• 1st Adult Bookstore Arcade Experience

    True recalling of my 1st encounter at an arcade in Memphis, Tennessee

  • An intense encounter

    High school guy has his first gay experience with his friends older brother.

  • Bobby

    Teaching a young twink the joys of getting his pretty cock sucked . . . and sucked . . .

  • Every Love Has a Silverlining: 2. Into the water

    Meeting new friends and much more...

  • Every Love Has a Silverlining: 3. Breakdown Party

    When Riario refuses Micah's request, Micah runs into Keeghan's arms.

  • Every Love Has a Silverlining: 4. Cock Fight

    Riario and thierry have a fist fight over Micah and Riario's confession.

  • Hot Twinks Have First Gay Sex at Outdoor Movie Theater

    Nineteen-year-old teenagers' Chase and Stefan had become best friends over the past two-months while working as delivery guys for a building supply company. At the end of the work week on a Saturday, they decided to catch a xxx adult movie at the local drive-in theater. The steamy sex on the screen caused them to succumb to the animal urges for man sex as horny young studs in the van as they watched the xxx movie.

  • Hypno therapy for assholes

    The name of this subject is Khile Normance, he is a well built young man with a toned muscular physique. He has black hair and brown eyes, I didn't now his crotch size at this time so i wont say. The man had a piercing in his left nose witch always cought my attention

  • More Sand Sex & Suntan Lotion (P2)

    Dredging up from my foggy memory are the continuation of more stories at Swanbourne Beach. My education during my early visit's to the beach I think where mostly voyeurism.

  • More Sand Sex & Suntan Lotion (P3)

    I imagine by now your thinking I am all TOP but wasn't always the way...........

  • MY First Cross-dress experience: Simply Awesome

    My first crossdressing story

  • My First Time

    my first homosexual encounter with my roommate

  • Out of the Broom Closet (OBC)

    "It's a cock, a guy's cock, that is quite hard, I might add, isn't it? It's quite an impressive cock, too, isn't it?" he asks. "Yes, it is, Sir," I answer, as I conscientiously adjust the pulsing bulge in my slacks, feeling a kinship with the magnificent piece, as most men, surely would. "His nuts are quite hairy, too..."

  • Peter's Dad

    A nearly forty year old man is reunited with a son he has not seen since birth, when he is the only available kidney donor for the ailing young man.

  • Ranch Hand Boss

    The Hockey game was great as the 2 of them got back to their room shortly pass 10 30 pm. Colt was all excited when Alex come out of the bathroom wearing his white FOTL Briefs with a littler semi on.

  • Romance: Michael and Kenny Chapter 12

    A straight young professor doing research on Nooksack tribal customs meets the man of his dreams.

  • Shanghai Silk

    The experience of being initiated in China, bound by red silk, leads to Chad's building of a South Carolina porn enterprise empire.

  • The Initiation of Raymond

    Raymond was a nieve, really nice young man, and he was about to become initiated into the world of different kind of sex and love. Still a virgin in every way He was longing to learn something about life and I was there to help him learn.

  • The Library

    "Fine." I go across the bookshelf and behind it I take out a pillow. He looks at me in suprise. "What? I told you I was here a lot." I smile at him, gaping at his chest line. "I said nothing!" lifting his strong biseps in the air. Why am I noticing this things?

  • The Park Man - Chapter 2

    Tim and Jamie continue their exploration of man sex

  • The Park Man - Chapter 3

    The fun continues for Tim and Jamie If you missed Chapters 1 & 2 do have a read

  • The Park Man Chapter 1

    Tim wanted something different . . . he wanted man sex

  • To Desire

    To desire someone, to want them to the point of obsession and yet, feel it is futile, a situation that torments and it is probably best to move on.

  • Too Young to Know Better

    This is the true story of my first time. I tried to be as accurate as I could and although it might not be the 'steamiest' story, its real.

  • Vacation

    Working six to seven days a week makes you appreciate your time off. And it's even better if the company you work for makes up for the long hours.

  • video booth blowjob

    I was 19 when I started cruising the adult bookstore video booths. It was quicker and easier than the adult porn theater, the only other place I knew I could cruise, back then.

  • "Afternoon at Jay's" Part 4

    Max takes a break to enjoy some island cuisine, a nap and a swim. Soon, the late afternoon will begin to heat up for him again. Will his body be ready and willing? Will it be able to survive?

  • "Afternoon at Jay's" Part 3

    The health club has three owners, and each has pleasured Max, breaking down his barriers. Where will they take him next? If you missed Part 2, it is in "encounters."

  • "Afternoon at Jay's, Part 1"

    Max arrives at a Carribean island to recouperate from a nasty divorce, and gets more than he bargained for when he stops for a massage.

  • "Afternoon at Jay's," Part 6

    Max will be returning home to the states. What lies ahead for the four hunks who have changed each other's lives forever?