Ted lay in his bed shirtless only wearing a pair of jogging pants. His abdomen showing so pristinely and although not extremely big he was amazingly fit. He gazed up into his manga (Japanese form of Cartoon - translated in English) that he was reading so passionately. With one hand over his head he read the pages thinking of the events that occurred the previous day. As a Caucasian male he was often ridiculed by his father for indulging in other cultures. His father was very antagonizing, he hated the fact that Ted was so interested in Japanese manga instead of comic books and most of all he could never except the fact that Ted's best friend was from Afghanistan. His father was prone to stereotypes and the fact that Zeren was from a country that was frond upon by the American media was not giving him a good perspective on Ted's choice of friends. Ted always ignored the ignorance of his father; although a prejudice man he knew deep down he cared for him. They gotten into many arguments over his choice in friends but Ted refused to be influenced. He lived in a multi-cultural society and his father's views didn't mean much too him. Besides it's wrong to judge an entire community simply based on the action of others. Ted always found it difficult to believe poorly of any type of people, especially of his best friend Zeren. All the prejudice views meant nothing to him when he knew Zeren on the inside and out. By simply knowing Zeren, Ted realized how uneducated his father's views were. A man of compassion and charisma Zeren was and not the type of person to do something wrong and call it right. He was dependable, trustworthy and most of all he always had your back whenever you needed him.

The thought of how reliable Zeren was brought back memories of their friendship in high-school. Although Ted is often confused as a jock due to his well fit figure, he always hanged out with people who were classified as 'nerds.' He had an interest in certain things that most people found unusual, which was basically anything that didn't follow the mainstream media. As a result he was often be picked on, the problem was rather than take it like most kids, he would fight back not giving up, a characteristic that both him and Zeren had in common. Both Zeren and Ted had the convenience of being 'social-outcast' which drew them closer together. One day Ted confronted a bully who continuously picked on him, it was a simple verbal argument that would escalate to him being cornered outside of school grounds. He could barely remember what he said to him but he did remember a large number of student all 16 years old ganging up on him. By this time Zeren and Ted were already on the verge of being best-friends this single act just reassured it. The kids began to bring out bats getting ready to attack Ted. Ted closed his eyes figuring it was inevitable and even if he could get a good shot at one of them they would still pin him down and beat the crap out of him. With his eyes closed he heard the impact but that's all he heard just the impact, he felt no pain. He opened his eyes only to find Zeren being hit in the stomach by one of the students. It must have been a hard impact because he began to cough out blood. He told Ted to run but he refused. If he was willing to take a hit like that for him, there was no way he would let him fight them off alone. By the end of it both Ted and Zeren lay on the floor next to each other bleeding not to the point of any serious injury but never the less in pain. They lost pretty badly which is to be expected fighting of a group that big. As they lay on the floor, they gave each other a high-five which turned into a handshake, moaning in the pain of moving. Zeren then smiled at Ted and said 'we may have lost but we didn't give up.'

Ted put down the manga sitting up on his bed his abs still showing perfectly. He kept thinking about whether or not dating Zeren was a good idea. Their friendship was important to him and without a doubt he could not live without him but did that necessarily mean they had to be in love? He then thought of the stereotypical homosexual, something he didn't normally due but then again this wasn't a normal situation. He visualised a man who acted overly feminine, listened to a lot of Celine Dion and dressed properly everywhere he went. It began to piss Ted off because the stereotypes didn't apply to him at all. He didn't act feminine and he found Celine Dion very irritating. He dressed like a beggar and wasn't into to chick flick but horror and Chinese action movies. Anyway you saw it he did not fit in with the prejudice of what is a homosexual man but neither did Zeren. Other than the fact Zeren attempted to create a loving setting last night, he couldn't understand why Zeren was into him. Ted thought maybe it was a mistake, maybe he isn't really gay and simply confused. The only problem with this theory was how much Zeren liked being fucked and how much Ted enjoyed fucking him. Worst part about it was now Ted was unsure and he only yesterday asked Zeren for a second date at the community centre. He looked at the clock it was 10:00 AM he only had three hours until he would meet Zeren at the community centre. He took a deep breath and got ready. He didn't bother taking a bath it wasn't his style he wasn't too keen on being clean. Once dressed he went down stairs to leave the house. He didn't mind waiting a good hour for Zeren, the wait would give him some time to think. Before leaving he was stopped by his father who looked drunk. Which was believe it or not, not that common.

