Part 4

Ted woke up with Zeren still lying beneath his naked body, still holding him in a romantic embrace; the back of his head still facing Zeren's face. Realizing his lover was still asleep, he did all in his power not to wake him. As he got up he saw Zeren's beautiful luscious hair, he never saw Zeren's hair like this before; it was messy, unkempt and not to its usual persona. Despite this Ted was aroused and didn't want to get off his man. He lay by his waist and put his forehead towards Zeren's, he could smell the aroma from his hair and it was magical. There was something about Zeren although one of the toughest people Ted knew; he had this tender and overwhelming romantic side to his nature, a side that he noticed during their childhood but never sought to learn more about. This characteristic only became more prominent to Ted, once Zeren had pinned him to the bench in the gymnasium and romantically kissed his lips, that fateful graduation night. He couldn't believe how far they had come since that day and how much they learned about one another. It was only yesterday when he first saw the man who was once his best friend cry before his eyes. Now he sat on top of his lover admiring and smelling his beautiful hair, watching as he slept so gracefully. He began rubbing his hands beneath Zeren's hair, enjoying every touch. The sensation woke up his counterpart. He looked at Ted with a smile kissing the arm that was pleasuring his scalp. Now both awake the events of last night seemed to recuperate. Leaving many questions unanswered on their personal life specifically dealing with their family. They had to expect this moment when their family would find out or when their family would somehow effect their relationship.

Ted held nothing back and quickly got straight to the point. Moving from laying next to Zeren, to sitting right next to him on the bed, looking at the scars they gave one another before they started their soon to be intense conversation. 'So you said that today, you would tell me the whereabouts of your uncle. He has been missing for some time and I think I deserve the right to know.'

Zeren began to scratch his head. 'Hmm this might be a bit difficult for me to tell you because it does deal with something I left out from our friendship.' Zeren looked down to his feet and then up at Ted who had one eyebrow lifted.

'Well what is it?' He said anxiously.

'When I told you I lived with my uncle that was only half the truth, my uncle lived around this given location for most of his life and same with my parents before they were deported. I lived with my uncle until I was seventeen under his watchful eye I would be objected to sexual favours usually just blowjobs. It reached the point where these simple blowjobs caused his family grief and gossip. So once I turned eighteen he and his children packed up their bag and left for another city. He gave me this home which is his vacation house, we've been telling everyone I left with him so it would not affect me having to move in with other relatives. That's why I have to pay rent it's compensation and the fact that I'm living on my own. Eventually I got used to the house and decided to stay. Seeing you were here made it all worthwhile. So now that we are done interrogating me why don't you tell me about that black eye and I don't mean the one I gave you.' Zeren laughed a bit, patiently awaiting Ted's reply.

'Wait I thought you said you had to suck off your uncle so you could live here and I thought you said your parents left because of your sickly grandmother?' Ted looked at him confused and still a bit pissed off he lied to him.

'It wasn't entirely a lie about my grandma she is really sick and it's probably best that they went back but they were deported and I have been living with my uncle for years. Yeah I had to suck his cock when I first turned sixteen or else he wouldn't let me live here but that's the price I pay I guess. Once family began to spread rumours he desired to be away from me.'

Ted looked a bit angry 'so this whole time you lied to me about your parents!'

'I didn't want you to worry it wasn't your burden to bear. Besides knowing you, you would overreact.'

'Overreact!! When do I overreact?' Ted yelled at Zeren frantically.

'You mean like what you're doing know?'

Getting back to his regular decibel, he began to ask Zeren more questions 'so when were your parents deported.'

'I guess I was around seven years old.'

'And since then you've been living with your uncle.'

'Yes, keep in mind the sexual favours only started when I turned sixteen.'

Ted put his head down still upset 'I thought we were best friend I thought we told each other everything.'

'We are its just back then I didn't want you to worry. Ever since I've helped you with battles in high school you seemed to be under the impression that you have this obligation to help me.'

'Yeah that's what a friendship is you jackass!' Yelling and punching Zeren in the cheek, not to hard but to the point where you still felt an impact.

'Hey jackass it's not like you don't hide things from me, I still don't know what the fuck happened to your eye.' Zeren also began yelling intolerably.

