• Professional Heavy Weight Boxer Pounds 19-Year-Old Towel Boy

    Heavyweight Boxer Hugo fucks 19-year-old Billie, the towel boy for the "Mens' Gym". Billie is the son of Sonny, the owner and trainer for the club's boxers.

  • The Boy Nextdoor

    A man finally gets to spend a hot night with the boy next-door.

  • What? It's Called a What?

    Four of us recruits visit a bar on another post and have a great time! Spoiler Alert: Daisy Chain!

  • After a Hard days work 4

    What takes place when we wake up.

  • Bending Straight Lines Chapter 4

    Devon falls hard for John, and his virginity is on the line....

  • Difficult relations-Part-2

    how Sumit and Raghu meet and what meets the eye is not always the truth!

  • High school guy's first time with two hairy college jocks

    Greg hooks up with the lifeguard in the country club locker room and then gets invivted to his dorm for a threesome with his roommate.

  • My Sweaty Socks Jocks part 3 (Daddy)

    Jeremy gets a little father and son time.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 208

    Bob and the boys are off to Chicago and Randy gives Bob a fitting send-off. The gypsy grins, "You know, one of my greatest pleasures is knocking that cocky, too-cool-for-school business executive down to size." Eddie and Ben get the thrill of flying first class. And the twins enter their own private world of fraternal lust and passion "Two beautiful identical twins wrestling, making love, living out a wild sexual fantasy."

  • After a Hard days work 3

    I come home late...

  • Difficult relations

    About two men in New Delhi; who have to find their footing in their relationship which is difficult to even define in the homophobic closeted world they live in.

  • My brother Dan

    Brothers Paul and Dan fought all the time, until they had their final showdown! Witness their final steamy battle!

  • My Sweaty Socks Jocks part 2 (The Socks)

    When we got back to Connors place everything got better.

  • Springbreak with Uncle Darek Part 1

    Seventeen year old John Landly has the best Springbreak of his life.

  • Apple Jacks

    After dad invites a masculine man to live with them, his sexually confused son, writes to a 'Dear Abby' like column asking for help.

  • Aquata Cove - Chapter 12

    When Adam goes out for an outing on his own, he encounters yet another creature of aquatic fable. He sees visions in dreams that may either be a fantastically fun time, or a terrible end to his young life.

  • Building Things - Chapter 10

    Derrick chuckled. "Tom is not only one of my business partners, he's an old friend." Derrick held out a hand, showing the way...

  • Making up a Foursome

    Gil pulled into a motel to lay up after a hot night at a bathhouse, walking to the attached beach, spreading his towel near three studs tossing around a volleyball. Quick snooze later, they talked the hunk into making up a fourth and checking out the sexy trio, he realized he wasn't THAT tired after all.

  • Of The Flesh

    A young college freshman develops a sudden fascination with a particular series of erotic photos featuring a beautiful online gay porn star while coming up on his Winter break. There's something about the boy on the screen. An addictive lure grows in intensity as his fantasies become more and more 'real' as he cycles through the extensive collection. Is it merely an online infatuation? Or is there more behind the eyes of this mysterious young beauty he sees on the screen?

  • The New Neighbors.....Part 2

    I soon find out more about my neighbors.

  • The Barbershop

    Fresh out of high school, Cory and his girlfriend plan to attend college nearby so they can maintain their relationship. Things change, however, when one routine visit to the barbershop leads to more than Cory bargained for. He finds himself in a love triangle that leads to the discovery of new sexual desires and urges.

  • Viral Enhancement Part XVII: The Fall of Isaac

    This was meant to be an ending, but there were still too many loose ends. Enjoy the beginning of the end.

  • Aquata Cove - Chapter 11

    After Merrick has fallen in love with Adam, the unsuspecting human goes to find the this 'fish' that he spotted that night.

  • Earning Danny Ch. 05

    Things continue to heat up

  • Fashion Misfits Ch.2 Cashmere

    Off to rescue his best friend, Chord and Novel find that they may have a few things in common, besides both wanting to rip the others clothes off.