Ted was your average 18 year old boy, about to find out an astonishing secret. It was his graduation and one of his closest friends Zeren was about to congratulate him on his overall achievements. Little did he know that Zeren was going to expose the unexpected truth that would change his entire view on his sexuality? Ted never for a second doubted the fact that he was straight but he always noticed his lust for Zeren. Zeren in the eyes of the ignorant was seen as a foreigner from Afghanistan but to Ted he was his closest and most trusted friends. He on several occasions attempted to hide his feelings for Zeren, seeing it as only phases that would soon go away. In gym class while unaware he would glance at Zeren's beautiful body and stupendous face. It was only now in the gym change room did he realize his love for his best friend. It felt right as Zeren put his tongue into Ted's mouth absorbing his saliva. This was the moment Ted knew it was right but let us not forget this started graduation night.

Ted walked directly behind Zeren, lucky for him the event was not organized and they didn't seem to care who went up first. Both Zeren and Ted were in their blue gowns getting ready to graduate. They looked at each other and then to the piece of paper they held in their hands. Both silent anxiously waiting to approach the podium. Ted reached first handing the paper and watching as the female Teacher Assistant read his name and the quote that he wanted to be announced at the ceremony. She spoke with a charismatic tone 'Graduate Ted wishes to create his own business.' As she read his card he picked up his diploma and left the stage. As he left the podium he patiently waited at the corner for Zeren. Zeren like Ted gave the teacher's assistant the paper to read. As he walked up the stadium you could see a sense of accomplishment on his face but also of relief. He walked up to get his diploma as the assistant read his quote, 'Graduate Zeren is destined to confront his lover and realize his true destiny in life.' As he got the diploma he left the podium walking out of the auditorium with Ted.

Ted look at him laughing a bit. 'Not the best quote if you ask me but what can we do with you.'

'Right because yours was such a work of art. I plan to get a business.' He stated sarcastically.

Ted's face quickly turned from funny to upset. 'So why didn't you tell me you had a lover, you think we've been friends for so long you could at least mention that.' He then smiled and looked directly at him.

'Yeah about that, we need to talk. Let give our graduation gowns in and talk in the change room.'

'The change room wouldn't be open? Why are we talking in the change room anyways?'

'I got the key from the gym teacher we can go in and not be disturbed there.'

They both changed out of their gowns, obviously in public. There was no worry seeing they had clean pressed suites underneath. Once they handed their rented gowns and got their deposit back they began to approach the gym. They had a nag for not being noticed. They walked into the gym which was completely isolated. No one was there and Zeren continued to lead Ted to the change room. As they walked Ted almost began to feel sorry for the fact that his parents could not see him graduate. They left out of town to check on his grandmother who was Ill and reportedly not doing so well. He then realized that his pain was probably nothing compared to his friend Zeren, whose family was deported back to Afghanistan forcing him into adoption. He was being raised by his uncle who didn't care too much about him seeing he had his own children to raise. In a sense their high-school graduation was something that they had the privilege of only sharing with each other. When they finally reached the change room Zeren promptly opened the door with the gym teachers key. He signalled for Ted to enter the room and sit and then locked the door, almost like he was trapping Ted in a situation he could not get out of. In this case it wasn't too far from the truth.

'You asked me about my lover and I want to tell you who exactly that is?'

Ted expression changed as quickly as he suddenly felt very interested in what was happening. 'So who is the lucky girl?'

Zeren laughed and then looked at him. 'It's not a girl, it's you.'

'What about me?' Ted looked confused and wondering if he heard him wrong.

'Ted, I'm in love with you. I have been for a while now. As you know I don't have much of a family but you have always been there for me. I used to think of you as a brother but now more than ever I cannot deny my love for you.'

Ted began to stutter 'you're kidding right this is some type of joke.'

Zeren looked slightly saddened but then same sense of relief Ted saw on the podium entered his face. 'No I am in love with you.'

