• 18yo Aussie Tom's First Time

    I received a fan email from an 18yo high school swimmer from Sydney saying he wanted to try anal for the first time. How could I turn down that kind of offer? Tom is gorgeous and our first time together involved my fuck buddy Alex, three Aussie guys getting it on in speedos. It was really hot!!!

  • A Hooker I'm Not-

    For me it was at an airport. I once went to the DFW airport because I'd heard there were hookers working the bars of the big hotels there. I was in a hotel bar when I figured out that there were no hookers around. The place was kinda deserted and I ended up sitting at the bar beside a guy named Frank from Chicago. He bought me drink and we chatted for a couple of minutes about sports and what have you and then told me, "I came down to the bar for a blowjob." When I told him, "Good luck. There's no hookers around," he just laughed and said, "No dummy, you're gonna do it." I kept shaking my head, "NO," but I still got up when he did and followed him to the elevator and on up to his room. Needless to say, Frank had me pegged and I learned something about myself that changed my life.

  • A Timid Heart

    Paul felt isolated, alone made all the more intense by his fears.

  • AndrĂ©

    The two of us got along pretty well and I would spend some time at his house watching his big screen TV and messing around in his garage work shop. Even though he was 6-years older than I was André didn't seem to have a problem hanging around with a 19 year old. We would talk about stuff.

  • Another First Time Ch. 01

    Recruited to use feigned first-time sex in spying, Trent's first assignment is pumping info and being pumped in Bermuda

  • Another First Time Ch. 02

    Going under the horse-hung arms trafficker English and Pakistani horsemen in England

  • Another First Time Ch. 03

    Trent flies a flight steward, serves a waiter and is spiked spiking a German-Russian chemical deal in Austria

  • Another First Time Ch. 04

    Trent spreads his legs for a terrorist's gun in Turkey.

  • Another First Time Ch. 05

    Trent is sold as a virgin by a sex slaver and debauched by a Greek sex photographer on Mykonos

  • Another First Time Ch. 06

    Trent sets sex tease trap for defector on Black Sea ship.

  • Another First Time Ch. 07

    Trent gang banged on a pool table by UN soldiers in Cyprus, Chinese mastered, and gambled away in Macao

  • Chris and I, our first time

    Just a story of a straight guy and the guy that lusts after him, when one helps the other

  • Dropping the Bottle Opener

    A straight lad is surprised when his gay friend admits that he fantasizes about him.

  • First meeting with Master

    Old sub finally gets his chance to realize his dreams and finds a Master.

  • Giving a helping hand

    My neighbour asks for a hand with his decorating but we never did get the painting done. He did bring me out o my shell though

  • Home For The Weekend

    Two college juniors are home for the weekend. One is openly gay and happy with his life. The other has a lot on his mind, and coming home has brought all these thoughts to the front of his mind. How will things progress for each over the weekend? Will things clear up, or will they become more confusing than ever? I'm new to writing this kind of genre, so all your feedback is greatly appreciated! I separated out each character's POV for this chapter, but not yet sure how I'm going to do that in the future. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

  • Home For The Weekend (Part 2)

    It's the night of Brock's party. Neither Brock nor Liam have been able to get the other off their mind. Will they find a connection, or will one of them push the other away?

  • I swallowed

    "Oh god," I gasped when I saw his beautiful cock. It was over seven inches long and very thick with well-proportioned reddish/purple head that glistened with pre-cum and a maze of thick veins. He was already erect and I wasn't disappointed at what I saw. Reverently I reached out and took his erection in my hand and started stroking it. His cock felt great, so warm and firm. I was shaking with excitement, his cock was right in front of my face so I just lent forward and brushed my lips across its velvety head.

  • It all started with a bet (part 2)

    Steve visited again. He wasn't alone this time.


    What happens when two, young muscular Cubans with 13 inch donkey dicks kipnapps you and want your money and your ass, and you are a Straight virgin?

  • Life changing

    As soon as I got to my room I called the front desk and ask for a massage to help me sleep. In less than an hour there was a knock at the door. When I opened it there was a guy standing there. He said, "You asked for a massage sir,

  • My College Buddy's 18 year-old Son

    My college buddy's son came to stay with me for a while. Guess what happened.

  • My Friend Wes

    When a girl-girl scene came on screen Wes started going a lot faster and breathing differently. I think I was aware that something was coming up and that this wouldn't be the same old stuff. When he was ready to shoot, Wes reached up, grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down to his cock. To my surprise I opened my mouth and let him stick his dick in it.

  • New Kid in the Hood

    "You son of bitch!" I yelled, spitting Allen's cum from my mouth. "You squirted that shit down my throat you asshole," I continued sputtering grabbing my T-shirt from the bed, using it as a wipe to clear the remnants of jizz from my mouth, "what the fucks wrong with you?"

  • Reminiscing

    Steve then told me straight out that he was gay and I didn't have any problem with it. But I was a little curious so I just asked him about being gay...what it was like, but nothing he said really shocked me. And I was getting turned on when he started talking about sexual stuff.

  • Size Does Matter

    I thought we'd just jack each other off like we use to but when Quandrell unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his Levis and unzipped his fly and then eased his pants down, his massive cock sprang up and stood quivering between us and something came over me. His cock had grown a good three inches or more during the course of our senior year. It was at least eight uncut inches plus of thick shaft with a reddish/purple head with rigid cords running its length. I stepped toward him, stopping with his cock wavering back and forth only inches from my face. His cock was so much bigger than my five inches, I was mesmerized. I was so surprised I couldn't quit staring at it as I stroked it. I remember thinking, "Damn his dick is heavy.

  • The Boss

    He is so young and handsome, I can't keep my eyes off him. Damn, I'm his boss......

  • The locker room

    My first anal experience

  • The Proposition: A virgin's tale

    The story of a naive virgin from Texas and his first time experiences with sex, love, and discovering the nature of men. When an older man approaches him with an offer can he really refuse?

  • The Rainbow Lounge

    When I was eighteen years old, I heard a rumor that Rainbow Lounge a bar on the other side of Fort Worth was a gay bar. I'd always had 'urges' to have sex with a man but was always scared of trying. My older brother was overseas in the army and I had his driver's license and I looked enough like him for it to pass inspection. So after thinking about it for a couple days, I got brave enough to go to the Rainbow Lounge.