• Kris & Mick continued

    The thought of getting caught only added to the excitement while Kris fucked Mick. They got in another round before their parents got back.

  • Nuclear Meltdown

    Blackmailed into seducing a scientist to defect.

  • Possibilities with a frat boy Part one

    Young cute freshmen who was outed at his high school and was treated poorly came to college finally free of his horrible years. A few months into college him and his best friend Harper go to a Frat house throwing a victory party for winning the Rose bowl. Reluctent to go he went for his friend but thinking that he was going to bored he finds something he never expected to happen,

  • Reality Check 4

    Keeping a secret from Chris makes this all that much more complicated. Donnie and Caleb want to three way again, and I feel like this is getting a little "sister wives".

  • Texting

    It was anonymous, the text messages, and they lured Ryan to a motel outside the city.

  • The Boys Of White Oaks Chapter 12

    For White Oaks sexy Jocks there is never a dull moment. Marcus' Thanksgiving Dinner is full of Turkey and all the fixings including a large serving of drama. An awkward moment for Adam leads to a jealous Peter, Scott might be on the verge of a change of heart when it comes to Brad, while Simon comes back at Brent with a bombshell.


    Greg gives the man across the way another show and two brothers fill him with multiple loads of cum.

  • Unplanned weekend

    Picked up by older more experianced guy

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 254

    The Italian gardener, Mario and the rugged Marine, Hassan work shirtless side by side. Even though he resists it Mario's lust finally erupts. "Godammit," Hassan says, "I've wanted you every time I watched you work. Well now you've shown me you want it bad and, boy, you're gonna get it." The Marine stared down at the Italian stud spread-eagled naked. "So fucking beautiful - man, that turns me on."

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.36 Satellites in Orbit

    The big family meeting has arrived! Rex is in for a bit more than he bargained for when it comes to the Troublefield clan.... Fish gets some mysterious text msgs, from a certain Ex-Bf...


    Two hulks take advantage of Chad and Patrick's mouths while Chad and Jake come to a realization.

  • Reality Check 3

    If I couldn't make up my mind between Caleb and Donnie, why not try them both at once?

  • Birthday Gift part 2

    I ran towards my cum and started licking it clean like of I haven't eating in weeks


    My new position is revealed and I quickly learn that it is the best ever.

  • JAKE 2.08

    Jake is used and abused but also does some heavy thinking about Chad.

  • Lost in New England, ch. 18

    Despite a few complications, Danny finally gets released.

  • Storm Warning

    The hike was in a remote section of the mountains and they expected snow, wanted it to happen thinking the worst was to move north of their location. They were wrong.

  • Substitute for Sis - Chapter 4

    A bf is just what the marriage needed.

  • Taste of Power--Part II

    Travis used to find solace in wrestling. It plays into the rhythm of how he thinks and feels and acts--plus, at some level, he appreciates that the guys on the team are hot. Unfortunately, much of that solace is gone now that Zane has exposed his secret, and Travis thinks he's lost any hope of anything happening with Chris. At least, that's how it all seems at first...


    Greg's ass is assaulted by a former porn star.

  • A Sharp Sword

    The first and second chapters in an story about the exploits and omnipresent sexual lives of a group gladiators.

  • Bull and Boi - Chapter 3

    A college kid discovers alpha-male

  • Deceit

    Corporate Exec tries to relive his hidden gay days in Charleston


    Chad has to service some of the baseball team and then he and Patrick have an experience that includes cop cum

  • Eric and Jeff's First Meeting Produces Humongous Orgasms

    Following the February wild phone sex between Eric and Jeff, Eric invites Jeff to travel with him from the United States to the French Riviera. This is the story giving the details of their first night together on the Riviera of the incredible raunchy, sensuous, wild, nasty, hot and steamy sex as they satisfy their irresistible carnal lust for each other's body.

  • Marine Called Jason - Part 6

    Back by popular demand, chapter 51-64 of the series: a Marine Called Jason.

  • My Very Own Male Stripper - Part Two

    The saga continues between Chad and his new friend Luke, the male stripper, who introduces Chad to a whole new life!

  • Substitute for Sis - Chapter 3

    A guy finds a bf is just what his marriage needs.

  • The Perfect Relationship

    Two teen boys find the love of their life by a speech. They fall into the perfect relationship and they explore something's making their relationship stronger.

  • Up At The Crack

    My friend Edward and I exchange stories about our sons.