Ted came home with two blackened eyes, lucky for him his father was still drunk and didn't seem to care that his son had just entered scared and confused. This was the only good part of his day, not having to deal with his dad's stupid questions and with his father so drunk it meant that he wasn't sober enough to accuse Zeren for his blackened eye. He went upstairs straight to his room, he felt like slamming a door, anything to let out his frustration but knowing his father was still downstairs gave him reason to act calm. Although drunk his father would act out when he found someone to be disrupting. He took off his shirt and jumped into bed, putting both arms over his head. All he could think of was Zeren and the fight that they just had. Since he came home it crossed his mind several times of calling Zeren but he just couldn't think of the right words to express to him. One part of him wanted to emphasise how arrogant he was being, the other wanted to apologize and beg for forgiveness. 'Damn it why does this have to be so hard?' He said aloud, while punching the air with his fist. It was late and while in contemplation, he slowly began to doze off. He fell asleep in his bed with no covers on his body, giving a perfect view of his abs. His jeans were still on which made him look like he was purposely posing, when he was actually fast asleep. When he woke up he expected to hear his dad leaving for work but it seemed like he had already left. He was all alone in his house a feeling that basically expressed his entire relationship with Zeren at the moment. Ted was tired of moping and finally built up the courage to take action. He went to the phone to call Zeren but before he reached, the phone had already started to ring.


A familiar voice replied 'Hi Ted it's Zeren, I want you to meet me at my house today. My uncle and the kids are out so we'll have the whole house to ourselves. Around 1:00 pm.'

'Okay I just want to apolog........' before he could finish his sentence Zeren hung up the phone.

This time Ted wanted to make a good impression he didn't want Zeren to be upset with him. While walking out of his room he undid his jeans and took of his underwear. Grabbing a towel on the way he walked naked towards the washroom. He quickly adjusted the temperature of the shower and got into the tub. He began applying soap all over his naked body. Touching ever one of his abs and holding onto his penis. He began stroking it with the soap while thinking of Zeren fucking him in the ass. It was the best part to yesterday controversy. An ass fucking to write about and one he will never forget. Just thinking about it got him fully erect and without realizing he continued to stroke he penis, thinking of Zeren the whole time. He kept going at it, his body moving his penis further through his hand. The motion got him to intensify his grip; he began to go faster still unaware of his lust for Zeren. He was almost ready to erupt. He gave a load moan and watched as buckets of cum left his penis. Did he really need anyone other than Zeren? When he finally cleaned himself appropriately, he rapped the towel around his waist; he then dried his skin and began rubbing lotion all over his body. He tried not to excite himself, so he wouldn't have to take another bath. Leaving the towel to dry, he walked naked into his room where he looked for a nice dress shirt, which he ironed while naked. He got a peer of dress pants, and didn't bother putting on underwear still optimistic about Zeren wanting intercourse with him. He tucked the dress shirt into his pants and put on a tie. By the time he finished getting ready it was 12:30 only giving him half an hour to reach Zeren's house. He rushed over trying to keep his clothes as pristine as possible. He rang the door bell to Zeren's house. Zeren answered the door, Ted looked in shocked. The once tidy Zeren was dressed like him, in a sport jacket with no shirt underneath revealing his sexy hairy chest and with jogging pant and an attitude that made him look as if he simply didn't care. Zeren looked just as shocked at how well kept Ted looked. Trying not to drool Zeren said 'get in the house' trying to sound as rude as possible. Ted didn't think anything of it.

As he walked in Ted began to speak 'Zeren listen I just want to say I'm sorry about yesterday.'

'Save it, I don't care if you not into me' giving Ted a look of anguish.

'What! You're taking this the wrong way.'

'Listen if you want to be fucked by other men, its fine with me. In fact I have two men up stair in my room, eager to plant their dicks up your ass.'

'What! Are you out of your mind?!' Ted yelled and looked at him more pissed off than before.

'Wow, if you pissed now, you should hear how I made money of this little arrangement while I was at it. I figured since you want to get fucked so badly I might as well make so dough while I was at it.' Zeren sneered and laughed a bit while he looked at Ted.

