• A Destiny of Crystal

    He passed a reflective surface and paused to look. He had pale skin, which was almost, but not quite translucent, and flaxen, shoulder length hair that had a slight wave to it. Strangest of all were his eyes, which were slitted like a cat's and bronze, and his ears, not quite pointed enough to be elven, but not quite round enough to be human.

  • Eric's First Days at Cyberforce

    The ones he felt would be accepted were the ones that were handling their stress well. The ones that were less likely, were clumped tighter together trying to draw solace from their new found companions. All of the candidates in this room were men, very beautiful men in fact. Cyberforce did accept women but they were trained separately.

  • The B'anati

    An Alien, the B'anati, has been on Earth for centuries, going from body to body to bring back information to Its home planet. In Its final leave, It becomes a part of a self-absorbed, hedonistic young man whose life, and the lives of many of those around him, becomes incredibly changed.

  • The First and the Last - Chapter 1

    Levi was a little surprised. Suddenly he realized that this wasn't even real. It was a fantasy. He was sitting in church. What was going on? The other boy suddenly looked very disappointed. Angry even. But it quickly faded, and he got that naughty grin again.

  • The First and the Last - Chapter 2

    "Listen you little punk! This is ours now. Got it?" he said, throwing Levi to ground. Levi cried out as he landed hard on his arm. He couldn't help it, this was too much - Levi started to cry. The three guys started to laugh, high-fiving each other. Levi started to get angry, and threw away all inhibitions. That was his, and he wasn't going to give it up without a fight. Still on the ground, he got hold of the nearest one and bit his ...

  • The First and the Last - Chapter 3

    Stephen hurried off. He was obviously disappointed. Michael watched him as he sped away - Stephen was actually pretty cute. Michael had never realized.

  • The First and the Last - Chapter 4

    Michael didn't reply, he simply moved his hand a bit higher, placing it on Levi's inner thigh. They both sat transfixed for a few minutes; enjoying the feel of each other. However, Levi was getting into it, and wanted more.

  • The First and the Last - Chapter 5

    Both boys had large smiles. Keeping his grasp on his lover, Mikey pulled their lips together. While massaging tongues, Levi could taste himself, mixed with Mikey. It was very satisfying.

  • The First and the Last - Chapter 6

    Shaking off the confusion, Levi did as he was told. "I have something for you, Mikey." He said, with a knowing grin. Presenting his hand, he showed the two lockets that were given to him by The Man.

  • The First and the Last - Chapter 7

    They were all so smooth. You could see their muscles, just barely. Some were hard, some were still hanging, but all were rather large. Levi didn't even know that penises came this big, or that his thought was a pun.

  • The First and the Last - Chapter 8

    Levi just watched, unsure of what to do. He was worried that Luke had told the truth and that thing inside her was doing something, but didn't know of any way to help - Or even if it was true.

  • Viral Enhancement XXI: Fair is Foul, and Foul is Fair

    Diego and Isaac search for a cure to MX19, but their inability to trust each other persists. Meanwhile two relationships are tested: Alex and Wes; Marc and Trevor.

  • Viral Enhancement XXII: The Many Faces of Daniel Morris

    These are the events that occur at Fort Holtwood from the perspective of Daniel Morris. The side effects of Daniel's near death experience may cause problems as new enemies begin to surface.

  • Viral Enhancemet XXII: Chronological Order

    This post is just for fun. The many faces of Daniel Morris showed Daniel experiencing 5 different consciousnesses in one body. This puts each "Daniel" in chronological order. I'm still working on something new, so don't expect anything you don't already know.

  • A Gift Turned Into More - Part 1

    Aaron has a gift and the Military want him. In more ways then one. Sorry no sex in this one. Saving it for Part 2. Hope you like.

  • A Gift Turned Into More - Part 2

    Aaron wakes up and founds out he has changed in more ways than one. Aarons' gifts are now his powers to live and love.

  • A Gift Turned Into More - Part 3

    It's been five months that Aaron and Ty have been together. Aaron's premonitions are hunting him because they are about Ty. Not only that there are a few twist for you guys as we.

  • A Gift Turned Into More - Part 4

    The Final Chapter.

  • A Loner's Retribution - Chapter 1

    A tortured teen is given a helpful device from a sympathetic student after being bullied for far too long.

  • A Loner's Retribution - Chapter 2

    Ryan goes and explores the possibilities he can do with his device, over at Tanner's place, while he's hanging out with his friends.

  • AGTIM - Part 6

    "Was it all a nightmare... or did it really happen? God what is going on with me?"

  • AGTIM - Part 7

    Aaron's Mother is gone and his father is missing. Aaron sets out to find answers but he finds out the truth about his father. (No sex Sorry)

  • AGTIM - Reopen aka part 5

    A Gift Turned Into More is now Reopened.

  • AGTIM Part 8 - Years

    One... Two... Three...

  • AGTIM Part 9 - Love

    "Who the hell are you?" I found my voice. "Baby, its me... Tylor" spoke the sexy god of a man. "Bull, where is he and answer my question. Who are you?"