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Massage Bait is like the ultimate site for extremely happy endings, and then some. As you might expect, the theme here is guys getting a real good hands-on rub down by another dude, but that's just the start of the action for the men being serviced.

The guys are a variety of porn stars and relatively unknown guys, and are a mix of straight, curious and gay. Although many of them are the kinds of muscled hotties we'd all love to suck and fuck, the real star of this site has to be the legendary muscle star Tyler Saint with his amazing cock worshiping skills. He's the one working over the guys, jerking and sucking them, stretching their holes open and fucking them hard! There's a lot of toy action included in many of their videos, with Tyler's clients having their cocks jerked in Fleshjacks, or their butts explored with a dildo. Although there are some other sites out there that include toys, there's quite a lot of assplay on Massage Bait.

By my count there are currently 157 videos. The videos are all in HD, and it appears the older vids have been remastered to be the quality of the newer ones, although not all the older vids are available in all formats. Whether the video is old or new, action is filmed very well, with plenty of up-close filming as Tyler sucks his clients and plays their holes before fucking them. The videos are downloadable full scenes, and below each streaming video you have the options to download in WMV, MP4 or both without any DRM involved. But in addition to that you can skip to the specific parts of the video that might interest you too, selecting the action from a still and jumping straight to it.

The shooting is a hot mix of fly-on-the-wall views to start with, perhaps as the client strips down for Tyler's arrival, but then switches to more traditional views of the action, including all their great angles and close-ups. It makes for an interesting video, but the combination of voyeuristic distance shots and then close up filming contradicts the style. There is definitely some clever camera work involved in their shooting, with angles intended to make a cock look truly huge. Of course, a lot of the guys are naturally really hung, but the camera angles definitely add to their dimensions.

If galleries are your thing, you'll find that some videos come with digital stills of the action which are good amateur quality and can be clicked for a larger full screen view. Other videos include a set of screencaps which are still large but are a little more raw in their lighting and quality. The digital stills can be downloaded in zip files while the screencaps can only be viewed on the site in their gallery.

Now let's talk about updates. While the site has grown, recent updates have slowed to once a month or less - in the past six months, there have been four updates as two months had no updates at all - and it's also worth mentioning that previously the site had been recycling updates, although they did remaster them so that all the videos were bigger.

When it comes to the extras you get with Massage Bait, the biggest thing by far is the collection of sites in their network. With the one membership you have access to Massage Bait, Bathhouse Bait, Damn That's Big, Gay Creeps, Gay Violations, Boys Destroyed, Office Cock, and Out Him. That's a lot of hardcore action to jerk your way through and should keep you busy.

Searching the site for what you want is assisted by the category selection on the left-hand side, where you can either check out the videos from each site in the network, go through the action in the videos by their tags, or search for scenes featuring a particular performer. As mentioned, there are a lot of porn star names here that quite a few guys might recognize, and it's an easy way to find their videos.

When it comes to any issues with the site, there are a few things that do stand out to me. When joining there is a pre-checked offer that you should make sure you look at before accepting. In addition to that, trial memberships rebill at $10 more than the cost of a regular monthly membership, and trial members might not have full access to all of the content. There's the updates issues already mentioned - updates are irregular and happen once a month or less.

The digital stills are a little misleading. The cum shots they show in the stills are not an accurate portrayal of the cum shots in the videos. I'm assuming they use some concocted substance to make these seem more dramatic than they actually are, and although they don't really look at all convincing, it could still be considered misleading.

I wouldn't bother checking the Guys page to browse the men, because whoever selected the images to use to identify them picked completely useless examples with most of them showing the wrong guys, or thumbs with the guys facing away from the camera. Or in several cases, using the same pic of a single model and using it for both guys who appear in the same video.

Another minor gripe is that there are items in the navigation menu that require you to pull out your wallet to use. There's a Live Cams section, but you need to sign up separately for any action with the guys. There's also a link for Gay Dating, which takes you directly through to a third party hookup site. You'll need to sign up for this, too, and like other gay dating sites there are limits to the free aspects.

In conclusion, there's a decent amount of content at Massage Bait to appreciate, especially if you enjoy guys being serviced and having their butts fucked. The action is filmed extremely well, making it quite distinctive from other sites and studios. A lot of the men are well known in the business already and they know how to perform. The action is really varied with everything from jerking off to sucking and fucking, and toys too, but the site's updates are infrequent and irregular, adding one or less videos per month. There are some other issues, but none of them detract from the action, the men, and the video quality. The bottom line - if you're looking for porn stars and average guys getting rub-downs, blowjobs, and ass fuckings from muscled Tyler Saint, then Massage Bait is well worth checking out.

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