*This is fictional story with some real life events that did happen to me. I changed the names for privacy.*

The alarm goes off with the sound of a device made for torture. Groggily waking up, I search for the clock on the bed stand and click it into silence. Grabbing my phone from the nightstand I check the time and see I still got an hour before I have to leave the house. Checking the date I realize, today is the day. “Holy shit”, I mutter as I realize today is my 18th birthday. “Finally”, I think as I get up and go into the bathroom to shower and brush my teeth.

            Entering the bathroom I go straight to turn on the hot water. I then go and brush my teeth while the water is getting hot. Once the water is hot enough and I’m done brushing, I strip. I take off my shirt and shorts. I then take off a purple thong with pink hearts, and I step into the tub. Getting the soap, I start scrubbing my arms, my chest, my leg, and my back. I get to my ass and scrub my cheeks. I scrub in a circular motion and then up and down making my ass jiggle as I go on. Finishing my ass cheeks, I try to spread them apart to like every other day have them slip from my grasp because of the soap. They a clapping sound and jiggle even more.  Getting a firm handle of my ass cheeks, I give them a quick firm squeeze before cleaning the inner part of my ass such as the ass crack. I then start to rub my hole slowly. I feel pleasure and start to moan in the shower, getting hard. Scrubbing more, I moan more. After a couple of minutes just massaging my hole with my wet fingers, I get the shower hose and kneel on all fours, spreading my cheeks apart. I use the showerhead hose to spray warm water on my hole, acting like a dick that I wish I had in me, I moan louder.  Using my other hard, I start to rub my hole in anticipation for today. Getting harder and harder, still kneeling there on all fours as I imagine a big hot daddy giving it to me hard, fast, and rough. To contrast the warm water, I then use the showerhead’s long hose body and rub its cold body in between my ass cheeks. Up and down it goes, up and down. I then start to play with my nipples that are so perky they could cut a diamond. I moan as rub, pinch, and twist my nipples with one hand and with the other run the hose up and down my body imaging a thick long hard dick that’s ready to abuse my boy pussy hole. Placing the showerhead where it belongs, I try to finger myself. Inserting on finger, I moan “Oh daddy. Give it to me. I’ve been a naughty boy”. Already dripping pre-cum onto the floor of the tub, I decide I can’t back down. Going back in, I moan even more, deciding to try two fingers, I hear a banging on my door. My mom is yelling, “HURRY UP PABLO, or you’ll be late for school, AGAIN!” and with this, my morning shower is ruined, grumbling, “Shit, I can finger myself in peace in this house”. I get out of the shower stall and pat myself down with my towel, being playful I pick up all the pre-cum that was dripping and use it to wipe my asshole. Feeling cum cold and hot cum near my hole, I try stretch my hole to swallow it in, in vain.

Minutes later, I come out of the bathroom and lock my room. Walking to the mirror on the wall, I look at my 5’6, 150lbs of caramel skin toned body. Turning sideways to get a look at my ass that keeps on growing, making it jiggle up and down, feeling the cold air on it and on my hole as a bend over slightly, I smile and laugh. “Damn, I look hot”, I say as I walk over to my dresser to get ready for school. Opening the secret compartment in the back of the dresser, I take out all the thongs and jockstraps I own, trying them on, one by one, seeing which I would wear for the first time to school. First a pink with white polka-dots thong, I swirl a little, jump and watch as my giant mounds move, feeling the thong ride deeper into my ass, ready to be swallowed by my hole, I moan. I look in the mirror and love how the thong makes my giant mounds seem even bigger. Taking off the polka-dotted thong, I try on a sky blue jockstrap and repeat the process with 9 more unique thongs and 9 different jockstraps. Finally I settle on the pink with white polka-dots thong and put the rest of them away back in the secret compartment.

