• Longing For Love #12

    The continuing romance between Winston and Danny. I cried at the end of this chapter. I can only hope you are as moved as I was. Thanks for reading A.

  • Starting Out

    My first real experience.

  • The Jungle Boy of Fairmont Forest

    Have you ever been camping when everyone is sitting around the fire and you all hear a strange noise coming from the creepy darkness of the woods? It's fun and scary all at the same time, right? Well, that happened when I was camping with some of my straight buddies this summer, and I guess that's what gave me the idea for this story. I hope you like it.

  • Twins.

    Nicky invited me to join him when he was jacking off, but pushed it to far...

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 236

    Eddie and Brandon are 69-ing in the back of a truck. "Just like old times," Eddie says - until the cop, Mark, shows up. Hassan comes to the four boys' dinner party and shows them how it feels to be captured and worked over by a muscle-god Marine. But the boys take revenge. "The naked Marine Captain, his muscular body stretched in bondage, struggled helplessly as his ass got hammered by his own boy."

  • Adventure - Chapter 2

    Chapter 2, the story about a young gay male coming out in New Orleans.

  • Broken Armor Ch.22 Chasing Answers

    "Anybody expecting company?" Sidney asked. "Not that I know of." Lachlan said looking back at his dad. Mr. Starbuck shook his head no. "Who is it?" Song and I asked. Mr. Starbuck answered the door to three guys in suits and dark shades. "Umm hello gentlemen, how may I help you?"

  • Butch and Billlie, two straight guys, Make Steamy Gay Sex in the Store Break Room

    When big Butch tells Billie about his fucking hot sex with Billie's brother Mickey and cousin Hank at lunch in the store break room, all hell breaks loose as Billie grabs Butch's crotch and goes after his growing cock.

  • Finding Out That I Like It - Still At the Mall (Chapter 3)

    The continuing adventures of Chad as he begins to realize that he is a cum slut

  • Life's Expectations - Chapter 30 - Perfect

    It's all about everyone celebrating New Years. So we'll have Gage, Nick, Lucas, Isaac, and Kale. They will each have their own little New Years adventure! That covers everyone right? I think so... Only 15 chapters left!!

  • My Weekend with Daddy in New York

    A boy meets an older man during a field trip to New York and spends a hot weekend with him.

  • Soul Bait

    For Halloween: The devil delves into Internet porn to trap men's souls.

  • The B'anati

    An Alien, the B'anati, has been on Earth for centuries, going from body to body to bring back information to Its home planet. In Its final leave, It becomes a part of a self-absorbed, hedonistic young man whose life, and the lives of many of those around him, becomes incredibly changed.

  • The Unbreakable Bond - Part III

    The moment Patrick has been waiting for...

  • TJ (the other one) and Friends -- Chapter 4

    The series lives. I started this two years ago, and there's more to it. TJ is working on maintaining his rep as a big bad top!

  • Adventure - Chapter 1

    The story about a young gay male coming out in New Orleans.

  • Best Man Wins

    We had just survived an almost all night bachelor party. Drink and grass and porno films. Strip dancers, male and female, cavorted naked through the apartment, culminating in an explicit 'How to do it' sex show. It was Venusberg, Walpurgis night and Dantes' Inferno all rolled into one extravagant tableau.

  • Caught... But confused.

    Derrick and Ethan lose their virginity... But get caught.

  • Finding Out I Like It - at the Mall (Chapter 2)

    The cum slut I was becoming gets to try some new cum at the mall.

  • Haunted

    Since Halloween is approaching, a story to fuck with ya.

  • Life's Expectations - Chapter 29 - How Far We've Come

    So here is the Second Holiday chapter for Life's Expectations! This chapter will continue Shane and Zach's Holiday adventure and Also go into Kale's and Anthony and Lucas'.

  • Longing For Love #11

    Next chapter of Winston and Danny, a fight and sex...Hope you like it. Please vote and leave comments. Thanks for reading A.

  • TJ (The other one) and Friends -- Chapter 5

    TJ's back in the saddle. For now..

  • Asleep on the Couch - On the Alabama Job (AS7)

    He pulls his standard white cotton t-shirt over his head and faces us, revealing his muscles in all their entirety. He unbuttons his shorts, unzips them and drops them to the ground while still facing all of us. He is naked. He steps out of them, leaving them bunched up, piled up in the dirt.

  • Fantasy (chapter 7)

    Final chapter, I added some cool things, hope you enjoy.