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Men POV offers POV (point of view) style shooting. That means that one of the men in each scene is holding the video camera, so you can see what he sees as he gets his cock sucked or slides it into a tight, hot asshole. The site says the performers are gay porn wannabes hoping to break into the industry; the guys are hotties, a mix of cute jocks, average but good-looking guys and a couple handsome hunks. You'll see skateboarders and guys who play baseball, and there are men with smooth chests, some well muscled. Honestly all the models are attractive and could definitely find more work fucking or getting fucked on camera.

The action here is all POV, which means we can watch each guy strip as if he were stripping for us. There's some ass play by the guy with the camera, and when he gets sucked; we watch his cock sliding in and out of his partner's mouth. It's pretty sexy stuff, and the hottest parts are watching that dick go in and out of the bottom's hole and viewing the cumshots POV-style. In one video I watched, after the camera holder shot his load, we watched him get a face full of cum right over the camera! Some scenes start outdoors, watching as the guys ride their boards or swing a bat, the sex mostly happens indoors, there's one scene with a blowjob in the front seat of a car before the guys head inside for more.

Men POV offers 56 exclusive videos and adds an update once a month. The videos are downloadable, DRM-free and offered in three formats - MP4, WMV and MPG. The biggest and best the site has to offer are the MP4s sized at 1920x1080, which is full HD. There are two smaller, but still good-sized MP4 sizes for tablets and mobiles. The WMVs are sized at 1280x720 and the MP4s at 852x480, and while it says "Older" next to the MPGs, that indicates that they're for older computers - the videos are all new. The videos here are good quality, although not better than I've seen on some sites, and they play smoothly. Sound is about what you'd expect for a POV site, and lighting is average, as the rooms are sometimes a little less than bright.

Each video comes with two sets of photos. The first are good quality digital stills sized at 1500x1125; these are sharp and clear, shot with a bit of a fish-eye lens effect for some closeups but overall hot and horny stuff. The second pic set for each video contains a set of screencaps sized at 1280x720, and these are average quality with some blurring in areas with fast action; the screencaps would have benefited from being handpicked. The digital stills can be downloaded in zip files, but if you want to save the screencaps you'll have to save individual pics.

Men POV is part of the GayRoom network, so members get access to 11 bonus sites in niches from public sex and big cocks to massages with happy endings. Altogether the bonus sites offer 1,270 additional downloadable videos; that's content that's exclusive to the network, and the network adds two weekly updates, so while there are no other POV sites, I'd say the extras add plenty for members to get off to.

When it comes to issues, there are a few things to be aware of. First, there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that will sign you up for membership to a second site if left checked; it's easy to untick this offer if you're not interested. Next, trial members pay $9.99 more per month than a regular monthly membership if they choose to let their membership recur. There are ads on the bottom of each page that could easily be mistaken for content. Trial members can stream the videos but only full members can download them. Last, while not exactly an issue, I'd have liked to see the site add more than one update per month like they have been doing for the last six months.

Men POV delivers hot amateur guys who are trying to get into porn, and they definitely have my vote. I'd happily (or do I mean hornily?) watch any of the men currently in the site in additional videos. There are 56 exclusive vids to download, stream or watch on your mobile, and each episode comes with a good quality set of photos. While the site adds only one new video per month, the content is good stuff, and the 11 network bonus sites add over 1,200 good quality videos for full members. The men here are attractive, and if you're like me and love watching from the point of view of one of the guys in the action, I think you'll really enjoy the videos at Men POV.

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