Zeren wasn't acting like himself; how could one stupid comment make him lose all his senses? In rage Ted pinned Zeren to the wall, resulting in his sports jacket falling slightly off his shoulders. 'You sold me, you fucking bastard how could you do this to me?'

Zeren pushed him off, forcing him on the opposite wall and watching as his head pounced back from the impact. 'Don't get pissed off at me, this is what you wanted and seeing I'm not gaining anything from you doing this; I made it so I had nothing to lose.'

'Fuck you! I won't do it.' Ted once again pushed Zeren against the wall having a similar impact to the wall as he previously had.

'Listen you wanted this and I want the money so get your ass up stairs now.'

It was no longer a play fight as both friends began attacking each other forgetting about the events that occurred the previous two days. It seemed like they no longer cared for each other and were only interested in how badly they could hurt one another. They kept punching back and forth the impact seemed greater with every strike. They were both bleeding panting hard. They then began to wrestle in the living room. Knocking down lamps and pushing each other on the sofa. They were furious but not as much as Ted, who went over board and dashed the lamp on the floor directly onto Zeren's head. The lamp was fine but Zeren's head continued to bleed. Zeren didn't give up from a single blow. He jumped onto Ted and continued to punch at him over and over again. Ted pushed him off, finally fully removing Zeren's sport jacket, revealing his hairy chest. Usually Ted would glance in lust but he was to outraged still throwing, kicking and punching things in Zeren's direction. Ted dress shirt which he tried to keep pristine was now wrinkled and had holes in it where he received cuts and bruises. The top of his dress shirt opened down revealing part of his chest and he was unaware of the location of his tie. They finally reached the kitchen where the fighting still commenced. Ted broke a glass cups and used the shard to cut Zeren directly on his chest. Zeren screamed in anger wrestling for the same piece of glass, so he could stab Zeren. Zeren was know on top of Ted and began forcing the shard of glass near Ted's face. Zeren then looked at Ted who was so angry, that the boyish look he adored was gone from his face. He looked at Ted covered in blood and began to cry, he took the piece of glass from Ted and threw it to the side. Zeren fell on top of Ted crying his eyes out. This was the first time Ted ever saw Zeren cry and it was contagious. As Zeren lay on top of him, he also began to cry. They began to embrace each other, and an atmosphere of confusion took effect.

Ted still crying and beneath Zeren said 'don't do this you bastard this is your fault.'

Zeren continued to cry, whimpering and sniffing he said 'I know.'

Ted still crying below Zeren moved his head up and reached for a kiss. During the small moment they stopped kissing Ted said 'I'm sorry for what I said yesterday I only want you.'

Zeren stopped crying still on top of Ted laughing a bit 'that's all good, but what do I do about the couple up stairs.'

'Well let's see if I can repair some of the injuries you gave me you never know, I met be able to still take a good fucking.' Ted laughed.

'You know you don't have to.'

'No your right I asked for it I might as well take it.'

'In your condition, I don't think you're ready for sex.' Zeren didn't realise the extent of their fight until he notices the scares on his skin and the rips on his dress shirt. 'I'm going upstairs and tell him it's off. You wait here.'

Ted did as he was told lying on his back as Zeren moved from above him and quickly went upstairs. It was clear that he was in pain as he moved. Although much stronger, Ted wasn't exactly fighting fear throwing and stabbing at him. Ted felt ashamed with his actions and wished he could have stopped the whole fight. Sadly he felt somewhat closer to Zeren, seeing him cry for the first time brought some sort of emotion that he could not properly comprehend. Ted waited patiently still laying on the floor for Zeren to return, it took a while and he could hear little to nothing of the conversation upstairs. The house must have been well designed because after the fight they just had, he question why the he mysterious stranger did not come down to at least check on the situation. Maybe he was simply afraid to get involved. Which made sense; no one wants to be caught in the middle of a fight. This is ridiculous Ted though and despite Zeren's words decided to go check on the happenings upstairs. As he walked upstairs he noticed that they were in his room, an odd place for Zeren to want him to have intercourse. He must have been really pissed off if he was going to those extreme lengths. As he entered the room he saw the men he was suppose to have sex with. They were beautiful and from their position it was clear they were a couple. The first one was small and scrawny he had a flat chest, short hear and a captivating smile. He looked like the stereotypical shy boy, you see in romantic films. The other man was more built and looked more like a super model. He had a nice six back, huge muscular arms and was more defined than Zeren. His penis was no were close to the size of Zeren's thought but it wasn't small about the average size a penis should be. It was not longer than Ted's though; both men had features that Ted enjoyed the first seemed very timid and the second being very masculine.

