Zeren entered his cock deep into Glenn's ass, although much older, Glenn could not match Zeren in strength. The once notorious top was getting a taste of how it felt to have a large dick pounding your ass. It was not a problem for Glenn, who came to the house for hot sex with Ted but found himself being fucked by the alpha male Zeren. It was symbiotic because not only was Glenn feeling pleasure, he was also being a sense of relief for the anguish Zeren was feeling. His ass was being destroyed at first Glenn couldn't handle it but eventually he got used to it. Although very muscular far more than Zeren, it was if he wanted to be overpowered by Zeren's massive cock. It was even surprising to Zeren how easily he was able to force Glenn into being his toy. As he fucked Glenn in the ass, it was like all his pain was being released. Fucking a top was a new experience for Zeren and although he was enjoying it he couldn't help but think how happy he would be if Ted could see his expression as he fucked another man. With their monogamous relationship in shambles, Zeren felt no remorse having affairs with different men. The sex was nothing in comparison to him and Ted but he didn't seem to care. All he wanted was to forget ever meeting Ted. It was hard to believe that just a couple days ago they were best friends and today Zeren wants nothing to do with him. As he continued to pound Glenn's ass ignoring the moans, that didn't satisfy him like Ted's; he began to wonder what Ted was doing. What happened to him after he left, his mind began to wonder.

Ted slammed the door to his house, it was raining heavily and his nose was bleeding abruptly. The rain washed most of the blood from his face, but it was clear as day he was pissed. He walked away from his front-yard reluctant whether or not he would ever return, he didn't see this as his fault. He told Zeren dating would destroy their friendship, he told him it would complicate things. Ted thought if anyone should be upset it was him and not Zeren. As the rain poured down on his, his ripped dress shirt began to fall of his body revealing his chest and abdomen. His six-pack and chest being devoured by the rain surrounding them; as ventured to the side of the road, he sat on the pavement to contemplate his next move. He had a limited amount of options, he couldn't go home and he was scared of the consequence of going back to Zeren. All he could think about was his father belligerent attitude and Nassat's assault of his body. Then the sudden gaze he got from Zeren that summed up his resentment for enjoying the rape he was just objected to. If there was one thing that Ted knew was no matter how tough the situation was he would not cry. He knew what he had to do and although it would be awkward he had to set things straight.

He began his long walk to Zeren's house, which seemed longer. It only took him a couple minutes to leave his house but walking back to it seemed to take ages. His hair damp and his body dripping with water; he finally reached the door. Simply gazing and not moving, he took deep breathes in order to prepare himself. He knocked on the door twice and patiently awaited Zeren. There was no answer; he knocked once more but only to be alone on his front porch waiting for his arrival. Ted wondered if he could still be in the same position he left his in. Miserable and alone, wishing Ted had enjoyed the sensation of Nassat deep inside him. Putting his hand on the door-knob he quickly realized it was opened. He let himself in as his ear quickly heard the sound of moaning. He knew that sound, someone was being fucked. Was this his idea of vengeance fucking another man behind his back? Closing the door on his way in, he walked in the direction of the sound still drenched in water and blood from his nose. Walking up the stairs he realized the noise came from Zeren's room. The door was already wide open and Ted was first in line to see the climactic finish. He watched as Zeren finished pounding Glenn's ass, filling his with his sweet juicy cum. Zeren pushed on Glenn's ass with such force that Glenn's expression was that of someone who just had five bukkakkies. When they finally finished from their doggy style position, Zeren finally took the time to move his head from Glenn's back. Only to find a shirtless drenched Ted standing in front of him. Zeren said nothing but only smiled. Ted just stood there not moving. Looking at Zeren and then at Glenn who lay on the floor panting after a great fuck session.

Zeren looked at Ted and then laughed. 'Look Glenn, I guess I was wrong Ted came back so you could fuck him. After all he seems to enjoy any cock put in his tight round ass.'

Glenn looked up still panting uncontrollably. 'Oh you're right. So Ted I'm I still going to fuck you?'

Both Glenn and Zeren seemed to be blissfully ignorant to the fact Ted was bleeding. Ted simply looked at Zeren like a man who had been disgraced. Zeren paid little attention to his expression. 'Glenn can I ask you to leave I need to talk to Zeren in private.'