'Where the fuck are you going?' His dad said stuttering throughout his sentences.

'I'm going to meet Zeren at the community centre.'

'What!! Didn't I tell you not to hang out with that boy, he's a terrorist they all are!!' Still stuttering and struggling to speak.

'No he's not!!! I'm tired of your bullshit!!' Ted didn't realize how load he was.

His father pinned him to the wall 'who the fuck do you think you're talking too? I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it.' Without warning his father punched him in the face hitting the corner of his eye. It didn't make him bleed but it left a mark nun the less. Ted pushed his father away from him and bolted out of the house. He was not crying but he was pissed and more confused than ever. More importantly he didn't want to explain what happened to Zeren but seeing the condition of his eye he didn't know how to stop it from being brought up.

As he walked toward the community centre, he continuously swore under his breath. His dad was being more ignorant than usual; he prayed it was because he was drunk. If he hates Zeren this much how would he react if he knew this was not just two friends going out but an actual date? He kept rubbing his eye which felt swollen and for all Ted knew it was. That was some hit, now he knew where he got his right hook from because it wasn't too difficult to get Zeren's nose bleeding yesterday. He began to laugh trying to hide how pissed off he was. When he finally reached the community centre, he waited in total silence waiting for Zeren to come. Although not the best location for a date he knew that Zeren would love it. It was something they did often as friends and in his opinion was appropriate for a date. It gave them a good pace in the relationship, allowing them to know whether or not they were ready for such a feat. When he finally came, Ted was in shock it was a community centre but Zeren looked like he was ready to enter a banquet hall. He looked extravagant in a dress pants and dress shirt all black with an elaborate tie. It suited him well and outlined his chest perfect. Before asking about his eye, Zeren groped Ted and passionately kissed him. They began playing with each other's tongues, which confused Ted more; it took some deal of effort before they finally stopped.

As expected Zeren looked at Ted with concern, 'what happened to you eye?'

'I would rather not talk about it.'

'That question wasn't so much me asking but me demanding. I want to know what happened to your eye!' Zeren tried to control his voice.

'I fell.' Ted knew he wouldn't buy it.

'What kind of bullshit is that, I know a black eye when I see one?'

'Listen let's just have the date and maybe during it I'll fill you in.'

'Fine, what are we doing anyways?'

'I'll show you by the way your attire is not the best for what we are about to do.' Zeren raised an eyebrow; confused how he was suppose to take that comment and what they were about to do.

The community centre was filled with people, which is usually the case. They have many activities that people tend to want to indulge in. It seemed weird that Ted would choose this as the location, there was very little privacy. Ted led the way to the basement which housed the swimming pool and gym. 'Ted, you do realize the gym is closed today?' Ted looked in his direction and started to laugh. He was almost oblivious to the event that only occurred moments ago. 'You know you're not the only one who can get a key.' He took a bronze key out of his pocket that would allow access to the gymnasium. Well it was a surprised seeing they would be the only ones in the gym. It also felt kind of dirty knowing that just upstairs there was a whole bunch of people who had no idea what they were about to do. As he opened the door, the first thing Zeren noticed was soccer net and a soccer ball in the middle of the room. It was definitely surprise soccer was a sport that both Ted and Zeren adored. This was another character trait that his father hated. Ted's father saw soccer as a foreign sport and rather his son play football or hockey both of which Ted despised.

