And so the moment has come.

            I put on my gym clothes and start to head back to the gym to then go into the locker room. I walk a little funny as my mesh gym shorts are once again riding up my ass and I’m getting semi-hard from my alone time earlier.

            I walk into the gym and I see that mostly the gym is empty. And so I head into the locker room and once again see that it’s deserted. Unbeknownst to me the coach is in his office finishing the final touches to the camera live stream that he is about to start.

            I nonchalantly head to my locker and open it up, assuming nothing is wrong, since its empty. That is until I hear cough coming from the shower stalls. I turn to the shower stalls and see Giovanni with his friends, dripping wet from the showers the just took.

Giovanni sees me and gives a smirks and winks. He says nothing as his 3 other friends come in behind him. All 3 are at least Giovanni’s height of 5’11 if not taller and have more muscle definition on their body. I admit, I can’t stop secretly glancing at them. I’m getting hard.

            The coach is just live streaming this to his friends online. Coach is only in a jockstrap getting hard by the second.

            So I then go take off my shorts, when I hear a whistle. It was Giovanni. He is looking directly at me, and says, “Damn boys, look at what we got here”. He points to me as I’m half bent trying to take off my shorts. My eyes widen, and I stutter, “W-wh-what?” I start to pull of my shorts, until Giovanni replies with, “Oh come on, don’t be like that. Show us what you got big boy”. I just blush as I see all eyes on me now.

“No thanks”, I reply. But that doesn’t stop Giovanni as he steps closer and then behind me, grabbing me by my waist and tells his friends, “Who wants to see what Pablo is hiding under his shorts? All the guys yelp “Me!”. He just laughs. I blush even more and I try to back away from them, only to realize that Giovanni is not only holding me in place but that he just grinded his rock solid cock against my semi exposed ass. I fucking moan.

            The coach clearly hears then and smiles knowing that I’m a bitch who’ll do anything for a cock in my boy pussy.

            Giovanni then lowers his mouth to my ear and whispers, “get ready for some fun”. He then pulls down my shorts all the way and leaves me with my shirt and thong on. His friends’ eyes widen and start smirking, eyes full with lust. I’m trying to cover up but can’t as Giovanni gets a hold of my hands with a strong grip. He then asks his pals, “Who wants to see the ass I’ve been telling ya’ll about?” as he’s grinding on me. Again all the guys yelp “ME!”.

            And so, Giovanni turns me around to have my ass facing his friends while I’m facing his body. And his towel, suddenly drops, showing me a full view of his 11inch cock. I just gasp as the beauty that it is. He then makes me bent over, parting my ass cheeks, pulling away the thong, he shows them my vibrating butt plug. And all the guys whistle as how big my ass. Whispering among themselves,

“that’s a girls’ ass.

I’d fuck him any time, any place.

Can I touch it?

Can I eat it out?”

Coach is getting a full view of what he’s always dreamed off. And his chat on the stream is going buck wild. Send him messages asking him how much for an hour along with me and etcetera… he just tells them to “shut up” and enjoy the show.

            Back outside the office, the guys gather around me in a circle and start spanking me. Still half bent with my ass spread out, the guys start pulling the thong to see it slap my hole. Then they start smacking my ass, and then cupping it and making it jiggle. Then they start to play with the butt plug by taking it out a little, and at seeing a little bit of John’s cum they gasp. And form there they start calling me names, such as “slut, whore, fag, cum dump, pussy, etc.”

            I just keep on trying to silence my moans from their torture until one slips out and they start laughing. The guys all drop their towels, all rock hard, start to jerk.

The coach still silent in his jock, hard, looks on as he’s about to see me be fucked by 4 guys at the same time. And all the coach can think is, “Fuck, I wish that was me.”

Giovanni still holding me takes initiative and tells the other guys to hold me as he goes to my ass, spreading it again, pulls out my butt plug.

I whimper out, “Please don’t, I’ll lose John’s cum.” He just laughs at me and says, “See! I told you this whore was fucked by the Janitor during lunch.” He continues. He motions tot eh guys to have my ass be places on top of him as he lays down on a bench.

With the guys holding me, I have to choice but to let Giovanni start to eat me out and eat the cum that John entrusted to me to get me pregnant.

Giovanni opens up his mouth as he starts swirling his tongue at my hole and licking in the surrounding area. I just can’t help to move. The guys decide to remove my shirt, or rather just rip it off me. And once of them starts to play with my nipples by twisting one and the other guy licks it and sucks on it. Giovanni blows air into my hole and with that I quiver in their hold as I’m melting into their sexual torture. The last guy pulls me down and makes me take his 8inch cock into my mouth. I gag a little consider his cock’s girth is enormous., rivaling a soda can. Yet still he pulls my head by my hairs deeper onto his warm pole. I start to get more into it, as I move my ass to fit Giovanni’s liking and moan as I feel the two guys intensify their nipple play. I vibrate my throat ever so slight, and cause the guy I’m blowing to tighten his grip on me as he just says, “You’re a dirty little whore. You’ll do anything for cock, won’t you?” I just moan in response.

The coach still in his office, already stroking his meat is start to sweat from the exercise that he’s doing on his sex drive.

Giovanni is eating the hell out of me, causing my ass to have a mind of its own and submit to him completely. The guys playing with my nipples are causing me to grab onto them and pull them closer to me, to make sure that they don’t ever stop. And the guy I’m blowing, I’m bobbing my head up and down, causing him to moan and calls me his bitch as I lick his tip and also fondle his gigantic hairy balls. Coach is watching, along with hundreds of thousands of men that begging him to rent me out. I am in heaven….



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