• Aching Bones - Part 6

    Instalment six of the stories. The pace of each chapter is going to slow down from here on in, as the story deepens. Future chapters will therefore be longer than before. Again, all criticisms and comments wanted, thank you all for continuing to read the series.

  • Forced in the Locker room

    In high school, I began my journey with being with a guy...but my first true gay experience was not what I had thought it would be like...

  • Lost Parts 1 - Interview with a Modifier

    Future genital modification techniques.

  • Lost Parts 2 - Modified Pickup

    Sexual encounter with a modified bodybuilder.

  • Murder in Wichita - Chapter 1

    Can two dudes prove they are innocent of killing a women they both fucked?

  • Raven's Valley Prison - Part 3 (Final)

    Finally, the last part of this series Darius is taken down to the basement and brutalized by "the doctor."

  • Satisfaction Ashram

    Locked away as a sex slave in a Sri Lankan gay male tantric center.

  • Staying Retired

    It's so hard for a spy to retire or to pick sides.

  • Wife works I play

    Been tough lately newly married my third time. She tells me that we are grown up and I should be Robert but I think I like Rocky. My boyfriend I have calls me Rocky so that is who I am. Kissed wife and away she went and ten minutes later Billy swings by and we go fishing. As the morning wears on the summer heat we take our shirts off. I take my shoes off and step out into the shallows of the river bank. Flipping my line out further ...

  • Aching Bones - Part 5

    The fifth instalment of the series - Things become more tense for Ashley, and Jennifer becomes entwined in the boys' friendship.

  • Fucking Mr. Roger: Part 2

    Jake and Tyler get to explore their clients backyard and most importantly his gorgeous body.

  • My First Taste of a Man's Private Dick: Part 2

    In Part 2 Cody teaches Trevor how to enjoy the full range of gay steamy sex acts including anal sex and also a three-way hot night of sex. Only one night after Trevor, the virgin, had his first taste of cock, he learned the joy of being a bottom for two big dicks.

  • Aching Bones - Part 3

    Instalment three of the series. Tom and Ashley get to know each other a little. These stories will continue coming often, usually more than one a day.

  • Aching Bones - Part 4

    The fourth instalment of the series, this ought to be the longest yet. I know the others have been short, I'm working on it; but am also trying to find suitable places to end each part without extending it too long.

  • Cock Worshipper Part 2

    The second instalment of my cock worshipper journal, relating my earliest yearnings towards other guys' organs.

  • Family....Part 3

    Things develop further with my dad.

  • meeting Daddy

    how meeting a Daddy opens me to a new reailsation

  • Meeting Mr. Roger : Part 1

    Jake and Tyler are college athletes with a desire for money and a good time. They get to meet a man that fulfills both their dreams of the perfect man. Jake and Tyler make a fascinating discovery in both themselves and their neighbor when they go do some yard work at his house.

  • My first time having Gay Sex

    This story gives a description of the first time i had sex with my boyfriend Jake. I hope you enjoy and it gives you some midnight pleasures!

  • Retreat to Eremenos

    Novelist takes young man to Western sex dude ranch for preparation in the early 1900s.

  • The neighbour - daybed

    Our characters move onto the daybed.. Keep commenting please guys!

  • Wanted: Chapter 2

    Tim reminisces on what his life was life was like before he met Darren.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 226

    A bragging, drunken Randy points at Bob's ass and slurs, "You see that ass, Pete? Belongs to me ... and I can loan it out if I want." Pete says, "I've never fucked a guy before, but I'd make an exception for that ass, it's so damn perfect." Bob erupts. "Randy, I thought that caveman crap was over, but you're still the same crude, arrogant, shit-for-brains motherfucker who first crawled out from under a rock."

  • Aching Bones - Part 1

    The first of the following series "Aching Bones". It will be a relatively small series following the growing attraction between two young men (late teenagers). Though more details shan't be revealed.

  • Aching Bones - Part 2

    The second instalment of the series, following two young men in their exploration of the unknown. I understand the first chapter was very short, as it was just an introduction. This chapter is sort of the ending of the prologue; and so is rather short too (marginally longer than Part 1). However, parts 3, 4 and 5 will be up tomorrow (I had a long day off today), and are much longer than 1 and 2. Each chapter will probably get ...