• Not Your Typical Father 4

    Nick leaves his wife and moves in with Mike and Brad. Tom's father, Jim, contacts Brad out of the blue, willing to pay for sex.

  • Sparky, Mac and Tang - Part 2

    The rough sex continues, as Sparky and Tang join in

  • Travis Trunk

    The "Shop Across The Road" saga, continues.....

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 270

    Bob visits Randy at work to make peace. "He gazed at the construction boss, in his frayed tank top and cargo pants, muscles rippling from exertion, a fiery look on his rugged gypsy face. But even as Bob watched he saw the strength and confidence drain from the big man, who seemed to crumple before his eyes. He looked like a nervous young boy waiting to see if the grown-ups had forgiven his misbehavior."

  • Another way at duskby the sea

    After a rainy day, I felt very horny and went looking for my beautiful Thai boys at the beach at dusk.

  • Building Things - Chapter 34

    I loved writing this chapter very much, especially the ending. I hope that you all, the huge romantics, will love it as much as I do.

  • Death to Blonds 7: Greg's Story

    Case separation begins with a surprise revenge confession

  • Foreskin triangle

    Get a foreskin out of nowhere. It's just a quicky story, but let me know how you like it.

  • Not Your Typical Father 3

    The irony of their lives appears. Mike and Nick are falling more hopelessly in love, and Brad falls in love with a trick also.

  • Sparky, Mac and Tang - Part 1

    Young man is initiated into gay sex by Mac

  • The One Chance Encounter

    we all have this story ur in a crowed room and this hot guy and you lock eyes and before u know it ur in bed together and its hot hot hot!1

  • Used by a 19 year old

    dick sucking story with 19 year old stud

  • Bike Cop 3

    Ken scream out as the cum started to come up through his balls and the penis hole of his cock, His whole body jilted back and forth as he started to shoot his white load off all over Cam hairy chest.

  • Family Beach Party Turns X Rated Chapter 1

    Unusual Sex accidents between mother and sons

  • Hipnosis on my mind-part 2-continoued

    Im only finishing the story apalagies to the original arthar-knox overstreet- for not asking.

  • My New Job and Sexy CEO #7

    Last chapter...hope you enjoy..

  • Not Your Typical Father 2

    Brad joins his dad on the streets. They begin soliciting trade as a package deal. The very first night, with Brad as bait, they bring home a handsome cop.

  • Paulo - Part 1

    A gentle love story, with minimal sex.

  • Red Jerry

    A co-worker is intrigued by toilet sex, and becomes a lover?

  • 21-Year-Old Blonde Twink Visits Gay Bar Seeking a Mature Man for Sex

    Mickey, a young horny 21-year-old blonde twink, and Kade, a 36-year-old active gay big muscled dude, happened to wind up at the same gay bar where they both were looking for a night of wild raunchy man sex. This is the story of how this cute twink hooked up with this big rough dude for a night of hot sex.

  • Again and Again Part Two: Rafael's Story

    It is the morning after Rafael and Zach first have sex together.

  • Back Then - Part 3

    The rough dirty sex continues, as fisting is introduced

  • Curiosity

    I'd never thought of being with another man until I started a dialogue with a female in a pen pal relationship, in which I got sucked in her fantasy of seeing me with another man. This relationship ended and I didn't give it much thought until recently when I began to exchange emails with someone I met on line in a social dating network.

  • Death to Blonds 6: Last Bus to Riker's

    Dead, bent judge bends "death to blonds" case into confusion, and the key suspect knifes out.

  • Doing the Dirty Part 1

    My son and I swap stories about our recent sexual adventures and fantasies until the two of us become prominently turned on...

  • DOVER - Chapter 21

    Callum, standing at the aft rail, his hands clasped behind his back, the wind in his face which felt good to him, as he stood there with eyes closed. He could hear the faint cry of gulls now and then overhead, and the movement of the men, hearing calls and shouts now and then as they worked.

  • Is It Possible...? Chapter 18

    With the press constantly going after Greg in order to find out who he's dating, Greg is beginning to lose it. Tanner is there to support him, but will that be enough? And Tanner becomes known as the next face of pro athletes supporting LGBT rights after a few situations. How will he handle the pressure? And Greg has a plan in order to get the media's attention away from Tanner after his public outbursts. Will Tanner agree to it? Or will it drive a wedge in their a relationship?

  • My best friend's cum dump

    After Harry, my hot best friend, finds out I'm gay, he gives me an amazing experience.

  • My New Job and Sexy CEO #6

    As Marshall raised his tee shirt his hairy chest and hairy pits came into view and Jess moaned out loud wanting nothing more than to bury his nose in all that fluffy hair.

  • No Turning Back

    In honor of the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" and of Proposition 8, "No Turning Back" is a story about two frat brothers who experience the euphoria and the angst of first love.