• wet and messy

    I met him in a gay chat room called "Wet and Messy". I was signed in as TrkerPP and in my profile I told that I liked piss play among other things. He was signed in with just initials and no profile. We chatted and I told him I was a 47 year old Trucker and I liked hot, dirty, "PIG"

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 239

    Ben gets in trouble and makes amends to the boys he hurt. Then his big brothers Randy and Steve take him on a trip to the dunes where he submits to their discipline. "Bound, spread-eagled, the gypsy boy gritted his teeth. His brother Randy was savage ... and suddenly Ben knew. This was love - love expressed through pain. 'Harder, sir ... pound my ass. I love you, sir .... please love me too ...'."

  • Batavian Duel

    Struggle for dominance in an historical shipwreck.

  • Because I wanted to

    why i started sucking dicks

  • Colum's Viking Captivity

    First in a series! Colums II and II are available now at fine retailers - Colum IV coming soon! The monastery at Iona is destroyed, its inhabitants slaughtered by ruthless Vikings...all but Colum and his friend Niall, taken into bondage by warriors who will use them for pleasure. But Colum's new master Viggo is more than just a bandit prince. Will Colum open himself to Viggo, and not only accept but embrace his strange new fate?


    Chad has some post holiday sucking and fucking.

  • Michael's Ghost - Chapter 3

    David shoved his cock deep in my throat. He was cumming. I pushed him back in time to get the last eruptions of his boiling cum. It felt like molten lead inside me, burning its way to my belly. I kept sucking, trying to pull more of the juice out of him.

  • Never been blown 2

    Part two of a series, not sure how long it will go on for.

  • Steve the Cumwhore - Part 9

    After Phil had got down to his pants, with me teabagging him and slapping his face with my cock for the punishment, Simon became the 3rd fully naked person (and a dildoing for him too, this time 5 minutes long). His knob was quite long at about 7 inches, just like Pete's.

  • The Oil Change

    I told him that I wanted to grease up his dick so he put some grease in my hands and I greased his dick and his balls. When I finished, I wiped the extra grease onto my chest. He bent me over, holding me by my waist and worked his dick in my hole.

  • Building Things - Chapter 23

    Derrick bent down and kissed him on the cheek. Ty breathed in deeply and opened his eyes. He saw Derrick leaning over him and smiled.

  • Destined To Be - Chapter 1

    In a school of supernatural beings two men have a destiny that non can flee, one is hunted and wanted by many on the raise to becoming King and the other a royal and ancient of his race. A bond, a love, a destiny and with that many dangers. /This is a rewrite where I have tried to do my best with grammar and have filled the pages more. for a longer story/


    After a filling Christmas dinner, Chad finds some more meat on the way home.

  • Life in New England, ch. 13

    Danny Leeman ordinarily has no problem getting an erection. But, with both legs and one arm cuffed, Danny is indeed having a problem. Can he be saved before his balls explode?

  • My First Cock


  • Steve the Cumwhore - Part 8

    I looked up at him as my head bobbed slowly backwards and forwards on his shaft. He was looking me deep in the eyes but I could see the flicker as I alternated between bobbing up and down and flicking my tongue. He looked in heaven.

  • The Hunting Lodge - I Watch Them (HL3)

    ...spurts erupt from his cock, as he shoots gobs of white man-juice onto his hairy-furred chest, as he has leaned back onto the bed of his truck, with his legs propped up, exposing his gloriously hairy hole, when he commenced shooting his load. He covers his muscle-defined furred chest and even shot his goateed face with his cum. Some cum makes it into his wavy hair, as his cap, lies behind him in the truck bed, and onto the folds of ...

  • Twins Chapter 8

    Alex grows closer to love Ross, he has dinner with him and a fun night

  • Aching Bones - Chapter 12

    All appears near perfect between the two boys, having yet no problems; but Ash begins to fear his childishness and how it may affect him in the future.

  • Broken Armor Ch.25 Butterflies in the Air

    I dashed off the porch, unable to wait for him to make the long walk to the house. My legs felt like I was running on air, almost flying, as the sight of the man I loved got closer. He saw me and began running towards me too. I flew into his arms like a happy child as he lifted me up into a tight hug. I wrapped my arms and legs around him tightly as we kissed. The rain continued to fall as we broke our kiss to stare into each other's ...

  • By The Light Of A Full Moon

    I was in the middle of nowhere, on a old US 2 lane highway that used to be the main road to Dallas before the interstate was put in. I had not seen a gas station in miles and was about to piss in my pants. I saw a sign that said "Rest Area 1 Mile Ahead" and knowing it had no facilities, I was going to have to make it do. Although the thought had crossed my mind that maybe there might be some nice looking dude there that would want his ...

  • Circle Jerk

    Completely unplanned after comparing dick size with friends

  • Cock Worshipper Part 8

    How my step-dad got wind of my cock worshipping exploits...

  • College Work Study Athlete while on Duty in the Library Seduces Professor

    Ryan, a gorgeous athlete on the college's swim team, for his Federal work study funds, is assigned to work in the college library 10 hours a week. One Friday afternoon, while Ryan is working at the information desk, Professor Owens, comes up to the desk inquiring about a publication. What follows is a steamy fucking scene among the book shelves.


    Chad finds out that on a ranch you can always find a stud or two.


    After a series of events Shane decides he's going to make sure he receives blow jobs and fucks them afterwards

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 16

    Things haven't been going well for either Tanner or Greg. Tanner is in a deep depression with the breakup with Greg, adding a suspension from the NHL on top of it and he turns to the bottle to help ease the pain. But some close friends help to pull him out. Greg finally decides to start turning his life back around, starting with his Scott. Greg finds out about his mother's and Scott's history together, learning how he came to be. ...

  • Michael's Ghost - Chapter 2

    I panicked when I saw him. David was naked! He was walking up the sidewalk toward my house completely naked!. His thickening cock swung gently back and forth with each step. His muscles moved effortlessly under his satin skin. He came up on the porch, picked me up out of my chair, and wrapped me up in his strong arms. His lips met mine, and we kissed. I heard my mother inside the house crying softly over the man who was stealing my ...

  • Started with a Jock then moved to a cop

    It started at Kyle and then moved to Marco. These two guys are getting cocky.

  • The Syrian Rent-Boy

    Newsman sent into a refugee camp to rescue a rent-boy.