• The Doctor is IN

    I get a needed and thorough examination by a very hot doc.

  • Held captive and forest fucked

    They fucked anything fuckable when it came by.

  • Marc with a "C" - Pt 3

    Coach is enjoying the details and my special talents at the same time.

  • Mindless cock-sucking whore

    Vincent a regular feeder of mine invited me on a short hike yesterday. When I accepted we both knew how it would end up. Vince is a high class guy with a big cock who like dominate me. But he's an older fellow...late 50s, so it's not scary. For his age he's in good shape.

  • My Teacher, My Pet 17

    Ace, Mr. Atlanta, comes to visit but it was not what JD expected. Then JD and his teacher, Mr. Jameson, go through some difficulties but get back together again.

  • Shower With My Roommate

    An unexplored side of my sexuality and a new roommate .

  • Sucking Richie in the Back of the Stockroom

    You never know what life will throw at you sometimes. A barely contained lust for the super-hot dude at work can just simmer quietly for weeks... or it can spring into action, as sure as a big dick can spring out of a pair of jeans.

  • The Note

    Finding the note on my windshield, made me curious about the writer. I decided to satisfy my curiosity.

  • A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #6

    "I would love to go out to dinner with you Baby. How can I refuse that handsome face and that smile of yours? You have a place in mind?" PROTEIN FOR DINNER....OR LIQUID PROTEIN........ ?????

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 285

    The hot muscle-jock Grady meets his lover, the Italian gardener Mario, at Pete and Brandon's house. Young Brandon flinches when Grady rams his long rod deep inside Mario, but Pete says, "It's OK, kiddo. They're discovering the joys of rough sex for the first time - the kind I taught you." When Mario takes revenge, Pete and Brandon join him in a group attack on Grady. "It's payback time, big guy."

  • Building Things - Chapter 42

    Next to last chapter. It's a little long, and I'm breaking it up so it's not so much of an 'epic'. Will have the rest posted very shortly as well. This has been kind of a heart breaker for me to write.

  • Grizzly - Part 2

    "Fuck me harder you bastard, is that all you have". Screeching like a bird of prey annihilating its quarry, he shrieked as his five day old cache of cum exploded into my bowels. He gyrated like a pagan priest, feeding my arse every bit of nourishment his balls could muster.

  • Halloween Costume Cross Dress Interracial Sex

    White Cross dresser loving blacks Atlanta

  • Hand Me Down

    Jhon.my best friend liked to get fucked by young hung studs. As he quickly got bored with them he would give them to me as a hand me down.

  • I lost my virginity to a black man

    I lost my virginity to a black man at a yard.

  • Marc with a "C" - Pt 2

    Coach watches the security video and me servicing Marc, and wants to know what the hell is going on.

  • Master's Willing Boy

    A teen boy seeks to learn male sensuality from a dominant, much older and experienced true Master.

  • Surprise Suck

    I'd gone to bed and was laying in the dark, the covers pushed back totally naked and jacking off. And of course fantasizing about sucking some guys cock. I was getting close to busting my nut, when I heard a knock on my door. Fuck Yeah, I thought, I'm going to get some cock tonight.

  • Syndrome Ch.1 Root A (Rough Draft Version)

    Hey guys, dropping in with a little surprise. First chapter of Syndrome, the sequel to Chemical Flirtation. Catch up with Rex, Leo, Lamb and Fish as they continue their journey. Rex meets his father and twin sister. #TeamUnixTroubledLion #TeamLammyxFlores

  • Family Bonding

    Doubts plague a young man's mind before the weekly family bonding session, society's morals conflicting with what he feels inside. Is it right? Is it wrong? Maybe it doesn't matter.

  • Marc with a "C" - Pt 1

    getting caught working out in the gym nude after hours is bad enough, but getting caught by the arrogant prick only makes it worse, or is it better.

  • Unexpected Surprise

    My visit to New Orleans is much better than I had anticipated.

  • What I have become

    Becoming a gay sex slave


    A young member of the TerraCorp Security Corps blows off a little steam, and a big cock, before shipping out, getting boarded, in multiple ways, and discovering some very interesting, and hard, cargo.

  • Cousin Ryan Discovers Cousin Drew as the Dominant Sex Partner in Wild Sex: PT 2

    After Cousin Ryan, the 29-year-old promiscuous gay slut, had succeeded in seducing his 21-year-old virgin Cousin Drew in part one, Drew becomes a gay sex addict and turns the tables on Cousin Ryan as the hot wild dominant sex partner in part two.

  • DOVER - Chapter 35

    Callum and Dustin visit the home of Mr. Arvin. Tomlin goes to see Holt and is horrified in what he sees, a daring rescue is made to save his life...

  • Evan - Chapter 2

    Evan still only has eyes for Jake but someone else begins to demand his attention.

  • From The Lips of an Angel #2

    God, he was so gorgeous on my computer screen. Those thick luscious lips that I longed to kiss, that long golden hair I longed to feel, those deep blue eyes I longed to see. My Zack and I knew with all my heart he already had my love.

  • Grizzly - Part 1

    With his balls slapping my throat, his first emissions began to spray. I swallowed like crazy, as more and more lava cascaded down my throat. He was almost convulsing with pleasure, as the final drops were force-fed into me. As his cock exited my mouth, I savoured his tasty cream. Moving his body downwards again, he returned to my lips; his tongue scouring the last morsels of seed from my mouth.

  • On the Lam

    Let the fleecing by the young crook continue.