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I've always thought there weren't enough sites features guys sucking and fucking in the shower, but now Shower Bait gives us nothing but horny wet guys getting steamy under the spray. The site opened in late October 2016 and promises us "Vulnerable Straight Guys Caught in the Shower". Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Grab a towel, and join me while I check it out.

Most of the guys on Shower Bait are well-known porn stars like Mike de Marko, Brenner Bolton, Griffin Barrows, Paul Canon, Darin Silvers and more. The rest are lesser-known performers, guys just getting started in the business. Most seem to be in their twenties with well-defined and gym-fit bodies, although a couple of the guys were quite slender. About half the guys are sport facial hair, either neatly trimmed beards or a couple of days worth of growth. Most of the guys are smooth, but a couple have a bit of body hair, and then there's Mike de Marko who is a sexy furball. And of course, the cocks range from average to really big.

Each scene starts off with a stud in the shower like Ian Greene who is having a morning wank under the spray. He's fucking his Fleshjack with his eyes closed so he doesn't see Blake Carson sneak into the bathroom. Blake watches from behind and moves in closer until he's finally in the walk-in shower. Ian is still in stroking heaven, so he's oblivious. When he finally opens his eyes, he's a little startled, but looks down at Blake's big cock and goes for it. The guys swap blowjobs in the shower, and Blake ends up sitting on a ledge outside the shower while Ian rides his dick. Another scene with Griffin Barrows and Aiden Ward has Griffin taking Aiden's big dick in the shower, then about halfway through the session they headed into the bedroom to fuck on the bed.

Honestly, I was expecting more locker room and gym action with gay dudes sneaking up on straight studs in the shower. I guess that was my interpretation of the tour's claim about "vulnerable straight guys caught in the shower", but most of the guys don't seem the least bit surprised that another dude is climbing into their shower let alone that he's in their hotel room. And while Darin Silvers was definitely sporting a "whoa dude, what the hell are you doing" look when Paul Canon tries sliding between his soapy butt cheeks, a couple of tweaks of his nipple and Darin isn't protesting when Canon squats to suck his dick.

Shower Bait offers 43 exclusive DRM-free videos. They're good quality productions that are crisp, professionally shot and clear, and you can download them in three formats. There are three sizes of MP4 (852x480, 1280x770 and 1920x1080) and one size each of WMV (1280x720) and MPG (852x480). The smaller MP4s are mobile compatible, so you shouldn't have a problem watching them on your various devices. If you prefer streaming the videos, you can watch them in a player at 970x546. There are two speeds, an SD and HD version, and you can use the full-screen option, as well.

Each episode offers two picture galleries: one of digital stills displaying at 1000x1500 and another of screencaps at 1280x720. You can save any of the pictures individually, but the digital stills are also available in downloadable zip files and the pictures are good quality; even the screencaps are quite good. There's no slideshows available.

Shower Bait is a part of the Gay Room network which now offers 13 sites total stocked with over 1,400 videos, and your membership gives you access to all of them. While not all the sites update, six of them are still adding new content, and you can expect two new scenes a week.

And speaking of updates, Shower Bait added three updates last month and four the month before. Updates aren't exactly regular - they're added on different days of the week, but at least the site is still growing.

They are a few points of caution. If you buy a trial membership, it'll limit you to watching five videos and you won't be able to download any. The trial also recurs at $22 more than the monthly membership. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a membership to a second site when you join this one. Shower Bait is a member of the Gay Room network which tends to have quite a bit of advertising, some of it disguised to look like content.

Shower Bait's big draw is sex under the spray in these large walk-in showers. While lots of sites gives us the occasional shower sex scene, this one gives us nothing but horny wet guys sucking and fucking. There are now 43 exclusive, DRM-free videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and the site is updating three or four times per month. Full members get access to 1,400 more videos from 12 bonus sites plus three network updates each week. Shower sex is definitely an under-explored niche, and I really enjoyed the men and the action at Shower Bait.

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