The bell rings and it’s time for gym. 

As everyone leaves, I stand grabbing my stuff, and head out. But not before, Andrew follows behind me and on the way out grabs a handful of my ass causing me to moan. He just laughs and I blush a little. And I head out. In the hallway, I split away from Andrew and head towards the gym’s boys’ locker room to change. As I enter the locker room I catch Giovanni changing into the gym uniform, white t-shirt and black mesh shorts.

I get to my locker, open it up and switch in my backpack for my gym uniform. Most of the guy are already out the door and in the gym waiting for roll call. Before stripping, I take a look around and make sure no one is watching. I take off my shirt for the tight white t-shirt. I then, take off my shoes and then my jeans, my t-shirt not even covering 1/4th of my ass. I feel a glance on my ass, and so I turn to check, yet see no one, unbeknownst to me, the coach is still in his office with tinted windows that allow him to have a semi one-way mirror as he looks at my ass. I then bend over as to get my shorts on. I then, hear a whistle, I come up to check where the sound is coming from. Giovanni, is standing by the door, looking at my ass, and says, “Damn baby, now I need to have you, I saw what you did to Andrew in Statistics. You are truly a slut, you little bitch. Just you wait till after class”. Meanwhile coach is just silently listening to this conversation wondering what is going to happen after class. I just blush and try to hide my ass. Giovanni walks up to me towering a couple inches over me and says, “don’t try hiding that ass, that shirt will do nothing to help.” He goes to fondle my ass, making it bounce and parts my cheeks just enough for him to get one finger past my thong and butt plug and into my asshole, swirling it around and pull a cum stained finger. He smirks and says, “Seems you’ve had a day.” He licks the cum and says, “I can’t wait to eat you out. Now come on, you don’t want to be late.” He then leaves. I sigh and squeeze my ass at the thought of being rimmed and I get semi hard. I bring my mesh shorts over my ass while still wearing my thong and vibrator. Coach notices my thong and smiles as he gets gradually hard. Finishing putting on my uniform, I lock my locker and out to the gym for roll call. Coach quietly comes out minutes later with his clipboard in front of his crotch, just imagining what’ll happen after class.

In the gym, I sit in the back while Giovanni hangs out in the front with his friends, as coach starts rollcall. When he gets to me, he lingers a little and smirks a little and then moves on. A few minutes later, and coach decides to let us do whatever and gives us a free gym day. He quickly goes back into the locker room to finish some paperwork or so I think. The weather is pretty hot outside and most are staying, so I decided to walk the track today since I’ll be the only one. Giovanni and his friends are staying inside to play basketball, as usual. And so we split. I head for the door, and everyone else stays inside. The heat is stronger than what I remember this morning, and so, 5 minutes outside and I’m already sweating.

As I start to walk the track, it seems as if the heat is being intensified with each step I take. There being no one outside means I can just do whatever for the next hour and half such as take a nap or lie on the nearby bleachers. Yet, I still decide to walk the track.

And so at round 2, I am drenching in sweat. So much so, that my white t-shirt is clinging to my body more than ever and is ever so translucent. As for my mesh shorts, they too cling to my body as they start to ride up my ass crack, giving me the appearance of someone wearing clothing 2 times too small for them. So then I decide to take a break from walking the track in the shade behind the bleachers, near an old apple tree. Sitting down on the soft grass, I sigh and smile, recollecting all the things that have happened today, I giggle a little.

Some time passes as I just watch the clouds going by.

Meanwhile back inside, the coach is in his office in the boys’ locker room preparing for what is about to happen after class. He is setting up his webcam and his computer to livestream the encounter to dozens of his friends. While the coach is working his computer magic, Giovanni is out on the basketball court, playing with some of his pals, he just keeps imagining Pablo moaning out and calling him Daddy.  He starts chatting to his friends, that he has a surprise for them after class, and that they should work up the need to bust a nut.

Back to me, I’m still laying on the soft grass, I stretch and daydream about what is about to happen soon. I wiggle around in the grass, and back of the sweat, accidentally pull down my shorts in the wide open. Taking this opportunity of solitude, I decide to play with myself a little bit. I pull aside my thong and pull out my vibrator and decide to clean it up a little bit by licking off some of the cum from the janitor. I start to finger myself, and start to moan. Just imaging getting gangbanged in public I pre-cum. I get it on my shorts, forever leaving a stain. And I just moan more as I imagine Andrew, Giovanni, and the janitor fucking me right now out in the open. This goes on for a while until I can hear the bell rang for class to be over. 

And so the moment has come...



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