• A fantasy come true

    An experiance I would like to repeat!!!

  • A Sharp-ish Sword

    A story of young lust. The tumbling of smooth and handsome bodies. The birth of characters. A prequel to A Sharp Sword series but a full story in itself.

  • Bosses son

    Just me & the bosses 16 year old son.

  • Bunk Buddies

    Two friends discuss the time that one of them did a stretch in prison...

  • College Biology Instrutor Gives 19-Year-Old Student Anatomy Lesson

    Chaz, a very naive college freshman on the wrestling team, becomes very curious and excited the day his community college professor, Mr. Jones, in a Biology class covers the chapter on the male sexual functions including why some guys are gay. After class, Mr. Jones teaches Chaz about man on man sex. This is a hot story of fiction.

  • Deep Forbidden Desires #1

    Longing and lust over take two young men

  • Deep Forbidden Desires #2

    Is Alex really hard or loving to Mike?

  • El Mendigo ( Beggar)

    Each day they ring my doorbell and beg for handouts but this day was different in many ways.

  • For Jack

    Jack Sofelot an excellent writer, put me in a story, so i returned the favor. Read as a teen who thought he was straight, may not be so much when hunky sub teacher walks into class!

  • Fresh Start Pt.1

    This is a story transferred from my old account, I have the second part on this account, so I thought I'd just post it on this one as well

  • Fresh Start pt.2

    The tale continues

  • GibTown Grabber (GG1)

    In Gibsonton, Florida, the circus carny vacation destination and winter home, there is a man with an interesting story, he is the so-called 'GibTown Grabber'. A reporter in search of an interesting feature, seeks this man, out, and gets the story of a lifetime.

  • Gym Sexcapade With Field

    This is my fantasy of having sex for the first time with a high school bully in an almost abandoned gym. Mild D/s alert(Lots of verbal humiliation). Enjoy!

  • Helping out my Uncle

    Brothers Matt and Cody agree to help their Uncle after his divorce but end up helping him out in an unexpected way.

  • Hot Young Cop Entices His Former Professor for Sex

    Twenty-six-year-old police officer Randy has had the hots for his former law enforcement professor ever since he was an 18-year-old college freshman in the professor's class. Eight years later, as a cop, he manages to seduce his former professor for a night of raunchy sex and a big secret.

  • My cousin and I

    My younger cousin and I have an experience that neither of us will ever forget.

  • My Hot Night in Bed with my Best Friend

    My best friend since 6th grade invited me to visit him for the weekend in the city where he was a first year medical student. It was during my first night visiting Gerald that something really hot happened that night in bed that I never though possible. SEX, SEX and more SEX

  • Private Gloryhole - Chapter Nine

    Snatiago and I are alone for the weekend with nothing to do but utilize the gloryhole. Santiago and I are alone for the weekend with nothing to do but utilize the gloryhole.

  • Restaurant Bathroom / Park Glory Hole

    (Justin Part One)

  • Returning Home

    David had been away for four years but his return seemed to be as it was when he left.

  • Stuart's First time

    First time gay fuck in gym, blowjob, bareback

  • The Brother-in-law

    My wife's sudden death in a car accident threw me into a tailspin of depression and an inability to take care of my own basic needs. My Brother-in- Law came to help me. He saved my life in more ways that one.


    Greg gives the man across the way another show and two brothers fill him with multiple loads of cum.

  • The Gamble p1

    Young man finds himself in debt to his rival

  • The Gamble p2

    Steven poorly attempts to forget what happened whilst Barry plots the next encounter

  • The night I was taken

    I posted an earlier, unedited draft just before this corrected version....sorry about that.

  • The Nudists

    blowjobs and swallowing


    Two former college room mates reunite 10 years later.

  • Wet Dream

    I wrote this as if the reader is the one writing it

  • What have I done?

    sucking dick story