Zeren looked at Ted 'yeah, so I told them it was off, their pretty upset but judging from our condition there is really nothing much they can say. Allow me to introduce you' he pointed to the timid one 'this is Allan' and then to the muscular one 'this is Glenn.'

'Nice to meet you' Ted said with a smile.

'Nice to meet you' they both said at the same time. Glenn laughed a bit 'although it would have been better if our first encounter was my dick up your ass. If you're up for it. If not we'll need our money back.'

'I am but not today.' He said holding his shoulder.

'I can tell believe it or not, we didn't think you two were fighting. We thought you were having sex all the yelling kind of aroused us. It's too bad, when do you think we can do this?'

'Tomorrow will be good for me; I should be good by then.' Ted smile at Glenn still enjoying his impressive physique.

'You don't have to Ted' Zeren stated looking down to the floor, feeling just as ashamed as Ted did for escalating the fight.

'It's ok I want too.' With that said Glenn slipped Ted his number and with Allan left the house. They would decide where the date would be in the morning.

'I think I would have preferred if you declined his offer, at least I wouldn't feel so guilty.'

'What are you complaining about, you're getting money and I'm getting fucked. It's a win, win situation.' Ted laughed while looking at Zeren.'

'You know if you weren't bleeding so much already I'd be kicking your ass right know.'

'Yeah, about that do you think we should go to a hospital?'

'Nah, I have isopropyl alcohol in the washroom we can clean the wounds plus were not that badly bruised except for this mark on my chest.'

Ted looked at his chest seeing an amazing scare that he had left on Zeren. His guilt knew no bounds. They were bleeding but noting more serious than what you would expect to get from a boxing match. Zeren went into the bathroom to get the rubbing alcohol. He also got a few cotton balls and then went up to Ted. 'Don't you think we should do you first?' Ted said hoping it would relieve some of his guilt, it didn't. 'No it's okay, I got you covered.' Zeren went up to Ted and carefully removed his dress shirt which was full of holes. He bit his lip to hide the pain he felt as Zeren removed the clothing from his shoulders. Zeren looked at his chest which was covered in bruised and cuts. They had a big fight to leave these many marks while he still wore his dress shirt. Zeren dipped the cotton ball in the rubbing alcohol and then slowly moved it on each of his wounds. He also brought several bandages, which he wouldn't use till late, from what he knew it was better for oxygen to enter the wound first before applying a bandage. As he applied the alcohol, Ted squealed in pain. 'You big baby' Zeren said as he slowly kissed the area that he was wining about, obviously not getting blood on himself. Although not the best moment there was a somewhat romantic feel to the entire situation.

'I'm sorry Zeren' Ted said crying a bit 'I didn't mean for it to get this bad.'

Zeren looked at him in shock 'why are you crying' he laughed looking at him 'we've gotten in fights before.' Ted attempted to smile.

'We did but today I was fully bent on stabbing you, I wanted you to suffer. I don't know what came over me, my anger took over.' He continued to cry while Zeren didn't bother to shed a tear. Instead he held Ted in a tight embrace.

'It's over no sense in complaining about the past.' Zeren let go of his hug and continued to apply alcohol to his wounds. 'If anything I should be sorry, for selling you out like that. I just didn't feel good enough I guess. Like when you said you wanted to try it with someone else, it kind of made me feel like a tool.' Zeren still didn't share a single tear and continued applying alcohol to his wounds.

'You know I love you right.' Ted said with a smile.

