• Fantasy (Chapter 4)

    Caleb and Colton's fun continues. But on their way to the bedroom, an unknown "thing" was there

  • Life's Expectations - Chapter 20 - Beautiful With You

    it's gonna start with Shane's appointment with Dr. Iris Bear. It'll go to Lucas hanging out with his mom and go into him a bit. Finally it'll go to Isaac and you'll find out what happened with him in elementary school. I hope you enjoy!

  • Taks Sex LIfe Edtion 1

    This Edtion Includes My Older Gym Buddie : i thoughut hed left and i was just about to turn around when all of a sudden sharp pain in my ass fuck id never taken a cock this big before he kept fucking me. And Bros Who Fucked: i felt his hand move slowly down my abs until he hit my soft cock he started to rub it up and down up and down i moved towards him to kiss him he pulled me in and kissed me deepl

  • You Don't Have To (Chapter Four)

    "I'm fine. You don't have to do anything for me. Just forget about him. Don't talk to him, don't go anywhere near him. Just don't ever speak with him again." I replied.

  • Boys First Time -Chapter 2.

    Continuation of chapter 1.

  • Building Things - Chapter 22

    Yes, boys! I'm back! A little slow, and I'm so sorry between the injury and the job demands, I'm dying here. I wanted to give you this so bad, but it was hard to type with one hand only. So, those of you who have stuck....and waited...and emailed...I love you all, and this is for you. I hope you enjoy it. Dover is still very much underway and the next should out in a few days as well, but for now...here you are.

  • Fantasy (Chapter 3)

    Caleb realizes Colton is gay, and has the night of his life.

  • Life's Expectations - Chapter 19.5 - Crazy Little Thing Called Love

    this chapter is gonna be just a little side story about Tanis.

  • Mr. Popular

    In High School, Sean had been the jock, the most popular, the guy all the others wanted to be but it was all an act and in college it was hard to keep playing the role.

  • My Brother-In-Law's Brother

    There's a moment when we both reach that pinnacle, when neither of us breathes, the moment of ejaculation...we are each synced into the mutual orgasmic pleasure wracking our bodies and the sheer wonder of the orgasm of the brain, the mind fuck.

  • The Fire House - Part III

    Steve continues learning his lesson from the Master

  • Underwear Stories: Tighty-Whiteys Part 2 (UW1a)

    Part Two of Two. Men being men. Men exploring other men. Men watching other men. Men fucking other men.

  • A Summer at the waterpark part one, loving Evan

    I hook up with Evan for a day and night of hot sucking and fucking.

  • Life's Expectations - Chapter 19 - Dammed if I Do Ya(Dammed if I Don't)

    This chapter will be about Isaac, cause I always leave him behind. I mean I've been focusing on Shane and Lucas' relationship. Now as much as I love doing that, I'm leaving Issac in the dust. So today is the day you get some Isaac action!

  • Longing For Love #5

    Hey everyone. First I would like to thank all of you for your helpful hints and encouraging messages. Please continue to vote and leave messages. Here is the next chapter about the building relationship between Winston and Danny.

  • Telephone Sex

    The Ad in the Advocate read: "Free = Dirty Sex Talk = (760) 555 4629, no calls after eleven p.m."

  • The Ambassador's Son

    An ambassador's son swept up in sex of Mideast terrorist plot.

  • Underwear Stories: Tighty-Whiteys Part 1 (UW1)

    A short two part story. Tight-whiteys and hard cock, a good combination, always, you never know what will cum of this combination.

  • A Night At The Glory Hole

    The telephone sounded; the fourth call today. "Yessir," was all he said as he hung up the phone, and he covered his nakedness with tight jeans and T-shirt and slipped his bare feet into slightly over-sized top-siders. Mr. Dudly was a Friday afternoon regular. He had been waiting for this one. All Mr Dudley wanted was head. Cock worship and pop goes the cum.

  • College Heavyweight Wrestler Caught Masturbating By Roommate

    My name is Ken, a cross country runner and Cody, a heavyweight wrestler, is my roommate. We became roommates at the beginning of our junior year in college. When I caught him masturbating the first week of school, the result was wild sex with volcanic orgasms for both of us.

  • Fantasy (chapter 2)

    Caleb gets to go to Colton's to tutor Colton

  • Life's Expectations - Chapter 18 - Hold My Hand

    This chapter is them getting out of that situation and a little bit of Zach and Shane. And a new adult character will be added! SHE will be rather important to almost all four boys, in one way or another.

  • Boy's First Time-Chapter 1

    Two friends realize they are attracted to each other, on a Friday night sleepover.

  • Fantasy

    Caleb gets to meet Colton, who is his crush.

  • Life's Expectations - Chapter 17 - We're Here for a Good Time

    So... this chapter is all about the events of the dance.