• Black Hotel Employee

    I have never told you about Daniel. There is a reason for that. Daniel is a sweet little twenty year old who I have been sucking for a couple of years. I met him through a friend. Daniel had gotten into some serious trouble with the law at the age of eighteen. He is on probation. Daniel and I hit it off well. He's a very handsome, naive young man who likes to act older and more worldly than he is.

  • I Really Think He Liked It

    For the last year or so, I've been trying to seduce a young man named Darrel. He's a twenty year old black wanna be thug from Chicago who is trying to figure out who he is and where he is going in life.

  • In Front of His Best Friend

    yesterday Jose called me and asked me for a ride across town. His car is broken and he's been calling a lot. Jose said that he had his Mexican friend with him and said in Spanish "two for you." I was excited. The thought of two Latino cocks excited me. Would I get them one at a time or both at once? Would one try to fuck my ass and one try to fuck me mouth? Would they want me to do them separately or in the same room? I hurried to the trailer court where I needed to go to pick up Jose.

  • Jon American Indian Part 2

    A casual encounter suddenly turns completely weird.

  • Jons American Indian Part 4

    Jons warrior wants much more than a simple blowjob.

  • Jons American Indian, part 3

    Jons casual encounter has turned into a mind bending time travel trip.

  • Opposites Attract - Part 2

    Craig and Joe have their first sexual encounter. Joe is discovering his submissive tendencies.

  • Opposites Attract - Part One

    The story of a rocky relationship between a white and Black man.

  • Rooming House Thug Dick 1

    He fucked my mouth and throat so hard that I had tears running down my face. Just when I thought I could take no more, he exploded with another tangy load of seed. I guzzled it down.

  • Rooming House Thug Dick 2

    He pulled out his big cock and instantly I was staring at it. He jacked it up and down in front of me. I asked him how long he was going to play with it. He said "Till you quit staring at it. Gimme $30 and buy me some beer and you can suck it. You like how it look."

  • Rooming House Thug Dick 3

    Later than evening Ray was washing up at a sink in the upstairs apartment. I had dozed off and as I woke up, I saw the soft incandescent light cascading down his beautiful light-skinned, naked African American body. It looked like a sculpture in motion. I quietly watched him wash every part of himself with a wash cloth. The simple beauty of watching a handsome man clean himself was breathtaking. As he finished I closed my eyes.

  • The Honduran Janitor

    Yes, you did read the title correctly. This new trick is from Honduras. For those who follow my escapades, you'd think all that I ever suck is black guys.

  • The Stable Groom - Part 1

    I had just celebrated my 20th birthday and had recently come out of the closet about my sexuality. I had decided I was gay at an early age, 10 years old to be exact and I had had my fair share of sexual experiences. Starting with boys my own age and moving up to men as I found out the pleasure of big thick cocks that produce precum and cum.

  • The Stable Groom - Part 2

    A shadow darkened the doorway and Dancer shied against me, looking up I saw Hoss (Albert) standing in the doorway, he grinned lewdly as he fondled himself boldly.

  • The Stable Groom - Part 4

    A few days later I managed to catch up on all the work I'd let lapse and my butthole had recovered from the huge 13" cock that Hoss had pushed up me. I also hadn't had sex since Jorge had presented me with his very talented man pussy and I was as randy as a tom cat in a new suburb.

  • A Blowjobs Afternoon

    So I pulled my lips off this short, fat cock and waited until he pulled back. When he pulled back, my cock followed his cock through the hole into his booth. I didn't have to wait long to feel those hot lips on my cock. I didn't need to cum right away. I expected to be here for quite a while. When I tried to pull back, he just held on to my cock and kept sucking. I blew a big load and heard him swallow it all down.

  • A Couple Days of Passion

    Two friends find love.

  • A Dark and Stormy Night

    Mark finds out that the weather can be so hot when it's raining.

  • A Dark And Stormy Night Dries Off

    Laying there, sated, full and holding my new lover's cum in place with a butt plug, I wondered what was next.

  • A Dark And Stormy Night Expands

    My new Daddy, Derrick, teaches me that love is as changeable as the weather.

  • A Dark and Stormy Night Gets Wetter

    My chance encounter on a rainy night gets even wetter.

  • A Day at the Gloryhole

    I had a day off and the wife Barbara was out of town. I was sitting at home looking at porn on the internet and decided it would be fun to go to an adult bookstore and see some action in the flesh. Even though I was straight I loved watching other guys jack off through a gloryhole.

  • A fantasy

    A walk in the woods.

  • A High Country Tale: Chapter 1

    An Interracial Love Story

  • A High Country Tale: Chapter 2 A Mighty Diamond Beat Down

    Gay Interracial love story with black on white scenarios, public sexual scenes, celebrity appearances, and long term relationship basis. Daddy/Boy hook up

  • A High Country Tale: Chapter 3 - Part 1 The Mighty Tungsten Tuberosity

    An Interracial Love Story - The steady mouth strokes distracted me until the tip of his piece tentatively brushed against the ass ring he targeted. Those nipple tippling fingers erotically fucked his mouth, collecting enough spit to smear the engorged dickhead's entry into my warm and waiting chute. His favorite sexual pastime...fucking.

  • A High Country Tale: Chapter 4 Pound Cakes

    Erotic anonymous chance meeting with slim ebony stud

  • A High Country Tale: Chapter 5 Caribbean Chicken Delight

    Interracial Three-way Relationship, outdoor sex, Daddy-Son sequences, mythical creature interaction

  • A night at the inn

    A young foreign student needs cash in Tokyo, and will do anything to get it...

  • A River's Bluff

    Summer Camping Trip - After gathering his wits, How shed his drenched clothing, exposing a leanly dark swimmer's body, spreading it next to his lonesome hiking boot on the small beach-like upper curve where the river cascaded down.