker's Tale - Part 1 (The Initiation Of Danny Challetts)

    This is a cautionary tale about wishing that your life could be more exciting, for Danny Challetts this is exactly what happened to him.

  • A Biker's Tale - Part 2 (Running With The Pack)

    The story of Danny Challetts's adventures continue as a fully fledged member of the Honaw Clan. Follow him as he has his clan tattoos inked on his back, takes part in a video shoot and comes to the rescue of his two best friends from homophobic thugs. The thugs are taught the error of their ways and brought into the clan. Danny discovers that there is more to the clan than meets the eye......

  • A brief encounter continues...

    This was supposed to be just a fun night to see some guys hooking up. How did I become the focus of an entire sex club? Now if only they would take the gag off me so I can tell them they have the wrong guy!

  • A Cute Boy Learns Total Surrender

    A boy gets up the courage to visit a Master and the result is powerful and totally unforgettable!

  • A Few Good Masters

    The house was packed with men in various clothing. There were men in leather, army, and police uniforms and there were some men already naked. The place was heavy with the smell of dope.

  • A Good Boy's Charm

    A Cute willing boy accepts and trusts all that his Master expects of him.

  • A Lovely Trap

    While a prison correctional officer I became trapped and used as a sex slave.

  • A Man's Very Good Boy

    A handsome teen age boy grows up to find pleasing men is a wonderful way of life!

  • A Moment of Opportunity

    A stag weekend with his straight friends lets Dec use their drunken bodies for his own pleasure.

  • A Morning With Spike

    The fourth tale from the stories this time it was with Spike. Hornier, sexier and a whole lot of fun. If you enjoy bondage or kinks, you'll love this story.

  • A Night With Mark

    Have you ever known someone, someone who isn't the typical sexy, hot person everyone loves but someone who is the ultimate piece of hot ass you love? I have and his name is Mark. Bondage mad and something for everyone to enjoy.

  • A Play for Power - Act 2

    In Act One, Seth Smith agreed, hesitantly at first, to become ex-Marine Frank's sex slave. Act Two opens with Frank giving Seth further instructions.

  • A Play for Power - Prelude and Act 1

    A story, as the title suggests, about dominance and submission.

  • A Play of Power - Act 3

    Seth Smith and Frank are college freshmen. Reluctantly at first, Seth has agreed to become ex-Marine Frank's sex slave.

  • A Play of Power, Act 4

    Frank and Seth, college freshmen, are spending their first weekend together as master and slave.

  • A Play of Power, Act 5

    Frank and Seth are spending the weekend together in Frank's freshman dorm room. Seth has much to learn about serving Frank as his sex slave. As Act 5 opens, he waits bound in a chair for Frank to return.