• "Undisclosed" with Alex Mecum & Gabriel Lunna

    "Undisclosed" with Alex Mecum & Gabriel Lunna

    In Full Disclosure, politician Alex Mecum tries covering up some sensitive CCTV footage his head of security, Massimo Piano, possesses. Mecum even gives up his ass to prevent the video from seeing the light of day. Now, in Undisclosed we see exactly what Mecum is trying to hide. 

    Waiter Gabriel Lunna is clearly up glasses in the politician's suite after a party. Mecum is attracted to the hunk, but when he realizes Lunna doesn't speak English he decides to have a little fun. He slips his card into Lunna's back pocket saying, "Call my any time and come sit on my face." Turns out the waiter understands more than he lets on.

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  • Daniel Dominates Jack

    Daniel Dominates Jack

    Daniel sure is a dirty top. He knows just what he wants and he's not afraid to ask for it -- or take it. Squatting over Jack, he's holding the blond's head in his hand, he pulls Jack's tongue out of his mouth with his fingers and says, "Yeah, hold it right there." Then he beats his cock against it. Later, he's got Jack in a pile driver position and he's rubbing his cock around the blond's pucker. "Spread that open," he pants. Jack holds his ass cheeks wide and Daniel plunges in. Wow!

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  • Mickey Carpathio Breeds Dolt Dietrich

    Mickey Carpathio Breeds Dolt Dietrich

    This is Mickey Carpathio's second scene on Bareback That Hole this month. He bottomed for hugely hung Saul Leinad in the first one and now he's back topping Dolf Dietrich. This pair get into a sweaty session with lots of nipple chewing, armpit nuzzling, ball licking, and of course, sucking and fucking. Dolf finally blows his huge cum load with Mickey's cock buried in his hole. 

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  • Ask GayDemon: Woof

    Ask GayDemon: Woof

    My  partner and I are open and have regular play nights. On our last one, I  went to a guy's place and my partner's play date came to our house. My night ended early and I arrived home to find my partner leading his date around on a dog leash. The guy was wearing a puppy mask and barking like a dog. My partner didn't notice me, so I left and went to the  baths. We've never done anything like this before. WTF!?

    -Puzzled at Partner's Perversion

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  • Brick Morewood Has Dick Casey All Tied Up

    Brick Morewood Has Dick Casey All Tied Up

    I'm not sure why the Eastern European performers have a penchant for switching names -- different studio, different name -- but it happens all the time. In Bromo's Cock Hungry we have Dick Cayne, who is better known as Dick Casey, and Brick Norwood aka Brick Morewood. 

    Blond muscle hunk Brick has Dick bound to his bed with a pair of leather wrist restraints. He uses the lad's mouth and ass for his pleasure, although Dick doesn't seem to mind the whole ordeal. Who would?

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  • "Come Over & Fuck Me"

    "Come Over & Fuck Me"

    Bald, bearded men turn my crank. Add a fat uncut cock and I'm on my knees begging for it. Patrick Dei is a gorgeous newcomer and he's appearing in his first video at Fuckermate. In Come Over and Fuck Me, Ken Summer's homework session is interrupted when Patrick arrives with his big dick and sex on the brain. Ken can never refuse a hard fuck from his buddy.

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  • Barebacker Beau Reed Cleans Up for Falcon Studios

    Barebacker Beau Reed Cleans Up for Falcon Studios

    Beau Reed debuts in his first Falcon Studios release and gets his ass stuffed by mega-hung JJ Knight. In the third episode of Property Lovers, Reed shows up at the house of lovers JJ Knight and Brent Corrigan to do some work and catches Knight still wrapped in a towel. Knight needs to hop in the shower to get ready for work, but he asks Reed to wait for him. You know what happens next.

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  • Hot Butt Trumps Fat Cock

    Hot Butt Trumps Fat Cock

    I would have thought porn producers would prefer casting Ondrej Filip (Viktor Adam) as a top. He's got such a delicious fat, uncut cock, wouldn't you like to see it pumping a tight hole? But the dilemma here is that Ondrej also has a beefy ass, the kind of sexy butt that looks extra hot taking a dick. It seems hot butt trumps fat cock as he's mostly cast as a bottom. In this new video, Filip swaps blowjobs with Luke Ward on the couch, then the muscle hunk barebacks Ondrej doggy style for starters.

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  • Vadim Black Breaks In Mikah Lake

    Vadim Black Breaks In Mikah Lake

    When a scene is called "Vadim Black Breaks In Mikah Lake" one would expect that Mikah is bottoming for the first time. But this is his third time getting fucked. In the middle of March Brandon Evans pounded Mikah, then two weeks later, Tanner Valentino drilled Mikah. By the time Vadim Black get his crack, I think Mikah is broken in quite well, don't you? Yes, he loves kissing while getting his ass stuffed, so I think he's got the hang of it. Nevertheless, we do love Vadim.

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  • "That's a Monster Cock" with Van Wilder

    "That's a Monster Cock" with Van Wilder

    Van Wilder is back in Pornland. It's been such a long time since we've seen his big, beautiful uncut cock. He's not hugely well know, but he filmed his first scene with Extra Big Dicks back in 2011; he fucked Connor Maguire, who has only bottomed a handful of times in his career. Wilder did four more scenes for the site and his last was in 2013. Now, seemingly out of nowhere, Wilder surfaces in this locker room scene with Juan Carlos  

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