• An online meeting turns into MM sex

    A workday meeting for coffee ends up at this strangers house and our first male male sex session with explosive orgasms.

  • BestFriend #1

    Me and my bestfriend have known eachother since birth and today we become better friends.

  • Eighteen Wheels

    Unexpected events in one's life can lead to drastic changes in his lifestyle.

  • Eighteen Wheels - Part 2

    The Marine hitchhiker i picked up mademe realize my curiosity about sex with another male.

  • Eighteen Wheels - Part 3

    After searching my inner self, i taste my first cock.

  • Eighteen Wheels - Part 4

    A decision is made.

  • First Anal

    Bareback fuck for the first time

  • First Cum Swallow

    First Cum Swallow

  • From a virgin to a whore

    £ older guys take a 16 year old virgin and give him a good time.

  • Helton Hardware Store

    Brad first full time job

  • Mayday

    Waking up naked next to my best friend...... what could go wrong

  • My best friend Mike

    After 6 years of being best friends Mike and I took our friendship to a totally different level.

  • Red Speedo

    My sister's boyfriend fucks his first butt...

  • Sins of the Father

    Father and son share a moment

  • Sucked by someone's grandpa

    I was into older guys so I was excited to have had this message from him, I didn't know what to expect but I relied saying I was free but had college first.

  • The Beginning

    Marvin and I had fooled around before but that was only like dry humping and stuff. So while we were in bed, we started talking and eventually got around to who was the hottest chick in school and silly kid stuff like that. One thing led to another and I asked Marvin, "Have you ever jacked off before?". He said, "Ya." And I said, "So have I."

  • The first time Owen And I fucked

    Fucking at school

  • Today is the day

    High school kids moves away, gets his shit together goes to college and finds himself and realizes dick isn't so bad.

  • "Afternoon at Jay's" Part 4

    Max takes a break to enjoy some island cuisine, a nap and a swim. Soon, the late afternoon will begin to heat up for him again. Will his body be ready and willing? Will it be able to survive?

  • "Afternoon at Jay's" Part 3

    The health club has three owners, and each has pleasured Max, breaking down his barriers. Where will they take him next? If you missed Part 2, it is in "encounters."

  • "Afternoon at Jay's, Part 1"

    Max arrives at a Carribean island to recouperate from a nasty divorce, and gets more than he bargained for when he stops for a massage.

  • "Afternoon at Jay's," Part 6

    Max will be returning home to the states. What lies ahead for the four hunks who have changed each other's lives forever?

  • "Afternoon at Jay's," Part 5

    Is Max safe? Will he recover? And will Jay reveal his deep yearning for Max?

  • "Athletic" modelling

    Bryan is approached to do some modelling, and leads him to try a lot more....

  • "Hey man, whatcha doin'?" (HMW)

    ...before stopping at the base, squeezing hard, before he resumes his gliding, back up its length. After traveling the full length of my tool, one time, he spreads the discharged juice he pumped from my inner most depths across the mushroomed head of my cock. I hear myself, gasp, at the sensitivity of my member. "That's a nice seepage of juice, you got there, bud," Keaton says to me.

  • "HEY, MAC!" (HE)

    "You need help with this?" I ask as I roughly grab his cock, catching him, unawares, while gently stroking mine as I gaze up at him. I squeeze him, tight, his hard equipment, pulses in my grip. It seduces me with it appealing stiffness between his still wet and water-soaked legs.

  • "The Gift," Part 1

    Denny returns to school to land a new job after being 'downsized,' but discovers that college has changed since he earned his first degree.

  • "The Gift," Part 2

    Denny and Liam get down to business, and pleasure. But what's up with the restrooms at the college?

  • "The Gift," Part 3

    Can Denny balance Liam and Anthony, his college classes, and rescuing a vulnerable lad?

  • "The Gift," Part 4

    Denny discovers secrets about Hal's past, and explores his future with Anthony.