• Paul's Daddy - Chapter 2

    Paul's father leaned back on the bed with his muscular legs spread wide to allow Paul access to his thick cock and heavy balls. Paul lay prone with his tongue eagerly lapping his father's hairy nut sack. The taste of his father's thick cum lingered in his mouth.

  • Shipping Dock Raunch

    That summer, my Uncle Fred got me a job working on the shipping docks of his company. Not the kind of job a sissy-boy would like, but Uncle Fred said it would make a man of me. Shit! I hated it.....that is, until I saw Ralph, the guy who ran the freight elevator.

  • The Making of Sargeant Moss

    Sgt Moss was on the bed, lying on his stomach. He was alongside the speaker of the phonograph. His head was cradled in one arm, encircled beneath it. His other arm hung loosely over the side of the cot, his hand resting on the floor.

  • Life's Expectations - Chapter 9 - Family Issues

    Now on to this chapter. This is gonna be all about Gage and Sam. With a bit of Gage and Nick in the beginning. It's gonna be on the Sunday instead of the Saturday cause I said so. With out further wait: chapter 9 Family Issues!!

  • Paul's Daddy - Chapter 1

    Paul could hardly believe the strange turn of events that had occurred in his life the day he turned 21. His mind wandered back to October and he remembered the sad and tearful look on his mother's face as she held out an envelope that was postmarked from Dallas, Texas.

  • The Fire House - Part II

    The Chief continues his night of submission.

  • The Video List

    A Street hustler's video shop turn leads to cushy business.

  • Viral Enhancement XXII: The Many Faces of Daniel Morris

    These are the events that occur at Fort Holtwood from the perspective of Daniel Morris. The side effects of Daniel's near death experience may cause problems as new enemies begin to surface.

  • Life's Expectations - Chapter 8 - The Date

    So This chapter didn't have much of a description... So I'll just throw out all my contact info in this one. Email: kuragari129hotmail.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/LifesExpectations Ask.fm: ask.fm/kuragari

  • The Fire House - Part I

    The Fire House Chief finds himself at a "cross"roads. :)

  • The Ritual

    They considered the place a wilderness, the inhabitants wild, savage, but it was they who were the savages, the ones who grew wild, restless and to calm themselves, to lessen the anxiousness they felt, they created the ritual.

  • The Seduction of Eli: 360

    Eli considers his relationship with Tyler

  • You Don't Have To (Chapter One)

    "Jake? Is everything ok in there?" I asked. I get no response.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 232

    Mark and Pete - the cop and the Ranger - have great sex and ignite the rage of Randy who forces the Ranger to watch as he thrashes the cop. "The beautiful, macho young cop, shirtless in uniform pants and boots, slumped in humiliating defeat against the wild-eyed gypsy." Bob and Steve rage at Randy, but young Brandon springs to his defense. "You're wrong! Randy's a great guy - he's my hero!"

  • Do You Trust Me?

    Italian fisherman Angelo wants to be a movie star.

  • Life's Expectations - Chapter 7 - Tales of Adventures

    This chapter we'll finish Annie's birthday party. Well basically just the sleepover part. I may or may not go into Shane and Zach's date. I know I brought them up at the end but that was more or less for Lucas and Shane's 'relationship'. I wanna hear from you guys, so email me! [email protected] Your comments and suggestions are welcome, as well of anything you think I'm doing wrong. Send those email!

  • My Brother's Keeper--Part III

    The conclusion to Kyle's day dream in the shower.

  • The Return

    Quinton had been gone a month and seeing the red pick up by the field knotted his stomach and made him grip the steering wheel hard.

  • Life's Expectations Chapter 6 - The Party

    This chapter will be mostly around Annie's birthday party. I want to split up the 3 events to give them more detail and they last longer. I will start with Nick and then go to Zach, then Gage, and fiiiiiiiiiinally Isaac. That's right, Isaac will have an entire chapter to himself. I will finally get into Isaac's background and character development. Hope you enjoy the chapter. Don't forget to email me your suggestions or just ...

  • The Customer/Dexter's Saga Chapter #28

    Jesse and Rashid plan for future and perhaps a wife for Jesse!

  • Things you do for a job

    A recent prisoner is released into society and tries to land a job, but to his surprise, his interview is anything but normal.

  • High School Memories: Part Seven

    After the situation earlier with Justin, I didn't need much more convincing. I pulled the covers back and got into the bed. No sooner than I was lukewarm under the comforter, Mr. Williams was all over me. Biting, nibbling, licking me from head to toe

  • Layne's Seductive Life - Part One - Donald Green - One Night Stand

    This story has many sub-storys compared to LE's story continuing from chapter to chapter. which is why it's "Part 1" compared to "Chapter 1". Layne will seduce all kinds of people, this time it's a straight Jock named Donald Green.

  • Life's Expectations Chapter 5 - New Faces, New Adventures

    So this chapter will actually be mostly about the other characters. Like Annie, Isaac, Sam, and Shane. That's right I call him 'Annie', its just easier. The story will still center around Gage, Zach, and Nick though so don't worry. Oh and Issac is officially boy numba 4! Shane got his first real date, so hes suuuuper excited and we get to see into his family and past a bit. Nick finds out a bit about Annie and Tanis. And Gage and ...

  • Lost in New England, ch.10

    Sex, sex, sex. In New Haven to help find Danny, TJ wakes up in the hotel room with Max staring at him. At the police station, the boys meet up with David, who seems to want to talk about a weekend back in high school. And Max scouts for some way to pass the time.