• Mia

    Sisters with benefits?

  • Rusty

    With my assistance Rusty stepped out of his Levis and stood quietly in front of me wearing nothing but a pair of black bikini briefs. I quickly hooked my thumbs in the sides of his bikini briefs and started to pull them down and off.

  • Senior Year - Pt 1

    James starts his senior year, but it dines't go as expected.

  • The Handyman Ch. 8: May 2010

    The mysterious handyman Tab enters the Shernhaven intrigue.

  • Tricked

    After that when we played cards and the looser had to take the queer pill. Unfortunately, I lost the next 3 times in a row which meant that I had to suck all 4 of their hard dicks.

  • Unexpected Responder

    How we got a unexpected response to a ad we placed and the surprise responder.

  • Wrestling the Team

    I try out for the wrestling team and love it!

  • A High Country Tale: Chapter 3 - Part 1 The Mighty Tungsten Tuberosity

    An Interracial Love Story - The steady mouth strokes distracted me until the tip of his piece tentatively brushed against the ass ring he targeted. Those nipple tippling fingers erotically fucked his mouth, collecting enough spit to smear the engorged dickhead's entry into my warm and waiting chute. His favorite sexual pastime...fucking.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 291

    The conceited Golden Boy, already humbled by Randy and Bob, comes back for more. The handsome young gymnast stares up at the magnificent Bob and offers his virgin ass to a man for the first time. Then Golden Boy grovels before Randy and the savage gypsy growls, "I knew from the start you were a fuck-pig, boy, and now I'm gonna hammer that ass so hard you'll be begging for more."

  • Evan - Chapter 16

    Evan is still reluctant to give in so Tyler decides to show him how serious he is.

  • Girls' Night Out

    I take Silve out for a night on the town

  • Him - Pt 1

    A young guy meets a hot black muscle hunk on his commute home. He becomes transfixed with him and will stop at nothing to get on his knees and worship him.

  • The Bear

    I meet him a few times at the leather demon bar in the city. He always got a room for the night just above the downstairs bar. He invited me back with him a few times to his room and knew how to fuck one of my best fuck ever. Always love getting me and few other cubs into the sling.

  • The Dog Walker

    How I ran into one of my best friend´s former bfs and got his cock on the d & l .

  • Unexpected Trio

    How my ass ended up getting fucked by both my best friend and a friend of his.

  • Unthinkable and Unchangeable - 2

    Emmett slowly comes to terms with help from Steph, and lets his mind run wild as he ponders what new opportunities will arise with his new found self worth.

  • Building Things - Chapter 43

    Revelations unfold as the group begins to put everything together.

  • Daddy Bear: The Fire Chief

    Tom cock full erected with his very oiled hands as the pre cum started to pour through the front of Capt. Tom briefs. " How about some head Stew " He smile as he started to plant his bushy goatee mouth onto Capt. Tom 7 inch prefect cock that had a lovely shaft and a very well trim med section.

  • Hitch Hiking in the Rain

    He told me to get out and leave the passenger side door open. While I stood outside the car in the cold, damp air, he went back to the trunk and retrieved a bath towel from his suitcase. Then he sat on the passenger side facing out through the door, with his legs spread apart. He motioned for me to stand between his legs and rest my forearms on the car's roof.

  • Home, With the Girls

    A girls' afternoon together. Things get difficult with Nina.

  • Homeless

    I try and help out a homeless ex-military guy but what will be the outcome?

  • Lost

    His hand then moved past my dick, before stroking my pussy with his middle finger. When he lifted his head, and lovingly stared at me, I nervously said, "I've never been fucked before." Smiling he told me that there was a first time for everything.

  • The Handyman Ch. 7: 1996

    The mix of Shernhaven men coupling becomes more complicated.

  • A University Graduate Student Tutors Five College Jocks and Gets Big Bonuses

    This is a five-part series featuring Derek, a first year 23-year-old graduate student, who is hired by the university athletic department to tutor five athletes that are having problems in their zoology class understanding the anatomy of the male sexual functions. Each jock meets with Derek in separate study sessions and gets hands on demonstrations.

  • DOVER - Chapter 41

    Dustin was beside him, sleeping, leaning his head against Callum, The bandage that surrounded Dustin’s head covered most of his long soft brown hair. Callum was silent as they drove on through the night.

  • Borg XXX

    Two formerly assimilated friends from the Starship Enterprise suddenly find themselves un-assimilated from the Borg collective, on a damaged Borg cubed, and decide to take advantage of it

  • Evan - Chapter 15

    Evan is having a hard time dealing with Jake's new relationship but Tyler is there to offer a distraction.

  • I discovered sucking cock

    Like most men, I was a little curious about how men got it on with each other, so I figured what the hell and went into the arcade area. The arcade area consisted of two hallways, each lined with booths. There were ten booths in each row, totaling forty booths in all. When you pass through the beaded curtain into the arcade area the first thing I noticed was the smell. In later years I would recognize it as a mixture of cigarettes, sweat, cum, piss disinfectant, latex, leather, lube and aromas.

  • Inner Demons Part 2

    Jason wakes up after his confrontation with Leo...With Dean at the foot of the bed

  • Mountain Memory

    In the wake of WWII U.S. army officer encounters a starving Bavarian artist.