Living in a small town can be both a blessing and yes it can also be a curse. But sometimes a hot fuck can come from a least expected person......

  • A Pill A Day

    What happens when a man accidentally swallow down his visiting father's Viagra pill just before heading off to work? The result is a hot encounter in the Men's Room with a sexy co-worker at the workplace. Thanks for reading. Comments welcome.


    A younger work mate asks for new type of training exercise.

  • Adventure - Chapter 2

    Chapter 2, the story about a young gay male coming out in New Orleans.

  • Asleep on the Couch - Alabama (AS2)

    Sean's cock forms a small droplet of cum on its head and drops its dollop, another one forms as the other one reaches the hard wood of the floor.

  • Asleep on the Couch - The Hotel Room (AS3)

    I am now naked; I fondle my own cock, just because I want to touch myself. This time I am not worried nor do I hide my own arousal from him. He saw my hardened stiff cock in the water of the pool while we both watched the sixty-nined display of...

  • Asleep on the Couch - The Introduction (AS1)

    New Series. New Characters. - - He gets up from his chair and bends over, exposing his ass, which causes his low-hanging balls to descent between the hairy shaped V of his legs and ass-crack.

  • Asleep on the Couch - The Shop (AS4)

    He cups his cum heavy filled balls with both of his hands while he stands across from me in front of the table. The little rounds globes of man-juice are pulled up tight to his cock, he has replenished quickly from his fuck earlier and is ready to go at it again but men his age are ready to go again, within minutes, if they are not completely satisfied.

  • Boy's First Time-Chapter 1

    Two friends realize they are attracted to each other, on a Friday night sleepover.

  • Boys First Time - Chapter 3

    Chapter 3 of my old stories that were posted on another website, they are mine I wrote them years ago.

  • Boys First Time -Chapter 2.

    Continuation of chapter 1.

  • Butch and Billlie, two straight guys, Make Steamy Gay Sex in the Store Break Room

    When big Butch tells Billie about his fucking hot sex with Billie's brother Mickey and cousin Hank at lunch in the store break room, all hell breaks loose as Billie grabs Butch's crotch and goes after his growing cock.

  • Cock Worshipper Part 4

    The time I hooked-up with a lad called Hutchy in someone's backyard and how it opened up other unexpected opportunities for cock worship.

  • Cock Worshipper Part 5

    The night I first hooked up with a posh lad called David Hetherington who let me worship his cock before pushing my face lower down and between his legs.

  • Cock Worshipper Part 6

    A lad in my PE class confronts me about what's going on between me and Hutchy and suggests the two of us meet up in the toilets after school...

  • Finding Out I Like It

    I find out that I like cum when stopping at a rest stop on the way home from work.

  • first summer

    The first summer home after a year away at college and Neal had some catching up to do.

  • First Time Fucked

    I barely recognized who I saw there; a sex-crazed teenager excited over the hope of fulfilling a long held fantasy.

  • Going Pro......Part 3

    After Bo goes pro, we find more than expected.

  • Going Pro.....Part 2

    My best bud and I continue our exploration of man play.

  • I Loved Being A Cock Tease...Got Taught A FUN Lesson

    Story Of How I Lost My Cherry As A Teen

  • Leading the Blind

    That late fall a new regular passenger showed up on the bus. Looks wise he was a total looker. 5'9" or so, solid toned body, beautiful ass, oh and had a white cane to guide him around. Yeah, he was blind. Still, unless he had some sixth sense, I could watch him to my heart's content, and not fear getting caught.

  • Leading the Blind part 2

    I woke up to nature calling. I felt the warm breath of someone on my neck. Disoriented, it took me a moment or two to place where I was.

  • Life's Expectations - Chapter 27 - For Your Entertainment

    This chapter stuff will happen that will effect long term. Like you'll know exactly what happened to Gage and his ear. Finally I'll even be able to get into the theater part of the story! I loves me some theater!

  • Maybe even you

    The wind blew the rain in gusts so that it was coming at me sideways, striking me face on, Most unusual for L.A. It was cold. Biting. And hard driven. There were no hustlers for sale on the meat rack tonight.