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Gay Castings features guys auditioning on video to do gay porn. There are twinks, average guys and jocks; most of the guys are in their twenties, although there are a couple who could be 19. There are models with boyish good lucks, some scruffy guys, some with tattoos, plus there are hunky guys with sixpacks, bulging biceps and pecs. Cock sizes are all over the map, and there's a mix of smooth and hairy bodies. The thing all these amateur performers have in common is that they all want to get into the porn biz, and they're willing to bare all on camera to do it.

Unlike a lot of porn audition sites, all the scenes I watched included plenty of hardcore gay sex. That surprised me at first, as a lot of the episodes are listed with a solo pic, but after an interview with each guy, the director starts getting a little hands-on. Expect plenty of cock stroking, blowjobs and in the auditions I watched, our pornstar-hopeful gets fucked in several positions before taking a faceload of cum.

Gay Castings currently offers 91 episodes, each with a video and 2 sets of pics. The downloadable videos are DRM-free full scenes that are available in MPG, WMV and MP4 formats. The WMVs and MPGs are sized at 1920x1080, and the MP4s are sized at 750x420. For those who prefer to watch rather than to download, there's also streaming MP4s sized at about 1010x568. The videos are good amateur quality or better, and if you're on a fast enough connection, the streaming videos play smoothly or there's a Standard Video option for those on slower broadband. Each video is nice and long - they're all over half an hour, and many are over 40 minutes each.

With downloadable videos of this size, quality and play time, there's a trade-off to be made. The videos are big and look pretty good, but that means very large video files that are going to take a while to download. While the download speeds here are pretty fast - about 1.3 Mbps for a single download - the videos are 1.8 to 3 gig a piece, so even on a 25 Mbps line, it took me over 40 minutes to download multiple videos. The bitrates are higher than they need to be - up to 9 Mbps, when 5 Mbps would have looked the same; still, a little patience will get you big vids worth saving - or you can just stream the videos if you don't want to wait.

Each video comes with 2 sets of photos - a set of digital stills and a set of screencaps. The digital stills are sized at 1500x1000, and quality is pretty good, although sometimes lighting (or ISO) could be better. The digital stills can be viewed as a gallery or downloaded in zip files, although there are no hands-free slideshows. The screencaps are the same size as the videos (1920x1080) and look pretty good. Both screencaps and digital stills resize to fit your browser.

When it comes to extras, there's no bonus sites or blog. There are a number of links to Live Cams, and whether you consider this an extra depends on your point of view. The live cams make fun watching, and there were lots of all sorts of guys online when I checked it out, but if you want full nudity or action, you'll have to pay for it.

The site has been updating once a week, and while on our last visit they were skipping some updates, recently a new episode is added every Friday, which is good to see.

Let's talk issues. There's a couple pre-checked offers on the join page that sign you up for trials to other sites that will recur if not cancelled. Next, a couple things about the trial membership - first, trial members may get limited access, and also trials recur at $10 more per month than the cost of a regular monthly membership. There's that already-mentioned break in updates. And the top of the main page has several thumbs that don't lead to content, but rather the the live cam site (read more about that above). Last, I was disappointed that the site didn't include model profiles or video descriptions.

There's one thing that some might dislike, while others might find it a plus. In the videos I watched, the interviews run long - over 11 minutes in some cases. Keep in mind that there's still over 20 more minutes of video, and you can fast-forward. But these might not be great for those who prefer less talk, more action.

Gay Castings offers some hot guys, ranging from cute twinks to well-built jocks, regular guys to hunks. There are 91 episodes, each with downloadable and streaming videos plus pics, and the site usually updates once a week. The videos are long, DRM-free and the WMVs and MPGs are full HD, where the MP4s are sized for both your desktop computer and mobile devices. While I'd have liked to see model profiles, and the site has some issues, overall the videos and pics deliver exactly what I like. Gay Castings finds hot amateur guys who want to get into porn and puts them through their paces, and I look forward to watching this site continue to grow.

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