            Moving on to the jeans, I simply put on the tightest and most see through pair I own. Picking a random shirt and jacket. As I finish dressing, I pull a box from under my bed. I open it and look at my 3 dildos, each being 2 inches longer than the last, with the longest one being 10 and shortest 6 inches. I grab the 10 incher and put in my backpack, I also grab my remote control vibrating butt plug. Taking down my jeans, I also grab my carry on lube, pour some on the toy and move the thong as I massage my hole by fingering it in order to put the butt plug in. I moan as I move my finger in and out, in and out, feeling the urge to get pounded as my cock rises halfway. After a minute, I pop my finger out figuring my hole is loose enough for the butt plug. Sliding it into my boy pussy, I moan and grimace in a little discomfort until it’s in place, snug and ready to be activated. I pat, almost spanking, my ass and feeling it jiggle to make sure the toy is in. I spread my cheeks in order to reach the toy and press the button on it to be able to get instructions from the remote control I now put in my jackets’ pocket. Closing the box, and sliding it under the bed, I stand up and adjust my jeans so that they cover my waist, thong, and now toy. Grabbing my stuff, I head downstairs and out to catch the bus.

Seeing as I’m usually the first person on the bus, I head to my favorite seat in the very back corner on the left. Popping in my headphones and listening to Katy Perry, I chill as I go to school. The bus carries on and starts to pick up more people through a bumpy road, making me jump and in return making my ass jiggle and making me remember that my butt plug is in me, secure. As people keep on filing into the bus, I get annoyed with all the yammering and noise they are producing.  “Fuck stupid people, can’t ride a fucking bus in peace and quiet”, I mutter under my breath. Deciding to block them out with some fun, I decide to use my toy. Getting the remote control from my pocket, I push the button and put the toy on lowest vibrating setting. Feeling the vibration, I move my ass on the seat as the bus moves on through the bumpy road. Closing my eyes, and parting my lips, I moan ever so slightly and wish a giant cock was pounding my ass. Dragging my ass back and forth, I decide to unbutton my jeans and rub my erection through my skimpy thong. Putting my backpack next to me as barrier to hide my horny deeds, I moan again.

            Imagining that I’m getting fucked as I ride dick, I bite my lips and slowly jerk my cock. Feeling the pre-cum soil my thongs, I gather some up as I bring it to my lips and suck clean my finger that was carrying my salty white semen. Pulling my jeans slightly down, I feel the cold leather from the bus’s seat touch my bare cheeks. Spreading apart my cheeks, I press down onto the seat in order to lodge the toy deeper to hit my g-spot. Unsuccessful, I go back and eat my pre-cum again.

Making a left turn, I notice that I’m one bus stop away from school. That one being the stop where my best friend, Andrew, lives. The bus stops and Andrew gets on, wearing his classic loose basketball shorts and bright blue t-shirt. Making eye contact with me he starts walking to the end of the bus, he strides through the bus, towering at 6’1, and having muscular definition that makes him weigh a solid 190lbs of pure strength. I smile as he gets to the back row and tries to plop down next to me. He says, “Dude move your shit, so I can sit down”. Suddenly remembering I’m half naked with an exposed wet thong, I move my backpack, just enough to still cover my nakedness but also let him sit down. He sits turning away from me to settle his backpack on the floor. Taking this opportunity, I stealthy and quickly pull my jeans over my rump and button and zip up the jeans. Feeling the pre-cum making a stain on my crotch, I try to wipe it and swallow any that is on my hand to get rid of the evidence. Andrew turns to me just in time, and notices me sweating a little, and asks, “What’s wrong? What’s that vibration?” looking around to find the source. Realizing it the butt plug, I grab the control and shut it off, and reply “Uh, nothing just kind hot, ya know this damn but doesn’t have a good A/C”, not lying, “and oh, it was just my phone, my mom just needed something”. He simply nods, puts his headphones on and starts jamming out. I sigh and feeling relief as I still feel the ever so present toy digging into me, in such a pleasurable way.

Getting to school, the bus stops in the bus area and the people start filing out. Lastly, Andrew stands up and walks to get off the bus. I stand and rearrange my jeans to make sure my ass is covered, I grab my backpack and walk to the front of the bus. I glance as the male bus driver and catch him looking at my dry cum spot and whispers to me, “baby boy, I seen what you did, next time maybe you’ll want more time clean yourself off”, he smiles. I just look startled and blush, he then says as I’m getting off the bus, “maybe on the way home we can have some fun”. Andrew waiting close by calls me to hurry up. Looking down at my fashion choice of jeans, missing the now dry stain, he says “interesting jean choice”. Looking down at them, I look at him and laugh. I reply, “Thanks”, and we start walking towards the school. He takes the lead and I walk behind him looking at his perfect ass that is generously filling out the backside of his loose basketball shorts.

Heading to class, I sit in the back of my science class and for the next 45 minutes, slowly die from boredom.




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