• Life's Expectations - Chapter 26 - Sweet Child of Mine

    This chapter is gonna focus around Kale, Nick and Zach. Kale's part will be about him and his mom. That and he'll be babysitting a set of twin boys, age 11. Nick will be about how he feels responsible for what happened with Gage. With Zach, it'll show that his world isn't all blue skies either.

  • Longing For Love #9

    The continuing romance between Winston and Danny. Please vote and PLEASE leave comments. Thanks very much A.

  • My Story of becoming a cock slut Part 5

    The fifth part and most current in my story of becoming a cock whore

  • Southern Farm Boy Cousins' Caught Having Sex

    First cousins' Mickey and Hank were virgins when they experienced their first gay sex on the farm of Mickey's parents. They let their curiosity about gay sex take charge one Saturday afternoon while playing in the barn's hayloft. Things turned ugly when Mickey's brother caught them having hot sex.

  • The Devil Made Me Do It

    For Halloween: Devil of a frat hazing revenge.

  • The Interview

    Pressing my naked body against his, I kissed him, and slipping my tongue into his warm open mouth, we began to make love.

  • The Unbreakable Bond - Part II

    Patrick continues to live tormented by his lust and love for his step-brother.

  • Asleep on the Couch - Reynolds (AS5)

    "Before ya get it, you have to give it, boy," Reynolds says, "My rules."

  • My Story of becoming a cock slut Part 4

    This is the fourth part of my series

  • one on one

    They were just shooting hoops, the two of them, but they got aggressive with each other, bumping and pushing till they crossed a line.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 235

    1) Bob dominates his gypsy lover. "Randy's tortured ass was impaled on Bob's shaft and they both knew the truth. Bob ruled." 2) Doctor Steve's bound muscular body writhes in ecstasy as his brother Randy rides his ass. "Welcome to my world, bro. A whole new concept of brotherly love." 3) The soldier Hassan treats Eddie to a greasy Marine fantasy. "I get off working on dirty boys ... you a dirty boy, kid?"

  • An Animal: I Need a Hood Nigga

    Troy Evans Jr. is a young black man seeking love and only finds pain when his sister's boyfriend turns his tight ass into a dripping cunt, "This pussy feels so good when you fight back!" When a Nigga comes calling, you betta be ready to give up the booty!

  • Broken Armor Ch.21 Whispers & shadows

    "Chance are you okay?!" Sidney asked, hopping around. "Yeah... I am now." I said, grabbing the knife from the floor to cut the cord ties off of his legs and wrist. Once he was free he wrapped me in a tight embrace. "Are you alright? What were you doing here?" I asked hugging him back.

  • Devilish Grin

    For Halloween: Wages of an overactive imagination

  • Life's Expectations - Chapter 25 - Make it Stop(September's Children)

    It'll focus more about the hard times a gay or bi person might face. In this case it is Nick having a talk with his parents, Isaac talking to Cheryl and Gage standing up to a grade 12.

  • Longing For Love #8

    The next chapter of Winston's and Danny's romance. Thank you for reading, voting and leaving comments. It means a great deal to me. A.

  • Meeting Jenna: A Transsexual Erotic Romance.

    Eighteen year old Jenna has a secret, but when James meets her at a party he has no idea what it is. As the two get to know each other, the attraction becomes intense: they tease each other, they flirt about spanking, and their lips brush-but when it's time to take things to the next level, Jenna goes inexplicably cold. It's not until she reveals her past and James proves he can accept her for who she is, that Jenna allows ...

  • My Story of becoming a cock slut Part 3

    My third installment of how I became a cock craving slut

  • The Unbreakable Bond - Part I

    The bonds of brotherhood are not so tightly bound in blood...but by the soul. Patrick knew that Trent was special to him...but, he never knew how much until the unbreakable bond was pushed to the limits...and almost broken.

  • Zac Efron's Pecs

    Zac Efron's heading to an interview with the head of LKP Productions. He's known as an accomplished actor, but since he's been out of the acting pool for a while, will his acting skills be enough to assure that he gets the job?

  • A Work of Art: The Marine

    Once again I started to scan the patrons but was brought up short by the first guy I saw. Stranger, at least to me. Big muscular blonde. His clothes looked tight on him, kinda like he'd outgrown them. The sun streamed in from the upper part of the window, haloing him in a golden glow.

  • Asleep on the Couch - The Shop (AS4)

    He cups his cum heavy filled balls with both of his hands while he stands across from me in front of the table. The little rounds globes of man-juice are pulled up tight to his cock, he has replenished quickly from his fuck earlier and is ready to go at it again but men his age are ready to go again, within minutes, if they are not completely satisfied.

  • Blood Crack

    Young men are suddenly vanishing in a small town while a young rebel with a big dick investigates a mysterious man who runs the local hardware store.

  • Keesler AFB

    He didn't speak. It was unnecessary. I lay on the bed, looking at him as he placed a pillow under my buttocks. He leaned forward to give me another tantalizing kiss, a touch of tongue on tongue.

  • Leading the Blind

    That late fall a new regular passenger showed up on the bus. Looks wise he was a total looker. 5'9" or so, solid toned body, beautiful ass, oh and had a white cane to guide him around. Yeah, he was blind. Still, unless he had some sixth sense, I could watch him to my heart's content, and not fear getting caught.