• In The Back Of The Van - chapter 1

    I had met a guy online, looking for sex. We had a deal: he was in charge. He respected my limits, but he was in charge. He was nasty and twisted, and I mean that in the best way.

  • Life's Expectations - Chapter 1 - And So It Begins

    Life's Expectations(LE) is a story about 4 boys through either 8th or 10th grade, depends on which boy you're reading about. This is a complete story and I will not be changing anything from it's version on Nifty.

  • The Histories of the Seven Spheres - Chapter 1

    Kenyan reached a fork where the main tunnel branched in half. He did not remember which half went where, but it was immaterial at this point. He ripped a bit off of the hem of his tunic and left in hanging from a cleft in the left fork, into which he ventured after making sure the scrap of cloth would not fall.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 231

    Randy is merciless to thugs who attack Brandon. "The savage gypsy who had inflicted such brutal punishment now had tears of affection watching Brandon wheel himself away. 'That's one gutsy kid," he said, 'we gotta take care of him." Three gym jocks, Jason, Hassan and Adam compete. "It was pornographic - the muscle-god fireman submits, double-teamed by an athletic Aussie and a tough Marine."

  • The Greek Pimp Ch. 05

    Casino pimping in Casablanca

  • Viral Enhancement XXI: Fair is Foul, and Foul is Fair

    Diego and Isaac search for a cure to MX19, but their inability to trust each other persists. Meanwhile two relationships are tested: Alex and Wes; Marc and Trevor.

  • Human Biology In The Greenhouse

    A man reflects on the beginning of his 20-plus year love affair with the man he met in college.

  • The First and the Last - Chapter 8

    Levi just watched, unsure of what to do. He was worried that Luke had told the truth and that thing inside her was doing something, but didn't know of any way to help - Or even if it was true.

  • The Greek Pimp Ch. 04

    Casino pimping in Monte Carlo

  • The King and I

    He was what every gay guy dreamed about: smart, athletic, handsome, funny and had an ass that wouldn't quit. There was but one flaw...the ring that he wore on his left hand...or so I thought.

  • Brussels Seduction

    Blackmailed to serve country in body.

  • Night of the Museum: Party Time

    Ultraman faces his ultimate defeat by The Nerd.

  • The First and the Last - Chapter 7

    They were all so smooth. You could see their muscles, just barely. Some were hard, some were still hanging, but all were rather large. Levi didn't even know that penises came this big, or that his thought was a pun.

  • The House for Men: The Gathering Part 5: In the Party Room (HFM18)

    "Get your ass over here, "Nate says to Paul. Paul backs onto the ever-hard ever-waiting swollen male member of his "boss" Nate.

  • The Seduction of Eli

    Tyler was intrigued by the quiet shy boy that shared a room with his friend Joey.

  • Boys will be boys: In college too.

    The boys enter their freshman year.

  • Lost in New England, ch.9

    TJ and Max are in New Haven to meet up with David Leeman, Danny's twin brother. Despite TJ's requests, Max has booked them into a hotel room with only one bed.

  • Shadows of Romance

    This story flooded my brain late one night and I wrote it in one sitting. So it's not too long. A bit mysterious but hopefully fun. If you get hard, giggle and shed a single tear then I know it was a success.

  • The First and the Last - Chapter 6

    Shaking off the confusion, Levi did as he was told. "I have something for you, Mikey." He said, with a knowing grin. Presenting his hand, he showed the two lockets that were given to him by The Man.

  • The Defeat of Paragon Lad

    Paragon Lad has been defeated and is now enslaved to the villain, Shadowfox.

  • The First and the Last - Chapter 5

    Both boys had large smiles. Keeping his grasp on his lover, Mikey pulled their lips together. While massaging tongues, Levi could taste himself, mixed with Mikey. It was very satisfying.

  • The Greek Pimp Ch. 03

    Casino pimping in Macau

  • The King of Twinks

    A dominant King appreciates the service of his twink slaveboy.

  • The Temptation of Joshua

    He made Joshua nervous, flustered him for reasons he didn't understand and then he tempted him with that one thing that really got him sexually going.

  • Baseball Vs. Football - Swinging on a Good Pitch Pt 3 Of 3

    When Carl and Jack go on a hike in the wilderness, they stumble upon two dudes fucking in an abandoned picnic area. They recognize one of the guys as a senior at their high school. And with that, the chase is on!