Glenn still panting said 'okay, I need to recuperate if I'm going to fuck you anyways.' With that said he went downstairs leaving the two boys alone.

Zeren sneered 'so what made you come back. I thought I told you I didn't want to see you again.'

Droplet of rain and blood fell down his cheek as he looked at Zeren. 'The truth is I had nowhere else to go. I expected a confrontation between you and me but I didn't think I'd come in to see you fucking another man. I guess you can say bullshit that makes me look like the bad guy but when it comes down to it you're just a hypocrite!' His voice ranged from a soft monotone to a loud rebellion.

'You son of a bitch; you get fucked by my uncle. Tell me how much you enjoyed it and expect me to be okay with it. Not to mention it was only fucking two days ago when we got into an argument about how you wanted to fuck other men. I guess any cock is good for you. You're a piece of shit!' Unlike Ted there was pure anger in Zeren's voice.

Ted half naked and Zeren fully nude, regular circumstances would call for them to devour one another but their anger seemed stronger than their love. 'In case you didn't notice he forced himself on me!'

Zeren sneered once more for his proceeding sarcasm, 'aw do you expect me to feel sorry for you. I was there you idiot you didn't try to prevent it. Meanwhile I have scars on my fucking wrist from trying to stop him from putting that cock you love so much up your ass. I guess that was my mistake because you wanted it.'

'Do you not remember the threat?' Ted said to him this time with more compassion.

'What threat?' Zeren still disgruntled by Ted.

'He said if I didn't do what he said you would go homeless.'

'Don't use that as an excuse! He said that once and either way you still enjoyed it. Besides I would of gladly have gone homeless to keep our relationship monogamous!' Zeren was still upset but no longer yelling. He seemed calmer like he wanted to get to the root of their problems.

'Well monogamous or not I still love you and because of my love for you I no longer have a home to go to.' Ted simply gazed at him examining his reaction.

Zeren face swiftly became concerned. 'Why don't you have a home to go to?' He finally realised the blood dripping from his face. 'Your....your father kicked you out? Why?'

'When I came home my shirt was shambled and I was covered in bruises. His first instinct told him you did it. I went to my room to change. As I got out of my room, he came up from behind me and planted his finger in my ass. He threw me on the bed and said this is cum. You're a fucking fagot; he then asked me who I was fucking. I was tired of the lies so I told him you were fucking me. I told him I didn't care and that I was in love with you. Then he beat and raped me.'

'He raped you?' Zeren's giving Ted a bewildered look. He knew his father wasn't the most caring man but the idea that he would rape his son seemed farfetched. If anything Ted's father had a hate for homosexuals, so him doing anything forcefully homoerotic to his son seem out of the question.

'Well not particularly. I was frightened but he didn't actually harm me. Nothing he stuck up my ass was long or as thick as your cock. The most pain I received was his frequent punches and the emotional torment of know he never wanted to see me again.' Ted's tone was soft and Zeren gazed at him with compassion.

'Huh, it doesn't look like things are going to get any easier for us. So what exactly did he put inside you.'

'Carrots, a banana, a cucumber, the list goes on but that's not really important. As he forced things up my ass he told me what a disgrace I was and that he should have kicked me out of the house years ago. He bashed my head in the mirror and then attempted to stab me with a knife. He missed on tearing my dress shirt. I ran out the house and then made it to your place. My shirt fell off on its own along the way.'

Zeren moved toward Ted and gave him a hug. The water from Ted's socked body felt cold to the touch. It didn't matter to Zeren, he didn't want to let go. Ted's eye's seemed to water but he didn't cry. All he was embrace Zeren. It pained them to say it but despite all their fight, knowing they would do anything for each other seemed to make everything work out. Zeren looked at Ted and said 'so what are we going to do? I don't think I want to live in this house anymore and you're homeless.'

'Simple we move out, we don't need your uncle or my father to live our lives.'

'So you need a place to live.' Both Ted and Zeren turned around to see Glenn naked and standing before them.

'Yeah, you have something in mind?' Ted looked at him with a shocked look.

'It's not as nice as this place but you should be able to live their till you get on your feet. The guy is really nice, doesn't make much though so you would really be helping him out. Not to mention the rent would be cheap.' Glenn looked at them and smile, promiscuity, took over his face.

Zeren looked at Glenn, smiling in disbelief. 'So who is this guy?'

