• Death in Key West 4: Connections

    Clint steps down in Key West and into the past and the movies and onto a yacht.

  • Love Will Find You #1

    Love starts for two collage guys ?

  • The Last of Us: France - Prologue

    A story set in a post apocalyptic world based on the original Video Game created by Naughty Dog.

  • Aquata Cove - Chapter 44

    Adam and Merrick celebrate Gay Pride Day for the first time as a couple.

  • Awareness 3

    the story continues... He scanned the parking lot as he drove in fearful of seeing Eli or Hunter waiting for him and relieved when the complex was its normal Saturday night.

  • Death in Key West 3: Dej√† Vu

    Clint reminisces his first time and makes a hookup on the plane to Key West

  • Falling For Master

    A seventeen year old boy seeks the tutelage of a Master

  • Marcus

    Marcus meets a cocky young guy at the swimming pool. After beating him in the water, he teaches the kid what it's liked to be well fucked.

  • What have I done?

    sucking dick story

  • Death in Key West 2: Needled

    Delayed by murder en route from Miami to Key West

  • How I met my boyfriend!!

    I have wrote this to be like the reader is writing it themselves. I made this story up none of the names are real people. Any questions feel free to message me at [email protected]

  • Nate and Geo: Part 2: The Break In

    The story continues in Part 2: Only this time Geo is narrating the story. Some interesting things happen. Some good and some not so good. Enjoy

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 257

    It was the ultimate pornographic fantasy - the macho leather-master captured and humiliated as a muscular black slave, tied naked to a tree by his neck at the mercy of his men. Zack is forced to watch Randy and Mark make passionate love. Then all the men line up behind the naked leatherman to work on his ass. Randy fucks him like a gypsy cowboy riding the ass of a bucking black stallion.

  • Bi sexual

    sucking cock-swallowing

  • Death in Key West 1: Takeoff

    Mile-high clubbing en route to Miami from Atlanta


    After a stint in the Marines, I began searching for a job with as little stress as possible. I soon found it and much more.

  • Nate and Geo: The Gym Part 1

    This is a fictional story featuring Nate who is in his mid forties and Geo who is the same age and how they found love a bit later in life. In part 1, Nate is narrating the majority of the story. I hope you enjoy the story.

  • Reality Check 8

    Holiday break is getting close, which means plans are being made. I have an idea, but would this be too much for Caleb?

  • Wet Dream

    I wrote this as if the reader is the one writing it

  • Decoy

    Arab subterfuge played out a Washington, D.C., pro men's tennis tournament.

  • Father, Son, and Me: A Threeway

    Started at the shooting range, but I soon shot more than a gun...

  • GibTown Grabber (GG1)

    In Gibsonton, Florida, the circus carny vacation destination and winter home, there is a man with an interesting story, he is the so-called 'GibTown Grabber'. A reporter in search of an interesting feature, seeks this man, out, and gets the story of a lifetime.

  • Once Upon A Gurney

    Two Doctors meet in surgery and thereafter in real life.

  • Venture Capital - Chapter 5

    An 18yo boy learns what it is to be bisexual and finds love on the way.

  • Young Wrestler From Alaska Bangs His College Coach PT 2

    (Based on a request from GD readers Bruce Hill, Jeff and Starchild66, here is part 2). After that first night of unbelievably hot sex and powerful orgasms, wrestler Zack and Coach Toby continued their nightly sex until Zack introduced a new surprisingly and amazing wild sexual twist of a four guy orgy that Coach Toby could not believe.

  • Death in Manhattan 5: The Start of a Quest

    Abrupt end to an affair and propelled into the next hunt

  • My cousin and I

    My younger cousin and I have an experience that neither of us will ever forget.

  • My friend Jason

    Based off a guy who lived down the hall in my dorm last year. Couldn't keep my eyes off of him - this is my fantasy.

  • My Twin Brother and I - Part 46

    The photo-shoot and many shenanigans. Then the gym instructor and the engagements. The sex was epic!

  • The Russian Chapter 5 - Max Humiliation (Part 2)

    >Evgeni pushed Max's chair into the Dining room so he faced the table. He walked over to me a threw aside the jacket I was still using to cover up my naked body.