'Zeren before we play I have a question for you.'

'Shoot.' Zeren laughed a bit from the irony.

'I've been thinking you and me don't necessarily follow the stereotypical view of a homosexual man. Are you sure you not confused. Do you actually love me?'

Zeren laughed again this time more load, which almost felt insulting to Ted. 'When have you and I ever conformed to a stereotype? I do love you; I'm willing to acknowledge that. I've been your friend for so long there is little mixed feeling about my longing for you. The better question is, are you in love with me?'

'I don't know. I have to admit I'm attracted to you, that was all clear yesterday but physical and mental attraction are two different things.'

Zeren frowned 'are you willing to find out if you could have feelings for me?'

Ted paused looking at Zeren's unforgettable face. 'I don't know.'

'Huh, is there anything you do know? Listen how about this I'll be goalie if you can score at least ten shots in under a two hour period, then we can drop this whole date, but if you can't then were going to see this through to the end '

'Hmm, sounds reasonable you're going to have to take off you panted though unless you want to run around in dress pants.'

Zeren took off his pants revealing his tight boxer-briefs which clearly outlined his cock. He looked kind of ridiculous wearing his underwear while still having his dress-shirt on but he didn't mind and neither did Ted. As they began to play the competitive attribute that they both had came into place. They were giving it all and the outcome didn't seem to matter only who would win the game. Ted was able to get in three good shots but by that time an hour had already passed. He knew Zeren was good at soccer but he didn't realize how well he had improved his skill. By three shots they had already worked up a sweat. Ted watch as Zeren took of his dress shirt revealing that chest he liked so much. It occurred to Ted that it would be difficult to pay attention with Zeren's sexy body in front of him. If it wasn't for his underwear he would be completely naked. He watched as the sweat rolled down his chest. It turned him on so. He tried to focus but it was like the bulge in his underwear was calling to him but he wasn't stupid. If Zeren's body was such a distraction maybe his would be too. Ted began to strip off his clothes leaving only his underwear on. He used the excuse of excessive perspiration but he actually wanted to distract Zeren. His body did caused Zeren to lose concentration, he never realized how beautiful Ted's body was. It seemed to work he successfully got two more shots in the net but by the time the game was done Ted only got 5 of the 10 needed shots in. They both stood in front of each other panting and sweaty. Zeren while still panting said 'I win your mine.' Zeren sat on the floor exhausted; Ted quickly went up to join him.

Ted still panting next to Zeren said 'that was one hell of a game I gave it my all but you still won. I guess we're going to try this after all.'

'We are but before we start anything what happened to your eye?'

'Let's not ruin a perfect day. Besides just cause were dating doesn't mean I have to tell you everything.'

'I suggest you do, you know I can beat the information out of you.'

Ted began to laugh 'even if that's true that doesn't mean I'll tell you shit.'

'Do you want another black eye?' Zeren said almost comically.

'I'd like to see you try.'

'You asked for it.' Zeren grabbed Ted into a headlock they were only play fighting and seemed to be enjoying themselves. Although he didn't want to talk about it, it seemed as if the topic was bringing them more joy than pain. As they fought innocently Zeren found himself pushing Ted on the floor. Mainly to pin him down, what turned into friendly fighting quickly got intense. Zeren looked at Ted as he lay over him and instantly fell in love. He couldn't resist it, his cock quickly hardened and he began kissing Ted. Ted didn't attempt to stop him he said he would see this through. It was clear that he was enjoying it. The sweat from the game was causing a sensation of ecstasy as they touched one another. Zeren began to suck on Ted's nipple, licking them so passionately. He didn't know he could feel suck sensations. They continued to embrace each other, Zeren still on top and occasionally rolling on the gymnasium floor. Zeren grabbed Ted's underwear and slowly slipped it off he was already hard. He began to suck his cock. It was already sweaty, which made him feel especially dirty. He kept licking his cock starting from the balls and moving up. The pre-cum was leaving his penis faster than normal, just like yesterday. This didn't seem like a problem to Zeren who anxiously waited for Ted to spill his man juice down his throat. When he finally came he did all he could take catch all the cum he could, unlike their last sexual encounter he was unable to take in all his cum. Some spilling out the side of his cheek he was like a hose that could not be shut off. He drank his sperm like someone who had been deprived of water. The ecstasy it brought to his face intrigued Ted and he was ready to feel that sensation.

