• Corbin Fisher: Aaron

    Corbin Fisher: Aaron

    Porn newcomer Aaron is gorgeous, and I really don't know where to start. His beautiful face? His kissable lips? His beefy thighs? His rolling shoulders and strong back? Or his thick cock? On top of everything else, 18-year-old Aaron is a natural. He pleasures his hefty cock as if the camera isn't even there. He works hard for his nut and I had fun watching him do it.

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  • Corbin Fisher: Owen

    Corbin Fisher: Owen

    Bearded stud Owen didn't want to wait to get his ass fucked, he brought a dildo along to his first Corbin Fisher session. And with the sex toy buried in his hole, Owen enjoys it and edges himself and really lets the spunk build up from his nuts.

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  • Gemini Men: Steven's Audtion

    Gemini Men: Steven's Audtion

    Steven is a tall straight guy with some of the hairiest armpits I've seen in a while. He handsome and sports a bit of chin scruff. Like a lot of guys, he's wanted to make a porno, so he hit up Gemini Men. His dick is uncut and long and skinny when he gets it hard. And boy, does he shoot a big load -- his torso is covered from pubes to chest.

    There's one really funny part in Steven's video. He's completely naked and following the producer's directions to flex and whatnot, then he turns around. "Bend over," says the director. Steven not only bends over but spreads his cheeks without being asked. How'd he know that was coming next?

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  • Ken Tugs On His Big Cock

    Ken Tugs On His Big Cock

    Ken is 23 years old -- ah, who gives a fuck ... the stud has a big dick and a huge pair of heavy nuts. That's all that matters, right? He's been saving up his load for his first jack-off video at Active Duty. After slowly tugging on his big dick, Ken picks up the pace, and a minute later, he gives the warning, "I'm about to cum." Then he unloads on his thigh and oozes thick jizz through his fingers. What a mess!

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  • Next Door Male: Johnny Hill

    Next Door Male: Johnny Hill

    There's nothing hotter than a South Carolina accent, it's my favourite out of all the Southern states. Johnny Hill is handsome and muscular, so he's already very easy on the eyes, but his slow, lazy drawl gives us another dose of sexiness. He's got a good-sized dick and a big pair of nuts and he knows how to put on a teasing show. Wait until you see him biting his lip and winking at us. Fuck! This stud is hot and I'm hoping he's going to be the next big thing in Pornland.

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  • Robbie Rivers Loves To Bottom

    Robbie Rivers Loves To Bottom

    Chaos Men doesn't usually film experienced porn hunks, but there have been a few. Robbie Rivers isn't exactly a household name in Pornland, but he has a dozen or so videos under his belt. Site owner Bryan Ockert has been wanting to mix things up and liked Robbie's work, so he invited to come down to Austin. Robbie loves to bottom and Ockert promises he'll be back next week doing some fucking with a real cock.

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  • Enzo's 8-Blast Cumshot

    Enzo's 8-Blast Cumshot

    Enzo is a 21-year-old sailor. He's drop dead gorgeous, don't you think? Wait, it gets better. Enzo peels off his clothes and slides his thick foreskin up and down his stiffening shaft. After a dozen pulls and he's rock hard with a bulging cock head. He sits in the chair and slowly strokes his hard-on. And when he finally cums, his dick shoots eight blasts of cum onto his pecs and abs. This boy is really empties his nuts -- he's drenched. Come inside and see it.

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  • Handsome Muscle Stud Nick Harper

    Handsome Muscle Stud Nick Harper

    Nick Harper works out at the gym almost every day and he's got the body to prove it. Beautiful carved pecs, lean waist and ripped abs, tight legs and a sexy butt. This handsome stud just filmed his first jack-off video for Gay Hoopla. He followed it up quickly with his first fuck session too. Nick says that he's only kissed a guy, but nothing else. Well, not anymore. Nick has just sucked his first dick, gotten head from a guy, and fucked a dude's ass. Really hard and deep, by the way. And his bottom loves his huge cock.

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  • Active Duty: Fernando

    Active Duty: Fernando

    It feels like I've seen Fernando somewhere before, although I can't place him. But he's brand new over at Active Duty, and geez, he's got a heavy-hanging cock. Growers are always wonderfully surprising, but there's nothing like a big dick just hanging around waiting to get hard. But maybe it's an optical illusion because Fernando is only 5'7" and shorties with respectably-sized dicks always look well hung. Judge for yourself.

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  • Brock's Thick Cock Is A Wild Shooter

    Brock's Thick Cock Is A Wild Shooter

    Brock's cock is fatter around than it is long. He's six inches long and six-and-a-half inches around. Yikes! I love a fat cock, even better than a long one. A couple of months ago, Brock did a JO video for Spunkworthy and now he's back getting his thick dick stroked on the massage table. Brock thrusts his hips gently rising in and out of Jason's fist and when he's close he pants a symphony of oh fucks. Then his dick explodes and sails two squirts of jizz clear over his shoulder and onto the floor. Wow!

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