'You want to know how the fuck I got this black eye, it was by defending you! My dad was saying how I shouldn't be friends with you because you're terrorist. Not willing to take anymore of his shit I began to yell and told him to stop. That's how I got this black eye,' Ted's face almost turning red from the answer.

Zeren's expression turned into guilt. 'I had.. I had no idea. I can't believe I was mad at you, I can't believe I sold you. You must really hate me.'

'I can never hate you, especially after the sex last night.' Ted said laughing at the whole situation. 'Besides maybe we can make it interesting, maybe you both can fuck me when Glenn comes over.'

'Wow, you really are my hooker.' Zeren said laughing pushing Ted on the bed while planting him a kiss.

They both lay on each other still naked, it was a comfortable position and they did not want to leave it. Twenty-minutes had past and they still had not budged. It was if lying on top of each other was their mini sanctuary. Little did they know that this solitude that they were enjoying so much was to be interrupted by a most unsuspecting visitor? It was obvious that the only person other than Zeren to have clear access to the house was his uncle but he never expected him to be coming on this specific day. Normally calling ahead Zeren's uncle gazed at the two men. Who were already deeply embraced and totally ignorant to the fact that they were being watched. 'Umm.. ' The noise startling both Ted and Zeren, as the both gazed up from their comfortable position only to find Zeren's uncle standing above them. 'So this is the reason you didn't want to leave.' Zeren's uncle smiling amusingly in the direction of the naked peer. Ted examined his uncle from top to bottom as he lay on the floor. If he looked anything like his brother, it would explain were Zeren got his amazing looks from. Not only did he have a fit an amazing figure but eyes that you could get lost in. A beautiful yellow shade in his cornea and a nice trimmed beard; he didn't look family oriented at all, in fact if Ted had to guess he could have been a bachelor capable of fucking anyone he wanted. Ted's attention then quickly turned to Zeren who had an expression of shame. His facial expression churned up a whole bunch of emotions for Ted and questions still left unanswered. Ted wasn't the only one to realise Zeren's expressions and without question his uncle began to act on instinct. 'Why do you look so ashamed, he's one handsome man I have to say, I'm glad you two found each other. '

Zeren raised an eyebrow as he looked at his uncle. 'You're not upset? I thought you would have been ashamed that I was homosexual?'

Zeren's uncle began to laugh, 'You've been sucking me off since you turned sixteen, a clearly homoerotic act and you think I'd be ashamed that you're gay. More power to you I say as long as I still get some benefits in this whole arrangement.'

'Of course,' Ted seemed to answer for the both of them, Zeren looking at him in shock.

'Interesting, so have you both gone farther than just blowjobs? Wait before we get into that Zeren maybe you should introduce me too your lover I don't believe I've had the pleasure of meeting him.'

Ted totally forgot that this was the first encounter with Zeren's uncle. He waited patiently for Zeren to introduce him to his soon to be uncle. 'Ted this is my uncle Nassat, uncle Nassat this is Ted.'

'Nice to meet you Ted' Nassat reaching out his hand to be shaken.

'The pleasure is mine' Ted shook his hand paying careful attention to his grip. He seemed as strong as Zeren but definitely not as sexy. 'To answer your previous question me and Zeren have surpass blowjobs.'

Nassat smiled 'a feat that I and Zeren never did but before I get into your love life. Why don't the two of you explain those scars on your body?'

'Right, me and Zeren got into a little fight,' Ted said with his head down.

'Judging from the scar on Zeren's chest I'd say it was more than a little fight?'

'Things may have gotten out of hand but me and Ted have resolved the conflicts.' Zeren said hoping that Nassat would drop the topic.

'If you say so, although I like to see you without scars. Well seeing you are okay how about you go down stairs and get my bags, while I get to know your pal Ted better.'