'I know' once finished Ted began to apply alcohol on Zeren's wounds which was less in numbers but the ones he did have were more sever. Ted was impressed he didn't wine about the alcohol and he didn't complain at all.

By the time they were finished applying alcohol and putting on the bandages; they were already in an embrace. Ted started it and found it difficult to stop himself from kissing Zeren. Despite the pain they felt from each other's embrace they could not stop themselves from acting on their emotions. Ted slowly began to kiss every part of Zeren's body removing his jogging pants and licking he already erect dick. Zeren without thinking automatically removed Zeren's dress pants revealing his already erect dick. 'No underwear, so you were expecting sex.' Zeren said laughing as he stroked Ted's dick, while Ted was engulfing his penis. They moaned in pleasure and in pain. Ted continued to suck his dick, taking no breathes and Zeren did not hold back from fucking that sweet mouth of his. Zeren didn't want him to have his sweet nectar to early and attempted to hold it in as much as possible. He realised he tend to ejaculate more sperm when he was holding it in and no longer control his penis. The force although painful gave Ted a remember feeling. When he finally came into his mouth it was in gallons. He attempted to swallow all, while still leaving some on his tongue. As he did this he reached in to give Zeren a kiss that gave him the taste of his own salty nectar and the saliva he longed for in Ted's mouth. Zeren went down to Ted's balls licking each testicle. Pre-cum had already left Ted's penis and was graciously taken as Zeren licked his pea whole. A sensation of pleasure overwhelmed his body. Zeren continued licking his stick as then swallowed the whole entire cock. It seemed easy to him and he was pleasuring Ted more than he expected. Ted tried to hold it in as long as possible, he always came too soon and this time he was going to give Zeren a real treat. His will was strong and he actually held in his cum longer than Zeren did. This increased Zeren's ecstasy; as he waited anxiously and patiently for his taste of sweet nectar. When he finally came it was a sweet experience for Zeren, who engulfed all of his cum, saving the juice in his mouth and finally swallowing the liquid whole.

Ted then rotated over to Zeren's ass and began licking it. He loved the wet feeling and it helped lubricate him butt for the pounding it was about to get. Ted spit in his ass a couple times licking down the crease and feeling the sweat from the hairs in his ass. He then began fingering him forcing that wet moisture further down his ass. Zeren moaned 'I can't take it anymore fuck me I need you inside of me.' This amused Ted who continued to lick his ass until he was satisfied that he truly desired his cock. He knew when he couldn't take it anymore 'Ted if you don't put you cock in I'm going to cum with your tongue in my ass.' He moaned 'don't cum yet Zeren, you haven't had the lolly pop yet.' He was ready and began to enter his ass with extreme force. While pushing he whispered in Zeren's ear 'today I'm going to make you my bitch.' Zeren laughed at the statement 'you better make this count cause once I'm done fuck you....ohh...you won't have the energy to walk.' Zeren laughed moaning through his sentences. This aroused Ted more who began to hold onto Zeren's shoulder pushing him further into his cock. It was clear that he was getting carried away, but they both seemed to be enjoying it. The sex was getting so good that Ted totally forgot about Zeren's injuries and switching from doggy style to a squatting position, Ted pushed Zeren onto his cock putting force on his scared chest as he did it. The pain from the wound didn't seem to bother Zeren anymore who was in pure ecstasy. Sprouting comment like 'that's all you got, push harder you weakling.' The comment got Ted really into it, who was shocked at the fact that Zeren hadn't cum yet. It was clear that he was saving it so they could cum together. 'Oh fuck I'm going to cum' Ted yelled; 'me too' Zeren said in reply. Ted came into his ass pushing his chest harder so his ass was closer to his cock. They both yelled but not as load as Zeren who scream 'oh fuck yeah!!' They both panted as Ted removed his cock, Zeren said 'I have to admit that was good but it's nothing compared to what I'm going to do to your ass.' Ted laughed a lot of talk 'let's see what you got.'