Ted raised his fist in the air. Then without thinking he stood up and punched Zeren. He didn't realize the strength of the impact but Zeren's nose began to bleed. He didn't cry from the pain he took it like a man. Ted began punching him over and over again repeating 'bullshit' several times. He grabbed Zeren by his dress shirt which was now wrinkled and said 'you selfish bastard you destroyed this friendship.' He turned his head to the side not looking at Ted 'I can't hide this forever, if this is how you feel then I guess we shouldn't be friends' Ted punched him again neither of them crying. Ted was furious. 'I can't do that, I can't be without you I need you as my friend but only as my friend.' Once he said that he finally stopped punching Zeren. Who was now pleading on his forehead and nose. Ted took his sleeve and wiped the blood from Zeren's face. Then he pressed his forehead against Zeren's 'what are we going to do?' Zeren still showed no sign of regret, sadness or fear. It was finally his turn to get physical. While Ted still had his head pressed against his own, he forcibly pushed Ted on the bench position himself directly on top of him. He then without warning gave Ted the most passionate kiss. It wasn't a matter of whether or not he agreed, it was more important to Zeren that he accepted. Their friendship meant nothing to Zeren if Ted could not accept his love. Ted struggled at first but Zeren began to force him down. He pinned both his arms down and continued to kiss him. Ted realizing he could not match Zeren in strength and eventually gave in and began to kiss him back. Zeren knew that Ted wasn't as strong but he still allowed him to take so many strikes at him. The kissing was passionate and both teens began to play with each other's tongues. It began to escalate as Zeren began to take of his shirt while kissing Ted. Ted then pushed Zeren away, 'this is wrong.' By this time Zeren's shirt was already fully off revealing his chest.

Ted started gazing at Zeren's hot body. He had hair on his chest but which suited him well, he was not only very muscular but extremely well defined. His body hair embraced his abdomen making him look more manly but at the same time giving him great sex appeal. Ted looked at his body trying not to drool. He knew very well why he was so attracted to Zeren. Looking at this body who wouldn't be? His face was that of a sophisticated man. All his hair was black and he had a beard that made him look distinguished and handsome. The boy, who had pushed Zeren away, was know giving into senses and began to embrace Zeren. Ted didn't realise it but temptation got the best of him. He began to kiss Zeren passionately and Zeren obviously did nothing to resist. He loved the sensation of Zeren chest pressed against his hands. He moved his hand down his body and began rubbing Zeren's crouch through his dress pants. He then came to the realization of what may be happening. He quickly released himself from the passionate embrace and said 'let's take this a bit slower.' He noticed how contradicting the statement was seeing at that one moment he was the one moving his hand through his chest and crouch; but he knew that they were friends and he needed time to think if this was the right thing to do. They stood up, Zeren still shirtless and began to talk, this time with no fists attacking anyone's face.

Ted got up and looked at Zeren 'I can't comprehend what is happening here but if you're willing to give this a shot then I'll do it.' Ted wondering what exactly he meant by 'do it' and more importantly what Zeren was thinking he meant.

'Maybe we can at least try dating and see where it takes us. My uncle took the kids on vacation so we will have the house all to ourselves.'

Still confused Ted quickly said 'that sounds like a plan, so I'll meet you at your house tomorrow by one o'clock.'

'Yeah I'll see you then.'

Ted then took Zeren's dress shirt and but it around his shoulder. He continued to watch his chest as he began to button it up for him. Zeren from above watched him closely as he did it. He then started tucking in the dress shirt into his pants, which allowed him to feel the outline of Zeren's cock a bit. It seemed larger than he expected and he began to tingle inside. Zeren embraced Ted one last time and they both walked out of the change room. Zeren looked as if he had just finished from sex with his shirt wrinkled and unkempt. Ted left the room still confused, while Zeren left with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. It was almost like he knew exactly what was going to happen next, or he was optimistic that his Best Friend would soon become his lover.