Zeren did as he was told and went downstairs. Once he left the room Nassat closed the door behind him and then looked at Ted who was still naked on the floor. He began to touch Ted's face planting him a kiss that almost reminded him of Zeren. He began playing with his tongue and stating how he had always wanted to do that. Although they had never met, Nassat had always caught glimpses of Zeren's best friend. Ted didn't feel right about making love to his boyfriends uncle but his facial features reminded him so much of Zeren and the proposition of having sex with someone from his family was even more of a turn on. It wasn't long before Ted was hard and Nassat readily jerked his cock. Before anything could escalate Zeren unlocked the door. Although why Nassat chose to close it was beyond explanation. He had to have known that Zeren had a key to his own room. 'Get off of him!' Zeren struggled to control his voice, dropping his uncle's bags on the floor. 'Calm down Zeren I do need compensation for you living here. I guess Ted can be that compensation.' He continued to stroke Ted's dick, while licking his cheek and playing with his nipples. Zeren was outraged and charged at his uncle like an enraged bull, only to be intercepted by Ted. 'Calm down Zeren, its okay. I don't plan to sleep with him.' Nassat began to laugh 'that's what you think,' with that one statement he reached in to the bag that Zeren had just brought up and reviled a handcuff. With the handcuff he arrested Zeren to the bed and then continued to have his way with Nassat. Zeren yelled 'what do you think you're doing?!'

Nassat only grinned 'well I'm going to fuck Ted and make you watch as I do it. It doesn't matter if he wants it or not, he going to enjoy all the man juice I have to offer.' Nassat continued to kiss Ted who was too confused to stop him, nor was he even sure he had the strength to do so. Nassat was extremely masculine even more so than Zeren, even if Ted could get Nassat to stop it would only be for a short period of time. Ted could hear the nearby screams of Zeren's anguish. Zeren repeatedly yelling 'get off of him you sick bastard!' the words only seemed to cause Nassat to get more into his role as the dominant male. He began to take off his shirt watching as Zeren got more outraged at his every movement. He was enjoying it and Ted was mesmerized at his sexy hairy chest. Although not as sexy as Zeren he did have an aura, one that made him look like the alpha-male. Ted did nothing as Nassat began to finger his ass, how could he? He was afraid to stop him and compelled to make him continue. The only resentment he felt was to the torment that Zeren was feeling, as he watched his uncle take Ted's boy cherry away from him. He moaned from the sensation as Nassat continued to finger his ass. He positioned Ted on the floor so his ass was facing the ceiling and his facial expression was clearly visible to Zeren. As he finger fucked his ass he made sure that every moan and every facial expression was clearly visible to Zeren. This only increased Zeren's anger. Nassat began to undue his pants still fucking Ted with his fingers. He then fisted Ted in his whole hand, his ass felt a sensation that was both new and extremely painful to Ted. He almost cried from the pain, mainly due to the fact that his ass was not properly lubricated and how unanticipated the motion was. Zeren yelled, blurting out more slurs in the hope his uncle would stop. His wrist almost red from the constant tugging he was doing, his failed attempt to somehow help Ted.

'You like that don't you? You're going to suck my cock now aren't you?' Nassat moved Ted from his position and forcefully pulled his face into his cock. It was much larger than Zeren's and it was difficult for Ted to swallow whole. His erect penis entered all the way to the back of his throat, resulting in Ted chocking more than once. Gasping for air which was being refused to him, he never had his throat fucked like this before. All Zeren could do was watch. Watch as his uncle then positioned Ted closer on the bed so Zeren would get a better view of his long fuck stick forced down his lover's mouth. Nassat continued to force Ted's head onto his cock. 'Zeren you should have mentioned what a good cock sucker Ted is, I probably would have done this when he turned sixteen as well.' Still chained to his bed he watched as his uncle ploughed his young friend. He was outraged, full of emotion and still being fully nude. Yet despite his anger he could not stop his penis from becoming erect. Even as he saw his boyfriend being forced into sexual acts, confusion building within him. Watching as Ted gagged from the impact of his uncle's cock and watching his saliva drip of his uncle's penis like water droplet off an Amazonian leaf. Despite being turned on he refused to give his uncle total satisfaction and continued to yell. Ted slowly began to relieve himself, not attempting to resist. It was only a matter of time before he gave in, not from the sheer beauty of Nassat's body but also the fact that the more he resisted the more he choked on Nassat's large cock. Ted began licking his balls and cock, which was almost ready to explode. The acceptance began to piss Zeren off, he couldn't tell if Ted was truly enjoying it or not. When the pre-cum left Nassat's pee-hole, Ted quickly went and devoured it with his tongue. The unprecedented motion of his tongue was all it took for Nassat to blow. His cum splattered all over Ted's face, it was a facial for the history books. Nassat began to rub his cum all over Ted's face and chest. 'That's what I'm talking about. I can't wait to rape that tight ass of yours.'

