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Massage Bait features guys getting hands-on rub downs, their muscles massaged and bodies stroked, and these massages have very happy endings. There's more going on here than just massages, and you'll be happy to hear that there's plenty of hardcore. It's been a while since we last visited the site, so join me as I take a look and see what's new.

The performers are a mix of porn stars, hunks, and relatively unknown guys. Many of them are the kinds of muscled hotties we'd all love to suck and fuck, but the real star of the older videos has to be the legendary muscle star Tyler Saint with his amazing cock-worshiping skills. He's the one working over the guys in the earlier videos, jerking and sucking them, stretching their holes open and fucking them hard. There's a lot of toy action included in many of the older videos, with Tyler's clients having their cocks jerked in Fleshjacks or their butts explored with a dildo. 

The newer videos feature a variety of performers including porn stars Trenton Ducati, Dominic Pacifico, Topher Dimaggio, Angel Duran, and Billy Santoro. Most of them are handsome, horny and well-hung. There's a lot less sex toy play in the newer vids, although Alex Taylor and Jack Hunter do play with a masturbation sleeve. But like the older videos the newer sessions start off with a massage that works its way to the ass, then there's some dick-stroking, and then the guys get to the cock sucking and fucking, some 69ing, and messy cumshots.

Massage Bait offers 128 exclusive videos. Download sizes vary; some vids are available in MP4 format at 1920x1280 plus two smaller sizes that should be good for a variety of mobiles, and some also have a WMV sized at 1280x720. Some of the oldest videos can only be downloaded in a single size of MP4 at 854x480, some are also offered in WMV format at 1920x1080. Each video can also be streamed, sometimes at several qualities. Most of the videos are good amateur quality or better, and most of the higher quality versions enlarge to full screen well.

Each video comes with at least one set of pics and often two. The newer episodes come with both a set of good quality digital stills sized at 1125x1500 and a set of good quality screencaps sized at 1920x1280. Older episodes may only come with a set of average quality screencaps sized at 1250x702. All the pics, both screencaps and digital stills, can be individually loaded, and entire sets of digital stills can also be downloaded in zip files.

Now let's talk about updates. As with our last visit, updates are slow. Last month and the month before each had a single update, the month before had no updates and the previous month had two. But don't panic, as members get access to a good-sized gay porn network.

Massage Bait is one of the 13 sites inside GayRoom. All the sites have similar hunks and porn stars - some performers actually appear in more than one site. Download and streaming options are all the same, as well as production values. The network currently updates twice a week, a huge plus since Massage Bait itself doesn't update frequently. All in all there are 1,490 videos, so unless you're specifically looking for massage videos, you'll like what the network has to offer.

When it comes to issues, there are a few things that stand out. There is a hard-to-spot pre-checked offer on the right side of the billing page. Trial memberships rebill at $10 more than the cost of a recurring monthly membership, and trial members don't get full access. There are three big thumbs on the bottom of all the pages that are actually ads but could easily be mistaken for content, and while the banners above the videos weren't working when I visited, when they do work, they could be mistaken for content, as well.

The cumshots they show in the digital stills are not the real cumshots you'll see in the videos. I'm assuming they use some substance to make these seem more dramatic, but they're way over the top. The Guys page is the model index, and whoever selected the images to use to identify them sometimes uses the same pic of a single model and using it for both guys who appear in the same video or use the same pic of both models from a scene.

Here's two last things you may want to know about. At the time of this review, Massage Bait charges $29.95 for a monthly membership while the GayRoom network charges $17.95 for access to the same exact sites. Also worth noting is that there are no links to the bonus sites inside Massage Bait, while the network links to each site (including Massage Bait) without having to type in the web address for each site separately. Because of these things, I recommend you join via GayRoom instead of this site as it's not only cheaper but easier to navigate to all the sites.

Massage Bait offers hot guys getting massages, handjobs, and blowjobs and having their asses fucked. The action is filmed well, and a lot of the men are porn hunks. The action is varied with everything from jerking off to sucking and fucking. The site's updates are infrequent, adding one or less videos per month, but full members get access to all of the network sites. There are some issues, but none detract from the action, the men and the video quality. If you're looking for porn stars and average guys getting rub-downs, blowjob, and ass fucked, Massage Bait is worth checking out.

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