'Come, on let's get changed I'll take you to him, if I'm not mistaken he should be home.'

Glenn quickly found his white see through pants, next to his underwear which from the looks of it had been shredded in several pieces. Whatever Zeren and Glenn did it must have been very kinky. Putting on his pants, the clear imprint of his penis show, in retrospect there was really no point in him wearing pant if his cock was that visible. He then put on his black and white striped shirt that fit tightly on his chest. It almost looked as if the shirt wouldn't button due to his manly exterior. Zeren then reached for his pants as well. It was a simple pair of jeans, except he didn't bother to wear underwear. Nor did he desire for a shirt. I guess in a sense he was trying to be in the same place as Ted, who was also shirtless. As they walked out of the house, Glenn quickly asked if they had bus fear. The rain had finally stopped and the sun shone on their much defined bodies. Zeren said 'I'm always prepared, don't worry I got you covered Ted. Like usual.' The remark made Ted smile as they walked down the street, waiting by the bus stop. A group of girls passed by as they waited, the girls hollered at the Ted and Zeren who where half naked at the moment. Saying remarks like 'hey, sexy' and 'if I put a dollar in your pants will you let me eat of your chest.' Ted had to admit he was a little aroused from the remarks, Zeren on the other hand ignored them pretending they weren't even there. When the bus came, the driver and the passengers all gazed at the couple. The bus driver who was male even seemed to be drooling. They put the designated change in the bus and took their seat. Everyone was steering at them but only Ted seemed to care, if anything he was happy about the attention.

When they finally got out they were in front of a condo. 'Listen I'll get you guys in and then you could go to his apartment it's on the fifth floor, room 213.' As they went into the building, they automatically looked at the condition. It was hard to believe it was a condo; it resembled more of an apartment building. It didn't look well taken care of, still much cleaner than an apartment though. Glenn clicked the dial calling the room. A mellow voice answered 'Nathan, who is it?' Glenn answered very enthusiastically 'Hey Nathan, I got some guys down here who want to see your room. Who knows maybe they'll be your roommates.' An abrupt noise was heard signalling them to enter. 'Well I guess I'll go know. Don't forget Ted I still have to fuck you.' Ted kind of blushed from his final remark as he followed Zeren into the elevator. They walked in and Zeren hit the number five on the panel. Ted looked at him as the elevator moved up 'do you want me to have sex with Glenn.' Zeren looked at him, he smiled a bit and said 'personally I wanted are relationship to be monogamous but that is out of the question know isn't it. I've had sex with him already; I guess it wouldn't be a problem if you did.' Ted contemplated in his head; he couldn't tell were this relationship was going. He loved Zeren but know that he was okay with him having affairs with other men, his heart seemed to sink. This must have been what Zeren was feeling when he was being raped by Nassat, Ted thought to himself. When they finally reached the fifth floor, Zeren was the first to exit the elevator and Ted followed directly behind him. They found room 213 the doors all the same brown, oak wood. Zeren knocked on the door curious about who would answer.

It took nearly five minutes before someone answered. It was then they got a good clear glimpse of Nathan. Although clear was more of an understatement, the man that stood before them was completely naked. Zeren was a tall well tanned man, with hair that seemed to overwhelm his body. Although hairy, he was extremely sexy. The hair seemed to make a perfectly aligned shape down his chest then to his pubic hair. His cock was long, not as long as Zeren's but still large never the less. He was very built and looked strong. In a fight it was unlikely that either Ted or Zeren would stand a chance. His face was broad and was the only part of his body with no facial hair. He had a nice clean haircut, which although messy still made him look kept. His was uncut but it looked as if his penis wanted to escape from his foreskin. Both Ted and Zeren looked baffled and struggled no to gaze at the specimen. He looked at Zeren and Ted, smiling mainly looking at their chest. They were shirtless and from his expression this was an extreme positive. 'So you must be the potential roommates Glenn was talking about.' Ted jumped out and quickly said yes trying to act as kind as possible. Zeren maintained a professional attitude. 'Isn't there a policy on the amount of people that can stay in a room?' Nathan laughed which made his chest move up a bit. A serious turn on, 'what management doesn't know won't hurt them, besides eventually they stopped caring. Have you seen the condition of this place? Anyways come in the house.'

