• A Brat's Baptism

    Growing up around sailors and ships, immersed in a sea of masculinity, a boy is indoctrinated into the sacred mystery... igniting a life-long infatuation with cock.

  • Adorable Love-Guru's Advice - Part 2

    This is about my first time experience of touching a (male) semi-naked body. My roommate, sexy, smooth and cute guy was super horny last night after my intimate moments with him while watching a TV show (in the first part of story). Later, I found him masturbating on the adjacent bed when his body movements woke me up. His pink nipples and smooth body made me go wild and I lost self-control. Follow the blog to read the complete story with illustrative images of my first physical intimate moments with my roommate.

  • Alex Sucks Cock for the 1st Time

    Alex's first time with a guy (me) involved me sucking him off, his second time involved fucking me. Now, Alex had the courage to suck his first cock. I used a little honey to sweeten my cock for him to suck on.

  • Alex's First Threesome

    Having a threesome with 2 guys was on Alex's Bucket list, I arranged for a threesome at Birdie Beach (a nude and very private beach). I wasn't sure how much Alex would participate but he got right in there and love it!!!

  • An Admirer

    It was a new school, one that seemed intolerable. Then the notes started.

  • Calvin

    a 3-some

  • Curious

    Certain events in my life made me curious about having sex with another male.

  • Curious Part 2

    My curiosity gets stronger as Duke and I share a bed.

  • Hooked on cock

    I went on line looking for someone to help me with my curiosity. I was contacted by several guys but this one guy, Kevin was small enough not to choke me so I picked him to suck. He was younger than me, only twenty four.

  • In the Shower

    My name is John. I'm nineteen years old and in college living away from home for the first time in my life. I've dated the same girl since I was fifteen and Wendy is thrilled that I'm now home for the summer. The problem is, I had my first gay experience while away and as much as I love her, these experiences were hot as hell and I get hard just thinking about them.

  • Lost Bet

    young man finds his sex life

  • My first time - getting friendly with Rick

    A true story of my first gay experiences - I still lie in bed wanking over this relationship today

  • scratching an itch

    male sex

  • Sucking off William

    My new 19yo Aussie roommate looks fantastic in his speedos, I finally got him in the hottub and out of his speedos.

  • The Babysitters 1: Jake and Derek

    Hot stud Derek is spending 2 weeks at Jake's house.

  • The New Cowboy

    Tom is a farm boy who meets his new neighbor. Would could happen?

  • The Topless Club

    wife visits a topless club

  • Touch Therapy - Part 2

    A story of two guys who became roommates, and then became Friends, which eventually converted in to love. This incident from their love story, which is taken from weekly eDiary of the Guy published on https://desimunda.wordpress.com/ shows how powerful human touch is to strengthen the bonding between two hearts. This is concluding part of the series with this title.

  • Vinnie

    My cousin Vinnie and I used to jerk off together while looking at our dads' porno magazines. We started jacking off together when we were just barely old enough to ejaculate. The next year, we were both able to shoot even big loads and we were fascinated with our cum.

  • Wise beyond his years

    A 50 year old executive's fantasy unexpectedly becomes a reality.

  • "Afternoon at Jay's" Part 4

    Max takes a break to enjoy some island cuisine, a nap and a swim. Soon, the late afternoon will begin to heat up for him again. Will his body be ready and willing? Will it be able to survive?

  • "Afternoon at Jay's" Part 3

    The health club has three owners, and each has pleasured Max, breaking down his barriers. Where will they take him next? If you missed Part 2, it is in "encounters."

  • "Afternoon at Jay's, Part 1"

    Max arrives at a Carribean island to recouperate from a nasty divorce, and gets more than he bargained for when he stops for a massage.

  • "Afternoon at Jay's," Part 6

    Max will be returning home to the states. What lies ahead for the four hunks who have changed each other's lives forever?

  • "Afternoon at Jay's," Part 5

    Is Max safe? Will he recover? And will Jay reveal his deep yearning for Max?

  • "Athletic" modelling

    Bryan is approached to do some modelling, and leads him to try a lot more....

  • "Hey man, whatcha doin'?" (HMW)

    ...before stopping at the base, squeezing hard, before he resumes his gliding, back up its length. After traveling the full length of my tool, one time, he spreads the discharged juice he pumped from my inner most depths across the mushroomed head of my cock. I hear myself, gasp, at the sensitivity of my member. "That's a nice seepage of juice, you got there, bud," Keaton says to me.

  • "HEY, MAC!" (HE)

    "You need help with this?" I ask as I roughly grab his cock, catching him, unawares, while gently stroking mine as I gaze up at him. I squeeze him, tight, his hard equipment, pulses in my grip. It seduces me with it appealing stiffness between his still wet and water-soaked legs.

  • "The Gift," Part 1

    Denny returns to school to land a new job after being 'downsized,' but discovers that college has changed since he earned his first degree.

  • "The Gift," Part 2

    Denny and Liam get down to business, and pleasure. But what's up with the restrooms at the college?