• Long overdue fantasy comes true

    Living very remotely, did not assume to meet such a straight, handsome hunk. But what he did later on just blew me away.


    My wife's hairdresser gave me more than a free haircut!

  • Aquata Cove - Chapter 13

    After the song of the siren, Adam wakes up from a dizzy dream, with a mouth full of salt and in the middle of a warm cavern. He soon find out that he's not alone, with a cute blonde teen.

  • Broken Armor Ch.1 Chance

    Ever since I could remember I had been shadowed by my older brother, Connor's, light. He was amazing, intelligent, handsome, and charismatic. All the qualities a father could've ever hoped for in a son. And my dad made sure I knew he was the ideal son every chance he got. Now don't get me wrong, I love my family

  • Building Things - Chapter 11

    Derrick slipped out of bed before the morning light streamed in through the bedroom window. He looked down at the sleeping form of his beautiful Ty, the sheet barely covering him...

  • Destined Chapter 11

    Now it's time to find out what's wrong with Tony & how will this effect Scott and his relationship... Hot sex wierd magical happenings and lots more. In Destined to Be

  • Gone Fishin

    I find the man of my dreams at the local fishing hole.

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 10

    Tanner has come to terms with his sexuality and he and Greg are working together to make their relationship a good one. Tanner gets a big surprise thanks to Greg and the surprise is more than happy to be back with Tanner. But is there more to this surprise than meets the eye? Will Tanner be able to save this surprise from hurting someone else or even himself? Or will he be too far gone?

  • My First Master - Chapter Two: Rent boy

    My new Master teaches me that I have value to him by being used at parties

  • My First Owner, Chapter One: My Father Sells me

    My father decides its time for me to go to college - and to be owned by one of the professors there.

  • RubbUr Self

    Jaison has an induction into the bondage scene.

  • The Bride's Brother Part 1

    After the evening disco at a wedding, we invite the bride's brother up to our room with us...

  • Earning Danny Ch. 06

    Almost there...

  • Me and Dan and Dad

    A continuation of the story "My Brother Dan." Follow what happens when they bring their father into their sexual adventure!

  • My Teacher, My Pet - Chapter One

    Hunky high school student 'JD' is wild for his math teacher 'Mr. Jameson' and is determined to make him into his own personal pet.

  • Professional Heavy Weight Boxer Pounds 19-Year-Old Towel Boy

    Heavyweight Boxer Hugo fucks 19-year-old Billie, the towel boy for the "Mens' Gym". Billie is the son of Sonny, the owner and trainer for the club's boxers.

  • The Boy Nextdoor

    A man finally gets to spend a hot night with the boy next-door.

  • What? It's Called a What?

    Four of us recruits visit a bar on another post and have a great time! Spoiler Alert: Daisy Chain!

  • After a Hard days work 4

    What takes place when we wake up.

  • Bending Straight Lines Chapter 4

    Devon falls hard for John, and his virginity is on the line....

  • Difficult relations-Part-2

    how Sumit and Raghu meet and what meets the eye is not always the truth!

  • High school guy's first time with two hairy college jocks

    Greg hooks up with the lifeguard in the country club locker room and then gets invivted to his dorm for a threesome with his roommate.

  • My Sweaty Socks Jocks part 3 (Daddy)

    Jeremy gets a little father and son time.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 208

    Bob and the boys are off to Chicago and Randy gives Bob a fitting send-off. The gypsy grins, "You know, one of my greatest pleasures is knocking that cocky, too-cool-for-school business executive down to size." Eddie and Ben get the thrill of flying first class. And the twins enter their own private world of fraternal lust and passion "Two beautiful identical twins wrestling, making love, living out a wild sexual fantasy."

  • After a Hard days work 3

    I come home late...