'What!' Ted realised he could not allow this to go on any further. Zeren would go ballistic, maybe even to the point of endangering himself. 'You're not fucking me!' The words seemed to bring a sense of relief to Zeren.

'I didn't ask you, I'm telling you I'm going to fuck you. Besides if you don't resist, you won't have to worry about your pretty little boy living on the streets.'

Ted looked at Nassat with disgust 'you'd let your own nephew live on the streets, simply so you could get a change to fuck me.'

'You catch on quick, but just so you don't think I'm totally heartless, you'll be sucking Zeren as I fuck you.'

Zeren seemed angrier than ever, giving Ted a blowjob was one thing but now he was going to fuck his ass. His uncle was taking it too far but his irritation could not get him free from these handcuffs. As Nassat forced Ted face on the floor, he watched as the position left his ass in the air. The only thing Ted could think about was whether or not he was going to lubricate his ass before planting that monster of a cock inside him. He would soon get his answer and just as he expected, the pain would be overwhelming. Although only slightly bigger than Zeren, his cock was so large that despite his previous sexual encounters his ass felt tighter than ever. Without lubrication Nassat mounted himself onto Ted's ass. Holding onto his shoulder he continued to fuck Ted who moaned uncontrollably. 'You like that don't you. Your ass is mine today' Nassat's words were like shards of broken glass to Zeren watching his uncle do this to his lover was more than he could handle. Zeren yelled 'you're a fucking disgrace, when I get out of these handcuff you should see what I'm going to do to you.' His words only made Nassat laugh as he pushed his dick farther into to Ted's tight ass. 'Uhh.. god you are so big. Please let me suck Ted know,' he whined as he said the words. 'No I think I'm going to enjoy your ass a little longer.'

He continued fucking Ted ass, switch position so his legs were know over his shoulders, he wanted to see Ted's expression as he fucked him. Zeren still tormented, watched Ted being fucked he was pissed off not only because his boyfriend was being fucked but because he knew Ted was enjoying it. Although hiding it, he knew that look on his face. A look of pure ecstasy, then it happened while fucking his ass Nassat reached forward to kiss Ted. At first he moved his face but Nassat forced his tongue down his throat. Ted attempted to move away from the interaction but it was too much, everything they were doing reminded him of Zeren. While still kissing Nassat, Ted moved his legs from Nassat's shoulders and crossed them around his waist. With his cock still in his ass he continued kissing him, while forcing his butt farther onto Nassat's cock. The pain finally subsided into pleasure and Ted could no longer resist Nassat's temptation. He felt the hair on Nassat's chest which was oh so similar to that of Zeren's. He positioned himself in such a way that he could barely see Zeren in the room, whom at the moment was saddened by how much Ted, was enjoying this. Nassat yelled 'get ready I'm going fucking fill you up!' Ted yelled back 'come on Zeren, fuck my ass put all that juice up there!' From that one phrase Zeren felt heartbroken, Ted couldn't see it but his word did a whole lot of damage to Zeren. 'Fuck!' Ted yelled as gushes of cum filled his ass. Ted pushed his butt farther on his cock, and Nassat moved his dick farther up his ass. The cum entered him thoroughly, when Nassat was done he ensured that the cum stayed in Ted's ass while he removed his penis. He slapped his penis on Ted's face several times and Ted without being forced grabbed his dick cleaning it with his tongue. The taste of cum and his ass overwhelmed him, all reminding him of Zeren. Nassat then took two of his fingers and shoved it up Ted's ass, continuing the pleasure which from the look on Ted's face was more pleasurable than painful. Ted continued to moan as Nassat realized that his finger were now covered with his own cum. With cum resend on his finger he flicked his fingers resulting in his honey landing on Ted's face. Ted then felt an object enter his ass, he was unaware of what it was but the amount of pleasure he was feeling was overwhelming, so he didn't seem to care. Nassat then pulled Ted by his hair and forced in a kiss. Ted didn't seem to be aggravated by his tormenter. Nassat than spat on his face, 'you're fucking scum. Admit it.' Twisting his nipples hard, he repeated 'You're scum. Admit it!' The sensation was too much and Ted finally said 'I am scum. Please don't stop fucking me!'

