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A guy who likes guys.

Stories cover a variety of topics (gay, bi, straight, pan) and tones (realistic, romantic, horror, fantasy, fanfic).

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Out Back

23 Sep 2023 738 readers comments 1 Min Read

Seamus gets worshipped by a customer hungry for Irish stud cream. (Seamus is an OC by bara artist Celery Man.)

Topics: Public Sex, Bisexual, Milking

5 Votes

Cirque du Soul

22 Sep 2023 702 readers comments 15 Min Read

Nik is on a date with his boyfriend Finn, until he stumbles into some severe distraction. Inhuman, hungry nymphos want to take everything from him until there's nothing left but lust. (Nik and Finn are OCs by the bara artist Cabaret Bara)

Topics: Straight Men, Bisexual, Milking, Seduction, Gangbang, Horror, Demons

16 Votes

Sunday Vibes

21 Sep 2023 1129 readers comments 9 Min Read

Eddie feels envy and arousal, hearing his roommate Seamus perform like a stallion in the adjoining room. (Eddie and Seamus are OCs of bara artist Celery Man)

Topics: Masturbation, Threesome, Bisexual, Roommate

15 Votes

Milked Dry

20 Sep 2023 1152 readers comments 15 Min Read

Nate is on the prowl for a lay; Luca is on the prowl for a soul.

Topics: Werewolf, Milking, Seduction, Horror, Demons, Monster

7 Votes

Late Shift

19 Sep 2023 528 readers comments 12 Min Read

Seamus lifts late one evening. A flock of mind-rotted studs is hungry for his gains. (Seamus is an OC of bara artist Celery Man.)

Topics: Sex, Horror, Monster, Zombie

35 Votes

The Best Man (ch. 2)

18 Sep 2023 1508 readers comments 12 Min Read

Seamus hangs with the groomsmen after barely surviving getting studded by a bridesmaid. The bros help him with his blueballs. (Seamus is an OC by bara artist Celery Man.)

Topics: Straight Men, Group Sex, Masturbation

18 Votes

Sloppy Bros

17 Sep 2023 1596 readers comments 13 Min Read

Nate, Hunter, and River compete to see who's the most potent bull. Excessive juice follows.

Topics: Group Sex, Masturbation, Cum, Milking

20 Votes

Adam and the Succubi

16 Sep 2023 1447 readers comments 20 Min Read

Adventurer Adam finds a cave of men being drained of cum and energy. Those sensations of pleasure are hard to resist, even for a gay man.

Topics: Muscle, Milking, Oral & Blowjobs, Horror, Demons

24 Votes

The Best Man

15 Sep 2023 2435 readers comments 14 Min Read

Seamus is bartending for a posh wedding. The bridesmaids have a thirst for his roguish studliness. (Seamus is an OC of bara artist Celery Man)

Topics: Straight Men, Bisexual, Breeding, Milking, Gangbang

25 Votes

Semester Blowout

14 Sep 2023 1346 readers comments 10 Min Read

Angel and Miguel are roommates with an eye for a good time. Sharing is what bros do! (Angel and Miguel are OCs of bara artist Vince Tea.)

Topics: Threesome, College, Bisexual, Roommate, Bromance

31 Votes

Live and Learn - First Lesson

13 Sep 2023 1488 readers comments 8 Min Read

Francesco Morosini's students are always thirsty, and understandably so. He can't control his appeal, but he can control himself, and his students. He's a self-restrained stallion, which makes him stoic, but he wants what's best for his class. (Todd and Francesco)

Topics: College, Teacher, Milking, Age Difference, Domination, Italian

23 Votes

Nate and the Pitcher Plant

12 Sep 2023 994 readers comments 10 Min Read

Nate learns plants can be monsters too, especially when they need seed.

Topics: Bondage, Milking, Horror, Monster

21 Votes


10 Jul 2023 1888 readers comments 17 Min Read

Aaron, felled by a sleeping enchantment, is beset by two twink demons in a perilous, dangerous wet dream.

Topics: Muscle, Bondage, Fantasy, Milking, Horror, Demons, Magic

31 Votes

Feed Those Gains

8 Jul 2023 4430 readers comments 5 Min Read

Diego and River relax in the steam room after an intense workout. Stacked with years of hard-earned muscle, these Adonises are prime for some draining.

Topics: Muscle, Forced, Milking, Horror

41 Votes

First Lesson

7 Jul 2023 2834 readers comments 8 Min Read

Francesco Morosini struggles to control his students’ enthusiasm; Todd is especially “enthusiastic” and needs some of his professor’s correction.

Topics: Public Sex, College, Teacher, Milking

14 Votes

The Cottage

6 Jul 2023 2028 readers comments 9 Min Read

Jon Snow gets bested while on patrol.

Topics: Straight Men, Bondage, Edging, Fantasy, Milking, FanFiction, Nipple Play

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