They walked into a short hallway that led into the living room. There was the kitchen to the right and a single room, to the left of the living room. It was a small apartment and it wasn't furnished well at all, except for the basic kitchen appliances a simple dining table, a sofa and small TV. Not to mention it was a total mess clothes lay everywhere on the floor. Most of which were swimming trunks and a lifeguard top. 'So I take it you're a lifeguard.' Zeren said with a smile. 'Yeah it's a good job, it only makes enough for me to live here, don't really have money for anything else.' He laughed out load. Ted joined him; Zeren on the other hand didn't stop taking the situation seriously. 'If we do move in, where would we sleep?' Nathan looked at his, raising an eyebrow. 'You really like to get right into it, well the sofa pull out to the bed as for the living condition; well if you don't like the mess I suggest you get out. I'm not a clean freak.' Ted smiled at Nathan, 'it shouldn't be a problem I'm the same way.' Zeren on the other hand was not but he didn't bother mentioning it, he could handle a little mess. 'So what's the rent like.' Nathan raised an eyebrow again. 'Well you honestly won't have to pay much just four-hundred dollar a month should cover your stay. I can lower the price to three-hundred if you are willing to abide to certain rules.' Ted yelled 'sure!' which seemed to irritate Zeren; 'not so fast what kind of rules.' Nathan began to laugh, this time more promptly. 'Well for one, the clothing would have to go. I prefer being in the nude and I like my company like that as well. You have to consult me when you are ordering food or anything on the television. Any porn you buy is to be strictly homoerotic and I require sexual favours four times a week.' Ted looked at Zeren and then at Nathan. 'What do you mean by sexual favours?' Nathan laughed once more, 'I mean four days in the week, we all must have sex. I'm good as a top or bottom so it shouldn't be a problem.' Zeren grabbed Ted by the head and pulled him to the corner signalling he wanted to talk with him in private. They began to whisper to each other.

'So what do you think Ted. Should we do it?'

'I don't know about you but I like him, besides you did say were not strictly monogamous anymore.'

'True and we might never get a deal like this again.' Nassat tried to say calmly.

Ted smiled acting overly anxious. He turned to Nathan and said 'we've talked it over and decide we will accept your terms and offer.'

Nathan smiled 'good to know, so we'll have a toast to the arrangement. I'll go in the kitchen and get the vodka, while I'm gone you two get out of your clothes.'

Zeren swiftly got in a sentence before he left, 'I don't drink.'

Nathan laughed once again, 'fine grape juice for you then.'

Ted and Zeren quickly got out of their clothing as Nathan was getting the vodka and grape juice. Ted and Zeren examined each other's bodies although only three days, their wounds from their big fight seemed to heal quickly. The scar on Zeren's chest still remained but he looked sexy and powerful with it. Ted tried not to drool, which was getting harder to do being surrounded by two alpha males. Nathan came back with the drinks, two shot glasses for him and Ted, and a glass of grape juice for Zeren. They clicked their glasses together, Ted and Nathan finishing their shot and Zeren taking his time with his grape juice. Nathan groaned 'that's the stuff.' Then without precedent Nathan began to feel a warm and welcoming sensation below his waste. Without warning Ted, went down and began sucking on Nathan's cock. He was enjoying it a lot. Zeren simply watched, he wasn't angry but he wasn't thrilled. Almost like impulse Zeren started to join him. He began sucking on Nathan's hairy nipples. Nathan began to moan as his dick was being sucked and his chest was being pleasured. 'Did..I say 300 I meant 200.' Zeren laughed and moved up to plant Nathan a kiss. They tongued each other, as Ted moved up to join in on their kissing. By this time they were all hard, with the exception of Nathan who was not only hard but wet from Ted saliva. Nathan bent over and began to suck on Ted's cock. Meanwhile Zeren went behind Nathan and began eating his ass. It was an amazing sensation, for Nathan's ass was even hairier than his own. He forced his face further up his ass, while thinking how he could get used to this and listening to the moans of Ted as his dick was pumped of its sweet white milk. Ted's foreskin moved back and forth from the motion of Nathan's tongue. As Nathan's butt seemed to tighten on Zeren's face. It was clear he had done this before. He was a professional and it wasn't long before Ted was read to cum. Ted exploded and Nathan backed away from his cock letting the sweet liquid spray onto his face. He then slapped his cock on Nathan, who licked his lips tasting some of Ted's sperm. 'That was good!' Nathan said with a smile, 'Now I'm going to fuck Zeren.'

