• My Island 7

    Michael's wife and her lawyer boyfriend ratchet up the tensions in this continuing story about a resort owner, his son and a very sexy captain.

  • Seraglio 3 - Compound

    The slave training camp is held in high regard by Jabir's clients worldwide. He doesn't train just any kind of slave; he trains only the finest male sex slaves to be found anywhere.


    Hot FBI agents (and cocks), Best Buy managers (and cocks) and entitled assholes (but with nice cocks). So much cum, so little time!

  • Blue Dragon 4

    Angel offers to grant Casey's wish and to ride him into the sunset.

  • Chemical Flirtation Ch.50 Keys to the Kingdom

    The final chapter of CF!! Ahhh!! Read to see how it all ends... (FOR Now)

  • Sex With Room mate

    Sex With Two boys

  • The Rest Stop

    I wasn't even thinking of getting a blowjob. All I could think about was getting a hot, hard, cock in my mouth. I wanted to know how it felt to be in control of a man's cock. To make him beg me to finish him, to taste his skin, fondle his balls and, most of all, swallow a big mouthful of cum.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 274

    The boys fantasize about the erotic pictures of Grady in his new Tarzan movie coming to life. So Grady, with Hassan and Pete, re-enacts the stunning climax of the film. "The bound, macho Tarzan, naked except for a ragged loincloth, was at the mercy of the two bare-chested soldiers, his magnificent body flexing as he struggled to get free. The soldier snarled, 'We're gonna enjoy working you over, big guy'."

  • Apollo

    For the next hour I became the fuck-bunny in the steam room. Seven men fucked my arse, and six abused my mouth. I was in hog-heaven, and having the time of my life. My final butt-fuck was again provided by horny-and-hung.

  • Blue Dragon 3

    Angel ties and rides Casey on his Harley, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, and then bails.

  • Out of the Broom Closet (OBC)

    "It's a cock, a guy's cock, that is quite hard, I might add, isn't it? It's quite an impressive cock, too, isn't it?" he asks. "Yes, it is, Sir," I answer, as I conscientiously adjust the pulsing bulge in my slacks, feeling a kinship with the magnificent piece, as most men, surely would. "His nuts are quite hairy, too..."


    My temp job at the garage takes a turn for the worse (or better, depending on your view of things). Not only do I make a delivery, I take quite a few deliveries of my own (you know what I'm talking about).

  • A Waiting Room Fun Time

    Pervy guy meets his match in the waiting room. Unexpected pleasures indeed!

  • Blue Dragon 2

    "Call me Angel; your saving angel; an angel who is going to bareback you on my Harley."

  • Dragon Fly and Sabastian #3

    Sabastian was close to exploding, he had to get Dragon naked suck his thick cock, eat his sweet ass. Finally the sex....please enjoy....

  • Gaining a Better Vantage Point

    Humorous tale of an average pervy guy with a chance to spy on neighbor turns into the best time until....


    My time at the garage gets more interesting due to the fully loaded cocks that needed my service.

  • The Hot Spring

    Two straight blue-collar guys spend the night at a hot spring resort, hoping to meet ladies...

  • To have and to hold

    Part 2: Purgatory...

  • Trucking Family Part 3

    Things continue to get more interesting.

  • Blue Dragon 1

    Small town Ohio café waiter Casey dreams of escaping and finding sexual adventure.

  • Cory the Twink

    Cory was the town Pretty Boy who everyone one knew and had lost of friend. He live there with his Mother and his Step Father who were both in the Banking Business.

  • DOVER - Chapter 24

    The battle...underway...outgunned, damaged, but trying to hold their own. Callum's fate remains to be seen...

  • Four Days in the Exurbs

    A down-on-his-luck guy crashes with his old college roommate and repays the favor with his ass.

  • My Island 6

    In this sexth, er sixth chapter, our three hunks, Michael, Cass, and sexy Captain Jake have reached home, and are just coming to grips with each other and their love when...

  • The Odd-Jobber

    "The Shop Across The Road" - Part 5. As it started its patient descent, it felt like his cock was never-ending. The more he pushed, the fuller I felt. When he eventually bottomed-out, three-quarters of my abdomen was bloated with cock.

  • Camping and fucking

    They took me camping with them so they could use my body to satisfy their sexual needs.

  • Episodes From The Slave Trade: 1 Atlanta

    A PI reveals an inside look at the Atlanta sex slave trade.

  • The CUMfort Inn Tales...The Doctors' Tale

    The magic of The CUMfort Inn continues when two doctors, once madly in love, rekindle the old flame.


    After losing my job at the Customer Call Center, I find a temp job at a garage filled with lots of cock and loads of cum.