Without warning Ted took of Zeren's underwear, giving Zeren no time to completely suck Ted's dick dry. He looked at Zeren's penis it was huge, much larger than his own. He wondered whether he could take it. He started by copying what Zeren did to his cock. He started from the balls and then went up. Ted licked each testicle and understood how the sweat from his ball could give such a temptation. He then began to lick his cut cock, going all the way up to the pee-hole. Unlike himself, Zeren reframed from cumming to quickly. This was a benefit for Ted because he was enjoying licking Zeren's amazing equipment. Grabbing hold of his cock, Ted wanted to see how much of his cock he could take in his mouth. He attempted to swallow it whole, which was a bad idea because he began to choke. Zeren watched in amusement moaning with the sensation. This informed Ted that he was at least doing a satisfactory job. Although he found it hard to manage that did not stop Zeren from making him go all the way. Zeren found himself pushing Ted closer in on his cock and although choking every now and then, Ted was enjoying the sensation in his mouth. He could feel the tip of his cock all the way at the back of his throat and although difficult to swallow whole he didn't want to stop. Eventually Zeren could not take anymore and yelled 'I'm going to cum.' Although he didn't cum as much as Ted, it was still difficult to swallow all of his sperm. Which was to be expected seeing it was his first time, never the less he continued swallowing the juicy wonder. He didn't realise how much he enjoyed the taste. He feared he was enjoying the sensation too much. He then licked the remain sperm off his penis and tongued his pee whole making sure there was nothing remaining.

Zeren was panting but smiling with happiness. 'Oh fuck that was good, I was expecting that from you. You took it all in, god that felt good!!'

'Glad you enjoyed it, I never realised how good it was. Maybe I'll suck you off more often.'

Zeren put his arm around Ted embracing him tight. 'You know I'm still hard. How would you feel about my dick being inside you?'

'What the fuck, I struggled just to get the thing in my mouth I can't imagine that monster up my ass.'

'It's all good maybe one day I'll enter your ass.' He laughed out load.

'What, well you have to do it know.'

'What? Do you want me too.' He looked confused 'listen I don't want to force you into anything.'

'There is not much we can do about that know, you won the game like you said 'I'm all yours.''

'I'll go slow for you.' He said as companionably as possible.

'I want no sympathy, show me what you got!!' He yelled almost anxiously.

