• An Attorney Takes A Break With A Construction Worker

    An overworked attorney - my husband now, but he was single at the time this occurred in his life - has an opportunity to enjoy a hot construction worker despite not having the time to do it . . . and he seizes the moment and DOES IT!

  • Man Next Door # 4

    They slowly walked the hall holding hands no need for words to the master bedroom. Last part...

  • Marine Called Jason - Part 11

    The Epilogue Chapters 1 to 17 from the series: a Marine Called Jason.

  • MY Dad's Driver

    Politicians Personal Driver

  • A tale of two authors: Feeding the ducks

    A collaborative story written by A. Sonky & A. Williams.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 271

    Doctor Steve holds an unusual joint therapy session for Lloyd and his gym buddy Grady. "Lloyd gazed in awe at the pornographic sight of the spectacular underwear model on the bed wearing only a jockstrap. Steve had rarely seen anything more beautiful than these two gorgeous muscle-jocks, gym buddies, the flawless ass of one impaled on the rod of the other - two young athletes making love.

  • Building Things - Chapter 37

    Conner smiled at him. Alec turned and opened the fridge, looking at all of the space inside, then closed the door. He turned back and looked at Conner with wide smiling eyes.

  • Cage Fighter - Part 2

    The very rough sex continues. Please be warned that the final episode contains scenes with saline, pumps and prolapse

  • Caretaker Bill

    Young guy develops a lifelong addiction

  • Embarrassed-part-1-of-1

    glory-hole-blowjob-forced swallowing-humiliation

  • First Time With A Guy

    First time I had gay sex

  • Gaydayz Part 2

    Dave and Jack continue the party in Dave's room.

  • Ian's Betrayal

    Can a young man fix a terrible mistake after using sex to solve a problem?

  • Make Up Sex

    You know it can be the best...

  • Mr. Booth

    I then watch him stand right in front of me with his huge bugle showing as he began to take of his Red Silk tie along with his white dress shirt. I love looking at his Biceps and hard nibbles that were perking through his FOTL t-shirt that he had on.

  • My Best Nut

    By far the best gay fuck I had

  • Swapping Sons

    Two gay, single dads bring their sons to college as entering freshman. When they meet their sons' roommates, they both get the hots for the young students.

  • The Interview: A second audition

    Oliver grows impatient, frustratingly so, and he wonders when they will call him.


    I have another day of sun and cum while by the resort pool.

  • Atonement or Exorcism?

    Young man returns to Europe seeking atonement for sins against former lover.

  • Building Things - Chapter 36

    I am beginning to wind this down to the conclusion. I certainly hope you have enjoyed thus far. The wedding of the century is getting ready to happen, yes, it is for Conner and Alec, as they deserve it. This is the lead in towards that. A few more chapters to go. I will produce them as quickly as I can.

  • Cage Fighter - Part 1

    A cage fighter likes it as rough in the bedroom, as he does in in the ring. This story contains bondage, spanking & fisting.

  • Coach Basket Part 2 Water Polo

    Marty stood up in front of Coach before he started to suck Marty nice 7 semi cut coat, I watch Marty pre cum pour all out of his dick onto Coach Danny wide mouth as he was moaning real loud of sexual pleasure .


    I start my first full-time job but cock and cum don't mix well with work.

  • Football teams bitch

    I had what they wanted a warm wet hole.......

  • Man Next Door # 3

    "Not again Mister, that was the first and last time you will EVER hit me." Travis and Sam get into a fight...What will happen??? Read on....

  • Private Gloryhole Chapter Ten

    The ultimate experience for my friend Jhon

  • Young Heir to Chain of Restaurants Seduces His College Professor

    Brady, a 20-year-old hot stud and the future heir to his parent's chain of multimillion dollar restaurants, was an outstanding third year academic student at the college where I was a professor and he was an enrolled student in my history of government class. This is the story about the night he seduced me for wild steamy man sex.

  • Coach Basket

    It was my last year of high school when I got so excited when I saw my new Softball Coach for this up in coming season, He was a very good looking man around 40 years old short buzz stood well over 6 feet and was clean shaven.

  • DOVER - Chapter 22

    The spy is revealed, and Callum shows a side of himself that starts his superior officer thinking.