• Ray Dragon
    • 72
    • 5 Jul 2013

    Ray Dragon

    Ray Dragon offers a huge archive of pics and videos, which masculine Ray Dragon appears in or has produced during his career as an adult film maker. There's also a big collection of Old Reliable tapes from the 70s and 80s. This site delivers hot men and action for real porn fanatics.


  • Cadinot Editor Pick
    • 70
    • 15 Nov 2013


    Watch the entire catalog of renowned French gay porn direction Jean-Daniel Cadinot with his dirty and gritty plot-driven sex scenes featuring French guys in their twenties. These horny guys do it everywhere: bedrooms, warehouses, toilets, outdoors, basements, schools ... anywhere.


  • Big Dik Factory
    • 69
    • 29 Jul 2013

    Big Dik Factory

    Big Dik Factory focuses on the work of porn director Toby Ross. There's a mix of classic porn from the '70s and '80s plus his new stuff. Videos are downloadable, and this site is packed with personality. Fans of Toby Ross' work and of indie film-style porn will like the content.


  • Bijou Gay Porn
    • 68
    • 27 Sep 2014

    Bijou Gay Porn

    Bijou Gay Porn brings us masculine men, twinks and porn stars from the 70s, 80s and early 90s from the original Bijou Video, one of the studios that pioneered gay porn. There are 313 full streaming DVDs including many pre-condom classics. We're not sure how often the site updates, but I consider this a solid classic porn site offering.


  • Male Vault
    • 65
    • 17 Oct 2014

    Male Vault

    A large collection of almost 2,500 DVD scenes spanning four decades of gay porn filming. Featuring lots of your favorite porn stars from years gone by in 16 categories like jocks, muscle, bears, twinks, and more. No viewing limits and full-streaming servers lets you sit back and enjoy these videos and stroke your brains out.


  • Tribal Male Trial $4.95
    • 63
    • 16 Jul 2014

    Tribal Male

    Tribal Male offers downloadable and streaming videos of masculine men in hot and hardcore action. The videos have been pulled from old Bijou DVDs from the late '60s, '70s and '80s. The action is real, full of passion and mostly condom-free. The site also offers stories, documentaries and sound recordings.


  • Vintage Gay Loops Trial $2.95
    • 53
    • 16 Jul 2013

    Vintage Gay Loops

    Vintage Gay Loops delivers 216 videos from the golden age of gay porn, with natural men, mustaches and lots of pre-condom sex. The videos are downloadable full scenes, and quality is standard for classic porn. The site no longer updates, but real vintage fans will love the content.


  • The Classic Porn Trial $1.00
    • 47
    • 23 Apr 2014

    The Classic Porn

    The Classic Porn offers up gay movies from the '70s, '80s and '90s with some of the most famous porn stars of the day - John Holmes to Al Parker. Expect pre-condom action in 228 downloadable and streaming vids that can also be watched on mobiles. Site doesn't update, but does come with several straight classic porn bonus sites.