• Richard Takes Some Leave

    Lieutenant Richard Finch takes some leave in the UK. His R&R is unexpectedly strenuous.

  • Gladiators

    Richard Finch and his men wrestle the US Marines. Richard and Roddy McSpunk distinguish themselves in different ways.

  • Major Bob

    Richard becomes more closely acquainted with his company commander

  • Richard's Initiation: Chapter 2

    What happened in the Babylon Club.

  • Richard's Initiation

    An early Richard Finch adventure set in Germany, soon after he joined the Parachute Regiment. Essential background, which explains a lot about Richard's later career.

  • Fucked on the Fell

    A young hill-walker has an unexpected encounter with a serious athlete; a fell-runner. He gets thoroughly fucked in an alfresco encounter.

  • The Stag: Chapter 5

    Revised, edited version. Further unexpected consequences of Richard's visit to Sutherland. Some loose ends tied up. The last part of this story.

  • The Stag: Chapter 4

    Richard's final Scottish adventure. A tale of the unexplained.

  • The Stag: Chapter 3

    Richard meets up again with Jeremy for an angling weekend. In the event they devote a lot of time to a different and more strenuous sport.

  • The Stag: Chapter 2

    Richard accepts to be Mike's Best Man. He takes Mike for a final fling before the wedding. They get caught in flagrante delicto. An unexpected sequel.

  • The Stag

    A early Richard Finch adventure. Richard gets his man and fucks him.

  • Fucking a Policeman, Richard Finch Rides Again

    A second extract from Max Markham's latest novel "Thirteen Clicks to danger." Richard Finch, as handsome, oversexed and outrageous as ever, is now a Member of Parliament. He falls foul of a homophobic but hypocritical traffic cop. It is never a good idea to annoy Richard, as the cop discovers too ...

  • The Catacomb

    Richard Finch becomes a rentboy for one night only and - not for the first time - commits a crime.

  • The first time

    This describes how Richard Finch and his long-term boyfriend James Graveney got together for the first time in Belize. Richard was on a recce in more senses than one. A bit of apocrypha, it was never included in any of the Richard Finch novels.

  • Scamp's Cum-Uppance

    An extract from Max Markham's novel "Thirteen Clicks to Danger". This concerns an adventure of Richard Finch's irrepressible friend Lieutenant Vernon Scamp, a small, blunt and outrageous Yorkshireman in 4 Coy, 5 Para. On a visit to the Territorial Paras he gets drunk and and seduces a much bigger ...

  • Fucking an Essex Boy

    A further extact from Max Markham's novel "Thirteen clicks to danger". Richard Finch, having a free afternoon, amuses himself by seducing a young man at Highgate Ponds in North London. This has unintended consequences.

  • Summer of 1970: Chapter 2

    Rory and Fergus have gone to bed after a long day. Not together, but in separate bedrooms in Castle Roy. Rory now schemes to ensure that this arrangement should be purely temporary and that eighteen year-old Fergus's time as a virgin should come to an end that very night. Now read on. To be ...

  • Summer of 1970

    A young man, between school and college, is on holiday in the Highlands. He meets a mysterious stranger, who is not quite what he seems. He is invited to visit and stay in a castle. To be continued.

  • Retribution: Chapter 5

    The final episode of Retribution. Alex is rescued from Gary, but not before some more torture has been inflicted. But he has to think up a story to explain where he was the previous afternoon and evening. Happily, he has a vivid imagination. There is an unexpected postscript.

  • Retribution: Chapter 4

    Continued from Part 3. Alex's punishment in Gary's private gym - torture chamber continues, but he finally learns why he is being punished and who Gary really is. To be continued.

  • A Technician Calls

    Slightly amplified, an extract from Max Markham's next novel, "Thirteen Clicks to Danger," which is as yet unfinished and unpublished. As usual, it features Major Richard Finch; formerly of the Parachute Regiment and the SAS, now the proud owner of a Private Military Company (PMC: i.e. a ...

  • Retribution: Chapter 3

    Alex is still Gary's captive. Can things get any worse for him? Yes, they can. Gary has summoned his friend Bill, a frightening SAS soldier with serious military interrogation skills. He prepares to use them on Alex. Alex may finally be about to find out why he has been so brutally abused. But ...

  • Retribution: Chapter 2

    Alex wakes up. He's still Gary's prisoner and Gary has not finished with him; not by any stretch of the imagination. Alex's vicious punishment by Gary goes on: he still has no idea what he's done to deserve this. The story - and Alex's nightmare - continue. Part 3 is to follow soon.

  • Retribution

    Alex, a young executive, walks into a sex shop in Soho for a browse one lunchtime. Unknowingly, he has also walked into a trap that was set for him years before. It is the start of a nightmare in which his past finally catches up on him and seems likely to prove lethal.

  • Sex Among the Sergeants

    While Richard and James pursue their affair, a parallel romance grows between two Sergeants in their respective regiments (Kincaid and Usher). It starts at a drunken post-rugby-match dinner that gets out of hand. This is a further extract from Max Markham's novel "The Indigo Bird."

  • Stephen's Journal - A Brief Encounter

    Stephen is on a gap year, travelling across Africa before joining the army. In Nairobi he meets Lawrence, a fully-fledged officer who has just been on a gruelling field survival course elsewhere in Kenya. In the event, he has a lot more to share than Stephen had foreseen. Neither has had sex for ...

  • Cologne, Eau d' Orange Verte: Chapter 2

    This tells what happened after James Graveney and Cocky Sparow split up. James is posted to Belize, still a British colony and under threat from expansionist Guatemala. In Belize, James meets his fate, in the person of Lieutenant Richard Finch of the Parachute Regiment, a strong minded, charismatic ...

  • Tam, Fucking an Officer

    The sequel to "Ian, Fucking an Officer." "Jimmy," a youthful English Lieutenant Colonel, continues his sexual adventures in Scotland. Today he has an encounter with Ian's NCO friend Tam. This time he gets to initiate the fucking.

  • Ian, Fucking an Officer

    A young English officer on official business in Scotland is given a sexual rollercoaster by a muscular and sadistic Scots Sergeant-Major and his friend. The sequel is "Tam, Fucking an Officer."

  • Cologne, Eau d' Orange Verte

    A young man is broken in while on a military training course. Unusually, a happy ending; or happy-ish, anyway. The sequel is now online, too.