• Just Like My Dad Part 2

    On the drive back to the dealership, Ivan tells me how he became interested in hooking up with other guys for sex...

  • Starting Over - Chapter 12

    Matt is a popular jock who has everything going for him until he loses his memory and now he has to try to live a life that doesn't feel like his own anymore.

  • Owned and used by Turks

    Enslaved and worked by Turk owners.

  • Pandemic of men chapert 6

    I headed to the room. As Mark entered the living room he was met with open arms flinging around his large frame. To my surprise, he had changed a lot more then I'd imagined. The once wimpy looking video gamer was now huge in comparison. His body was now a hulking mass of muscles.

  • The Victoria's Secret Male Model #4

    Lance walked Frankie backwards to the couch in the living room still lip locked and tight to each other, they fell on the couch. Frankie on the bottom with Lance on top of him, soon shirts were off and hot skin to hot skin made them moan.

  • Building Things - Chapter 40

    Ty was walking in from the back door, wiping his hands on an old towel, seeing Derrick rinsing out a coffee cup at the sink. Ty smiled at him, only seeing the shirt Derrick wore, a button down powder blue long sleeve, Derrick's soft olive complexion and his dark hair accented by the color of the shirt.


    The plot, and lots of cocks, thickens.

  • Night Rhythms

    As I touch him there he presses his lips harder against me and moans. He has given me his permission. He slides his body further up mine allowing me more room and my finger penetrates without restriction.

  • The Initiation of Raymond

    Raymond was a nieve, really nice young man, and he was about to become initiated into the world of different kind of sex and love. Still a virgin in every way He was longing to learn something about life and I was there to help him learn.

  • The Web We Weave

    Standing naked in front of Grant, I fumbled with his buttons, undoing them one by one. As I stared into his deep blue eyes, I wondered how I got so lucky meeting such a great guy.

  • Garden Boys #5

    "Ready for the main event baby? Time to pay Mr. Erection some special attention." Lucky and Johns sex is the best....love makes it so much better,.......

  • Incarcerated For The Weekend - Part 2

    I had never had sex in this fashion before, and the excitement of it was turning me into an animal. Sex had always been very consensual prior to my incarceration, and this dominance over another person was exhilarating me. Aaron and I had coerced this youngster into sex, and the thrill of it was intoxicating.

  • Mr Marty - Part 4: The Early Years

    Marty was born up in Northern Michigan he was raise by his Mother most of his up bringing. He was above average throughout his schools year and onto to where got his Physical Education and a Science degree. He also got a scholarship in Michigan State for Wrestling.,Were he was somewhat successful during his 4 years at Michigan State.

  • Undercover - Part 3

    Sex among cops continues.

  • Becoming their slut Ch.5

    All good things have to come to an end, and so it was with our trip to Paris. I flew home in my old boy-clothes, since I didn't have a strategy yet for telling my Mum and everyone about becoming Jacqui.

  • DOVER - Chapter 28

    Dover and her Captain take the time to start to heal wounds, a plan begins to emerge, Callum and Dustin have a moment together, and there is treachery afoot.

  • Hypno therapy for assholes

    The name of this subject is Khile Normance, he is a well built young man with a toned muscular physique. He has black hair and brown eyes, I didn't now his crotch size at this time so i wont say. The man had a piercing in his left nose witch always cought my attention

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 19

    Greg is slowly reaching a breaking point. With the press constantly going after him for answers, he finds safety in two others. Tanner is taking Greg's fake relationship with Jesse very hard and watching it happen hurts him deeply. Unable to take it any longer, he has to get away. With the man he loves gone, Greg realizes his mistake and does whatever it takes to try and get him back. But the damage has already been done. Will he be able to get Tanner back? Will the Kings be able to survive whatever is thrown their way? And can Tanner and Greg keep their secret any longer?

  • Mr Stu - Part 2

    I was impress how good this team was before our first game at 4 pm. Stu began to help me with his my bags until we got too our 12 floor room. Stu told every one on the team to meet us down at the lobby at 3 pm.

  • My Twin Brother and I - Part 52

    The second day in London: early morning shenanigans in the hotel, then off to Windsor. Afterwards to Kew Gardens where Anton meets Diego, a Latino boy. From there on to Boss UK where they meet Alexander and his son Clive. The boys all have a night of debauchery par excellence in the hotel. [This is a very long chapter and involves a hell of a lot of sex. If it's not your scene, move on please. You don't have to read this - this is for the enlightened ones amongst us who love sex and lots of it. For those who do want to read it: IT'S HOT AND NICE! JUICY! Enjoy!]

  • The Victoria's Secret Male Model #3

    "No, Frankie ...you will ride home with me and you WILL spend the weekend with me... in my bed beside me nude." he commanded. Lance takes control.....

  • Trip to the Keys

    I take a road trip with a straight coworker of mine to the Florida keys. Based on a true story, and what I wish would have happened.

  • Unexpected Inheritance

    Paul inherits one third of a UK gay pub with benefits and complications.

  • Gangbanged in the locker room

    The school rugby team find out I'm gay - and decide to teach me a lesson.

  • Incarcerated For The Weekend - Part 1

    Aaron was on his knees behind Blake, having secured both Blake's wrists in his left hand. Blake had a sock stuffed in his mouth, mumbling and squirming like crazy. Aaron's fist hammered down on the small of Blake's back a few times, before Blake quietened down. Aaron had a salacious look of his face; like a predator about to feed on its quarry. His tongue was fully extended, and hung on his chin.


    I explore the many levels and cocks of the space station.

  • Just Like My Dad - Part 1

    Wandering around dealerships looking to buy a new car, I stumbled across Ivan, a salesman who seemed to know exactly what I was after...

  • Mr Stu - Part 1

    my new rugby coach - Stu became our new head coach for our Rugby team, He came over from another College with a reputation of being fairly strict and hot temper.

  • Coins, Booths, and Everything Changes

    So our main character is back and experiences another amazing orgasm, but in this chapter he forced to face the events of the last month and what could sexy farm boy best friend John Boy have to take about? Cum find out.


    Jock's cock wakes me up. I give Diego the blow job of his life. I'm awed by the Obama Station. Captain Bishop saves my ass, literally.