Continuation of Curt's ordeal and journey through hell as he is edged, cock polished and post orgasm tormented against his will by his captors.

  • The British Roommate - Part 4

    Jake refreshes Ethan's memory about his night with the mysterious one night stand...

  • After a Hard days work

    You get home after a hard days work and I have everything you need to relieve the tension and stress.

  • After a Hard days work 2

    The roles are reversed and I get taught a lesson.

  • Aquata Cove - Chapter 10

    A Lunar Eclipse has come. For merpeople, this is a most wondrous night, as they are given the chance to find true love.

  • Fantasy World

    How I become a Sex Beast for a Gay Demon.

  • Red Headed Hurt: Da! Wounds that will Never Heal

    Sorry for the long pause between chapters. I've gotten a new job duty at work as a Document Creator so that's been dominating my creative juices. But I am back. In this chapter the boys finally leave Irish's house, but does all go well?


    Straight college athlete Curt is focus of obsession by his upstairs neighbor - and is later abducted and put through an endless ordeal by a group of guys who prey on young handsome men.

  • The House for Men: The Gathering Part 4: All Eyes Upon Him

    The water dances and sparkles off his fine blonde hair, in the soft light, that covers his body. His back is still toward us as we are all in the pool. He bends over, slowly; his ass naturally spreads from this movement. As he does, his balls drop and are visible from the crack of his ass. They are full orbs of man-juice, hairy, like the rest of him; he does not shave them. He chooses to remain a natural unspoiled unshaven man.

  • Tunnel of Love......Part 4

    After seeing him in the tunnel, I had to find a way to let him know that I knew all about him.

  • Building Things - Chapter 8

    The ride back to the house was quiet between them. Derrick pulled into the driveway and parked in the circular driveway in the front of the house...

  • Four Handed Massage

    Find out what happens when I answer an ad for a massage.

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 9

    I'm back! A quick message from me and an explanation. Tanner and Gregory are finally together. But after their first night together, will Tanner be willing to stay? And will they be able to take their first steps together? And Tanner and Gregory try to get to the root of Tanner's anger on the ice. Gregory calls in a favor from a close friend to help. Will he be able to find out why Tanner's always angry on the ice? Or will Tanner prove to be too much of a challenge?

  • Jealous Tabby Pt.2

    Abel grabbed Blu and hoisted him over his shoulder. "I'll take care of this one." He said, walking off into the darkness with Blu. "Wait, where are you- Oh!" Lance's sentence was cut short by a moan as one of Eric's hands slid into his pants and began rubbing his thigh. "Shh... He's gonna be fine. You're gonna be fine. You're with us now. So just relax..." Eric whispered into his ear. Lance took in a deep breath and let his body relax against Eric's strong chest with a staggering exhale. "Good boy, just like that." Eric whispered before Lance closed his eyes.

  • My first time with Jim - Part 2

    After experiencing my first time with a man with a mind-blowing blow job, our coming out encountered surprised me me further.

  • My Hot Life

    I joined for by bachelor degree in a college which was far from my home town. The college was few kilo meters away from the city...

  • Pure Coach Jon

    Poor pure Coach Jon finds himself being drawn in by one of the athletes he trains. His heart wants nothing more than to accept, but his mind resists. Surely Coach Jon doesn't want to be chased out of his first coaching job due to inappropriate relationships with the students.

  • Sex Drugs and Domination Part 5

    A powerful man shows me what I am.

  • Straight and Bound Parts 1-3: Mark, Steve and Ryan

    In three separate stories, three handsome straight college guys get abducted, stripped naked, and forced to cum over and over.

  • Submissive: Chapter 5- Chastity

    A young man has his eyes opened to a world he never knew existed, but now knows he is right where he needs to be.


    ""Oh fuck...what a beauty...please don't freak out David...but I have to do this. I just gotta have it!"

  • Thorsten, Crystal and Me.

    Luckiest guy on campus.

  • Yabba-dabba-doo!

    The night I sucked off Zorro and got fucked by Fred Flintstone.

  • Young Lords of the Vampires

    How I become a Vampire and fall in Love. My other Alias's are Dex & DragonRyder. Stories are posted on this site under those names. HOOWWWEEEVVVVERR, I forgot what my password and login details were so I couldn't add any stories so I did it this way. I will be posting under this name for now. Hope you still enjoy my stuff.

  • Leon and Harnett

    Leon always manages to get what he wants, but his passion always fades when he finally gets it. Now, what he wants is the affection of his friend Harnett who has no idea that his roommate, teammate, and friend Leon ever has feelings for men.