• Bitter Fruit

    Hard choices forced by love in prewar Japan.

  • Cock Worshipper Part 4

    The time I hooked-up with a lad called Hutchy in someone's backyard and how it opened up other unexpected opportunities for cock worship.

  • Let's Play a Game (Chapter Fifteen)

    Everything is bright and spinning. I don't know where I am but I feel bodies touching me at my sides...

  • My experiences exploring gay sex

    He explores his desires until his girlfriend finds out.

  • My Son, Navy Seal

    I lay on top of him, nearly out of breath. I'd never had such an exhausting fuck in my life. Part of it was, I'd never had a female partner put so much into it, and this Swiss soldier was a challenge to keep up with

  • Prom Night

    He nodded and I eased back till the head of my cock was being strangled by his tight asshole then I shoved back in and started fucking him.

  • Special Weapons

    Nautical life, often difficult and brutal for a midshipman, is recounted aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz CVN 68. Naval nomenclature and shipboard technical details are, whenever possible, factual. Military jargon is employed and may be confusing to the uninitiated.

  • 2 Farm Boys

    They lived next to each other, one older than the other, with the younger pining for the older one, watching him, fantasizing about him.

  • Baseball vs Football - me and Carl Pt 1 of 3

    This story is about the unlikely friendship between a straight baseball jock, and a 'coming out' football sensation who can't understand why fate brought them together.

  • Jon's Story

    Like I said, that was the first of many camping trips. David was insatiable when we were out in the woods, and he was more loving. I liked that about him, and to this day, I still get a tingly horny feeling when I'm in a woods and remember our times together.

  • Over The Line

    They were both ready. They couldn't have held off if they wanted to. Jordan went first; Bryce followed by three or four seconds, and both of their cocks began exploding. Jordan happily accepted Bryce's warm, spurting cum, swirling it all around the swollen head, while his own boy-juice shot deep in his teammate's ass.

  • Two Man Tent

    Cody hadn't seen Logan in years and the camping trip would be a reunion of sorts.

  • Eric & Petey's Wedding, Reception & Honeymoon: A Time for Wild Sex

    The special occasion found the wedding party horny, partying and engaging in wild steamy sex; whereas, Petey and Eric traveled to the South Pacific for two weeks of sun, feasts and erotic hot sex in the beautiful Fiji Islands.

  • Game Boys

    Two fellow co-workers, and gaming enthusiasts, take on a friendly wager.

  • Learning From The Coach

    Coach watched him walk into the bathroom, following his tight, round butt with great interest. It all came back each time he saw one or all of his athletes in various states of undress, fueling the constant struggle that waged inside him.

  • Lost in New England, ch. 6

    Though nobody knows it, Danny Leeman is alive and well. And tied up someplace. Danny is a little hungry, a little confused, and a lot horny. What to do next?

  • Summer of Good-Bye

    A summer-long coaxing back into life from the dead

  • Uncle Chad and His Best Friend

    Chad nodded, smiling, without taking his eyes off his nephew's tight, round butt rolling seductively in his old gym shorts that he always wore.

  • A Pill A Day

    What happens when a man accidentally swallow down his visiting father's Viagra pill just before heading off to work? The result is a hot encounter in the Men's Room with a sexy co-worker at the workplace. Thanks for reading. Comments welcome.

  • Cop In The Park

    He was packed into his uniform like GI Joe, pants that fit snugly but not too tight, massive thighs bulging inside the pant legs and the tan material stretched around a very noticeable bulge at his crotch.

  • Football Fuck

    The steamy events of a Clemson football game.. From the hotel room to the box seats...

  • I Loved Being A Cock Tease...Got Taught A FUN Lesson

    Story Of How I Lost My Cherry As A Legal Teen


    Suddenly he raised his head and looked me in the eye. "Do you ever think about us...that summer we were 17...up in the hayloft...do you ever think about what we did Billy?"

  • Lost in New England, ch. 5

    TJ checks in with his very hot contact at the New Haven Police Department. WIth so much on his mind, and unable to get back into the groove at Boston University, TJ reminisces about one of his favorite weekends back at Apple Valley High: the sleepover at the Leeman twins' house.

  • Male Stripper

    A revision and improvement of an old story. Tell me if we need part two!