When they finally met the next day, everything from last night was still embedded in their minds. Zeren had been anxiously waiting for 1:00 o'clock and when it finally came he was shocked at how beautiful Ted looked. As he answered the door he saw Ted dressed in an amazing suit that was tight on his chest and abdomen. It was clear that although confused, Ted was more than willing to at least try and experience being his best friend to his lover. It wasn't as Zeren expected as friends it seemed so easy to approach Ted but now that they were dating; Zeren found himself at a loss of what to say. They entered Zeren's living room which was not furnished very well. It only contained a sofa, carpet and television. He then went into the dining room which looked similar to the living room with the exception of a wooden table which was set to perfection. There was candles lit and food already out on two plates. They both found a seat that would allow them to directly face one another.

Ted began to laugh as he watched Zeren 'candle really, kind of lame don't you think?'

'Well I'm still new to this but I figured it was the regular protocol.'

Licking his fingers Ted put out the candles. 'Listen let's just have a normal dinner. There is no need for you to go out of your way. You out of all people should know I'm not into the cliché romantic crap.'

'Right, sorry I'm just trying to impress you.'

They finished their dinner pretty quickly although the table looked extravagant; the food was a simple shwarma. Although not a 'classy' meal it still tasted better than most of what Ted normally ate. After eating silence hit the table and both Ted and Zeren were once again at a loss for words. It was never this difficult to have a conversation when they were just friends. Now it seemed like they could barely speak to one another. Ted decided to break the ice 'so is there anything for desert.' Zeren looked down at the table 'umm, well no.' He then decided to do something spontaneous moving to the other side of the table and planting a kiss on Ted. 'How is that for desert?' Ted laugh 'pretty good.'

When they finally stopped kissing and playing with each other's tongues, Ted began to speak; 'were exactly is this going? Do you want to have sex with me? Cause I don't know if I can.'

'Well that was not my first intention, seeing this is our first date but I'm not against that option. Would you want to have sex?'

'Yeah, I would trust me I'm just as shocked as you are with my answer. It's just the way I see it we already know enough about each other, the question now is whether or not we are sexually attracted to one another.'

Zeren looked at him with increasing ecstasy 'well I already know that I'm sexual attracted to you, the question is do you feel the same way.'

'From what I can tell, I am. Let's just find out and get to the action.'

Zeren lead Ted into his room. There they began to strip. Ted taking of his dress shirt revealing abs and very little body hair, his legs also having very little hair and his cock was average and uncut. Zeren like usual showed off his amazing chest and abs which were hairy but suited him well. His legs were also hair but not to the point where it seemed unusual. His cock was long and cut, it almost looked like a deadly weapon. It wasn't long for the action to begin and as expected Zeren got on the floor and began sucking on Ted's penis. He started from the balls, licking them carefully and saving the taste. Zeren then started laughing you dirty fuck 'you jacked off before you came here?' Ted looked at him surprised 'how do you know?' Zeren smiled taking his tongue off of Ted's ball sack 'their sweaty and they taste salty, common sense I guess.' He then continued moving up from Ted's balls and onto his cock which by know was fully erect. The sensation was amazing he never had his dick sucked so well. Zeren felt the taste of pre-cum on the tip of his tongue. He licked from the balls to the shaft making sure that he enjoyed and sucked every part of him. He then but his entire cock in his mouth without chocking, Ted was shocked and began to wonder whether or not Zeren had done this before. It was early but Ted began to moan 'I'm going to cum.' Zeren almost seemed happy getting ready for the delicious substance about to come out of his friend's pee-hole. Ted came into his mouth with extreme force, he wasn't conscious of it but he was actually forcing Zeren's head onto his cock. Although early the magnitude was intense and Zeren came into his mouth more than he expected. He swallowed all of Ted's cum but was surprised it seemed like the time it took him to finish cumming was longer than him finally reaching his climax. Once finished he licked his cock dry ensuring there was no remnants of sperm on his cock.

Moving away from his cock Zeren said 'wow I wasn't expecting you too cum so much.'

'Sorry Zeren but that was amazing. That was better than amazing; I've had my dick sucked but nothing like that. Have you done this before?'

