• LostInDisneyLandC13&14

    Things are becoming strange and quickly more problems to over come. Unni has a choice to make but what kind of choice he has no idea... Only four more chapters to go...

  • The Boy with the Beautiful Eyes

    Laurence is a normal college boy going to school in a new town. He's been closeted all his life, and because of his ultra-straight friends, is having problems coming to terms with his identity. After his father is in a fatal accident, it further pulls his spirits down. He decides to wander the night, and comes upon the local public pool. What happens next will alter his life forever.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 222

    Eddie's new friend Brandon expected his usual solitary day. Boy was he wrong. It was like a wet dream as guys kept arriving at his house, all classic porn fantasies - a gypsy construction worker - a Greek-God cop - a shirtless black bodybuilder. "Brandon looked up and gasped, realizing that the muscular black leatherman was about to impale him on the huge horse-dick swinging above his face."

  • Dominican Showdown

    Cat and mouse hunting at a Caribbean resort.

  • LostInDisneyLandC11&12

    Long time no see. have been off for some time but now back... here is chapter 11 & 12 of Unni's travles through out the wirld known as disney land. Now getting closer to the meaning of it all and his role in it...

  • Mike and Wade: Part 1

    My name is Mike. I'm 38 years old and single. I just moved into my new home I moved into about 3 months ago. This story is about an interesting delivery and how my life changed. Let's see how the story unfolds and I hope you enjoy it.

  • Carnal Knowledge: What Dreams Are Made Of Chapter 13

    Friday night and early Saturday morning had been a fuckathon for Bobby and Logan. Logan had fucked Bobby three times during the impromptu overnight visit; however the exciting part of the evening was Bobby asking if he could fuck Logan, and Logan told him he would be the one to take his anal virginity. The question was, when and where?

  • He's country and I am Proud Part 3 of 3

    Danny entered my life and changed it once more

  • Martin and Me Part 2

    The continuation of Alex and Martin's story.

  • Mountain Men - Chapter 3

    Jerry takes his sex slave Mark into the woods, ties him to a tree, and fucks him. A neighboring teen comes along and Jerry offers Mark to the younger man.

  • The Model

    A young Adonis model meets an older artist.

  • Forbidden

    Adrian is my whipping boy, a characterization of those I find hypocritical, and so this story is mischievous in its Grimm nature.

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 13

    Greg's been in a slump for the past few days after learning how close and and Scott really are and seeing Greg like this is worrying Tanner. So he calls on someone to help get Greg back on track. Tanner has finally come to terms on how he feels about Greg, but with an important match coming up, he finds he can't tell Greg how he really feels. Tragedy strikes and it leaves someone's life hanging in the balance. Will he ever recover from it? Will a relationship ever be the same again?

  • My Best Friends Homeless Father

    My name's Peter but my friends call me Pete. I am 18 years old but I failed two grades so I'm only a junior in high school. I've known for awhile that I was bi leaning toward men. Dug, my best friends father, isn't good looking but in this story I discover "features" that say otherwise.

  • Sweet Sanjay

    Struggling with denial of love and desire in South India.

  • The Unexpected Romance: Part 14: South Seas Cruz

    Today Mark and Jack embark on their South Seas Cruise and the rest of their vacation Tahiti. More surprises are in store for them as they sail the South Pacific. And of course lots of fun and adventures. Oh and some great romance. Hope you enjoy the story.

  • What Me? No Way! Chapter 2

    I get a clearer, albeit detailed view of what our two temporary suite-mates are all about and a foggy picture of what my pal Barry is about.......It's getting weird for me

  • Co-workers

    Another corrected story of what happens when straight and gay coworkers are forced to share a room.

  • Martin and Me Part 1

    A popular smart kid becomes the tutor of the school all star only to have things change until years later.

  • The Egg Boy

    A short story about an encounter with a boy delivering eggs to my farm.

  • Virgin Shares a Dressing Room

    The store was crowded with packs of teenage girls. Another guy offers to share a dressing room. We end up sharing more...

  • A dangerous game: The Bully

    A dark turn in events and the fight to overcome them.

  • Assault The Objective

    For some strange reason I was drawn to the plum colored cockhead like a bug to a porch light. The retracted foreskin exposed an irresistible glistening glans under initial rays of morning sunlight that filtered through the window. Normally, I'm not a big fan of the uncut cock, for many reasons, but I made an exception for the Tejano Staff Sergeant who shared the bed.

  • Chained Ravens - Chapter 9: The Bartenders Advice

    The continuation of the demon Raven and his exploration into homosexuality.

  • Eric and Petey's Bachelor's Party Turns into Sex Orgy

    Eric's brother William and Petey's brother Ken host a wild bachelor's party a week before the wedding of Petey and Eric. Late in the night, the 19 hot guys at the bachelor's party get down and dirty.