• Aquata Cove - Chapter 79

    An unfair ruling is made for the trial of the men who attacked Adam, and Merrick can feel his sanity slip from the apathetic madness that is human society.

  • Aquata Cove - Chapter 80

    Another day in the hospital with Adam in his coma, and more friends show up to show their love and support. Merrick tries to cope with his ravenous anger at and waning heart.

  • Aquata Cove - Chapter 81

    Slow and sorrowful recovery comes in small doses.

  • Memoirs of a Total Top - Part II

    The kid prepares me to surrender my hole--enthusiastically and proudly

  • Memoirs of a Total Top - Part III

    I learn how two men alone can fuck and be fucked at the same time

  • Night Terror

    The night terror never returned to me, but it had buried itself in my mind. As I grew older, I began to remember more. What was that, lying against my tummy? Was it the fuzz of a scrotum? Maybe the beast wanted something, but I was too afraid, and too young to recognize its erection. As a teenager, I would lie under my blanket, hand moving inside my white briefs, thinking of it. I even tried to conjure it, promising that I would do whatever depraved thing it wanted. But soon, somehow, my mind turned to girls, and the demon was forgotten. But tonight, 20 years later, something transpired that dredged up these ancient dreams and left me shaking.

  • Santa's Present

    I woke up on Christmas morning to find a nude 19 year old sitting on my sofa.

  • The White Wolf

    Liam Daines is not an ordinary high school senior. He is also a werewolf. His father is the only other werewolf he has ever known...until a group of strangers arrives in the small town of Wahya, North Dakota. Something is different about these teenagers, and Liam is determined to find out. But these strangers are not the only ones who capture Liam's attention. Liam becomes infatuated with the new boy in school, Will Summers. But, will he feel the same? **This isn't just a story about sex, athough yes it does happen more than once, so please don't expect it every chapter.

  • The White Wolf Ch. 2

    Today is the first day of school, and things are about to change for Liam, especially when someone new walks into his homeroom. *Sorry for the short description

  • The White Wolf Ch. 3

    Will and his parents have moved from the middle of nowhere, Oklahoma, to the middle of nowhere, North Dakota. Everything is the same except for now it's always going to be cold. Will is dreading starting his senior year at a new school. He has nothing to look forward to, no reason to go...or so he thinks.

  • The White Wolf Ch. 4

    It has been a week since school has started, and Liam has still not had a chance to talk to Will, so Alessa steps in and forces the two to talk. But, before the conversation can go too far, Liam runs out of the room, leaving his friends and Will shocked and confused.

  • The White Wolf Ch. 5

    Will is confused, and a little hurt, as to why Liam left in such a hurry. He needs to make a move, and fast. Luckily, Will is given just the opportunity when Mr. Daines assigns him to be partners with Liam on a class project. Will isn't sure what he's going to do, but he's damn sure he is going to do something.

  • The White Wolf Ch. 6

    After school Liam and Will walk to Will's house to get a head start on their project. Will is determined to start something between the two of them, anything, and Liam is worried about his ability to control his wolf while alone with Will. Can Will seduce Liam? Will Liam be able to keep control?

  • The White Wolf Ch. 7

    In the midst of being intimate, Liam and Will were interrupted by a confusing phone call from Liam's dad. Now full of worry, Liam has arrived back to his house thanks to Will, and what Liam will soon learn will set him on a path he knows nothing about.

  • Tryst at Troy 3

    It has been over a year since my last contribution, and for that I apologize. Life got away from me for a while, and I didn't have the time (or the inspiration) to write much. I hope you enjoy this entry. It may be the last in the series, but I haven't yet decided.

  • A New Beginning, Chapter 1

    A story of a man on his journey in life.

  • A Penny For Charon

    A dying soldier seeks the boatman who will take him to hell.

  • A Proposition

    A fallen angel falls for a demon. The demon curses him, and now the angel can't stop cheating. You'll have to read it if you want more detail.

  • A Proposition Chapter 2

    Chapter 2 of the series. Sorry for the slow update, but my wifi has been off its rocker these past few days. Hope you enjoy!

  • A Series Of Horny Short Stories!

    A handful of steamy stories I wrote imaging myself in each scenario. I hope you enjoy them!

  • A Sharp Sword

    The first and second chapters in an story about the exploits and omnipresent sexual lives of a group gladiators.

  • A Sharp Sword - Part 2

    The second round in this sensual tournament. Victor is invited to Lord Rose's manor.

  • A Sharp Sword - Part 3

    A third round where experience and innocence tumble in bed. Derry goes to the brothel.

  • A Sharp Sword - Part 4

    Lord Rose finally has sex and it is with a new challenger. Also, an author's note on the things to come for the series.

  • A Sharp Sword - Part 5

    Lord Rose deals with an uninvited guest.

  • Adventures of a Space Captain (pt. 1)

    Captain Schy crash lands on a deserted planet during a battle. Little does he know that the planet has more in store for him than he thought.

  • Adventures of a Space Captain (pt. 2)

    Captain Schy is in for another surprise... of the eight legged kind.

  • Adventures of a Space Captain (pt. 3)

    Captain Schy wakes up to a kind stranger... one who will tell him what he needs to know about his new life on the Forbidden Planet.

  • Adventures of a Space Captain (pt. 4)

    Captain Schy is awakened by a beast of epic proportions...

  • Adventures of a Space Captain (pt. 5)

    Captain Schy grows hungry with everything that's been happening. Be careful what you wish for...