Looking to the floor he said 'yes I have with my uncle at times, although no one is supposed to know. It's more of an arrangement I do sexual favours for him and he lets me live here but it's only blowjobs he has never fucked me and I have never fucked him.'

'Have you ever been fucked before?'

'No I've been saving that privilege for you.'

The phrase seemed to keep Ted erect. As Zeren went and got some lube from his dresser. 'Are you ready for more?' Zeren asked.


'I want you to cum inside me and whatever you do don't hold back. Although this is new I've already had my face smashed in by you so I doubt you could do anymore harm to me than that.'

Ted laughed a bit as he began to lube up his dick and then Zeren's ass. He fingered him a bit a sensation that seemed to hurt Zeren a lot it was clear that this was the first time he has every felt something in his ass. Although told not too Ted decided it would be best to go slowly. If he was finding it difficult to cope with fingers in his ass, he couldn't imagine him being okay with a cock shoved up his rear end. As he proceeded slowly he could hear the moans of Zeren. They were in the typical doggy style position and Ted new the more he went in the more Ted would moan. At the moment it was moans of pain. He didn't tear up but once the cock was fully in he yelled 'fuck that hurts!' Ted didn't bother to stop if it was one thing he knew about Zeren is that he could take pain. It amazed him that while he was still in pain, Zeren would force Ted closer into him by pushing his ass towards him. The pain slowly subsided and turned into pleasure. Zeren was now enjoying himself more than ever. Yelling yes fuck me harder. Ted realized that during his sex he never realized how hard he was pushing himself. While getting a blowjob he had forced Zeren's head in and now as he was fucking him with all his might, pounding his ass to the point where it made a slapping noise. Although Zeren was physically stronger than Ted, they had their fights which actually brought them closer together. Usually Zeren would win but one thing they both had in common is they never backed down and they never would give into pain. So in a sense Ted forcing his dick into Zeren's ass was basically his way of never backing down. His dick seemed to go in deeper and deeper. Ted enjoyed the feeling of the hair on Zeren's ass and the tightness of his hole. It seemed as if Zeren already got used to Ted being inside him and was tightening his buttocks every time he forced his cock in. Eventually Ted reached the point of climax, this time trying to resist doing it as early as possible. The sensation seemed to be doing a world of good for Zeren who seemed to be enjoying it more than the blowjob Ted previously had received. When it was time Ted yelled oh fuck and popped a large load into Zeren's ass. Like instated he ensured that all the cum enter his hole. Zeren began to gasp in ecstasy and seemed to be enjoying everything that was entering his ass. Once his dick was removed Zeren turned around and cleaned Ted's dick with his mouth, he wanted all his cum.

'That was amazing I guess I'll have to wait for our next date to feel you dick up my ass.'

Zeren seemed to glow after hearing that comment 'there will be another?'

'After that, you bet there will be. Tomorrow meet me at the community centre at the same time'

Zeren smiled brightly and almost yelled 'okay!'

Zeren then kissed Ted and brought him into his bathroom. They both got into the shower already naked and began cleaning each other's bodies. Ted moved down Zeren's hot hairy chest and abs. He took an especially long time with his dick which he kept rubbing till it was hard once again. Then he began cleaning Zeren's ass with his hand and watching as all of his cum spilled out. He laughed 'wow you really are tight.' Zeren then did the same taking an unusual amount of time on Ted's penis and kissing both of his nipples as the water dripped off of them. He then began rubbing the inside of his ass. He moaned a bit and said 'I can't wait to fuck you tomorrow.' Once they were clean they both shared a towel and rubbed lotion all over each other's body. It seemed like a long process but they were having fun. They felt like they knew each other a bit better, even more than the fights they would normally have. Zeren once again helped put on Ted's clothes and Ted did the same to him. Before Ted left he gave Zeren a passionate kiss, while Zeren groped his ass. Ted couldn't believe how fast he had fallen for Zeren and how badly he wanted to be fucked by him.

TO BE CONTINUED...........



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