Zeren got ready to enter Ted, the sweat from the game already seemed to have lubricated his ass and if not Zeren licking his man hole sure did. He made sure to lick his ass before he went inside, she could tell that even the sensation from his tongue seemed to cause him pleasure and pain. He then started fingering him, which he found very painful. Zeren chose to do this for a while so he could at least get used to something up his ass, before he unleashed his cock up his hole. 'Don't hold back, I want all you cum in me.' Zeren was taken aback, it looked as if he wanted this not cause he lost the game but because he was lusting for Zeren's cock. As he entered his ass, Zeren moaned in pain 'fuck!' he yelled. It was kind of shocking because he barely entered his ass. He decided to slow his pace, which Ted noticed quickly. While in the doggy-style position Ted put his hands back forcing Zeren's waist closer in and inevitable his cock. 'Don't slow down on my account,' he exclaimed as he moaned in pain from how large Zeren was. Zeren began to attack his ass. The force was hurting him and unlike Zeren's first encounter with Ted's dick up his ass the pain took much longer to subside. He was impressed with how well he was taking in his cock. He didn't complain once or tell him to slow down, all he did was moan. Moaning that eventually turned into pleasure. 'Go faster Zeren, fuck the shit out of me!' he yelled. Zeren increased the speed he loved how tight he was and the fact that his cock seemed to be swallowed in the tightness of his ass. It was like getting an amazing hand job except it felt much, much better. Zeren continued to increase speed know holding Ted's shoulder and slamming into his ass. He yelled out 'Yes! That's how you fuck me.' They were pretty load and it came to their attention that others could probably hear them from the higher level of the community centre but they didn't care. Ted wanted more of Zeren's meat in his ass and with the compression his butt cheeks it was almost time for Zeren to come. Zeren lay closer to his back whispering in Ted's ear 'I'm going to cum inside you.' Ted prepared himself squeezing his ass to preserve all the cum inside him. Once he came they both yelled 'Yes!' It was clear that they both enjoyed not only the sensation but the fact that this was a turning point in their relationship. Once finished Ted sucked the remaining cum off of Zeren's cock. They lay on each other sweating more than before, while bits of cum escaped from the crease of Ted's ass.

'Should we shower?' Ted said with a smile as he looked at Zeren.

'Yeah' they walked to the change room; it felt weird having it all to themselves. Ted looked at Zeren's naked body and the hairy hest that he adored so much. That cock was huge and he was amazed how he was able to take that all in. It was somewhat of a frightening experience for Ted because after that amazing pounding he had, he still was longing for more; maybe to a point where it was not just with Zeren. It wasn't the first time he was thinking of not conforming to a monogamous relationship but it was the first time he was thinking of doing it with another man. He knew more than ever that he was in love with Zeren but was his physical attraction just based on intercourse? It was a question he needed to answer but not without asking Zeren how he would feel if he slept with another man. He watched as Zeren began washing himself with water, the sad part about the shower was it came with no soap so it was basically Zeren allowing the water to bounce off his rippling abs and enormous cock. Zeren began to move closer to Ted taking his finger and soothingly rubbing his body, starting from the chest and then moving down. When he reached his ass, he began to but his fingers in the crease of his butt which removed much of the cum that he had just delivered up Ted's round tight ass. Ted moaned from the sensation, which didn't help because it made him realize that he was really into the sexual pleasure. It confused him more; maybe he was incapable of being monogamous. As they slowly began to embrace and rub each other their cocks began to stiffen and cross one another. It felt like they were about to have sex once again. This time Ted resisted his urges to ask the question that had been on his mind.

'Zeren, after today I don't have much of a doubt when it comes to my love for you.' Zeren smiled ecstatically and continued rubbing Ted's body 'but I think I should have intercourse with another man.'

Zeren stopped rubbing his body and looked directly at Ted, the boner he once had seemed to be going down slowly. 'Why! Was the sex not good, if you love me then why do you need to have sex with another man.' Zeren gave him a look of both anger and confusion.

Puzzled at his reaction Ted stated 'listen the sex was great, I just don't know if I'm falling for all of you or just the sex. How do I know I won't feel the same way about some other guy I fuck or get fucked by?'

'Whatever do what the fuck you want!' Zeren replied as he walked out of the shower to put on his clothing. Ted still puzzled at how personal he was taking this.

'Listen if it's going to be a problem then I won't, the reason I brought it up is because I want your approval.'

'Why do you need my approval, you're a grown man you can do whatever the fuck you want to do.'

Ted also began putting on his shirt while changing he said 'Listen I don't need this shit right know if you're going to make a big deal about it I won't do it.'

'You know what you're just a jackass!' Grabbing Ted by the shirt, Zeren pulled him closer and with his right fist punched him in the face. The impact felt worse than the punch he just got from his father. Zeren then left the change room saying nothing to Ted. A night that was almost perfect went to the dumps, leaving Ted with two black eyes and pissed off about how inconsiderate Zeren was being.




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