• Aquata Cove - Chapter 62

    The Kenovani Pod is under attack from sea monsters! The members of the pod are scattered to the fight, to the escape, and to the survival.

  • Aquata Cove - Chapter 63

    After the battle of monsters has ended, the Kenovani seeks to regroup their numbers.

  • Aquata Cove - Chapter 64

    The Kenovani does all they can to find Merrick and Arnaav.

  • Aquata Cove - Chapter 65

    The eclipse has just about run its course.

  • Destined To Be C4

    A rushed Chapter, but still a important part of the story. Tony is getting more confused and still gets into danger. The words are finally said and soon they will fall into bed.

  • Fallen Into Hogwarts Chapter 4

    This all in Harry's Pov... His feelings and thoughts and it all seems to get hard, hard, hard. He is thinking much and Raven even Ron is a big part of it. Will he figure eveerything out or...

  • Fallen Into Hogwarts Chapter 5

    Things are moving along and things are heating up. Harry, Raven and Draco drama is on the go. A hidden room of magic and much more as things turn up side down

  • Lost in Disney Land 2

    Unni is still lost and trying to get home, he as now turned up in a new part of this strange world. New hunks to fuck and a lot of fantasy and adventures awaits. Magic is in the air and a dark plan is starting to become clear.

  • Sexy Fairy Tales: Prince Fair Skin

    The Classic story of Snow White gets a hot homoerotic make over in this sexy retelling as genders get bended and roles reversed. Enjoy and Happy Holidays to one and all!!!

  • Tryst at Troy 2

    I hadn't planned a sequel to "Tryst at Troy", but I got so many messages about it that I felt obligated. Herewith the second chapter, which introduces a new character into the mix.

  • A New Beginning, Chapter 1

    A story of a man on his journey in life.

  • A Penny For Charon

    A dying soldier seeks the boatman who will take him to hell.

  • A Proposition

    A fallen angel falls for a demon. The demon curses him, and now the angel can't stop cheating. You'll have to read it if you want more detail.

  • A Proposition Chapter 2

    Chapter 2 of the series. Sorry for the slow update, but my wifi has been off its rocker these past few days. Hope you enjoy!

  • A Series Of Horny Short Stories!

    A handful of steamy stories I wrote imaging myself in each scenario. I hope you enjoy them!

  • A Sharp Sword

    The first and second chapters in an story about the exploits and omnipresent sexual lives of a group gladiators.

  • A Sharp Sword - Part 2

    The second round in this sensual tournament. Victor is invited to Lord Rose's manor.

  • A Sharp Sword - Part 3

    A third round where experience and innocence tumble in bed. Derry goes to the brothel.

  • A Sharp Sword - Part 4

    Lord Rose finally has sex and it is with a new challenger. Also, an author's note on the things to come for the series.

  • Afternoon run

    This is my first story so, go easy. I am just trying to get a fantasy out that i have been dreaming of recently

  • Alpha Ch. Four

    Travis finally goes all the way.

  • Amnesia (Test)

    This story about couple who face the problem of one there partner gaining Amnesia.

  • Angel of the Darkness, Part 1

    Angel was on his way to meet Buffy. They had finally put their pride aside and admitted how they feel about each other...

  • Angel of the Darkness, Part 2

    Angel was awakened from his uncomfortable sleep by a kick to the ribs. He saw Drusilla standing over him. She was wearing her true face instead of the lovely one she had when she was mortal.

  • Angel of the Darkness, Part 3

    Seven hours to go. Seven hours until sundown. The time had passed relatively quickly for all. Spike and Drusilla were preparing for the ritual, while Buffy was preparing for the battle to come. In just seven hours, an event that might change them all forever was due to occur.

  • Anything but normal...

    Normal is rarely used in this world...

  • Apotheosis: Prelude

    An ancient power returns to ravage the world with destruction. Fueled by the power of lust, a dark age is approaching.

  • Aquata Cove - Chapter 1

    A young man in Hawaii goes to a secluded grotto to meet up with a very special someone. Love and passion compels the two men as they come together and share whatever moment they can have.

  • Aquata Cove - Chapter 10

    A Lunar Eclipse has come. For merpeople, this is a most wondrous night, as they are given the chance to find true love.

  • Aquata Cove - Chapter 11

    After Merrick has fallen in love with Adam, the unsuspecting human goes to find the this 'fish' that he spotted that night.