'What!' Zeren seemed to yell aloud, he's only been fucked once and that was by Ted. Nathan was much larger than Ted, so he found it hard to imagine. 'You agreed to it didn't you; you're not having second thoughts are you?' Zeren looked at the buff and no doubt much stronger Nathan and then at Nathan's cock, which was also large but not as large as his. It felt like a challenge and Zeren was willing to give it a shot. 'Yeah I'll do it!' Ted lit up, 'cool you can suck my cock while you're doing it.' They mounted Zeren on the sofa with his abdomen on the right end of the sofa and his face at the centre. His ass posed in front of Nathan like a canvas. He waited for Nathan to enter him, but before that happened his head was being abused by Ted's cock. Ted forced his penis into Zeren's mouth, Zeren began relentlessly suck on him. That sucking would soon stop, once Nathan entered him. The force of Nathan was unbelievable and resulted in Zeren screaming in pain. 'Oh..fuck!' Was this how Ted felt? He felt the hair of Nathan's pubes on his butt, and it felt wonderful. He began to fuck him, if there was one thing about Nathan he was not one for soft-core sex. He didn't bother taking his time and quickly began mounting himself up Zeren's ass. Zeren could feel his foreskin opening and closing in his ass. He moaned and then quickly went back to Ted's cock. He stuck his tongue in Ted's foreskin teasing him and playing with his pea hole. He then engulfed his cock whole, Ted and Nathan were moaning. Zeren was too, although his voiced was muffled with Ted's dick in his mouth. Nathan continued to fuck Zeren's ass, he didn't seem to cum, and meanwhile Ted was already getting ready for launch. He moved his dick out of Zeren's mouth so his cum would splash all over his face. 'Two blowjobs what a day. I doubt I could feel any better.' Nathan continued fucking Zeren but now that Ted was done being sucked it was time to change positions. He moved himself on the sofa holding onto Zeren's legs; this allowed him to change position while still keeping his cock in Zeren's ass. Zeren was now sitting on Nathan's cock, moving his ass down further.

Ted sat and watched, Nathan quickly said 'don't just watch! There is a vibrator in sofa cushion. Insert it up your ass and then get the dildo and shove it up me.' Ted was shocked he went to the other half of the sofa that wasn't being trampled by a fucking couple and removed the cushion. He found a whole punch of toys; he couldn't believe this opened up into a bed. He got the vibrator and one of the many dildos he found out. He put the vibrator on which was much smaller than the dildo and shoved it up his ass. It felt good and he moaned from the sensation. Then he watched as Nathan fucked Zeren. Nathan pushed his waist up on Zeren, which resulted in more of his cock entering Zeren. It also gave more than enough space for Ted to enter the dildo up his ass. The dildo was pretty big but it didn't take much for Nathan to engulf it. He sat down on the entire dildo they all began to moan. Ted then played with the vibrator in his ass, as he sucked Zeren, who was being fucked by Nathan and Nathan who was being fucked by a dildo. The movement was too much for Zeren who eventually busted his seed, lucky for Ted he moved out just in time for all of Zeren's cum to land directly on his face. Although it took a couple minutes longer, Nathan was almost ready to burst. Ted began pushed Zeren's legs further down, increase the force of Nathan's cock. 'I'm going to blow!!' He yelled as a wave of cum entered Zeren. Zeren was out of breath and fell to the floor, the same happened to Ted who fell next to him. Both their faces covered with sperm and Zeren's ass filled with cum. Nathan laughed, 'You guys look tired that was really good.' He laughed as he spilled the remaining cum from his penis on Zeren's naked body. He then took out one of the other sofa cushion removing several toys and opened out the bed. 'Hope you two have a good night. The shower is in my room, if you need to use it.' Zeren laughed 'nah me and Ted are going to sleep just the way we are today. We'll take a shower in the morning.' Nathan laughed 'Yeah I'm like that too, maybe I'll join the two of you in the morning.' Ted then started to laugh 'if you join us in the shower, we'd end up with a pretty high hydro bill.' They all started laughing and with that said Nathan left for his room. Zeren and Ted fell asleep in each other's arms, cum still on their faces, their cocks, their chests and in Zeren's ass. They embraced each other, licking each other's faces until they eventually dosed off.




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