Before Zeren got ready to fuck Ted he went up to his bedroom window and opened it. He broke the mesh and looked outside. 'Good' he said with a somewhat villainous look. Without warning he dragged Ted on his bed and swiftly began eating his ass. He used his entire tongue and the unanticipated feeling made Ted shiver all over. 'You have to at least give me some time to recuperate....oh......I mean I just finished fucking you.' Zeren began to laugh continuing to eat his ass. He did the same as Ted and began spitting inside his ass. The moisture was mesmerizing. This time Zeren lifted Ted eating his ass while stroking his dick. He kept licking his ass, the wet sensation caused Ted to moan. He kept going he didn't want to do exactly what Ted did, he was going to enjoy his dick more than his tongue. When he finally stroked and ate his ass to the point where he felt pre-cum he knew he was ready. He opened his put cheeks wide and then entered his large penis inside his tight ass. He mounted Ted on the bed and pushed him forward on the sheets. The motion made the bed shake and Ted began to move uncontrollably. Similar to Ted the pain from his wounds were not helping in the sexual sensation. Although the feeling of pain eventually dissipated into ecstasy. 'Oh Zeren........is that really all you got........I fucked you so well......this is a shame.' His words really turned on Zeren who then positioned Ted upside down on his bed. He then forcefully put his dick in Ted's ass. Realising how hard Ted's cock was he forced his legs closer into his face, so he could suck his own dick, while his ass was being fucked by Zeren. His dick was going so far up Ted's ass that Ted had to bite his lips from both the pain and ecstasy. Although his own dick in his mouth helped him stop yelling. He loved it though and in pure ecstasy he said 'Zeren go deeper' taking his own dick out of his mouth to say the words, as Zeren fucked him. The motion made Zeren's ass tingle which was still filled with some of Ted's sperm. 'I'm going to make everyone know how much you love my dick up your tight ass, if I'm your bitch you're going to be my hooker.' He moved Ted from the position they were already in and moved his head out the window. They were know in the doggy style position with one leg over his shoulder, Zeren pounded Ted in his ass while Ted's head was out the window. Zeren pushed him harder making him moan more. 'Zeren......oh.....fuck people can see me through the window. Aren't you worried?' Zeren began to pant almost as much as Ted. 'I told you I could fuck you better.' Upon saying that he pushed harder on Ted's ass. 'When we climax the whole entire neighbourhood will know how much you like being fucked. That's what you have your bitch for.' Ted laughed as Zeren also stuck his head out the window, still fucking Ted's ass, then slowly grabbing his nipple and giving him the most tender kiss. 'Fuck Zeren I'm going to cum.' Ted said panting turning his head watching some visible spectators. 'God this is hot Zeren.' Zeren continued to push 'I know don't you cum without me.' Zeren kept going Ted could not hold it in and came before Zeren. Zeren reached down below Ted catching some of his cum in his hands. He licked some off his fingers and then fed the rest to Zeren. Finally Zeren was ready, he came into Ted's ass like a ballistic missile. Ted screamed causing he to fall back from the window and onto Zeren landing safely on the bed. They lay on top of each other Zeren's cock still in Ted's ass only filled with cum.

Ted was breathless saying 'that's a good bitch, that how your suppose to fuck me.'

Zeren laughed while Ted was still on top of him. 'That's why you're my hooker, you can receive so well.'

They both started laughing and still panting from the extremely hot sex. 'Ted where is your uncle.' Ted was still panting but curious, wondering why he had the house to himself so often.'

'Let's not ruin such great sex. Do you want to stay over, maybe take a shower? Would your dad mind?'

'I don't give a fuck if he cares, I intend on staying. Maybe cancel the shower, I can stay in this position all night.'

Zeren laughed then quickly got serious 'that black eye you got, the one opposite the one I gave you. Your father did that didn't he?'

Ted also became serious as he was embraced by Zeren on the bed; 'let's not ruin such good sex, I'll tell you in the morning but only if you tell me where your uncle is.'

'Huh, fine.'

They then both fell asleep still in the position they were in after sex. Sleeping with Zeren's arms wrapped around his waist, he felt at home and more comfortable than ever.




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