Nassat laughed and then looked at Zeren 'you have a nice little fuck toy, don't you.'

Ted was shocked, he turned his head to looked at Zeren who's wrist were red from how much he struggled to stop his uncle from ploughing his boyfriends ass. A look of anger, confusion and sadness took over his face and Ted felt ashamed for what he did to Zeren. He didn't mean to enjoy it but he couldn't help himself. While on the floor naked covered in Nassat's cum and spit and while fully naked Ted said in a soft tone 'I'm sorry.'

Nassat laughed once more and then turned his attention to Zeren. He punched him in the face; the force of the impact was so great that he coughed out some blood. In rage he charged at his uncle only to be forced back by the handcuffs. 'You talk a lot of shit next time I fuck your man, you learn to enjoy it. I gave you this house and I can easily take it away!' He yelled and Ted only looked down at the atrocity he probably could have prevented. Nassat quickly changed into his clothes and the room became silent. Ted and Zeren didn't say a word. Once he was fully dressed he looked at the both of them. 'Well I better get going. Ted you make a really good bitch. I shoved the key to Zeren's handcuffs up your ass, it shouldn't be too hard to get out of your ass, seeing it's covered with my cum.' Nassat laughed leaving and once again silence overwhelmed the room. Ted broke the silence by putting his fingers up his ass and digging for the key. The sensation was amazing but Ted wouldn't dare moan not after what he made Zeren experience. When he finally pulled out they key bits of cum left his anus. The key was sticky and wet. Ted was reluctant to act to soon but he had to let him go free. He moved closer to Zeren, who didn't look at him. In fact he refused to even make eye contact as Ted opened his handcuffs. Zeren, who was still naked, had his head down and didn't bother looking at Ted. It was clear that he was angry, confused and sad. Ted reluctantly decided to make the first move. 'Zeren I don't know what I should.. ' Before he could complete his sentence he was punched by Zeren in the face. He never felt pain like this, it was worst than their previous fight. The punch was so forceful that one of his teeth was knocked loose from his mouth. The punch made him fall to the floor and as he got up spitting out blood, he saw Zeren holding his wrists which were obviously in pain. Small amounts of blood and scars were around his wrist, he tried his hardest to get his uncle to stop. He failed but the thought made Ted feel worst about his actions.

Zeren finally got up the courage to speak. 'I'm sorry I punched you' he said with his head still facing down, not making any eye contact with Ted.

Ted did the same not making eye contact and looking down at the floor. Ted was still at a loss for words as the two friends sat uncomfortably and naked in Zeren's bedroom. Ted finally said 'It's okay.'

Punching the floor with his fist Zeren said 'I'm sorry he did that to you.'

'It's okay.'

Zeren's voice seemed to rise 'I have a feeling it was okay! Did.. did you like it.' He stuttered a bit through his statement.

Ted was taken back he began to stutter as well and looked up at Zeren, who still had his head facing down. 'I'm sorry Zeren but I did. He reminded me of you.'

Zeren turned red and finally looked up at Ted. He pushed him flat on the floor and forced him in a position where it was impossible for him to move. Ted struggled to get up but Zeren's anger took over and finally they glanced into each other's eyes, while on top of one another naked. Zeren's eyes filled with anger and Ted's filled with fear. 'I am nothing like that man!' Zeren shouted pushing Ted farther on the ground. Hurting Ted's back but Ted didn't dare to complain.

'It wasn't his personality that reminded me of you, it was his body. When he was in me it felt a lot like you.'

Punching the floor next Ted's head Zeren asked 'was he better than me?' His fist bleeding from the impact.

Ted flinched and then looked at Zeren as he held his hand against his cheek, 'he was not better than you.'

'But you liked it.'

'Yes and I'm sorry about that.' Ted looked at him and attempted to go in for a kiss, Zeren swiftly moved his face away.

'I want you to get out!!' Zeren said in anger. Ted attempted to talk to him but it only angered him more. 'Get out!!' Ted scattered to look for his clothes grabbing his dress pants and dress shirt and bolted out the room. Leaving the house Ted left Zeren naked alone and ashamed.

To be continued..



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