A simple evening's drink on holiday ended with me being drained of all my sperm by 2 beautiful Thai twinks

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.21 Lionhearted

    Holden attatcks Rex after he's sent on a "search & destroy" mission from Estrella; Ramsey and Rex come to a common ground... for now

  • Client #2 (out of 4 that evening)

    Michael, NYC's favorite male escort, has an especially busy Tuesday evening. Read what Client #2 that night has to say about his session with Michael.

  • Jerald Dominates His Ex - Part 1

    A resentful Ex-lover get the chance to dominate and take down his ex, assisted by a guy the ex has repeatedly rejected.

  • Last Laugh

    Neal turns the tables on gay gang bangers

  • My Twin Brother and I - Part 38

    An early-morning encounter with Luigi, couch sex and then an all-nighter with Luigi!

  • Private Gloryhole Chapter Six

    Continuation of sexual encounters with the now infamous private gloryhole.


    Growing up in Perth, Western Australia, sure was a great life style and certainly was an eye opening experience for me. When we first moved back from Canada my parents bought a house in City Beach and for me was my education in Gay Sex.

  • The Boys of White Oaks Chapter 1

    This story follows the life of 18 year old soccer jock Adam Logan. As his family moves to White Oaks to start a new life, Adam begins his journey to find himself.

  • The Fly On The Wall. Chapter 2

    Feelings get all winded up and new feelings emerge. A kiss that may shatter a friendship and an rim job that isnt what it seems.


    I went to try the newly re-furbished gay sauna and met two delightful Thai boys who were only interested in how much sex we could have together

  • Private gloryhole Chapter Five

    How Santiago got to reward his load of cream to his Uncle.

  • Separate Worlds: Chapter 2

    He hated seeing Anton so distraught, sad, depressed; he hated how his lover has to deal with so much with his mother being sick, the immense pressure he is under from fans and managers on top of not feeling safe enough to reveal his biggest secret with his teammates out of fear of hatred and distain for his orientation.


    A rainy day, and a chance to shop for the latest thongs, G-strings and jockstraps

  • The Fly on the wall. Prologue

    Everyone who does dirt always think they are in private. No one thinks about THE FLY ON THE WALL. This fly comes into the lives of Quetin Burns and his Friends and catches all the drama, secrets, lies, and sex. However, this fly wasnt always as Noisy. It all started one night it caught Quetin Burns the straight tough football sleeping with his thug Teacher Chris. Well, technically the first time was when... well you have to read to ...

  • The Thug And The Bottom That Loves Him. Chapter 2

    An explosive ending that will have your hearts aching. Walé and Ja'Shon relationship is defined. Brock and Carlos will stop at nothing to hurt and manipulate Dre.

  • Aquata Cove - Chapter 36

    Alone and fading, a sense of reason and sympathy reaches out to Merrick, but at what cost?

  • Boy Meets Dad

    Michael, a gay male escort in Manhattan, recounts his session with a client who had a very specific request that "Daddy" meet his new "boy" wearing a particular style of jeans.

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.20 Laughing Gas & Dried Flowers

    "You're no fun... But Virgo, the virgin... That's fitting alright." he smiled with a cocky grin. "How do you know I'm a virgin?" "I don't. I'm just assuming... Are you?"

  • First time with another man...

    A true story of the results of my exhibitionism. :)


    An afternoon being massaged, sucked and wanked by many different boys and men

  • Private Gloryhole Chapter Four

    The sexual encounters get a little more complicated when Jhon´s nephew comes to live with us.

  • Solicitous Service

    Congressman dumps young male lover at restaurant.

  • A Wild Night of Hot Sex with Male Go-Go Dancers

    As my three college buddies and I watched four hot male Go-Go dancers at a gay nightclub, we were horny as hell. We would make our moves to suck cock and fuck these hot dancers. I wanted the hot blond dancer and my three buddies could select how they would team up with the other three hot dancers. We were all 22-year-old college seniors and the dancers ranged in age from 20 to 24.


    Chad is neighborly with his mouth and ass.

  • Frat Barn - Chapter 2

    An unlikely bond is formed when John and Devon confess their sexual demons while on a run through the forest.

  • Hazing A Straight Boy to Orgasm

    Straight cadet Kevin gets hazed for his birthday. When he is held down and his cock played with, I see my chance to get my hands on his young meat. The casual game takes an unexpected turn and straight jock Kevin suddenly finds himself desperately struggling to hold his load as his cock is unrelentingly jerked off by his friends.

  • My Twin Brother and I - Part 37

    The week after the weekend on the farm. Juan gets good news. We buy clothes for Herman and then I meet Luigi ... a perfect Italian Stallion!

  • Pretty boy and his Soldier

    A short story about complete opposites making a connection.

  • The Assignment - Part Three

    I'll Show You Yours If You'll Show Me Mine.